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Date: 50-0714 | La durée est de: 48 minutes | La traduction: Shp
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E-1 If I can do my part in the Master's service tonight, trying to help His people along the way... I'm sure that everybody's here for that purpose, to try to pray and to help someone to get close to God, or to be healed if they're sick, afflicted, and weary.
And we're very happy when we heard that so many of them last evening was healed. Right at the end of the service, it seemed to be rather a great clasp of faith. I trust it'll be that way tonight, if anything greater, and more will be healed.
There's many that gets healed, that maybe we can't call them right out from the platform here, but a few days you'll be noticing that slight stomach trouble, it's gone; heart trouble, it is no more. It just go...?... for faith is what heals them. They have faith believing God.

E-2 And now tonight, just to put as much time... Just a little late. Just as much time as I can on--on praying for the sick. The ministers through the daytime here, they speak and teach concerning faith, and how to receive faith.
As myself, I'm not a preacher. I'm just... I was sent to pray for the sick. I spend my time in prayer all through the day. I must do it in order to meet the obligation of the night. And sickly takes the life from you, fasting and praying.
Someone said not long ago, says to me, said, "Brother Branham, when do you ever rest?"
I don't get any. But I will have rest some day if I live true and faithful. When I cross the river on the other side, I hope that God will have a place there that I can rest.

E-3 A person who lives their life for theirself, lives a selfish life. We must live for others: "Bear ye one another's burdens and so fill full the law of Christ." And we got to have a feeling for one another. And therefore, when you do all you know how to do, then when you do lay down at night, well, you have the consolation knowing that you--you tried your best.
I can't make everyone believe. That's impossible. Jesus couldn't do that when He was on earth. And I know there'll just be a few that believes. But if anything I can add to help the Gospel, that's my duty of being here, is to try to help somebody along the way.

E-4 Tonight, just speak to you for a few moments, just in order to kinda get this settling down of the spirit. I'm sure you all appreciate the feeling here amongst people. It's some, I guess they said the tent seated four thousand. There's a good thirty-five hundred people laying in the tent tonight. Then, there's thirty-five hundred souls, thirty-five hundred spirits.
And as you're looking this way, and it's... And the condition that I'm in at this time, it... I... It feels. You can tell it. It's a great pull. Many people have faith.
Sometimes I try to catch those who are back in the audience, way back from me. But there comes such a... I guess I would call it, "cross fire." This side believing, that side believing; this one pulling, that one pulling, you can't hardly discern.

E-5 And I've asked my manager if they'll get all the sick and afflicted like this, right up around me here, so that I won't have any interference.
Many of you might wonder why the people leave the platform at night. That's coming both ways then (You see?); it's hard. You can't detect where it's coming from. And you must single that person out. You can watch it just a few moments, or get close in contact with it; it usually brings forth a vision that tells the people what's wrong with them. I don't know what's wrong with anyone. I only have to...

E-6 Many times when the people come, I just don't try to use my own mind. It just always speaks out and tells what's wrong. If I usually, in setting looking, I see something that's... Somebody before me, maybe keep standing before me, that person; I go looking around and see where it's at. And I--I find. Then when I find the person, I--I know where it's at.
I'm looking right now for someone that was... I seen this afternoon. But I don't know where they're at. I haven't found them yet. I'll see them in the audience, where about after while. Never fails on that, for I--it'll be here somewhere. It's a lady packing a little baby with heart trouble. And I--I'll find it somewhere. And it--it's in the room.

E-7 It shows just where it's at, and what they look like, and all about it. And I come in sometime and look for that person. And when--when I see the person, then I know them. Sometimes in the meeting, while it's going on, I see someone raise up, and it's... I see the vision standing before me. I look to see where the person is, then I watch the way they act, and then just tell just exactly what I see doing.
Then when the person's standing before me... It's just like as if this gentleman setting here with his... with the brown...?... with his coat on--or jacket on. If I would tell him... If he'd come to the platform, and I never seen him before in my life, and would tell him just like I was talking to him. And I seen him setting somewhere, and I see a lady setting near him with a yellow dress on, and so forth. I just talk just the way I'm seeing it, just about like that. And then when someone with a disbelief, or a haughty spirit, that interferes with that.
Now, you might not want to believe that, Christian friends. But that's the truth. And it--it's not something new; it's the Gospel through the age.
Jesus, when He went in to raise Jairus' daughter, He put them all out of the house. Many times that way. He took a man one time by the hand and led him outside the city, away from the crowds, took them to one side and talked with him.
He talked with a woman at the--the Samaritan woman at the well. Sent the disciples away. He knew she was coming, and begin to speak to her. And then went right direct. After He come in contact, after talking to her...

E-8 If you notice many times at night, I'll draw the attention of somebody and start talking to them, especially on the platform. They'll be speaking to them. First, I have to get the contact of their soul. And then when it begins to vibrate against you, then the power of the Holy Spirit just discerns right out down through their life, and you see the picture of it before you.
And now, you might think, "Well, that's psychology." Well, if it is, Paul used it when he looked upon a man, said, "I perceive you have faith to be healed. Stand upon your feet."
And it is psychology in one way; it's the mind of Christ in the Christian, moving. See, it's not our mind, not our psychology, but the power of Christ, His mind. Let the mind of Christ be in you. See? And then that moves out and knows, not the man, but Christ knows.

E-9 Now, I want to read just a few words. I want to get started praying by before nine o'clock, if possible. And as I say, all... No meeting is complete without first reading the Word.
And now all that I don't get to in the daytime and the nighttime praying for...
I've got a brother here; he watches me. And when he... I can't tell it myself, but when he sees the first weakness come, he will come take me from the platform. But don't hold it against my brother. You see? He's only trying to protect me. And so I just can stand so much. And then it's my whole strength leaves me. I hate to say that, but what's truth is truth. And it's--it's the life goes right away from you, 'cause you... It's anointing of a different person, something besides man, and He's the One that does the work, not me.

E-10 Have they showed the picture of Him yet? I want... Have you, Brother Lindsay? Well, I beg your pardon. Brother Lindsay, hasn't the picture. Brother Lindsay's going to try to bring it to show it, maybe tomorrow night. How many'd like to see it?...?...
He will tell you the story of it. It was in a debate. Now, to say today, I do not debate. I don't argue with no one. It's... If God doesn't settle my points, then they're untrue. But if God says they're right, all right. I don't believe in arguing, debating, fussing about things. Let everybody have their own opinion. God will judge us all.

E-11 And a minister in Houston, Texas, challenged me on the Scripturalness of Divine healing being in the Bible, taught for this day. I would not... I have nothing to say into it at all.
And there... They... Of course, they keep me away in the room, 'cause I must be by myself and pray through the day. If I don't, I don't' see visions. I don't see what's going to happen.
And then, that day, I'd been in prayer. The reporters, newspaper reporters... I do not talk to reporters; my managers talk to the reporters, newspaper reporters, and magazines, and so forth. And so... Not as I have anything against them, it's just that I must spend my time with Him if I must meet His people.

E-12 And I know, if I was coming to you to pray for me, I'd want you be sincere and at your best to pray for me if I was sick. And do unto others as you'd have them do unto you.
And so a Mister Bosworth, Doctor Bosworth... Now, practically everybody here knows him. How many knows Brother Bosworth? Yes. Well, he's a dear old Christian man; I'll tell you. He was one of the managers of the meeting. Just as sweet, and Gospel right as he could be... And I just love him with all my heart.
And he was the manager in the meeting at--at Houston at that time. And we were at the--the big coliseum there, where they was going to have the... hold their Texas Centennial, and so forth. And we just had a few nights to be in there.

E-13 And this Baptist minister, Doctor Best of the Baptist Tabernacle at Texas, he made the challenge and put it in the paper, and said if I didn't come and debate it with him, that I was afraid to take up for what I believed. And he knew then that I didn't believe it if...
Well, that was just Satan trying to work on me. So I--I wasn't going to argue with him.
And he kept on. He put it in the paper the next day, said, "Well, that shows that they're... They can't back up what they talk about, these Pentecost people and holy-rollers, and so forth." Said, "They can't back up what they're talking about."
And Mister Bosworth, he's about seventy-three, but that was just too much for him. He couldn't stand that. He said, "Brother Branham, let me go over there." Mister Best is a young man, about thirty.
And I said, "Brother Bosworth, you may go if you don't argue."
Said, "I'll not argue."
So they called the debate. And the papers all carried headlines and everything.
And that's what I think about what Holiness people, or the Full Gospel people. Then you may different a little in your churches on... Different ones believes this, and on baptisms, and different things you might different on. But when it comes really to the showdown, they're one in heart. They'll...
Someday, this old petition's going to be taken away, and then we'll be one, right. May God grant the day quickly. And all of them that's borned again in the Kingdom of God, they're brothers and sisters. They may argue out a little family, like boys and brothers, and spat with one another. But we're all God's children when we're borned again.

E-14 And there they come flying hundreds and hundreds of miles by plane, trains, everything, come special when they see it in the paper that I was in a debate. And that--that night, at...
Mister Best hired a--a photographer to come over, a member of the--the American Photographers' Association. And he came over. Said, "I want you to take six pictures of me while I'm just beating that old man to pieces with the Gospel." So the photographer came over to take it.
And I knew he'd have an awful time on that, because Mister Bosworth, quiet as he could be. He come to the platform. And Mister Best was a roaring and a going on.
Said, "Just ask a question. Was that the attitude of the Baptist church, the Baptist Conference, or was that the attitude of Mister Best alone?"
I was rocked in a Baptist cradle myself. I know the Baptist believe in Divine healing. So I knew that wasn't the attitude of the church, but I--I knew it must of been his personal. So he had to admit that it was his personal attitude.

E-15 So there was many many thousands of people gathered that night, just packed the big place down. And then the...
I got up in the third balcony. I wasn't going, but I thought then I would go. And I stood up in the third balcony.
And Mister Bosworth said, "I will just ask Mister Best one question. Was the redemptive Names of Jehovah applied to Christ? If you'll answer that, that's all..."
He was Jehovah-rapha: He was Jehovah-manasseh. And if He wasn't, then we look for another Saviour. So that settled it.

E-16 So there wasn't nothing. Everybody begin to razz the man and clap his--their hands, and he got up there, and tried to preach a little bit on something. And he...?... so much, he--he couldn't even do it. He just so tied up and mixed up.
And poor old Brother Bosworth really done a wonderful job that night, just as cool as he could be, just standing there looking at him.
And then they was to have a little puddle at the last, and this Mister Best kept saying, "Let me see this miracle worker."
Mister Bosworth said, "Brother Branham doesn't claim to be no miracle worker."
Said, "I'd like to see him come forth and perform."
He said, "He doesn't clown for people," and just like that. Said, "He spends his time praying."
And he said, "Well, I'd like to see him." Just kept on like that.

E-17 Mister Bosworth said, "Well, he's in the building. If he wants to come to the platform, all right."
And setting there, up there with my brother, and with the four guards that taken me in, with the wife and baby.
Just then, I felt Something just come down over me. I raised up and started down...?... When I walked to the platform, I said, "I have preached to many millions of people, direct or indirect. Literature has traveled over the world. I've preached before thousands by radio and by person. Never one time did I call myself a Divine healer." I said, "I'm not a Divine healer. Preaching Divine healing doesn't make you a Divine healer no more than preaching salvation makes you a Divine Saviour. If you preach salvation, that makes you a Divine Saviour, if preaching Divine healing makes you a Divine healer." I said, "No, I--I do not claim that." I said, "I only make my statements. And if I make my statements, and if they're true, then God will say they're true, and God will back them up. And if I tell false... something false, then God will not honor anything false. He will always honor the truth." I said, "I tell the truth, and God knows the truth."
And about that time, why, the glory of the Holy Spirit came down.

E-18 And it happened to be, the photographer standing there shot a picture. And he almost had a heart attack when he found out.
It's come in the meetings many times like a big whirl of fire, moving. Here not long ago I was baptizing, several thousand people standing watching, in the month of August, down at the foot of Spring Street in Jeffersonville. And here It come down out of the skies, visible before around ten thousand people. Moved down where I was standing, the Voice screaming from It. Hundreds fainted on the banks; the papers carried great articles, "Mystic star appears over minister while baptizing."
One night while speaking in a building, I was--had about three thousand people setting out like this, about two thousand up. And I started to praying for the--a little boy, the first one, which was a crippled case. His little feet was drawed up like this with polio. I was holding the little fellow in my arms, and was praying.
And while I was praying, the Light got real bright in my face. And I said to myself, "The custodian must've turned the light on." Up... They run a show there, this place. And I thought, "Well, that's legitimate. It's strange that a man would do that. That's not even being a gentleman, let alone a Christian would turn a Light in someone's face while praying."
I just kept on praying. Got brighter and brighter. And everyone very reverent, with their heads down. I raised my head. Come floating down through the room, came the Morning Star, coming right up to where I was. I was holding the little baby. It settled right down to where I was.

E-19 I know whether I dropped it or what happened. But when it hit the floor, it's little feet that was crooked like this, come down straight. The mother setting on the front, she raised her head and begin screaming, and fainted, and fell over in the floor. The little boy started running off the platform hollering to his mother.
And there was a Nazarene girl playing the baby grand piano, setting right down. Nazarene people are a little emotion. Is any Nazarenes in here, let's see your hands. Surely there's some Nazarenes somewhere. That's fine. Well, they got enough religion to shout once in a while, you know.
So they were setting... This girl was a very attractive young blond-headed girl, setting playing the piano. And when she looked and seen that, she just threw up her hands and turned real white, and begin screaming to the top of her voice, for she was an intimate friends of the people. And run away from playing the piano.
She was playing that hymn, "The Great Physician Now Is Near." You've heard it. And right there, as soon as she run away, before round five thousand people, them ivory keys kept moving.
The great physician now is near,
The sympathizing Jesus,
He speaks to drooping hearts to cheer,
No other name but Jesus.
Played not with a word or two, but the whole thing through like that. Hundreds begin pouring to the altar, screaming, with their handkerchiefs, crying, "God have mercy on me, a sinner."

E-20 And so It's come many times. And so... And that night when they taken the picture of It... Lot of times they said it was psychology. But the man who taken it was an Orthodox Jew, name is Ted Kipperman. Mister Ayers was a Roman Catholic. Been standing there making fun. Put a piece in the paper the day before that, just before, said I was a hypnotizer, and made all kinds of remarks, insulting about it.
He almost had a heart attack. And he try--tried to get into the Rice Hotel. And of course, they wouldn't let him in where I was at.
The next morning, they flew the picture away to Washington D.C. for a copyright. Before it could be released, it had to go before the FBI examinations. And when they did, they went and got the best, George J. Lacy, the best there is in the United States. He kept it for two or three days, and to see if there was any touch-up, or anything was wrong, that picture would...

E-21 When he brought it out, he said, "Well, it was perfectly right, that the Light was there that struck it," and gave a great write-up, each one that had to go with each picture like that. And there it is, visible.
And they asked me if I wanted to sell it. I said, "No, sir. If Jesus Christ, the Son of God, thought enough of me to stand by my side to have His picture taken, I think enough of Him not to sell it." See? And so I said... I never... And so I turned it over to the studios, and let them do what they wished with them. And they said they'd have to get something out of it. I had them to say that they sell so that every poor person could--could get a hold of it if they wanted it. And I...

E-22 The first time Mr. Lacy said it was the first time in all human history that a--a supernatural Being was ever photographed. They said it just a... that it's been said, a lot of times that those lights around the saints, and the unbelievers say that's some artist painted that picture. But said, "It surely must have been there, for that optical lens--mechanical lens of a camera won't take psychology. It was... It was there."
And I'm very thankful tonight, to know that that same Pillar of Fire and--and Cloud, and whatever It is... They'll show you the picture pretty soon. And maybe... They may get some here for the service. And if they do, you'd be more than welcome to them.
And I'm so thankful to know that I have a part, to be numbered with you people, the great Church of God that's standing today for the full Gospel, and for righteousness, and for the power of the Holy Spirit in this last days. I'm thankful for you, and thankful that God has give me the opportunity to be numbered with you, to be called your brother and sister. And it's... You and I are brother and sister.

E-23 Now, along the journey, there's been so many things happened till I... It's been remarkable. Many things is beyond what I would know to say here in the building, great miracles and things.
And each night, I'll try to read a little Scripture, and tell you something from now on till the services is out. And now, it's time for me to go to praying for the sick. I have some forty-five minutes now to have the service.
And now, all that I do not get to tonight with prayer cards... I guess there's around a hundred in here now with prayer cards. And if I don't get to too many tonight, then tomorrow night, why, or tomorrow afternoon, Brother Lindsay and Brother Hall will be praying for the rest of them that hasn't--that's got the cards left. We'll begin tomorrow afternoon. Come out to the afternoon service and hear these men. If you give instructions to know how to receive Christ... Here, only releases it right here. The gift of God will drive it from you. See? But in order to obtain and remain with it, you must have faith to believe and just keep it.

E-24 I've seen people come to the platform that was totally blind, couldn't even see their hands before them. And in less than five minutes, take this same Bible and read a chapter out of it. And so three or four days more, come right back just as blind as they was in the first place. They get out amongst unbelievers, and get out, and let Satan stand right...
If you can read it here before the gift, you can read it out there anywhere, for God covers the whole earth. Just keep faith in Him.
You say, "Well, that's strange." No, it isn't, Gospel preacher. I felt that resented just a little bit. So I... Remember, spiritual things are spiritually discerned.
A man can be here tonight and receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and be a real Christian right here tonight, and tomorrow be a real Christian, and a week from now, be in a barroom drunk. Isn't that right? It's when he looses faith in God and goes back. Same thing is by healing.

E-25 Only thing you can ever get from God is by faith. And the reason that I say that they'll be delivered here, or either told what's wrong with them, and told the reasons why that they can't be, is because I believe what He told me is the truth. And for these years, He's stood by. And I know He will now. It's because I believe it. Just believe it, just with all my heart, and soul, and body, and mind. And you believe that.
And then if your number is called tonight in the prayer line, and if God reveals your heart and speaks to you, and gives you deliverance here; don't you never have no kind of a testimony, only that He healed you. 'Cause if you do, if you one time testify to the--to the other side, the negative side, it'll come back to you worse than it ever was. Just remember, if you can't accept it on those basis, don't come at all. See? Don't come at all. 'Cause it would be embarrassing here before the audience anyhow to be told that. And so don't come at all.
Because the Bible said, "Go and sin no more, or a worse thing will come upon you." See? Go and sin...

E-26 Now, sin is unbelief. Is that right? The first sin was committed by Eve, because she disbelieved God's Word. Is that right? There's where the whole thing lays tonight--disbelieving God's Word. You believe God's Word as It's written here, you don't need nothing else.
But to stimulate people's faith, God sends gifts down. That magnifies His Word, that speaks of His Word. And if any gift, or any Angel, or anything doesn't speak directly by the Word of God, it is not the right kind of Angel. That's right. It is not the right Angel. But if it speaks and testifies of Jesus Christ, and speaks according to the Scripture, then it is of God. That's what I John 4 said.

E-27 Now, I wish to read just some of the Word in Saint Mark the 5th chapter, or Saint Luke, rather, the 5th chapter. Then we'll have prayer, and then start on the prayer line.
And it came to pass, that, as the people pressed upon him to hear the word of God... (Oh, wouldn't you loved to have been there?), he stood by the lake...
And saw two ships standing by the lake: but the fishermen were gone out of them, and were washing their nets.
And he entered into one of the ships, which was Simon's, and prayed him that he would thrust out a little into... from the land. And sat down, and taught the people out of the ship.
Now when he had left speaking, he said unto Simon, Launch out into the deep, and let down for the draught.
And Simon answered and said unto him, Master, we've toiled all... night, and... taken nothing: nevertheless at thy word I'll let down the net.
May God add His blessings to this Scripture.

E-28 I just... Just a comment, just a moment. He'd been healing and preaching. I would love to have seen Him, wouldn't you. When He walked, the lovely Man of sorrow, acquainted with grief, was no beauty we should desire Him, probably small in statue, delicate looking Man... A beautiful man, the Bible times, was one big wide shoulders and strong built. But there was no beauty that we should desire Him, a man of sorrow, acquainted with grief. But He didn't look like much, but, oh, what was in Him.
And He went down to the lakeside to preach. And when He did, all the peoples come down to hear Him. I can imagine seeing Peter setting on a stump after pulling their nets all night, discouraged, and set down there, and said, "Let's see what that Fellow's got to say."
But when He begin to speak, there was something different. He spoke different from any other man.

E-29 I can just see him moving up, just a little closer all the time. And the crowds got great. I can hear Him get into the boat, thrust out a little from the bank. And He borrowed a ship from Simon. After He got through speaking, He said to Simon, "Now, you launch out into the deep and let down for the draught."
Jesus never borrows nothing from you, but what He will pay you back a hundredfold. Is that right? Whatever He... Let Him have you faith tonight.
The little boy come by one time with some fishes in his hand. There's five thousand people standing there, or more. Now, the little boy had five fishes. It wasn't very much in his hands. But oh, my, when it was put into the Master's hands, what it could do. It fed five thousand in the Master's hands. And what little you have tonight, just give it into the hands of the Master. Then launch out into the deep and let down.

E-30 Peter said, "Lord, we've toiled all night, and have taken nothing." That's discouraging. They were fishermen. They just wasn't guessing. They knowed where the sea, and how the moon should be, and where the fish was. They was la--raised on that sea, Galilean. And they'd toiled all night through that same water, and hadn't taken a thing. But he said, "Lord, at Thy Word, I'll let down the nets."
There's the secret. You've been maybe seined through every doctor's office there is in the country. You might've been through prayer lines. You might've had your pastor praying. You might have consecrated Christians to pray. You might've tried everything that you know how to do. But tonight say, "At Thy Word, Lord, I'm going to let down the net right now. I'm going to stop trying anything; I'm just going to believe You right now, and take at Your Words. I'm going to let down the nets."
And it won't be long when you're pulling till you feel the tug, and the net will be full of fishes: joy, salvation, healing, blessings from God.

E-31 There's the lady I'm looking for, setting right here, got on a checkered dress. Has your baby got heart trouble, lady, you that's weeping there? If it is, raise up your hand, if that isn't right, raise up your hand. Certainly. Yes ma'am. All right. Don't fear no more, your baby'll be all right now. That's... Looky there.
I just happened to turn. I felt something pulling to me. Wasn't you praying just then, sister, for some... Aren't you the father of the child setting there by her? Yes, sir. Now, you're from a distance away from here, aren't you, didn't you come somewhere away from here? And you have to return back, do you? And then you take your baby now, don't worry. That was it that screamed out just then. So the little baby will be all right now. Have no fear, for God has answered your prayer; Jesus has. God bless you.

E-32 Oh, isn't He wonderful? I know the lady had on kind of a checkered dress. And I kept looking at this lady setting here, and I couldn't see no baby. But the lady was supposed to have a little baby in her arms with its little--like that, a little--little bald-headed like baby. And I was looking for it to see if someone... I looked for babies. And the baby cried back there while ago, and a mother picked it up and started out. I looked close, and it wasn't that baby. But I knowed it was here somewhere. All right.
God will... Just pray, He will speak to me, and He will tell me what to tell you.

E-33 Let us pray now. O Father, You're so sweet and full of love and compassion. And I know that You're here, and You love us all. God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but would have Everlasting Life.
Oh, how true that Thou art the Rock that was in the wilderness. Moses smote the Rock, and It gave forth Its waters to a dying, perishing people. And as the Rock was in the wilderness, so is It with us today, already smitten, waters of salvation gushing out to a perishing, dying sin-loving people. "Come unto Me all ye that labor, heavy laden. Come unto Me all ye ends of the world, and drink, be satisfied."

E-34 We thank Thee for Thy love, that You loved us while we were aliens, alienated from God, cut off without mercy, sinners by nature, going to a Christless grave and a Godless eternity. And Christ died for our sins in our stead, and has went before God now with our sins as a sin Offering, to be made an offering for us, taking our place, and His soul was put in hell. But it was not possible that His holy One should see corruption, so He raised Him again after three days.
Oh, and He's a High Priest tonight, setting there making intercessions; with His own Blood He's entered in before the Master. And tonight, if does not appear what we shall be, but we know we'll have a body like His, for we shall see Him as He is. We believe that's soon, Lord. Come, Lord Jesus.
Move tonight in sweet love and compassion upon Your people. Heal every one that's sick and needy; break up the hearts of the haughty. "He that goeth forth, sowing in tears, will doubtless return again rejoicing, bringing with him precious sheaves." Mold us and make us after Thy own will. Bless all the unsaved, and may they, somehow tonight, by the Word, or by the Spirit of God, be convinced that they're wrong, and come humbly, and give their hearts to Thee. May all the sick be healed, for we ask it in the Name of Thy beloved Son, Jesus. Amen.

E-35 What's the prayer card number? All right, sir. From 100 to... from... From 50... From 1 to 100 in A. Start about... How many'd we run last night? Fifteen? 1 To 15? That was one place. Let's take from 85 back to 100 maybe.

E-36 [Brother Lindsay announces the prayer cards to be called and explains the picture, the text of which follows:
While the prayer line is forming, I want to show you this picture that we happened to get a hold of just now, one that Brother Branham was talking about, which shows the supernatural Light over his head. As soon as that picture was taken, I made arrangements to have the negative taken to the Examiner of Questioned Documents, Mr. George Lacy, of Houston, Texas. And I asked him; I said, "You have all means of science at your command, can you tell me if there's any fake about that particular negative? Can you tell if there's a superimposure? Can you tell if there's been a double exposure? Can you tell if the film has been "doctored with," in any way?"
He says, "Absolutely, I can." So he took it--cost us a considerable sum because he was a scientist engaged in that work-- and examined it many hours in his laboratory. And then, with his own name signed underneath it, he declared that the negative was absolutely, absolutely, positively genuine.
May I just add this word: The picture was taken by a hostile photographer, one that had spoken against the meeting. Fact he... The statement even got in the newspaper, and he was as surprised as anyone.
They were Jews, Orthodox Jews, and so, I regard this merely as a verification and confirmation. And Brother Branham regards it--not that he is supernatural in any way--but a verification of his ministry and message of bringing Divine healing to the people of the world. Friends, I believe the Bible is true. And so tonight, as Brother Branham ministers, may we all be in the Spirit of God, and realize that the supernatural is here tonight to deliver people, not only heal them, but to heal their souls, bring men and women to Jesus Christ.
Now, let us sing that chorus, "Only Believe."
Brother Lindsay leads the chorus and seats the people--Ed.]

Only believe, only believe,
All things are possible, only believe;
Only believe, only believe,
All things are possible, only believe.
You may be seated.

E-37 That's right. It's the background on that, sister. If you'll do that, I'll appreciate it. Now, everyone be reverent. And I... May I say this now, as I make this statement: I am not responsible around these meetings. I'm... I trust the people on the outside will hear this also. I'm not a fanatic, friends. If I die tonight, what I have said is testified the truth. That picture seals the thing, for one. God is vindicating that I told it...
See, it isn't me, it's Him. Did you see it... Could all of you see it here? We'll have it back on the book table if you will, Brother Lindsay, so they can look at it. And we'll see about getting you some copies of it.
A lady in the hospital recently had one setting on her desk. She was looking at it, not at me, but the Angel of the Lord, in this form of a halo like. And she said, the picture begin to mill, the... come right out and hung over her. She got up and went home, well. So it was a... It was... It's not... It--It's Him. Now, I'm only stating facts and truth.

E-38 Now, I will not be responsible for skeptics and unbelievers who are at the meeting, or those who will not keep their head bowed when they're asked. How many knows I said that? Let's see your hands. So if anything is said, I can have you as a witness. For it's a dangerous thing to trifle with God.
God is here to move, to heal the people, to make them well, to save those that are lost and in need. And we want you to do that. I don't believe there's any here to be skeptical. Let's be real reverent and prayerful.
Some of them says, "Well, Divine healing, I don't believe in it." Well, if I didn't believe in it, I wouldn't stand in somebody's way that did believe in it.

E-39 I wished I had faith like some of the patriarchs. We may not all be able to be translated like Elijah. We may not be able to stop the sun like Joshua. We may not be able to take a afternoon stroll like Enoch did, and just walk home with God without even... without even tasting death. We may not be able to do that, but let's not... Let's not stand in somebody else's way that can.
All right. Everyone be reverent.
I guess you wonder why I take that watch off. Have you noticed that? Vibrations stop that watch dead still. I've got one in the shop now, a Longines someone give me. Don't know what force it has to, but it stops the watch there.

E-40 Now, everyone be in prayer, and bring your patient if you will.
Now, you down here without prayer cards, just keep looking this way and believing with all your hearts now. All right.
Howdy do, sister.
Is this a double microphone? If you want one of them, I'll... Or maybe it's better... Now, it's...?...
Now, the prayer cards is merely to keep the line lined up. That's all, so everyone won't rush in, and give just a fair chance to everyone. See? We can keep them lined. But now, it isn't necessary to have the card, if you just believe.
Let's just pray once more, if you will. I...

E-41 Father, I--I ask Thee to be near now, as we realize that Your guidance will have to be what'll take care for the night. Now, we realize that we're an eternity bound people; we're bowing our heads to the dust from whence we were taken, and someday shall return if Jesus doesn't come soon. And we realize that somewhere, thousands of years from this night, our souls will be in eternity somewhere.
And we're here with the deepest of sincerity to try to bring the Gospel in the way that we know It, the Gospel, the power and demonstration of the Holy Spirit unto the people. Although misunderstood many times, but Father, I pray that You will grant tonight that many may believe.
And help Your humble servant to be able to discern the diseases and the causes of the people.

E-42 Thank You for the healing of that darling little baby that we knew... Thou knowest all things, and what You've said. It wouldn't live but a little while longer, but now it has life. We're so thankful that You answered a prayer of that dear mother and made it manifest. Years to come, she'll remember the blessings.
Now, help me, Father, as I challenge the enemy, realizing that I'm allergic to those things, as we all are. But I pray that the Blood of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, will enclose around every one of us, and may he not be able to enter anywhere, but be cast out into outer darkness waiting for utter destructions in the last day. Help me, Father, for I go forward now to challenge, as a representative of Jesus Christ. In His Name I ask it. Amen.

E-43 Good evening. You come forward just... May I have your hand just a moment. [] Yes, ma'am. Now, look this way. You're trying hard to believe, aren't you. You're wanting to believe. Do you love Him with all your heart? Now, what it is now, trying to get your faith into the spot. I know what's wrong with you now. But I want to get you to a place where you can really be able to be healed, be well. That's what you desire. You realize that the only hope you have is in Christ, isn't it. 'Cause as long as you've fooled with this, and doctor with this, there's no hope less you do find Christ and find mercy with Him.

E-44 Now, what do you think He would do if He was standing here with my suit on? He'd tell you what was wrong with you, lay His hands over on you, perhaps, and say, "Mother, dear, does it hurt?" But He's went up on high, ascended on high and give gifts back to man. You believe that?
Now, what you're thinking... Now, I'm not reading your mind. But what you're thinking is, what am I going to tell you. Why, your trouble is stomach trouble that's bothering you. Isn't that right? I see you refusing foods and things, and sometimes you get so hungry you want to eat. Certain things you can have, and certain... Burns. A nerve condition has been told, and also causes an ulcerated condition. And you have a gall bladder seepage with that. You have another trouble that's bothered you; you been getting weak lately too, haven't you, in the afternoons, getting real weak. I see you lying down.

E-45 You was praying just before coming to this meeting that something would happen here, kneeling by the side. Yes ma'am. I seen you where you were standing, looking towards the windows in the evening. Isn't that right? I--I'm just seeing it as I tell you, it's shut off. Isn't that true, mother?
Now, when I said that last word, something swept over you, didn't it, went over you. Had a strange feeling to strike you. That's when your faith healed you. You haven't got stomach trouble now. Jesus Christ has healed you. Now, looky here.

E-46 With one prayer in this audience, I'm going to ask God to remove every affliction and every sickness in the audience. I believe He will do it, don't you? All right. I want you to throw your canes down, get up out of the wheelchairs, whatever it is, and walk.
O Father, in the Name of Thy Son Jesus Christ, move in this audience now. I rebuke every demon power that's holding Your people. May they turn loose now, and give Jesus Christ the glorious praise for the healing power in Jesus' Name. Hallelujah!