Dieu Rend Témoignage À Ses Dons

Date: 52-0713E | La durée est de: 1 heure et 37 minutes | La traduction: Shp
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E-1 Thank you, Brother Baxter. Good evening to this audience tonight. I was also a little late. Brother Baxter's kidding me about a drunk man. We didn't have to come down the street this morning... There's one in the way out there, wouldn't let us come...?... in. He's going to whip us, because we wanted to get in. So they had them on the grounds...?... all night...?

E-2 Brother Baxter was just telling me that you'd taken a love offering for me this afternoon, or from--this evening. I'm not worthy of that, but I thank you from the very depths of my heart. And I promise you by God's grace, I'm... I had seven months, as I told you this afternoon, now without services. And it was very hard as a family, and my expenses are very heavy.

E-3 And so, I appreciate it, but with all my heart, I will put every cent of it to the best of my knowledge, to the glory of God. And then in return, I'll pray that God will give you a hundredfold, for everything that you've done done in that manner. God will repay you, I'm sure.

E-4 And as--as soon as I get my debt paid off, every penny that we can have, will go right into a little fund, and we'll... soon as we get enough, then right straight to South Africa, and over to India, and just as far as they'll let us reach. As soon as we can get enough to make it, to try to bring the Gospel message to Africa. We love Africa, because the last six-weeks meeting we had in Africa, produced a hundred thousand conversions. In one day, thirty-thousand people accepted Jesus Christ as personal Saviour in one day. Aren't you happy for that?
Remember, that thirty-thousand, would be... That would be ten times bigger than Pentecost. Think of it. Isn't that right? There was two--two thousand at Pentecost...?... Christ. That's ten times bigger than Pentecost, where thirty thousand accepted Christ at one day, one week. Now, that's remarkable, isn't it? Never was repeated, never has been done in history of the world.
And now, the little pennies and nickels that we collect, then we know where they go. I watch that myself to be sure that it goes absolutely for the Gospel's sake alone, 'cause I'm responsible to the people. And I try to do everything I can to help the people. That's my mission here on earth, is to try to help each one.

E-5 I wish there was some way tonight... I could start down here with these--these two women laying there bedridden... There's a man setting here in a little push-cart with a Bible, a lady setting here in a wheelchair. And I see a crutch laying there, the lady with a withered limb; two boys setting up there in a little push-chair. Oh, how I wished I could just go down there, and say, "Now look, God has called me, that I have a gift of healing, that I can just lay my hands on you, and make the cripple to walk, or make the blind to see, or the deaf hear." Wished I could. But He doesn't give that tonight. That lays in Calvary; that's through Jesus Christ, not in me.
If it was me, I--I'd--I'd... I guess I would--I would go everywhere I could go. I love people. There was one time where I didn't have any friends... Next Sunday evening--afternoon, if God willing, I want to tell my life story, and you'll see that I didn't have any friends as a boy.

E-6 As a young man, I didn't drink, I didn't go to shows, and so forth. I was really a wallflower. Girls thought I was... They all liked to smoke, and dance, and carry on, so well. And what was I to them? See?
And when I got converted and become a member of the church, then they told me was I was a fanatic, has been all the way along. So just as I told you this afternoon, just now, the last few years, I've met a people who love God, who believe in God the same way that I believe. Believe that He is God yet, the same God that He was yesterday and will be forever.

E-7 And then to meet Him with that group Who love Him, and that's like--just like the glove on your hand. It's just something that I love the people with all my heart. Then I pray, "God, what can I do?" Daily while your all are out working, I'm somewhere maybe praying for you, asking God to let me have more of His grace, or please give more strength and power to help some way that I can help you. You might not understand that thoroughly now, but that day, when all the crowns are given out, and I'm seeing the crowns placed up on each one of your heads. And I will be standing back, in the background, weeping, and sobbing for joy, to know that you've made it. Then I'm... I expect that my Lord will turn around and say to you, "He prayed for you. He done all that He could." See, see? That would just be worth so much to me.
That may sound suspicious. You may say, "Brother Branham, you're loose." But I believe that those things will come to pass. That we'll meet Him. He will be Jesus, the same Jesus, eating, drinking, just as He was when He was here on earth. And I believe we'll be--we'll be just as we are now, only immortal, "This corruption will put on incorruption."

E-8 Now, and I thank you from the depths of my soul for your offering. I will do all that I can to glorify God. I'm trying my best now to get back to... I'm sure by... I told you the vision this afternoon, and there will be a meeting that I will hold somewhere, and I believe it's in India, near Bombay, that there'll be three hundred thousand people, and I don't know how many converts there will be in that meeting, probably run up to a hundred and fifty, two hundred thousand people, converted. And the little fragments that's left over this afternoon and tonight, will go for that purpose. And at that day, God reward you, each one for giving it is my prayer.

E-9 Now, tonight, it's hot in this building, almost nine o'clock. And I'm not going to take... I have a Scripture placed out here, that I thought I would speak, but the Holy Spirit seems to tell me now, "Don't do that; but just start the prayer line." So I can start praying for the sick.
Now, last night was the night, the meeting night, that God had sent me to Hammond to meet. You all were here. You probably understand. Now, since then the Spirit has broken, all that difference. And right now, it's just altogether different. This coming week, I believe will be--will exceed the week that's passed, much more. See? I believe it.
Now, let us pray, and let's ask God to help us. And--and God will do it, I'm sure, if we will ask Him, and believe. Now you come out, and that's... Now, from now on until next Sunday afternoon, it'll probably be very little speaking.

E-10 I even met someone in the restaurant this afternoon, and while I was setting there just awhile ago, the Angel of the Lord was so near in that restaurant. There was a man setting there, right across from me. He didn't know me, but I knew what he was suffering with. And there, I looked over to this woman. There set a woman setting there, a vision moved right over her. A young minister friend of mine, walked over to me, and I told him, I said, "Brother Thoms, the Angel of the Lord is so near at this time." See?
And just... Then, when I come on over, brought the wife over, I went and rode around, just kept riding around. Go on out into the place and waited till just a few moments ago, for--to come in to the meeting, getting ready for the service. I think if I'd speak any, or do anything any more than just this word or two here, it might take it from me. I'm wanting to see God magnify His Son, Jesus Christ, tonight.

E-11 And I will just... I have to get this Scripture reading, because I want to read a Scripture every night, because I hope that you in your home, will read at least one chapter in the Bible every day and pray. See? Always do that. That's the old- fashion Christian home, and God knows that we need more of that, more than we need atomic bombs, in America. That would be the best thing that we could have, was a fortress of God's love and power around us. It'd beat all atomic powers, don't you think so? A praying...
All right. In Hebrews, the 11th chapter and beginning at the 4th verse, I wish to read this just for a Scripture lesson now.
By faith Abel offered unto God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain, by which he obtained witness that he was righteous, God testifying of his gifts:
God testifying of His gifts...

E-12 How many strangers is here for your first time? Let's see your hands, this is your first time? Oh, many hundreds. Now, Brother Baxter's told me that tonight... Usually Brother Bosworth, or Brother Baxter, some of them, explain all about the working of the Holy Spirit in our meetings. And I don't... I'd walk straight to the platform to start the meeting.
But they had... I told them, just last week. I said, "I don't know why I'm in Hammond." But I understand now, so then... Now, they'll take over. I was speaking myself. Perhaps through speaking, I could find something or see where it was. Until I found what it was, and God has been glorified. And now, from henceforth, the managers will do the speaking. I will just pray for the sick. And each night maybe read a Scripture, and just start praying for the sick.

E-13 Now, dear Christian friend, I--I am not a Divine healer; no other man is; no doctor is. And there's only one healing, that comes from God. You believe that?
Now, for instance, if we would speak this... Now, all diseases... Can you hear me better from this mike here? All diseases come from--is direct or indirect caused from sin. Now, not maybe sin in your life, but sin in your parents life, inherited. You believe that could be possible? God said so: "I will visit the iniquity upon the children and the children's children, to the third and fourth generation." Is that right? So, it comes... Before we had any sickness, before we had any sin, we had no sickness. Now, just watch how--how easy it could be, just a little lesson of this.
Let's take, for instance, a certain disease. Let's take a tumor or a cancer. Usually a tumor goes malignant and becomes a cancer. Now, watch just a minute, and listen close now, to you that wants to be prayed for and healed.

E-14 Now, a cancer, now that the first place is a medical name, comes from the word crab, with many legs. There's many forms of cancer. There's a Red cancer, and the Sarcomas cancer, and the--and the different types of cancer. The rugose cancer, rugose cancer's usually on a woman's breast, just piles up like, oh, like pancakes on top of each other. And the sarcomas cancer is the worst, I guess, of all of it.
But now, let's watch what it is. The first place, it's a growth. All right. Now, it's a--it's a little body. Well now, before it can become a body, it has to become a cell, and then the developing of cells, before it can be a body.
Now, let's just take, for instance, you. You here tonight, you was one time, I was one time, just a little teeny germ. You were too. And now, through holy wedlock, why, when we were brought in to the human incubator, then that teeny, little cell that you were in, so small that the human eye can't see it, it looked like a little, through a microscope glass like a little thread, or something. And then, right in the middle of it, is like a knot begins when it begins to develop, tie. That's the spine.
And in there, that one little, teeny cell that you come from, begin to multiply itself, and begins to develop out from one little teeny cell, cell on cell, and every seed after it's kind. The bird will produce a bird, the dog, a dog, a human, a human, every seed after it's kind. Now...

E-15 And then diseases the same way: the sarcomas of it's kind, the red cancer, the--the different types of whatever the growths are... Now... But notice, then you finally become to the age... You begin about like a lemon, and then after while, up to the normal baby birth size of nine months, was born in the world, and has developed cells. And then finally, that little cell has brought you to the place that where you are now. You know that's true, isn't it? That is true.

E-16 Well, now, let's--let's take you and diagnose you, just a minute, and then you can see what this other fellow is. Now, let's bring you down, one cell after the other, one cell after the other, and you finally come down to that one little germ again. Well now, that little germ, what is a germ? That's the next thing. We got you down to there. Now, if I have to break that germ down, I will find out that a germ is a teeny, little cell, the li... smallest cell there is. It can be seen, because it's a natural part, but that's the last thing that a light in a glass will reflect, is that teeny, little cell of a germ.
Well then, that germ is alive. And if we have to go beyond the last cell, then you got life. That comes into the spirit realm. Well now, a cancer... Just as you grow in the womb of your mother, a cancer grows in your body.

E-17 For instance, like my hand. There's no cancer there. There might be someday. Well, what causes the cancer? Well, the first thing, maybe a bruise will cause a cancer. Those little cells, when they're bruised, they backslide. That's a big word for a Baptist to say, isn't it? But that's what happens. That's a-- that's a... You back--they backslide. And that's just the way it is in a Church. You get that backslider in the Church, he's going to--he's going to bruise that whole body, if you don't watch. Now, but that cell backslides, and it's bruised up.

E-18 Now, Satan... Now somehow, there's not a cell of cancer in there now. But a cancer could come in there from some cause. Then it's like... Maybe it'll be on--on the inside, in the female glands, in the stomach, in the lungs, or wherever it may be. But it starts with first a little cell. Then before it was a little cell, after the cell, it has to come to a life. Now, if that cancer is on the inside of you, a tumor, cataract, whatever it might be, a growth, It's a little, tiny life, outside of your life, developing cells. And here it is, maybe your tumor, or cancer is that big now. What's it doing? It's growing, developing cells. It's alive. You believe that? Now, what is it? Behind there, down below it, you have to find out that that come from a cancer germ, which was a cancer life, which is a devil. Now, I'd like to see anybody take that out of the Word of God and say it isn't true.

E-19 Every... Look, the Bible says, "When the deaf and dumb spirit went out of the man..." Now, for instance, the man, tonight, was deaf and dumb, like the lady was that was speaking here, here on the platform, and other places. Now, he comes up "Um, um, um," see, deaf and dumb? Now, the doctor will x-ray her. Now, perhaps maybe, it might be a bone that's been pushed or something has ran across that nerve, that goes to her vocal cords, or to her hearing, that's crossed up, and had cut the energy off of it, like a ground on that wire.
Now, the doctor looks at that x-ray, say, "Yeah. Here it is. Why, an operation can do that. We'll take, go in there, and move this bone back, and push it back." That'll let that life energize, and when it does, she can hear, she can speak. See? If it's caused some accident or something, but what if he can't see nothing? He says, "Well, she's just deaf and dumb."

E-20 Well then, what I'm wanting the answer for, what made her deaf and dumb? What caused her to be deaf and dumb? Well, the doctor says just that the energy of the nerve that, on the eardrum has been cut off. Well, that'd be like a--a transparent band around my hand here, that--that, around my hand, you couldn't see it. After while my hand gets stiff, turns dark, gets sore, and the doctor comes, and a--a big sore breaks out on this finger. And he will wrap it up; he will say, "Well, Rev. Branham, I x-rayed your arm, but the nerves is just dead from here out."
"Well, what made them die, doctor?"
"I don't know. I don't see a reason there; I can't understand."

E-21 That's the way it is on the ear. It never died all over the body. Why did it die right in the ear? Why did it die right on the vocal cord? What made it die? There's no... You can't explain it, that's beyond... See? I can't tell you, because the doctor can only work with the five senses, what he can see or feel. That's the only way our--our medical professions could--can work on the senses, anything that they can see or feel. Outside of that, they can't see it, feel it, they don't know what to work on.
Now, then if there is a truth, here's the person deaf and dumb. And there's no--no--nothing laying against that, or stop that, or... Then what caused it? Now, here's what it is, friends, in the light of God's Word. There is an unseen force, the devil, which comes out, and himself... Just the x-ray won't show him, but it cut off the energy. It's a supernatural being setting there that's cut off the energy from that eardrum.

E-22 Now, in the way of Divine healing, prayer of faith moves this unseen force, and if nature has it's right way, then that eardrum becomes energized again, and the patient can hear. And Jesus said, "It was a deaf and dumb spirit." Do you believe He was right? You believe He knew what He was talking about? Certainly He did.
Now, a--a cancer... A cataract is the--the--in the eye. And a cancer, he's a scavenger, and he eats the dead things, just like the--the scavenger of the earth. All the earthly things type the heavenly, just exactly. And a cancer is a scavenger, and so, he eats the impurities; he eats the dead things. And he kills as he eats, sucking the blood. Now, he comes into your life... Now, look. Here's the person with that germ of life that was ordained of God, that germ of life, multiplication of just cells. From that one little life, brought forth your life. And then, in you is a lump about that big, another group of cells, altogether a different life, living in you, sucking the blood from your body. He's a killer.

E-23 Now, who gives that to you? You couldn't say that a lovely, heavenly Father put that on you. Then it's the devil. And God's Word declares it to be the devil.
Now, what does Divine healing do? Divine healing, sometimes in a miracle, certainly... I have newspaper statements that I can produce to any skeptic that would like to look at it. Go back there, and pick up one of my books, and call down to Sun Times, and find out if it's right, or not. Where reporters standing right on the platform, and seen cancer on a person's face, and while I was praying, and rebuked the cancer, and asked the Lord Jesus to heal it, the cancer turned, it looked real, red, and bloody. That--there's the report, go ask. Look, write them, talk to them about it. And it turned black, dried up, and rolled off, and rolled over my feet, while standing there. And the newspaper stood there, and wrote it, and took the... said, "Could you stand still just a minute?" And took his picture, like that, and news spread across the country.

E-24 Now. See? Now, things like that, that's a miracle. Now, in a case of healing, here's a cancer, a malignant growth, now it's in there. We pray for you, do all that we can; others pray for you. Now, usually in the case, when this happens... Now, what takes place? Not so much as a cancer growing. The doctor, he can cut it out; that's all right. If he can cut it out and get the roots out of him, okay, that's fine. That's his duty to do that. That's what he's trained for. That's what our schools are for, for doctors; that's what our hospitals are for. That's what--that's what God give us that tree of knowledge for, to do something to help somebody.

E-25 If your arm's broke, it's--it's your duty to go to the doctor, and let him set that arm, then ask God to heal it. See? That's--that's right. But now wait. What if that cancer, he can't cut it out? What if the roots is scattered out like this? Then there's only one thing left, that's that's God, the Almighty... They have no medicine that would poison that germ, as yet. God will help them to find something, is my prayer.
But now, in the case of Divine healing, what happens? The life, not the cancer, the body, the life of that cancer, which was the inside of that germ, the life that started developing in the first place, is rebuked, and brought out by Jesus Christ, and took away from you. The body's still...
Say for instance, like this lady setting here, what if she was a cancer on the earth, and I wanted to get rid of her in the way of Divine healing? I'd just call her life out of her, her body would fall down. Well, her body's still here, just the same as it is now. You see? But what's happened to the lady? She's dead. All right. Just give her enough time.

E-26 Now, the first thing that a happens to a patient, usually they feel good, right away. They go to feeling good. "Thank the Lord. Well, Brother Branham, I--I wasn't able to eat for a long time. I can eat anything now."
Now, be careful just a moment. Now, in a ordinary in the procedure, and many know this, they'll get like that for about seventy-two hours, 'cause anybody in here... How many hunters is in here? Let's see your hands, that's hunted wild game, let's see your hands. All right.
Did you ever kill a deer today, tell the boys how much it weighed? Be careful when you put him on the scale in the morning, he isn't going to weigh that much. Is that right? If there's a butcher here, if there's a undertaker here, will know the same thing.

E-27 Our human body... They'll take the artificial eye, or false teeth out, because the body will shrink for the first seventy-two hours, it'll start shrinking--shrinking away. And then after it lays so long, then it starts swelling again, it's deteriorating, swelling up. And like the little animal laying out on the road, he's killed. Let him lay there in the sun about seventy-two hours, why he's heavier then than he was in the beginning. He weighs more. A human body weighs more after it starts deteriorating, it swells up. Any animal does, any body, any human flesh, or other flesh, it begins to deteriorate, and it swells up.

E-28 Now, nine times out of ten, if the patient isn't instructed on what to do, right there they lose out. See? They say, "Well, I feel so good. I just feel so wonderful."
And then about--after about seventy-two hours, they get a sick spell. They start getting sick. They say, "Oh, I've lost my healing. Oh, I thought Brother Branham told me, 'In the Name of the Lord...?...'"
That's the best sign in the world that you're healed. See? The thing's dead; it's swelling up. What if a lump of flesh as big as my hand, was on the inside of you, and it was, this as plain, where it was rottening in you? The heart stream has to pack off the impurities and--and any infectional sore, fever...?... You know that. Then it's got... Your blood and stream has to purify your body; that's what it's for. God put it that there for that purpose. And then the people say, "I've lost my healing."
Why, brother or sister, that's when you've got your healing. But you go along, just...?... and--and for... "Well, Lord, You--You didn't treat me right," something like that.

E-29 The faith that taken away unbelief, will resurrect it again. When you take your stand for Jesus Christ, stay there and die by it. What God says is the truth, and don't you fear what... Satan hasn't got anything to do about it. Don't argue with him; don't fuss with him. Just ignore him and walk away. If you fuss with him, he will keep you fussing day and night. See? "Well," he will say, "You know you're not healed."
You'll say, "Well, now, look, Satan, I want to tell you something." Don't say it. Just say, "Get away, I don't want to hear nothing about you." And walk on, and say, "Thank You, Lord." Go on. See? Don't pay any attention to it.

E-30 Now I... Now, your doctor, he can tell you about your--your body, your anatomy, but I'm here, I... My work is in the realm of spirits. That's where I live a big part of my life, is in another dimension, that the world knows nothing about. And I speak that in the Name of the Lord. They don't understand. There's no need of trying to explain it, no way to explain it.
I cannot heal nobody, I never healed a person; I never will heal a person; and no one else ever did. For God said, "I'm the Lord Who heals all thy diseases."
Then all hospital cases, that's Divine healing. Any healing that would come any way at all, has to come from God, or God told something that was wrong. It's God. That depends on your faith. Now, notice closely now.

E-31 The only thing that I can do to help you, is by a Divine gift that was ministered to me, as a baby, when I wasn't a few minutes old. My mother's coming up, I think, this next week. I wish for her to come to the platform and testify. Let her tell you what happened on the morning. I've got a lovely, old, Irish mother, and I... It was nothing that I had to do with it. God sent it, not to me, to work through here to you. You're the one. And He's a vindicated it everywhere. The only thing that I can do... Now, that you might not get a superstition, the only thing that I could do is say what I see.

E-32 For instance, if I was standing in Philadelphia at this time, and I was standing there on the street, I'd say... I know I'm conscious, I'm on the street, but I could say, "I see an auditorium. There's people gathered. It's a hot night. They're fanning. There's a man setting before me with a--with a blue shirt on. He's got a... He's setting in some kind of a little chair, over--looked like, where they scoot him around. He's got a Bible in..." That's all. Then it could leave me. I'd say, "Well," just as natural as I'm standing here, I'd say, "I seen a--a auditorium somewhere." See? "I seen this, that..." Just what I see, that's all I can say. And that was given by a Divine gift, that was given by Almighty God. Which is, conscientiously speaking, or trying to say the best that I know how, God foreordained things to be.

E-33 Look here. How many in here ever dreamed a dream? Let's see your hand. Well, the bigger percent of you... Well, what if I said, "You dream me a dream, now." Could you do it? No, sir, it's impossible. So is it impossible to me to see a vision for this woman or that man. Just as... Ever who gives you that dream, it's up to them. It's not up to you. No matter how much you want it, it's what they say. Is that... Whether God gives it to you or not... Is that right? That's the same way it is here.
Well, there is people in here, that I noticed hands awhile ago, that never dreamed dreams. They just sleep sound; they don't dream at all. Now, I'm going to try, because I know there's people here that knows how to argue with me. I know there's people here that does not understand.

E-34 Here's what it is: here's a man's conscious, right here, the conscious you live in now. We're taught by science that you're dreaming, you're in your subconscious. Did you ever see a person dreaming? You think you dreamed all night. It isn't that long. [Brother Branham snaps his fingers--Ed.] Just a moment, you...?... a little bit. You've done dreamed hours of dreams, you think.
But just a moment, a flash while it's going through... The person that's dreaming is not sound asleep. But you people here who--who does not dream dreams, your subconscious will be back to a place where you do not reach to it in sleep. You can't help that; you can't help it. You were born that way. Something that has the rulership over you, and made you, made you that way; you can't help it. And you people who dream dreams, you can't help that. Wasn't it... You don't have no control of it; it's your subconscious.

E-35 Now, I want to ask you something. Now, listen close. Now, when you are asleep, there's many times in this conscious here, when this conscious's not active, you go out of this conscious into sleep, wake up over here in dream land, as we call it. Now, you can remember things in here, or dream about things that you done while you were in this conscious. Is that right? And then when you wake up out of there, and up here, in the first conscious, then you remember things that you dreamed about, is that right, things that you dreamed years ago. But those people who don't dream, they were made, and their subconscious is way back, they don't dream at all, parable-y speaking now.

E-36 Now, a seer of visions is... God has to send that Himself. Now, his subconscious is neither back there, nor here, that far away from him, it's right here. He doesn't go to sleep, he just breaks from one conscious to another. And in... Now in this dream land, that we speak of, God sometimes deals with people through dreams. You believe that? He did with King Nebuchadnezzar, with Joseph, and--and Joseph, the father, foster father of Jesus. He promised in the last days, that the old men would dream dreams, young men see visions. See? God sets that in order.
Now, to see visions, I couldn't help that. Nobody never laid hands on me and said, "Now you have gift to--to see visions." It wasn't that I merited it. God ordained it to be so. And then, and I find that that is so, then I come out here, in the Name of the Lord, after He had commissioned me to do so to try to help you to believe on God. You see? How many understands now, what I'm speaking of? All right.

E-37 Now, I want to ask you. Jesus Christ claimed not to be a healer. Is that right? He said, "It's not Me that doeth the works, it's the Father that dwelleth in Me." Is that right? And now, I want to quote a Scripture, when He had passed by the lame, and halt, and blind in Bethesda, there at the pool, Saint John 5. Now, listen to this real close.
The Jews questioned Jesus, and He's talking about the diabetic, or whatever He healed. He said, "Verily, verily, I say unto you..." Listen, I'm quoting your Lord, and my Lord. "Verily, verily (That's absolutely, absolutely.) I say unto you, The Son can do nothing in Himself, but what He sees the Father doing: that doeth the Son likewise. And the Father loveth the Son, and show him the things, what things soever he doeth, and he will show you greater things (than the healing of this diabetic otherwise) that you might marvel."

E-38 Is that right? Now, according to Jesus' own words, which I believe they are the Truth. No one disputes that Saint John 5 is not in... but what's inspired. And according to His Words, He said, "I do nothing until the Father shows Me what He's doing. Then what the Father shows Me, that I do." Is that right? Saint John 5:19. Now, if Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever, "A little while, and the world seeth Me no more, yet you'll see Me, for I will be with you even in you." Then Jesus Christ comes into His Church, to His people, to manifest Himself out through the people, while He, Himself, is setting at the right hand of the Father, sending back the Holy Spirit, the third Person of the trinity, to live in human beings, to work through them, to show the same works that He did in the beginning, making Him, "the same yesterday, today, and forever."

E-39 Is that right? "Ye shall see Me." Who? The believers. "You'll see Me; I will be with you. I will be among you. Somebody there'll be doing this. (See?) I will be with you even to the end of the world."
Is that the truth? Well then, if we was looking for Jesus tonight, we'd look for a--the Master of Life Who says, "I can do nothing in Myself, but what the Father shows Me, for what the Father shows Me, that I do." Is that right?
Now, if I come to you testifying in the Name of the Lord, that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and His Presence is here, that He's here to do these things, if it comes not to pass, then you say I've told you wrong. But if it does come to pass, then you're obligated to God to believe His Son, Christ Jesus, is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
Is that true? Let us pray.

E-40 Father, I know that I'm a mortal man, and one of these days that I must come up to Your house. I must come there trembling, knowing this, that by faith I believe that You'll let me in. I've tried, yet I'm unworthy. I'm not worthy even to live, let alone to preach the Word of God. But Lord Jesus, here's mortals, a few thousand of them setting here tonight; they're interested. They're fanning with fans; it's hot. They're not setting here to be seen; they love You.
And I come here to Hammond, because that You told me to come here, and I'm doing all that I can to magnify Your lovely Son, Jesus. As Thou bear me record, Lord, that I take no credit of my own, or no powers of my own, or nothing within me, only the Holy Spirit of God. And, Father, I have tried to make it clear to the people, through these nights, and in the following nights, I shall just come, and then go to the praying for the sick, if it be Thy will.

E-41 But making it clear tonight, before this audience here, that there is nothing within Thy servant to heal, only their faith in Your Son, Christ Jesus. For any man climbs any other way is a thief and a robber. And I certainly wouldn't want to be called a thief and a robber at that day. I want to come and lay my trophies at Your feet, and say, "Lord Jesus, I did the best that I knew how, by the leading-ship of Your Spirit."
And now, Lord, here we are again tonight, about ten or twelve nights in this meeting; the audience and the crowds is small. The weather is hot. But Thou hast been here every night, and You've manifested Yourself, till if I should leave Hammond tomorrow, and You'd call me away, then this audience will have to know that You've testified. The world around, where we've been will have to know, where millions has rallied. And the scientific world, will get down with their glasses and the ultra-ray lights, and so forth, says, "It's the Truth."

E-42 Then Father, what stands in the way of the people from believing? God, give them faith tonight. Put a double portion in this building. Many people tonight just say, "Well, this is one night I'm really going to open my heart. This is one night when I'm going to believe. And if this little frail fellow, on the platform has told us the truth, then Jesus Christ, You come down and speak to me. And then You let him see me, and then I will know."
Grant it, Lord. And then in return, may Your Holy Spirit come over Your servant, and may It move down in the audiences, and the balconies, and around the building, or wherever You would see the desire of faith. And let Your servant see the vision, that I might speak to the people, revealing to them, the same as You did the woman at the well, or to Nathanael when he came to You, and other occasions, where the mules were tied, the fish with the coin in his mouth. Declare Thy great love tonight, Lord. Now, I wait humbly, as Your servant, committing myself to You for Your service.
God, grant that there'll be a solid blanket of faith over this building tonight, that when the service is over, may they rejoice like those coming from Emmaus. Said, "Did not our hearts burn within us?"

E-43 They'd walked with Him all day and didn't know Him. But just the way He did something there at the table, they recognized Him. God, Creator of heavens and earth, and the Author of Everlasting Life, the Giver of every good gift, may You do something unusual tonight, to the people, that they might see and believe. Not that they have to see... Said, "Greater is their reward who has not seen, and--and yet believe." But that You might declare, and to fulfill Your Word, which says that You're the same yesterday, today, and forever, "and the things that I do, shall you also."

E-44 Father, I claim to be Your humble servant. And now magnify Your Word through Your humble servant, as I wait with a broken spirit, waiting, and humbly asking Your blessings in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
How many in here is on grounds to believe tonight? Are you open-hearted? Are you willing? Now, remember, in a audience of this size, I must make this statement. I don't know, sometimes epileptics, and so forth, that's the only thing that gets away from me, seemingly, is epileptics. While the prayer is going on for the sick, if you are a critic, I would not stay in this building. For let me speak to you, if my words are true. You're subject, and open to every unclean spirit that would leave the people. If that's not pure Bible teaching, I don't know it.

E-45 And how many times have we seen it in our meetings? And you must... Now, every one of you set solid. Anything should come up, Satan would rise in any way, just hold your peace and pray. Just set still. God will take care of me here. See? You just be in prayer for me, saying, "God, we're looking for Your manifestation." Just set still, don't move, don't run. See? Just set still.
We're in a spiritual meeting, in a meeting where the Holy Spirit is here amongst Christian people. But remember, when spirits leave a person, they are absolutely helpless, until they're embodied again. Do you know that? That's Scripture. "Suffer us to go into those swine," they said.

E-46 What is tonight, K? L, how many? A hundred? Where'd we start from? We started... I tell you, let's start from number 1, L-number-1 tonight. Line up the first twenty, thirty, something... twenty--let's take twenty-five of them, about twenty-five will be enough do you think, Brother Baxter? About 25, the first 25. L, who's got L-25-1? Turn your card over, it's got a number on the back of it. L-25, or L-1 to L-25. Let those rise first.
Now, you setting next to one another, here every night, nearly, I see somebody punching somebody and telling them that's deaf, or something like that, to get in the line, or somebody hard of hearing. Somebody search around. Let some of the ushers look at those people on the cots, or somebody here look to one another's cards and see if you got... if they got a card, they may not even have cards. We give out cards late this afternoon; there wasn't very many of them given.
Now, how many people in here that's really in need of prayer, and wants Almighty God, if His Presence shall come, wants Almighty God tonight to heal you, raise up your hand. Oh, my, it's just solid everywhere. Just look.

E-47 Now, dear Christian friends, you, the first comers, let these others testify of this. In the service, these people here, just a few of them gets to the platform. It's just somewhere so the Spirit of God will come here to start. If it would start without it, it would be all right. But now look, in the midst of this, if you will pray, God will move out into these places out here, and send His Spirit. And you know what happens? That Light, I see It move, when I'm under the anointing. It holds over the person and just breaks forth, and shows their condition, then goes away. And that's how I call those things. And sometimes I see them when I just call them. The Angel of the Lord is near that praying saint and wants to reveal to them a what's, something another to give them faith. Sometimes I see them healed. Then when I see It move again, see what affect It has on them when you speak to them... And if It moves again, then I tell just exactly what happened. If It doesn't I just let it go and say, "The Lord bless you." I don't know.
But when I see a vision that if they're healed, then that's different. That's altogether different, when I see they're healed. But now if I don't, I pray for them and say, "The Lord bless you," ask that blessing, and God manifests Hisself.
How many says--knows that's the truth, let's see you hands as a witness now, to the newcomers. You see what I mean, newcomers?

E-48 Now, to my opinion, maybe I just look at it wrong; but to my opinion that's infallible. The Lord Jesus Christ here, the same yesterday, today, and forever.
And if you'd seen the times that that--that has been attacked by critics and everything, and see what's happened to them, and know the history of it... Brother Baxter here is one of--somebody been with me now, for about four or five years. Every case, everywhere, every time it's ever been attacked, Almighty God has come on the scene. Is that right, Brother Baxter? Is that right, Brother Bosworth? If that is, raise up your hands so the people will see, Brother Baxter. Almighty God comes on the scene, and watch what happens.

E-49 So don't fear; fear is of the devil. Everything Jesus would say, "Fear not, fear not," constantly, "fear not, fear not." Is that right? Always, "Fear not."
Now, God don't want you to fear; He wants you to believe. So every one of you believe with one accord, one accord, every one of you.
Have you got some cards out, Paul? Four or five cards out. L... look around to the deaf and dumb. You got... number 4 is missing. And number... what other number's are they? Somebody look around and see if they got the number wrong. What--what's your numbers, Billy? All right, 1 to 25. Number 4's missing, and some others down along the line. If you've got L-1 to 25, please get in the line now, or you'll miss your place. Look around and see if there's somebody in there that's got the... that's deaf and dumb maybe, and can't... [Someone speaks with Brother Branham--Ed.] Huh? All right.

E-50 Now, I seen two go. The little lady... what's your card, sister, there with the flower in your hair? Have you got a card, sister, coming to the line? Oh, you're--you're looking for somebody else? All right, sister, okay.
Now, be sure... If your neighbor's deaf and dumb, he couldn't hear it, and then his--his line... then it... the people would say, "Well, I had that card; well, I'm supposed to come in line tomorrow night," (See?), when they already had their time called. You see what I mean. Then they write letters into my office say, "Brother Branham, I had the card, and--and you didn't do..." See? I've got to keep that le--lawfully (You see?), righteous before God. I have to be reverent and respectable in those things and see if it's right.

E-51 Now, all right. Is your twenty-five lined up? All twenty-five in line, all right, that's fine. Now--now, remember, if the anointing of the Holy Spirit comes upon me, and there's more than that, then we'll call from 25--L-25 to 50, be ready next.
I don't know how long they let me stay. Last night I collapsed plumb out. See? But I don't know how long they'll let me stay, but if there is anything yet, I'm making my other call now: from L-25 to L-50 for the next line.
The reason we got... I'd have you stand now, but they'd be too many standing at once. So now, let's bow our heads reverently in a word of prayer.
Now, Thou Lord, the Creator of heavens and earth, be merciful to us, Your believing children. We believe that the day is near when our Lord Jesus shall return. And how people are in this day, have turned to unbeliefs, and how they... well, they were... we understand that there's got to be a group of people like that. They's got to be unbelievers. Those spirits that was upon the Pharisees and upon the Sadducees, and upon those people in the days, we realize that those spirits still are religious spirits, and they live in mankind today.

E-52 God, with all my heart, with all my soul, receive my thanksgiving, Lord, from bringing me away from such as that, that I might believe You in the fulness of Your resurrection. And as I realize that my poor heart, as it's beating, every minute, it's beating one more beat towards that great, dark door, yonder, that I've got to go through someday, called death. Then what will I do? Father, now let me live so, that in that hour when I come up to that door, that I will not be a coward. I will wrap myself in Your righteousness, enter that, knowing this, going into that death chamber knowing this, that I know Him in the power of His resurrection, that when He calls I will come out from among the dead."

E-53 God, let me live so now. Grant it, Lord. Not only me, but all these that Thou has given for my audience tonight. May when the trumpet sounds may we all come out, or if we're still a living may we be changed.
And now, Lord Jesus, in loving kindness, as Your prophet prays, I ask with all my heart, that You'll spread forth Your, as it was, wings of healing over this building tonight, and may there be great things be done for the glory of God. Lord, receive my prayer, as I give it to You in a committal in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

E-54 All right. I just seen a light; I think it was a camera. Now, don't--don't flash a camera while this is going on, if you will, dear, brother. [Someone says, "Let's have no pictures please, while Brother Branham's praying for the sick, please."--Ed.] You realize that--that the Angel of God is a Light, and when It moves, see, It--It attracts me, 'cause I think It's moving me from one place to another. And that's why I ask that. I love you, and I don't want to hurt your feelings, but it's for the--for God's glory. See? It pulls my attention from place to place, watching, because it's a Light, Itself. See? It's a Light, and I'm watching, waiting for It now.
When I seen that flash, I thought, "Well, here it is out in the audience before I started praying for the people on the platform." But it... I seen then it must've been a reflection 'cause it never settled to any one.

E-55 So you can just have all pictures you want, but just wait till after this part's over, if you will. Everybody just as lovely, and keep just as full of the Spirit of God, and in prayer.
Now...?... Now, of course, lady... Now, I want to talk to you just a moment, because you're my first patient. And I--I don't know you. I believe we're strangers, aren't we? I never seen you in my life. So the... Therefore, I will--I will just speak to you a little bit, and when I'm speaking to you, then if He shall come... Now, He--He don't... See, it's up to Him; He's never failed me yet. And I--I believe that He will come, because look here at this group of people here tonight that's waiting and watching. And He--He's--He will come, and if He does, then He will act the same Jesus that He was. See?
Now, when He met the woman at the well, He went right straight and told her what was wrong with her, where her trouble was. Now, if she'd had a tumor, He'd said, "Bring Me a drink."

E-56 She'd say, "It's not customary for the Jews to ask a Samaritan." See? He's just talking to her then, just to... See, you're a--you're a human. I'm a human. And we have two human spirits. Now, when this anointing comes on me, well, that's the Angel of--or a gift of God, which is a Messenger, an Angel sent from God. And now, it's a part of God, an attribute of God. And then It'll... And then they're spirit now, then we break from the natural into the supernatural. And then in between here, your spirit is speaking to me, I'm speaking back to you through mortal lips, but both two anointing. It's two... Now, if this Spirit here, that's on me to bless you... Not that I can bless you, It can bless you. See?

E-57 Now, and then, if your spirit is willing... But if you have a spirit of unbelief, then It can't bless you. See? It'll just tell you; It might tell you what's wrong or something, send you on. But if you'll believe and these two spirits can get together... See? It's a battle.
Here's a demon crying, begging, pleading, and like that, and here's the Spirit of God standing here looking at it. Now, it just depends on way our spirits is running. I believe. If I can get you to believe what I said is the truth, then something's going to happen. See? It has to happen. You understand what I mean.
Now, I get the microphone close because many times they tell me my voice gets so low that I--the audience can't hear. You see? And that's the reason I...

E-58 Now, you're conscious that something's going on now. And is... That's it. It's coming from this side as a wave. Now, audience, in the Name of the Lord I speak: that picture that you see back there, which is in Washington, D.C., the Angel of the Lord, He's just a few feet away from me, standing here to the right side now.
He's a Man larger than I. This woman's standing here, is conscious of that. I want to ask you something, lady. You're probably known amongst this crowd; I don't know you. But you're conscious that something's going on. If that's right, raise your hand. See? It's His Presence.

E-59 The other night, I seen something take place, no one knew nothing about. I seen a certain preacher here that wanted to get near when that anointing was on, just to see what would take place. How about that Reverend, is that right? You didn't think I knew that, did you? He walked up there, and wanted to get up here to the place, so he... See? Just to see what it was. Not you're curious; you wanted It.
Yes, my sister, you are--you suffer with some sort of a headache condition, causing you to have headaches all the time. Isn't that right? I see you holding your head many times, like that. You do quite a bit of reading or something. It's a book, or a magazine, or something. I see you was setting, reading, when I seen you setting in a room in a chair, reading something. Is that what it was? Yes, I seen it was a book when you was reading. You had a headache and you were rubbing your head, like this. You was reading a white looking... It--it was my book. Is that true? And you--you become then, conscious. Nobody knows that, 'cause there's nobody there but you. God seen you. And you thought then, "If I can get to the meeting and maybe if he will pray for me, these headaches will cease." That's when you begin to be having faith. Isn't that right? That I might tell you something else now to move your faith up. That's caused from a female trouble. I know you been told other things, but it's wrong. See? They call migraine headaches, and so forth, like that, but that's wrong. They made an error. I'm not correcting the doctor, but I do know what I'm speaking of. In order that you might know that I am God's prophet; you don't belong to this type of church, but you do belong to a church, and that's Christian Science. Is that right--is that right? Yes, sir. I seen you in a Christian Science reading room; that's the reason I knowed you belonged to it, or was there. Is that right? If it is, raise your hand.

E-60 All right, come here. Do you believe if I will ask God... This is not mind over matter; this is the power of Almighty God to make it leave you. You believe? All right. You'll serve Him all the days of your life?
Almighty God, I seen Your Light flash around this woman; I believe that the hour's here for her healing. Sincerely and humbly, the Spirit of God has moved in upon the woman. And O Lord God, Creator of heavens and earth, and Author of Everlasting Life, You said, "The prayer of faith shall save the sick, and God shall raise them up." And, oh, as I pray for the sick, I ask You, dear God, to move thus tonight and heal this poor woman. May these headaches that's hurting her, and bothering her, and how she's tried in every way she could to get rid of it. But, Satan, you've hid from the doctor, but you can't hide from God. He knows right where you are. In the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, come from the woman.
All right. Look here. Now, sister, now, of course you don't have it now. You go. Now, it's all left you now. It'll stay from you as long as you can believe and have faith. God bless you.

E-61 All right. Come, lady. Are we strangers? I do not know you, I don't believe. That anointing kinda shakes me just a little bit. Ma'am? Never saw me till this meeting... Well then, if I never... Excuse me, it was something going on, I was watching. I seen someone holding their head the same way, but it was a colored lady. I... And I looked, and it--it--was... Yes, it is. It's that woman setting right there with that yellow blouse on; that's who I seen in the vision. Don't you have something wrong like sinus trouble or headaches? Is that right? If that's right, stand up on your feet. Is that the truth? So many times you put your hands up like this and hurt like that in the sinus. Is that right? Do you believe on Almighty God's Son, Jesus Christ? In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I ask God's blessing upon you that that leaves and never comes again. God bless you, lady. You must've been praying; you must... something.

E-62 I seen that spirit that this woman healed with that, it flashed by, and something moved me, and I seen then up before me here was a lady rubbing her head. I thought it was the same one, but it wasn't, it was a... I seen it was the--the little colored lady. Now, excuse me, sister.
Every skeptic in here ought to feel ashamed of himself.

E-63 Come near. You say you've never seen me till this meeting. Well, I don't know nothing about you then, do I? There's nothing in the world that I would know about you. I perceive that you are a believer though; you are a Christian woman. 'Cause your spirit, it seems welcome (You see?); that means you believe. See? See? Now, you're conscious that something is taking place. That's just anointing, which will not hurt you; it will not hurt you. It's... If anything, it's to help you. And now... yes...
Now, just a moment. Haven't you had a--an operation? Isn't that right? And wasn't that in the... for gall stones, or something? Is that right? It was right along in there? Is that right? Is that true? It was in the hospital. And now, it's caused you (some way), I see you can't eat right or something. It's affected your stomach. Isn't that right? If that's right, ra... All right, sister, come here. Is He near?

E-64 Lord Jesus, Creator, God, the Father, come near and bless this poor child of Yours that Satan has afflicted. And from... As I lay my hands upon her in commemoration of the Word of our dear Lord Jesus, He said, "These signs shall follow them that believe," and I pray with all my heart, that she'll be able to go home and eat anything that she wants to, and be made well, through Jesus Christ's Name I ask this. Amen.
All right now, sister. Isn't He good to you? Isn't He lovely? How would I know anything about your conditions? I don't know what the vision was just now; it's left me and gone from me. 'Course it's still moving here, because it's just pulling from everywhere in here. But ever what I said, was it the truth? All right, go home now... ["It was two years in November I was operated on."--Ed.] You had an operation. ["Two years in November, I had three big gall stones."] All right. Now, you can go home now, and you're going to get well. God bless you.

E-65 Now, bring the lady. Now, every one just as reverent as you--you know how to be now. Be worshipping God. Don't act like you just... See? It hinders me here. See? Just be reverent and watch with all your heart.
Howdy do, sister. All right. Don't think that I have strange acts, it's sometimes I--I can't get my--just bearings where I am. And I think if maybe somebody come up or something, and I looked at Brother Baxter then, and it was to find if this was the patient. You see? And--and sometimes He might lead me right out into the meeting or something (You see?), and I... right out in the audience, and I just have to kinda... No need of me explaining it, just I can't.

E-66 You believe me to be His servant? You do? The reason I asked you that, that He told me, "If you get the people to believe you, then be sincere when you pray..." Thank you. I don't know nothing about you; God knows that. See? I know nothing about you. But now I couldn't heal you if I had to; there's nothing that I could do to heal you, nor even know what's wrong with you; I'm not a doctor. And I'd have to examine you to find out what was wrong, and maybe then I couldn't do it. I'd put you under x-rays. But the Spirit of God which is the Master of all x-rays, He's here, and He knows all things. He looks plumb back down through the cycle of time. Do you believe that?

E-67 Now look, between you and I stands a dark object, about like a cloud floating, moving. And I know who it is. And I know what he does to the people. You're bothered with a nervous condition (Isn't that right?), mental nervousness, upset. And you think sometimes that you're going to lose your mind. Isn't that right? I'm not reading your mind, but that... isn't that right? Now, don't cry...?... Now, it has moved from you. Your faith, without prayer, has made you whole. Now, you go home; you're going to be a well, healthy woman. God's blessings upon you. That's faith, believing. Have faith, don't doubt, just believe.

E-68 Please everyone, reverent. When you move it--it interrupts me just a moment.
Howdy do? I... Just to talk to you just a moment. We are strangers, are we? We are perfect strangers. I--I do not know you; only thing I know there's an object of woman standing before me; that's all. But I'm aware that, you being a mortal being, that someday we'll have to stand before the Almighty to give an account for our lives.
You're a sick person. You're--you've had an examination. I believe it's a female something trouble, isn't that right? a cancer of the female glands... Kind of shocked you a little, but I had to do that. But I see something else, that you are not a Christian; you haven't been saved yet. You are a sinner that hasn't accepted our Lord. Now, be honest with me. Isn't that the truth? Haven't I told you the truth? Will now you--you will realize, lady, that--that will take your life, outside of God, it's the only thing can save you. Do you want to accept my Lord, now, Who's here? And you realize there's something taking place around you. Do you want to accept our Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour, Who died for you that you could be saved? You now accept Him? If you do, raise your hands as a testimony to the people, you now accept Jesus as your Saviour.

E-69 God of heaven, bless this young woman. May this hideous demon that was creeping right upon her to take her life, may it leave her. She's accepted You now. She's weeping because that she has sinned, and now nothing stands before You, Father. And as Thou has said, "He that will accept... He that cometh to me, I will in no wise cast out." A lovely Father ready to forgive, calling this child tonight, by disease, a demon that would took her life within the next six months. But now, Lord, we thank You for Your healing power. And I pray God, that she'll be a worker in the vineyard. "He that heareth My Words, and believeth on Him that sent Me has Everlasting Life, and shall not come into condemnation, but is passed from death to Life." New life is borned then, right here, Father, and we thank Thee for her soul, and for her healing, through Jesus' Name. Amen.

E-70 My sister, you are a Christian. You were dead in sin and trespasses when you come into this line; you're alive in Christ Jesus to go out of the line with a new life, healed from your cancer. Go, God bless you.
Do you believe with all your heart? Well, I am a stranger to you. I--I do not know you; I've never seen you in my life, as I know of. But you--you and I are strangers. But you are a Christian. Do you believe me to be God's prophet? You do then. When I said that, something struck you, didn't it? That was a vision that hit before me. Now, I'm going to tell you what's wrong with you. It may be strange. And I don't mean it before this mixed audience, but it's no harm; it's something or another that's in your skin that you can't touch certain kind of things. You're allergic to something like, some kind of a goods that you wear on your limbs, like stockings or something. Is that right? If that's right, raise up your hand. Breaks you out. Come here. God of heaven will make you well.

E-71 Jesus of Nazareth, seeing that woman setting on the side of the bed there, putting on those stockings, and turning around... Master of Life, as Your prophet, I lay hands upon her, and her, being my Christian sister, and I ask in the Name of Jesus Christ, that Satan leaves this woman tonight. And that, an allergy that's wrong with her there, that's causing her to be allergic, may it leave her blood this very hour, and may she be well, through Jesus Christ's Name I pray. And You said, "If you'll be sincere, get the people to believe, and then be sincere when you pray..."

E-72 And I said, "They will not believe me."
You said, "By these signs, they will believe you."
And now, I'm sincere, committing her to you, that she'll be healed from this hour, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
Now, God bless you, sister. Don't fear about your stockings and conditions anymore. God will surely make you well. All right.

E-73 Come, lady, do you believe? You're just a little bit excited. I am--I am your brother to help you. And that spirit is the only thing that--that's the One Who would know about your condition. He's the only One that could help you. Do you believe that book you talk out of? I know you do too. But... Kind of surprised you, didn't it, when I said that. But here's what it is also: you have a stomach trouble that bothers you. And you're nervous from a strain. You have other things wrong with you also. But wouldn't you like to just enjoy health like you used to, not long ago? Isn't that right? All right, come near.

E-74 Father, as Your servant, I lay hands upon this woman, realizing that here at this platform stands the Angel of Almighty God. I bless her, and pray for her, in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, that You will heal her and make her well. Hear the prayer, the sincere prayer, the effectual, fervent prayer of Your servant, through Jesus Christ's Name, I ask this. Amen. God bless you, sister. Go now, and be well.
Come, lady. Do you believe? I say that just to see how your spirit feels, to see what your spirit will do or react when I say, "Do you believe?" to see whether you're lying to me or not. See? If you was, it would be told you. But you're wondering now. I'm not reading your mind, but you was wondering what I was going to tell you, when you seen what was told that woman. Yours doesn't lay in stomach trouble, no, it wasn't what she had. But you have a tumor. Is that right? You believe if I will ask our Lord Jesus... He said, "The prayer of faith shall save the sick." You believe I love Him? You do? You believe He would hear my prayer if I ask Him for you? Then come near. Will you serve Him with a true heart all your life?

E-75 Almighty God, bless this woman who I bless in Thy Name. You said, "Whatever you bind of earth, I will bind in heaven: what you loose on earth, I will loose in heaven." The keys was given unto the Church. Now, upon the authority of the Bible, and upon the authority of my risen Lord, Who is present now with His Angel, manifesting these things, I now say, "Cursed be this tumor in the woman." In the Name of Jesus Christ, may it go from her.
That's--That's just keep up, saying, "Thank You, Lord." God will see that you won't need your operation.
How do you do. God bless you. He was hearing your prayer, you that were praying. Yeah, I'm speaking to you. You were setting there praying, wasn't you, praying to God? And God turned me around and spoke to you, because you had your head bowed, praying. Now, look to me... I don't mean that. Just like Peter and John said, "Look on us." You see? Elijah said, "If it wasn't I respected the presence of Jehoshaphat, I wouldn't even look at you."

E-76 But you look to me, because you were praying, and God called my attention to you. If God will let me know what's wrong with you, lady, will you accept your healing? If He will tell me what's wrong with you... isn't there something wrong about a bleeding condition, isn't that right--is that right? Aren't you up for a operation? Isn't that right? Supposed to be operated on with some kind of a rectal...? Isn't that right? If that's right, stand upon your feet. All right. Go home, and get well now. God heard your prayer.
All right, sister. While you were standing there, you were looking at that, and something come upon you, wasn't they? A real, strange, odd feeling... God healed you then. You've had a female trouble for a long time. Isn't that right? An old, aching, condition, more on the left side, is that right? Isn't that right? No one would know that... but in the room, your bathroom, and the so forth, is what I... You know what I'm speaking of, 'cause you're thinking right now of what I'm saying. What I'm thinking in my own mind, you're thinking the same thing. Is that right? Only God would know that. All right. You're going to get well; God has blessed you. Go on your road, and may the Lord Jesus be with you, and make you well.
How do you do, my sister. Do you believe?

E-77 Now, God's begin to move into the audience, I feel Him going from the woman out yonder again. How long has... Look and live. You believe that Word? Well, that Word, according to the Bible, Saint John 14:12, He's Jesus Christ, the Author of that Book, said, "The things that I do shall you also." Is that true? Do you believe He has sent me that I might represent Him to you tonight? Then the only way I do, I could only say what He would show me. Is that true? 'Cause He could only do, when He was here, and that's what He does now; He's here now.
I see what your trouble is. If I'll speak it to you will you accept Him as your Healer? You had arthritis. Is that right? If that's right, raise your hand. Now, that you've accepted Him as your Healer? Go home then. It's got to be gone. God bless you, my sister.
What say? Don't you worry about that. I told you God would bless you. See what... Hear me what I said there, the things that you was thinking, I was thinking the same thing. All right. Go ahead, that...?... that's right...?...

E-78 How do you do, sister. Do you believe me as God's prophet? You have sufferings... There's more than one thing. One thing, a heart trouble that's been bothering you, and another thing, you're a... I see... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]... but you have faith now. If you can remain right where you are now in faith, it'll go away from you. Can you do that? The Lord bless you now.
Also, with your heart trouble, you may go. When she was healed, I thought it was you at the first place...?...
All right. Every one reverent. God be merciful and heal the woman, I pray. May Your Spirit be upon her and make her whole. Satan, leave her in the Name of Jesus Christ. Look here. Can you hear me all right. Do you believe with all your heart? All right, He's made you well. You go, and everything's all right. You're normally.

E-79 Little lady, it's been... Just to look at you standing there, lady, yet, a young woman, your hair turning gray, probably life hasn't been a flowery bed of ease for you. That I do not know as yet; I cannot tell you. But God is here to make known what's wrong with you. I feel sorry for you, and I'm your brother in the Lord Jesus, and I want to help you. Do you believe me? If He will be lovely enough to come to you and I, as brother and sister, and me wanting to help you so much, and if He will let me know what's wrong with you, so that I can pray for you for that trouble, then will you believe that He will make you well?
Well, Father, I pray for her, that You'll heal her and make her well. And I lay hands upon her and ask this blessing in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, that You heal her. Amen.
Now, this heart trouble that's bothered you so long, you believe it's going to leave you? You believe you're going to get well? You shall. God be with you.

E-80 You love the Lord, up there in the balconies, you love Him with all your heart? Have faith in Him; He will bring it to pass, wherever you are. The only thing I ask you to do is believe that I've told you the truth. All right. Just someone giving vent to a feeling. Oh, if you could just be as spiritually alive...
God bless you, brother. If you believe now, that asthmatic condition will leave you, and you'll get well. Do you believe it? Well, God bless you, you can go now.
Lady, yes. Since I've come in this building, you've constantly set there looking at me. Sis, that's all right, where you are. You look like a healthy woman, but I've watched you a few minutes ago, you have a trouble in your back. Isn't that right? He healed you awhile ago; you're well now. See? All right. Have faith now...?...

E-81 Um, you know what's wrong with you, don't you? Cancer. I seen that fellow when he told you that. You only have one chance to live, and that's through Jesus Christ. You believe on Him as your Saviour? You'll serve Him with all your life? Aren't you ashamed of yourself, the way you've treated Him? Do you believe me to be His prophet? You couldn't hide your life from me if you had to. Now, are you coming home now? You surrender yourself to God?
Look, one time you knew God; one time you had an experience with God, but you left Him and went away. And this cancer come upon you to bring you back home. Are you ready now to receive Him? You take Him now as your Saviour, promise never, no more to roam from Him, but live for Him the rest of your days? If you do, raise your hand.

E-82 Almighty God, You see the confession of this poor child, like the prodigal son, that has wandered away, down in the hog pens of the world, down there in the mucky mire. Poor, little thing, Satan has set upon her now to take her life. That's the way he does; blind them around out there, and then take their life. But somehow through grace, You pushed her into this meeting tonight, and arranged it so that she could be here at the platform, that the secrets of her heart might be known. God, forgive her of her backsliding. You said You were married to one. And I pray, Father, that You'll take... Now, You said, "He that comes to me, I will not cast out." Now, grant, Lord, that tonight, that she's willingly, humbly... You've never forsaken her; she forsaken You. All along the line there, You loved her and spoke to her and talked to her, but yet she still stayed away. God, tonight, that's the reason I used the words, "Are you coming home?"

E-83 God, grant from this hour she'll stay with You and Your Church, and live for You. And I now, after the cause has been found, the cure will have to be. Satan, cursed be you. In the Name of Jesus Christ, you who's called cancer, come out of the girl.
Look on me as God's prophet. The reason I used those words "Coming home, staying away, slipping back..." Now, your sins are forgiven you, and your cancer is healed. Now, go, and sin no more, and God be with you.
Just a minute, lady. That's all right. Little lady, setting up there, dressed in a white dress with the stomach trouble, you want to be healed? There in the top row, in the place up there, that's got the stomach trouble. You've also left God. If you'll repent tonight, come back home, God will make you well.

E-84 And you, setting there in the red looking dress, looking down at me so, you believe me to be His prophet? You're under that Light, that's the reason I'm speaking to you; I can see dark objects back in there. Do you believe me to be His prophet? You do? You're not concer... no, you're concerned about a child there. Is that right? With a kidney trouble. You believe that God will make it well? You believe God will heal the child, the little child there, that you're thinking of, do you believe it? If you do, God will do it, if you'll accept Him as being your Healer. Have faith in God; don't doubt nothing; God shall bring it to pass.

E-85 God bless you, sister, you were healed while standing in there--in there. The Lord be with you.
Have faith in God. You believe? The Angel of the Lord moved to somebody else right here in the balcony, and I couldn't see just who it was at the time. Have faith in God.
You believe with all your heart? Sir, you want to get over that asthma? You do? Raise up your hand if you'd like to get over it. Do you accept Jesus as your Healer? All right, go on your road then. God will make you well.
Sir, the colored man, setting there with heart trouble, right up there, got some kind of breaking out on your legs too, haven't you? All right. You can go home and get well also, Jesus Christ make you well. God bless you.
That lady setting back there with anemia too, can get well too, if she'd just believe. Have faith in God. All right. You believe?

E-86 How do you do, sister, packing your little boy. Do you believe me to be His prophet? I can't heal your son, sister. It's impossible, I'm a man. But God can heal your son. Do you believe me as His servant? That baby was--started out in life, born a blue baby. Is that right? The baby's suffered with heart trouble, even now. Is that right? Is that true? Come here.
God in heaven, have mercy on the little lad, as I bless this child. In the Name of Jesus Christ, remit every sin, and take the child into Thy care, and may it live and not die, through Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God...?...

E-87 All right, sister. You believe me to be His prophet? You should believe me to be His prophet, because you are a minister yourself. Is that right? How did I know you was a minister? That's exactly right. Suffering with a female trouble. All right. Is that true? That's right. You can go home... you got... Isn't there something wrong with your throat? Is that right? You'd rather have your throat healed than the--than the other. Is that right? So you can preach the Gospel. Being that you are a minister, and you got a throat trouble... There's another minister setting right up there, belongs to the Assemblies of God. Is that right, sir? You're a perfect stranger, and you have a bad throat. Is that right? But both of you go home and get well then, in the Name of the Lord Jesus.

E-88 You want to get over the cancer, sister? You would? Just accept Jesus as your Healer, right now, and say, "I believe You, Lord Jesus." God bless you. Go on your road, sister, and be made well.
Here He is. He's near, if you can believe. All over this building is becoming emerald Light, everywhere. Have faith in God. Believe on Him with all your heart.
What you worrying about cancer for? Both of you, you and your husband both, been scared about it, right behind you, that man and woman. Both been... Yes, I'm talking to you. All right, if you want to be healed, stand upon your feet, in the Name of the Lord Jesus. All right. Do you believe with all your heart?

E-89 What about you down on the cot cases, do you believe? You believe me? You been setting there, lady, I looked at you awhile ago, you were interested in that girl laying there. Is that right? I can't heal the child. Look this way, young lady. Do you believe me to be God's prophet? Sister, if you lay there, you'll die. The trouble's in the stomach condition. Isn't that right? Very bad too. Nothing can help you outside of God. Would you take my word for something? The Angel of Almighty God is standing near your cot. I see your examination, and I hear what he tells you. They're keeping something back from you. But let me tell you, if you believe Jesus Christ to be your Healer, and will accept Him to be so, will you serve Him all the days of you life? You'll do it? Then as a servant of God, I command you, in the Name of Jesus Christ, to take up your bed and go home, and get well. Don't you fear; you have strength; don't worry. Rise up, go home.
Lady, I speak again: to lay there is death. In the Name of Jesus Christ, rise up. There it is. Don't ever disobey the Spirit of God.
How many in here wants to get healed? Raise your hand.

E-90 Almighty God, in the Name of Your Son Jesus Christ, send Your blessings, Lord, to this minute, upon these Thy people, and heal them, every one. I now bless them, every one. May every sick person here be healed. Satan, come out of them in the Name of the Lord.