Conduit Par L’Esprit De Dieu

Date: 56-0723 | La durée est de: 1 heure et 15 minutes | La traduction: Shp
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E-1 Shall we pray. Our heavenly Father, we thank Thee tonight of the goodness of the Lord Jesus. For all that He has done for us and for the mercies that He's shed forth to us, the unworthy ones, but by the redeeming grace He's brought us now unto Himself.
And we thank Thee for it. We thank Thee for Thy healing power. We thank Thee for salvation, for all the good things that You've done for us.
Now, speak to us tonight in Thy Word and we'll give Thee praise in Jesus' Name. Amen.

E-2 So glad to be here again tonight in this service, trusting that the Lord has blessed you exceedingly, abundantly today. And one thing you're used to this weather. I'm not. It's just about kill me.
Leo, one of my recording boys, sick all day, vomiting, and Gene's the same way, Billy the same way, me the same way. So this weather, I--I believe I'd have to come down and stay some time in the summertime to--or wintertime to get used to it for summer.
But I imagine if you come up to my house when it's about twenty-eight below zero, you'd pretty near want to stay in the house. That's when we all want to go rabbit hunting, about--about twenty-eight below zero.

E-3 It's just what part of the country we get accustomed to, and sometimes the different parts... Sister Moore, I believe, was telling me today that David was in the army camp over somewhere in Texas, and him being used to this weather here, he said he got so sick last year he couldn't even drive his car home hardly, the weather being so hot.
And now, it may seem like it's awful nice and cool to you all, but it's sure burning me up. Well, there's one thing: It's a good time to preach repentance, isn't it, when you got weather coming like that? Yes, sir.

E-4 So we're happy tonight to know that we're on the grounds of the forgiveness of our sins, and on the grounds of eternal salvation, looking for the coming of the Lord Jesus.
So happy to know that someday He will be here, and all the troubles will be over. Just seeing Chicago, after even all their Salk vaccines and everything, the cases of polio is on the rage, till my, my, worse than it ever was.
And seems like about time one thing gets started common, why, another thing starts up. And they give some sort of medicine for something, then looks like it'll take care of that, and in a few years here turns up and gives a great thing that nearly kills the patient then.
So only thing we can hold for is the coming of the Lord. That's when all troubles will be over.

E-5 Say, looking back over my shoulder at Sister Anna Jean, I felt so sorry for her last night. I--I went home with a frog in my throat like. She was playing the piano and letting down a little bit, and Don standing back. He left, I think, today didn't he, Sister Anna Jean, for overseas and down South America and so forth.
And I know how she feels. I just imagine I know from my wife. The phone will ring, you know, and when I'm home, why, she'll... I'll answer the phone and say, "Is Brother Branham there?"
And I'll... "Yes."
And I'll get a hold of the phone and somebody will say, "Well, Brother Branham, will you come just for two nights?"

E-6 And I say, "I'd like to, brother, but I..." I just see her setting there just wondering what I'm going to say. So I know how you feel Anna Jean, but there's one good thing... I believe the little Palmer girl here, her husband left also yesterday for somewhere, way away.
So bless these young women. And just remember this, Jesus said that He will--will not forsake his father, his mother, wife, mother, children, and whatever it is, and cleave to Me is not worthy of--to be My disciples. That's right.
So Peter said, "We have forsaken all, our wives, our children, our homes to follow Thee. What shall we receive in the Kingdom?"

E-7 He said, "Verily, verily, I say unto you that you'll set on twelve thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel." Oh, my. Now, you know, I don't want to do that. And really from the bottom of my heart, I don't want nothing great, classical. You know what I want? I just want to look at Him...?... I--I just want to see Him.
The old colored man, here sometime ago, he'd--he'd got saved in an old camp meeting, and so he went back over to where the old colored folks down in the south used to go down there to hymn singings at night.
So the next morning he was telling all the slaves that he was free. Yep. So the boss heard him say that, so he said, "What's this, Sambo? You said you was free?"
Said, "Come on over to the office, and I want to talk to you awhile."

E-8 So he went over to the office and he said, "Sam, I heard you said you was free." Said, "You know you're my slave."
And he said, "Yes, sir, boss. I know that, but said, "last night the Lord Jesus set me free from the penalty of sin and death." He said, "I'm free, boss. The Lord saved me."
He said, "You really mean that?"
He said, "Yes, sir. I do."
And he said, "What would... If you wasn't a slave what would you do?"
He said, "I'd spend the rest of my time telling my brethren."
Said, "All right. If you go with me down to court this morning, I'm going to sign the ticket, the emanci--proclamation. I'm going to set you free to preach the Gospel to your brethren."

E-9 After he preached for many years, his death come to him. He was laying sick to die, and a lot of his white brethren come in to look at him. So they looked at him, and he was laying like he was in a coma.
After while he woke up, and looked around, and seen them all, and said, "Well, haven't I went over yet?" He said, "I--I was dreaming or something that I just got in the door. They said to me, 'Now, Sam, come on. I want you to put on your robe and your crown.' Said, 'Don't talk to me about robes and crown.' Said, 'Just let me stand and look at Him a thousand years now.'"
I think that's just about the way we all feel, isn't it? We don't want no crowns, no--no great things. Only thing I want to do is just look at Him. That's all. If I could just look at His face, that--that would pay me for every effort, just to look upon Him, and see Him. So I--I'm trusting, believing, hoping, trying my best to someday I'll get to see Him.

E-10 Now, I've always thought how I would just love to just kneel down at the--at His feet and kind of pat His feet a little. Wouldn't you like to do that? Wouldn't that just make you... just pat His feet and just wonder which one... Same feet that woman washed with her tears and wiped with the hairs of her head, how--how I'd feel just to stand there and pat those feet a little bit. I believe I'd preach a hundred years to get to do that, wouldn't you? Yes, sir, and spend a life time...
Now, being that it's warm tonight, and we don't... Just beginning of the week now, and tomorrow night if there is someone here to be prayed for, well, we'll pray for the sick tomorrow night, the Lord willing.
And now, I don't blame the people for not coming out to church if it's this hot; I don't believe I would either. My, how hot.

E-11 And so in Romans the 8th chapter and the 1st verse, we want to consider this just for a little while. Romans 8 and 1.
There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.
Now, our heavenly Father, we pray now that You will get our minds centered on the Spirit of God, and may He lead us, not knowing what to say, but Thou will provide the Word.
And I pray that You'll lead us to a--a great meeting, Lord, where the Seed of God will fall deep into the heart of every person, the unsaved be saved, and the sinner, backslider be called back to God again and the sick be healed, for this we ask in Christ's Name. Amen.
Led by the Spirit of God. Do you believe that men of God are led by the Spirit of God? That's right.
Now, Paul speaking here to the Romans, said "There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus. Now, that walk not after... If you're in Christ Jesus, then you walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit."

E-12 Now, you know it's a--it's a dangerous thing when we go to think that many times that Christians who are filled with the Holy Spirit will still walk after the flesh. Did you know that? They'll do it.
And then the Holy Spirit gets away from them, as we've been saying. I... You see people sometimes, someone raise up and speak in tongues which will be God and maybe someone say, "Glory to God, I can do that too." That's flesh. See?
You have to be led by the Spirit. See? And I was just telling the other day while Brother Jack and I were out visiting a--a Lutheran seminary, and they were asking about these Divine gifts. And I told them how I did it at my church. I see it many times, that I feel that full Gospel people who believe in those gifts... Not only that, but there's many Baptist churches, and many of them speak with tongues. Certainly.

E-13 Charles Fuller has speaking in tongues at Long Beach, but he--and interpretation, spoke of it on the radio just recently telling them about how they spoke in tongues and interpreted. Said but if there wasn't no interpreter, why, it was the flesh; but said if any one spoke they all kept real quiet, so and see what the interpretation is.
Now, here's the way we did it at--at home when I received the Holy Spirit, seen these things was for the Church. We found if somebody spoke in tongues, then if there was no interpreter, we had them to keep, hold their peace. That's right. They're not supposed to speak in public like that.

E-14 But then when they become an interpreter, someone could interpret... Now, we didn't want just a bunch of foolishness. We had to be genuine. So we had all those people to meet, all the gifted people, those who had revelations, those who had the word of prophecy, and those who had the interpretation, and speaking of tongues, and they gathered at the church about a hour before the church ever started.
They come in for their own ministry, and they set in the church, kept quiet, and the Lord would speak a message. Now, before that message could be received and give to the church, there had to be three there with the spirit of discernment. And two of that three had to witness it was of God.

E-15 If it wasn't, they never even counted it at all. But now it couldn't be a quoting of Scripture or... 'cause God told us not to use vain repetition. It had to be some message directed to some person in the church, or it wasn't received.
Then, say for instance like this: Somebody would raise up and say, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, tonight at the service there'll be a lady come in with her bandage around her head. She was in an automobile accident five years ago, and she can't be healed, and they're bringing her from a certain place. Have Brother So-and-so as soon as she comes in (They'll be coming from Michigan.) to lay his hands upon her, for THUS SAITH THE LORD she's going to be healed."

E-16 Now, everybody kept quiet. After while one of them with the spirit of discernment would say, "I believe that was the Lord," and another one... Now remember, your word's at stake, the other'd say, "I believe it was of the Lord."
All right. It's put down. That's put on my desk. I'm in the room praying all the time. All right. Then the next thing you know somebody spoke in tongues and give a message, said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, have Brother Henry Jones to move away from the place where he is at, because there's some large trees standing there, for THUS SAITH THE LORD tomorrow afternoon about two o'clock, there's coming a hurricane, going to blow all those trees down. Have him to be out of the way. It's THUS SAITH THE LORD."

E-17 It had to be to someone, a message to the Church. Now, then they--one of the interpreters or one of the men with the discernment said, "I believe it's of the Lord." The other one say, "I believe it's of the Lord."
Well, if they would do that, then they put it down, put it on the desk. Then when I come out just before the service started, I read these messages off to the church. It already had their names signed for the discernment, that said that they was from the Lord.
Brother Henry Jones got away as quick as he could, and--and we watched for the woman. If she didn't come, or the storm didn't come, then I made them every one get to the altar and get that evil spirit away from them. That's right. It's not right. God don't speak lies. He tells the Truth. See? God tells the Truth. So that's what I found amongst the people, so much of it.

E-18 Here in California not long ago, I was fixing to make an altar call, and a lady raised up and begin speaking in tongues, just broke the altar call to pieces.
Now, I don't say this--but the... well the... Then some woman got way back over there and give some kind of a sign, "And all of you be ready. The Lord's coming" and so forth. We know that. That wasn't nothing directed.
So then I never said nothing. It wasn't my meeting. So then the next couple days after that, she met Billy Paul out there. She said, "Tell your daddy to get ready when he goes to give his life story, 'cause I've got another message I've got to give."

E-19 Now, that won't work. Now, that's flesh. I don't condemn the person, but I condemn the--the way they're using the gifts of God. If they're used correctly, they're the most marvelous things there is, but if you don't use them right, it'll bring a disgrace to the Church.
So we must be led of the Spirit, and when we're led of the Spirit, then God makes everything work just exactly in harmony.
Now, if they give this message, and I give it out, and the lady comes in. Here she is. Everybody's wondering where she's at. After while here she comes in, packing her in on a stretcher; I know exactly what to do. The Holy Spirit has done spoke. Go lay hands on her. She's going to be healed. That's exactly what happened.

E-20 Then the next thing--next day, Brother Henry Jones gets away from those big trees, or away from the railroad track, where they're going to have a wreck, or he doesn't go down to this corner for a certain thing, or whatever it is. And the next day we see it happen perfectly that way, then we say, "Thank You, Lord Jesus, for warning us. We love You because You're with us, and You're showing Your signs and wonders; and we love You and we adore You, and we just pour out to You the whole adoration of our heart for being so good to us." See?
Now, if those gifts are used right, they're to edify the Church. When you let one come in unlearned and watch and see what happens that way, you'll find out it'll--shivers run up his back, and he will go getting right with God then.

E-21 But when they're just misconstrued and throwed out just to any way... Now, I believe they're gifts, but they don't know how to use them. And that's what we need is a teaching on how to use the gifts of God.
That's the reason they begin to dwindle out because the--the people don't use them rightly, and we must do that. Paul said he set the church in order, telling just how... and how to do it. We try to put our church just as exactly that way.
'Course then... Now, since I've left, why it's been... There's a Methodist pastor there now with the Baptist just before me... or right after me, rather. Now, a Methodist brother has it, and they don't teach those things. They just let... go ahead and preach the Gospel, make altar call, and go home.

E-22 But what the Church needs tonight is know how to control these gifts. See? For evil spirits can come in and speak just the same as good spirits can speak. You know that. And you must have the spirit of discernment to know that. They had it in the Bible times.
Why, if they didn't do it then, why did Paul say let one judge and the people judge and so forth. Those was gifts of prophecy, everything is supposed to be correctly put in order.
For Satan can imitate every gift that God's got. Every gift, he can imitate it. And you must know the right and wrong, and by its fruits you know it. Watch whether it comes to pass and whether its truth or not. And that's the way you know the Spirit.

E-23 Now, but sons of God, we are led by the Spirit of God. "There is therefore now no condemnation (You don't have to worry about those things.) to those that are in Christ Jesus, that walk not after the flesh."
"Glory, hallelujah, I can speak in tongues. Glory to God, I can do this." No, no. That's the wrong attitude. That's the wrong attitude. Don't do that. See? But here's what it is to those, no condemnation to them that are in Christ, that walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit.
Now, the next thing is how do you get into these spiritual gifts? The Bible said, "By one Spirit we are all baptized into one body." And that body is the body of the Lord Jesus Christ.

E-24 Now, this is a great thing for we Baptist preacher to say, but I believe there's one Lord, one baptism, and--and one calling, and I believe that one baptism is not water. I believe it's Holy Spirit baptism, that we're baptized into the body of Christ, not by water, but by Spirit, I Corinthians 12.
And we are sons and daughters of God are led by the Spirit of God, after they've been baptized into the body of believers. Oh, how marvelous. How sin opened the heart of the Lord Jesus and giving us an issue of Blood coming forth from Him, that through the Life in that Blood we go back by Holy Ghost baptism into the body of Christ.

E-25 Oh, my. That make you forget the hot weather. Notice, and while you're in that Body, you are just as free from condemnation as He is. You'll never have to stand any judgment. God caused judgment to be struck upon His Body. And if you're in Him, God cannot judge you; He's already judged you when He judged Christ. Amen.
And you can't be under judgment no more. Christ took your judgment. And when you're baptized into that Body of Christ, you are free from God's judgment. The wrath of God will pass over you. That's why He said, "When I see the Blood, I'll pass over you."

E-26 That was the sacrificial Lamb. The Blood was in the shape of the cross, on the lintel on the door post and was a sign that death could not come to that house. And when death tries to strike us, that separation from God, then the Blood is applied by the Lord Jesus Christ, and the death angel cannot take it. No sir, for we are free then.
We are in Christ and led by the Spirit of Christ: led. Many men and nearly all men... I'll say all men, that's ever amounted to very much in this life has been men and women who have been led to do the gallant things they've done by the Spirit of God.
I think tonight one of the greatest generals that America has ever had was Stonewall Jackson. I believe there's never been a general like him since Joshua. Why was it he doing that? He was a gallant man. He was a man of prayer. He--he closed up everything, even made all his generals, and everything, don't even eat breakfast, or nothing, and lay on their face and seek God. Yes, sir. General Grant, or, I'm... Stonewall Jackson, I'm thinking of instead of Grant...

E-27 General Grant was a drunk, alcoholic, but Stonewall Jackson was a Christian gentleman, and he loved the Book of Joshua. And he wanted to be like Joshua, and God give him the desires of his heart. And one day he was asked, "Why is it, Mister Jackson, that you can stand in such opposition, so many men against you, and you take a little handful and stand?"
He was a very timid sort of a fellow, little short fellow, kind of blue-eyed and dark hair. He kicked his boots on the dust, and he said, "I never put a glass of water to my mouth without thanking Almighty God."
There's where it comes from. That's right. There's where the secret lays: trusting God, being led by the Spirit of God. God speaks to man; man hears His Voice.

E-28 Noah, in the early beginning at the antediluvian destruction, when he was the man who feared God, a farmer, lived out on the farm, saying God spoke to him one day, and he was led by the Spirit of God to build an ark for the saving of his household.
And now, God that spoke to Noah is the same God that speaks tonight. When He speaks to Noah to make a way for the saving of his household, He speaks to every man. And the way has already been made for the saving of your household: the Lord Jesus Christ, His vicarious suffering and death at Calvary.
And how that Noah... Now, there was no sign of rain, never had rained out of the heavens. It always... God watered through the earth up to the streams, irrigation like. Never rained out of the heavens, but God told Noah that His judgments was coming.

E-29 And He said, "As it was in the days of Noah, so will it be in the coming of the Son of man." The judgments is bound to strike, for man had continually to get evil. All their thoughts was evil. They had all kinds of devicities like we got today, really a smarter people than we are today. They built the pyramid, and sphinx, and many of those things there that our modern machinery couldn't touch. We couldn't no wise touch it.
They must've had a controlled atom power. Gasoline power, electrical power, would never lift those boulders and build such as the pyramid. They weigh hundreds of tons, and setting away in the air, almost about a city block high mostly. And how did they ever get them up there? That's the mystery, and so perfect mason till a razor blade couldn't go between them: honed down. They are masterpieces, mastermind.

E-30 And they got so smart and so shrewd. And the Bible said they become workers of wood, workers of brass, a great day of science. And they got so smart till they figured they just outsmarted God and didn't need Him any longer.
And then God, not willing that any should perish, talked to a man out in the field one day, Noah, and told him to erect an ark to protect him from the judgments. God led him to do it.
And Noah, right away took his old crude tools, and so forth, and began to build away on the ark. And as he built away, and God told him how to fix it...

E-31 I've often wandered that type of wood that He said to build it out of, what kind of wood was that to be? A shittim wood. I wondered what kind that was. In reading up on it once, I find out that it was a... I believe gopher wood is what He said to build it out of, gopher wood.
And to... the reading up on this gopher wood, it was the most lightest wood that there is in the world, like balsam, just real light. And if you'd put that in the water, it would sink immediately. If it'd waterlog, it'd sink right down.
And then when we find out that God told him to pitch it on the inside and out. And how they pitched it, they took and beat the rosin out of another tree, and boiled it, and poured it into these pores that was so loose and emptied up, and that rosin filled up the pores, and cased it over so hard till it'd be as hard as steel is now.

E-32 What a beautiful type of the Church today. It's all emptied out; the things of the world is gone. The heart's all emptied up, and God beat one Man of our kind: Christ.
And He stood our judgment, and by the Blood of the Lord Jesus through the Holy Ghost, He pours it in and fills ever crevice, and every place where the world has been lifted out, the Holy Ghost fills it up, and cleanses it, and seals it (Amen.) until that day, against the fiery judgments of God.
Brother, sister, so many people laugh about the baptism of the Holy Spirit. It's the only thing that'll save you, not another thing. God has no other way provided, but for men and women to be filled with the Holy Spirit and led by the Holy Spirit. Correctly.

E-33 God get His Church all cased up... Remember that pitch that they put in there, that rosin that was on the inside and outside, of that ship soaked that thing through and made it just as tight as it could be, and it kept out the judgment. Amen.
Oh, my. The water was God's judgment. That's right. And the only thing that kept it out was the pitch. And the only way that we're going to escape the wrath and damnation of God's judgment is to empty up ourselves, and let the Holy Spirit chuck us so full of the baptism of the Spirit. And at that day, remember, the very thing that they laughed at, Noah making, pouring pitch into it, the very thing that they laughed at was the very thing that God led Him to do; they laughed at it.

E-34 And the very thing that Spirit-filled men and women are led to do today, the world laughs at it, calls it nonsense. For it was the only thing (Hallelujah.), it was the only thing that separated Noah from judgment.
The Blood of Christ, through the Holy Ghost is the only thing that'll separate the Church from the world. Denominations and barriers, and so forth, and education will never do it. It'll take the baptism of the Holy Spirit in our heart to pour itself out before God and empty up. When God has fill up that person, then they are led by the Holy Ghost. Amen. I like that.
Now, He's made a preparation for us. He beat the Life out of Christ; sin did at the cross. And that Life that was beat out of a Man that lived and eat like you and I do, it is poured into us when we're emptied up and made light.

E-35 Did you ever get down and pray until it come to a place that you felt like you was walking on clouds? That's when you're getting light.
The Bible said in Hebrews the 11th chapter--the 12th chapter, "Seeing that we're compassed about by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight (empty up) and the sin that does so easily beset us, that we might run with patience the race that's set before us, looking to the Author and Finisher of our faith, the Lord Jesus.

E-36 Think of it, how God has made a way a beating from His body. He was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquity, look at the Life coming out of Him. You took the tree and laid it down and would beat it, and when they beat it, the rosin would fly out of it. And they put that same rosin that come out of one tree and poured it into this one to make an atonement, make a separation of something that would float.
And the only way that Noah knew to do it, it could not be scientifically proved, but Noah was led by God to do it. That's the way men and women are today that's borned again of the Spirit of God is led by the Spirit of God to live like Christians, and act like Christians, and believe in the full Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.
It's a leading. It's all nonsense to the unbeliever. I could prove to you tonight by the Bible that the Church of the living God is built upon spiritual revealed truth.

E-37 When Cain and Abel was in the garden of Eden to begin with it, Cain was just as religious as Abel was, but who told Abel it took a lamb? Who told Cain, it took a nice something to catch the eye of God?
And Cain worshipped just the same as Abel worshipped. Cain made a offering the same as Abel did. Cain was just as sincere as Abel was. So sincerity don't save you. God has a way, a program, and you got to walk into that.

E-38 And Cain come and worshipped. If God only requires a man to join church, bow at the altar, and worship God, and give of his--his tenth to the church, or--or whatever it is, and all the good deeds and things he could do, would it testify for him in glory, then God would be unjust to condemn Cain.
But Abel, not by works, not by building some great organization, not by doing something else, making great churches, and flowerly altars, and flowerly speeches, but somehow he was led by the Spirit of God. And he goes over and gets a little lamb and wraps a piece of grapevine around his neck, and offered him on the altar, and died on the same altar his lamb died on. That's a revelation.
Every man that comes to God and is free from the judgments has got to die on the same altar the lamb did... empty up everything of self, that God might pour in the Holy Spirit. That's right.

E-39 Notice. Jesus come down off the mount one day. This is over in the New Testament. Coming down off of the mount one day, He saw some people, and He was talking to them, and He asked them; He said, "Who does man say that I, the Son of man, am?"
"Some said You're Moses, and Elias, and the prophets and so forth."
He said, "But Who do you say that I am? I don't care what someone else says, but what's your personal opinion of Me?"
Peter, being led by the Holy Spirit, not taking what somebody else said, said, "Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God."

E-40 Listen at Him. He turns around and said, "Blessed art thou, Simon Bar-jonas or Bar-jona: for flesh and blood has not revealed this to you. You never learned this out of a book; you never learned this out of a seminary; you wasn't taught this in some church; papa, mama never told you this; some preacher didn't tell you this, all as good as it may be but that's not it yet." He said, "My Father which is in heaven has revealed this to you, (and you've been led, in other words, so many words,) you've been led to make this confession, and upon this rock I'll build My church; and the gates of hell can't prevail against it," upon spiritual revealed truth of the living God.

E-41 So if many full Gospel doctrines seems hard to you, just get down and pray till the Holy Ghost gets into you, it'll lead you to the fountain as certain as I'm standing here.
My. If you just get down to the fountain, empty up so God can fill you up. Led by the Spirit. Sons and daughters of God are led by the Spirit of God.
Abraham, the old patriarch, seventy-five years old, Sarah, sixty-five, God met him one day down in the valley of the Shinar there, the city of Ur, and He said to Abraham, "I'm going to bless you, and I'm going to give you a son by Sarah." Said, "Now, in order to do this, if you stay around all this unbelief around here, you'll get to doubting. But I want you to separate yourself."

E-42 Usually if a man's going to be a believer, he's got to separate himself from his worldly friends, all the--the people. Yoke yourself out up from amongst unbelievers. They'll only call you back into the world again.
Environment has a lot to do with it. Did you know that? Your environment... Sure did. As Brother Bosworth used to say, you could put a hen egg under a puppy and tie him down, it would hatch the egg. The puppy would hatch out the chicken then. See, it's because the--the puppy keeps the egg warm, and it's the environment that counts. And when you're a Christian, you associate with Christians, and go with Christians, and be a Christian. You've got to have the right kind of an environment around you.
If you get out in the pool rooms, and dance halls, and shindigs, and everything else, and call yourself a Christian, the first thing you know, you'll be believing it's all right to do it.

E-43 That's what's the matter with the Pentecostal church. That's what's the matter with all the Pentecostal women, cutting their hair, and--and putting makeup on, and--and men doing the way they're doing, is because they begin to associate your... Bring yourselves together, forsaking not to assemble yourselves together as you see the time coming, and you let down the bars.
That's the reason you don't hear the old fashion, back woods, hellfire and brimstone preached anymore. Men are a scared to preach it. Preachers are say that--scared to say it's so because their wives act the same way, and they're afraid to say it.

E-44 Here not long ago a certain man taken me out; I had a man working for me, driving a truck; the man smoked. He was a good man, but he smoked. He didn't profess to be a Christian, but he was a good man. I had him as a hand.
This man said, "We can't do this. We're full Gospel people. That would absolutely upset our people to know that you had a man with you that smoked cigarettes."
I said, "Then I'll lay him off, get somebody else."
Said, "All right."
I said, "I tried two or three on it, and you can't put no confidence; when you're ready to go they've gone somewhere else," and I said, "That's the reason I put him on."
Said, "Well, we are full Gospel people. It'll be a stumbling block before us," this minister said.
I said, "All right then. I'll just tell the man in a good way and lay him off." I did.

E-45 The very next meeting we went to, I went down to a big tent, three or four or five times this size I guess, filled up full of people. I walked up on the platform with this minister, and he said, "This is the state superintendent, or ever what it is, general overseer of the certain big denominational church."
I said, "How do you do, sir?" And I shook his hand.
He said, "Mr. Branham, I want you to meet my wife."
And there she stood there. I never seen such a looking thing in my life. She had her hair all cut real short on a boyish bob, and curled up on the outside. She had makeup so thick on her mouth, and a dress that she could've poured in. I never seen such a outfit in my life, and there she was standing there, and big long fingernails out like that, looked like she'd been bleeding on her fingers. And I never seen such a looking thing in my life.
And I said, "Is your wife a Christian?"
He said, "Oh, yes. She's a saint."
I said, "She looks to me like she's a hain't, sir, in the way she looks, all that blue and stuff on her eyes and things." What's the matter?

E-46 They got away from the old landmark. You got away from the Bible. You got away from leading of the Holy Ghost and went out like the rest of them did. That's exactly what's the matter.
Now, you think that preacher could've preached against it? The other minister that was with me, not the one that told me this, but the other man, another man was with me which was his brother-in-law, his wife jumped all over him when we went up to the Antler's Hotel, to go up there to eat."
She said, "Listen, Brother Branham, you'll ruin your ministry."
I said, "I want to ask you something, lady. When I... My ministry will be ruined by preaching the Gospel, let it be ruined."

E-47 That's what I said about an old colored man one time. They said, "Now, looky here, Sambo, I want to tell you. Don't you preach that old hellfire and brimstone and baptism of the Holy Ghost." Said, "It'll sure ruin your church if you do it."
He said, "Listen, boss, any church that's ever ruined by preaching hellfire and brimstone and the baptism of the Holy Ghost, you let me know where that church is, won't you, boss?" Said, "I'll tell you what I want to do. I want to climb up on the outside and lay my big black hand upon its tower and say, 'Blessed is the dead that die in the Lord, from henceforth they'll rest in the grave.'" That's right.
You never afraid it's going to hurt anything. You might hurt sin but you'll never hurt righteousness by preaching righteousness.

E-48 Led by the Holy Spirit, sons and daughters of God, led by the Spirit of God...
Abraham didn't care what anybody else said. He said, "Now, you separate yourself."
So he got his little group together and his wife, and went out not knowing where he was going. Amen. What do you care where you're going? Just keep going.
"Brother Branham, you... Well, where does It lead to?" Just keep on walking. He was led by the Spirit of God, and men, great men are always... You don't have to question God what it's all about and set down and figure it all up in science and how does the spirit of supernatural Being come and get into us.

E-49 Well, that's like the Hottentots. Down in Africa they call the word, the unseen, the--the "Amoya," the wind. Said, "You worship the God which is a force that you don't see." They've got to see something before they worship it. That's idolatry.
God is a Spirit. They that worship Him, worship Him in Spirit and Truth, and are led by the same Spirit. Hallelujah.
Abraham, Moses--Moses was a man of God led by the Spirit of God. Oh, he wanted to lead himself one time. He got all the mathematics and militaryism all in his mind. He knowed what a great man he was, so he thought he could go right out and do it himself, but he found himself a failure.
Every technique he started was wrong. He slew a man. That's the first thing the military treats you, kill somebody, teaches. Go kill somebody else. All right. That was his tactic.

E-50 So he went out on his military education, and he slew a man and was a stranger among his brethren for forty years. But one day an old sheepherder walking around on the backside of the desert, and the first thing you know, he come into the Presence of God. And when he did, the Holy Ghost got a fire bush there, and He told Moses more about His leading in five minutes than all the... he had to take the military out of him and put the real genuine Holy Spirit in him, so he could be led by the Spirit.
I want you to notice. Moses was a coward with all of his military training, with all of his theology, with all of his understanding of the Bible.

E-51 His mother had taught him from a child how--what was going to take place, how he was going to be the emancipator of that great nation Israel. All these things she had taught him, but yet in his own mind he was unable to accomplish the purpose. And every man, I don't care how much education you got, how well you know the Bible, how much theology you've learned, you're unqualified till you receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost, and be led by the Spirit of God.
A hundred and twenty had went up in the upper room. These apostles and--and Matt... Mark 11:24. No, I believe it's Luke 24:49. In Luke 24:49 Jesus told them apostles, after they had been with Him and preached and everything, He said, "But you're My witnesses, but first I want you to go to the city of Jerusalem and wait there until you're endued with power from on high." Right.

E-52 No matter they'd been associating with Him for three and a half years, they'd seen His miracles. They knowed His teaching, but they had to have the Holy Ghost to lead them.
Our schools are fine, but we need the Holy Ghost to lead them. That's right.
Now, when Moses... When you get the Holy Ghost to leading you, the Holy Ghost will lead you in some of the most ridiculous things that the world ever looked at, and make you do the most ridiculous things that the world ever thought about.
You're going to be counted a little bit off in the upper story. Just remember, if they persecuted the prophets which were before you, they'll persecute you.
Jesus said, "Blessed are you. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad for great is your reward in heaven."

E-53 Notice. How wonderful. Persecuted, how that they'll do it because of your peculiar actions.
Now, let's take a minute. Here's a man that's got all the military training. He's got all the seminary theology in him. He knows the Bible, but he's a coward. He's standing out on the backside of the desert, scared to go down in Egypt, scared of his own neck. He's afraid to go down, even afraid to visit his loved ones.
And when God met him up there, and he got a revelation from God, when God begin to lead him, he done the most ridiculous thing that any man could do, run over and kissed his father-in-law good-bye, and set his wife astraddle of a mule with a young'n on each hip, got an old crooked stick in his hand, and started down, the whiskers a blowing, leading a little old mule, "Hallelujah, we're going down to Egypt to take over."
If that wasn't a ridiculous looking sight, going down there to millions of trained man. "Where are you going, Moses?"
"We're going to Egypt to take over."
"How do you know you are?"
"God is a leading me. Something on the inside of me pushing me." And a good thing, He done it too. He went out and took over because he was led by the Spirit of God.

E-54 You shout, you cry, you jump up-and-down, you don't know what takes place.
One time... When I go hunting up in the mountains, I usually go to a big, old place there, the best water I've ever drink, just go there and lay down. How I could drink it tonight. And I lay down there and drink, and that's the happiest stream of water I've ever seen in my life. It's bubble, bubble, bubble all the time.

E-55 Well, one time I set down and talked to that stream. I said, "Now, what makes you so happy? Perhaps maybe deers drink from you?"
"Nope. That's not it."
"Maybe bears drink from you?"
"Nope. That's not it."
"Maybe you're happy because of... what's making you bubble is because that I drink from you. You just keep bubbling all the time so I can drink from you."
"Nope. That's not it." If he could talk, you know what he'd tell me? Why, he'd say, "It isn't me bubbling. It's something behind me pushing me, making me bubble."
And that's the way every man that's borned of the Spirit of God. He don't go hisself, no more, but there's Something behind him when he's led by the Holy Ghost makes him do things that he thought he wouldn't do.
It's not you a bubbling; it's Something in you bubbling you. It ain't you shouting, it's Something in you screaming. It ain't you crying; it's Something got in your tear ducts. Amen. That's it. Led by the Spirit of God.

E-56 Went down there with this wife on a mule and two little babies with a stick in his hand, an old, dead stick in his hand, hobbling along with the whiskers hanging down like this, perhaps bald-headed, going down whiskers along with that, his back all bent over, nearly a hundred years old (eighty years), going on his road down to Egypt to take over that big nation. Goes to show no matter how much in a minority you are, as long as you're led by the Holy Ghost, one is a majority.

E-57 Don't make any difference what your neighbors says. She say, "You know what? Sally, I don't know what's become of her. She used to go downtown with me. We used to shop and buy all kinds of clothes and things, but, you know, she doesn't wear them anymore. There's something wrong with Sally." Sure there is. God got a hold of her. That's exactly. "You know what? Every time the church bell rings, here goes Sally to church." Well, praise God. That's good.

E-58 "What made the difference, Sally?" She got Something in her pushing her, leading her, shoving her. That's right.
I used to watch... I study nature. Used to be an old nightingale... At my home there's these speckled mockingbirds they... we... I live on Mockingbird Hill. All night long, keep the windows up. That's what they call it, Mockingbird Drive. And in there in those bushes, there's dozens of mockingbirds.
I keep cats shooed away all the time with a twenty-two rifle. I hope I'm not hurting a cat lover, but I'd sure hurt the cat if he got one of my birds. So I... They, out there... They come there and raise every year because we try to protect them. Raise up the window and set there, and I'm telling you, they'll set in those bushes and sing all night long.

E-59 And I got to reading about them one time, and you know what they do, they cast their eye right on a star, and right on the moonlight, if the moons a shining. And they'll sing a real dark night they'll let up, but then the clouds will pull through and they'll see a little spot of light, and they'll start singing. As long as they can see light in the heavens, they know there's a light somewhere the sun is shining against it, and the sun will shine again on earth.
And that's the way we feel about an old time Holy Ghost meeting. You don't have to be all the time down in the dumps, but when you get to a place till you can feel the first little tinkle of God coming down from heaven into your heart, it makes a child of God sing, "Glory to God in the highest." No matter how cold the church is or anything about it... It could be in the middle of a cathedral of Rome and you'd holler, "Hallelujah."

E-60 Here not long ago up in my country, hope you all haven't got such down here. A boy got saved or got converted, and went to join a certain denominational church. Why, it's a Methodist. So he and his wife... So they moved from the country, and went into the city, and they took their membership out of the country Methodist church where they had salvation, and went down in the big city church where they got a lot of theology, oh, everything just as starchy as it could be.
So after a couple of years, the old mammy of the boy kept writing to him, said, "Honey, you all still going to church?"
Said, "Yes." Said, "We still go to church. Me and Molly goes all the time."

E-61 Said, "Well, I'm going to come down and visit you." So she was way up there in the mountains of Kentucky, and when she come down, she wore her Kentucky clothes--way high neck, great big puffed out shoulders and a little old shoes on, real long down. And when she started in the church, somebody said, "What antique shop did this come out of?"
Now, the father, the boy and his--his--his wife didn't want to take her to church because they knowed she was noisy. She come out of a noisy church. So they was afraid they'd be embarrassed. So that morning she walked in, and she said, "Well, praise the Lord," to the usher at the door.
He said, "Ummmm." Oh, my. There you get... That's your theology. "Ummmm."

E-62 So she got her a seat and set down, the little lady, her daughter-in-law bowed her head and her face red and her ears could have lit a match. Her son looked sideways. See, they done got in the wrong crowd. That's all. That's the way you get too when you get in the wrong crowd. Oh, it's so sly. It comes in so cunning, but you just get in the wrong place.
After while the preacher said, "Dear friends," he said, "we have one Redeemer and that is the Lord Jesus."
She said, "Amen."
He said, "Ummmm." My. He said, "And He came to earth to save the lost."
She said, "Hallelujah. That's right."
So he nodded over to his deacon. The deacon went over and told her, said, "Now, madam, we like for you to come to church, but you're interrupting the pastor. If you don't keep still, we'll have to lead you out the door."

E-63 She said, "You might as well as take me, because I just can't set still." Amen. That's it. When you're led by the Spirit of God, you'll blow up if you didn't say something. Amen. Led by the Spirit of God.
Now, look. She might have not had her name written in "Who's Who," but I imagine it was written on the Lamb's Book of Life. I'd rather have it there anyhow. She might not have amounted to so much here on earth, but in heaven she was a saint. Amen. Led by the Spirit of God.
Moses went down out into Egypt. He delivered the children because he was led by the Spirit of God. All the things that they did in the Old Testament, the saints, the prophets, Elijah...

E-64 What a great man Elijah was, and how he went up there, led by the Spirit of God and challenged Ahab. Said, "Bring up all your priests down there, and let's see who's God." Now, that's the way. Let's put it to a showdown, see who's God. And they got all the priests out there. They killed their sacrifice, and lanced themselves, and jumped upon the altar screaming with all the sincerity in the world. "Oh, Balaam. Answer Balaam. Answer."
Elijah walked around and said, "Maybe he's gone on a fishing trip or something. Holler just a little louder." He knowed he wasn't no god in the beginning. But then just about the time the evening sacrifice was due, Elijah killed the bullock, and laid it upon the altar, walked out there led by the Spirit of God, and said, "God, I've done all of this at Your bidding." Amen.
I tell you; devils will tremble, and sinners will wake, when men and women submit themselves to God and are led by the Holy Ghost. What a difference it is.
Now, so he made the offering, and he said, "God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, hear me." And about that time the Fire of God begin to fall because he was led by the Spirit of God.

E-65 Men and women, that those that are--are led by the Spirit of God. No condemnation to them. They're in Christ, walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit.
Look at little old Mary. One day she was a little--little old girl about eighteen years old, living down in a real mean city, but she was a virgin. She lived right; she did right, acted right, and God was looking all over the world to find a woman that He could put trust in. And He found all the women setting up singing the great hymns up there at the church, and their big plumes in their hats or whatever they wore in them days.
But a little, old, poor girl, coming up from the well with a bucket of water setting on her head, God said, "I'll just take her."

E-66 And the Lord spoke to her and told her what she was going to do. She was going to have a baby knowing no man. She said, "Behold the handsmaid of the Lord. Be it unto me according to Your will." In other words, what... []
"Don't know no more how You're going to do it. I don't know a man. I don't know a man after the nature of--of human life. I don't know how You're going to do it. I couldn't prove it scientifically, and I'm not going to the doctor to ask Him anything about it. I don't know how it's going to be done, and I don't care what anybody else says about it, if You said that it's so, it's so." And she took God at His Word.

E-67 And if you're going to be led by the Spirit of God, you can't page this Bible and say, "The days of miracles are past and no such thing as Divine healing," and all these other things, and then walk by the Spirit of God, and be led by It.
God's Spirit will testify of every Word in there to be the Truth. Amen. God will speak of His Own. Yes, sir.
So you know what? She never waited till she felt life. She never waited till she was positive. She didn't wait any longer than no more than the Angel told her. She started rejoicing, saying, "I'm going to have a baby." Amen.
She took God at His Word. She was led of the Spirit of God. She become the mother of the Lord Jesus Christ. She took God at His Word.

E-68 Little Martha, she was a kind of a dilatory little child, and so she always wanted to make the house look clean. She had to clean up everything, make everything look of spotless while Mary listened to the Words of Life.
But I imagine Martha was listening too, 'cause she proved it one day. One day when her brother was dead, had been dead four days, stinking, nose had done fell in, skin worms crawling in and out of him, eating him up in the grave, she heard that Jesus was coming. That's a good message. She heard Jesus was coming, and she knowed if she'd ever get in contact with Jesus, her worries would be over.

E-69 I think that's a good way to feel today. And while she was thinking on those things, the Holy Spirit got a hold of her and led her right out to Him. She was led by the Holy Ghost, and she said, "Lord, if Thou would have been here, my brother would not have died, but even now whatever You ask God, God will do it." Amen.
Said, "Thy brother shall rise again." How could He say anything else? Excuse me. Said, "Do you believe I'm able to do this?"
"Yea, Lord, I believe. In my heart Something tells me; I'm led of the Spirit to say this, 'Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.'"
Said, "Where have you buried him?"
"Come and see." He went out to the grave weeping. When He got out to the grave, He was always led by the Spirit of God, 'cause God was in Him without measure. He was God, was on the inside of Him.

E-70 He said, "Father, I thank Thee that Thou hears Me always, but I say this, I am praying this prayer, in other words, so these for just an example of these who are standing around." So He said, "Take away the stone." They got away the stone. He said, "Lazarus, come forth," and a man that was dead, and rotten, stood on his feet and lived again. Amen.
A little, old woman one time was led by the Spirit of God. She had a blood issue. I can just look at her setting up there on the hill.
Oh, she had spent all of her money. Her husband probably was gone, and she had some--a farm. She'd sold it to pay off the doctor bill. Maybe she'd sold her, the teams and all of her harness, to pay off the doctor bill. All of her money had been spent, and there wasn't nothing else left and she continually got worse.

E-71 Many years she had had this blood issue. And one day, I can see her look out the window, real pale and looked around there, said, "I wonder who that is down there. There's such a commotion."
You know, usually where Jesus is there's a lot of noise and a commotion. Strange but it works that way. And you know a lot of commotion. That day when He come riding into Jerusalem on the back of the mule, I tell you, He said, "If they hold their piece, when they was screaming and crying, the rocks will cry out and shout." There's a lot of emotion where He is at. You always find a lot of noise, why, I like to get around Him.
It's anything I hate it's that real still silence. Go around some of these old morgues around here... You got them in Shreveport too. Puts me in the mind of an undertaker's parlor. You take a dead man in there, and embalm him, so he can't come...?... keep him dead. That's about the way it is, teach him some old theology that's just as dead as it can be back there, and never tell him about the Holy Ghost filling him and giving him new life and leading him. All right.

E-72 What happened? This little woman, she said, "You know what? I feel very strangely led. If I could only get down and touch His garment, I believe I'd be made whole."
She said, "Now, the doctor didn't tell me that, and when my pastor sees me going down there, oh, I'm going to be excommunicated right there. That's going to settle it. Now, there's one thing I've got to do, is listen what the doctor says, what the parson says, 'cause they both say He is a fanatic, and there's nothing to it. And only thing He's doing...?... to being in other churches and things. Why, I'd better not go down there."
And the Holy Spirit said, "Now, daughter, if you want to get healed, you'd better go."

E-73 So she listened to the Holy Spirit and was led of the Holy Spirit. And she got down there where He was. There was so many different Brigham Youngs, and everything around Him till they couldn't even--she couldn't get near Him.
So you know what she did? She slipped down and crawled beneath their feet till she got over and touched His garment. For the Holy Spirit had told her, she had faith to believe; and nothing can produce faith but the Holy Ghost, even faith to be saved.
"No man can come to Me except My Father draws him first," and that is the Holy Ghost. And no man can be saved without that faith first acting in your stead, acting in you. And she had faith. The Holy Spirit led her down there.

E-74 Then when she got down there, the Devil said, "Now, look all around you. How you going to get in there? Why, you're so pale you couldn't--you step in there you'll get mashed to pieces."
Why, I can just hear her say, "Lord, how am I going to get to it?"
And the Holy Spirit said, "Get down on your knees." That's what He will always do. "Get down on your knees and then just start."
And down through the crowd she went till she touched His garment, led by the Holy Spirit, and crawled back through the crowd, and stood on the outside. Jesus said, "Somebody touched Me." Amen.
That's the only way to do tonight is to get down on your knees and set down till you come...?... "Somebody touched Me." Amen. She touched the hem of His garment and was made completely whole because she was led of the Holy Spirit.

E-75 A little, old fellow down there, laying down by the pool of Bethesda, been laying there for thirty-eight years with an infirmity in his body, praying with all of his heart, and Jesus was led by the Holy Spirit right down to where he was, and healed him, when the rest of them was thinking about their diseases and things, and he went away from them, never said a word.
You want--you want God to send the power upon you, go to praying and believing. The Holy Ghost will bring it to you, healing, salvation, whatever you have need of God will bring it to you.
I can see a bunch of people that was cowardly, a hundred and twenty. Oh, little, old, cowardly people and there they was. They went up a little old step one time, because God said, "Now, don't you preach any more; don't you sing anymore; don't you testify anymore until you've been filled with the Holy Spirit. Then He's going lead you to all nations to preach this Gospel."

E-76 And they climbed up in the upper room and stayed there, cowardly, the door was locked, the windows locked, praying real low to themselves, and hiding out from the Jews until the Holy Ghost fell on them.
"There came from heaven a sound like a rushing mighty wind, filled all the house where they was setting. Cloven tongues set upon them like fire, and out doors and windows both they went into the street led by the Holy Ghost. And that Fire what was kindled on the day of Pentecost is still struck our hearts from that day till this. Men that wants to be led by the Holy Spirit...
If you're ready to be led by the Holy Spirit, mind Him, obey Him, do what you can for Him. When you see a--a place that you could be used, let God use you in that. Do you believe that?

E-77 I believe the Holy Spirit's here now to lead us. Don't you believe that? I believe He led us here tonight. No, sir, you never promised to be seen out there under this hot tent tonight. No, sir. God led you out here.
And if God led you out here, He brought you out for a purpose. That was for something He could give to you. I'm sure, me being upset all day long, and the water upsetting me, and feeling tired, and stiff, and sore, I never come over here tonight just to show off. I come over here not knowing what to say, but the Holy Spirit begin to speaking. Now, we've got the message in our hearts; let's do something about it. Amen. Let's do something about it.

E-78 Let's ask God tonight in Christ's Name to fill our hearts anew and send us away from here with a new vision, with a new determination to being led by the Holy Ghost, cased in, and a wall on the outside separating us from the things of the world to be new creatures in Christ Jesus.
Let us bow our heads a moment now for prayer. While we have our heads bowed, and the pianist is getting to the piano, I wonder if there's a sinner man or woman here tonight, that doesn't know Christ as Saviour, would you in Christ's Name raise up your hand to Him and say, "Christ, I'm a sinner"?
God bless you, lady. God bless you, my friend. Someone else? Raise up your hand and say, "I'm a sinner, and I don't know Christ in the pardoning of sin, I want you to remember me in a word of prayer, Brother Branham, just as you close, 'cause I know I want that kind of life."

E-79 Is there some here without the Holy Spirit that would say, "O God, if... I know I've let the world creep into me, and I know when the--what--where the world creeps in, the Holy Spirit took Its flight."
As I preached the other night, the dove and the lamb, is the only two creatures that could dwell together. The dove couldn't dwell with the wolf, neither could the lamb.
So if you are a lamb, the dove will be with you. But if your--if your soul hasn't been shaped up, and your desires, and you measure your life to meet the requirements of to be meek, and humble, and lowly, and be led by the Holy Spirit, would you raise your hand and say, "Brother Branham, remember me, and, God, this is my hand. I want You to give me the Holy Ghost." God bless you, you, you, you. Many of you.

E-80 All right. Now, little lady, you setting there... Every head bowed now and every eye closed. A little lady setting here, my attention is drawed to her. I don't know why. I'm led by the Holy Spirit. I turned to her. She raised her hand as a sinner. She wanted to be remembered in prayer.
I was called just a few moments ago, wanting me to fly in the morning to a little girl about twenty years old, cancer started in her hips and she's dying. So there, poor little girl, I hope... I just wonder if she's saved. Oh, my, if she isn't and have to meet God in that condition...
And now friend, one of these days we all have to meet God. And sister dear, would you just now surrender your life to Him? And Something called you to do that, and you couldn't do it in yourself, 'cause Jesus said you couldn't. Said, "No man can come except My Father draws him, and all that comes, I'll give them Everlasting Life."

E-81 I want you to be real sincere and pray, and because you've had a desire in your heart, if God hadn't created that desire to give you the salvation in your soul... And the rest of you that had your hands up for the baptism of the Holy Ghost, God had to do that.
I'm going to pray now in the prayer, and ask God, and use all faith that I know how to use that God will fulfill your desire tonight, and bring you up around the old fashion prayer bench here that's but a dust floor, old railings, but, brother, there is stains of tears on it now. I was saved by one of them at an altar where a sinner repented and looked down.

E-82 And I said it last night, see the Holy Spirit come on the platform here, see Him stand and do the exceedingly, abundantly. See Him move down there and work in the people, as a boys was telling me today the things that He did...
If He, the God of heaven, will humble Himself to come to this tent, and stand on this platform, now just surely as a penitent sinner, it's good enough for you, it's good enough for me.
Now, heavenly Father, the Word cuts like a two-edged sword. It goes out; It finds Its way, and cuts away the--the flesh of the heart, cuts away all the stony parts, takes all the evil out, and places the gentle Holy Spirit inside the heart, making a door opening up so that the sinner, penitent, can unload all the things of the world.

E-83 That's what the Word does. It cuts the--the stony doors out. And then the sinner pours out the world before God in penance, and then the Holy Spirit comes in and fills up that heart, and what a marvelous thing It is.
Father God, You know the hearts of these children. I pray that You'll save everyone tonight and give them the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
While we have our heads bowed just a--a--softly a song. I wonder if you'd like to come up here and stand at the altar for a word of prayer. We could lay hands on you. Be glad to do that myself, other ministers here. I just want you to keep your head bowed just you the Holy Spirit.

E-84 Now, remember your blood is before me; I'm placing it before Christ. As a minister, I'm obligated to the Word. God will judge me if I don't preach the truth. And then I preach the truth then it's on your hands. He said if you would see the enemy coming and you don't warn, then I'll require the blood at your hand, but if you do, then it's upon your own head.

E-85 So now, while we sing softly, I wonder if anyone seeking the Holy Ghost, or penitent sinner want to come to the altar, I stand waiting for you.
I can hear my Saviour calling,
God bless you, little woman. Bless her heart, lovely little woman. God bless you, brother. God bless you, sister. God bless you. God bless you, brother, come in around this...?... That's right.
I can hear my Saviour calling,
Take Thy cross and follow...
Are you ready to be all sheared off, take the cross and follow Him? Now, listen to this.
Where He leads...
If you would have something to come to the altar before going home... Young or old, middle-aged or where...
... Me I will follow, (God bless you, young lady.)
... Me I will follow
I'll go with Him, with Him all the way.
Do you really mean that? Do you really mean you will? Once more.
... through the judgment,
... go with Him through the judgment...
... go with Him through...
I'll go with Him, with Him all the way.
Now, will you come now while we sing the chorus?
Where He leads...
God bless, mother, That's good...?... in the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Ones have been led, the desire to be...?... for tonight...?... and receive Christ as Saviour.
Oh, where He leads me I will follow,
I'll go with Him, with Him all...
What did David say?, "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadows of death, I will fear no evil: for Thou art with me." Walk with Him now; He will walk with you in the valley. "Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me." The correction of the Lord, they comfort me. They let me know that God is with me, 'cause He corrects me from all my wrongs.

E-86 Maybe He's trying to correct you tonight. Why don't you let the rod and staff comfort you? The rod is the hard preaching Gospel, but it's a comfort to let me know that God speaks to me when that type of Gospel's being preached to correct me. He loved me. He wants me to come walk with Him now, and then I'll... He will walk with me in that hour.
If you--if you forsake Him now, He said in your calamities He will only laugh at you. Now, won't you come now while mercy is open? If you refuse mercy and spurn mercy, one thing left: judgment. Will you come?

E-87 Now. I wonder, if some of the saints would like to come up too and kneel down right now, around here some of your people, the old fashion altar workers. People crying, conviction on the holy grounds here that we're standing tonight. That's right, Christians. Some of the rest of you here who wants to pray, would...?... Ministers, will you come...?... preacher...?... pray.
... with Him all the way.
Where He leads me I will follow (God grant it... right along with it though...)
Where He leads me I will follow,
Where He leads me I will follow,
I'll go with Him, with Him all the way.
Cry it all out, children. Tell God what you want now. If you want the Holy Spirit, just tell Him what you want now. He will do anything for you. The lovely little girl has just believed on the Lord Jesus, the little lady there...?... all she needs is to believe on the Lord Jesus.

E-88 Heavenly Father, we bring these children to You tonight, and in Christ's Name we present them to You. All these penitent sinners, all these seeking the Holy Ghost, we bring them to Thee in Christ's Name, asking for Divine mercy and guidance and pardon. God with my own self on the altar, I cry out, Lord, that I need You, as they need You; altogether we need You.
O God of heaven, won't You come to us now and pour out Your blessing upon us. We lay humbly before You, believing that You'll do for us just what You promised that You would do.
Send the Holy Ghost in Christ's Name. Heal the sick in Christ's Name. Save the sinners in Christ's Name. Grant it, Lord. Just get glory out of the service now. Meekness and humbleness upon Thy people, tear stained cheeks, lovingly upon the people of God. How beautiful it is. I pray, God, that You will grant these things to us through Christ's Name.

E-89 Praise the Lord. Just keep on crying. Just keep on praising...?... great Spirit...?... Christ, God's Son died that we who were once far away, might be brought nigh unto the Kingdom, insomuch, that we'll be sons and daughters of God. And now while penitence is in the meeting, Holy Spirit bringing conviction, crying out today in God, and be made completely whole. God, grant it for the glory of God.