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E-1 Thank you, Brother Reed. Good evening, friends. It's always a privilege to be in the house of the Lord to serve God, to minister to His people, those who are needy, and... I was a little sorry to be late, but my son come after me, but I... A train held us up almost fifteen minutes, just down the street here, and we couldn't around no other way, and so we just had to set there and wait till it was over. And so, Brother Reed said, "He knew what I meant." I think he had some experience just the last few days with the same thing.
But it's always a privilege to be here the house of God. So we will try not to take no more of your time than possible. And...

E-2 Last night, we were teaching a little about the character, and what type of a person... If you were looking for the Lord Jesus, what type of a Person you'd be looking for, what He would look like, what His Spirit would be. And we typed it through the Scripture, to see just what He was, and what His ministry was, how it acted, and how He acted. And then if He's the same yesterday, today, and forever, It acts the same today. And we find out that It does, doesn't it? Just the same Lord Jesus.
He didn't claim to be any great Person. He said, He did nothing but what the Father showed Him. And when the Father showed Him anything, why, He did it. Though He knowed the people's thoughts, what they were thinking, what they were doing, what was wrong with them, but He don't His miracles as God permitted.
And if you notice, everywhere, it was always what the Father told Him. Now, there was some fellows, two blind men, one time, come through the street. They were trying for to get Him to heal them. So He said, just passed on through, went into the house, and they brought the blind man in the house. And He turned to them and touched their eyes and said, "According to your faith, be it unto you." Your faith. He had had no vision. For He said, that He only did just what the Father showed Him. Saint John 5:19 said, "What the Father shows Me, that I do. I do nothing except He shows Me." Said, "The Father worketh and I worketh hitherto."

E-3 Now, we notice Him as He passed through the pool of Bethsaida where all those crippled and mixed people were laying there. And He never touched any of them, walked right by every one of them. Blind, halt, lame, waiting. Walked over to a man laying on a pallet, and told him that He knew he had been laying in this state for thirty-eight years, and He told him to take up his pallet and go home.
Then He was questioned. Could you imagine Him passing by all those crippled people to one man, that was just been sick for thirty-eight years? But the only way He could do that, was because the Father had just showed Him that one; that's all He could do. And then, the woman, one time, touched the hem of His garment, and He turned around and said, "Thy faith has saved thee." Thy faith.

E-4 Now, if our Lord Jesus was here tonight in a body of flesh, wearing clothes like we wear, He would do just what the Father would show Him to do. God was in Him, made Him Emmanuel. And whatever God would speak or reveal to Him, that He'd know. But now, when it come to the people, when He begin to speak to the people, and talk to them a little while, He perceived their thoughts, what they were thinking and what was the matter. First He'd come in contact with them. Like the woman at the well, He said, "Bring Me a drink," just in order to catch her spirit.
See, we're human. And we're supernatural also. Every person in here is a supernatural being. And in your body dwells a spirit. And if that spirit is either of God or it's not of God. And now, that's the part that we have to deal with. And now, gifts and callings, of course, are without repentance. God foreordains things to be. Do you believe that? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] See? God does that.

E-5 Now, it's nothing that you can do. For instance, if I decided I wanted to have brown eyes, wouldn't do me no good, 'cause God gave me blue eyes. I just have to be satisfied with blue eyes. "Who taking thought, can add one cubit to his statute?" See? No one. But if you want to kind of an inside of view of it before the meetings get into the press, then Brother Reed will do the speaking from then on... And then, here it is. Now, did you ever...
There's many people, most every normal person, as a general run, dreams dreams. Well, now God can deal in dreams. If there's an interpreter, He has done it. It's not accurate, unless there be an interpreter of the dream. But we're taught as scientifically, that dreams are--are your subconscious.

E-6 Now, let's notice, just look this way a moment. Now, here's a man in his first normal conscious. And here is his subconscious, about this far from him. Well now, when this conscious becomes inactive, he goes over here and dreams a dream. And many times he dreams of things that he did when he was in this conscious. And when this conscious is inactive in this, and he wakes up, he remembers what he dreamed about. How many ever dreamed a dream years ago, and still remember what you dreamed about? Well, many of you. Sure. Then there was some part of you, somewhere that still bears here in the natural conscious. You see it?
Notice. Now, there is people that doesn't dream at all. Now, let's see their subconscious probably would be back, say to that wall. They sleep very sound. You can't disturb them, can hardly... An anesthetic would never give his subconscious back to him. He can't help that. He can't help because he doesn't dream, neither can this man help because he dreams.
And if you say you dreamed a dream... Well, I'd say, "Dream me a dream." Why, you couldn't do it if you had to. And neither could I say anything unless God would tell me. See? It all goes to the glory of God.

E-7 Now, a seer, now this man here, he was borned to dream dreams this...?... that man was born... God fixed him so he didn't have to dream dreams. Now, a seer or a prophet, his subconscious is neither back there, neither is it here, it's right here; both of them are together. He doesn't go to sleep. He just breaks from one into another, not at his will, but at God's will. God breaks it.
For instance, if this... Somebody would stand here; I never seen them, never knowed them. Now, if there's anything would have to be known about that person, it'd have to come from a supernatural standpoint. It'd have to break in.

E-8 Now, we found out last night in the study of the Scripture, that Jesus, when He was here, why, they seen He knew the secrets of their hearts, He'd tell them things. And they said, "Why He's a--a fortuneteller, Beelzebub, the chief of the devils." But who ever heard of a fortuneteller or man of God, going out and preaching the Gospel and healing the sick, and doing things like that? "By their fruits you shall know them." He was the Son of God. And the devil has a bogus off of every real thing that God has made. He has... God made a real Christian and here's a hypocrite act just exactly like a real Christian, only he's not. Well, that doesn't say there's no such a thing as a real Christian. But see, the Devil has a counterfeit, all along.
Well, now instead of somebody sanely sitting down and reasoning that with the Scriptures... Now, the only one proof... If you want to watch the difference between the fortuneteller, or the supposed to be... Recently many of you read the article that was written in the "Reader's Digest" just recently of my meetings, November's issue of the miracle of Donny Martin. And I went on to say, and just before that the article of that Mrs. Pepper.

E-9 Now, the only way to tell the real... If I gave you a dollar and said "Is this a good dollar?" If you know anything about money, the first thing you will take and feel it, to see the value of it. A real dollar is not a paper. It's silk. It's not exactly... It has got paper in it, but it's not altogether paper. Now, you have to watch the value of it.
Now, if you want to see whether it comes from God or not, watch the value of it, see what it does. You never seen none of them devil possessed people out there ever preaching the Gospel, and healing the sick, and--and preaching the second coming, and speaking of God. It's all foolishness, some tommyrot, or something about sometime you've lost, or--or some dead person that's died, or something on that order: no value to it.
And then the real way, if you want to find out whether it's a real dollar or not, take it back to the mint. And take the serial number off of it, and if the serial number on it corresponds with the serial number that's there at the mint, there's a silver dollar laying there to take its place.

E-10 And that's the way always: take these things back to the Scripture. There's the mint. And if the Scripture spoke of it, Jesus Christ said, "The things that I do shall you also. Greater things than this," or more. You couldn't be greater, it'd have to be greater in quantity, not in quality, because He stopped nature and interfered nature, raised the dead, things that's just... Nothing could, else could be greater done. But He said, "More than this will you do (or greater), for I go to My Father." Is that right? "Yet a little while and the world seeth Me no more. Yet you'll see Me, for I will be with you, even in you to the end of the age." The same yesterday, today, and forever...

E-11 Now, it's strange then that His Spirit would be misunderstood by ecclesiastics of the day, if it was in that day. But He's doing it just the same. For His Spirit is here, and His Word must be fulfilled. God's going to fulfill His Word. How marvelous.
I wish to read a little Scripture here in the 2nd chapter of Luke, 25th verse.
And, behold, there was a man in Jerusalem, whose name was Simeon; the same was just and devout, waiting for the consolation of Israel: the Holy Ghost was on him.
And it was revealed unto him by the Holy Ghost, that he would not see death, before he had seen the Lord's Christ.
And he came by the Spirit into the temple: when the parent brought the child Jesus, to do after the custom of the law,
Then took he him up in his arms, and blessed God, and said,
Lord, now let thou thy servant depart in peace, according to thy word:
For mine eyes have seen thy salvation...

E-12 Let us bow our heads a moment. Our heavenly Father thank Thee for Thy Word and may Thy Word become a living reality here, tonight. The Word dwelling in our flesh... Every Word of God is a Seed. And every Seed sown correctly in the right kind of ground will bring forth just exactly what it's supposed to. Corn will bring corn, wheat will bring wheat. And every Divine promise of God will bring forth what it promised. May the Seed fall in good fertile ground, bring forth a hundredfold for we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.

E-13 How the Lord is planting His Word. That's first of all is God's eternal Word. And I want to say this, while you're here seeking out God for your salvation and for your healing, that everything that God can do for you, He's already done it. All... Every sin is forgiven. Every sickness is healed. The only thing you have to do is to look to Calvary and accept what God has already done for you. There it is. It's already finished. Jesus said at Calvary, "It is finished." Then if I--I was saved, I'd say, "I got saved twenty years ago." No, I was saved nineteen hundred years ago. I just accepted it twenty years ago. God, there when Christ died, He paid the penalty of both sin and sickness. And sickness is an attribute of sin. And sin is unbelief. Let that soak just a minute.

E-14 Now, here it is; get it. Sickness, I mean sin, is unbelief. "He that believeth not is condemned already." Because you steal, lie, smoke, drink, commit adultery, that isn't sin. That's the attributes of sin. You do that because you don't believe. And you are true, and honest, and just, and upright, and holy and respectable, not because that isn't Christianity. You do that... That's just the fruits of Christianity because you believe; it's the attributes of your faith in Christ Jesus and your birth as His Son. Amen. See? A good tree can't bring forth corrupt fruit. A corrupt tree can bring forth... bring forth good fruit. "By their fruits you shall know them."
Now, if the Holy Spirit comes into this building tonight, and would declare His Word to be the truth, and you go out disbelieving It, you'd be a sinner. If God tells you what your life has been, and what it will be, and if you know what has been is the truth, and tell you what will be; if you go disbelieve it, worse things than this will come upon you. "Go ye and sin no more."

E-15 Now, sin don't mean go out and drink and carry on again. "Go ye and disbelieve no more." Amen. There you are. You know what I find the greatest trouble with the Pentecostal church today is? Positionally they don't know what they are. You're sons and daughters of God. And a lot of times you're looking for something great to come, but you already got that, the greatest can be given you. Now, we are the sons of God, not we will be, we are now. And we're seated together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus, right now. Oh, my. When faith like that gets in the Church, the devil moves away from the Church. For now you have the...

E-16 Satan hasn't got any legal rights at all over a Christian. Every time a man gets saved, God just writes out a whole big bunch of checks like that, and puts His Name at the bottom, said, "Here they are. Fill them out." Are you scared of it? Fill it out. "Whatever things you desire when you pray, believe you receive it. It'll be given to you." Mark 11:24. See? Just believe it.
And every Word of God is a Seed that'll bring forth... It's condi... It'll bring forth what it's purposed for. I see many of you down here raising cotton, apples, peaches, fruits. When that little apple tree is no bigger than that right there, every apple that'll ever be in that tree is in it right then. Dozens of bushes of apples is in that little tree, right then. Why, you say, "Brother Branham, no." Well, where'd it come from, if they're not? They're in the tree right then.

E-17 Now, the only thing, the little tree, you stick it in the ground, plant it, and it has to grow. It has to draw the moisture from the ground, and it has to draw more than what its 'lotted portion is. You have to give it plenty of water. And when you give it water, it just drinks, and drinks, and drinks till it can't hardly drink no more, and it just starts pushing out. And it pushes out limbs, pushes out leaves, pushes out blossoms, pushes out apples. The apples was on the inside of it at the beginning. And it just has to drink.
And every man that's borned-again in Christ Jesus... Everything you have need of, your healing... Satan will afflict you, sure he will. But everything you have need of in the whole life's journey is in you right then. And we are planted in Christ Jesus. You see what I mean?

E-18 When you are borned again and the baptism of the Holy Spirit has come into your heart, you have everything that you have need of for the journey. Now, the only thing you have to do, is start drinking, drinking, pushing out, drinking and pushing out. I believe He hears my analysis of Christ Jesus. He's the inexhaustible Fountain of Life. And every man that's planted in Him can drink, and drink, and push out, and push out to every redemptive blessing that God has promised belongs to you and it's your personal property. And the devil hasn't got any tie to it at all. He hasn't got any legal rights. His legal rights was spoiled at Calvary.
My, I can see Him when He died there and walked down at Calvary, down through the stair steps are He passed by those souls that were in prison, that repented not in the days of Noah, knocked at the door, "You should've heard the message of the prophet."

E-19 On down He went into hell, knocked at the door, and Satan opened up. Said, "Oh, so after all You got here, did You?" Said, "I thought I had You when I slayed Abel. I was sure I had you when I put Daniel in the lions den, the Hebrew children in the fiery furnace." Christ was in every one of them. "Then," said, "when I beheaded John, I thought I had You then. Then I thought I had You on Calvary, but now, You're here."
I can hear Him say, "Satan, I'm the virgin born Son of God. My Blood is still dripping from the cross yonder. I've come down to take over. You made people fear, scared them, and run them around corners and everything else, but You can't do it no more. Give Me the keys of death and hell." Took them from his side, hung them on His side, walked up through the other stair steps, knocked on the door where I could hear a shouting meeting in there. And there stood Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rebekah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, all the prophets.
I hear Him knocking at the door and say, "Who is there?" Abraham opens up the door, why, here's the Seed of Abraham. Here's the Root and Offspring of David. Here's the Stone that Isaiah saw cut out of the mountain without hands.

E-20 He said, "Now, you believe, and the goats and heifer's blood could not take away sin; it only covered it up. But My Blood has divorced sin and put it away forever. We're going home now. It's coming daylight in Jerusalem, and we've got to be moving along."
I can hear Abraham say, "Lord, can we make a little whistle stop as we go through Jerusalem? Well, I'd like to look the old city over." Amen.
Some of that same noise will come in this grave yard across here, some of these days, "Can we make a whistle stop?"
I can hear Him say, "I've got to talk over a few things with My disciples, about forty days." Sure, look around the country. And on Easter morning, when He come out of the grave, according to Matthew 27, "The many of the saints that slept in the dust of the earth, rose out of the grave and come out and appeared unto many."

E-21 I can see Caiaphas say... I can see Abraham and Sarah, as young people walking down the streets, looking the old city over, and the priest say, "I seen them people somewhere." And they disappeared just like Jesus coming through that wall, the same kind of a glorified body. Yes. But brother, on that last day, after the Pentecost, before Pentecost, when He ascended up on high, as He went up, the Bible said, "He went with them." He went up and they went with Him.
I can see Him going on above the moon, the stars, Him and the Old Testament saints, going into the Presence of God. When they get way out there somewhere, millions of miles beyond where any scope could ever see, way in there, it come close to the city. I can hear the Old Testament saints when they see the city say, "Lift up, ye everlasting gates, and be ye lifted up. Let the King of glory come in."
I can hear an angelic choir back over there, holler, said, "Who is this King of glory?"
"The Lord of hosts, mighty in battle, lift up the gates."

E-22 I can see the Angels press the button, the big gates fly loose, and Jesus that Conqueror Who led captive captive and give gifts to men, walking down through the streets of Jerusalem, with the Old Testament saints right down to the throne of God. Said, "Here they are. They was faithful. Here they are. I've went down and redeemed them."
I can hear Him say, "Climb up here and sit on this throne till I make every enemy Your footstool. I got to send You back again someday." Hallelujah.
I believe it, brother. He is the Lamb of God to take away the sin of the world. There He is, the lovely One. The things that He did here, while He was on earth, He give all the power back to His Church, and the Church fails to recognize that.

E-23 I said, "I found two classes of people," listen on my third time around the world, since I've been here. And I find two classes of people. One of them is the fundamentalist; the other one is the Pentecostal. And the fundamentalists positionally know their place, but they haven't got much faith with it. And the Pentecostal has got plenty of faith, but don't know who they are.
It's just like a man has got a lot of money in the bank and ain't got... Don't know how to write a check, and the next man can write a check, and ain't got no money in the bank. If you can ever get them together, that's the you'll have it. If they'd only realize who you are. You're sons and daughters of God, heirs of the Kingdom. Right now we are kings. Claim your legal rights. Don't let Satan press anything on you. You're of God. And he's has got no rights to hold it.

E-24 Everybody is always looking at their symptoms. The pastor will pray for them; they go over and say, "Well, I don't seem to be any better." Well, that's not healing. Symptoms is the worst thing that's... That's one of the greatest scarecrows the devil's got. Symptoms don't have nothing to do with it, it's because God said so.
My, if there's anybody ever had a case of symptoms, it was Jonah. He ought to had symptoms, backslid, hands tied behind him, in the belly of a whale, about a mile deep in the ocean, a stormy sea, sea weeds wrapped around his neck. Talk about symptoms, he looked this way, it was whales belly. He looked that way it was whales belly. Everywhere he looked was whales belly. But he said, "They're lying vanities." Right. "He said, "I won't look at these whales belly any more, but once more will I look to Your holy temple, Lord." Depends on what you're looking at. If you're looking at your symptoms they'll be there. If you look to God's Word, symptoms will have to vanish.
Why did Jonah do that? Is because that he knowed that when Solomon dedicated that temple, he said, "Lord, if Thy children be in trouble any place, and will looks towards this holy place and pray, then You hear from heaven."

E-25 And he believed that God heard Solomon's prayer. And if Jonah under those circumstances could believe that God heard Solomon's prayer, how much more ought we, when we look once more to Thy holy temple, where Jesus sets at the right hand of the Majesty in heaven, with a bleeding... His Own body as a sacrifice. "Once more will I look to Thy holy temple, Lord." Yes, sir. God kept him alive for three days and nights, and delivered him over in Nineveh where he belonged.
Notice, how marvelous. Symptoms is just like... In the morning some of you women here, what if the--the postal man in the morning, or say the railroad express agent would come up to your house and say, "Miss John Doe?"
"I have something here was sent to you." And you look at it.
And you say, "What is that?" And you look into it, it's a big box. And in there's a big box of rattlesnakes. "Why," you say, "I don't want those things."
"But they're yours; somebody sent them to you."
"Why," you say, "I don't want them."

E-26 "But now, Miss Doe, here's your name on it. Somebody sent them to you; they're yours." And he will do everything he can to make you take them. Now, in one sense they're yours, in another sense they're not. They're not yours till you sign for them. But if you refuse to sign for them, he have to take them back to express agent; he has to send them back to the one that sent them.
Don't you sign for nothing the devil brought; refuse to have it. Don't have it. No, sir. The devil put that affliction. The devil put that disease there; just refuse to see it. Just say, "No, sir. I won't sign. I won't testify for nothing you said. I will testify by His stripes I am healed." Brother, he will take it back.

E-27 "Oh," you say, "yeah, but I know. But here it is." Oh, sure, the snakes are there too. Your name is penned unto it. He might've marked you for a death with a cancer, with anything else. But refuse to see it. No, sir. "By His stripes I'm healed."
"Testify" means "say the same thing." If I testify in court, something another, I got the say the thing that I seen. And "testify" means "say the same thing God said." And I've got to say what He said. He said, "By His stripes I'm healed." And I believe it. Amen. Then I will tell you. Listen to this children. The Word of God will--will defeat Satan anywhere, any place, on any conditions, anytime.
When Jesus was here He was God. God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself, but He never used any of His gifts. When He met Satan, He brought the Kingdom of God so low, till the weakest of Christian can use it. When Satan come to Him and said, "If Thou be the Son of God, command these stones..."
He said, "It is written." The Word. He took Him up, tried to whitewash the Word for Him. And Jesus said, "And it is also written."
He took Him up to the top of the mountain, said, he had to look all these kingdoms, "I will give them to you if You'll worship me."
He said, "It is written." There it is.

E-28 And it is written, "Whatsoever things you desire when you pray, believe you receive it; you shall have it." Then defeat Satan with the Word of God. Just say, "It's written. God promised me. I go to church and the pastor anointed me with oil, prayed for me, and I was prayed for. That's exactly what God said would happen. And it's written." Just go right on refuse to have it. God will bring it to pass.
Now, in the days, a moment before the reading or closing here, a little service... Then we're going to have the prayer. Look in the days now when Simeon just before the coming of the Lord, it was just about like a day like this: cold, indifferent.
We're talking about America has got a great revival. I don't know where it's at. I've never seen it yet.

E-29 A certain evangelist, well-known passed through the country here not long ago, had a six weeks revival, and claimed he had twenty thousand converts in a six weeks revival. In about another two months, they went back, and couldn't find twenty. You know what's the matter? They're just asking them to stand up and accept Christ as personal Saviour, and letting it go at that. Brother, you've got to born again. You've got to have something supernatural to happen. Theology is all right, and psychology is all right, but it won't take the place of the power of God.
Jesus said, "In the last days they'd have a form of godliness, preach the Blood and everything else, but would deny the power thereof; from such turn away." We're living in that day.
Simeon, old, about eighty years old, fine reputation, certainly, he was an old sage and a renown man. He had a fine reputation among the people. And now, he said the Holy Ghost promised him that he wasn't going to see death until he seen the Lord's Christ. Good reason to testify about it, isn't it? So he goes out and begins to tell all of his brethren that he wasn't going to die until he seen the Christ. Could you imagine, some of them said, "Look! Poor old Simeon. That man's about cracked up, sure enough, because the old fellow has lost his mind. Why look, we've looked for Christ for four thousand years, and look what kind of a condition we're in now. You think Christ would come now?"

E-30 But he said, "The Holy Ghost told me so." So he believed it. And he wasn't ashamed of it. And he goes and tells people that he wasn't going to die, until--until he seen the Holy... till he seen the holy Child. Well, that news didn't scatter them like it does now. They didn't have the radio and press. So after while there was some magis saw a star come across the skies. There wasn't one observatory saw it. The stargazers who were standing out looking for stars, and that star passed right over every one of them, and not one of them saw it. Why? They wasn't expecting to see it. But these men had listened to Balaam's prophecy, that there'd be a star of Jacob rise, and they were looking for it. Hallelujah. You usually get what you expect. You come to criticize the meeting, you... The devil will show you something to criticize. You coming to get healed, God will see that you get it. You usually get what you expect. Yes, say, "I was expecting this, and I was expecting that." What you expect, God will see that you get, you'll usually get it.
These magis were expecting that star, they were watching for it. And when saw it come, they followed it, and it went right over every one of them people and they never saw it. A few shepherds out on the hill was herding their sheep. When Jesus was born they came into the city. And Angels sang, 'cause there's singing at the birth of a King. And the angelic Beings reached over the banisters of heaven and sang of the glory of God, peace on earth and good will to man.

E-31 Then into the city they went. There wasn't very much them days, excitement, only amongst the common people, that they was looking to see what would take place. Then let's notice what taken place again then. Let's take eight days: it was the custom then of the Jewish ceremony that the child should come and be circumcised, and the mother would have to offer a sacrifice for purification. A rich man, a rich child could offer a lamb. A peasant offering was two turtledoves. Let's get a little drama for a moment.
It's Monday morning. The eight days, it was probably about two million Jews then in Palestine, so I suppose there'd be at least a hundred and fifty, two hundred women every morning, standing for the circumcision of their babies, and--and the purification for themselves. Let's look down along that long line of women, this morning, many hundreds around the temple.
And I looked, standing way down there, along some of them, holding a little lamb, as they're leading up for their time for their baby, their babies wrapped in pink and blue, and so forth, coming up along the line, silk needlework. But I see standing there, a little woman, puts you mind of the Holy Ghost Church, just a little despised. She had kind of a black name. A little virgin stood there, about seventeen years old, engaged to a man. And she had a baby in her arms. Some of them say, pointing their finger to her. "Look at the baby. It isn't wrapped in fine needle cloth, but it has got swaddling's cloth wrapped around It." That's what they take off the back of the yoke of an ox, when they plows. There's nothing in the stable to wrap it in, so they just took that off and wrapped it.

E-32 I imagine holding two turtledoves, a peasants offering... Well, what was wrapped in swaddling's cloth? The King of kings, the Lord of lords. The rest of them stood their space. They didn't want to get near there. They were too good. That's about the way the people feel today.
Way back over in prayer room there was an old priest setting there, by the name of Simeon. The Holy Ghost had promised him he was going to see Him. I see him reading the scrolls, Isaiah 9 and 6: "Unto us a child is born, us a son is given."
About that time the Holy Ghost said, "Stand up, Simeon." The Holy Ghost has promised, the Holy Ghost will lead.
Simeon stood up and said, "Yes, Lord."

E-33 Said, "Start walking." Here he goes. He don't know where he's going; the Holy Ghost is leading him. You believe in being led by the Holy Ghost? Out through the temple he went, mingling along these people, goes up to this line of women, walks down the line, led by the Holy Spirit, stopped in front of this little despised woman, looked up into her face, took that baby out of his arms, wrapped in swaddling's cloth; the tears running off of his beard; said, "Lord, let Thy servant depart in peace, according to Thy Word, for my eyes have seen Your Salvation." The Holy Ghost led him.
Notice. Way over in a corner, sitting there, which didn't leave day nor night, was an old blind prophetess, Ann. She couldn't read, but she stayed in the temple and prayed. She was looking for the consolation of Israel, blind we're taught.

E-34 The Holy Ghost said, "Ann, stand." Here stands this blind prophetess. Here she comes winding her way through the crowd: blind, led by the Spirit, moving along. Directly, she comes right straight to where Simeon was standing, lifted up her hands, and blessed God, led by the Holy Spirit. There's no two Holy Spirit's. There's only One. And the same reason that you're here tonight, you sick people, the same Holy Ghost that led Simeon, the same Holy Ghost that led Ann, has led you here, for you believe that there's a fountain open somewhere for healing. It's here, God moving among His people, believing.
I remember when Florence Nightingale, when we landed in London, England. I was in Houston when I got her picture. You see it in the book there. Florence Nightingale her--her grandmother founded the Red Cross. She sent many letters and three or four airplane tickets to fly to Durban, South Africa: nothing but a skeleton. Cancer on the duodenum of the stomach. All the best surgeons through out the lands couldn't touch her. It was growed plumb over, covered her stomach over. She'd cried and begged. And I committed it to the Lord, and said, "Lord, if You'll just heal her, I will go down there someday."

E-35 And I went over to England; I was going there. The king had sent me a cablegram, to come for his multiple sclerosis, after Mr. Leymond in Fort Wayne had been healed. I told him, "I only could pray and do what the Lord would say do."
Mr. Leymond was setting in the meeting, bed patient for ten years. I looked out there and seen a vision of him, walking. I said, I said, "Sir, the Lord Jesus has made you whole. Stand up!" And a man had been a bed patient for ten years walked down through the building. He was a friend of King George's private secretary. I got his seal, his letter, and everything. Second day he played eighteen holes of golf, after he couldn't stand up the next day five minutes at a time. Amazing grace how sweet the sound!
Look. I heard a page down there at the international airport. And I went in there, and Mr. Baxter, one of the managers went in, while the rest of us was going on. And said, "Florence Nightingale has just flew in a few minutes ahead." Said, "She's dying out here in a plane." Why there was thousands of people had gathered there. I couldn't even get near the place. I told that Anglican minister, I said, "Take her to your parsonage. I'm going down to Westminster Abbey. And after that, I'm going over to Buckingham Palace. I will be to see you." And I didn't get to see her till the next morning.

E-36 And they come and got me, and I went into her room. And Christian friends, if you'd have ever seen that sight, a woman almost about five foot ten inches tall, laying there. When I went in, she couldn't move, she was laying like that. Her doctor was there and two nurses, several of the ministers, the Anglican ministers. She was saying something with her lips. I couldn't hear her.
She wanted to shake my hand, so the nurse picked up her hand and laid it in mine. Just like touching that, it was just bones.
Georgie Carter, at Milltown, Indiana, was the skinniest girl I ever saw, she weighed thirty pounds when she was healed. She's my piano player there now, by a vision.

E-37 I looked at her. What a feeling, a mortal being like some of us here tonight, we are, all... And holding her hand... So she was trying to say something else. The nurse got down to say what she'd say. She said, "I want Brother Branham to see my body." And they pulled the sheet down. I'm in a mixed audience; you listen to your doctor, so I'm your brother. But as a woman in the breast here had dropped plumb through her ribs. And in here, her stomach was about that flat. The cancer had eat her so, until the ring in her hip, the bone, the skin was sticking together through the ring of the hip. Her legs was about that big around, couldn't move. The veins had collapsed. She said to the nurse to tell me, ask him to let... "Have God to let me die." She couldn't die.

E-38 And I looked. Knowing that square head there, where all the flesh was off, just the--just the skull, tears was coming out of her eyes. I wondered where there was enough moisture to make those tears. I couldn't ask her.
The nurse said, "Rev. Branham," said, "she's a worthy person." Said, "She's read your literature in your books, and she said while she was in Africa, if she could even get where you were at, that God would make her well."
I thought, "Oh, my." And there I was--was... just walking around through England. I said, "Of course, I can only pray for her, but I couldn't ask God to let her die." So I said, "Will you brethren, the doctor and all of you, will you kneel for prayer?" Brother Baxter, Brother Gordon Lindsay, and many of them that you know, knelt in the room. And if any of you has been in England, along in April, you know it's awful foggy there. It was upstairs in a place, the parsonage was down this... Why, the church this way, one of those big Anglican churches. And I knelt down by a window, was about that high from me; I said, "Our Father, who art in heaven," about that time something come flying through the bushes. It was a little turtledove. He sit on the edge of this window, looked right down like that, and begin to walk back and forth, up-and-down the window, going "Coo-coo-coo-coo." I continued to pray. The rest of the ministers stopped.
When I said, amen, in a few minutes, and raised up, the little dove took his flight and flew away. The minister said, "Did you notice that dove?"

E-39 I started to say, "I seen the... or noticed the dove." And when I started to say that, my voice changed, and said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, this woman will live and not die." And today, she weighs a hundred and fifty-five pounds, in perfect health. Why? All things are possible to them that believe. She was so hungering and thirsting and having faith that God did not turn her down. Neither will He turn you down. There's her picture in a book, her address, testimony and so forth. That's one among the thousands.
Sister Reed, I wonder if you could play: "Abide With Me," for a moment. He's here tonight, don't you believe it? Let us bow our heads a moment.
O Life-giver, the great Jehovah-jireh, God's provided Sacrifice for the sinner, Great Jehovah-rapha, God's provided Sacrifice for the sick, Jehovah-manasseh, our joy, our buckle our shield, come near in the Person of Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit bathe this audience. We're nearing something, the ending of the age. We're responsible people for preaching the Gospel. That's all we can do. God, there--this little group of people gathered out here in the tabernacle tonight for the hearing of the Word... "Faith cometh by hearing, hearing of the Word."

E-40 Bless Your people tonight, real good. May all sin leave; that is unbelief. May there be just pure, holy, unadulterated faith throughout this entire audience. May the Holy Spirit speak healing to every sick person, peace to every wearied and troubled soul, inside and out. May God get glory out of the service for we ask it in Christ's Name. Amen.
Brother Reed has explained to you how we give prayer cards; that's our--only to keep the line ordered. There's ten healed in the audience while one on the platform. I--I can't heal. God knows that, and you know it too. There's nothing in any man that could heal you. A doctor don't claim to be a healer. He only claims to assist nature. God's the Healer. I've been interviewed twice by Mayo Brothers. They said, "We're not healers, Brother Branham." Said, "We only assist nature."

E-41 Now, God put them here. They do their work. That's what they're supposed to do. But they can set a bone, take out a tooth, or whatevermore. But that don't heal you. That only sets the bone. God has to make it grow. Pull a tooth, but who's going to heal the socket. Take out an appendix, but who'll heal the tissue that's cut? God has to. Medicine doesn't build tissue; it only keeps clean while God heals.
Now, as a minister, I'm only His representative to pray for you. And by a Divine gift, and of the anointing of the Holy Spirit you seen the picture of It in the book tonight... I wished I'd have brought lots of those pictures. I got them. I just have to buy the books, and have to buy the pictures myself. They're not mine. And I give them out to the peoples. And if you could see that same Pillar of Fire that led the children of Israel. He's here now. He's the Angel of the covenant, which was Christ Jesus. And He's here now.

E-42 Well now, He knows all things. I know nothing. But He knows you; I do not. The only people along in this building tonight, that I can recognize at all, I know, is Brother and Sister Sheply sitting here, is the only one's that I can remember. I know Brother Glover and them, sitting back there; I remember them. Now, as far as that, I might've seen you all before, but I guess there's not a person that I--I can recognize right now at the time. But God knows every one of you, and every bite of food you've ever took, He fed you. Every drink of water you ever had, every breath you ever breathed, come from God.

E-43 Now, he can stand here, and maybe if there's sin in your life, or something, that's caused you to be sick, He can reveal that. You'll have to make that right. But healing will have to be your individual faith in Christ. Now, just as a preacher would preach the Gospel, you'd believe and be saved, so do you believe Divine healing and be healed.
The only legitimate way that we can give our prayer cards is give them out every day, a new group every day. That gives everybody, maybe they... Some was here, what if we give out all the prayer cards yesterday, and just call from them on down. Well, then the people that come in tonight, couldn't have got a prayer card. But every day we give out a new group, and call from some certain place, along through the prayer cards, just to get a few up here, for the Holy Spirit start anointing, then It turns to the audience. And then anybody that's in this audience, and I challenge your faith in Jesus Christ's Name.

E-44 If you believe that I told you the truth on the unadulterated Word of God, you look this way tonight, and say, "Brother Branham, I believe your story is the truth. And I'm trusting God that you are telling me the truth." For it look like friends, before millions of people, and around the world, it's got to be truth. It's been tried in every fiery furnace the devil's got. If I could stand here and tell you some of the things, and see how God every time wades her through triumph, for it's His Message. And I'm preaching, or saying to you tonight, this same thing I said seven years ago when I was here, and this is His third time around the world: When I see you at the gates of glory, I will have this same testimony. Don't vary a bit; it's the same. Only it's growing greater and greater all the time, and will until the Lord Jesus comes.

E-45 Now, last night we called from the part of the cards. Let's call from the--about the last fifteen, about from eighty-five to a hundred, we'd say tonight, I believe that come upon there. Who has prayer card 85? Raise up your hand. Prayer card 85. Well, maybe... Did you... From fifty to a hundred? Prayer card 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90 on up to a 100. We can't get but about ten or fifteen. Was... Can you take fifteen? Can you hold fifteen? All right, let's let... Let from eighty-five to hundred. I think last night we only ten. Let's try fifteen tonight, so they won't stand too much, in a line. See? They got someone in there... Now, you turn over... Look at your neighbor and see if his--his prayer card has got that number on it. He might be deaf and he can't hear. You see? And he--he won't know his number is called. So look on your prayer card and see.

E-46 Now, how many in here that hasn't got a prayer card, or would like to be prayed for, let's see your hands, right here. Raise up your hand. Just raise up your hand, say, "I haven't got prayer cards. And I--I'm not called in this number, but I yet, want to be prayed for. Raise up your hand. Just say, "I--I want you to pray for me."
Now, I challenge you at this. Now, let them that I called first, stand first. Maybe I can get to you in a few minutes, some of you that have prayer cards. And I see this father sitting here with this baby has got a prayer card. And now, if you come right over this way and line up in--in a--down here at this side.

E-47 Now, I'm going to ask everyone to be real reverent, if you will, while we're praying for the sick, just real reverent. And now, you out there in the audience, while they're lining up, look this way. Now, if you'll be reverent, and believe that I've told you the truth, and if Almighty God is here to confirm His Word, the Holy Spirit will move out in the audience there, and you'll be healed right where you're setting. You believe that? How many believes that, raises your hands. How many has been in previous meetings and seen what has happened in the meetings? Let's see your hand. Well, then you're--you're not a strangers, when you see what the Holy Spirit does. Now, let's pray now while we bow our heads.

E-48 Lord Jesus we're just nearer the time that when the prayer line is to come forward. I stand here, Lord, just as helpless as any man could be. Without You we can do nothing. But with You, we can do all things. And I pray Thee, Father, tonight, that You'll help Thou Thy servant. God, be near me. I need You now. I'm representing Your beloved Son, Christ Jesus.
Now, I pray that You'll come near, Holy Spirit. May the Angel of God draw all near now. May the audience be in so submission, that He will move right out through the audience, and may there not be one feeble person left among us tonight, when the service closes. God, hear the prayer of Your servant, as we pray and ask for with all of our heart, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.

E-49 I'm going to ask this: if everywhere that you will be real reverent during this part of the service. Now, after the service goes a few nights, it's kind of new to me, this--this, because I--I haven't... Our staff is not here. We have a whole staff of men, Brother Bosworth, Brother Baxter, Brother Sharritt, and a whole group of us, that we work together. And we just... I just loved you people so, that I just had to drop down and say, "Hello."
Brother Reed said, "If you don't preach just come down and set along with us awhile." That was... Made me feel good to know that I still got my dear, sweet friends. Tom Merrideth, many of you might've heard him, he has been in a meeting up here. He come by the Tabernacle the other day, and said, "Brother Branham, you still got thousands of friends in Arkansas." Said, "A lot of them still healed."
Was up here at this little place called Pine... or some little place up the road here about twenty miles, it's where that man's--that little girl was healed, that time that was dying there in that hospital, you know, with some kind of a.. [A man says, "Walnut Ridge."--Ed.] Walnut Ridge, that's what it is. Walnut Ridge is somewhere up in that way. He had been holding meetings.

E-50 And by the way, is that man here, is that little girl here. I'd like to see her again. I don't know what his name was. ["Morgan."] Morgan, Mr. Morgan. I'd like to see the little girl again, while we're in the country. And she's from up here somewhere, I think, Walnut Ridge, wasn't that right? Walnut Ridge, yes. ["I will tell him tomorrow."] Thank you, brother. I'd imagine she's a young lady now.
I remember, going down... They called, said she was dying, and I was riding in Brother Johnson's car. I seen a vision come before me, and water started running like that. I seen the little girl going down along side of the waters. And He said, "Now, go tell him, 'Waters are running clear ahead.'"
The third day the little girl was in school, when they was standing there pumping oxygen to her. Said, "There's no hopes." But when all hope is gone, then He is our hope. Now, if everybody be real reverent, and be in prayer... I want you to rejoice, certainly, to rejoice.

E-51 But now, just... You just loaned your faith here. See? I don't want you to get any suspicion in your mind; just let it all go aside now, and say, "Now, Lord, I'm going to set down and believe. And I want You to speak to me, out here, and speak to my heart. And help me, for I need help."
And now, as I pray for the sick, the Lord Jesus bless each one of now, as you--as you set reverently and try to be just as reverent and quiet as you can. After the patient's prayed for, if they wish to rejoice and thank God, that's wonderful. Just go right ahead. That's right. It lets you loose. And--and but... Now, when the diagnose you see... You see, it's under opposition. Like here's people behind me; they're spirits. Here's people here; they're spirits. Here's people out here that's spirit. There's people here spirits, all around. Then you've got to single down.
Now, I can... Right now, as I know the Angel of the Lord is a coming near, I can feel the pull of faith begin to start in the audience. You see? Now, you can just imagine where it's all around you. You say, "Brother Branham, what about that?"
Well, Jesus took a man led him outside the city one time. When He raised Jairus' daughter, He put everybody out of the house. Peter, when he raised Dorcas, he put everybody out of the house. There's something to be alone with the individual. So it is hard.

E-52 Now, a vision like here, now the man... Here, the man that's coming now, this man coming here... I--I never seen the man. I never--I never seen him; don't know him, know nothing about him. And he's a stranger to me. As far as I know, I might've seen him, but don't--wouldn't recognize it. Did you see me in the other meeting when I was here? [A man says, "Corning."--Ed.] What is... In Corning. What is your name, sir? ["Grubbs."] Grubbs. Mr. Grubbs. I'm glad to meet you, sir. The Lord bless you.
Now, he's--he's just my brother. 'Course, I wouldn't remember, the thousands of people. He said that he was in the Corning meeting, when I was at Corning, Arkansas. But now, the only way that I'd ever know anything of that man, the Holy Spirit will have to come and reveal it. And then if the Holy Spirit tells him what is, in his life, and what he has done, he knows that's the truth. It'll never fail. And then if He tells him what will be, if the Holy Spirit knows what is, and that he knows that's the truth, he should believe what will be. See? You have no right to doubt that. Whether he will do it or not, I do not know. It's kind of hard after preaching, for that anointing to get on you just right, 'cause preaching you're preaching under a blessing. And anointing is something that just quietens you down. There's something goes out from you. You see? It's a different anointing altogether. See? And now, if everyone will just be reverent, I want to talk to the man just enough to catch his spirit. After one or two, then It'll start, and then you just be reverent. Be in prayer wherever you're setting. Just keep your seat and be real reverent. Be reverent. Be in prayer.

E-53 I just want to talk to him like the Master did the woman at the well. Now, brother, have you lived around Arkansas here, about all your life, I suppose? Well, that's fine now. It's fifty years. That's a great state. Everywhere I've went in the world, nearly, I've found somebody, looked like, from Arkansas. But ever...
I say this one thing: The Arkansas people, I don't say this 'cause I'm before this microphone. The Angel of the Lord is here at this platform. But I have never found...?... world any nicer and more faithful and lovely people than comes out of the state Arkansas. Because one thing, they're not the richest people in the world. They still got the old American traits of believing God, living right.
Someone told me today that there's--this is a dry county. [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] I'd like to raise my children in a place like this. That's right. God bless them.

E-54 Now, you're subject... You know that's something is going on. But now, That won't hurt you. See? Now, That's just the Holy Spirit coming near here. It's a... You seen the picture of It awhile ago, that Pillar of Fire. Did you ever see It?
A lady here has got a book. Bring me that yellow book, will you, sister there? Wished I would've brought some of those pictures. How many ever--never did see It, let's see your hand, never even seen a picture of the Angel? Here It is. This is by the American Photographer Association, hangs in the religious hall of art in New York City, the only supernatural Being that was ever taken in all the world's history. You can see the Pillar of Fire.
Here's George J. Lacy the head of the FBI. There's his signed signature that It was a supernatural Being there, when It was taken before thirty thousand people. And you see that, it said, "It looked like a yellow... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]

E-55 ...?... right in this here. The Lord bless you. All right, you just be real reverent now ,sister. And just stand... I--I would... If I could help you, I would do it. But I--I can't do it.
You was wondering about your wife then, wasn't you, sir? I wasn't reading your mind, but you was wondering, your wife--your wife also has arthritis and heart trouble. Isn't that right?
Stand up, sister, and just accept your healing then. God bless you. I seen you trying to help her across the floor, when she gets up at morning. Isn't that right? Walking across the floor, helping in the morning. Isn't that so? Wasn't that right? It's the truth. I seen a vision move right there, and I seen him helping her across the floor. All right. Go home now, and both of you get well. May the Lord bless you and make you well.
Sister, do you believe with all your heart? Well, I--I am your brother. And 'course, I--if anything, mother, if anything I could do to help you, I would sure do it. But I--I can't. No, I'm just... I'm just God's servant. You see? The only thing that I know how to do is to pray for you. That's--that's all that I know.

E-56 You a, you've--you've--you've had an operation, though haven't you? On your eye. [A lady says, "No."--Ed.] It's something on your eye there? ["No, my eye went blind two weeks ago."] Oh, yes, uh-huh. That's it. There's where it was at. ["I had cancer. But, I've also had a--a accident."] Uh-huh. Long time ago that caused that eye to go out. Do that kind of trouble you? ["This just happened last... two weeks ago."] I mean, it's that accident what--what I'm talking about. See? It happened and caused your eye to go bad. And you believe that growth will go off your shoulder too? ["Yes, I do. I--I was healed once. There was three lumps there. I had cancer in my stomach. And...?... said, 'Anybody has cancer raise their hands and praise the Lord.' I raised my hand, I couldn't hold it..."] Sure. Listen to this testimony. Can you hear that? ["And he prayed, got through praying, Something reached down and took my hand, and the pain went away. And I've never had anymore."] Well, the Lord... ["And there were three knots there. And they went into one. Well, that has never hurt me since. Of course, it never went away."] Yes, ma'am. ["But I had an accident, my--my nephew...?...drive me to the hospital. My husband was...?... University Hospital...?... And he went to sleep, and I hollered that was going to hit... we was running a red light... "] Yes, ma'am. ["We saw a car. And I bumped the windshield and my neck just popped like that. And he throwed the brakes so quick."] Yes, ma'am. ["And my whole back...?... out. Well...?..."]
All right. Now, you just hold this right in your hand, sister, while I have prayer now. You bow your head now, everybody, while I have prayer.

E-57 Our heavenly Father, this poor woman standing here, nervous, upset, can't sleep at night, and she's in need of prayer, and she comes tonight, Lord, so nervous. She's got a lump on her side here. And I ask You to be merciful to her and heal her. Grant eternal God, that Your blessings be upon her now. May she go in peace and may she get well, Father, and return, showing the people here even before this service closes, this week, that God has healed her. Hear the prayer of Your servant, as I ask in Jesus Name. Amen.
God bless you now, mother. Go and rejoice. Yes, ma'am. God bless you. Poor little thing... See? All right.
How do you do, sister. Like you're pretty weak just believing... Oh, I like that sign, "Mother." I think there's five Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, mother. Mother gets the baby first. She has the way of raising it, training it. Got an old mother at home tonight, there's just hardly nothing like mother to the baby. You take the little fellow, and probably those hands that stroked back the tears from the eyes when it was crying. When it was hurt you kissed it. It would go away. But, your trouble tonight, just a kiss from a mortal wouldn't take it away. It'll take from God. You got tumor in your kidney. Is that right? [A lady says, "That's what the doctor said. I ain't seen his x-rays."--Ed.] Come here then.

E-58 Lord God, be merciful to her. I pray that You'll heal her. May she go off this platform, Lord, and get well. Poor little thing, all bent down, broke down here, may Your blessings be upon her, I ask in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you now, mother. Go rejoicing...?...
I don't blame you, mother...?... Now, you might think that was strange, but let the Lord just have His way. When you feel good, you can hardly keep from expressing how you feel. Bless her heart.
You've had some trouble too, haven't you, lady, setting there with the little red jacket on, setting right there? Doctors don't even know what's wrong with you. One says you got something wrong with your lungs, and one says something wrong with your stomach. Isn't that right? They're all wrong. I'm not reading your mind, but you were setting thinking about that then, and wondering what would take place...?... Why don't you just raise up and say, "Lord Jesus, I accept You as my Healer," and then go home and forget about your sickness and get well.

E-59 Lord Jesus, I pray that You'll bless the poor little woman. Your servants the doctors can't find it. But we know Satan is laying there. Satan, you have hid from the doctor, but you can't hide from God. Come out of her, in Jesus' Name, I ask that you leave her. Amen.
Now, little sister, you go and testify to the glory of God. Just get your mind off of him; go on, get all right. God bless you, lady.
You didn't have a prayer card, did you? You didn't have prayer card; you wasn't subject to calling in the line. Well, that's all right. You don't have to have. All right, sir.

E-60 How do you do, sir. You believe with all your heart? Do you believe the Lord Jesus will make you well? This is... His works are marvelous, aren't they? Isn't your trouble in your chest? It's a retarded TB, isn't it? It's caused from a collection of something, of dust, I'd say, rock dust. Is that right? And also, the greatest need you have tonight is Jesus Christ, isn't that right? as your personal Saviour? For you're not a Christian. Will you accept Him now as your personal Saviour? Raise up your hand, say, "I accept Jesus Christ."
Almighty God, Author of Life, Giver of every good gift, send Thy blessings upon the man and heal him. And may every sin be forgiven; may he go out from here tonight, and be a servant of Yours the rest of his days. God bless my dear brother tonight. May Your grace take care of Him now, and heal him, forgive him, and send him in peace in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.

E-61 God bless you. You accept Him now as your Saviour. You're my brother, now. And you go in the same Holy Spirit that knowed the woman at the well, knows your troubles. Just go right ahead now. Serve the Lord. Be baptized. Call upon the Name of the Lord, and you'll get well and be all right. If God knows what you was, what you have been, He knows what you will be. You take my word now: go and serve the Lord with all your heart, that'll all leave. God bless you.
Let us say, "Praise be to God." [Congregation says, "Praise be to God."--Ed.]

E-62 How do you do. Mighty sweet little lady, I have a little girl at home almost your size. And I just want you to look this way, to me, just a little bit. And I just want to talk to you. I think you're a nice little girl. And I like those little beads, or what do you call them? What do you call that? [Someone says, "Hair barrette."--Ed.] Hair barrette in your hair. I think they're pretty. And you like to go to school? You like to go to Sunday school too, don't you? Look here. I want to ask you something. If Jesus, the Son of God was standing here tonight, and He would see you standing here, He'd talk to you. And He loved little children, didn't He? He put His hands on them and blessed them.
Now, if He was standing here, He'd tell you right where your trouble was and what was wrong with you. Then He'd lay His hands upon you and bless you, and you'd go away and well, wouldn't you? Well, do you believe He sent Brother Branham to do His work? Then to make your little heart believe that, and to know that, your trouble is in your side, isn't it? It's in your right side. Isn't that right? It's a little fatty tumor on the inside of your--on the inside of your diaphragm in there. They don't know just exactly what it was. They couldn't say what it was, but the trouble's in your right side. Isn't that right? Doctor with a gray coat on was the one examined you. Now, you--you believe that now? And you're going home to get well. You believe that? Now, come here.

E-63 Dear heavenly Father, I pray Thee, to bless this little girl. And may she go home and be well. I rebuke this demon that's trying to bother the child. May it go out of her tonight. May it go and may the child live and serve You. And may this never bother her no more, in Jesus Christ's Name I ask it. Amen. Amen.
God bless you, honey. Now, you go thanking the Lord Jesus and just... You'll get all... Amen.
Let's say, "Praise be to God." [Congregation says, "Praise be to God."]
How do you do, sister. Your trouble is serious, isn't it? You believe that He will make you well through...?... [A lady speaks to Brother Branham--Ed.] You have many...?...
Let's ask the Lord.

E-64 Lord Jesus, I pray that You bless her...?... deeply, but Thou can move all troubles. I pray that You'll heal her tonight, and may she go home and get well in the Name of Jesus Christ, may it leave her. Amen. Now, go believing, sister. Let me hear from you a little later.
Let's say, "Thanks be to God." [Congregation says, "Thanks be to God."--Ed.]...?...
Come. It's your daddy? Don't cry, dad. That little girl was healed, and you were wondering about you're little boy there, aren't you? You were praying, wasn't you? He heard your prayer. Your little boy has got something wrong in his neck and head there...?... Isn't that right? Put your hand over on the child.
Lord Jesus, I rebuke that demon that would bother that child. In the Name of Jesus Christ may it leave him. Come out of him. God bless you, dad. Don't fear. The baby get all right.

E-65 Look here, sir. Wouldn't you like to go and eat like you used to? All right. Do you believe me to be God's prophet? Go, eat your supper then, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and that stomach trouble will leave.
You'd like to do the same thing, wouldn't you? Is that right? All right. Go eat your supper then. The Lord bless you. Go and serve Him with all your heart.
Look, you get nervous...?... isn't that right? All that nervousness has caused your stomach like that. Just go on forget about it. Go home and...?... The Lord be with you.
All right. Come, sir. You believe me to be God's servant? His prophet? Your trouble's in your back, isn't it, sir? Go home. Jesus Christ has made you well. God bless you.
Let's say, "Praise be to God." [Congregation says, "Praise be to God."--Ed.]

E-66 Do you love Him with all your heart? Now, the Holy Spirit is here. There ain't nothing can be hid from Him now. The Angel of the Lord is near to do the exceedingly abundantly. Just start praying out there now, and believe Him with all your heart. See if He isn't God. See if the things that I have asked, that I've told you about, if they're not the truth. Anywhere, any place, have faith in God. All right, sir.
You want to be made well? Lord Jesus, I pray that You'll bless him, and may he leave from here tonight, rejoicing normally, and get well, in Jesus Christ's Name, I ask it. Satan, leave the man, in Christ's Name, I ask it. Amen.
Can you hear me all right? You're healed. Go home now and be well. God bless you.
Let's say, "Thanks be to God." [Congregation says, "Thanks be to God."--Ed.]
You want to get over that heart trouble, sister? Just go rejoicing and saying, "Thank You, Lord, for healing me."

E-67 Lay your hand on that baby with the water-head, brother. Lord Jesus I pray that You'll bless that baby. And may the power of God move on that child and make it well, through Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
The baby has been growing that way for quite awhile. I've been watching you for a long time. I'm watching that little mother setting there too, with her baby. Sister, I can't heal your baby, but your baby's deaf. Is that right? It's been that way. And you're suffering too. You have a tumor in your... Is that right? If that's right raise up your hand like this. I never you seen in my life. I know your trouble. I see that man's trouble setting right there too. I can't heal it. Lay your hand on the baby's ear.
Almighty God, I rebuke that deaf spirit in the baby. And I ask that the tumor from the lady will... she'll be made well, in Jesus Christ's Name grant it. Have faith in God.
That female trouble left you setting there, sister. You can go home now and rejoice and be happy. It left you just then.
Your asthma, would you like to get over that? Go, rejoicing. Say, "Thank You, Lord Jesus," and get well.

E-68 The Holy Spirit's here. You believe? You have cancer, don't you, lady? Accept your healing from Jesus Christ, and go home and get well...?...
Lady, you have kidney trouble, don't you? Go on across the platform and be made well.
Do you believe? You setting there with your limb like that, that's a blood clot, isn't it? The first of this week you couldn't even walk. You just now begin to creep around. Is that right? When the service is over, pick up your thing, and go on home, and be made well. The blood clot scattered, going to leave...?... in Name of the Lord Jesus.
Do you believe? God confirm His Word. How many in here wants to be healed right now? Lay your hands over on one another.
Almighty God, in the Name of Thy Son Jesus, come down and look on this scene. Satan, come out of the people. I adjure thee in Jesus Christ's Name...?...