Enfant Prodigue

Date: 50-0827A | La durée est de: 1 heure et 36 minutes | La traduction: Shp
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E-1 [This recording is very poor and many portions are inaudible; and therefore, unable to be transcribed--Ed.]
Thank you, Brother Paul. Good evening, audience. That makes me feel real good to know that I'm welcome back after all the preaching, singing, and...?... so--so that we can have a mutual fellowship. It doesn't end... Even death doesn't separate us from each other. We'll live on somewhere. Love lives on; after all things are gone, love...?... Where there be prophecies they shall fail; where there are tongues they shall cease, but love endures forever...?...

E-2 Happy to be here, as I say again this afternoon, and have this opportunity to talk to you just a little while. It's warm. And tonight... healing service, closing of the revival. And we're going to try tonight, if possible, to minister to every one we possibly can, and put most of the time praying for the sick...?...
Now, I got home just very late. The next day after...?... Saturday and Friday night... And then Saturday morning I had a service. Saturday afternoon so late, I had several emergencies that had to be taken care of right at once. And then I left the service last night and got in just a little while ago, about an hour.
I'll have service this afternoon and tonight. Tomorrow at noon I have service at New Albany, Indiana. So you see where it's keeps that a constantly on the move. But we're very happy to be anywhere that we can speak just a little word working to...?...

E-3 I'm so thankful for the ministers here, and seem that kinda inspired or something that helps along. But that's the purpose of being here, is trying to help others. We... I could never take the message to all the world myself. It's going to take thousands of us together--together so we can unite ourselves, forgetting about our churches, and our doctrines, and so forth, to just know this one thing: Christ and Him crucified, and know that among us. And I think that God is fixing to do a marvelous work right away. I believe we're going to see the moving of the Spirit, like we have never in all the ages.
And I feel led to say this, which I've felt for some time, the last few weeks, that I believe that the little portion that God has given to me to try to minister here if I'll just...?... expecting for something else that'll be more marvelous than what you've ever...?... These signs that God has given me is more important...?... And I believe it'll be more greater things than ever in Indiana. Pray for me. And others can catch the inspiration and just move up close to God like a great Christian army go marching on.

E-4 I want to say again for me: the little presents and things that was give to me in this week, I didn't get to open some of them till I got home, all the things...?... Even the little girl that night when I got home... Someone gave me a box of cookies and...?... my little girl was very happy to have them.
Now...?... this afternoon I do not wish to take too much of time... How many people are here in the building here today that's Christians, lets see your hands, Christians, all over the building. Oh, my. Is there a...?...or being that you're not...?... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] [Portion of the tape was not audible enough to include--Ed.]
All right...?... I remember when I was a prodigal...?...

E-5 All right. Everybody remember to pray for the meeting. After the meeting...?... be gone sometime...?... just remember me in prayer. [Portion of the tape was not audible enough to include--Ed.]... great liberty...?... Remember what...?... And I can't depend on myself, for I...?... and I have...?... the Lord...?... that He'll inspire the entire congregation and lead His people...?... that He's God in the midst of us, and ready to glorify His works among...?...
Now, I'm very thankful in that way Can we just speak to Him just for a moment now, while we bow our heads?
Our heavenly Father, we're very... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] for You, Who preached the Word [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] ministers they are.
Those who are without the Holy Spirit, may they come today.
[A portion of the tape was not audible enough to include--Ed.]

E-6 I wish to...?... from the way of...?... I believe that's the way the story goes. And--and...?... 'cause the father had received the--the...?... [Tape is inaudible--Ed.] I spoke to the church by power...?...
About five years ago, I was speaking there on Sunday afternoon...?... down there with a little old...?... [Portion of tape is inaudible and not included--Ed.] They had the "Amen corner" on one side, and the ladies over on the other side there. And they were...?... and pedal songs on the organ. They had an old organ that you pumped with a stick...?... Did anybody ever see one?...?... Oh, yes... pump organ...?... Great big went out...?... [Portion of the tape is inaudible and not included--Ed.] I spoke to them about Divine healing that afternoon, and of course...?... I heard a...?... and I thought I'd go down and see what...?... four men who were standing down there...?... And they were...?... [Tape is inaudible--Ed.] and I walked up and...?... and they turned and looked...?... looked at me...?... took off his hat and said, "Good morning, Parson...?..." I thought...?... a great big...?...
While I was speaking in the afternoon...?... service for about...?... Anyhow, the...?... come walking down the woods... I was speaking on the subject of the resurrection of Christ, when this big old boy standing back there...?... I ask for...?... and he ran to the altar, and hollered, "God, have mercy on my soul." And when he came up, why, he never got all the way to the altar hardly...?... Why, there was about fifty of those old grannies out there, grabbed him around the neck and down to the altar they took him.
There was about fifty some odd conversions that afternoon. And now, they didn't get down there and a dry-eyed confession and get up. They'd prayed with him about two hours, I guess. They got up, and their clothing was so wet and just wringing them out where they'd perspired. They got up and shouted. And down through the woods and up over the hills they were hollering, "Hallelujah, hallelujah."...?... They might be embarrassing, but they had the old time Holy Ghost religion. That's right. 'Cause they...?... That's the truth.

E-7 Now, are you...?... if you will. Over in 15th chapter of Saint Luke, I wish to read these verses of Scripture, beginning with the 11th verse of the 15 chapter of Saint Luke.
And He said, A certain man had two sons: the younger of them said to his father, Father, give me the portion of goods that falleth to me. And he divided--divided unto them his living.
And not many days after the younger... gathered all together, and took his journey to a far country, and there wasted his substance with riotous living.
And when he had spent all, there arose a mighty famine in that land; and he began to be in want.
And he went and joined himself to a citizen of that country; and he sent him into his fields to feed swine. [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]
... servants of my father's have bread enough... to spare, and I perish with hunger!
I will arise and go to my father, [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]
And am no more worthy to be called thy son: [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]
... the son said unto him, Father, I have sinned against heaven, and in thy sight, and am no... worthy to be called thy son.
But the father said unto his servants, Bring forth the best robe, and put it on him... put a ring on his hand, and shoes on his feet:
And bring hither the fatted calf, and kill it; and let us eat, and be merry:
... this my son was dead, and is alive again; he was lost, and is found. And they begin to make merry.
May the Lord add His blessings to the Word.

E-8 As a minister, as a speaker I--I am not. My part, this lot here on earth is to pray for you sick people, which I greatly love to do. And I'm not... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]
The only thing that I can say tonight...?... And you pray for me, all of you minister brothers, while I speak on this subject...?... for this meeting.
The one thing... And notice...?... Jesus speaking this parable, He was trying to express the feeling of the Father to the lost, to those who were alienated from God, gone out. Remember, one time we were all sinners, cut off from God, without mercy, without any hope, walking about in the world, darkness, lost forever; Jesus taken our place as a sinner and died in our stead. And the Father sees...?... marvelous Gospel.
I've often wondered what it was like to meet Jesus, what could I ever expect...?... Where--where would I be?...?... What would be my place?

E-9 [Tape is inaudible--Ed.]...?... to me not long ago...?... [Tape is inaudible--Ed.] to the doctor...?... [Tape is inaudible--Ed.]...?... all of my sins...?... and I--the faith that I do not claim to be...?... Many times, the Christians here, we try to...?... with God. You say, "Well, this isn't very bad; but the reason...?... no matter what, how little it looks to you, it's sin in the sight of God.
Look how little the first sin was. For the Lord had give to the human race... When the first sin was committed was...?... When the message came to heaven, and that, "Your son, has fallen,"... Well, it looked like Adam ought to be running around through the garden, hollering, "Oh, Father, oh, Father, where are You?"
But Adam went and hid himself. And it was just like the first meeting, the Father's calling, "Son, son, where art thou?" See how man would try to justify themself. He'll try to stand behind someone. Instead of coming right out and saying what he is and confessing his sins before God, he'll try to hide behind a stump.

E-10 And here, the searchings of God, walking, looking up-and-down through the garden, just grieving for His lost boy. The Father hunting, searching for the son, and the children, His son searching for the Father.
And today, it's just the same. Just as soon as man sins, and instead of man coming out and confessing his sins before God, he'll try to get back. He'll try to hide behind something. He'll try to get a self-made religion.
Look at Adam. Made--he made aprons of fig leaves, and put them around him... the fig leaves... But when they came to the place where God called Adam and Eve to stand before Him, they realized that they had a manmade religion. The word "religion" means "a covering." And they were covered by a self-made apron. You see it?

E-11 Now, that strain is in man yet today. And instead of trying to come God's way of repentance and believing on His Son, letting the Blood of His Son cleans us from our sin, we slip around, try to find some other way, some way of escape from coming God's way. We'll--it will--this religion... We will join this, and we'll do this with...?... And the fig made leaves, when they had to face God was no good.
And you'll find out, my dear friend, that manmade theories will not stand when you're coming down to the last breath of this body and this life. It's good to live with those things, but you can't die by them.
And I guess for my age in the ministry, I've probably stood by as many dying people as--as anyone of my age, because I've been much called on to the dying.

E-12 Not long ago, a certain young lady in our city, had received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. She came up to the Tabernacle. Another young lady of the city, very popular, belonged to a modern type of religious group that denies the Blood and the covering, and said that we were a cult and a bunch of--of holy-rollers, because that we believe in the saving grace of Christ. If that's what it takes to be a holy-roller, then I am one; for I believe in the Blood.
This young lady went to dances and shows, but she was the Sunday school teacher in the church. The church denied the Blood of Christ, said there was no such a thing. The pastor said it dried up nineteen hundred years ago: a social gospel. And by and by the young lady got out with some boys, fine looking little lady...

E-13 This little girl come up to the Tabernacle. She kinda dressed kinda old fashion. She used to go down the street, her hair combed back just as tight as she could get it without these, ever what you call the manicure on her face, and--or ever what the stuff is that they wear. On down the street she would go.
Yes, it's the truth; we teach against it. God help preachers to get down to the Gospel. Listen, ladies, there was only one woman in the Bible that ever painted herself to meet a man, and that was Jezebel; and God fed her to the dogs. So when you see them wear that, say, "How do you do, Miss Dog meat." That's exactly what it was: God fed her to the dogs. You don't want to be like her.
God will make you pretty in your ways: pretty is, as pretty does. But even our holiness churches are letting down. You know that's the truth. You better come back to the old hewing line again then, back to the Gospel.

E-14 Now, notice. And this young lady, she just carried on every way: went out to dances and parties and so forth. She taken sick. They didn't understand what was the matter, and when the doctor got to her, she had a venereal disease, she was too far gone. Tried some shots, but it didn't work...
So the pastor told her she would go right on to heaven, because she was a Sunday school teacher. So they all gathered in the room to see her go out and the Angels of the Lord come to get her.
I just passed by that...?... a little while before that. The pastor was setting out in the hall of the home, lovely big home, fine people. Just stepped out of the room, and the Sunday school class with all in, singing songs to see her go to heaven. And the pastor stepped out to smoke out in the hall. And when death struck the girl, she begin to get hysterical; she said, "Where is that girl?"
They said, "What girl?" Said, "Here's all your class."
Said, "I'm not talking about them. I'm talking about that girl that (called her name), that's from up there at the Tabernacle, that used to speak to me about my soul?" Said, "Go get her."

E-15 They went to the pastor, and he came running in. He said, "Now, honey, listen." Said, "We'll call the doctor and give you a shot. You're getting a little hysterical."
She said, "I'm not hysterical." She said, "You deceiver of men, I'm lost, going to hell, because you taught me that." And the girl died and went out to meet God, lost, crying for the girl that had tried to tell her what was right.
Look, brother, when you drop down to the end of this life's journey, you'll wish you had lived a holy clean life when you face God. Be sure and remember that.
Now, about your church, what you belong to, that doesn't mean nothing to God. It's what you are in your heart. That's right. God ain't going to ask you whether--what church you belonged to; it's what you are in your heart is what God is going to look at.

E-16 Notice, how that Jesus speaking here about the father and the son going away. He must've been--had this on his mind, how that God's searching, calling, pulling the people to repentance. And today, the Holy Spirit's still going through the land, calling out to the lost and the dying.
Before we leave this here, about the fig leaves, I wish to say one more word. Notice what God did. God, when He met with Adam and them, they had their own made religion. Hasn't been twenty-four hours ago someone said, "Brother Branham, you know what my religion is?" He said, "My religion is the golden rule: Do unto others as you'd have done to you."
I said, "That's good, but that hasn't got any salvation in it." That's right. "Except a man be borned again, he will no wise enter the Kingdom." Borned of the Spirit of God, renewed, regenerated, become a new person in Christ Jesus: old things pass away and all things become new, converted, changed over, going your road this way, and turn and come this a way, vice versa.

E-17 Now, but then when they stood before God, Adam with his...?... come out and said, "I'm naked."
Now, notice, God went out and got some skins, and come in, and made aprons, and tied them around them. Now, notice, if God got skins, He had to kill something. Something had to die to make a covering; and He killed something, and He got the skins off of them. And something died in their place, because the penalty was death. So an innocent victim had to die for the guilty to cover them up.
And so is it today, brethren, not the golden rule (It's all right.), not to teach a man to keep the...?... But God gives something to cover you up, His Son Christ Jesus died on Calvary, the Innocent for the guilty to make a way that you and I might be innocent in Him before God. And that's just the thing you let the Holy Spirit is searching the land today to try to find someone to believe on Him, on Christ Jesus.

E-18 Now, our story starts, a very pathetic story to me; and I shall try to approach it just a little bit now, this portion... Let's set a drama this afternoon, picture back just a little bit, so that the children might receive it. God, help our children.
Not long ago, a great J. Edgar outfit, Captain Al Farrar... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]
Dr. Bosworth was making his address, fixing to introduce me; and just as he did, someone stepped up with plain clothes on, and touched his shoulder, said, "I'd like to have a word to say."
Dr. Bosworth said, "That's not customary here, sir." He showed his credentials. He was Captain Al Farrar.
And he said, "Yes, sir."
He said, "Friends..." Ten thousand had gathered...?..." [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]
And he said, "Captain... I'm Captain Al Farrar." He said, "Most everyone here knows me, because my native home is here in Washington, Tacoma." He said, "My business is to break up graft." And he said, "When I heard this Branham's a...?... I went to...?... the west coast to stop...?..." He said, "I've seen those things, and I heard you preach or speak; and it he didn't seem like a racketeer to me." Said, "We brought--went and got medical doctors, and sent a little boy in there that was--been paralyzed in his limbs with polio. The Holy Ghost...?..." And said, "When he came through... We've stayed two nights. Finally we got the boy in the line." Said, "When he came through, Brother Branham said, 'He's a victim of polio.' And he asked the father if he would believe. And the father was on the police force. And said he said he's...?..." Said, "Brother Branham said within a space of eight days the boy shall be well." And said, "We've watched him." And said, "The little lad is standing behind the curtain here tonight perfectly normal, returned back to school." He said, "I want you all to be well rest assured of this: We've checked their findings, what they do with them, and the things." He said, "I want you to know that it's not a racket, that it's truly the hand of Almighty God."

E-19 The next day he taken me down to this jail where they had there. And they had the young ladies in there, some of them gun fighters. They were walking up-and-down the floor, cursing one another. Said, "What do you think of that, Reverend Branham?"
I said, "Oh, my." I said, "Can I speak a word to them?"
I went down to with the young men there. And there they were in their horrible condition. He showed me how they been...?... They put... They open certain cells, and can only keep them here. Someone would shoot him he'd touch the button here, and locked every police and everything, all around the place.
Then after he was finished, he had two guards with him, and when we went down into the galleries, he said, "You like guns, don't you, Brother Branham?"
I said, "Yes."

E-20 We went down into the gallery, beneath, way down in a cell-like. He said, "Here's where we practice with the young men. He begin to tell how far you could be one place other, and how to shoot, so forth. And I noticed him checking...?... at me. And I wondered what he was going to do, dismissing the officers that with him. And we were in this little place alone, metal all around. And said, "Brother Branham..."
Said, "Yes, sir..."
He put his hand on my shoulder, and I thought, "Oh, my..."
He said, "We wonder if there's a chance."
I said, "What do you mean, if there's a chance?"...?...
He said, "I--I haven't been no bad man." He said, "I try to hold to the law and do what's right."
"That's your duty, sir."
He said, "Well, I really want to find Jesus."
And I said, "Do you believe?"
And he said, "Yes, sir. But I haven't found...?..." Said, "I belong to a church here. I--I don't know Him." Said, "There's no need of me trying to fool myself." He said, "I joined the church and in the neighborhood here." Said, "I don't know... Let's pray."
I said, "All right, Captain Farrar, you--you can receive Him if you'll just believe."
He said, "I tell you. Before you leave Washington, you set some place where we'll meet, and we'll go together, and there we'll talk it all over." Said, "You just fix it. We'll have dinner and go out together, and so forth, and maybe I'll take the...?..."

E-21 I said, "Captain Al Farrar, you can receive Him right here...?..."
He said, "Not down in this gallery..."
I said, "Yes, sir."
Said, "Would He come down here?"
I said, "He went to the belly of a whale one time. He went down in a fiery furnace to get some of His children out. He'll come down into this gallery." And there that officer, unbuckling his gun, and laying it on the floor, and putting his arm around me like that, God miraculously come down, saved him...?... going preached the Gospel...?... Preacher going out, seeing the Father is still turning back the lost. No matter who you are, what environment you're in, Jesus will come anywhere you can believe.

E-22 Look at this prodigal this afternoon, where he was: worst place for a Hebrew that could be in, a pig pen.
Notice, look at the drama now. There's an old fashion country home. Let's just see it in our minds for a moment. I can see, living there, a lovely old couple, worked hard all their lives and had two sons. Of course, the son always falls heir to the inheritance. And then this younger son, perhaps... Let's say they'd went to church every Sunday, and they loved God, and they served God with all their heart.
But one day, this younger son, let's say he would start going out with a group that he had no business going with. Listen you young people...?... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]...?... Just as soon as you get out from under...?... you're on your road back. Remember, just as soon as you get...?... I don't care who the boy is or who the girl is, if they're not saved keep them away from them. That's exactly right. And men, you too...
Somebody said, "Well, I can go into the barroom with a guy. I can drink a coke while he drinks beer and whiskey, and come back out and be the same person." I doubt it. That's right. The Bible said, "Shun the very appearance of evil." Stay off the enemy's ground. The old...?... is so pretty. He would have you put on the dog and beat around an old...?... down the chute she went...?...

E-23 [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]...?... wondered if he hire somebody to take him there on the hill. One said, "Well, I just drive these horses within two foot of the rim at a full gallop and never go off."
The other one said, "I can drive it within six inches and never go off."
Said, "What about you?" to the next one.
He said, "I stay just as far over as I can."
He said, "You take me around."
Don't see how close you can get to the sin. See how far you can stay away from sin. Get way away from it, just altogether shut it off. It's a shame that our American people do: wallow and doing the things.
You go in some homes today... I've went to Christian homes, and open the ice box, and it would be full of beer cans, supposed to be Christian home. Christians don't fool with that stuff. That's right. What do you think you're doing? We've traded the old fashion prayer altar out of the house and made a card table out of it. That's what's stops your children from...?... it's parent delinquency. If the parent would teach the child and see where they're at, take care of them, it wouldn't be so...?... That's right.

E-24 We see young ladies, laying down here on these beaches, bathing suits on before men. And out here on the streets with some of these vulgar clothes on, and let somebody insult some of them, and you want to...?... That's right. Send her out like that or let her go out like that... So...?...
I was talking to some lady the other day; she said, "Well, I'm trying to get her some suntan."
I said, "Look, I got a little girl at home; I don't know what'll...?... but if I ever stre--catch her stretched out like that, she'll get a son-tan, but it'll be Mr. Branham's son giving her a tanning with a rail or something behind her, just as hard as I get her home." That's right. You're getting the right kind of tanning she needs. That's just exactly right. Thank you. That's the kind of tanning we need...?...

E-25 [A portion of the tape was not audible enough to include--Ed.] Now, I can see the young man goes out from...?... 'cause...?... all you do is pass back and forth to the church...?..." I can hear them say, "Why don't come and stay... Come on down to my house and live like a boy should live." Well, first thing you know, I can see him now: he's going to ask his daddy: "Dad, you're getting old, and mother's getting old...?..."
But he comes in one day, and...?... his mother and father... First thing he said, "Father, I want you to give me my portion. I'm tired of hanging around the house here. All of my friends...?..." They're all out going, has their own places. I want to do what the rest of them does." Don't you never follow the crowds; you follow Jesus.
But that's the attitude of young people today: "I want to do like the rest of them." Don't never you pattern yourself by them; pattern your--your pattern by Him.

E-26 Then I hear him say...?... I hear the father say, "Well, son, this is only way I have of making a living. This is the only livelihood."
"Well, I have an inheritance, and you give it to me. My rights..." What is your right?
I can see the poor old father; it bothered him very much. "Well, what are you going to do, son?"
He said, "I'm going down to the city, and I'm going to live like the rest of them."...?...
"...?... stay with mother and I, we love you with all of our heart, and we want to be good as we can be. We've done everything we can." But that wouldn't satisfy. Satan's got ahold of the boy. So he was going down to the city and live like the rest of the worldly people.
Then I can see his father tell the mother, "Mother, you know would happen? Our boy has got with the wrong crowd. And he's a young man now, so there's--he's asked me to sell the farm and take all that I have and divide it with him and his brother." I can't...?..."

E-27 I can see the old mother. (God bless those dear old sisters.) I have one of them at home. How I love her tonight...?... by yesterday, and she's been so good to me, I like to look...?... Your mother hasn't got...?... I'm full of joy and peace when we go up there for a few...?... And I said, "Mother, I--I need to go...?..."
This old mother, I can see her here in this story, as we see her go to her son and say, "Son, mother's washed a many clothes, and ironed, and tried to take care of you...?... Why do you have to...?..."
"Now, I'd appreciate it, mama, you'd just get on...?... That's old time. I don't want nothing like that. I'm going to have my way. I'm nearly of age now. I'm going to have my way about this."
I can see her put her arms around him and hug him. She just loved him and turned her head...?... He don't want a kiss in public...?... No affections...?... Next...?... The Bible said they would be this way. Paul speaks it: without natural affections. That's the way it is today. The child rules the home now instead of godly...?... They're the one who does the talking. It's strange: without natural affection.
I can see the mother...?... She looked at her boy. "One of these days...?... and he think the world of...?..." That old dad that you'd be ashamed to set in...?... crossroad to church...?... That boyfriend and that girlfriend you go to church saying, "Well, look, friends isn't that's awful." You're just a little bit ashamed of him? There'll be a time when you won't be ashamed of it.

E-28 Not long ago, a young lady come in from college. Her mother had washed over a board to send her to college. And when she drove into the station, she had a--brought young girl with her, and she'd got away from God and away from church. The young girl was with her. And the young girl setting in the--the train looking out in the... There stood her mother on the outside; she was all scarred up. And the young girl was looking at her from the train, finally said, "Look at that old haggy looking woman." That was the girl's mother. Said, "Isn't she horrible? My, wouldn't you hate to have to set at the table with her to eat?" That was her girlfriend. Now, instead of the girl speaking up, she turned her head. And when she got off the train, this old wrinkled woman run up to her, and threw her arms around the girl, and kissed her. And the girl was so repulsed. And she'd got away from her, got away from church and God. And she was so cold; she turned her back to the lady.
She said, "My, darling, my darling, what's happened to you?" And she was so embarrassed 'cause of her girlfriend...

E-29 Just then, one of the conductors who knowed the story, walked up and grabbed the young girl by the shoulders, said, "Looky here, you...?... What do you mean?" Said, "Are you ashamed of your mother since you've been away at the college?" Said, "Remember, you know the story. One day the house was burning down. Your mother was a beautiful woman, far more beautiful than you are, or ever would be." And said, "You were a little tiny baby. When she was hanging her clothes in the back yard, and all at once the house caught fire. And here comes the fire engines to put it out. And the house was in flames. And you were crying up in the upstairs. No one would dare to pierce the flames. That little mother wrapped herself, and in there she run through those flames. She grabbed you. Took her clothes from her body and wrapped your face up, and wrapped you all up, and put your arms and placed her own face to the flames. And through the flames she come to rescue you. That's why you're pretty today, and that's why she's scarred. Are you ashamed of those scars?"

E-30 That's the way Jesus did for us. When we were sinners, ugly before God, cast away, turned away, He came, the lovely Son of God from the ivory palaces, come down on the earth, and took the shame upon Himself and the sin upon Himself, and died there at Calvary, crying.
Should I be ashamed of His Gospel? Christians on the street are ashamed to stand up for the Gospel. But He was marred and made ugly, that you could be free. He was marred by sin that you could be free from sin. Don't never deny Him. Always love Him. Stand for that which is true. Stand for His Gospel.

E-31 And now, that's the way of the attitude, nearly, of young peoples today. This young fellow feeling the same way, said, "Mother, I don't want no more to do with this family. All you do is go to church. That's all I hear..."
Watch. I can see the old father put a sale sign up now. We're kinda dramatizing this of course, put it to the young people. Then, I can see him put a sale sign up, sell the old farm, and get all the goods together, and--and divide it up among the boys. Mother and dad will just live as long as the portion lasts, maybe, and then it'll be over.
Notice, I can see when they divided the portion to the young boy, got his money in his pocket, he said, "Now, I'll have a good time."
The next morning I can see him go and face the mother. "Old lady, pack my clothes now. I'm going to leave in the morning." Oh, my. How that poor old mother will go in and get the little things that he wore when he was a little boy, tuck them away, look at them. I can see her pick up a little pair of shoes...?...
You know mother's like to keep things like that. Mama's got my old shoes that I wore when I was little bitty. She's got the long dress like they had babies then. It's a treasure to a mother's heart. And I can see this old mother take these little shoes, and set them up on the organ, get down there, and pray, and say, "Oh, God, take care of my boy. Leaving me now, I..."

E-32 How many of you have an old fashion mother like that? Let's see your hand. Oh, aren't they lovely and sweet? "Take care of my boy. He's gone out with the world, and I don't know what'll happen to him; only take care of him, Father." Praying... Did you ever have your mother pray for you? Oh, when my little old mother... I've seen her go back in her room to herself when we would be without food, and kneel down on her knees, and cry out to God. God, give us some more old fashion praying mothers like that. That's the backbone of our nation (That's right.): good God saved mothers.
I can see her crying out to God, "God, take care of my boy." No matter what you ever do, she's...?... Her heart's always ready to forgive, come back.

E-33 Then I can see the old dad. He's just worrying, walking back-and-forth, up-and-down on the outside. From the barn up to the house, back-and-forth. I can hear mother go to him, "What's the matter, dad?"
"Oh, I don't know, mother." You know, how parents that are good, God saved people; they worry about their children. Now, I'm a father myself, and I got a little boy setting, listening at me right now. God knows I love him. I...?... one little...?... desire this afternoon, "Let me die ten thousand times to his one." That's right. Let him stay. The love of--that we have for our offspring. That's the reason God so loved the world, His offspring, that He came Himself to die so that we might be free; He faced the penalty Himself.

E-34 Now, notice, this father, weary, walking back-and-forth, up-and-down... The next day, when it come time for the boy to leave, I can see him packing his suitcase to get out there. I can see him go out, say, "So long, folks," and start off.
Mother say, "Just a moment, son. Before you go, let's have prayer one more time." Kneel down on the floor, I can see the old mother and dad with their arms around one another, pray to God: "God, we've raised him and took him from this...?... He's gone out from the way from us now, wandering. Please, Father, take care of him."
I can him say... Oh, this restless father is praying, they didn't want to hear them prayers of mother and dad no more. He had other things on his mind. That's the reason sometimes were impatient; just can't wait a few minutes, can't pray--can't wait for prayer. But there'll come a time, friends, when you'll have all eternity to think about it. Pray now. Be ready now to meet the Master.
I can hear them pray and get up, mother try to hug him, and he'd turn his head. And dad put his arms around him and cries, "Oh, you go off, go on off," and start off going over the hill. I can see father and mother standing there, holding their hands, arms around one another, waving good bye to him as he went off over the hill, down into the city to be with the rest of the world. And this parent I can them return back into the house again, weeping, crying, and praying.

E-35 I can see him get with the big crowds down there. And as long as his money lasted, he was a good fellow. That's the way the world treats you. As long as you got money, you got friends. But when your money's gone, your friends are gone. That's dry weather friends.
I know a Friend Who'll stick by you if you haven't got a penny: Jesus Christ the Son of God. I've been to a place where I had not a cent. He loved me. He loved me just as much as I wouldn't have a penny as if I had a million dollars. He loves me just the same. That pure, holy, unadulterated love comes from God alone down into His people. That's the way we should love one another with that godly love.

E-36 Notice, and I can see him as great in the places, and gambling devices, and halls of the ill-fame, and so forth. And after while his money was gone, and his friends was gone. He was a popular boy. He could've had a date with any of the girls. But when his money was gone, they were gone with the crowd. That's just the way the devil...?... As long as you've got money, and popular, all right, but when that time wears out, you're finished. That's all...?... the world.
And I can see him. He had to get himself a job. So he went to a citizen of the country, a hog raiser. Look where he dropped from now: a Jew, not even supposed to put their hands on a carcass of a hog. And he was in need; He was starving. And he had to take a job. And they give him the worst thing. That's the way the devil does. Just as soon as he can get you started down the hill, he'll fight you with everything he's got. And then... I've seen much...

E-37 And...?... he joined himself with a citizen of the country. And the citizen give him two big slop buckets to go slop the hogs. Think of a place and who's...?... boy out there slopping hogs in the pig pen, away from mother, away from the religion that he once had, to keep away from hogs, now he was rooting at.
That's the way the devil will do. He'll get you smoke your first cigarette, telling you there's no harm in it. And after while, you're a cigarette fiend. He'll tell you there's no harm in taking a sociable drink.
I've stood by them before they went to gallows, stood by them before they was electrocuted, and "I never intended to..." say he, "to be a gambler. I never intended when I was playing cards to be a gambler. I never intend to...?... bottle out of a filling station. I didn't intend to be a thief." But only thing the devil wants you to do is to start, and he'll take on. Get over on his ground one time and watch him. You know what it means to do wrong, but there's an influence of the power of darkness, the prince of the power of the air that leads you trapped into these things. You've got to stand up. Separate yourself from the things of the world to come out and live for Christ. That's right.

E-38 And I can see this child. Now, he's feeding hogs. Here he is down in the pig pen, slopping the hogs and eating from this same slop bucket. Feeding the hogs... Think of it, what he had left and what he had then. And the portion that he'd spent was really his father's that he'd earned. But here he was in the pig pen. All he could hear was grunting of hogs.
That's the way it is tonight for this nation. There's a many a mother's boy now out in the road houses--slop--out in all places of ill-fame. Many young ladies prostitutes on the streets... Why, because they got away from home, got away from God, got away from the Bible, got away from Its teachings, went out and lived with the rest of the world. You stay away from the world.
The Bible said if you love the world or the things of the world, the love of the God is not even in you. Stay away from it. And as long as that desire is in your heart to do that, come back to the altar. Amen. Stay there until it's all gone. Oh, my. That's the kind of old fashion religion that I'm speaking about, trying to take the desire out of you.

E-39 I was first converted, a young lady came to me, and said, "Brother Branham," said, "what pleasure do you get out of life if you don't smoke, drink, or go to the shows, or anything?"
Few nights after that about eight or ten sinners came to the altar. I said, "I have more pleasure in that in one minute than you could have in the world in ten years." Lost coming to God... That's where we have pleasure--Christians--seeing newborn babes in Christ coming in the Kingdom, soul that is eternal, something that's real...
Now, I can see the chap down there now, laying in a hog pen. Nighttime, that old place would stink, so...?... in the hog pen, laying down by the side of the hogs in the trough.
One night I can see a restless mother and dad begin speak about their boy...?... I can hear mother say, "I'm just so restless, dad, I don't know what to do. I just keep thinking about our boy. Wonder where he's at? Wonder if he's got something to eat."
And his dad said, "Well, we've always been taught that all things work together for good to them love God. Let's pray." I can see them get down on the floor and begin to praying about little Johnny. I can hear them pray, "O God, save dear little boy. Wherever he is, whatever state he's in, take care of him, Father, and send him home."...?... down in a hog pen, going to the hog pen.

E-40 The Angel of God come...?... "Boy, wake up." Talked to him, said, "Oh, what about you just get back home to...?...
"Think of my father that has all the wealth that he has and all the things that he has given to me. Here I am laying here, dying of hunger, laying in a hog pen, eating slop." The Bible said he came to himself.
And that's what the church needs to do today, is come to themselves, to realize Who--Who is your Father, for sometimes we act as though we have no heavenly Father. For all the goodness of heaven belongs to the church: Divine healing, salvation, freedom from worry or anything, all belongs to the church. Jesus died, and we are--we inherit all that God has through Him--heirs of the Kingdom, rich...
My Father is rich in houses and lands,
He holds the wealth of this world in His hands.
That's how we are. We just come to ourselves. Oh, I can see him as he begin to come to himself and say, "Oh, if I could just go home. But I've sinned, and I'm no more worthy to go home. So what can I do?"

E-41 To me, I can think clear to the time when he was just a little boy. When he was sick and mother brought...?... and back-and-forth, up-and-down...?... And now there's nobody to love and care for him. He's out in the cold world to shift for himself. All he hears is grunting...?... And I can hear him begin to sing an old song, maybe that his mother knew. I believe it goes something like this:
If I could hear my mother pray again,
If I could hear her tender voice again,
How glad I would be, would mean so much to me,
If I could hear my mother pray again.
Is there old mother there that you'd like to hear her pray this afternoon. Many of you...?... Oh, if you could hear your mother pray...?... May God look down from up...?... pray now...

E-42 Then I notice down there...?... I can see father getting real restless, get up and put on his coat and walk out to see a moonlight night, looks down across the path, wondering, "Where is his boy?" Old song my daddy used to sing when we first...?... old father singing like this. I used see dad. He had an old red handkerchief; he used to carry out and was sticking halfway out of his pocket. He used to get up and sing this song:
Oh, where is my boy tonight?
Oh, where is my boy tonight?
My heart overflows,
For I want him to know.
Oh, where is my boy tonight?

E-43 Oh, my. Looking down the road to his boy who is far away... I can see the boy come to himself, there it sound like he could hear his mother praying. The Angels of God waiting to take the message, I can hear him raise and sing and say:
Tell mother I'll be there (Let's all sing it.)
In answer to her prayer.
This message guardian angels to her bear.
Tell mother I'll be there,
... heaven's joys with her to share.
Yes, tell my darling mother I'll be there.
How many's mother has gone on today? Let's see your hands. Let's just hold our hands and sing that.
Tell mother... (Did you promise for you to meet her?)
In answer to her prayer.
This message guardian angel to her bear.
Tell mother I'll be there,
... heaven's joys with her to share.
Yes, tell my darling mother I'll be there.

E-44 I can hear him say, "I'll arise...?..." Here he comes, crawling...?... I can see dad and mother...?... sitting out on...?... out in the woods. Here he comes; the rising of the sun across the...?... shoes off his feet, clothes tattered and torn, staggering home.
I can hear his mother said, "There he's comes, dad."
I can hear dad say, "That's my boy."
I can hear him say, "Oh, father, I'm not worthy to be your son, maybe one of your hired servants. But I'll just go on..." The, father and mother, down to the gates they went. No matter what he'd done, he's coming home now. Run, throwed their arms around him and said, "Go, kill the fatted calf. Let's make merry; this, my son that was dead and is alive again. He was lost and now he's found. Put a ring on his fingers, shoes on his feet. Put the best robe you got in the house on him." That's the attitude of the Father to every sinner in here that's staggered...?...

E-45 I remember when I was lost and undone, out in the world, dying, a sinner, laying on a hospital bed. The doctor said I had just a few moments to live. But I cried, turned down the road. And as a child, I run to meet the heavenly Father; He kissed me on the neck, kissed away all my sins and cares. He put the Robe, the Holy Spirit on me, put the wedding ring on my finger; and I'm going somewhere one of these days. Put me in with His people here, where we can rejoice and live together and be happy. Why? I was once dead and now I'm alive. Oh, my, I was once lost and now I'm found.
There's many prodigals in the world today. There's prodigal men, prodigal women, and God calls for all to come to repentance. Is that right? He wants us to come. He wants you to come, all prodigals everywhere.
I wonder if there is a prodigal here today that's strayed away. I wasn't...?... my time getting away. Is there a prodigal, raise up your hand, somebody that's run away from God, would you raise your hand right now and say, "Brother Branham, I was prodigal. I want to find Christ tonight"?

E-46 How many hasn't got the Holy Spirit? Oh, you'd be shocked, hasn't got...?... I wonder all of you that hasn't got the Holy Spirit with hands...?... if you'd come right down here now. While we sing that verse again, "Tell Mother I'll Be There," and come right here and let's just talk over with God right now. Do you believe that He'll open the eyes of the blind for me, unstop the ears of the deaf? Don't you believe He'll hear my prayer now for your needs? Let's sing, just all together now.
Tell mother I'll be there... (That's right, come sinner friends, you... God bless you, my brother. God be with you. God bless you, sister. God bless you, my brother.)... to her bear.
Tell mother I'll be there,
... heaven's joys with her to share,
Yes, tell my darling mother I'll be there.
I hear the father calling the son now.
Oh, where is my boy tonight? (Running here or there;...?... a hard life.)
Oh, where's my boy tonight?
My heart overflows,
I love him he knows,
Oh, where...

E-47 [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]...?... My, it's wonderful the gathering together here, all meeting around [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] Oh, Christians, be sincere...?... raise your hands, every one that wants... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]...?... think the Master is standing here that afternoon?...?... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]
I've got a father over yonder,
I've got a father over yonder,
I've got a father over yonder,
On the other shore.
Some bright day I'll go and see him,
Some bright day I'll go and see him,
Some bright day I'll go and see him,
On the other shore. (Let's sing it.)
That bright day may be tomorrow,
That bright day may be tomorrow,
That bright day may be tomorrow,
On the other shore.

E-48 How many's got a father on the other side, let's see your hand. Oh, my. How many's got a mother over there, let's see your hand. Brother, sister, someday we're going to see them, aren't we? If you're not sure about your experience, come now, will you, while we sing.
That bright day may be tomorrow,
That bright day may be tomorrow,
That bright day may be tomorrow,
On the other shore.
Oh, won't that be a happy meeting!
Won't that be a happy meeting!
Won't that be a happy meeting!
On the other shore.
I remember when my brother was dying out at the hospital...?... "Tell Bill...?..."
Won't that bright day may be tomorrow,
That bright day may be tomorrow,
That bright day may be tomorrow,
On the other shore.

E-49 Your moms want to know why we're waiting...?... gathered here...?... What do you think the Master thinks this afternoon? How is...?... see them gathered along...?... hungering and thirsting for life...?... Oh, God bless you my dear friends. Someday when this...?... will call, we'll grieve and...?... I believe that I have touched His glory, His heaven, the God. And I believe that the Father is well pleased this afternoon now. seeking down in the audience, finding these that hunger and thirst for righteousness sake, that they may be filled.
Won't you come, someone else, while we're waiting. Someone here that's not just know your experience isn't right with God and has not the Holy Spirit, will you come, gather around while we have prayer? Let's sing this good old song,
O do not let the Word depart,
And close thy eyes against the light;
Oh, sinner, harden not your heart,
Be saved, O tonight.
O why not tonight?
O why not tonight? (Will you come?)
Wilt thou be saved?
Then why not tonight?
O why (Tell me why) not tonight?
O why...
Our heavenly Father, speak just now. Grant unto these to hear me come simply down to the altar, while this great moving of the of the Spirit...?...
Why not tonight...?...
You're here now; where will you be five hundred years from now.
Tomorrow's sun may never shine,
To bless thy long deluded sight;
This is the time, O then be wise,
O why not tonight? (Will you come, the last call.)
O why not tonight?
Remember, your lovely home. I got to meet at the judgment. Maybe the last time that I'll ever speak to you. I'm already...?...
... be saved?
O why not tonight?
You're "Almost persuaded," (O God look. Won't you come. Many are saved, without the Holy Spirit...?...)
"Almost persuaded," now to believe;
Seems now some soul to say, "Go, Spirit, go Thy way,
Some more convenient day, "On Thee I'll call."
[Brother Branham begins humming--Ed.]...?...
Seems now some soul to say, "Go, Spirit, go Thy way,
Some more convenient day, "On Thee I'll call."

E-50 Just before you're seated, while the organ keeps on playing, I wonder if...?... come right now. Look, one of these before long, there's many in here that may be gone. I'll be gone one of these days. The moon will refuse to shine one day; the sun won't give its light. Now, if you're not just--know you're right with God...?...
Now, I going to give...?... Now, remember, if God can reveal His secrets to His servant, then you know up in heaven...?... Won't this be a wonderful day?
Won't you come? Young men and women usually just starting life, just at crossroad, you come if you're not saved. Will you come just now, sweetly, humbly for prayer?

E-51 Someday it'll all be over and then you're going to meet Him and give an account for the deeds that's done in the body. One of these hours there'll be an atomic bomb strike this city of...?... nation...?... There won't be a living person or anything left, that might be less than year from now. Where is your poor soul going? Don't take a chance with it...?... come now. And you just stay on it playing along? You're church and all these that belong to church, but you really haven't got a real experience, won't you come?
I'm very strangely led to make that--make...?... your hands. Looky here, all you Christian people. Look upon this scene. Do you think God would hide His eyes from that? If He keeps the sparrow that falls on the street? If He knows about the death of a sparrow, how about hundreds of sincere people praying. This is going to be a marvelous time. They're still coming, friends, from both sides. If you'll make your way, God will be very happy and be very glad to...?... you.

E-52 Would you like to be represented in that number? What if it is found outside? You might die...?... This what's happened...?... the coming of God. Oh, my, the last call was made. Where are you at? When you can...?... What if you was setting out of doors...?... heart attack will get you...?... Where would your soul be? Come right now while you have an opportunity.
Don't turn Him away, don't turn Him away,...?...
Although you've gone astray;
Oh, how you'll want Him to say, "Well done,"
On that eternal day!
Don't turn the Saviour away from your heart,
Don't turn Him away.
I can hear Him say to you tonight, as you're coming into last days...?... now. I want every one of you...?... if you will now tonight. If He will be...?... Oh, Christian, people everywhere, be in prayer for these dear...?... one soul now...?...
Is there one here wanting the Holy Spirit, you're in need? The same as...?... What did it mean to you tonight to receive the Holy Ghost? What did it mean to you...?... receive the Holy Spirit to really saved from a life of sin. They're sincere; they're hungering for God...?... holding you a half hour or more to give the altar call.

E-53 Now, let's bow our heads everywhere while we pray. Minister brothers, will you get with this audience now, as they come? Go out among them and be...?... Everyone praying, everywhere. All these people here who's seeking God? Raise up your hands now, and just worship Him while I...?...
Our heavenly Father, we, the prodigals from the Kingdom, strayed away. Many of us, dear Father, are not fit to be called Your children. Many, God, think that they're hired servants; but You don't want them to be Your servants. You want them to be son and daughter, to have assurance...?... Fill the ice box when they go to their home, when they're hungry...?... hungry and hard times, O God.
Look today as many of them are remembering back, though wandering...?... of father and mother who loves them, who knows...?... mother who prayed for them...?... an old fashion father...?... Oh, wipe the tears from his eyes, setting...?... in glory some...?... today. And they're down there...?... looking this a way...?... altar calls is made...?... Sinners and souls seeking God has gathered around the altar. O Holy Spirit, move in great power just now; hover over this building...?... I know You're willing to baptize every one of them who calls on...?...

E-54 [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] Make sure it's convenient that Your kingdom and power be made manifest to him...?... Open our eyes...?... this. How much greater it'll be, O God? Remember me in my days are numbered. My lot is set. Someday death's going to squeeze the body, and the life from my body and I've got to meet You, Jesus. And when I come, and lay at Your feet there, then I going...?... look for you, when the stars begin to gather...?... and my pulse comes up my sleeve, I'm going to be looking for You to stand there. You've...?... me: Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I'll fear no evil. Thou art with me, and Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me.
O God, now this great dark hour just before the most...?... cover me by the power of Holy Spirit just moving...?... stand...?... and be persuaded that they have come to Christ Jesus, entering at the door, the strait gate...?... the death angel...
Now, as these are on their knees, give them...?... by You... Hear the prayer of those...?... the needs with all my heart, they receive all of them into Your Kingdom. May Your Spirit be on their lives and give that desire of hearts this very afternoon.

E-55 May many of those that's standing in the balcony now, praying. May the Holy Spirit pulls devils out of there. Call out...?... Lord, and bless them everywhere, getting--setting...?... prayer, Father, In the Name of Thy Son Jesus.
Mold those, heavenly Father, bless, we ask in Jesus Christ's Name, for Your sake.
While you're praying, everybody here in prayer, raise up holy hands now and...?... needs and be merciful...?... [A brother comments concerning the continuation of the service--Ed.]