Le Temps De Décision

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Date: 59-0611 | La durée est de: 1 heure et 2 minutes | La traduction: Shp
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E-1 Thank you, Brother. Thank you. Let's bow our heads just a moment now in prayer.
Lord, we are grateful for this grand time of fellowship that we have assembled here in this Philadelphia Church in Chicago, for no other reason but to honor and give respects unto Thee, and to worship Thee with all of our heart. And we would ask, Lord, that You would meet with us tonight in a very special way, giving to us the desire of our heart, if it so be Thy will, Lord.
And we do believe that if we'll walk upright before You, that You will withhold no good thing from us. Therefore, we believe it's Your will to bless us tonight. We ask a special blessing for the ministers who are here in the service, has come to the convention to be filled with good things, to go home with a new start, and a new look, a new vision from God in His work and His will.

E-2 And we pray that You'll also remember the sick tonight, Lord, for there are many who are needy, must have a touch from You to continue on, especially those that are so seriously ill tonight, that's calling in from the hospitals and around over the country. We pray for them. We ask for those who are not in the way yet that are looking on. May this be the time that they'll say, "Yes, Lord, let me join their ranks." May they lay aside every weight that doth so easily beset them, that they might run with patience the race that's set before them, looking to the Author and Finisher of the faith, the Lord Jesus.
Help me, Lord, I'm tired tonight. And I pray that Your mercies will be extended to Your servant. For we ask this in Jesus' Name. Amen. You may be seated.

E-3 All right. I deem this one of the greatest times of my life, when I have the privilege to stand before the purchase of the Blood of Christ to speak the Gospel. Therefore, I like to come reverently, and discreetfully, and soberly, and--into the fear of God when we come to speak to such an audience as this; for there are around, I suppose, a thousand people here. And many of those are Blood-washed saints.
And there may be those here who are trying to make a decision just on what to do. So then we all should remember to conduct ourselves like Christians ought to. For we know that we are written epistles of God read of all men.

E-4 Now, tomorrow night, it has been given out that we are going to have a healing service. That is not what we could say a healing service, but pray for the sick. I have never been able to get it into the minds of the people, not the church, but the outside, that we cannot heal. I never did heal anybody. I never will. But I've had some real direct answers to prayer. God has honored the prayer that I've prayed many times. That's what we want to do for the sick tomorrow night.
I had a little talk today. I just couldn't go on through. My conscience was condemning me. And I had to talk with Brother Grant. I haven't knowed Brother Grant too well, but I found him to be the type of man that I thought he was: real Christian gentleman, meek.
But the other night, not knowing that he was even in the convention, I spoke from the platform, saying, "One night we always did the healing. I was called to speak, but we'll pray for the sick one night. And let's make that Friday night." Brother Grant, setting here, was already advertised for that to be a night that he would give a Holy Ghost rally. And yet, Brother Joseph told me it was already understood, and considered by Brother Grant. But I felt that I had to tell him myself, that I didn't know that.
What a fine man I found in Brother Grant. He's having the rallies in his own meetings, and wanted to turn it over for the sick people, to pray for the sick. Brother Grant very humbly has been used of God himself in praying for the sick. And a great man of faith. But he just stayed too long in the service once. It's almost killed him. Weak and nervous. And almost to a nervous breakdown completely.

E-5 Brother Tommy Hicks, I hear, is in a heart attack, overworked. Oh, as I said the other night? God's people needs a juniper tree--rest. Let's just wait on the Lord, then we renew our strength as we wait on Him. Don't try to do it all.
I remember staying in the prayer line for seven days and nights, and eating my meal at the pulpit, determined I would pray for every one that come before I set down. There were ten times more on the last night than there was when I started. Then I almost died. I couldn't sleep, didn't know where I was at hardly, I was so tired and weary. Doesn't pay to do that. Jesus doesn't want us to do that. He wants us to take care of ourselves...

E-6 No one never know what those visions does to me. They're awful hard on me. And if it could just be one, and then the rest of them would be all right. But if you... It's one, it's got to be all, or they just don't want to believe it.
So the Church is not in its right state yet. We have to remember that. It's not matured. So we just have to linger and do the best we can. And there's no one can bring it to maturity, only the Holy Spirit, as we listen to It. I don't believe it'll ever come by man, it'll have to come by God.

E-7 But tomorrow night, the Lord willing, we're going to pray for the sick. And I'll send Billy, my son. And if he don't come, then Gene or Leo, one, will be giving out prayer cards, or Brother Sothmann. I see him back there from Canada. He's with us in the convention. Some of them will be giving out prayer cards tomorrow night about six o'clock, so it won't interfere with the rest of the service.
And then, on Saturday night, I learned this since I've come: that Brother Osborn, my precious friend, is having his film showed here in the city. I suppose it's been announced from here. And it'll be showed Saturday night at this certain theater, or school auditorium. And I would ask all of you to go and see that. Tommy Osborn is one of the finest Christian gentlemen I ever met. He's a real servant of Christ, genuine. And I have a great respects and love for him.

E-8 And beings that I'm here in the city, and I--I--I want to go Sunday afternoon myself to see the film. But tomorrow night, I'm going many many miles away to another church--Saturday night I meant to say. Going to another church for a little service. Perhaps just preach to the--a little sermon and come back, because it's a short--or small church. There's not many can come in. It's associated with this church. And then Sunday afternoon, I aim to see the film myself.
And then, Sunday night, is another service. And in that service, we will pray for the sick again, the Lord willing. Sunday night at the auditorium, your pastor here told me this morning as we were talking... Such a gallant spirit that he had. He said they would close this church, that they would not have services at the Philadelphian Church while we were in the city praying for the sick. That's mighty gallant. We are thankful for that, for our Brother Ead who told me that this morning.

E-9 Saturday morning is a Christian Businessman's breakfast. I suppose that that's been set. It's--it's set. And then I think tomorrow morning is a ministerial breakfast. And that's held at the Seven Plaza. And the Christian Businessman's? Edgewater Beach. And so I believe I'm to speak at both of these services.
So the Lord bless you now as we ask His blessings on the reading of the Word, and that He will give us tonight of His Spirit.
Now, let us lay aside every little fret and flusteration of the day. Not a weary, cast aside everything, and now look to Him for the next thirty or forty minutes.
Lord, we are glad that we have the Living Word and the Written Word, and they bare record one with the other. That makes us rest assured that when we read this blessed Bible, that it's a challenge to us. And we know the One Who wrote It is present, ever present to make every word true and right. So sink the Word tonight deeply into the hearts of the people with the Holy Spirit. Water It with confession and repentance that, It might grow into great trees of salvation, that wayward men and woman might come set under Its branches and take rest for their souls. Get glory unto Thyself, for we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.

E-10 I want to take a text tonight called this: "The Time Of Decision." I want to read from Genesis 24:58, just one verse.
And they called Rebekah, and said unto her, Wilt thou go with this man? And she said, I will go.
You know, we have been forced to make decisions. There is times when we have to come to the place where we got to say "yes" or "no." That's just in human life. There's a time where we cannot stand neutral. And if God shall permit, I don't believe that we'll be able to leave this church tonight in the same conditions we did when we come in to it. If the Holy Spirit shall come and do His work among us, then we are forced to say "yes" or "no." We cannot remain the same.

E-11 And the time had come for Abraham, the great patriarch and servant of God, to make a decision. And this decision was, that he was to decide just on who his son, Isaac, that he'd waited twenty-five years for, and had received him as one from the dead, and knowed that he was a called and separated messenger of God... And there was a time come when he had to make the decision: Who would be his helpmate to carry on the plan of God?
You see, God don't make all of our decisions. And there's many times that God doesn't tell His prophets just what to do, because they have to make the decision. If there is no decision that we have to make, just wait every move on God, then there is no overcoming on our part. And sometimes, they make the wrong decision. God's anointed prophets makes the wrong decisions, and many times are deceived.

E-12 Did you ever think of Isaac, when Esau and Jacob came up to this mighty prophet of the Lord setting there physically blind, and that time, spiritually blind. And Jacob had placed a piece of sheepskin around his neck and wore Esau's coat, so he'd smell like the fields. And his father, with his prophetic hands laid on his son, was spiritually deceived by his son, yet being a prophet.
How did Elijah, the mighty man of God... When the Shunammite woman came rushing in weepingly, Elijah knew that she was troubled, and he said, "God has kept it from me."
So the time has been allotted to every man to make his decision whether he is a preacher, or a prophet, or a church member, or whatmore, he's got to make a decision.

E-13 And this time came, and Abraham was determined that he did not want his son to marry an unbeliever. That would be good decision for a Christians today, who are sons and daughters of Abraham, to make the same decision about their children.
Now, it didn't make any difference how pretty those unbelieving girls were, and how nice a women they were, but Abraham did not want his son connected with that kind of stuff. And so he had to make a time of decision on who he should marry.
And then the time came that he had to make a decision on who he would send to select this bride for Isaac. And when that time came, he looked over all his servants.

E-14 And we learn in here a beautiful lesson of Abraham, a type of God the Father hunting for a servant to go find a Bride for His Son. That's what the Father's doing today. He's looking over His group to see someone that He can put trust in, that'll take the Message that He sends to the Bride.
And He decided that Eliezer was the selected one, because he had found Eliezer a trustworthy servant. He had been loyal, and true, and upright, and just, and honest.
That's the kind of a servant that God can pick to take a message from Him to the Church: as one that's been proven to be just. Do you remember my sermon the last time here on the selecting, or the placing of a son, how that he was proven first, and then adopted into the family or placed positionally?

E-15 And Eliezer met the requirement that Abraham was requiring. And Abraham represents the model servant. You've read the story in Genesis 24, that how he did not go until he was sent.
There's many goes just for what money they can get out of it. These others goes to make a great name for themselves. There's others goes to be popular. There's others goes because of some man-made regime sends them. But there's some that'll wait until God sends them. The model servant will do that. And notice. When he went, he only went where he was sent to, not just some over here because there's more money, or down here because there's bigger crowds. He went exactly where he was sent to.

E-16 God's looking for men today that will move when the Spirit moves, anywhere that He may send. That's a model servant.
And not only that, but when he got to his place where his messages was to be given, he never boasted on himself. He never spoke about how great he was, or how great his meetings was, or how great anything about himself. He wasn't a boaster or proud. But he only spoke of his master, and of his master's wealth, and that his master had a son that was going to fall heir to everything the master had.
What a beautiful picture of a real servant of God: His whole attention is on the Master, telling the people, not about himself, but about the Master, and about the Son. And He's going to fall heir to all things. He has so much time talking about the Master and the Son, until he has no time to boast on himself or his--or his great regime, or his denomination, or some affiliation that he has. It's all on the Master.

E-17 Now, Eliezer was confronted with a great problem like ministers are today. There was a whole lots of women that he could choose from. And the choice had to be urgent.
We don't have time to set around and think it over or wonder. We've got to make the decision quickly. The time is at hand. This may be people setting here tonight, this'll be your last time to make your decision. It's urgent. Don't gamble on tomorrow. Tomorrow may never come for you.
Like the woman one time. She had two man that she was--thought she was in love with. And she did not know which one to marry. And she'd think awhile she would marry one, and then she thought she'd marry the other. And she put her decision off too long and lost both of them. We'd better watch. The decision must be quickly.

E-18 Then again, the servant wasn't satisfied here with just going. He wanted some kind of an assurance. And he kept questioning, "What if the woman won't come? When I tell her these things, what if she doesn't come, then what?" Then he had to make a decision.
Then when he heard from his master's lips, "The Angel of God shall go before you..." Oh, I just like that so much. It just fits my case right there. "The Angel of the Lord shall go before you, and He will persuade her." God sent His Angel with His messenger.
God does that, you know. That's the way He does it. He sent Daniel; He sent others, and He sent a Angel with them. So He every time does the same thing; for it's His way of speaking.

E-19 And He sent the Angels of--the Angel of heaven will go before you. Oh, yes, there is times when you have hard decisions to make. There's times when you... Maybe in your middle age, you have your last earning. And you put a little here, and a little there. But now, you've got to a place, maybe, that that money has to be invested somewhere. You've got to make a decision where you will put that money. And before you invest that money, you'll first, find a place where it's safely put.
Oh, we have things today that just get rich overnight: Invest it here, and tomorrow you're a millionaire. But you wouldn't put your money in such a place as that, because it's your life's earnings.
But what will you do? With sober and sincerity, you'll search for an old reliable firm that's been tested and proved, one that's safe. And there you'll invest your money, because you don't want none of this fly-by-night.

E-20 And if you're that sincere and concerned in your decision about your life's earnings, how much more sincere should you be about your religion and your salvation. We shouldn't go for some of these little fly-by-night ideas, or put your name on a church book, and shake hands with the preacher. That won't work.
I will recommend you tonight to an old reliable institution that was founded on the day of Pentecost, when the Holy Ghost came down to dwell among men. It's the most reliable firm that I know of to invest your soul and your future in eternity, in an old fashion Pentecostal experience. It's been time tested and proved to be the truth. Two thousand years hasn't changed It a bit. And the same dividends that was paid off at Pentecost is still being paid off by this firm: The gift of the Holy Spirit, the power of healing, to see visions, Angels to appear to you. And the ministry that the apostles had, that carried them safely through, will take you to your soul's destination just as safe as it landed them.

E-21 I cannot trust my life earnings, if I had such, upon a fly-by-night. And I don't want any of these little organizations, that sprung up here in these last days, and my name on a paper, or some kind of a little sensation. I want the old reliable experience.
Make your decision to make a firm confession, and wait till you get that experience to move you on into eternity.
It was good for Paul and Silas; It done good to Peter that night in the jail. The next day, he was to be beheaded, and the Angel of the Lord came in as a Pillar of Fire, and touched him, and delivered him. That same Angel's still on the--the giving end tonight. It still accompanies the firm of the Holy Ghost and the Church of the living God.

E-22 The same Angel of God that was with Paul on the stormy sea, that night when the devils would glee and laugh at ever stroke of lightening that flashed across the waves. He come running out of there with the assurance, and he said, "The Angel of God, Who's servant I am, has stood by me; there's not going to be a soul lost on this ship."
I would recommend you to that firm. It's reliable. It's grace. The Name of the Lord is a mighty tower; the righteous run into it, and are safe. Just deposit yourself in that account tonight. God will take care of His own. The deposit is safe. It's accompanied by Angels, and it has signs, and wonders, and visions. And it shows the direct evidence of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. Yes.

E-23 I want it, that old time religion, it's good enough for me. It landed my old father. It landed Paul and Silas. It made Paul, when they were going to cut his head off, say, "I have fought a good fight. I have finished the course. I have kept the faith; and henceforth, there's laid up for me a crown of righteousness that the Lord, the righteous Judge, shall give me." I highly recommend that faith.
If you're under decisions tonight, and you have not yet decided whether you be Methodist, Baptist, Pentecostal or Presbyterian; let me introduce to you the old time religion, for it is good. You can rest your soul's assurance that He will take you through.

E-24 Eliezer when he had the assurance that the Angel was going before him, then he could decide to go, because he had something to back him up.
I think that ought to be the assurance of every man of God that preaches the Gospel, that he's got something positive from God that'll back up what he preaches. If you haven't got it, brethren, it's for you. God still sends His men with an Angel before him when he goes to take the message to the church.
Not only that, but when Eliezer left, the father of Isaac which represented the Father of Christ. He loaded the whole train of camels with good gifts for the bride. Oh, I feel religious right now. Oh, how I love Jesus. He loaded the camels full of good gifts to give to the bride, and he never told her that they were for another generation or another day, but they were for the bride.

E-25 And every true servant of God that's sent out has got a whole Book full of Divine promises that he can offer to the Bride. I'm so glad of that. He's got gifts in there for her, and He will not hold any of them back. He will get every one of them cleanly. A true servant, a model servant, a servant that God can put trust in. He won't try to hide it back from her, because he knows that she is the oncoming Queen.
Oh, there is no good thing withheld from them that'll walk upright before Him. "Whatsoever things you desire when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you shall have them. If ye abide in Me and My Word's in you, ask what you will, and it shall be given unto you." The Book's full of it. And every promise in the Book is yours, you the Bride.

E-26 He came to the well in the evening time. Now, it come a time that when Eliezer had to make another decision. He had to make a decision whether he would trust his own opinion of the woman, or would he trust God's opinion of the woman.
Oh, how true servants get that so mixed up. They'll look around at some big fine church, a painted Jezebel, and say, "That's where the Lord's a calling me," because their intellectuals had said Dr. So-and-so preaches there.
Let God speak to you. Take God's decision of who she'll be--who you'll come into to fellowship with. I don't care what level it's on, come anyhow. Let God speak.

E-27 And it was in the evening time when he come to the well near the city. And it was about that time that Rebekah had to make a decision. I believe the Angel of the Lord beat him there about a half hour. For He will send His Angels before you, then makes the way clear. And it must have been the Angel of God that spoke to Rebekah's heart, said, "Go get the water." And Rebekah came to the Water of Life at the evening time.
You get the picture? It's the Church in the last days, the evening time. The evening lights are here. It's the time that the Angel of the Lord in a supernatural, is revealing Himself to the Rebekah, the Bride of Isaac. And somehow or another, She's moved to go to the Waters of Life. Amen. Oh, my heart is turning over with joy. I can hardly preach when I think of that. The evening time is come. The Angel of the Lord's in the Message, goes forth and woos the Rebekah to come to the Waters of Life. Moving of the supernatural...

E-28 Eliezer started praying, "O Lord God, let something supernatural happen." Oh my. "You sent Your Angel before me. Now let Him do something. I know he's gone before me. And let the young woman that comes and gives me a drink out of the pitcher, and also will water my camels without asking, let that be the one." And he'd no more than said it, until Rebekah come. God's right on the dot.
No more than your heart goes to hungering and thirsting for God, some kind of a Holy Ghost revival will break out somewhere. Something will take place. A neighbor will get healed and come tell you about it. Something will take place to let you see that the Angel of the Lord is a moving.

E-29 So why did Rebekah make that sudden move? Why did she go to the Waters of Life so quickly? Why could the Angel speak to her? Because she was a blood relation to Isaac. And that's who the Angel can speak to tonight is a Blood relation. By the Blood we are borned into the body of Christ. Rebekah was Isaac's own cousin by both fathers, which made them blood relation.
And the Bride of Jesus Christ is sanctified through the Blood of Christ, and an open vessel for the Holy Spirit to speak to. No wonder She'll come to the Waters of Life. "He that heareth, let him come to the waters of Life freely."
"The Bride said, 'Come.'"
"He that's a thirst, let him come."
"Blessed are ye when you hunger and thirst for righteousness, for you shall be filled." It's a promise of the Father.

E-30 She made her decisions quick. Watch her real quick then in the meeting. Quickly, if they're ordained to Eternal Life, they'll know it. There's something in the message that stirs them.
That's what stirred Rebekah. The message stirred her, Angel was leading her. Oh, can't you see her picture? The Angel of the Lord leading her. Then she was stirred. And immediately when she watered the camel, the gift went on her. He begin to take out the earrings, which means faith cometh by hearing, (you see), put the bracelets on, the works of your hands. He got her ready. As soon as she begin to water, give the waters of Life, testify, tell others, get the message out. Tell them what has happened to you.

E-31 And then there was another great decision had to be made. Then after she was given, then the parents said, "Well, I would... Just let her stay around about ten days." Let her hang around the revival to really feel whether she has decided to do it or not. I haven't got much confidence in a person make a decision to wait even until tomorrow.
But the message had stirred Rebekah. She was satisfied the message was from God.
So the parents said, "Oh, let her stick around awhile. She'll get over it. It's just a little excitement. She was over to that revival, you know, and..."
But, oh, Then the--the true servant said, "Don't--don't weary us. Don't hinder me." A lot of the servants of God has been hindered by put-off decisions. "Don't hinder me, seeing that the Lord has sent me, seeing that he's been good to me. Don't hinder me."
Then they said, "Let her make her own decision." That's where you stand tonight. Make your own decision.
Then they called Rebekah and said, "Will you go with this man, or do you want to stay around a little while to see whether you really want to do it."
She said, "I will go." She was ready. Her decision was quickly made. She knowed there'd Something been leading her. She knowed something had happened to her. And she knew that It was God, and she was satisfied. She wanted to go quickly.
So she put on her garment. And she got all the gifts that was sent to her by the father to meet the son. Oh, God, if the Church could only make that decision right quick. Put on all of her gifts, and she climbed up on the camel and took out.

E-32 And it was in the evening time when Isaac had wandered from the tent out into the fields to meditate. And when he seen the camels coming...
Rebekah looked at him, and then it was love at the first sight. She had to believe it before she went. Faith cometh by hearing. She didn't know what the man looked like, and it didn't make no difference. It was God making the decisions.
I don't care whether He's big or little, what color He is. That makes me no difference. He's my Lord. I'll love Him when I see Him, because He's God's gift to me and to you.

E-33 She lighted off the camels, and she had the veil from her face. And as her lovely eyes caught the eyes of Isaac, into her arms he went, and took her to the mother's place, or the father's place and married her.
Brother, listen, there's no time to linger. It's time to make the decision. What kind of an effect has the message made on you? Are you ready to say, "I will go. I will arise and go to Jesus. He will embrace me in His arms."?
"In the arms of my dear Saviour, oh, there are ten thousand tongues" said the poet.

E-34 He's on your hands tonight, just like He was Pilate of old. And it's later than you think. What decision will you make now, when you see His Angel moving, see the message come? Jesus is coming soon. The Angel of God is here on the earth going before the servants, performing signs and wonders, just like Jesus said He would do. And He's here now.
Make your decision and come to Him while we bow our heads. How many in here now with their heads bowed, and the great Holy Spirit, the true Servant of God, is knocking at your heart and saying... "Oh, maybe I've depended a whole lot on my denomination and my brothers, but I want to go tonight to Jesus with all that's in me. I think just a little against the supernatural. I--I've wondered about Angels. But, oh, the message now has just done something to my heart. I feel something pumping within me that tells me the message is right. I don't wait till tomorrow; I don't wait any longer. This is my time of decision."
With your heads bowed and eyes closed, how many in this big audience would raise your hands and say, "I'll make my decision. Whether it be hard, or whether it be easy; whether it means to be called holy-roller, whether it means to be called fanatic, or religious crank; I will take my decision tonight to meet the Lord Jesus. I believe the message. I want to be remembered in prayer." Raise up your hand. God bless your gallant souls. About two dozen, I guess, in this building with their hands up.

E-35 O Lord, speak to them, and You know them. Let the Holy Spirit now bring that Rebekah to the Waters of Life, where the cooling refreshing comes. The Presence of God shall bathe their hearts, souls, and bring unto them new life and new hope. Let the Angel of God, Who has been sent before the message, speak to the Blood relation that's been bought by the precious Christ.
All these hands that's in the air, Lord, may they sweetly and humbly receive Thee just now and be lighted upon the camel, the power of God that shall pack them to the Presence of the Master. May every good gift that's promised be placed upon them. May the gift of love, joy, peace, long-suffering, goodness, meekness, gentleness, patience, faith, be given unto them out of the great treasure house of God. You promised all things freely, to them that would come. They have their decision, Lord. They've raised their hand. They've made up their minds tonight. And You can speak to those who are Blood washed. Thou knowest them, Lord. We commend them unto Thee, that at that meeting time, when the Church meets Jesus in the air... And we believe that He's already left the Father's house and is on His road to the earth. And He's in the fields of the great beyond, out in the fields meditating; and the Bride's making Herself ready. And soon She'll be on Her way. The Scripture says that we'll meet the Lord in the air. He's already left and coming after His Bride. Let us be ready, for this may be the last call. The evening time is here. I commit them unto Thy hands and Thy keeping, Lord. Through Jesus Christ, we ask it, and give to You the tokens of the message. Amen.

E-36 Thy emblem of suff'ring and shame,
And I love that old cross where the Dearest and Best,
For a world of lost sinners was slain.
So I will cherish the old rugged cross,
Till my trophies at last I lay down;
I will cling to the old rugged cross,
And exchange it some day for a crown.
To that old rugged cross I will ever be true,
Its shame and reproach gladly bear;
Then He will call me some day (Bless God) to my home far away,
Where His glory forever I'll...
Do you mean it? Raise up your hand while you're singing it.
So I'll cherish the old rugged cross,
Till my trophies at last I lay down;
I will cling to the old rugged cross,
And exchange it some day for a crown.
Oh, how I love Him. Oh, just your souls to bathe in His goodness. The Angel of the Lord is here.
At last...
I will cling to the old rugged cross,
(Regardless of anything else.)
And exchange it some...?...

E-37 Have you ever thought how great that is? What could you give in exchange in this day of confusion, this day when people don't know what to do, which a way to go. The Bible said these days would come, and that there would be a famine in the land, not for bread and water, but for hearing the true Word of God. And the people would go from the east to the west, from the north to the south, seeking to hear the true Word of God. And here we are privileged tonight to see the message of God, the Angel of God.
There's no prayer cards give out. Is any prayer cards in the meeting? No. No one's got a prayer card. But the Angel of the Lord is here. If God sends His...?... sends His Message to confirm that. You believe it?

E-38 Now all that's in here that does not know me, or you know I don't know you, and you are sick and needy, raise up your hands. All that knows I know nothing you have need of, just raise your hands. If you need God, just raise your hands. [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]
The Jewish brother... Or I believe if that's right, from over in Michigan. You originally came from overseas in Siberia, somewhere. [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] Czechoslovakia. I know him. That's about all that I see that I know.
But if God is still is God, if God sends His messenger yet with an Angel, the Angel will testify that it's the truth. Let it be known tonight that God is still God. And I do not speak of myself, but I speak of Him. And if you be the Bride, the Rebekah...

E-39 The Bible said that He's the High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities. And when He was touched in the days of His flesh, He could turn and tell the woman what her troubles was. And He's the same yesterday, today, and forever.
The Bible has good gifts the Father sends to His children. Now, you... Don't notice the messenger, but believe the message, and God will unload to you tonight His promises. For they're just as good for you that raised your hand for salvation, as they're just as good for you that's raised your hand for sickness. Just the same God, same gifts that He's always had, working the same way.

E-40 Now pray. Believe. Let the Lord God do the deciding, then establish your faith upon God's eternal Word. Make your decision tonight to serve Him. May the Lord God show at least three people in this building... Which, three is a confirmation (Is that enough?) that He sent His Angel, and I am not speaking these things of myself; It's Him. In this day when you're undecided, may you decide for Him.
Here. There's a little woman setting over here with her handkerchief; she never took it out of her hand, and kept her hand up. Am I a stranger to you, young lady, setting there praying? You believe that God can tell me what your trouble is? You're facing an operation. That's right, isn't it. If that's right, raise up your hand. I do not know you. If that's right, raise up your--lay your hand like this. But that's the truth, isn't it?
What do you think? Have you made your decision? All right. Stay with it then.

E-41 Here's an elderly lady setting right here with a red-looking dress on with her hands like this. You're praying. And you're praying for God to heal you. I don't know you. God does know you. If the Lord will tell me what you're praying for, will you accept it and believe that His Angel has come to you to bless you? For over you stands that Light. Got arthritis and nervousness. That's right, raise up your hand. All right. Have you made your decision? All right. Go home and forget about ever being sick then. Jesus Christ will make you well.
I see a little lady setting back here, hands up like this. She's praying; she's pressing. I don't know her. Gray... But she's got heart trouble that she's praying for. That's right. That's her sister setting next to her, and she's praying for nervous trouble. That's right, isn't it, lady. I don't know you. God does. You're not from this city, neither of you. You're from Illinois, though: Danville. That's right. You're named the P-o-g-u-e. That's right. Go home, you have your answer. God give you both your... Just have faith.

E-42 Did that thrill you, lady, setting right here looking at me? I seen you smiling, a little checkered looking dress on, pink. As I turned around, the Angel of the Lord was standing here. You suffer--trouble with the feet. You got a friend you're praying for too: got asthma. That's right, isn't it. Raise your hand if that's right. Amen.
You believe? The Angel of the Lord. Somebody else raise your hand that I don't know, and you want God to help you. That's everywhere. Has that... That's been more that three, hasn't it. All right. That ought to convince it. God's here. God loves you all.

E-43 I can't help from saying this. There's a lady setting here that's desperately in need. She's looking at me. I can't... There stands the Light above the woman. You believe He will help you? You're not from here either. You're from Iowa, Des Moines, Iowa. You believe that He will heal you? You have a sinus trouble. That's right. You have a habit you want to quit--smoking cigarettes. Will you give it up? Raise your hands, say, "I'll give it up, Lord." All right, go home. You smoke no more and your sinus is over, because your faith has made you well. God bless you, believe.

E-44 Do you believe with all your heart? The Angel of the Lord accompanies the message always. Have you made your decision that He's God? Then put your hands over on one another. You don't have to wait till tomorrow night; let it be tonight. When the Holy Spirit spoke to me a few minutes ago, I--I didn't wait till tomorrow night; tonight was the night for healing. Tonight's the night for forgiveness. Lay your hands over on one another.
Jesus, in His Message here from the power of God, the Word of God, I got a Message for you. Here, I'm going to take it out of the Satchel: "These signs shall follow them that believe." It's for You, Rebekah. What does it say? "If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." Do You believe it, Rebekah? Well, here comes the gift; receive it. That's it. Hallelujah. Pray.
Lord God, in Jesus Christ Name, condemn every devil, and cast out all sickness, and make every person well through Jesus Christ our Lord.