Croyez-Vous Que Je Puisse Faire Cela?

Date: 50-0820E | La durée est de: 1 heure et 27 minutes | La traduction: Shp
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E-1 Thank you, Brother Lindsay. Good afternoon, or evening, rather. We are kinda all bundled up here tonight, and I was kinda thrilled. I was talking about peppermint candy. How many was at the evening service--the afternoon service? I was speaking about peppermint candy. And bless their heart, I found little children standing out there, and give me two big sticks of peppermint candy. That's very fine.
And now, honey, I hope you're listening; I'll just lick it right here tonight. These are all for me. That's all right. That's very fine. I'm blessed of the Lord. I still love peppermint candy anyhow. Very fine.
Can I leave this out, Brother Gordon? If you...?... Oh, yes. That's right. Okay, that's fine. Can you hear all right? All right, just fine.
Now, this is what I always said was spare tire. Someone asked me, said, "You a preacher, Brother Branham?"
I said, "No, I'm a spare tire." That's when the rest of them's flat. Then we can roll over it. That's it. Thanks.

E-2 Well, we we're supposed to be here hour...?... And I'm sure that all of you are happy to be here tonight. Drawing near this is the second Sunday night of our tent--service in the tent. And we're going along now a two nights longer, I think, until Thursday night, God willing. And we're expecting God to bless us in something.
Tomorrow night, I have announced that I'm... have something a little different, perhaps, that I could... []
Looks like that...?... [] And if perhaps that I can... []
Well, you try to get a hundred, if possible, each night. And I believe with faith in the people, that's high enough now until I can see that, I believe, by the help of the Almighty. God grant it to us.
I wish to read just a little...?... of the Word. And just as quickly as possible, you'll have to... Too many...?... Now, in Saint Matthew the 9th chapter, at the 27th verse, we begin to read an instance here, that taken place in the days of our Lord.

E-3 Now, everyone can hear, all around all right? Can you? Way back in the back row, can you hear? All around. That's very fine.
I'm not a... pulled a lot of...?... anyhow. And I...?... little things in front of you. It's not as strong as the other big night, because...?... Listen closely.
And when Jesus departed thence, two blind men followed him, crying, and saying, Thou son of David, have mercy on us.
And when he was come into the house, the blind men came unto him; and Jesus said unto them, Believe ye that I am able to do this? They said unto him, Yea, Lord. (I like that, don't you?)
Believe ye that I am able to do this? And they said unto him, Yea, Lord.
Then touched he their eyes, saying, According to your faith, be it unto you. (Now, what if they were just did not believe, they would've never been healed.)
And their eyes were opened; and Jesus strictly charged them, saying, See that no man know it. (So they did believe, didn't they?)
But when they were departed, they spread abroad his fame in all of that country.
And as he went out, behold, they brought unto him a dumb man possessed with a devil. (Now, if you'll notice, this...)
[A brother interrupts--Ed.] All right. That's a whole lot better, isn't it? Thank you. That's very fine. Brings us back home again, doesn't it? That's right. That's just fine.
Now, as I was reading,
And they brought unto him a dumb man possessed with a devil.
And when the devil was cast out, the dumb spake: and the multitude marveled, saying, It was never so seen in Israel.
But the Pharisees said, He casts out devils through the prince of the devils.
And Jesus went about all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every sickness and disease among the people.

E-4 Now, I want you to notice the arrangements of the Scripture here. First, the blind man. And he just...?... Yea, he said, "Lord, have mercy."
And Jesus said, "I can if you believe that I can." (Did you get it?) Then He...
They said, "Lord, we believe."
So He touched their eyes and said, "Now, according to your faith, be it unto you." And they could see.
Then they brought to Him a man that was deaf and dumb. Now, today, it would been... Why, this man, they--his nerves died in his ears. But Jesus called that deaf and dumb person, a spirit, a devil that had deaf and dumb. Now, that's what it was. It was a spirit. The deaf and dumb spirit went out of the man. He could speak and hear when the spirit went out of him. You see what I mean?
But if you say that today, modern meri--meri--medical science would laugh at you, and say, "Oh, spirits. There's no such thing as that."
But we Christians believe the Bible. The Bible said, "It was a spirit." Now, here's what takes place.

E-5 There's a group, I noticed here somewhere this afternoon... Without the anointing on yet, I--I can't find them. But there's a de--a group of mutes here. Now, I trust to God that they're in the line tonight.
At Portland, Oregon, I had a whole school to come, a whole unit. There was a little scout class, nine or ten of them, that a woman brought them, and each one, one right after the other one. They had prayer cards. They come to the platform, and all nine of them speaking and hearing when they left the platform and returned to their school. And the medical science pronounced them healed. Nine of them. The state's senator was setting up in the balcony, and seen this did.
Now, if you can get the people to see that it's a deaf and dumb spirit... It's a spirit.

E-6 Now, looky here. Like I explained the other night. If something was cutting off the circulation in my hand... Now, there's only one way to ever get that out, and that is to release this. And then nature will take care of itself as long as that binding comes off.
Well, that's the same way it is when an unseen force binds the ears, or the tongue, or some limb of a person. Now, you take people that's bound. Now, it's hard to tell that person. Maybe a Christian, renown, full of the Spirit of God, but yet, bound. Now, the...

E-7 Someone made a remark in a paper not long ago: said, "Well, the people are all going down to the Branham healing campaign and getting de-demonized." Said, "He takes... He--he detects all the demons and casts them all out."
Now, that was a very flat thing for someone to say. But through ignorance, the man done it. If he'd have only just set down and read the Bible a minute, he would find out. Now, he did that... just said that because he didn't know any better.
And if he did know better, God help his soul, 'cause he's blasphemed the Holy Ghost then. And there's never will be a forgiveness for that. See, "Whosoever blasphemes the Holy Ghost..." It's a unpardonable sin. It can never be forgiven at all. Through all eternity, you're still lost forever. To speak it--you don't just speak against the Holy Ghost. See? So be careful. If you don't understand it, just don't say nothing, just go ahead. See? Let it alone, 'cause...
Oh, my, the things that I have seen happen, friends, in that.

E-8 But the Bible plainly states that they are demons. And they bind people. Look at the woman, the daughter of Israel. She was all bound over, bent over. And Jesus said, "Which one of you, having a..." [] Said, "How much more is this daughter of Israel, who's been bound by the devil?" Stooped over, perhaps arthritis.
Today, the medical doctors would say she had arthritis. That's the medical name. But Jesus would've declared it to be a devil.
Today, cancer, cancer is a medical name, comes from the word "crab," got lots of legs. They call it cancer. That's medical name. Jesus would've said, "devil."

E-9 Of course, if anyone with a common school education knows a "devil" means "tormentor." You've got a tormentor in your soul, see your pastor. You've got a torment in your body, that's what I'm here for. See? All right. Tormentor, devil...
Epilepsy, that's a name the medical science gives today. When the man brought an epileptic to Jesus, he said, "My son has a devil. And oft times he throws him into the fire and into the water." See what it was? Falling, pines away, faints out: epilepsy. He said, "The devil throws him in."
And Jesus cast the spirit out, said, "Come out of him." Is that right?
The boy had the hardest fit, I guess, he ever had. He fell on the floor and was frothing there on the ground. They thought he was dead. But He said, "He's not dead." And He took him up. He was just... The devil had throwed him into that tantrum before he left him, tore him. Many times it happens.

E-10 Today, if a Christian now, when they come and the demon's been cast from them, and they take worse right away, they say, "Oh, I failed to get healed."
You believe what's told you. Faith comes by hearing, hearing of the Word. And God's here with His gift confirming the Word with signs following. See what I mean?
One of the most marvelous things that I could think of right now, for just a little instance, just before coming. I was... Well, I always... I'll be get something else, so that it'll... It won't take me just a moment.
Back in the first part of my ministry... I don't know what these ministers here tell of other things. But this is one thing that happened, that I know none of them here was with me when this happened.

E-11 It was about the third meeting I ever had. And my wife came down. She--she's the most backward bash... She's worse than my mother. And you know she's bashful. And I told her; I said, "I'm going to introduce you to the people tonight." And she was afraid to come, afraid I'd really do it. She's just bashful and backward, timid little country girl. And she--she came to the meeting. And she came down to meet me.
And we'd been having there at the tabernacle, oh, three or four hundred people, or a thousand, maybe, on a big night. But this time there was thousands there.
The other night, at the same meeting I was telling you about, the newspaper they carried where that woman had raised up from the dead, Mrs. Hattie Waldorf. The cancer dropped out of a man's neck, rolled across my foot? You remember me telling that just a few nights ago? "Arkansas Sun," from Jonesboro carried the article. Was in this meeting. And Jones... Great big cross there... Twenty-six thousand people at the meeting attended.

E-12 And so the newspaper reporter was standing as close as that pole when that cancer fell out of the man's neck and rolled across my foot. And I picked it up and laid it on a piece of paper. And he was afraid to put his hands on it. And he asked the man if he could get the picture.
He said, "Yes." But he took the picture of his neck where it dropped out: a minister.
I seen a man one night with one on the side of his nose, looked like a great seed wart, white about like that. It's... On the ends of it. The inside, it was real bloody and red, just like this was. And while I was praying for him, the cancer left. And no one seen where it went. His face was as smooth...

E-13 In the same meeting, I'd seen a woman come in with her handkerchief over her face. That's the meeting I stayed eight days and nights without leaving. And a woman come; she had her handkerchief over her face, like this. I thought she was weeping. It's was along three or four o'clock in the morning. I took ahold of her hand. And I thought she was weeping.
I said, "Lady, why the vibration is cancer." She moved her handkerchief down; her nose was eaten off, young woman, about thirty-eight years old, forty. So I said, "Oh, my."
And she said, "I've just been give up by the best of doctors. It's done too far gone now. They can't do nothing. They've fought it with the X-ray treatments, radium, and everything. But it's too far gone."
I said, "Do you believe?"
She said, "With all my heart."
I said, "Will you take my word for what I say?"
She said, "I will."
I said, "Let us pray." And I prayed. The vibrations stopped. I said, "Sister, there's only one thing that I can tell you; you just have my word. The blessing of God is upon you. If you'll accept it and accept my word, and believe that I've told you what God has said in my heart, you'll get well."

E-14 And about two months after that, I was in a certain place, and here was a young fellow standing there. He said--raised right up in the meeting. He said, "Can I testify, Reverend Branham?"
And I said, "What is it? Go ahead." I said, "Say on."
And he said, "Looky here. Do you remember..." Said, "I'm an exterminator from--from Texarkana." Said, "My mother setting here, about two months ago come to you with no nose." Said, "I want you to look at her now," just as perfect as she could be.
Well, that's right. And he said, "I've got the doctor's statement right here too with it." And... where it was. And her picture before and after, where it was, a statement.

E-15 In the meeting a Light came down, and the baby was just a little bitty thing then, just about three or four months old. And we... She came down that night. We went... We'd went out to the train to pick her up. I went to the service that night. And before we got there, about two city blocks away, it was just like it's in here--the people.
Those Arkansas people... Is there... They--there's some of here, I'm sure. I've never had a meeting, even in Canada but what there's somebody from Arkansas. Anybody here originally from Arkansas? Let's see your hands. That's right. I know that. That's right. I know. See? I've never seen...
I was going to ask them in London... []

E-16 Anywhere you go, you find people from Arkansas. Where I was over on the west coast, and I said there one night where I was having services, where Charles Fuller at the Long Beach Municipal Auditorium... Brother Fuller said, "Brother Branham, the people over here will never come to hear such fanaticism."
I said, "Oh, they won't?"
"No." Said, "You'd better preach the Gospel while you're over here."
I said, "That's what I'm doing."
He said, "Well," he said, "that's Divine healing."
I said, "Brother Fuller, I belong to the Baptist church too. I know how you're feel about it." But I said, "Let me tell you something."
He said, "Brother Branham, everything over here is Divine healing." Said, "People won't come out." He said, "First is that McPherson movement. Next was that fanatic Pentecost." He said, "And all up-and-down the street here, everything's got Divine healing." And he said, "People won't come out. You're renting that auditorium for nearly a thousand dollars." He said, "You're going to be left alone."
I said, "Look, Brother Fuller," I said, "God will recognize His gift if it was in the middle of hell." See? I said, "Don't worry about that."
He said, "Well, I can't advertise it."
I said, "I never asked you to, Brother Fuller." I just talking to you. Said, "Come on down and kick your hat in." I said, "I'll be there."
But he said, "I'm telling you before, you'll be left without."
We went down there that afternoon, Brother Moore, and a group of us. Had about eighteen, twenty-hundred people setting around. And when his group went out, he had his sermon...

E-17 Now, remember, Charles Fuller is a wonderful, God-sent man, a real Christian man. Don't know whether he ever got his program or not. He has the "Old Fashion Revival Hour," which is a very fine program. Wonderful, marvelous teacher, a good man, aged, he's getting pretty aged. But he's a good man. I believe he's a real Christian.
And when we was leaving, Brother Fuller was going out, Brother Moore and I were standing there. And there went his audience out after he made a fine talk. And a lady came down, shook hands with him to give her heart to Christ, which is wonderful.
He was going to start out. And there when all of his crowd out, fine dressed people, you know, very highly educated. He was standing there telling them, "Just you believe right now, and be saved. That's all." See? Then when his crowd went--going out, here come my crowd in--wheelchairs, straight jackets.
And brother, it's a different thing when your faith has to buck something like that. Just preach--speak into a crowd, and tell them to raise up their hand and accept Christ. He turned pale looking.
That night, there was so many people there, they stood plumb down on the side of the beach. A fifty-five hundred auditorium wouldn't even seat half of them. They was standing out everywhere.
I tell you, where the carcass is, the eagles will be gathered. You can depend...

E-18 Notice, wife was there that night when we looked and seen all that mass of people standing there, Jonesboro. She said, "Honey, did all those come to hear you preach?"
I said, "No. They've come from the east and west. They come from the north and south, and the lands of far to feast with the King, to dine as His guests." I said, "They're children of the King." I said, "They're not here to see me, honey. They're here to see Jesus."
She said, "Well, how will you ever get to the auditorium?"
I said, "There'll be men to meet me at the bottom of the hill here."
I looked at that crowd; I said, raised up my hands. I said, "Dear dying Lamb, Thy precious Blood shall never lose its power till all the ransomed church of God be saved to sin no more."
The Gospel is the greatest drawing card the world's ever had. That's right. Though preached in its simplicity... "If I be lifted up, I'll draw all men unto Me." That's true.

E-19 A lady that afternoon, had been blind. She walked out, and she seen the trees and things. She went over there at the graveyard, looked at the tombstones where some of her people had been buried. Years since she'd seen...
So four men... I never seen what become of the wife after that. They was pressing me in towards the crowd. There's probably two thousand people standing against the door, like that. And so we finally squeezed through the crowd until we got on the inside. And I hadn't slept. I was just so weary; I lost about twenty-eight pounds of weight. And I was pressing into the crowd, them great big strong fellows pushing me through.
And I got up on the platform, there was eighteen or twenty stretcher cases setting right along like that. And setting right here was a little girl. She was tubercular case. Her nurses was with her.

E-20 And I just got to the platform, and I started to look down, and I could just feel the vibration coming.
There'd been a great thing happen there that afternoon. There was a lady come across the platform, another instance. I took ahold of her hand. She had a female vibration. I said, "You have a female trouble."
She had a little boy on her arm. She said, "Yes, sir."
I said, "You believe me?"
She said, "With all my heart."
I took ahold of her hand, and I begin to pray. It wouldn't leave her. And I said, "Sister, I don't understand why. Are you a Christian?"
She said, "Yes, sir."

E-21 And I just looked at her. There it moved out. A vision begin to move.
Now, remember, that woman standing there was told of living untrue to her marriage vows four days before that, before the audience, twenty thousand people or better, listening.
And she started crying. The man behind her was her husband. He jerked her around, said, "What's this?" (You see why I have to pray often?) "What's this?"
She said, "Darling, I'm sorry."
Then It just... I just let myself loose. It moved over on him, and told him of the same act with his bookkeeper, and the car they were in, and where they were at.
He turned white. He said, "Brother, what must I do?" I looked...
He looked at her, and he reached his hand out, said, "Darling, I've been a rat." Said, "If you forgive me, I'll forgive you. And we'll start life anew right here before God's people."
She said, "I forgive you."
And they put the little boy between them, and hugged one another, knelt down on the floor and give their hearts to God.
And Reverend Richard T. Reed, of Jonesboro, Arkansas, baptized them in Christian faith. The next morning they were added to the church. That's the way the Lord works. Truly.

E-22 Now, when they was at the platform, this little girl was looking. And I looked up at her. And I looked down to her, rather. And she was looking up at me. And I kept seeing someone standing to my right, kept motioning their hands, like this. And I looked down there, and I seen some people rejoicing.
There'd been a blind man from up in Kennett, was healed that night before that. And he was going on his road home, been drawing a blind pension for twelve years. And he was healed. I asked God to bless him. I said, "Do you believe?"
He said, "With all my heart."
I said, "Go on rejoicing, testifying of your healing."
They led him out to an old Ford. He started up the road, about a hundred and something miles up to Kennett, Missouri. And he was going up the road, praising God for his sight, just as blind as he could be. All at once, he screamed. He said, "Stop the car. I see the lights." He jumped out of the car, up-and-down the road he went, jumping and screaming.
He went into Kennett, just... Or at the Catholic church was having mass, put his cane up in the air and his hat on there. He walked down through the Catholic church, screaming, "I'm healed. I'm healed by the glory of God." Out into the Methodist church he went. Up-and-down the streets he drawed. He swam the country there. They were testifying everywhere of his healing.

E-23 Looking out to one side, I seen a man motioning his hand, like this. And I thought it looked like a ambulance driver. He had on a blue looking uniform. And I said, "Are you motioning for me, sir?"
He said, "Yes, sir." Said, "Brother Branham," said, "I've brought my patient down from Kennett, where the blind man was healed this morning." He said, "And I've got to make another trip tonight from the hospital." And said, "I think my patient's dead." (We had to have a house doctor there. There's so many sick and things; you have to have a house doctor. We couldn't find him anywhere.) Said, "I think my patient's dead. Won't you come to her?"
And I said, "Brother, I'd like to go. But how could I get through that crowd? There's probably two or three thousand people between here and there."

E-24 They had a row reserved for ambulances out there. Many of them, eighteen or twenty of them setting in that row. And I said, "Well, I--I couldn't get out there."
Four men stepped down out of the balcony, said, "We'll take you, Brother Branham, if you wish to go."
I said, "Well, if you'll sing a hymn while I'm gone, or something."
One of the ministers stepped up to the microphone. And they started me through the crowd. Oh, my. I was pushing, and people crying and begging. Oh, you know. We got out to the ambulance; they opened the door. He stepped to the door. And one sight that I shall never forget...

E-25 Sometime when I can get alone up in the mountains, I set down and think these things over. Now, I don't have time, hardly. And there was a dear old Arkansas brother, very typical, an old faded out blue shirt on, been washed many times, his hat, sewed, the top of it with twine, wrapping cord, his shoes, the soles of them about off. And he was kneeling down on the floor, gripping this hat, and needed a shave real bad, and the tears rolling down his face, saying, "God, give me mother back."
And I looked, laying there, there laid a woman with her mouth open, her eyes open, also set back.
And the intern said, "Here's Brother Branham."

E-26 He turned around, said, "Oh, Brother Branham," said, "how I want--wanted... She wanted to see you." Said, "She's a good woman, Brother Branham." Said, "She's helped... She's raised five children." Said, "They're all grown and married." Said, "Now we..." Said, "We've got her a little place." And said, "She... We picked blackberries last summer," and said, "together." And said, "She made some quilts." And said, "She's been so bad with cancer," said, "they've give her up. And we sold the blackberries yesterday, and some of her quilts so we could have the money to pay the ambulance to bring us down here." Said, "She wanted to see you so bad. And she's gone, Brother Branham. It was her last request. I've done all I could do, sir."
And I said, "God bless you, dad." I put my hand... [] I said, "You'll see her in a better land then."
He said, "Yes, she was a Christian, Brother Branham. But oh, she wanted to see you so bad." []

E-27 I said... Took a hold of her hand. Now, I do not know whether the woman was gone or not. God is my... I think she was in a coma. I'm not sure. Although I couldn't feel her heart, nor nothing.
But now, listen. Then I put my hands on her; she felt cold. I put my hand on her hand; it felt cold. And looked at her eyes, her... She had false teeth taken out... [] And she was... had her eyes set right back, like that. And I took ahold of her. I shook her.
Seemingly, she was dead. Whether she was, I do not know. God is my Judge; I do not know. But when I took ahold of her right hand... Well, I knew then...
I said, "Now, if the woman had been dead..." And I--I said, "All right, brother, pray."
He got down on his knees and begin to call out to God. "Why didn't You let her go like that?"

E-28 Now, after hearing him praying, I started crying myself. I couldn't help it. Poor old fellow, I looked at him, his old hands was raising up to God, and he's feeble and trembling.
And I said, "Heavenly Father, You Who brought again Jesus from the dead," I said, "be merciful. Comfort the brother's heart." I kept on. I kept on praying. He was just screaming at the top of his voice. And I said, "Father, be merciful and heal her." And the vibration of the cancer stopped.
Well, Satan said to me then, "She died then."
Well, I just kept holding on. I said, "Lord, I believe that You brought up Lazarus from the grave. I believe You give the woman, the widow, her son again. I believe You laid Your hands upon Jairus' daughter and she came to life. Now, You're here. You can spare her life. And I'm just looking to You, Father. I pray that You'd hear me," like that.

E-29 And I felt her grip my hand. I knowed she was alive then. I didn't say it. I just quit praying and watching him crying so much, he didn't hear me cease praying. And I looked, and I seen this skin on her forehead begin to wrinkling. I knowed life was in the woman. I just stood there a little bit on the side of the bed.
In a few moments, she was beginning to look around. Said, "Howdy do."
He done got down on the floor with his head on the floor, just a crying in the ambulance.
And I said, "Howdy do?"
She said, "Who are you?"
I said, "I'm Brother Branham."
She said, "Oh, you are?"
I said, "Set up."
And she set up, like that. He raised up, looked at her. He said, "Mother! Mother!" And he threw his arms around her and begin to hug her, like that. And they were just screaming... []

E-30 And the driver set there, the intern, the driver. He said, "Brother Branham, you couldn't get out that door." Said, "They're just packed against there." Said, "I'll tell you what I'll do." Said, "I sent those men all around..."
Way back in the parking lot, standing full of people. And some of them hadn't left there for eight days. It was drizzling rain. And so they had this...
Set right in the seat. Anyone on the inside, stayed there. They let somebody go out and get them a hamburger or something, come in. They'd eat right there. They wouldn't move. They stayed right there, slept right in their seats.
And he--he just started to unbutton his coat, like this, and hold it back at the door, like he was taking his coat... [] Said, "You go out the other side. And they're going to meet you down there at the end."
I said, "All right." That looked like a hypocritical deed, but I just couldn't... I had to do it. I couldn't get back to the auditorium.

E-31 And I went out the side, like that, the other side which was near the fence. I went down along that row of ambulances there. And way down, come around the end of the alley, come into a big parking lot. And just about as far as three, four times this tent. And it just milling full of people.
Well, I thought, "Where are those people at?" And no one knew me. They hadn't seen me back there. So I started pushing through, trying to get up towards the door. I thought maybe they'd be up there towards the door. The big lights out there. And I--I was going, pushing through, like this. And everybody hollering, "Set down. Quit pushing."
I just kept on going, you know. And I... "Quit pushing." And I just kept on going.
After while, I... There was a big fellow standing there, whittling with his knife. I kinda stepped up against him, like that. I said, "Pardon me."
He said, "I said, 'Quit pushing.'"
I was afraid he was going to push. So I--I did stop. And so I said, "Yes, sir. Excuse me, sir." I stood there a little bit.
He was looking down at me, kept on whittling, talking to the other fellow.

E-32 I looked at him a little bit till he got his head turned good. And I looked around to see where the door was. It's quite a distance yet to the door. I couldn't see no one coming for me yet.
So I heard a cry. I heard somebody hollering, "Daddy! Daddy! Oh, daddy." The most pathetic cry.
I looked around to see where it was. Coming down through the audience come a well dressed colored girl, just as blind as she could be. Her eyes were just as white with cataracts nearly as my shirt. She was coming along like this, nobody noticing her, coming along, like that, hollering, "Daddy! Oh, daddy!"
And I watched her. And I thought, "Well now, isn't that amazing. Look like somebody would help that poor girl. Regardless of what they think about it; they--they ought to help that girl some way." I thought, "I believe I'll help her."

E-33 I didn't see no one. So I started moving out to her. And I thought, "You know, maybe the Lord will heal her." So I begin to think about that. And I heard her crying. And I... She was crying. And I walked out. And I thought, "I'll just try her faith, just get a conversation with her." And I... Ever which way she was going, I'd make myself get right in her way.
And finally, she bumped into me. And she said, "Excuse me, suh."
And I said... That's southern talk, you know, "Suh." And I said, "Yes, ma'am.
And she backed off. She said, "Daddy!"
I thought, "Now, I'll just see what kind of faith you have...?..." That looked like a hypocrite again, to do that. And I said, "Ah, what do you want?"
She said, "Suh, I lost my daddy. I cain't find him no whuh."
I said, "Look like you're blind."
Said, "Yes, suh. I's blind."
Nice talking lady. And I said, "Well, ah, I don't see no more colored people around here." I said, "Where you from?"
She said, "I's from Memphis."

E-34 And I looked over, and I seen all that bunch of chartered busses setting there. I seen one of them had Memphis on it. I thought, "Well, I could get her over to that bus anyhow." So I said... that the people didn't begin to recognize me coming in. So I said, "Well, what are you doing over here?" Just to test her faith...
She said, "I come over to see the healah."
I said, "The what?"
She said, "The healah."
And I said, "You don't believe that, do you?"
She said, "Oh, yes, suh."
Oh, my. I begin to feel something begin stir in my heart.
And she said, "I listen to all the good radio programs." She said, "This morning, I heard people testifying from this place that had never talked before in their life." And she said, "I heard of a blind man from up in Missour' that received his sight." Said, "Sir, I come over to receive my sight."
My, I thought, "Oh, I'm a hypocrite, Lord." I said, "Why am I bump into her like that?" I thought, "Well, I'll go on through with it." I said, "Do you believe in that?"
She said, "Yes, suh!" She said, "I believes it with all my heart."

E-35 I said, "In the day... How'd you come to go blind?"
She said, "When I was a little girl, the doctor told me I had cataracts." And said, "He said, 'When they got ripe...'" Now, I don't know what "ripe" means yet. But said, "When they got ripe, he would take them out." And said, "Now, that they got ripe, he said they done went down and wrapped around the optical nerve of my eyes. If he'd pull the cataract, he'd pull my eyes out." Said, "My only hope is to get to the man. And they tell me this is his last night here. And I can't even get near the building. And I've lost my daddy, and I don't know what to do. Nobody will help me." She said, "Could you help me to the bus, sir?"
I said, "Yes, ma'am." But I said, "First, about this healing..." I said, "Did you hear that man testify about that Angel coming down from heaven?"
She said, "Yes, suh."
I said, "Do you believe that?"
She said, "With all my heart."
I said, "In the day when we've got all the best medical science and the best doctors we ever had, and you mean to say that God Almighty would do something like that?"
She said, "Yes, suh. I believes it."

E-36 And I... Now, she couldn't see me. She was totally blind--had been since she was twelve years old, and she was about twenty then, I guess.
And said... And I said, "Are you totally blind?"
She said, "Yes, suh. I couldn't tell daylight from dark." Said, "I haven't for years."
And I said, "Well, look. Do you... Why don't..." I said, "We--we got good doctors."
She said, "But, sir, they can't help me." She said, "I'll tell you what I'll do." She said, "If you'll get me into the building where that man's at, I'll find my daddy after that." Oh, my. That was too much for me. I couldn't stand that. She said, "You get me in to where he's at, and I'll find my daddy." She said, "There's a blind man been blind twelve years, this morning received his sight. And sir, won't you help me get where he's at, that I might receive my sight?"
And I thought of poor old blind Fanny Crosby:
Pass me not, O gentle Saviour,
Hear my humble cry;
While on others Thou art calling,
Do not pass me by.

E-37 And I looked; my heart was just a breaking. I said, "Look, lady. Perhaps I'm the one you want to see."
And friends, I'll never forget. Those hands grabbed me by the lapel, like that. She said, "Is you the healah?"
I said, "No. I'm Brother Branham." I said, "Jesus is the Healer."
And she held me, like that. She said, "Oh, don't pass me. Have mercy."
And I said, "Sister, 'course, I would do all I could as a man. And I believe Jesus will hear our prayer." I said, "Do you believe Him?"
She said, "With all my heart, sir."
I said, "Now, let me have your hand."
Do you think she'd turn loose of my coat? No, sir. She's holding right there. She said, "I isn't going to turn you loose, suh." She said, "Is..."
And I said, "Well look, sister. Let me have your right hand. And you can hold with your left. But I want to feel the vibration of those cataracts to know whether they're dead or not."

E-38 I finally got her to let me have her hand. I took ahold of it, and there they was. I said, "Now, so that nobody will notice us," I said, "you bow your head now. Don't raise your head till I tell you to. And believe with all your heart."
She said, "I do, suh." She bowed her head.
Here's the way I was praying. I'll never forget the way I prayed. I said, "Heavenly Father, some nineteen hundred years ago, there was an old rugged cross dragging down through the streets of Jerusalem. It was dragging out the bloody footprints of the Bearer. On the road up to Golgotha, His little, weak, frail body fell under the load. Along came Simon, the Cyrene, colored man, Ethiopian, picked up the cross and helped Him bear the cross." Said, "Father, I'm sure You understand. And here's one of his daughters tonight, staggering in darkness. Won't You help her?"

E-39 No more than I said that, the vibrations ceased on my hand. I said, "Now, keep your head bowed, sister, just a moment." And she kept her head bowed. I waited a minute for the shrinkage on the cataract. I said, "Now, keep your eyelids closed until you get your face about even with mine... your judgment."
Said, "Yes, suh." Said, "I feel real cool."
I said, "Just don't open your eyes." When she got about even, I said, "Now, receive your sight, for Jesus has healed you."
She opened her eyes. She said, "It took... Is them lights?"
I said, "Yes, ma'am."
Said, "Is that people passing?" She said, "O Lord, I who once was blind, can now see." And she screamed out. She fell forward.
And the people begin to notice. And here they come, running together. And I started to run.
I heard... I looked coming down, just a little bit before I started praying; I seen a man pressing through the crowd, hunting for me. And I started towards them.

E-40 Just as I started towards them, there was an old brother. I never will forget. He--he had a--a club. He had a crooked foot. He was standing like this. He said, "I know you, Brother Branham." He said, "I've been standing in this rain for eight days." Said, "Tell me what to do, and God will back your word."
I said, "You, with all your heart, you believe?"
He said, "With all my heart."
I said, "Throw away your club and be whole in the Name of the Lord Jesus."
He threw his club away and made out a scream. And up in the air he went, jumped. Down he come, just as normal as any man, begin to screaming.

E-41 And friends, I started to push towards these men. There's no harm in saying this. When I first started, my brother gave me a suit to go out in, he had a wreck it, and tore it in several places. And my wife and I went down to the ten cent store and got some of them patches you iron on with an iron, you know. And I don't know what they are. And I sewed the pocket up, where it had tore down here on the side, down along the side. Took a needle... And I'm not very much of a seamstress. So I sewed it up.
And when I would go and meet ministers or anything, I was ashamed of that ragged coat. So I'd hold it sideways and put my right hand out, like this, and shake hands with my left hand, and say, "Well, I... Excuse my left hand, but it's closer to my heart." See? Just like that, to say that, instead of letting them see that old ragged coat.

E-42 But, brother, while I was trying to get to that men, God bless their gallant hearts, they were pushing through there, trying to get their little babies, trying to touch that old ragged coat, when I passing by. They're just throwing down their crutches, and people screaming and hollering, just so that they're try to touch the old coat.
Brother, it wasn't the old coat that done the healing; it was their faith in Jesus Christ that done the healing.
And that same Christ, that was in Jonesboro that night, is here in Cleveland tonight to perform any miracle, to do anything that [] faith will rise to require it to be done. Do you believe that?

E-43 Let us bow our heads. Heavenly Father, I'm thinking of that glorious, marvelous night, that poor colored girl; thinking of a few weeks later from then, stopping there in the airplane hanger, someone walking up and saying, "Remember me, Brother Branham?" O God, someday when it's all over and we've gathered to the other side, what a marvelous time it'll be to set down with those redeemed.
Here we are tonight, Lord, way across the country here in Cleveland, Ohio, been across the blue waters to the other lands down to the needy. We're still struggling on, not wearying away. O God, believing You for all things. Seeing You here to heal the sick and the afflicted, bringing this morning glorious powers, manifesting Yourself in great healings, interpreting the hearts of the people, telling their diseases, the secret sins and thoughts of their mind, healing the paralyzed, the lame, the deaf, the dumb.
O Christ of God, this great night, it'll be history after while, if Thou tarry. Help us now to move in with real faith. Grant it, Lord. May the people repent of all that's done that's wrong. Accept us now in the Beloved, for we ask it in His Name. Amen.

E-44 [A brother calls the prayer line--Ed.]
Oh, isn't He wonderful, glorious? While the prayer line's being formed, believe now with all of your heart. We'll wait first till we get some out.
You don't have to have a prayer card. That doesn't have a thing to do with it. That prayer card is merely to get people lined up. They give out a hundred each day. And when they do, I think it's twe--fifty at morning and fifty in the afternoon. They bring your prayer cards up, and shuffle them out, hand them to each person and they write down their diseases. And you bring up... That's merely to keep you in line. That doesn't have one thing to do... God bless this couple coming here.
All right. He's here to perform any miracle, do anything that you believe that He will do. Just have faith in Him; believe Him.

E-45 Now, right from the platform here, many, many times, many times God heals the sick and the needy. God can reveal right here from this platform what you have need of, if you'll just believe. Do you do it with all your heart? Have faith. You have faith and God has mercy. See? And by His mercy, He'll heal you, make you well. Believe with all your heart just now.
Now, here it is. What... You know what I'm trying to do right now, don't you? How many realizes that? See? I'm waiting for the anointing to strike me. That's right. When I feeled It...
I know it's here at the platform... Friends, God knows what's true. Sometimes I don't see it. But look, while I explain it. It's just a pressure, like, in the--like in mid air. If It went this way, you could tell it. If It come this way, you could tell it. It's right... You could tell. It's just like a form of a man. And now, It's to my extreme back, right here. And when He comes down over you, it just feels like It goes, "Whoosh [Brother Branham illustrates--Ed.]" And then when I hear It comes down, then I--I look out over the audience; I can see things a happening. Then I can only speak just what He says. See? I can only speak, just to tell what's wrong, what is. I watch close, try to--try to get--let Him work through the people.

E-46 Now, while you're lining up back there, every one just be real reverent, and have faith and believe.
Trying to catch the little lad, but he's got his little face turned, and mother...
The gentleman setting right there, you with the brown shirt on. You have a back trouble, don't you? Is that right? You believe me as God's prophet? Would you obey what I told you to do? Stand on your feet and be healed then. Jesus Christ makes you well. Amen. God bless you. Now. All right. He's here, will heal.
You have a back and heart trouble too, don't you, brother, setting there in that seat, big fellow? Isn't that right? Stand up on your feet and be healed then. Believe Jesus Christ. Stand up. God bless you.
Here, this brother setting here. Yes, sir. God bless you, brother.
The lady setting next to you is extremely nervous there. She's bothered with nerve trouble. Isn't that right, sister? All right, stand up. You believe it now? Accept it and be healed.
Sister, you--you, if you're refusing food, you've had a stomach trouble or something, setting back there. Isn't that right? Stand up and receive your healing too. Jesus Christ makes you whole. Go home and eat what you want to now. I see you're moving, washing your mouth, and things like... Go home, eat anything you wish to. Jesus Christ makes you whole.

E-47 Have faith, believe, and God will grant to you. All right. Let the patient come. Now, everybody reverent. Now, just a moment. Every one be just as reverent as you possibly...
Give the prayer card to him, sir. Oh, you've already got the prayer card? All right. Everyone be just as reverent as you can.
Now, now, you come forward, sir. Now, usually in this a way... The thing when you're looking out on the audience, just imagine, it just feels like a thousands of people just--just pulling, just contacting you, like that. See? You can't hardly segregate it out, what's wrong. But when you get them one at a time, where you can see them...

E-48 Let's see your hand, sir. I have to see it some other way. You look this a way, sir, and believe with all...?... Now, it's something different from what... I can't... You have a few troubles, inward troubles. But not... There's something, or you wouldn't be weeping like that, for just merely for that. And it's... I want you to look this way.
And now, I'm not reading your mind, sir. I--I'm--I'm just trying to find out what's wrong with you. Yes, sir. And I want you to... You believe that God will reveal to me what is wrong with you? You believe with all your heart? Yes, sir.
I see what is wrong with you. You've tried everything in the world nearly to get well, haven't you? You've been to doctors. Everything has turned you down. And it's a nerve condition. Isn't that right? That's right. Nothing can help you. You've been given up. But Jesus will help you now.
Do you believe me, brother? You believe it? Will you obey me as His servant now? You want to healthy and have all that weary and gloomy and crazy feeling, like you're losing your mind, and things like that? Now, I tell you where that started, on the prostate. See? But what really is doing it, it's a demon. It haunts you. Isn't that right? You have no peace at all. Day and night, it's after you. Seems like you just get gloomy feelings in there. Isn't that right? Yes, sir. Weary, don't sleep, nervous, getting up...?... at night. Isn't that right?

E-49 How would I know that except God reveals it to me? Yes, brother. Now, I'm going to ask Jesus to heal you, to make you well. You believe Him with all your heart.
Now, there's the things that no one would've knowed, except Christ would reveal it. Ain't that right? Down through your life, you've had a trouble...?... You once was...?... the line, walking...?... Isn't that right? And you ask forgiveness for that...?... see it one time. Isn't that right? May God give it to you. Isn't that the truth? Every word of it.
How would I know that except Christ Jesus would reveal that. That's right. For no one would know that but God Himself alone. Isn't that true? Now, I'm not reading your mind, but just telling you exactly what's happened. Is that right? Yes, sir.

E-50 When you was a--when you was a child, a little boy, with knee pants on, you've got problems with something, run... I believe it's a dog that chased you, or something (Isn't that right?), a big dog, and you run to a porch. That's right, I see it as a little boy. Is that the truth, sir? All right. Who would know that but God alone. Isn't that but right?
Oh, my. How marvelous. Now, His... Is that the things, the very truth, my brother? All right. Then I'm going to ask Him to let it leave you. Will you take my word now, and do as I tell you? Will you do it? Now, while I'm praying, you say, "Jesus, I believe with all my heart. And now, I commit myself to You. And I believe that prayer of faith is going to save me now." You believe that? All right.

E-51 Let's bow our heads together. Our heavenly Father, Thou art here to bless my brother. O Thou Son of God, Whose able to reveal the very thoughts of our hearts, able to do all things, free this poor caged mortal; in a cage that he can't free himself, like an eagle in a cage beating his wings until his weary eyes fall backwards. O Father, be merciful to him. Thy servant knows what he's suffering.
Thou demon tormenting his life, in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, come out of the man.
Now, look here, sir. It's gone. Now, you're free. You go out of here testifying... You feel all right now? Fine. Wonderful. That's... Go out of here rejoicing, testifying. Now, if I could tell you what happened to you when you was a little boy, down through the age, down to where you are right now, the life that you lived, the things that you've done, that was true, wasn't it, every word, true?
Now, I'll tell you what'll be the results in the coming future. Go out of here happy, singing, testifying, telling people God healed you, forget you ever was nervous. Thirty days from now, you'll be a different man altogether. God bless you, my brother.

E-52 Could you get the testimony? Could you hear what was going on, what was said? How many could hear it? Way back. About the big yellow dog when he was a little boy, chased him, as the news boy, chased him across the street and up on the door step? And then the next thing, that when his life that he lived down, when he was in his teens, the age, and down like that, and on down till a few--when he was brought into the church, and the things he done, and all about it, and how it's been working? Who would know that except God alone? Is that right?
Now, what happened, I seen the man go right straight back up in the air above me there. And I seen a little boy with a pair of brown knicker pants on, being chased and pursued by a--a dog. And that's just how...
Now, the Presence of the Lord Jesus Christ is here, friends, to heal, to make well any persons that's here to be healed.

E-53 All right, little lady, you come forward. Now, everyone be just reverent as you can.
If I'm not loud enough, you tell me, 'cause when It comes down over me, the anointing, that... How many seen the picture? You seen the... All of you've seen the picture of It, haven't you? You mean there's people here that hasn't seen the picture of It?
It's been taken and examined by a government examiner. It's at the table back there. Here, I believe it's... Here it is when It was caught in the picture.
Now, that is tested by the G. Edgar Hoover outfit, of fingerprint and photography, and so forth, to be proven that it's perfect. The first time in all the world's history that a supernatural Being was ever--was ever photographed. First time in all the world's... George J. Lacy at--at the Shell Building in Houston, Texas, was the one who had to examine it for two days. If you notice, see how It's licking and blazing and burning? And they... George said, "Well, go before the world."

E-54 First, it had to be tested. It's not a trick photography or something. And we got the best that the United States has got, and he kept it two days. And his--his statement's right here. No picture can be given out until the statement goes with it.
And there it is. It whirled right down before thousands of people, right over where I was, a licking, flaming fire, go... [Brother Branham illustrates the sound--Ed.] right around, like...
When I was standing there testifying, I said, "I tell the truth. And if I tell the truth, God will testify of me, for I testify of Him. And if I do not tell the truth, God will not testify of me." And I said, "Through signs and wonders, He testifies." And I said, "He can testify..." And about that time, here He comes. And He testified. And there it is now.
Demons has screamed it out. Unbelievers, scientists have to say it's true.

E-55 Mr. Lacy looked at that, he said, "Well, it's been said by hypocrites that those lights that were around the saints and the Saviour, was just artist's work." Said, "They were there because it can't be doubted no more. That is not psychology; a optical lens of the camera won't take psychology. No, it's there." Here's the paper of it. If we had time, we would write it.
That's the way It comes into the meeting. That's the way It's been seen many, many times.
When I was baptizing hundreds down at the Ohio River at the foot of Spring Street in Jeffersonville, where thousands were blacked on the bank... At right at two o'clock in the afternoon, I was baptizing the seventeenth person. I started to pray, and thousands standing there looking. And down from the heavens came that green, whirling down like a big star in the distance. When It got close, It was that Light, a Pillar of Fire.
I think It's the same One that led the children of Israel in the days that went before Moses. And It's in the church today. It's here tonight, the same Pillar of Fire.

E-56 When He told me, He said, "As Moses was given two signs to vindicate his ministry, so will you be given two signs. And by these signs, that people will believe." And there It is. I believe It's the same Angel of the covenant.
And He came down when hundreds and hundreds standing there, people fainted, and fell, and everything. The papers carried a great article, "Mystic star appears over minister at two o'clock in the afternoon while baptizing." There It was.
Friends, settle yourself down. The hour has come. There's been a lot of "playing religion." There's been a lot of playing church. But the hour has come where God's calling out His people. That's right. And He's vindicating it by signs and wonders. And that's it.
And here's the statement. Anyone's welcome to read it. It's here anytime, and for anybody. And look at it.

E-57 Call George J. Lacy. You've heard of him. He's one of the Edgar Hoover outfits, one of the best there is in the United States. This hall then goes to the... This picture goes to the Religious Hall of Art. For the first time in all the world's history that a supernatural Being was ever photographed...
I say, "Thanks be to God, Who gives us the victory through Jesus Christ."
When that comes down, that's what does the--the works.
Now, the--the Christian believes by the signs and wonders. Demons scream out. They testify of it. God knows that's true. And now, God has came down and showed the scientists. And so the skeptics can't doubt no more.

E-58 Brother, as sure as I'm standing in this pulpit, this country is ready and ripe for judgment. That's right. I'm an American, and I love it. If a war breaks out, I'm ready to go. I had five brothers in the other war--four brothers, I mean. And we're ready to go now. Yes, sir. This is the greatest nation there is under the heavens. That's... I'm glad to be an American. That's right. And if it's worth... not... If it's worth anything, it's worth fighting for, it's worth standing by. That's true.
But, brother, when we are weighed in the balance and found wanting, when the Gospel has been refused and turned down, and talked about... As you sow, so shall you reap. Israel was God's favored people. That's right. But as they sowed, they reaped.
We're bound to have a great time of judgment. The world is ready for it now, and going to receive it. You mark my words. And then if that don't come to pass, you say, "He's a false prophet." We're going to receive judgment. I feel it in the Spirit.

E-59 All right, sister. Let's see your hand. Come this way. Now, only thing I do this, sister, is just to contact you. Or, is this the patient? Sometimes people are standing here, and maybe to talk or something. That's the reason I see... My brother there keeps them lined up, so it's just the patients with cards.
All right. Yes, sister. God bless your poor soul. Now, look this a way. The thing I'm doing... Now, this is not... I'm just... You're human. You have a spirit. And this is a gift to contact your human spirit. You are a Christian. You're a believer, Christian believer with the Holy Spirit. All right.

E-60 Now, look. In the Bible, I want to tell you something. One time when Jesus' ministry just become very popular, and one of them was converted by the name of Philip. And he went for Nathanael, his brother. And he brought Nathanael down to where the prayer lines, we'd say, was. And when Jesus saw Nathanael coming, He said, "Behold, an Israelite, indeed, in whom there's no guile." Is that right? In other words, today you'd say, "Behold, you're a real good Christian." Is that right? Now, that's what you are. True.
And He said, "Whence knowest Thou me, Rabbi?"
He said, "Before Philip called you, when you were under the tree." Is that right? That's what Jesus said to Philip. And Philip acknowledged, and said--or Nathanael, rather. And said, "You are the Son of God, the King of Israel." Didn't he?
Now, Jesus said, "These things that I do, greater shall you." Is that right?
Now, when did I know you? When you were refusing food there at the table because of your stomach trouble, and it's left you now. You go on home and eat what you want to. God bless you, sister.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody. All right. (Pardon me, sister.)

E-61 Good evening, sister. You believe with all your heart? There's something wrong with you, of course, or you wouldn't be here. Now, look this a way, sister dear. I see you have several things wrong with you. You been scared about one thing, when it's wrong. Yes, I see something else too. I see you have arthritis also, don't you? Do you believe me? You have to, don't you? You do. All right, you just remove your glasses, raise your hands up in the air, and say... Give God thanks and praise. Stomp your feet up-and-down, for it's left you. And you can go on home holding it for souvenir, sister. You're healed. God bless you.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody. All right.

E-62 All right there. Come on, little girl. Bring the little... Oh, my. A sweet little thing. Oh, my. It's a little mute, or... Now, it's both on... I... It's deaf anyhow. I... All right. Bow your head, everybody.
O Jesus, Son of God, You Who brought Life to us, this dear little curly headed angel... I'm thinking of my own little Rebekah, Lord, thinking my little Sharon that lays there. And here's this darling little thing comes crying, leaning her little head over on my bosom. O God, bless this little girl. If You were here, You'd lay Your holy hands upon her, and every demon power would turn her loose. Jesus, help Thy servant, Lord, as I challenge this enemy for this child. May I have power of faith to believe, that will rebuke that demon from her.
Satan, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, turn her loose. Still holds her. Keep your head bowed. O Jesus, Son of God, Author of Life, Giver of every good gift, send Thy blessings upon this little girl and heal her of this ears, Lord. You're here to make her well. And this spirit of the devil has come to the little thing's ears. Thou art here to make her well.
Thou demon, come out of her in the Name of Jesus Christ. There it goes. Looky here...?... Can you hear me little girl?...?... Does it hurt you all the time? Can you hear me all right? It quits hurting you now. Huh? Well, bless her little heart.
Let's say, "Praise God."
O Jesus, we thank You for Your goodness and mercy. Bless her now, and keep her well through Jesus. Amen.
God bless you, honey. You love Jesus? With all your heart? I love you too, honey. And I think you're a sweet little girl. All right, you return back to mommy now and say, "Thank God for healing. Amen.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody. All right. Now, everybody be reverent, just as reverent as you can be.

E-63 And bring the little laddie on. Now, everybody just as reverent, and don't make noise if you possibly can. Hold it steady here. Ears too, all right, bow your head, everyone.
Dear heavenly Father, as this little laddie boy stands here tonight, Satan has bound his ears. Thou can give him back his normal condition, God. And I pray that You'll heal the little fellow and make him well. You said, "Suffer little children to come to Me. Forbid them not, for of such is the Kingdom of God." O God, this dear little boy. Thou art here to make him well. Hear the prayer of Your humble servant, as I pray through the Name of Thy Son.
Thou spirit of the devil that's bound this little boy, in the Name of Jesus Christ, come out from him.
Yes. All right? All right, you may raise your head. Little fellow's crying... Can you hear me? Say, "Amen." [The boy says, "Amen."--Ed.] Amen. There you are. You're normal and well now, honey. Say, "Praise the Lord." Raise up your hands and say, "Praise the Lord." [The boy says, "Praise the Lord."] Amen. There he is. God bless you, honey, run along. All right.

E-64 All right, come forward. How do you do, sir.
Let's just praise God for His... Go ahead. That's all right. I... Let's just rejoice in the Presence of our Lord.
Amazing grace! how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me!
I once was lost, but now I'm found,
Was blind, but now I see.
You with the heart trouble there, do you understand, sir? You believe with all your heart Jesus will heal you and make you well? Setting there in that second row, back behind there, if you have faith in God, believe with all your heart, you may receive. Your back and all will be healed. Do you believe it? Stand on your feet. Yes, that's you I'm talking about. Jesus healed you of your back trouble and heart trouble, brother. You're well now. God bless you. Amen.
When we've been there ten thousand years,
Bright shining as the sun;
Oh we've no less days to sing God's praise
Than when we first begun.
Amen. You all believing? People thinks it's kind of a noisy group. But you ought to have been there on Pentecost when--when they were all acting like drunk people, the virgin Mary, and all. You say it's not so? The Bible says it is.

E-65 He's here. All right, sir. Your tumor left you. You can go on off the platform. You're healed from your illness. All right, God bless you, brother. Amen.
Oh, how I love Jesus,
Oh, how I love Jesus,
Oh, how I... [] how I love Jesus,
Because He first loved me.
(How many really have...)
I'll never forsake Him,
I'll never forsake Him,
I'll never forsake Him,
Because He first loved me.
Our heavenly Father, that's from the depths of our hearts. You're here. Your Presence is felt right now with us. We see signs and wonders. You said, "These signs shall follow them that believe." Nineteen hundred years have past. You said, "I'll be with you always, even to the end of the world." Cleveland receiving its time of visitation, the Gospel being preached just before...?... Help, Father, that all will receive Thee, be healed and saved through the manifestation of Thy gifts and powers that You promised in the last days. For we ask it in the Name of Thy Son Jesus. Amen.

E-66 All right, bring him. You know, sometimes you just have to give vent to you're feelings, don't you? Jesus said one time when the people were screaming. Some of them said, "Make them hold their peace." The priest, they said, "Make them hold their peace. They make us nervous."
Jesus said, "If they hold their peace, the rocks will cry out." See? Something has to take place. Oh, my. When He's near, something takes place.
All right. You believe? All right, the arthritis you had has left you. And you can go off the platform praising God. There you are, you're healed.
Let's say, "Praise be to God." Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today...
All right, bring your patient on. Come on, sister.
All right, have faith. Everyone believing with all your heart. Do you? Right now, do you... Would you accept Him as your Healer? Could you believe Him?
How's the back feel, brother? All right now, isn't it? It's done forever. Your faith saved you, dear brother. I seen that a few moments ago.

E-67 Good evening, sister. Do you believe me? Would you accept me as God's prophet, to believe that I know what God would have you to do? Would you do what I tell you to do then? All right. Your--your eyes is what's a bothering you. Isn't that right? Now, tonight, when you go home, I want you, when you lay down, to put your hand over your eyes, and say, "Lord, help me." In the morning when you wake up, it'll all be gone. You'll... You believe that? All right, sir. God bless you, and be with you.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord."
Now, I want to have your testimony when you come back. You come back and tell what happened.
She's going blind. The op... The very nerves in her eye are dying. Give her something to do so that she could believe it, and have faith, and God will grant it to her. Now, you do what I told you. And you come back tomorrow night, and let us see--hear from you.
How many believes she's going to be perfectly normal? With all my heart, she's... I believe it with all my heart.

E-68 All right. Come on, sister. Bring the--the patient on.
All right. Of course, we see what the woman has in her hand right here, walking across the platform. She's all ready going to trust God.
Thou spirit of the devil that's bound her in her ears, in the Name of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, leave the woman.
Can you hear me? Say, "Amen." Hear me now? Say, "Amen." Can you hear me? Can you hear me? Never left her. No, there it is. All right, let's ask again.
Our heavenly Father, we ask You to be merciful to our sister, to heal her, to make her well.
Satan, in the Name of Jesus Christ, come out of the woman.
Hear that? Hear that? Hear me? (She's just hear a little bit.) Hear me? Just--just hears sound, that's all... There it is, still on her.
Now, everyone just a moment. It may be something wrong with her life that I can find out just in a moment.

E-69 Look this way. [A sister talks with Brother Branham about the patient--Ed.] Yes, ma'am. It's holding her now, and I can't see nothing why.
Almighty God, Author of Life, Giver of every good gift, send Thy blessing upon this woman who I bless in Thy Name.
Thou demon, leave the woman. In the Name of Jesus Christ, come out of her.
Now, everyone can see it's still holding her. See? See it on my hand? Now, watch here, audience, so you can see, so you'll know what I'm talking of. So you see this, when it leaves her now, she'll hear. See? Now, watch.
Look at my hand now. Now, watch, I'm going to take my hand off of hers, put my own hand on; look here. Now, watch. I'll take her other hand over here and put on. Now, watch as soon as this hand goes on here. There it is. See them little white things running there, like little bubbles? Now, that runs right straight to my heart. That's what upsets me so. See? See it running in there? Now, watch. Now, watch when I raise her hand up. See them leave? Now, watch. There they are. See them? Now, that's what it... Now, there's what's wrong with her. She's also got female disorder. She's got kidney trouble. See?

E-70 Now, let's pray again. Everyone be just as reverent as you can. See?
Almighty God, Author of Life, and Giver of every good gift, send Thy blessings upon the woman, and bless her, who I bless in Thy Name, that she may be healed tonight, and this spirit of the enemy taken off of her.
Thou demon, leave the woman. In the Name of Jesus Christ, come out of her.
It's still holding her. (You may raise your heads and look.) If I could write to her, I want to ask her a question. You got a pen on here? All right, everyone reverent. Now, just bow your heads.

E-71 Do you... []... be upon the woman here. Why this spirit is holding her, I know not, Lord. And I cannot know until You reveal it to me. And I ask You to be merciful, and reveal, or, heal the woman, Father. Hear the prayer of Your humble servant. In the Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ.
Satan, thou demon of deafness and troubles that's bound this woman, in the Name of Jesus Christ, come out of her.
It's still holding there, sister...?... Now, that's one, the sullen type now. I don't know just what to do until God shows me. I'll have to wait to find out what He tells me to do. There's something wrong in the woman's life, or some way God's a holding it. I do not know. See, I can't say until He reveals it. Now, that shows the helplessness of me. See? All I can say is what He would tell me. I can just... Be reverent. I believe He'll tell me, show me what it is.

E-72 I'll try once more to pray for her and see... I'm looking right at the woman. I can't see a thing. She... I can see what's wrong with her. Here it is a vibrating. But I can't... There's nothing before me to see what's wrong with her life or anything. But there's some reason God's a holding this. I do not know.
I've asked her, wrote here, "Does she believe?"
She said, "Yes."
Now, I shall just pray again. Our heavenly Father, I ask You to be merciful. Grant the healing of this poor woman that's here deaf with this spirit, bound with troubles. I ask You to heal her. Grant it, dear God. If there's anything that's wrong, I ask forgiveness, and pray that You will make known tonight, that she--what is wrong and why that this spirit doesn't leave her. If it's weakness of my own faith, forgive me. If it's weakness of her faith, forgive her. Then, Lord, hear the prayer of Your servant and make this deaf spirit to leave her in the Name of Jesus Christ.

E-73 Well, it's still moving on her hand. Now, just a moment. I've got some more in the line. I'm going to have her set here just a moment till I can get her behind me and start on with some of the rest of the prayer line. And I can find out what's wrong with her.
Now, you see how helpless a person is till God reveals it? Here she is, standing here. I don't know what--what to do. I can't say until God shows me. See what I mean? How many understand now? See? See, it isn't Brother Branham; it's the Lord. Maybe that's what He's doing that for, that you see that it isn't me; it's Him.
Now, here it is. I can catch her disease here. See what it is, she has female trouble, kidney trouble, and deaf in both ears. And there--there it is. But now, to make it leave her, that's her faith with God. See, that's all I can do.
I'm going to ask her to set here just a minute. Don't want her to leave. I want her to stay here till it's over.
Look. Tell her to look towards me and pray. Now, everybody be reverent. We can see what's wrong with the woman. Just a minute.

E-74 All right, come right ahead, sister. Now, audience, if you'll notice... Look at my hand now. See? The same thing isn't wrong with the woman. Frankly, it's something like paralysm, or something. I don't know. I'll have to find out first. It's something that hasn't got a germ disease. There's growth on that woman's ears back there. But what this is here, I don't know. See? I'll have to find this by a vision if God will reveal it to me. If He doesn't I... If He doesn't, I can't tell her. See? Now, if it isn't, I won't know nothing about it. And if I do know, I can't heal her. Healing comes from God (See?), from God. Now, everybody just reverent.

E-75 Now, you look this a way, sister. Just a moment. I want to talk to you just a minute to touch your spirit. And how long have you been serving Him? A long time? Yes, ma'am. You love Him with all your heart? Do you believe with all your heart? Yes, ma'am. Look, you've had this trouble for some time. It's arthritis. Isn't that right? And you've... In the last year or so, you must've failed quite a bit. Haven't you? And you have. You fell off some. And yes, I can see. You've been falling off constantly in coming down. Isn't that right? I can see you in a vision. Here about a year or two ago, you looked heavier and--and better than what you do now. You been nervous too, haven't you, sister? That's right. Isn't that the truth? Now, do you believe with all your heart that God will heal you? All right.
Now, everybody bow your head just a moment.
Our heavenly Father, I ask You to heal our sister, standing here. Make her well, dear God. May this power of the devil that's bound our sister, leave in the Name of Jesus Christ. Come out of the woman.
All right. Look this a way now, sister. All right. Do you accept your healing now? Say, "Thank the Lord." Now, raise your feet up-and-down. There you are. Now, you can go off the platform well.

E-76 Let's say, "Praise be to God." Hallelujah. He's here. He's here to heal the sick and afflicted. Don't you believe that? Now, how many in here wants to be prayed for tonight? How many wants to be prayed for?
Now, I want Brother Lindsay, or some of them to come here. I want to deal with this woman here, this woman that's--that's... She keeps turning her head sideways. You can't tell her, 'cause she can't hear. I want to find out why that spirit won't leave her.
And how many will wants to be prayed for now, just hold up your hand, and say, "Brother, I want to be prayed for, and I believe Jesus with all my heart." Do you believe with all of your heart? You believe He's here to make you well, every one of you? All right.
I'll tell you what I want you to do. How many Christians is in the building, let's see, and around the building, let's see your hands? All believe in Divine healing? All right.

E-77 I want you that's sick, just the sick ones that want's to be prayed for, stand up, you that's sick and can stand up, you that can.
Now, Christians, I want you to look how many sick people there is. And now, I want each one of you sick people to lay hands on one another. Lay your hands on one another around. That's right. That's fine. Oh, my.
You believe, honey, with all your heart? You believe, honey, with all your heart? You do? Do you accept Him as your Healer, honey? You, brother? All right.
While everybody's in one accord then, let's have prayer. Brother Lindsay, I want all the ministers, if they will, to come out here in front too just a moment. The ministers that believe in Divine healing, I want you to walk out here just a moment.
This is for a purpose now. Seeing this prayer, maybe while you're attacking their prayer, I can see what's wrong here. You see? Putting up a bars here between the audience and this woman here, is where I'm going.

E-78 All right. That's just fine. Look at the ministers believe in Divine healing. Let's say, "Praise the Lord." Sure. That's fine. If you believe God, you have to believe in Divine healing, don't you? That's true. All right. Now, let's every one bow our heads while we pray.
Our heavenly Father, we believe You now to be the great Jehovah God that led the children of Israel in the wilderness. We believe that You're here to make well every person that has need of healing. You see their hands on each other.
Lord, there's been something in this woman behind me tonight that I can't find out. And I know that You will show it to me. I know You will, Father. I believe You. And I pray that You'll surround us with Your Spirit, and let me see to this woman just what's wrong.
O eternal God, bless these handkerchiefs here. Heal all that's represented in each handkerchiefs. Make them every one well.
Those people out there, Lord, You see their hands laid on one another. You know all about them. And Father, I pray in Jesus' Name that You will heal every one of them. May of the power of Satan turn them loose right now.
In the Name of Jesus Christ, may that sullen, ungodly demon spirit leave. Come out of the people in the Name of Jesus Christ.
That's right, accept it. Believe it with all your heart.

E-79 Now, look at the people being healed, raising up around. Let's give God praise. Hallelujah. Christians...
Come on, Brother Lindsay. Get her out from the tent.
Accept it. Believe it with all your heart.
Can you, sister, believe it? You there with the cancer, Jesus Christ just made you whole. That's right.
You with an ear trouble, God healed you. That's right.
Move your glasses. That's the way to do it, sister. There you are.
The lady blind, both eyes crossed. There she is, normal and healed.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord." You're being healed, friends.
What about it there, brother? You believe with all your heart?
What about you, brother? Do you believe with all your heart? Accept it.
How do you feel about the trouble? You feel it's gone? Accept it (That's right.) and be healed. God bless you, brother.
How many in here accepts it with all your heart right now? Accept healing.
Let's give God praise while I go to see this woman here to see what's wrong.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord." How many now believes in Divine healing? "I'll accept You, Lord Jesus, as my Healer just now."
O Father, grant the spirit of Satan that's bound these people, to leave them. Just now, may the Holy Spirit take over their lives and make each one of them well in the Name of Thy Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.