Jésus-Christ Est Le Même Hier, Aujourd’hui Et Eternellement

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E-1 Special... And you southern people have a way of expressing yourself that we northerners don't have. See, you can express your feelings, so they, I believe in a letter, there's a little thing says, "Ditto." See? And that's why. "Ditto," I think the same about our brother and you people.

E-2 I deem it a great honor to stand with God's heritage. I've often wondered what I would do if I had a few drops of the literal Blood of the Lord Jesus in a charger and could pack it in my hand. I just wonder what I would do with it, Brother Jeffries, with the literal Blood of the Lord Jesus. I thought how I would hold it, cherish it with my own life, not to spill, and--or to destroy it in anyway. But do you know, in His sight I have a greater than the Blood of the Lord Jesus in my care tonight; that's the purchase of His Blood, you, that's... He gave His Blood that you could be His; and therefore, He would cherish you more than He does His own life, His own Blood, is because He gave His Life to save you. And so then, when we meet each other and come into His Presence for worship, we should come with a--just the very feeling of His great august Presence that we can worship and love each other. And how will I serve the Lord Jesus? I'll serve Him as I serve you.

E-3 Now, I have four children here tonight. And I would rather if any of us had to get a bawling out or a whipping, I'd rather you'd give it to me than you would to one of them. And a compliment, I'd rather it be a one of my children than on me. And that's the way it is with the Lord Jesus. He would rather that we would be kind to each other, and show each other kindness, and don't draw any boundary lines of, "Well, I just don't... not on... I don't belong to this certain church." That doesn't matter to Him; He wants us to be brothers and sisters. And that's the reason that I think our, the--our churches hasn't progressed the way it's--they have, is because that our--our... The sectarian ideas has built fences between the sheep. I think we're all sheep of one pasture, and I think we should worship the Lord that way.

E-4 Never have I had one time, the Holy Spirit, the Angel of the Lord, to ever question me about what church. Now, He knows what church you go to, and He'd tell you that. See? But He, but where it question whether you should or shouldn't go to this church or that church, it never was questioned by Him. He'd tell you, "Well, you've belong to a Methodist, or you're a Presbyterian, or Catholic, or whatever it..." How many's ever been in a meeting, heard Him do that? Let's see your--in my meeting, raise up your hand that you... Sure you have. See? And He will--might tell you that. But as far as saying you shouldn't do this, and you shouldn't belong to this one, He never said that you should not do that. He just wants you to love Him and that settles it.
If you love Him... You know, love is the greatest force that we have, the most powerful force. Do you believe that? Love. Love will just do things that nothing else will do.

E-5 And I usually tell this when my wife's not along, but she happens to be along tonight, and I--I might tell it now. And you know, when I'm overseas or somewhere and she writes me a letter, she'll set down and say, "Dear Billy, I set here tonight. I've just put the children to bed, and so and so... That's what she's telling me on the letter, but you know, being that I love her the way she does and she loves me, I can read between the lines; I know just what she means. Well, that's the way the Bible's written. You have to be in love with the Author to be able to read between the lines, because God promised and He said that He had hid it from the eyes of the wise and prudent and would reveal it to babes such as would learn. You know that's Scripture, don't you? And so, we--we, you want... It doesn't take a great degree in theology; it doesn't take some B.A. or D.D. The only thing it takes is a humble heart surrendered to Him. And that's what does it.

E-6 A... Some of you might know my good friend, the man that wrote my favorite song of hymns, Booth-Clibborn, William Booth-Clibborn, a wonderful prince of among ministers, one of the best scholars I believe I ever met in my life, and a real Christian gentleman. About five weeks ago we were together just before going into Mexico. And if anyone knows Brother Clibborn, he know--he knows what a diplomat and how just precise he is with his grammar. And he can preach in seven different languages. And old General Booth of the Salvation Army... that was... I believe was his father, I believe it was or some close relative to him. That's why he was named Booth. And he's an Englishman.

E-7 And we were riding around together, he, and I, and Mr. Moore, one of the managers. And he was telling me about certain Greek words and certain things. And oh, how he can tear it down. He can just preach in Greek, or preach in Hebrew, or anything he takes a notion to. So he said, he said, "Brother Branham, don't that Greek word, you know, means this?"
I said, "Now, Brother Booth, don't go to speaking in unknown tongues to me, because I can't interpret it."
And he said--he said, "Well," he said, "you know, the reason you... That's the reason..." said, "You don't know your Bible." Said, "That's all." Said, "If you can't speak Greek: you don't know the Bible."
I said, "Brother Booth, that might be wrong. I might not know the Book, but I know the Author real well." I said, "That," I said, "that's it. That's the main thing. If you know the Author He will take care of the Book part for you. And so that's the way we love Him tonight. And it brings it down to a simple person as I has a right to be saved.

E-8 And no matter how much education, you might not be able to write your own name. Did you know Saint Peter, the apostle, could not write his own name? You know, the Bible said he was ignorant and unlearned? Do you know that? Peter, the one that had the keys to the Kingdom, he... they... We're told; that's historically. And I don't know if I'd be mythical, that he wouldn't even know his own name if it was wrote before him. But the Bible declares that he was ignorant and unlearned, but they had to take heed to him, 'cause they knew he'd been with Jesus. That's the main thing; that's the mark is get the mark of be with Jesus. It doesn't take smart people; it takes surrendered hearts to know the Lord Jesus.

E-9 Now, tonight as here in the church, I have just learned of this today sometime by some of the brethren that's with me, that brother here has just they opened up this revival center. And I didn't even know Brother Jeffries. I met him my first time... I'm not saying that name right, is it? Is it Jefferson? Jeffers. I--I didn't even know him, and--until I met him here on the platform the other night. Find him to be a real fine brother.
And I'm trusting that God will bless this old theatre where used to be the devil's church, and now it's turned into God's church. And I say if that theatre man's here, he will probably want to pull me for that. Well, listen. I come now for a healing service.

E-10 But one of the greatest disgraces that even from the files of the FBI, it just proves that America started her decline by the moving pictures. It's exactly right, not being censored and all this here stuff they put out before young girls and things like that, now the devil put it in every home through television.
Now, I... The television's a fine thing if it's used right. So is the pictures a fine thing if it's used right, but uncensored programs and things like that, it's--it's disgraceful for the way it is... It--it's absolutely puts the wrong thing before the American people and that's where... Of course we realize now, that we're on the decline, and as far as I can see the historical ahead of us, we're continually going on. So every great nation has to fall.

E-11 I've stood by the--on the Egyptian ground where the Pharaohs once ruled. We'd have to dig twenty, thirty feet to find some of the ruins of some of the greatest kingdoms of the world.
I stood in Rome where the great Caesars stood, and they all fell. And I've stood in... And London where the great men in different places around the world and their kingdoms fall. And, remember, there's every kingdom of this world has to give away. All mortal has to give way to immortality.
I stood by a tree when I was a little boy... That great maple in our country, what a great tree it was. I thought that tree would always be there. And that's been about thirty-five years ago, and today it's a snag. Just goes to show that here we have no continuing city, but we're seeking one that'll come.
Our great nation will fall someday and crumble just exactly like all other nations; because the Kingdom of God shall come someday. Jesus shall set up a Kingdom here that'll be an everlasting Kingdom, and we're looking for that.

E-12 All people, we love our nation, why, the greatest nation under the heavens. If it wasn't, I'd leave till I get the greatest nation. But I'm glad to be in America, but I'm sorry to see it de--demoralizing, and--and corrupting and going down with vice and sin the way she's sinking tonight. And that's why we're preaching the Gospel and trying everything that we can to seine out every soul that God would have saved, before the great climax comes. That's our reason of being here tonight. There'll come a time when there won't be any Charlotte. There won't--won't be one stone left upon another. There'll be a time that these hills will shake and crumble, but you'll be somewhere. And tonight, maybe it's time for you to decide where you'll be at that time. You're a free moral agent; you can make the decision.

E-13 And now, on the ministry that I introduce, now I noticed Bible scholars setting here and perceiving, coming in even last night, as a smart, intelligent people that I'm speaking to. And the ministry will certainly be a--a different to what you've ever, perhaps, looked at the Scripture.
And now, I want to get right down to your heart and have a heart to heart talk with you, and for the next night or two, perhaps. As I have said that I am weak in my throat, and four months straight without any rest at all, and got to go to Alaska immediately after this. Then I get a couple weeks of rest before returning back for the big Cadle Tabernacle (eleven thousand) just in Indianapolis, Indiana. Then to the Christian Business Men over at Minneapolis.

E-14 Now, the first thing I want you to do, as the... I want to make myself clear that I don't belong to any denomination of church. And I got... And by the way, I want to thank this Brother Par... Pierson--or Parson. Or I got that wrong yet. Parton. The other day, they taken up a love offering for me at the end of the meeting. You didn't have to do that. I don't come for love offerings; I come to try to help. But he did. And in there, he made me a honorary clergyman of their society. So I appreciate that, if any of his people here to tell him that I didn't know he put it in a little check to me, give it to my boy, and they gave it to me on my road home. Thank you. I'm very glad to have that honor. And I have honorary degrees, of course, in many different places. Just people...

E-15 Here not long ago, somebody try to give me a doctors degree, of the Hindu church in India. And I said, "Now, wouldn't that look nice, for an old boy a raised on black eyed peas and hominy grits, sorghum molasses, and biscuits to get up there and use such English as I do and such grammar, and then say, "Doctor William..." I said, "People are too intelligent for that." See? No, that's... There's only one thing I want to know. I... One thing I do know, there's a great big black door set before me, and it's before every mortal here and every mortal in the world. Every time my heart beats we get one closer to it, and that's death. And when I get to the end, when my heart's making it's last beat, I don't want to come there as a coward or a deceiver. I want to come there with this one thought in my mind: I know Him in the power of His resurrection, that when He calls out, I'll come from among the dead. That's the one, my one alternative, is to know Him in the power of His resurrection.

E-16 Now, this is His Word, and we want to approach It that just anybody's able to open It up like this, could open it. But there's only One Who can really open It, and that's Christ, the Holy Spirit. It was written by several different men, set through ages, and every bit of it dovetailed together, and not one contradiction's in the Word, not one. And It's all given by inspiration. Therefore, there's no man able to open the Book or to loose the seals thereon as John saw It in the Revelations, but One that had been slain from the foundation of the world, the Lamb come and took It out of the right hand of Him that set upon the throne and was worthy to take the book and to loose the seals and to open It. And let's speak to Him tonight, before we try to open His book, and ask Him if He will open It to us: the Author, the Lord Jesus, while we bow our heads.

E-17 Our heavenly Father, we thank Thee tonight for, first for this place that we have to worship the beloved Lord Jesus. And we come to Thee in His Name, asking favors, Lord. We're constantly asking because we're walking in a dismal, dark world full of sin and trouble, lying deceiving spirits everywhere. And You predicted that would be in the last day. And we come humbly, reverently before Thee to ask for mercy and guidance and grace.
We thank Thee for Brother Jeffers, here, and for all the ministers that's present, the shepherds over the flock where the Holy Spirit has given them the overseer job. And I pray that somehow tonight, dear God, that You'll get right down deep into their hearts. Reveal Yourself in a new and living way to them, each one. Bless their ministry. May they become a greater shepherd and have more sheep to watch over. Grant it, Father. Bless all the laity here, Your beloved sheep of the pasture.
Every church that's represented, we pray, God, that a great revival will break out of each one, and altogether the lovely One will come to every denomination. May there be a sweeping revival across this country this coming year, that'll shake the other nations. Grant it, Lord. Start it right here, won't You, Father? Begin here in Charlotte tonight with an old fashion revival in every church. May this weekend find churches just filled full of people: sinners weeping their way up to Calvary, repenting and great signs and wonders appearing. Grant it, Father. Now, open the Book to us. It may be in a new way, in a light of the Gospel, for we ask this is His Name Who said, "If you ask anything in My Name, I'll do it," Thy beloved Child the Lord Jesus. Amen.

E-18 In the Book of the Gospel according to Saint John and beginning at the 12th--at the 12th chapter and the 20th and 21st verses, I wish to read this little--the text here. And may God give us the context from it, that in doing so that He'll bless His Word. We know this, that we read His Word It will not return void; It'll accomplish that which it was purposed for.
And there were certain Greeks among them... They came up to worship at the feast:
And the same... therefore... came to Philip, which was of Bethsaida of Galilee, and... desired him, saying, Sir, we would see Jesus.
May the Lord add His blessings to that Word. And for a con... For the text tonight, we would use Hebrews 13:8: Jesus Christ the same yesterday... today, and for ever.

E-19 Now, let's try to be just as reverent, and listen, and pray as we approach these things. Now, in the--the Word of God many times we set our--our rules and regulations of just certain things that could take place. And if it happens contrary to the way that we think it should be, then we say it's not right. Now, brethren and friends in Christ, did you know that's the reason the Jews in the first coming of the Lord Jesus failed to recognize Him, because He came contrary to what they had figured out Him coming. They expected a Messiah to be different, but He come exactly according to the Scripture, but it wasn't according to their theology, their teaching.

E-20 And you know, I believe if He would come tonight, it would be altogether different than what we've got it figured out He will come. He always seems to do it, but yet, it's straight with the Scripture. See, they was expecting Him coming in His second coming, His great power, which then He will come for them and for us. But we know in His first coming, He was to come lowly, riding on a mule, coming in the city. And how that even His disciples didn't understand it.
And how it is tonight that sometimes things happen and if it doesn't just equal up to what our church teaches, then we want to throw it out and say there's nothing to it. But you know, the thing we ought to do sensibly, is to look at it in the light of the Scripture. Now, I believe that every Bible teaching, or every church, and every revelation (Listen.), everything must be built on this Word. If anybody teaches anything contrary to the Word, I wouldn't believe it. See, see? This Bible is God's Foundation and There's no other foundation can be laid but that which is already laid, Christ Jesus.

E-21 Now, knowing here it was Baptists, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, Nazarene, Catholic, and all mixed together, and each one is saying, "Well now, my church teaches this..." That's fine. We're so happy for that and... But let's look and ask and see by the--the Word of God just what It teaches for this day, for a message for this day.
Each one of us are familiar with our church doctrine. Well now, that's very good. I--I appreciate you Baptists, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, and all your doctrine; I appreciate that. That's fine. I--I believe that too, every bit of it. I believe every thing you teach from the Scripture it right.

E-22 But now, in the Old Testament there was three ways of knowing a message. The first, it was the law. The second, it was a prophet. And the third was a dreamer. And then they had a way of proving that, whether it was just exactly right or not.
Now, in the Aaronic or Levitical priesthood, on Aaron's breastplate had twelve stones. And it's not exactly known by the scholars whether it was a reflection of the twelve stones together or a certain sacred light, that when a prophet prophesied, or a dreamer told his dream, or whatever it was, and these supernatural lights didn't flash on this what was called Urim Thummim... And if this supernatural light didn't flash and give witness to that, well, then it was a wrong. No matter how true the prophet was, or how real the dreamer was, or whatever the revelation was, it had to be witnessed by the Urim Thummim. If it wasn't, it wasn't true. Any Scriptural scholar knows that.
Now, in the Aaronic priesthood or the Levitical priesthood, that priesthood was done away with and the Urim Thummim of that time ceased. But in this new priesthood, the Bible is God's Urim Thummim. And if a revelation comes, a prophet prophesies, a church is established, a doctrine is made, and it don't flash on the Bible, then it's wrong. This is God's Urim Thummim. We must listen to the Word.
I'm just an old fashioned enough to believe that that Bible was written by inspiration, and I believe every word of it: It's God's living Word, and you can rest your eternal destination on any word that's written in the Bible.

E-23 Now, the thought comes this: if God... If we believe... I want to know how many here, first, believes that Jesus Christ was and is the Son of God? Let's see your hand. Thank you. How many believe that He has risen from the dead? Let's see your hand. Now, surely if I was risen from the dead, was been died and has rose again, I would be visible; I would be to a place that you'd know I was here. And if Jesus had risen from the dead, surely there ought to be some way that we would know that He'd raised from the dead.

E-24 Here, as I said a few weeks ago or a few days ago, down to Spindale, the great Mr. Reedhead, Vice President or President one, of the great Sudan Missions, the full--or the fundamental missions, one of the greatest in the world... He was conquered by a Mohammedan that give Him that question, and said, "If He has risen from the dead, where is He? Prove it to we Mohammedans. But until you prove it, then He's in the grave just like Mohammed is."
And Dr. Reedhead tried to give him all the Scripture and everything.
He said, "But look, see," said, "Mohammed only promised life after death." And said, "Your Jesus promised that you teachers would do the same thing He done." Said, "Now, that was His promise."
And I want to show you the little loophole that Dr. Reedhead tried to squeeze through. He said, "You... I suppose you mean Mark 16 where He said, "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel. These signs shall follow them that believe... Heal the sick... and perform signs..."
"Yes, that's one of them," he said.
He said, "But sir, you see, we better scholars of the Scriptures. We learned that Mark the 16th chapter, from the 9th verse on, is not inspired, it was just added."
And the Mohammedan stood and said, "Kind sir, what kind of a Bible do you read?" Said, "If part of it's inspired and the rest of its not inspired," said, "I'll let you know that all the Koran's inspired." What a disgrace to Christianity.

E-25 This is all inspired too. I don't believe the Koran is inspired. I believe this is the only inspired Book there is in the world, and every promise in It is true. If I can't meet the issue, I'll say that I haven't got faith enough to do it, but yet, His Word is true. Like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego said, "Our God's able to deliver us from these--this fiery furnace, but nevertheless, we wouldn't bow to the image." That is true, the Bible is God's inspired Word.

E-26 Now, these Greeks come with a question that I believe that every human being since Jesus was crucified, that's had any touch or feeling towards God, would ask the same question that they asked there: "Sir, we would see Jesus." I believe that's the life or the desire of every Christian. And I believe that's the desire of every person here tonight. Is it? Let's see your hand. "Sirs, we would see Jesus."
Now to--to me, and to the believer, any believer, this is either the truth or it is not the truth. It's either right or not right. And if it wasn't the truth I would be somewhere else tonight beside here. I would be here... If I was against Him I'd--I'd be preaching against Him, I'd be saying against Him. But I believe Him and I believe He's--He's the Son of God; I believe He's raised from the dead. I'm for Him and ready to die for Him 'cause it's the truth. And I know beyond one shadow of doubt that this is the Gospel and it's the truth. And by God's grace I can prove that it's the truth.

E-27 And now, what we want to look at then, if Jesus has raised from the dead, can we see Him? "Sirs, we would see Jesus."
Now there's only one way to do, and that's go and see what kind of a Person we would look for. If you were going tonight to see Jesus, if Jesus was in Charlotte tonight, what type of Man would you look for? Would you go and look for some fellow that was way up in some great high cathedral with real priestly looking clothes on--walk out? Would that be the kind of Jesus you was looking for? If it is, He is certainly changed since He was here on earth the last time, for He dressed just like ordinary man. He went in among men, in and out among men, and they didn't even know Him because He looked so common like other men; there was nothing in Him conspicuous about the Lord Jesus to look at Him. He would do a certain thing; that's the only way they'd know Him, by His miracles and the sign that He did on the road from Emmaus, after His resurrection. Do you see it? Cleopas and his friend was walking with Him after His resurrection, and He was so plain, yet, until they didn't recognize Him until He done a certain thing like He used to do it before He was crucified, they recognized it to be Him. You see it?

E-28 Notice, He is not a man of great swelling vocabulary of words. He didn't overdo the thing. And I'm going to give you a little between the lines, if you can receive it. Scholars today are all turned around: "This Greek word means this and that word means that." You know why? They are trying to make the Bible through the highest sphere of the Greek or the Hebrew, when Jesus didn't speak His words big like that. The Bible said, "The common people heard Him gladly."
We're supposed to speak English. And when I went to England a--that--I need an interpreter there worse than anywhere I ever went in my life. I got with those Cockneys and Oxford groups and I--I... Was talking way down here in their throat; I--I couldn't understand what they were saying. The man trying to tell my how to go to the Abbey. Now, I--I need an interpreter.

E-29 You see, there's so much difference, even between the north and south here in America. I call from Houston, Texas, to up in New York and the little Southern girl with her talk and the northern girl with her talk, they had to break it up somewhere between here to get somebody to interpret for them, right here in America. Sure. They couldn't understand each other.

E-30 And Jesus talked with such simple language with the simple people and was written likewise, and they're trying to but those great big swelling, outstanding hold-on-for-dear-life as I call it words in it, and they miss it. So it was wrote simple. Correct. So simple as it was to bring the Gospel to the poor and needy. Amen. That's what makes Him great to me. But a guy sticks his chest out and thinks he's somebody, that shows how little he is to me. That's right. The more simpler you can get, the higher God will raise you. Just be simple.
That's what's the matter with American people. That's the reason we can have a service in Africa, India, and tens of thousands would be healed at once, but oh, we got it all figured out: Dr. Jones or (I say, "The Dr. Jones," forgive me, brother), but see, he said it was this and other Dr. So-and-so of our church said it was mental telepathy, and this..." That's the reason you can't get nowhere. See? It's... Oh, you'd make it so a complicated when the Gospel is so simple, it's just believe Him. That's all. Christ said so, that's "It's mine, He gave it to me. I take Him at His Word." Well, that's how it--how simple it is.

E-31 So we wouldn't look for a fellow that looked like that he'd taught Mr. Webster then. He wouldn't be a man that was so full of great words. He wouldn't dress any different. He'd be... What kind... He wouldn't up on the classics. "Oh," you say, "Yes, He would." Well, if He has, then He isn't the same yesterday, today, and forever. Hebrews 13:8 said, "He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. So if He dressed different today like a priest or a rabbi, then He wouldn't be the same. If He used great swelling words today like the scholars; I'm not degrading education, I'm trying to get to a--a people.
Look setting in this tent here, look out in there, sick people. I'm trying to get to where they can see how simple it is. You're trying to look for something way off and try educate yourself to it when it's right here, and you're stepping right over the top of it. See? You know that... You don't know God by education. You know God by faith.

E-32 There was two trees in the garden of Eden: one of them was the tree of knowledge, one was the Tree of Life. As long as man eat from this Tree he lived. But when he left this tree and bit his first bite off there, he separated himself from his Maker, and he's been biting on it ever since. And we've even brought it over and put it in church: you got to have so many degrees or you have to say, "Amen," a certain way, or you can't get to the platform. You have to have your, all your papers and everything to show what, what creeds you're with and so forth before you can even come into the church almost. See how they got it? The devil's done that. That's exactly right.

E-33 Now, but watch the lovely Jesus. That's the One we're looking at tonight. Now, we see then He wasn't... He didn't go to the classics. He was very humble. He didn't... What kind of a person was He? The Bible said there's no beauty we should desire Him. He was thirty years old and passed for fifty. He probably is not a great big seven-footer with shoulders like barn doors. He wasn't that type. That's the type that they call the beautiful or handsome man, like Saul with his big seven foot something tall. But he was a probably a little bitty fellow. He said, "I'm no man, a worm." See?

E-34 But now... Now, Jesus Himself, when He was crucified and put in the grave, He--He rose on the third day. God raised Him up and set Him on the right hand of His majesty on high, and sent back the Holy Spirit which is to represent Him in the same way that He was here on earth until He comes again. That Spirit was given to the church.
Now, let's trace His life just a little bit and see what if you say, "Sir's, we would see Jesus," let's go see what He... Let's go back and see what He was. And I want to ask you now, what He was then, He's got to be the same today. What His ministry was then, if the Holy Spirit brings His ministry today, as it did then, then it's got to be the same type of ministry. And if a man professes to be a Christian has got to live that same Christ-like life... If the Spirit of Christ is in you it'll certainly do the--the same works that Christ did.

E-35 What if I told you tonight that the spirit of John Dillinger was in me? Why, you'd look for big guns, and I'd be a dangerous person to stand before. What if I told you the spirit of some famous artist was in me? You'd expect me to get out here and paint these hills and scenes and white clouds over these...?... states here just like the artist would do, if his spirit was in me. Is that true? If I told you the Spirit of Christ was in me, then the Spirit of Christ has to operate the same way that It did in Christ. If it isn't, then the Spirit of Christ doesn't lead me; I'm led by some other spirit. But if the Spirit of Christ is in you, then you're Christ-like; you become Christ's disciples.
And there's where people today look upon different emotions of shouting and--and joining church and things like that to take the place, or education, or denomination, or something on that sort to take the place of Christianity. It'll never take the place. It can't do it. It's a "Christ in you, the hope of glory."

E-36 Now, notice, let's follow Jesus in His life's journey and find out. Now, you get your pencils and paper. We'll probably go into it in details more each night, but if the Lord leads. But let's go into the life of Jesus Christ and find out the type of Person He was then, what type of Person He was then, He will have to be the same today if He has raised from the dead. That ought to be clear enough that any of us would understand.
Now, let's go back to the beginning of His ministry. 'Course we know He was the... He was borned a virgin birth, conceived by the Holy Ghost in the womb the virgin, Mary, and came forth as a child. And was... Age of twelve we find at the temple. At the age of thirty we find Him being baptized in the Jordan by John. And He stood right among them and they didn't know it. John said, "There's One standing among you now that you don't know, Who was preferred before me. He's right among you, and His shoes I'm not even worthy to loose. You call me a prophet, but I'm not worthy to loose His shoes." There stood Jesus standing there, but the sign hadn't come yet.

E-37 And one day John looked up and he saw a Light like a dove coming down. John said, "I didn't know Him," but He, in the wilderness said, "Upon Whom you see this sign descending, that's the One that'll baptize with the Holy Ghost and fire."
John said, "Why comest Thou unto me? I have need to come to You." When the Messiahic sign was showed to the first person outside of His--the shepherds and the Magi, was John the Baptist. He saw this voice. After John going into wilderness at the age of nine years old... Never went off to some seminary, now, he went to pray and come out of the wilderness, burly looking fellow, a piece of sheepskin wrapped around him with a leather camel skin belt on, fuzz all was over his face. And probably if he come to your door begging, you'd call the police on him. Come stomping out of the wilderness but preached repentance, brother it spread all the regions. Amen.

E-38 Notice, and he did then. "I don't know Who He is, but there's One among you somewhere. I'm not worthy to bear His shoes. I couldn't unloose His shoes. He's standing here." Look what a great instant that was; all the prophets, all the way back from the garden of Eden had spoke of this event. The Bible said, "That the mountains would skip like little rams. And all the leaves would clap their hands; and all the high places would be brought low, and the low places be brought high, and the rough places made plain." Look what them Jews looked for. Look how simple he taught. Amen.
What happened? Look like there'd be a host of Angels come down and golden chariots packing someone along, but it wasn't. That's where they were fooled. Oh, what man calls great, God calls foolish; and what man calls great, God calls foolish; and what God calls great, man calls foolish. What kind of an alteration would this be?

E-39 Here, an old burly, not a rabbi, not a priest, but an old woodsman with a piece of sheepskin throwed around him with a stick in his hand, and stomped out there on the wilderness banks out there of Jordan and preached repentance. And he stood in the muddy banks of the Jordan. Where was "the mountains skipping like little rams and leaves clapping their hands"? We'll try to get that a little later this week. I show you in the Scripture what will happen. But he said, "There's One among you, One standing there, I don't know Him yet." But when he saw a sign, a Light coming from heaven, circling down in the form of a dove, and went upon Him, John said, "That's Him. That's Him, I knew Him because there was a sign over Him."
John straightly testified, "I knew Him not, but He that said to me in the wilderness, 'Go baptize with water,' said, 'Upon Whom thou shall see the Spirit descending and remain, that's the One that'll baptize with the Holy Ghost.'" He knew Him by the sign that God gave him.
Now, if God raised His Son from the dead, we got a right to look for the sign of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. He promised it to us and we got a right for it.

E-40 He went into the wilderness, was tempted for forty days by the devil. The devil wanted to do something before Him. He said, "Now, I tell You, if you're the Messiah, you're a miracle worker. Let's see you do a miracle here before me now. Now, you turn these stones in bread, 'cause you're hungry and you eat it. Turn these stones to bread. Do a miracle before me and I'll believe you."
Now that same... Now, that man (See?), that same spirit is on man today. [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] hung on the cross and said, dying, He said, "If thou be the Son of God, come down off the cross and we'll accept you; we'll believe it."

E-41 Put a... He could see visions so they put a rag around His head and hit Him on the head with a stick and said, "Now You prophesy, tell us who hit you." See that same devil, working right up? It's still right in the church.
A man, not long ago, give a thousand dollars to any man that would show one miracle that'd been performed, any kind of sign of healing. Just happened to be, I had a broadcast that morning. I took two doctors and two people that have both been cured by Divine healing. One of them was a cripple and the other with cancer, knocked on his door and asked for him. He said, "We'll have to take you to Abilene, Texas." And said, "We'll take a little child, and we'll cut that child's arm with a--with a knife or something, and then you heal before we brethren and we'll pay off."
I said, "You need healing worse than anybody I ever seen: mental healing." That's right. I said, "It shows you're mentally crippled." Same old spirit: "Do it here before me and let me see it." That's what they said to Jesus. Jesus ignored it. I said, "No, that's not a gentleman. You said you'd pay off and here they are and here's the doctors to prove it." But I said, "I'll just turn the check over to the missions overseas. But he wouldn't do it, 'course he wouldn't. And so that... You can't... Don't pay any attention to them.

E-42 So, if you notice, when our Lord Jesus, the first thing He begin to do, let's watch now for a few minutes. Let's follow His blessed life, and if we see what He was then, He has to be the same today in His church. If He isn't, He hasn't raised from the dead. If He is raised from the dead, He's obligated to do it. That's Christian believers, for He said He would do it, and He's obligated to His Word, and He can't take His Word back. He's God and He can't take His Word back; He's got to keep His Word.
Now, watch Him. First thing we see Him do, going about praying for the sick, great success started. That's... Let's turn, you, I see you getting your Bible. Turn to Saint John; we'll stay in Saint John tonight for a while. All right, Saint John the 1st chapter. We'll find out that there was many things that He begin to do. His fame begin to go about 'cause His prayer for the sick begin to do, great miracles was performed.

E-43 And now, the first thing we find out, there was a man by the name of Philip who got saved. The same man we're talking about tonight, Philip. And when he got saved, he wanted to find his friend to tell his friend of something good he'd found. That's a good sign he got saved; want to go tell somebody about it. So, Jesus... If you was ever in Palestine and mark the places where Jesus was preaching, it was several miles, way back around the mountain and over in another country that Nathaniel made, or Philip made his way over to find Nathaniel, his friend. And when he found him, he was under a tree praying. And when he got finished praying, Philip said to Nathaniel, "Come, see Who we found, Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of Joseph."

E-44 And now, Nathaniel was a staunch Presbyterian, Lutheran, Nazarene, Pilgrim Holiness, orthodox to the core. And he said, "Now, could there be any good thing come out of Nazareth?" And he give him the best answer any man could give him; said, "Come, see." That's the best thing to do. Said, "Come, see." That's the best way to find out. Come, plan your own judgment, then God will judge you, whatever your judgment is. And if you're righteous, then He will judge you righteous. If you're a critic, then woe unto you.
But, notice, and when he come, he come to find out and he comes with Nathaniel. He and Nathaniel, Philip comes together several miles around the mountain. Jesus was holding the prayer line, praying. And Nathaniel came up to Him in the prayer line for the first He'd see him. And Jesus looked at him and said, "Behold, an Israelite in whom there is no guile." How many ever read that in the Bible? Let's see your hand. Sure.
Now, if I'd say, today, "You're a Christian, a staunch, real believer," and it's frightened the little fellow. He said, "Now, Rabbi (or Teacher, Reverend, whatever you want to call it), when did You know me? Now, You never seen me in Your life and here You...

E-45 [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]...?... Jesus said, Saint John 5:19, "Verily, verily, I say unto you... ('Verily' means 'absolutely.') Verily, verily I say unto you, the Son can do nothing in Himself but what He sees the Father doing, that doeth the Son likewise." How many knows that's the Scriptures? What did He say then? "I do nothing until first the Father shows Me a vision on what to do, then I do just what He tells me to do." Listen, "Verily, verily, I say unto you...
"Why don't you go down there and heal all that bunch. Why don't you do this why don't you do that?"
He said, "I say unto you, the Son can do nothing in Himself for what He sees the Father doing, that doeth the Son likewise. The Father worketh and I worketh hitherto." That settled it.

E-46 Then if Jesus, when He was here on earth, He said, "He that believeth on Me..." Saint John the 12th chapter and the 14th verse, I believe it is, He said, "He that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall he do also. More than this shall he do for I go unto My Father." Jesus said, "A little while and the world (That's the world order.), the world will see Me no more. Yet ye shall see Me for I (And 'I' is a personal pronoun.), I will be with you to the end of the world. I'll even be in you to the end of the world, with you, even in you. And these things that I do, shall you do also." And when the disciples came forth, they did the same thing.

E-47 Paul was shipwrecked, or not shipwrecked yet, he was out in the sea and fourteen days and nights and no moon and stars or nothing; all hopes was gone they would be saved, and he went down in the boat then, and was praying. Come up and said, "Be of a good courage, for the Angel of God Whose servant I am, stood by me and said, 'Don't fear, Paul. You must be brought before Caesar. And lo, God gives all these who sail with you to you, but the ship's going to be wrecked upon a certain little island," he saw in the vision, and said, "Wherefore, I believe God, it'll be just as You showed me."
Peter on house top, when the sheet come down, said he would go to the Gentiles.

E-48 When Saul was stricken blind, when He saw that Angel of God in the form of a light, and he said, "Who are You, Lord?"
He said, "I am Jesus." He was the Light that followed the children of Israel. He said, "I come from God; I go back to God."
And He said, "I--I'm Jesus Who you persecute," there was a Light, same Pillar of Fire was again, and he was led to the street called Straight. And Ananias was down there, a prophet, a praying. And when he did, he looked at a vision and he saw him just exactly when he come, and went down, and found him, and said, told him exactly what happened on the road. He laid his hands on him, and he received his sight, and was filled with the Holy Ghost. Is that right?

E-49 Notice, if Jesus did those things in that day, and He has raised from the dead, and He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, He's obligated to His Word.
Now, His corporal body sets at the right hand of God. You believe that, don't you? But the Holy Spirit is here working through His sanctified vessels. And God has set in the church what? First apostles, then prophets, then teachers, then evangelists, then pastors (Is that right?), for the perfecting of the church. God has did it. It's not the preacher that preaches; it's God preaching through him. It's not the prophet that sees the vision; it's God speaking through him. "I do nothing except the--the Father shows Me first what to do." That's the reason He had to go through Samaria. That's why all these other things taken place. Follow His life and see if that isn't right.

E-50 Now, our time is way past, but we want to call for some sick to be prayed for. Brethren, I say this and declare this as your brother in Christ: What motives have I got here tonight? What's my business here? Why am I here in Charlotte anyhow. I come to try to encourage you to believe on the Lord Jesus. I come to help you Baptists, and you Methodists, and you Pentecostal, and you... or Nazarenes. And everyone of you, I come to help you. I come to say this, that the Jesus that you have been worshipping is not some creed or form; He's a living Jesus; He's with us. "I'll be with you, in you, to the end of the world. And the things that I do shall you do also." He's got to keep that Word. If that isn't true, then that Bible isn't true. If the Bible isn't true, then Christ did not raise from the dead: Jesus, the One Who claimed to be Christ, is still in the grave. But thanks be to God, He's living tonight.

E-51 He's here in Charlotte right now. He's omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, infinite. He's everywhere, all the time, every place. Satan can't be that, for God's the only One Who's omnipotent, and omniscient, and onmipresent. He's everywhere; wherever two or three are gathered in My Name, I'll be there in their midst. Let them ask anything in My Name, I'll do it." That's right or it's wrong. If that's right, then the Bible's right. If that's wrong, then the Bible's wrong. But if Christ promised to do anything and will come into this audience tonight and do the same things, living His Life right back again the way He did, will you believe that He's raised from the dead, and will accept Him as your Saviour and Healer? Will you do it? Raise your hands, everywhere if you will, anywhere in the building.
I don't say that He will. I have served Him now twenty three years. I've been in the ministry of this type since He called me. It would've been since I was two or three, four, or five years old, but I didn't know it. My people wasn't religious. They didn't go to church. And so I would've knowed it quicker, probably if they had have been. So you raise your child to serve the Lord and to know what God is calling.

E-52 Then, when I got with a church, they told me it--it was of the devil. Like to scared me to death. Well, then when He come and told me... When He met me that night, and I said, "Well, my ministering brothers..."
He said, "Yes, that's the way they did at the first place." Said when they was arguing what kinda buttons must be on their coats, there was the Magis and them out there worshipping Him. And when--when Jesus came, the ministers of that day, the preachers, said, "He is Beelzebub, the devil."
And the devil turned around and said, "I know who you are. You're the Son of God." The devil knowed more about it than the preachers did. Hasn't changed too much when it comes to supernatural.

E-53 And then, when Paul and Silas come down, that little fortuneteller... The ministers up there said, "These men turned the world upside down. They're--they're impostors. They're terrible people," said the preachers and all the church. "Get them out of their country. Well, this man ought to die." So they beat them and put them in the jail and everything. The preachers had that done. But when this little fortuneteller, when she seen them she said, "Why these are the men of God, who tell us the way of life." And then Paul turned around and rebuked that spirit; he didn't need any help from the devil. That's right. But the little fortuneteller knowed more about it than all those orthodox preachers. That's right, 'cause she was still subject to spirits. She was perverted, that's all. What is a fortuneteller? A perverted Christian. You have born to be son's and daughter's of God, but if you want to give yourself to drinking, or the world, or any kind of divinations, and things like that, what--that's up to you. Using it for the devil? Sure, it's the--where the devil get's a hold of you; when God borns you here for a certain thing, to do a certain thing, and you let the devil get a hold of you. You was born here to be sons and daughters of God, but you let the devil get a hold of you. And you want to become glamour girls, and--and populars, and everything else like that. Humble yourself before the hand of God, so God can make sons and daughters out of you. Amen.

E-54 I'm sorry to take your time like that, but you're a wonderful audience and maybe I spoke too much or too loud. I didn't aim to, but I want you to know, my dear friend, that Jesus is risen from the dead. He's here tonight in Spirit form. He's been here since the day He rose from the dead. Many people don't believe that. They didn't believe it back there; they believed they carried Him out, and out of the grave and hired people to say the same thing. And the Bible says, "Why do the heathens rage and people imagine a vain thing? Truly, does Thy Son Jesus, Thy holy Child, stretch forth His hand to heal?" Same thing. See?

E-55 God never does take His Spirit, He takes His man. He took Elijah, but His Spirit come upon Elisha. And It come upon John the Baptist, predicted again for the last days. The Holy Ghost was upon Christ, It comes down through the church, on down to the church age. Same things that Elisha done, Elijah done: double portion. And that's the church exactly: "Greater than this shall you do for I go to My Father," a double portion of the Spirit, on down.
The devil, takes his man but never his spirit. Real...?... of the stalks, stiff, starch, and religious till who wouldn't have it. Washing of hands, and saying the doxology, and repeating prayers and everything else, just as religious as he could be, but still the devil. Jesus said to those staunch, staunch teachers. Nothing you get in on their life, saying "He's unholy." No, sir. They had to keep that law to the letter. But yet was, Jesus said, "You're of your father, the devil," because they called Him an unclean spirit, because He did the very things that I was talking to you about tonight. That's the reason they said, "He's a devil. He's a fortuneteller. He's a witch, because He has that power. He's Beelzebub." May the Lord help us now as we bow our head.

E-56 Our kind heavenly Father, this is Your Bible I have been quoting to the people. Being tired and weary, wore out, I know I can't do justice with it, Father, and couldn't anyhow, but I--I depended to You, Lord. Take these few mixed up words from a hoarse voice. And I pray tonight, that You'll scatter it across this building in every sincere heart. Grant it, Lord. Won't You please send forward, send the Lord Jesus Christ? Let Him come, Father. And as we humble ourselves, as I humble myself and yield myself to Your Spirit, may He come and speak. May the people yield theirself to the Spirit and their desires be granted. Have mercy on us, Father. We ask this blessing in Christ's Name, the Son of God. Amen. [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]

E-57 And if He does then you're without excuse. Now, we give out some prayer cards. Where's the boys? Gene, Leo, or someone? Did you give... Did you give out any prayer cards? Did anybody give out prayer cards? I'm... Oh, they did. Who give them out? Billy. Where's he at? Oh, oh, I'm sorry. What'd you give out? From 1 to 50. All right.
Who has prayer card number 1, raise up your hand. Just look at it, just a little prayer card. We just that I... We haven't got one here. It's this little square card: got my picture on one side, on the next it's got a--a number. Number 1? Raise up your hand. Prayer card number 1, no? Listen. Now, remember, your time (may I say this now) the prayer cards is inexchangeable. You have to come here and get your prayer card for yourself. I'll take it out. Every person comes up come here and get your prayer card. See? If you're here at the building, come hear the instructions the minister gives before I come, and there's where you get your prayer cards. Now, of course if you're called and your number's not...

E-58 Number 1? You said 1 to 50, is it? Number 1, isn't it here? Number 2? Let's see. Here, all right. I guess number one's went out then. All right. Could you bring to usher over that way, over that way, you going to bring them? All right. Bring them through the hall or any way you want to just so they... If there anyone's crippled and can't get up now. When your number is called we'll have the ushers to pack you up here. See? All right, number 1, number 2, number 3? Anybody got prayer card number 3, would you raise your hand? I can't see the balcony too well. Anybody that's got prayer card 3, would you raise up your hand. It's this lady. Number 4, prayer card number 4, would you raise your... Oh, way back there. I'm sorry, come right up, sir. Is it a lady? [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] All right.

E-59 If we've never seen each other before, just raise up your hand. I've never seen you. I don't know the woman, never seen her. She just said, just standing here, that's all.
Now, this is a very beautiful picture to start tonight of a repeat of a Scripture in the 3rd chapter of Saint John. A man and a woman met for their first time at a well. One was a Samaritan and the other One was a Jew. And Jesus went to talking to the woman until He found where her trouble was. And He told her what her trouble was. And she recognized it to be the Messiah.
Now, if He's risen from the dead, He can do the same thing. Now, the only thing that I know about this meeting; I felt led to accept it. I didn't ask who was sponsoring or nothing about it. I don't know what is sponsoring... Just a little few day's meeting here, just to get acquainted with you Carolina people. And Brother Moore sent me up here to meet this man; I didn't know where it was going to be. And we come to get this auditorium. That's all I know; I'm here. This is my first person tonight. That's all I know.

E-60 I was borned miles away from this woman, and I--I never seen her. But Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Who's here in Spirit form, now if He will, we could... If I can yield myself to Him by a Divine gift, then this woman can have a repeat of that day up there. Is that right? Just a...?... Now, may the Lord grant it, and all of you promised you would believe and expressed it. May the Lord grant it as I pass to the woman.
Now, here, lady, not knowing you and never met you and never knew who you was or nothing, then there'd have to be some way that I'd have to know if I knowed what you're here for. I wouldn't have any idea. You're just a woman and standing here. I wouldn't have any idea why you're here. But you're for... You want something or you may be here as a critic. If you have, you just watch when that takes place. See? But that I say, now, you might be. See, I don't know that you was not, have no way of knowing. See? But if--if you'll just watch (See?), you'll find out.

E-61 Now, that, you being a Christian woman, and are--are here for some purpose. God alone knows; I don't. But you're conscious that there's something besides just me here. There's something besides me. I want the audience to watch the expression on each person's face when the Angel of the Lord comes near us. See? The woman's aware that something's going on. It's not her brother makes her feel that way. See? Now, in between me and the woman is this same Pillar or Fire you see right here is right between us right now.
Now, she being a woman, me a man, not knowing her, never seen her, then God would have reveal to me something. Now, if she wants healing, if it's sickness, or if it's finance, whatever she's here for, I don't know, but whatever it is, He's already purchased of whatsoever she wanted, it was purchased at Calvary. The only thing He could do if He was wearing this suit that He gave me, the only thing He could do would be do the same thing He done back there. That's right. But now, if the--if the lady would be... If God will grant His mercy, I pray that He will. I don't say that He will, but maybe He will. I trust in Him.

E-62 She's promised to receive me. Here you have promised to receive Him. And now as the woman... If the man operating the microphone's still catching my voice, she's moving away from me. The woman is bothered. I see her with a severe nervous condition as she's walking and the way she grips her hands; and she's extremely nervous. And another thing is with the woman, she's got a sinus trouble, up here in her face. And she's... That's right. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD. Now, you believe? Now, watch. See, the more you would talk to her, that's why the Spirit is moving on. Now, now, lady. But you will know that was true or not.

E-63 Now, if you just believe with all of your heart maybe He'd show me something else account of being, you being the first patient. Oh, that would be... Now, yes, I see you being examined. You--you have real bad headaches all a time, migraine headaches. And I see you going in and out of the hospi--not only one hospital; you're going from hospital to hospital. And none of them is doing you any good. That is THUS SAITH THE LORD. Do you believe now? [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] Who made heavens and earth, I [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] I ask for her health. May it be...?... for Your glory. Amen. Now go...?... sister. You believe now with all you... Go rejoicing. All right.
Do you believe? Now, you can't blame the woman for being all upset or disturbed. You'd be too, if you were healed. Now, what healed her? Not me, her faith did it. Just have faith, believe. Now, be real reverent. Be real reverent.

E-64 Now, the lady here, an aged woman, I've never seen her in my life. We're strangers to one another, are we, sister dear? I don't know you, never seen you. But if Christ, will let me know what you're here for, will you accept it and believe it? Now, may He grant it. The first thing I see, if the audience can still hear my voice; she's shadowed. A darkness is all around the woman because she's suffering with cancer. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD. That is true, isn't it, lady? Raise your hand if that's true. Do you believe? Now, just a moment. Let's talk to the lady just for a moment. Visions make me weak as you can see how... See? For a... Just so it's the first night. I take my time. Whatever He told you... Now, you heard my voice. But that wasn't me. That was Him. I just yielded. And now, I just... Yeah, I see it coming again, it's darkness. It is a cancer. It's cancer. And one of them is located on your shoulder, your right shoulder, where that cancer's located. Is that right? Now, go believing.
Our heavenly Father, I pray for the woman in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Grant it, Lord. Amen. Have faith in God. Believe; so shall thou receive.

E-65 How do you do, lady. Suppose we're strangers to each other? We don't know each other. Now, you're just a bit excited because this isn't going to bother you. See? It's the Lord Jesus, not your brother. I'm just your brother. But it's the Lord Jesus to help you. Now, if I could help you and wouldn't do it, I'd be a brute, wouldn't I? But if I had any way of helping you, lady, I... Whatever you're here for, I'd do anything I could for you. And I--I would, yes, ma'am. That's... God knows my heart; I'd do anything I could. I can't, you see, though just limitation as being borned in this world as a child, I saw a vision. And then He met me and told me that was His work for me to do here on earth. I... Everybody will not believe it. They didn't believe Him, so I--I...?... believing me...?...
But you're conscious that there's just a little something strange at this time, definitely, or something, now a kind of a humble, sweet feeling like, around you. Isn't that right? That's this Angel of the Lord that you see on the picture. Now, that you see on the picture, is right where you are now. 'Course being a...?... I call it the vision or channel of Him. I see It. It's right around here. Now, as it comes to you (See?), then He may reveal something that'd help you to believe Him (See?) to know that He's living; He loves you.

E-66 The first thing I notice as you begin to move away, is your feeling or lack of spirituality. You're seeking and wanting and always, I see you as even as a girl, seemed like as a child like, you always desired a--a closer walk that you've never had it performed yet, never have come into that category. That is right. And I'm not reading your mind. See? But I see you as a younger person. And that--that is true. Now, that's true? If it is, raise your hand. It's here tonight. See? Your--your life is just open before me.
And I see you also, you're upset and beset about something. You're real nervous, very nervous condition. And then I see there's something wrong with the--the blood. It's--it's the arteries in your body. The other thing, you got a--a condition that you walk. It's a--it's a kind of a arthritis, you have also. That is true.

E-67 Then I see you take a fall. You just recently had a fall, sometime ago, and it kind of upset you. You never have just felt right since then. That is true. That's... Is that all true? Then there's something here close that knows you, isn't it? Do you believe it to be the resurrected Jesus Christ? Then come here. What did Jesus say? "These signs shall follow them that believe. If they lay their hands on the sick they shall recover. Is that right? Then this I do, lay hands upon thee, my beloved sister, in the Name of Jesus Christ, that you will receive the desire of your heart. In Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you, sister. It all turns light around you now, so you're healed; you can go on your road rejoicing and thank the Lord. God bless you, sister. You believe? Only thing you have to do is have faith in God.

E-68 Mister, setting on the end of the seat, you want to get over that rupture? You think God would heal you of that rupture and make you well? If you believed it, you could receive it. It's up to you whether you want to accept it or not. You believe, with all your heart?
That didn't please the Holy Spirit just right. The man ought to see it. You see? Just a moment. You got to respond to it. It left me. See? It went to the audience. I called the man and he didn't catch it. See? He must respond, just a soon as He called you. God don't want you lingering; He wants you to answer Him. See?

E-69 Be reverent. There's someone else in the audience is praying. It's a dark shadowed condition. Here it is standing before me here. It's a woman. She's upset about something. Seems to me like you could see that Light hanging there. Here it comes. It's right over this lady setting here with the little brown looking dress. Yes, she's worrying about cancer, worrying about it. That is right, isn't it, lady? If that's right, raise up your hand. The lady there in the brown dress, right there. All right, lady. Don't you fear, He healed you of that cancer just then. Your faith touched Him and now you're well.
Have faith in God. Don't doubt. If you can... What did she do? I ask any of you to pray. You was praying wasn't you, lady? That's right. That's right. See? Now, have faith.

E-70 What about you up in the balcony? Are you believing? I ask any of you, if I be the servant of God and have told the truth about God, God's got to honor the Word that I told. I spoke of Him, now He's speaking back to me, through me, that I told you the truth. If you can only believe. Have faith. Look this way and say, "Lord, I believe with all my heart." Just believe it.
Watch. Now as your faith moves, so does the Holy Spirit. I believe... Is this the patient, sir? This is...?... Excuse me, lady. I'm not beside myself, yet, it's a weakening. That He's... See, it's--it's against the...?... in the audience. They're fifty to one healed in the audience than what's on the platform. 'Course this doesn't heal people; this only brings people's faith up to express what Jesus did when He healed them when He died. See? It isn't a healing now; it's expressing what Jesus has already done. See, everybody's healed. Everybody was saved in the atonement, but you have to express it. Now, there's your faith.

E-71 Oh, it's the little lady setting there with glasses on, praying, with the little gray coat on, 'bout two people behind her, this woman was just prayed for; she's suffering with diabetes and wants to be healed. If that's right, slip up your hand up, lady. That's true, isn't it? Raise you hand. Raise your hand like this to the audience if that's true? You was praying and said, "Lord, let him call me." If that's right, raise your hand like this. There you are. How did I know your prayer here? It's Christ that's raised from the dead. It's Him. It's your faith a doing that. Believe it, so shall you be healed as you believe on Him.

E-72 Now, lady, you... Everyone should believe. I have this lady standing before me. She has--she's has a...?... She's very much disturbed about something, and that's about a--a man, her husband. He's sick. You got a sick husband. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD. Raise your hand if that's true. Have faith.
Now, a man came before me just then, but I don't believe he's in the building. Just a moment. Have... Be reverent, everyone just praying. Look this way again, lady. Have faith and believe in God, everyone of you. Just believe the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. Just imagine seeing Him standing over here by my side, saying, "You say this or you say that." And when He'd taken, looking through my eyes to see something that's--that's happening, it's going to happen... Now, as I talk to the woman. What was--what was the trouble? Your husband, wasn't it, I believe it? Yes, sir, that's right. Now, I catch your spirit again, just like the woman at the well. That's what He was doing. He talked to her a minute so He could catch her spirit. You got more trouble. That's about a--a boy. It's your son, a backslider that boy has caused you a lot of trouble. That there is the trouble right now. And he's put to the trial. And that trial, I believe, is for about manslaughter. That's to be tried about tomorrow, real soon. That's right, isn't it? THUS SAITH THE LORD. You--you believe? Go, receive. As you have believed, so shall you receive. Praise the Lord.

E-73 Have faith in God. Just only believe. Oh, all of you ought to believe. This is for our hour; and is encouraging if you just had faith. See, Jesus has already done the work. This is just His love and grace to you. See? Did you know that He... Cleopas and them, He did something to... He... They'd walked with Him all day and didn't know it. But the way He did something, they recognized that that was Him. Well, I tried to tell you what He did when He was here on earth so you could recognize the same way. You've walked with Him a long time, maybe in your church and didn't know it. He's here. He's alive. He isn't dead.

E-74 The lady now, I guess this is the patient before me? Now the woman's a stranger. I don't know, never seen her in my life. Is that right, lady? We're strangers? Now, to the rest of you there, if Jesus will let me know... Now, you know it has to come to a supernatural power. Now, it's your attitude what that is what determines what you get. See? They put rag on His head and hit Him and said, "Tell us something." See? But He doesn't do that. It's your attitude towards Him. And I declare that It's Him. That mechanical eye of the camera declares It's Him. Science declares that It's Him. The Bible declares that It's Him. The Holy Spirit declares that It's Him. And He's here right now doing the same things He did and you're without excuse. To disbelieve me would be all right; I'm a man. But to disbelieve His Words, it would be sin. As sin is unbelief. "He that believeth not is condemned already." Sin isn't drinking, committing adultery. That isn't sin. That's the attributes of sin. You do that because you're an unbeliever. Believers don't do that.

E-75 Now, if God will speak to the lady... She's here for some part. I don't know. But if He will tell us why, will everyone of you accept Jesus right now as your Healer, and that'll just settle it? If the woman will raise her hand that I don't know her, nothing about her... Is that right, lady? [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] Know nothing about her... And, I--I don't... So much discernment. It just weakens me so that I don't like to go too far...?... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] standing around me to get me just at any time.
And now, the lady standing before me, I don't know her, but I see her all disturbed about something. Yes, I see her going into a place that's a clinic or a hospital, something on that order. And she... There's something wrong her. It's in her esophagus. It's in the... here she's... The food won't swallow down. There seems to be nothing can help it. That was THUS SAITH THE LORD. You believe, lady? Christ, the Son of God, heal this woman, I pray Thee, Father, if we found grace in Your sight. Let her go home and be able to eat, come back giving testimony, and rejoicing for the glory of God, in Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you, lady. Go, believing now with all your heart.

E-76 Would you send the patient. Now... No, I--I--I'm not reading your mind. Friend, don't think that; that's sin. Here, I don't know this lady. Put your hand on mine, lady. If the Lord Jesus will reveal to me this way what your trouble is, will you accept your healing? I see a table and a woman moving away from it with her hand up. The lady's got stomach trouble. That's... You're holding my hand. That's right. Raise your hand if that's right, lady. It's caused by a nervous condition. It's a peptic, right in the pit of the stomach. When she eats, it sours, gets bitter, comes up against her teeth, she has an awful distress after it. She's suffering with a nervous condition from a time of the life too. It's just what they call the menopause, into that, makes her nervous from a lady's condition. And that's run her into a peptic ulcer in her stomach. Have you? Premature to it. Now, the Lord bless you, sister. Go home rejoicing and happy for that and both the conditions is gone from you. Go eat your supper. God bless you.

E-77 What if I just prayed for you, would believe anyhow? You're a little bit excited. See? That's right. But will you promise tonight that the same promise you made God that He would heal you, and let you get well, will you accept it if I tell you're going to get well? You promised Him that. Now, go on, you're healed. Serve Him with all your heart.
I'm not reading their mind, not at all. Heart trouble's nothing for our Lord to heal. He can take heart trouble away just as easy. You believe that? Then go and accept Him. God bless you. You wanted to be laid hands on you, didn't you? That's right. Now, go and receive you're healing.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody. All right. Have faith. Don't doubt.

E-78 I'm a stranger to you, lady. Oh, I see you holding to things when you get up of a morning. You got arthritis. That's right. Kind of shocked you, didn't it. Now, move your feet like this now. See how easy it left. Now, just go on your road rejoicing and be well...?... Come believing. Have faith.
Little lady, when you move from that seat awhile ago, the black shadow swept over you, but God can heal cancer just the same as He healed toothache or anything. You believe that? You accept your healing now? Come here. Thou demon, you might've hid from a doctor but you can't hide from God. Come out of her in the Name of Jesus Christ; I adjure thee to be completely...?...
Let's say, "Praise the Lord." Do you believe? Have faith. Look and live.

E-79 Got something wrong with your feet and legs, haven't you, lady, setting on the end there, praying? When that lady was healed a few minutes ago. Something was said to her; something real strange struck you. Isn't that right? If it is, wave your hand like that so the audience can see. That's right. See? I seen you here on the platform. That's the reason I know you were there. Amen. You believe Him? Accept your healing?
That you might know, the lady setting next you there. Look at me, lady. You believe me to be His prophet, His servant? You want to get over that high blood pressure. You believe Jesus Christ will make you well? Raise your hand if that's right. See? Amen.
The man setting next to you has had heart trouble. He wants to get well of heart trouble too, don't you, sir? Isn't that right? See? You have heart trouble.
The next man has diabetes; you think God would heal his diabetes? Certainly.

E-80 You believe? All right. If you believe, lay your hands over on each other. I don't care what's wrong with you. It must be my time to go; they're... Dear Jesus, Son of God, I pray a prayer of faith and ask that in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, that You'd heal every person here. Satan, come out of them and I...