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Date: 47-1207 | La durée est de: | La traduction: SHP
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E-1 ... be back again this afternoon and to be...?... I tried to get here last Sunday and the planes were all grounded. I tried to get--and it just had stopped. There was no way I could get here at all to be with you, but, I certainly, as much I knew of, I prayed for you all the time.
 And I hear that the brethren--a lot of you brethren stood up on the platform and prayed and had many people prayed for and healed. And I'm sure thankful for that.
 Now, this brings us up to 6th Sunday of our series of Sunday services here at Phoenix, and which we--we have more two Sundays after this. And I trust that many people will receive of the great benefit of the Presence of God being here for many Christians such as...
 I hear that there's some in here that--a lady from Chicago, and different ones that's come. They just got the one day longer to stay. And I missed seeing her last Sunday, so all those who does not, or cannot stay longer, let me take them first in the line. So, sister, I got your--your message in the room a few moments ago and the other on the outside, and I'm going to try to pray for every one.

E-2 I guess many of you remember the bad thing that happened two weeks ago Sunday here, a few weeks ago today here at the pulpit. Many of you remember it, don't you, what taken place? It was one of the most--one of the most horriblest things for the time being, that's ever happened to me in all my life. And many of you does not understand... Well, I thought maybe it would be a good thing this afternoon and once for me to...?... that I would explain these things to you and take it, maybe a time to give a testimony. Of course in doing this, that--that you would have more of an understanding of it.
 And this has been a great meeting through the Northwestern territory, a little too much for me. I had got in such a place till I was unconscious for forty-four hours before I came to myself. But there's--there's thousands and thousands of people who...?... for me and the sick was healed...?... and to be...?... for the Lord to be prayed for. And then...?... But all down through from Vancouver, all around to Portland, from Portland to Salem, to Ashland, over to Boise for five...?... service, that received a great benefit that I'm very happy to announce all...?...
 But one thing that I--I have cried for and asked for in a sign to give me... It may seem a little out of...?... to explain what the meaning... It means more to me than all the healings that could be in the world. And I believe that my very reason of being on earth... And if I could get everything to working the way it is there now, I believe I--I would be taken home then, that working a little, because my ideal has always been to see the church together, to see the people worshipping God together.

E-3 And then, last week, I got to see the uniting of the Assemblies of God, the Church of God, the Foursquare church, and the Pentecostal Oneness together. And their having union revivals, every one in the form of baptismal services and things. Let every man be fully persuaded with one heart and one mind, and hundreds are being saved daily up there. A great union revival (Oh, my.), it just means so much to me. That means more... That's more benefited that there than all those meetings which taken place since I've been on the...?... To see God...?... in amongst His church coming together...?... which I'm seeing...?... Pentecost. If that could just happen everywhere, Jesus would come. And it's just little differences of people's religions that keep them apart, but the real main evangelical fundamentals they're all the same.
 And I--I like to see them when they'll be willing to agree with each other and have a revival. And that's what we need. And because that's what's happened all the way from Vancouver into--into Boise: one heart and one mind, see those Assemblies of God preachers, the Foursquare Gospel preachers...?... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] of you setting present now. And even ones that represent the district, the Churches of God. It was certainly a... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] And they all come together in such a unity I never seen in my life, and just hugging one another across the table...?... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] and tears streaming [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]... that's what I like, I like. Now there'll be real revival.
 And their having union revivals. It'll be in the Assemblies of God for one week, and then to the Foursquare for the next week, and the Church of God [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] the Pentecostal Oneness the next week, and just keep moving like that around. Oh, my, then that's wonderful to me. I think that's worth more than all... That's a healing of the body of Christ. See? That's the--that's real Divine healing (Isn't it?) when the body of Christ can be--we can be brought together then. That's the real Divine healing now.

E-4 Now, last week... I--I have been teaching on the book of--of Numbers and bringing the children of Israel out of Egypt, bringing them into the promised land. And we had great times. But if you'll just excuse me on it today and forgive me, I'm so weak and wore... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] till I--I'll just try to give you some testimonies and little highlights or something as we go along; then we'll have the healing line.
 And I've tried... What I was doing that for--what I was teaching that for, was for this one thing. And I--I see that my own human strength won't--won't do it. But I--I pray that God will help me. Phoenix has been the hardest that I have ever had yet. The smallest crowds that's ever attended and so forth, has been Phoenix. It's the city that I love above all cities in the world is Phoenix. I love it. And that--I want to be... I want this to be my home someday, and that's why Satan fights me so hard here. That's right. But with God's grace I'll win. I--I shall have what I've asked for, by God's grace.

E-5 And what I've wanted to see in Phoenix, and I'm just going to pray that God will do it, because I want to see the churches all in Phoenix like they was up in the northwestern territory: all one heart and one accord, and one place. We can do it, friends. We can do it, can't we? And--and I--I believe God will help us to do it. Let every person... I don't mean for anybody to--to--not to have their own doctrine of their church. That's all right. But what I mean, if we can just be one heart, one mind, one accord. That's all of us Christians...?... I...?... surely can. It's just Satan gets between us. Don't you think so? And he does that, and that's his... But I believe the hour has come that when God is going to move the order.

E-6 Now, just... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]... of my text to finish up, for I left the children of Israel last Sunday at the prophet of the Balaam. And there's where I preached conviction upon myself. How many was here Sunday 'fore last to see it? Well, you seen what happened to me. Well, I--I brought down conviction to myself. Brother Kidson and I had always... I've made this statement that there was no disease, regardless of what it was, would stand before the prayer, or no affliction, no matter how bad it was crippled but what would be healed if I'd took time for that person. You've heard me mention that everywhere, haven't you? And that's true. It's still true. But now, today the great test is over, and I'm going to let it be to me a stepping stone in the stead of a stumbling block and so to teach me the ways of the Lord better, and that I might live closer to Him. And as I live closer to Him, I can help these people more and to be led by His Spirit.

E-7 And now, the first thing I wish to do now before we start in on it is to have a word of prayer. And then we're going to speak a few moments, and I'll give you some testimonies of some things that's happened, and then we're going to start the prayer line and give plenty of time to pray for everybody that desires to be prayed for, and especially all those who cannot come back to other services. And then I'll give you the reasons...
 And before I say this, 'fore I have prayer, I want to thank God for returning to me again the gift of healing and for more success: since Sunday before last and--and then in them two weeks, and really praying for the sick than that's been in months. That's right. It come back more blessed than it was at the first place. And you'll notice it, I'm sure, in the meeting.

E-8 But first can we reverently bow our heads everywhere for prayer. Father dear, we come to Thee today just as humbly as we know how to approach Thee. And realizing the last time that I stood on this pulpit, I was a condemned man: I stood here and realized how helpless I was without You. To feel Your Presence leave me and see me come here before a little girl that was just merely hard of hearing and see her go deaf right here on the pulpit; to see a man, hard of hearing and return deaf... Oh Christ, I realize without You I'm a failure. I cannot go alone. And so, in these times, Father, I've decided without You I--I'm not even going to go home, because I'd only bring a reproach upon You. And far be it from me, God, to ever do that.
[Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] They'll all be healed, every one of them. Help me in the testimonies, Father, that I'd speak of this afternoon. May it be that the people will understand. And may everyone here receive a blessing [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] Father, every [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] the rich, outcast, the white, the colored, all... Be with us now, and shed forth Thy Holy Spirit upon us all. Get glory out of the service and help Thy tired, weary servant. For we ask it in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

E-9 My last... The--the last time that God sent His Angel down... Many of you, here... How many has heard about how the gift of healing was brought to me by the Angel of God? Most all of you do. Well, dear friend, after realizing, laying in that condition for that many hours, I even got a little piece of paper and sketched out, before going out, I thought it was the end of life, and I wrote to my wife what to do, and a little sketch to Brother Kidson and different ones like that. And I realize that I had no hold on life to hold my own life; it might go any time. But if this is my last meeting with you people, the visitation of that Angel is true, before God. That's right. It's true. And as I stand here with this Bible beside me, and He did come, and I have told you the truth; even if I was going to die this moment, it's true.

E-10 And--but the thing of it is, that in my own nature I--I love to listen, and I like to help every one that I can. In doing so, I let my nature get away from God. Don't you see? My will of things is not always God's will of things. And people will ask me to do things, and I love people, as I've told you before... At one time, I didn't have many friends because I was considered amongst the people that I was with a sissy, and I--I didn't have many friends. But since I come out and found God's people, He's given me up in the millions of friends. And I love them so well till I--I'd just do anything for them. I--I--I realize this, with all my heart, if something... If I don't get some kind of a strength from somewhere else, by this time next year, there'll be somebody else a-doing this besides me. It's because, no matter how much they try--anyone tries to encourage me, I feel myself, I see my human strength leaving. It's because that something in my heart reaches out for the people. And I--I--I made this statement; I must live by this statement, that I had rather, and when I leave, I always liked that Psalm of Life: "Partings leave behind us, footprints on the sands of time." I want people to know that when I leave that I have done the very best that I know how to serve God and His church while I was here (That's right.), for His church, and it's for His glory.

E-11 Now, at Vandalia, Illinois, was the time of the visitation of the Angel, as I told you of last Sunday, you--or Sunday a week. You, remember me telling you that of Him coming? The next time was just before I come here. Sunday two weeks ago I was in the room. I'd been all through Canada and around. I'd never seen Him at all, and I was setting looking sideways, and I happened to see something in the room; I turned and there stood the Angel of God, standing looking at me. And I fell on may face, but I--I... Brother Lindsay was the campaign manager of the campaign in the north from the Assemblies of God. And he--he stepped into the room, and he heard me scream out. And he stepped into the room... Why, he didn't mean to do it; he's a fine man. And but when it did, it must've interrupted something, and the Angel left.

E-12 And then a following Sunday I come right on down here. That was on Friday. And Sunday I come here, and not knowing what part of a Scripture... I never get to read in the Bible, but I got the 22nd chapter of the book of Numbers, and in there I begin to speak on the prophet Balaam, got up to his part, and when he came down, and how God told him in the first place, "Don't not go with them men." But then he prayed again and kept on, and--and finally I believe for Balaam, it was the love of money is the reason that he wanted to go. I'm not sure; I've never knowed till I come in. I don't think... It was the love of money. But in my case it wasn't the love of money, it was a sympathy for human beings. And no matter little or how big, it's all wrong to disobey God (That's right.), regardless of what it is.

E-13 Then Balaam, he went on down to there, and the Angel of the Lord met him in the way. And when I got to that, friends, I--I don't know. There was something struck me here, and we had just a line laying out, nothing but miracles could be performed; that was all, nothing but miracles. Well... And standing here in the pulpit when I got up to Balaam, preaching to you all and I seen that Angel standing in the way, and Balaam could not see it... It was a mule he was riding on seen it. Then he got to a narrow way, to a narrow place, like where a gate went through. And there the Angel appeared again, and the mule saw it, and Balaam could not see the Angel of the Lord, and how that we have disobeyed God so. So then when I did that, I seen then what the appearing of the Angel was; and I realized for my first time that's true. What a mistake that I had made. I've made an assertion to the people of a power of God that even the Son of God never made any statement like that. I made a challenge to bring--to what was healed right there to what was...?... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] to find out... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]

E-14 How, it must have been so good to me to let me get by with such as that when even I wouldn't make any believe it or not; just bring them on (You see?), because I knew the strength and the power of God. And how that God let me get by with that, I do not know. Because Jesus Christ, there was many mighty works He could not do (Is that Scripture?) because of their unbelief. And look what He was. Look at the power was in Him. And then merely with the gift of healing challenge anything, belief or unbelief, come on up. And He let me for six months get by with that. That begin to break my heart when I seen that, what I had done. And I tried to hold up before you people and preach; I couldn't do it. It just melted me right on down. And I come to the pulpit and I seen then that I was preaching and telling how bad Balaam was and I was setting in Balaam's shoes. I was doing the things that the Angel of Lord met me up there and said don't do it. And I'd wondered, He hadn't visited me for six months, and said I was confining too much of the gift of healing to performing miracles. There's miracles performed all along the line. So let God do the picking out if He will. Let me feel led in my spirit wherever the--what--whatever the Lord tells me to do. Well, that's--that's Scriptural.

E-15 When Jesus went unto the pool, where there was as many people laying there crippled as there is people probably in this building today, maybe more... He walked in amongst all those people and just picked out one man. He was led of God to do so. And He told him, "Will thou be made whole?"
 He said, "Sir, I have no one to put me in the water."
 He said, "Take up your bed and walk."
 See, He didn't have to argue with him, because Christ knew that that man had faith to be healed; and the man picked up his bed and went on. He never healed one more in the city, walked right on out. He took another man and led him out of the city, and standing talking to him, and spitting on the ground and made a little, put a little pate and put on his eyes, and told him to go wash in the pool of Siloam. Many thousands lay in His path. He never healed them all. But when the Spirit turned Him aside for somebody, then He had compassion, not compassion for the human heart, because God was speaking through Him to go to that person. Then I seen then that I've made something that was wrong. And I was condemned and I was ashamed of myself. And I told you people about it.

E-16 And then I come to the pulpit and I prayed, "God, if it's not Your Divine will, and I've done wrong, will You help me, and You make it so that if there is... If I bring any persons in here, and if their not healed, then I will know from this on and never in my life will I make that challenge again or have anyone to bring a prayer line, or make out a miracle line as they call it." And you know what happened, the very first person was brought, that little girl... I hope she's here today from California, I believe it was. And she was hard of hearing, and I talked to the child beforehand. And I put my hands upon her and the vibrations was hitting my hand from probably some kind of a bursted ear drum that had caused an infection and that little something to grow over it, little growth, 'cause it had a life somewhere. And the vibrations stopped, and I said to you as always, "Now, the child is healed." And I tried to talk to her, and I couldn't even yell at her or beat my hands together and she couldn't hear. I turned her--took ahold of her hand. The vibration's back. I cast it forth again and it come back. So I left the child alone.

E-17 The next come was another man hard of hearing. I said, "You believe, sir?" He nodded his head real... I called out to him; he nodded his and bowed his head. And when I did, I took hold of his hand: no vibration; that was purely spiritual by anointing of the Spirit. It's dead nerves probably. And when I prayed for that man, he couldn't even hear me beat my hand together behind him. And I seen that I was condemned. And there I stood in this pulpit for the first time and I knew what it meant for a man to be left alone without God. I was helpless. I'm ashamed of myself before you, friends, today. I'm ashamed of it. I am. And I'm sorry that it had to happen here in Phoenix. But it had to happen somewhere. That's right. And it happened here.

E-18 I went off. And Brother Sharritt and I, we went out, and I was--I was weary. I couldn't sleep. I started up on a plane. I started crying in the plane. The hostess come around and said, "What's the matter, sir." I--I couldn't tell her. She wouldn't understand. I got off the plane. I went in. The ministers when they come and met me and took me in, they put me to bed, and they got down. They begin to talk to me. And a Reverend Baxter, a wonderful man of God, he came into the room, slipped in by himself. He said, "Brother Branham," said, "I can assure you that the gift of healing hasn't gone from you." Said, "Gifts and callings are without repentance." Said, "God will deal with you, but He absolutely would be untrue to His promise if He took the gift from you." Said, "It can't leave you." Said, "Samson slept all night with a harlot, and the next morning walked out and picked the gates up and walked away with them." See? That's right. And David and so forth around like that. And said, "He'll deal with you." Said, "Moses smote the rock when he supposed to speak to it." See? Said, "That's right, but the waters come forth. That was true." But said, "He'll deal with you, and He'll make you pay for it. But, see, the gift is there."
 Somehow I just couldn't... Now, I was afraid it was gone. I couldn't feel God at all, nowhere. And I--I hope and trust that I'll never in all the days of my life have to go through another three days like that--that. That was hell on earth, friends. It was... I... Now, the God... God was gone. The Angel was gone. The Holy Spirit... I--I--I had nothing...

E-19 [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] that vibration hitting my hand, and you don't know how I felt. I knew that it was still there before I prayed for the little girl. I'll never be guilty of...?... I'll never... And I'll--I'll do everything that I can for you. And I'll walk humbly and quietly as I know how to walk. And the little girl was also deaf and dumb and had tuberculosis [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] just a little [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]...?... her and she could speak, hear, and tubercular was gone. God had healed her.
 Then following that same night, I've got their pictures here. I--I was going to bring it too, friends. I'm sorry; I've been so nervous and broke up. And a picture from the mute school up there, that their teacher, they brought seven children from the mute school that was born deaf and dumb, and five of them got into the line that night. And all five are pronounced perfectly well. I've got their pictures, their testimony, and sent home to their loved ones, all five of them. Born deaf and dumb, pronounced by the doctor, not--by doctors who taken over to California and California doctors pronounced them well. Five of them... I got--I've got letters there then from a legal defense and everything like that if they come in. The governor of the state of Oregon come to my meeting, and the governor of the state of Idaho set in my meeting night before last, and some of their leading doctors and everything. So the Lord has just now begin to bless (You know?) in that way. So it's just moved out wonderfully. And--and I am so thankful. May I never be guilty.

E-20 And the way I do the people now... I found out that these last two weeks has put forth more miracles than any two week's time that I have ever had. I just pass the people through the line and pray for them. Then when something upon me stops and pulls the people, maybe it's someone doesn't have enough faith or something; then when they come through it stops me; and then that's when miracles are performed on the pulpit. Otherwise, I only go as God says...?... not what some man says do. "I'll bring my mother and you make her get well. She's crippled and neighborhood will believe." I find out that you didn't--brings more reproach than it does anything else. And just... That's right. Because she don't believe in the first place. And the so... And mostly like that, people take advantage of that. So I... If God has forgive me for it, I know. And I want--never want to be guilty of that again.

E-21 And in these last few weeks there's been more miracles performed in my services than there has been in the last three four months or five (That's right.): more miracles. And we couldn't even take care of the crowds. If there's anybody here from the Oregon meetings and over there, they realize that their auditoriums and skating rinks and the pavilions and things we would get to, there'd just be thousands turned away each night, and thousands times thousand of--brought into the place. And the Lord has been blessing and doing great things. Now, there's been more people get well since then, 'cause I was just trying to get down where God wanted me to be. And I'm sure that you understand it. I want... Do you understand what I mean now? I'm not supposed to work miracles for the cause of people. If God should stop me on anyone...

E-22 But now, dear friends, here's what it is. The vibrations move just the same as... That's God's Divine gift. Now, if He's going to take that away from me, I'd rather not come out of this pulpit this afternoon. 'Cause when I can't be a help to someone else, I don't want to stay here. And I--I... Then I went ahead and I started through the line, and the people begin to see after that God begin to perform more miracles than ever. Some time they'd be prayed for and go back and set down with crutches, and would raise up. All at once the power of God would come upon them setting in their--in their seat, and throw down their crutches and run through the building real fast. And here'd be some on a cot, laying there just shaking with palsy. All at once while they was yet being prayed for, maybe half hour before that, they'd stop shaking and raise up out of their cot. And some of them would go home, and--and maybe would be home maybe a few hours and woke up in the night, or something another like that. And here they'd come back to the services just a praising God, healed. You see? But that's what the people's got to do. They got to believe. You see? It's got to be a part like Mary told--or Jesus told Mary and Martha: "Take ye away the stone." See? You got something to do yourself. And you got to believe it. And God will work. Like here. This way I was taking all away from the people; I was the one doing it all. You see? But there you've got something to do yourself. And you go, and you believe, and you'll get healed.

E-23 And a little boy... It was so pathetic; the little fellow come by. And I might just tell this. It's hanging there in the auditorium now. A little boy with braces over his legs, and he come through with polio. He said, "Brother Branham," he said, "will you say the prayer for me?"
 I said, "Yes."
 And his mother was there, and--and I said... And she said, "If you'll just say the prayer for him, Brother Branham..."
 And I said, "All right, sister." And I said, "Now, you're not..."
 She said, "I do not desire a miracle." She said, "I just desire you to pray the prayer." And I had the prayer for the little boy just a moment and laid hands upon him. And brother, sister, two nights after that, the little boy was standing at the door, the entrance where I come in, his braces hanging on his back. He was standing there. See? The simplicity, the humbleness of the mother, to know...?... "I can believe God; I don't have to see any outstanding miracle. But I can believe God."

E-24 And then my ministry become more blessed than it ever was in the first place. You see? So... And there the little boy standing here and shake his little limb and just like that. In three night's time now, the little boy was back and had the braces hanging on his shoulders like, standing there. Held them up: big shoes, even had to have his shoes made to keeps his braces out here [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]...?... That's it. That's what a healing's to be, friends. Don't put so much rely [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] to man. Put your faith in God Who is almighty (You see?), 'cause it won't work anything. But His will heal you. And you get [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] the--the simplicity of a child believe that you're going to get well, and believe that this little prayer is what God asked me say for you, and you shall have what you've asked for, if you just believe it.

E-25 Now, into that... Then I want to tell you about what happened. At the end of the week, there was so many people coming in from... They come from Canada, from everywhere. And so all according... I never seen the sun shine until I come back to Phoenix. I was so happy to see the sun, I didn't know what to do. And I was looking up there where we had to pay--went into a restaurant and had to pay fifty cents for a grapefruit. Two half a grapefruit, fifty cents, and I seen where you... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] I said, "This is God's...?... then." That's right. You just see them growing on the trees, and--and like that, and fifty cents apiece for grapefruit... I said, "Well, I can go down there on the street and kick them around footballs in Phoenix." I said... Oh, friends, you've got the most lovely place in the world to live. I just wish you could just get together and pray, and... You--you could have the best church in the world right here, the best union of people. You've got everything a...
 The brother awhile ago I was so nervous so he taken me out to ride me around (Brother Sharritt)--and to ride me around a little bit before coming to the meeting, and I said, "Just look at this paradise here. Why, you're ready for the millennium if you just get together." That's right. You're ready now. So it's certainly wonderful and nice.

E-26 Now... Then on the Friday night, last Friday night, I'd had my reservations made through to come down to Phoenix for the services as I had promised to do. And so the planes was grounded all week long. Then I said, "I'll catch a bus and go over to San Francisco, and perhaps the fog would drive away." Sometimes it'd be off for a hour; then it would come back. And planes would go around, and then they got a chance they come down; they would land at San Francisco: and awful foggy. And I said, "I'll go over by bus." And I was getting so weak. And here's how the gift was to begin...?... working; and therefore, I know now that something... Either I'll have to let up and--or I won't be long.

E-27 The people passed by me; they never even put their hands on me or me on them. And they passed by me, and such strength went from me on account of that healing... Those people believe. I didn't have to pray for them. Their faith reached in and got it (You see?) just the same as I was praying for them. So I got so weak from the prayer line on the last night, where nearly three thousand passed by me alone on that night, three thousand, till I collapsed in the floor. And they picked me up all around the arms, two men, and packed me to door.
 And there'd been many spirits had went out of the people and got into others. This one woman had went insane. She was--got her mind off the Lord onto some woman was talking to her, setting there, she turned around while I was praying to talk to the woman and an insane spirit come upon her. I had to leave the poor soul like that; she's still insane. And there's many epileptics that went from one to another like that until...

E-28 Then when I started out the door, and I went to the--to the bus station... And Brother Lindsay and some of the--the ministers, they said, "Brother Branham, you can't start like this."
 I said, "I want to go back to Phoenix." And they said... "Well," I said, "such a thing as happened; I want to go tell that our heavenly Father has granted me another chance." So I--I said, "I--I want to go tell them."
 And they said, "Why, you can't go."
 One lady said, "I'll drive you in a car."
 Oh, I said, "No, ma'am. I'll take a bus." And so I waited out there at the...?... and we went to wait for the bus. And I got my ticket to San Francisco. And setting... And the bus come in; it was already three hours late. And the fog, you couldn't hardly see at all. And while setting there at the table, I so nervous, I passed beyond the reach of human senses again, and they thought I was asleep. And then they taken me on, and when I roused out of it, well then, the bus, when it come in around towards one o'clock, two o'clock in the morning, why, he couldn't go no farther; he had to put up. He couldn't even drive over the mountains then. That threw me out from Phoenix altogether.

E-29 Then when I went home, went over there, I begin to see myself failing real fast, and then forty-four hours I got normal. Then when that taken place, then I knew then how weak I was, and how really...?... body was. I went... From then I begin to feel weak and weary, and so I wanted to come on to the meeting. And I come back again to Phoenix now to pray for you sick and afflicted. And I know you'll understand, won't you? You'll understand, and believe me with all your heart, that when these sick people pass by, remember. they'll get well. You just go believe. And if you come by, your faith will reach in and take ahold of that gift of healing and you'll be healed. Won't you believe that, all of you? If it works every way... And listen. You dear people of Phoenix here, I want each one of you to go to your pastor, each one, and say, "Let's have union revivals here in Phoenix." Don't you think you could do that, have union revivals and get everybody saved and going, living for God. Don't you believe you could do that? Sure you could if you just only believe. Have faith and believe God, for He wants to do that. And He cannot come... And I'd hate to know that little Phoenix was left out of the program.

E-30 Now, to catch back to my Scripture, where I left off at. You remember Joshua, all the way through the Scriptures you bring the children of Israel, it typed down to last part. Is that right? Now, I've told you that how the children of Israel had three journeys; they did: three stages of their journey. Is that right? And the church has come to its third stage. Is that true?
 Remember... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] back with the evidence of the new land, and that's where you people stand now. But you...?...[Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] of the church could not believe; they got into confusion and went out into the desert again, and there the... They begin to get sick and there's where the brazen serpent, the gift that was give to the church. Is that right? To Pentecost... Look, after the Pentecostal church got broke up in so many, you full Gos... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] then sickness came into your midst...?... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]

E-31 You notice one more thing before I close this series of this. Now, before... Now... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] shadows and types here has come on up to this hour. If that was shadow and type, then the rest of it must come to pass. Now, so that you'll get this... And I want you ministers especially to get this.
 Remember, their leader Moses all the time was a type of Christ the spirit today. Is that right? But Moses never took the people across Jordan. There was a new order came. Was that right. Moses never took the people across Jordan, the church manager. Joshua took the people across. Is that right? And friends, our great organization is not going to take the church across Jordan. Now, remember that. Joshua come in on the scene. See? God is going to send the nine spiritual gifts to the church. It's going to pull it together and she'll cross Jordan. Remember He said, "Rise now, and let's cross this Jordan," He said to Joshua.
 And I believe that if there ever was a time of all the church history, that Voice is now, "Rise, we're going across Jordan now." That's right. The church has been pulled through everything. It's broke up in sects here in the denominations. This is my last words on this. And I tried hard.

E-32 I--I love Phoenix. I love you people. Now, I'd like to see everything in one heart and one accord. I'd like to come here and make this my home where I could... You just have every Sunday afternoon service on and on and on as far that goes, until Jesus comes. But I--I can't do it myself. But I'm going to give you my vision. Now is the time that our churches... They will not agree with one another. See? And it's time for you people to agree with one another, the church itself. And this is the way the gift that's coming into the church, that's pulling in from both sides, not pulling people out of the churches. No, you go right to your same church. Your church is all right, your organization. I have nothing against that. But, brother, don't never think that you're a little bit better than somebody else, or somebody's a little lower than you.
 Remember, we're all on one equality with God. We're His sons and daughters. And if we're sons and daughters of God, let's act like it, talk like it, and live like it, and be like it, sons and daughters of God.

E-33 And now, these gifts is what's doing that. See, the system's changed. The church has led the world ever since Martin Luther's time. Is that right? But the church age is dying out now. It's right. That's the Moses part. It's dying out, because as Moses failed God, so has the church failed God: I mean the denominations. You see what I mean? How many thinks you understand what I'm speaking of? Thank you, friends.
 Look. Satan tries to tell me sometime that they--they don't get it. But I know you do. See? That has failed. The church has failed, because it's got to a place if you're not Methodist, you're not in it; if you not Baptist, you're not in it; if you're not belong to the Assemblies of God, you're not in it; if you don't belong to the Oneness, you're not in it; if--if you don't belong to this one or that, you're not in it.

E-34 The church has failed. See? Instead of bringing the people together as one body, it separated them out. Just like Moses, instead of speaking to the rock, he smote the rock (You see?), and it failed. So the church will never take the people over Jordan. That's right.
 But now, God has changed His order, and He's sending back... You who mark my word, there's great men on the road to this world. That's right. There's great powers on the road to this world. And it'll be a people that'll call out a people. Remember, "Come out of her, My people." Is that right? Babylon, confusion that... And not the people now, not out of your churches, but come out of that confusion among you. You see? Come out; let's serve God with one heart and one mind and one accord. Is that right? And then God will take His church over Jordan. That's over death. Now, you believe that with all your heart.

E-35 I was just reading here... How many of you... I know. I know you haven't got the "Herald of Truth." This brother sister, where's he at? You've never issued this yet, have you? This is the new "Herald, Herald of Truth." And I was noticing in there this year, this month's...?... about...
 The other night I had a surprise. My wife has... When she heard that I had had that exhaustion and passed out up there, it liked to kill the poor little thing. And she's wearied. I never... She's so backward, I couldn't get her to have her picture taken. But she finally took it, and she sent it to me. And I was talking to her a little while ago... And my little girl, twenty months old, prayed for me on the--over the telephone. Bless her little heart, she's seen daddy, "Jesus, help my daddy. Jesus, help my daddy to come home." And they got our pictures in there this month, or--hers and mine and my secretary, Brother Cox and Sister Cox. They're very fine people.

E-36 And in here, I happen to notice this testimony that I wish to--to read just a little bit. And it...?... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] that was healed by the, some many good doctors, her nerves down. She had went wild. She only seemed like a little...?... You can see her little picture there. She's just a little chunk of human love; that's all. And God healed her instantly, right then. She got from the bed after laying there month after month and walked down in her little pajamas. Why, you couldn't even get around her, she had [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] on herself and everything. She was blood all over and everything. She just calmed in a moment and walked in her little pajamas, with her little slippers on, down to the soda fountain and drank a soda with me, and people coming from all over, everywhere, looking at her...?... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]

E-37 I had a testimony here that I--I wanted to read. You know, a--accordingly, I got about fifteen minutes now to get to these testimonies to you, and then have the time for the prayer for the sick.
 Here, not long ago, I guess, in the midst of people there was a--the... You all read the--"The Azusa News"? Anybody get the "Azusa News"? All right. Do you get... Did you ever get that "Jonesboro Evening Sun" that great write up it went... You notice, in the "Azusa News," in there, of a--where I was to fly to California, in the "Jonesboro Sun" it was placed in there, about flying to El Dorado in a airplane for a case that was dying of cancer? Anybody... You read that in the "Azusa News"? I was having services there.
 There's where a minister standing at the platform, big cancer hanging on him, oh, probably that big, hanging on his neck. The doctor said there's no chance for him and standing there with the reporters, stand there flashing the pictures. That cancer turned white, fell off of his neck, and rolled over my feet. I got it in alcohol now. There was a pit in his neck, and his picture in the paper showing. There was a man who set in a wheelchair for--for I forget how many years, bound down like this, was setting there in the chair, a Baptist deacon. And he--a moment, got up out of the chair and walked through the building glorifying God and things like that.

E-38 And then I was flown down to El Dorado with a little Cessna, a plane, to a girl that was a poor people, that was, the girl expecting to die at any time. She'd been a cripple all of her life, a victim of polio. She was about twenty-eight, thirty years old. And the cancer had become a fibery cancer and went all through her and the doctor, as I spoke to him as I went in after the plane landed... And they had me--went out there and met me and took--taken me into the home and there was... The doctor said that he cut around four to six pounds of cancer out of her of surface where it'd growed. He sewed the girl back up and less than two weeks time, more than that had growed back in her again. There was no hopes at all, nothing at all. And her people was keeping it from her. So I went. I never shall forget.
 This may not mean much to you people, for some of you, but think if that would been your mother, if that had been your daughter. It means much to me. I have to answer for these things at the judgment bar. And just awhile ago I happened to pick up... I dreamed of this girl last night, and here I picked up the little "Herald of Truth" awhile ago, and read her testimony in there. And then just how it was come out--like there's such a coincidence.

E-39 Then standing there, walked into the house, rather, the little, humble white cottage there in El Dorado... Going in, the loved ones was setting in the yard and they were all looking and a watching for me to come. And I went in and I gathered the family together. I said, "Does she know what's wrong with her?"
 Said, "No, don't tell her, Brother Branham."
 I said, "Now, I can't promise that. See?"
 Said, "Well, we've never let her know."
 I said, "Now, the first thing, I want to know if you all have faith?"
 Said, "Well, we've heard of others..." And poor old man standing there, the old blue shirt on, you know, and her daddy a great big fellow. And he was just crying; I said, "Now, don't cry, dad." I said, "Don't cry." I said, "Now, that'll cause your faith to be wavering." I said, "You must believe that--that the--that what you--the requirements for your child is now met." I said, "Are you a Christian?"
 And he said, "Brother Branham, she's the only one in the bunch that's a Christian." He said, "I guess that we're too mean." Said, "That's the reason that she's--God's taking her from us, because we're not Christians." And I seen then the opportunity that God had give me. See? Don't never fail your opportunity.

E-40 And there was at least about fifteen or eighteen of them standing in the little kitchen. And I said, "Are you all relatives?"
 I said, "Is any of you a Christian?" and one of them was a member of the Church of--of Jesus Christ and that was as much as any of them was in the line of Christianity. And I said, "Will you do this? If God will let then this girl live, will you promise Him that every one of you will--will repent, everyone of you and be Christians and be baptized, and so forth?"
 They everyone said, "We'll do it, if God will do it."
 Well, I walked out. She said, "I'll tell you when I come out what happens to the girl."

E-41 And I went into the room, not letting anyone in there. Poor girl was laying there. She just had a few days to live, just maybe two or three more days said she'd be done, 'cause she was sinking fastly. As I walked in, she said, "I presume that you're Brother Branham."
 And I said, "Yes, ma'am." And she--her side was still open where it didn't heal or nothing where the cancer was taken from her. And, oh, she was swollen way up like that, just pounds of that flesh had been taken out and it's where the cancer... You know what fibrous is like that? It just went right through her, surplus flesh growing all the time. And so she said, "Well, I presume that you're Brother Branham."
 I said, "Yes."
 And she said, "Brother Branham, I understand that you can tell people what's wrong with them." I seen right then what was happening.
 And I said, "Yes, ma'am, by the help and mercy of God, I can."
 She said, "Brother Branham, will you tell me what's wrong with me?" She said, "They--they won't tell me." Said, "Now, I know the way you're coming here...?...
[Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] all sins are hidden." And I said, "Yes, ma'am."
 "You be honest with me, Brother Branham..."
 I said.. [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] if I be healed."
 And I took hold of her hand; I said, "Yes, ma'am. It's a cancer." [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]
 "I thought it was, Brother Branham." [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]
 "But besides that," said, "your--your doctor, as I just met them out there in the kitchen when they was talking, says that your time is within the next two or three days. And I..."
 She said, "There's one... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] that there's nothing between my soul and the Saviour." She said... Worth more...
 She said, "I tried to lead my.. [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] And I--I couldn't.
 And said... And I said, "Maybe this is the opportunity; they all love you so well." I said, "They everyone promised now, that if you got well that you would serve God... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] that--that--that--they did.

E-42 And just then, friend... Now remember, one day I'm going to leave this world myself. The Angel told me to--would take place, it took place just then; I felt it. And I went down and had prayer for her; the vibrations stopped. And I said, "Sister, you're going to be well."
 She said, "Brother Branham, I don't know what's happened to me," she said, "but just--I just know I'm going to be well again."
 And I said, "You are. You're going to be well." I walked out and all the people out there in the kitchen crying, and I walked out and shut the door as I come out.
 They said, "Well, what about it, Brother Branham?"
 I said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, the girl will live."
 Her poor old daddy just broke down to crying. And here's her testimony wrote in this paper. Says... Here's... She quoted my words here.
 "Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever... He is also performing miracles in these last days. On May, the 16th, 1947, the doctors found it necessary to operate on me. When they did, they found a raging cancer. All that--all--all that some of the best doctors of this city could say was that my time was very short. My friend, God came on the scene. Brother Branham flew here from Jonesboro, Arkansas, by plane and prayed for me. The Lord immediately killed the cancer germ and healed my body. I can never get through thanking the Lord for sending Brother Branham to pray for me and for the healing of my body. Mrs. L-a-d-d-i-e M-y-r-i-c-k: Laddie Myrick, 325 West Cook Street, El Dorado, Arkansas." Write to her. See?
 Now, if that woman, where the best of doctors with that cancer... Was no miracle. It was a miracle. She accepted it as a miracle, but it was weeks later before she was perfectly well, but they... I told her the germ of that cancer was dead. She believed it, and that's what happened. Can't you believe the same thing?

E-43 Now, one more little thing kinda boosted my heart when I read this. Is was a dear mother in Canada. And give me your undivided attention now, as I read this little article. We'll have prayer and have the healing service. "All things are possible," title for that. "Humbly dedicated to Rev. William Branham, by a Canadian mother." There's where God healed. Bless her heart, I'll never forget them. And that little song of "All Things Are Possible." You can just hear it sung anywhere. They say you hear a mother rocking her baby; she's singing it. And out on the street they're singing it; in their work they're singing it, "All Things Are Possible," and they've got a revival sweeping plumb from coast to coast in Canada, everywhere. Little churches that was once turned down, they've reopened them again. Missionaries or evangelists has went out into the field there and opened it up: such a stirring. That's what we need, isn't it friend?

E-44 Now, listen real close:
There are some, dear Lord, that You have chosen,
Called out from this world of sin
To be ready to go or ready to stay,
As the Master has called to him.
You only choose the pure in heart
And those that will follow You.
Then, dear Lord, You'll give to them
A priceless gift as no one else can do.
O heavenly Father, we love You so
As you sent an Angel down.
He came with a message, O how sweet
And promised, "On one a crown."
The angel said, "I will give to you
The gift of healing Divine.
Will you go and tell them to believe?
This promise, then, is thine."
"Yes, Lord. I'll do my very best,"
As he knelt at the throne of grace.
"I know, dear Lord, all is possible.
I'll do it at Thy request.
I'll go, dear Lord, where You want me to go;
I'll be what You want me to be.
I'll pray for the dumb and they shall speak.
I'll pray for the blind and they'll see."
You'll be healed by the... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]
Just to get one touch from Him.
And he files along the--They file along the sidewalks
For one temporal glance at Him.
The sick are brought from north and south
And some are [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] lame
Some are brought [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] ... to be healed [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]
O Angel, dear [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] him--dare him...?... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]
To cast the devil from this child and it shall be.
O Jesus, Lord and Saviour,
Do keep and bless Thine own
That they... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]
Bless Thy servant whom Thou has loved [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]
With thy power, and give him strength from [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] sin...
To that blessed hour.

E-45 Our Heavenly Father, I thank Thee for this humble privilege that I have, dear God, that someone has--that they believed, Father. And Thy Angel Who so dearly...?... and this dear person who has formed it into poetry now, I pray, Father, that You'll let me always be humble. And may, today, the dumb speak and the blind to see; and that child that is possessed of that devil, may it be cast out. Just a touch from Thee is all I want, Lord, to know that You're standing here. I know, Father, that all demons are subject to Thee. When Your great power is near us, nothing can stand. And I pray that You'll heal everyone here in Phoenix, Father, today in this auditorium, for this is where Thou hast taught me a lesson to listen to God instead of man. O Father, help me, never again, Father, never to do anything that would be displeasing to Thee. And may now, Lord, that last Sunday or Sunday week, for such a rebuke to me, may this Sunday be a great blessing to me, Father, to see Thy people healed in this auditorium. Today, I pray that Thou will grant it, Father, in the Name of Thy Son Jesus Christ, I ask it. Amen.

E-46 [A brother speaks before Brother Branham prays:
 In the ministry, now will soon be thirty-four years. Of hundreds and hundreds of preachers of the different faiths, and of our own faith, the Pentecostal faith, I have never yet met a man manifesting the humility from day to day, that Brother Branham manifests. The weight of this is crushing the very life out of him. You don't realize what it means to fight the powers of darkness. All the powers of the enemy are turned loose against him. You, perhaps, only have a small portion against you. Remember, the reason that Jesus suffered so on the cross was not because of His own sins, but because the powers of hell were determined to crush him. So if you have anything special from God, the powers of darkness are going to do the best to crush you.
 So this afternoon we want you to do your best now to believe God. You've heard what Brother Branham's had to say. How many of you now believe that God is here, that He will heal? Let's see your hands if you believe it. God bless you. That's all it takes is faith. So we want you to be humble and believe. Be back with you in just one second.
 We have a case waiting at the door, brought in the man that was dying with cancer. Brother Branham is slipping out to pray for this one now, while we're forming a prayer line. Now, Brother Kidd, if you'll be now when, start the prayer line now. All of you listen attentively so that you'll know.
 I don't know some of you ushers by name, but the ushers was over here a little while ago when I asked who had been here for three services and lived more than fifty miles away from here. If you let those folks come first... Those who live over fifty miles away and have been here three services or more...
 Now please don't take advantage of these things, friends, when we ask a question like this. If you do, here's what may happen: the disease may stay on you or you'll get something else. Remember that you're not just dealing with us. We want to be just as fair with you as we can be. The reason I say this is because people take advantage. I'm going to give you a little illustration for a moment, 'cause Brother Branham will be up in just a minute.
 You'll hinder us if you don't do it. Now, we--we want you to please as obedient and as nice as you can because it'll interfere and you'll cheat yourself and somebody else out of an opportunity. Please do not stand or get in the prayer line at all until we call for you. Now remember, we want, as Brother Branham prays, everybody keep your heads bowed. Be as humble as you can for the...?...--Ed.]

E-47 Shall we bow our heads...?... Our heavenly Father, [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] now, for this meeting. Dear Jesus [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]... platform again today, after two weeks absence. And here stands lovely people who are wanting to be well. I have tried humbly to tell them, Father, that Your blessing was if they would just believe me, that their faith, Lord, is what makes them whole, their faith to believe it's there. And now, may each one that comes by, be touched by Thy Divine power. And I pray now, as I feel Your Angel standing so near, O God, may we bless each one and they be well. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I pray.

E-48 Believe, sister, with all your heart? Dear heavenly Father, seeing that our sister here is suffering with this hideous demon, Thou art near to liberate her, Father, that she'll be well. Grant it, dear God.
 Thou spirit of the devil that has bound this woman, I adjure thee, by Jesus Christ, to leave her. There it is...?... every speck is clear. You'll be well then. Have you had...?... Now, you just...?...
 How long have you had this arthritis, sister? Now, don't doubt anything. You don't? You want to serve God, don't you? Father, in simple faith, our sister comes this afternoon, crippled here, with this arthritis, and also has been bothered with this blood pressure and many pains, Father. Her poor body is breaking down. And You, Who sent Your great Angel in the room that night, said I was to take this to the people, O God, may her faith reach in for it now.
 Satan, you bound our sister. I adjure thee to leave her in the Name of Jesus Christ. Now, sister, it stopped so quickly, that I believe a miracle has been performed on you. Now, don't doubt anything. I want you to raise your feet up and down like this, real... Move your hand. There you are. Now, walk right out and down the steps. A miracle has been performed on the lady. Walk on, sister. Now, you can raise your head and look. There she is, stiffened up with arthritis...
 Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody. Let's give God a praise of this type, friends, like this, for...?... See how that the Father works? She was crippled up with arthritis.

E-49 Now, bow your heads, everyone, and be in prayer. Just be real reverent like that. God will just grant great things. I believe this.
 Our heavenly Father, I thank Thee for Thy goodness and Thy mercy. And I pray, dear God, that You'll show mercy to our dear brother who's come many miles now to be healed. Help him, Father, while we pray.
 Satan, thou power of infirmity, leave the man; in the Name of Jesus Christ, I adjure thee to leave him.
 Sir, the only--you heard me tell about the lady with cancer awhile ago? Well now, the same thing that's happened to the lady with the cancer that was dying has happened to you now. Every
 vibration, everything that I know to tell you, it's over. So you can go and be healed...?... God bless you, sir.

E-50 You believe if I'll ask God, He'll let you have back your eyesight again? I see you have a little more than that ulcer, don't you? Yes, sir. What kind of asthma did... Now, there's only way that I'd ever be able to know those things, sister, and tell you that would be by God. Is that right? For it's... Only way I know to have... I can tell the vibrations, know you got a asthmatic...?... for it. Now just believe with all your heart. Our Father, You Who reveals the secrets of all hearts, I pray that You'll be merciful to sister now. After, by Your grace and Your help, O God, Thou knowest how I feel, standing here now, since Sunday before last: Your Presence gone, and now, Your Presence here, and that each one is passing...?... Help our sister, Father, just now, be healed. And this demon that's come upon her to cause this trouble and her eyes are going blind and Thou art... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]... in Jesus Christ' Name, come out of the woman, in the Name of Jesus Christ...?...

E-51 The vibration's has [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]...?... You...?... Look around through the room just a little bit and see if you can... Look around. See those lights up there? Can you count them? Point to them. Let's see if you can point now. That's right. That's...?... that way.
 Somebody out in the audience raise your hand. Fifteen lights she sees in the building now. All right, someone raise your hand up out there. You see them hands. You see them hands. Wonder if that lady there with the green looking coat on, kind of a--a gray hair... Has she got just one finger up or has she got her whole hand up. Now, she changed it. Just a minute...?... If she could just... Raise your hand up again, sister. See? Now... Yes, yes. Can you tell her? Can you see that she's got a green sweater on from here? Yes, ma'am, that's fine. How many fingers would you think she has--she's holding up there? Can you count that far? It's kind of shadowy but... That's exactly right. Now, say, "Praise the Lord," everybody. You can raise your head.
 Now, sister, your sight has coming and you're going to be a perfect well woman again. Let's give God a little praise like this, everybody please.

E-52 When someone asked the other day why didn't people... Said, "What I can understand, Brother Branham, is that people who are prayed for... and when they're healed," said, "the people in Pentecost, they usually like to shout so much," said, "wonder they don't do more shouting than that."
 I said, "They are just dumbfounded. They're just the... They just... they just are--It just happened then." I said, "You ought to go outside of the building some time and see them when they coming out of the building, then you would understand."
 All right, now, bow your heads everyone while we pray.

E-53 The ones that was here...?... the vibrations. Don't no one have nothing in your right hand, 'cause I...?... Every one bow your head. [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]
 Everything is put in the hand of God. While I was praying for the lady, the vibration stopped on my hand. Now, that came to me of her life. That woman wants to live as same as the rest of us. [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]
 And now, I believe with all my heart... She's a Phoenix woman; you'll see her on the street again, well. Now...?... Now, I thank you for your kindness of how you kept your heads bowed and things. You're awfully nice and I--I know that faith... I wished I'd have had that lady that had the--Sister Waldrop here to testify to her. I don't know where she's from.
 And I wonder, Sister Waldrop, if you'd walk out here and give her a testimony, tell her your condition. Here goes one of your Phoenix women was dying of cancer. Fact it already had passed out, right here, with a cancer, when I was here in the other meeting. How many knows her, let's see your hand? Mrs. Waldrop, there she is. Hold--tell them to hold the ambulance just a minute. I want to try a testimony for this lady here. All right. Thank... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]

E-54 Remember, my heart wants to be sincere with God; it'll be better, don't you think? Better to let them get healed than just let them pass it out. Don't you think so? Now, the lady will be well. She'll be like Mrs. Waldrop here, on the streets with you one of these days, and you'll be glad when the judgment comes that you set and was very reverent.
 Now, if you'll bow your heads again while we pray for more. Yes, ma'am. Now, you're... How long have you known? You're... Now, see, the doctor's done all he knows how to do for you, sister. Now, your only chance is now. Just... Your loved ones has done what they can do; your doctor's done all he can do; now your Saviour, He can heal you. You believe that? All right. All right now bow your head then.
 Father, realizing that life is near the end, for this our sister; she's going to leave us, Father. She's going out into dark eternity, somewhere. Thou knowest her conditions and knows her soul, and knows where she'd go to if she dies. You know us all, Father. You know us by name. You know every hair of our heads; You know all about us.
 Our doctors has done all they can do all in their knowledge. They've given her x-ray, and they given her treatments, and she's constantly now the cancer's claiming her life. Thou alone can heal her, Father.
 Thou demon, I adjure thee by Jesus Christ the Son of God, that you come out of the woman.

E-55 Now, just keep your head bowed, everyone and just try to hold her in your... Now, where do you live at, lady? Globe, Arizona. Nice country up there, isn't it? I want you to look at me...?... I don't want you to be melancholy; I want you just to try just let yourself relax now. You're going try? Are you--have you... You're married, are you? Uh-huh. Have some children? You have a boy overseas. You want to see him again, don't you, mother? You will.
 I want him to see you too. Now, look here. I want you to be honest with me. I'm honest with you; you'll do the same with me, won't you? Now, there's something holding you back from your healing and I'm going to tell you what it is. Shall I tell you out, just let it go? You--you'll keep... Now, you know I know what it is, don't you? All right. Don't any more. No, I know...?... the revelation here. Now, you're... Yes, you can. God can take it away from you. Yes, but now look. There's no way in the world for me to ever know that, only by the revelation of God; but I found this cancer won't leave you. See? That's the reason it's holding. Now, you pray. Will you do it? By the mercy He'll do it. Sure He will deliver you.
 Father, she's willing now to lay it on the altar. God of heaven, You know how I could find that out; and I pray, dear God, that You'll take the desire from her now and that she'll never do it again. Satan, upon the confession of this woman, upon her desire to serve God with a pure heart, I come to You in the Name of Jesus Christ; come out of the woman.
 Now, sister, looky here. Every vibration has stopped. You're free from your habit also. Go on now and serve God with all your heart. You'll see your boy, sister. Put your arms around his neck and tell him, "Mother's delivered." Every vibration is stopped. Got a funny feeling, haven't you? Yeah, that habit's gone from you too. Now, keep it away from it as long as you live. God bless you.

E-56 [A woman speaks to Brother Branham at length, during which Brother Branham speaks--Ed.] Yes. That is right, sister. God bless you. That's a good spirit to have. Now, just keep your heads bowed for a few moments. This lady's coming here to the service today. She flew in from Chicago here, and she's suffering here with here a tubercular, and she's got a hemorrhage--and just had a hemorrhage here. Uh-huh.
 Dear God, Thou will regards faith. I imagine, Father, if that brazen serpent was still lift upon the plain, that people would fly across the sea to get to look upon that brazen serpent, because they know that others looked at it and were healed. And O Father, Thou has not lifted up a brazen serpent today, but Thou has ordained Thy gift. And the people are coming everywhere. And Father, this poor woman coming down from my own home country to be prayed for, thousands of miles across the mountains and deserts... She's laid in that hotel up there, Father, close to where somebody who didn't take You and committed suicide. And she's heard their scream and howls all week long. But almighty God, You're here today to stop the hemorrhage to send her back home well woman. Grant it, Father. Will You hear the prayer of Your humble servant, I pray? And Father, I believe the woman will live a consecrated life to You, and give You all the praise and glory if You'll grant this to her. Now will You hear me, Father, this moment that's been looked forward to for weeks. Grant it, Father.
 Thou demon that's bound my sister, I adjure thee to leave her, in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God. [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] I adjure thee, come out of her in the Name of Jesus Christ. Every vibration's stopped then. You'll be well woman now. So just go and believe Him with all your heart now. Not one vibration is...?... That's got it. God rewarded the woman of her fine faith...?...

E-57 O eternal God, in Who's suffering [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] Father, I pray for her healing, in the Name Thy Son Jesus.
 Young lady, look here. You got an infection in your body of some sort. I can't catch it just what it is. I want you look at my hand here a moment. Look at this one here; then what if it's...?... wrong...?... Look at that...?... Even I believe you could almost feel that vibration yourself. You feel a little roar like? That's the hardest I feel--felt one hit. Coming through my whole body, it's shaking my whole being. Can you feel that? That's only the fourth time that anybody has ever felt a vibration themself. Friends, I want you to raise your head a minute. Here's a vibration hitting so hard on my hand, till the lady can feel the shaking in my own hand. Can you feel it, sister? Tell them there. She can feel it herself.

E-58 Now, she's suffering with a heart trouble, which is causing a block in her heart. She's got a asthmatic trouble also. She's extremely nervous, a deep thinker, and real--worry about things before it happens. And then so... Now, I want you to watch my hand, sister, yourself. So you could feel if it stopped. You can feel it. You must have a very good faith or something. Where you from? Superior? Is that Arizona, is it? Why, it's first time. That's the fourth person that I've ever knowed that felt the vibration, the reaction of it. It's not the--the rolling and tumbling, but it's hitting so hard on my hand till it's rolling back there. She can feel it back.
 Now, just bow your head. And you watch my hand, sister. And if it turns... It'll turn back normal like this one here if that leaves. Or you can tell it when it feels... Now, you see when the feeling of that leaves and my hand will turn normal.
 Father, I pray for sister, that You will heal her. Thou demon, I adjure thee by Jesus Christ the Son of the living God come out of the woman.
 You don't feel it now, do you? Look at my hand. Now, you may raise your head, audience. It's stopped now, hasn't it? You don't feel it at all. And there my hand turned white. Now, you got a reaction of what I feel in vibrations for the sick people.

E-59 Now, I want you to give a little testimony here. It felt to you more like--like you'd put your hand upon a--a rail that was charged with electricity, kind of a shaking. Is that right? And while I was praying, that's when it begin to lope--jump, and then all at once it went away. Is that right? That's when your air came in. That was one of your women from Arizona here. And then when looked down my hand which was red and had white spots on it had turned white. Is that right? See? Now, that's... I don't know the lady, never seen her in my life before. This your first time here? Been here every Sunday, wait to get your... That right? Well, you should go home now, rejoicing, sister, 'cause you're healed. God bless you.
 Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everyone. That's mighty fine. God be praised and blessed for it. The little lady's from Superior. Where's that at here in Arizona? Up towards Globe, up toward Globe. I seen their add in the paper where you was cooperating. That's mighty fine. You're Brother Faulkner? Thank you, sir.

E-60 Do you believe, sir, if I'll ask God it will leave you? I see you have a few more things, but that's your major thing, isn't it? Uh-huh. I think you got a ruptured nerve there or something that's going on...?... That's right, isn't it? Now, say it's in this ear over here, and your--your kidney. Is that right? All right, you believe with all your heart now it'll stop? See, these... On these... The only way I'd know that, is by some way I could tell it here, 'cause you know. You said at the outlet...
 Our heavenly Father, Thou Who knowest all things, come and be merciful to my brother. He's suffering now. And Father, by Your Spirit, by Your grace, I was able to tell the man what was wrong with him, Father, right to his face. How could he doubt when he's seen. But Thou art here to make him well. And I pray that he'll start right now, Father, and not suffer. May it all go away from him, and ever where he's from, he'll be thankful and tell the men that he works with and so forth, of Your great power, and someone else will hear, and they'll come and be healed; and they'll give their hearts to Thee. Lord, make him a testimony among unbelievers. I rebuke this demon, in Name of Jesus Christ.
 There it stopped, sir. Every vibration left. God bless you, my brother. Be a testimony in your neighborhood now.

E-61 [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] been a deaf since last Sunday a week...?... Now, there's a vibration. I want you to look. Can you see my [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] like in here [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]... this one looks. See, now I put my hand... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]... pressure's on this. See? You can't see the spots, of course, from where you're at. How many can see it, like where the difference in the hand? Let see your hand. Certainly. Now, see on the balcony? Can you see the difference in the two hands? Now, this is the first deaf case. One of his ears are deaf. He's got a kidney disorder, suffering with his kidneys. All right. Just a moment. Everybody be lovely and reverent.

E-62 Eternal God, the Author of Eternal Life and the Giver of every good gift, I've trying now, Father, to find favor with Thee for our brother. He's suffering. I know not him; Ye know him. And I pray, Father, that Ye'll make him a testimony in the community where he is and among the men that he works with. May the--everyone he comes in contact with he'll represent Ye, just like the others did in the days gone by, when You are here in flesh. I pray that You'll grant this to my brother.
 And now, Lord, the last deaf person I prayed for on this altar, I feel that I was out of Your will. But I thank Thee today, Father. I feel that You forgive me and I am in Thy will, and I pray that You'll hear me.
 And Father, I'm not asking You to perform a miracle, but I ask You, Father, before these people, that they might know that that Thy servant has been forgiven of his sin of trying to challenge unbelief to be prayed for, even that in above which the Son of God has said. I pray that You'll open his ear immediately, Lord, that the people might know that Thou art Christ and I be Your forgiven servant.
 Thou demon, I come to meet thee in the Name of Jesus Christ; I adjure thee, come out of the man. Come out of him thou spirit, in the Name of Jesus Christ, thou evil one that has deafened his ear and causing this kidney trouble; leave the man.
 Now, just keep your heads bowed, friends. It's lessening. Hear me? Open your--raise your heads. How long you been deaf in that ear? Ever since he was born he was deaf in this ear. Listen at this now. Put my hand here. Oye? Oye? Oye? That's whispers. Listen here now. He's speaking back in Spanish, the... Oye?

E-63 Now I want to offer a little prayer of thanks to God. Our heavenly Father, that man was born deaf, and now he can hear. Thou has testified by Thy own lips today that Thou has regarded Thy servant and has forgive me, Lord, of my stupidness that I did two weeks ago. And Father dear, let me always walk softly by You. And I pray that You'll let me serve You as long as I live. And then, Father, even if I get tired, I'll try to weary on. And then someday when life is over, may I meet every one that I've prayed for, Father, when we rally at Your throne. O Christ, grant it. How I thank You. With all my heart I thank You, Father. And I pray now that You'll continue to be with me and heal the sick people, for Thou seest that our doctors are just limited to certain power. But Father, Thy power is unlimited, and Thou has raised up a--a horn of--of healing to the people. And we thank You for it. And I pray, God, it'll continue on and on, in the Name of Thy Son Jesus Christ, I ask. Amen.

E-64 Thank you very much for everything. All right. Let--let him run in before. Now, the child is in... Yes, young man. You understand English? You do? I see you're suffering with a tubercular. Now, look at my hands here. See them little spots coming up on my hand? Look at this one here. See the difference? Now, God has certainly regarded you Spanish people. I presume that's what you are, Spanish speaking. There's many of them healed. I'm going down into your home country, down in Mexico, in a few weeks. I trust that you'll be a testimony. You will serve God, will you, young man? You will.
 Our heavenly Father, You Who created this young man, Who brought him here to the earth, and he's just here, a youth, to mean so much to Your Kingdom, Father, among young men today that's gone astray... But he wants to serve You, and Satan has bound him, but now Thou has for him to be healed. [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]... come today just as he--the children of Israel did to the brazen serpent: to look and live. Help him, Father, and may this young man to be a strong fine young... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]... with a testimony that'll just alarm among his people. Grant it, Father. May he start gaining weight from this very day.
 Now, Satan, thou demon of tuberculosis, I come to meet thee in the Name of Jesus Christ. Come out of the boy. I adjure thee to leave him, in the Name of Jesus Christ.

E-65 Now, young man, before I raise my head to look at my hand, my hand has turned white, hasn't it? Where it was red and flashing, I'm pointing to it. Is that right? Turned white... I kept my hand in the same position. Is that right. What's the matter? It's your sign you're going home to be well now. That's right, sir. All right, you may raise head, audience.
 Young Spanish boy standing here the vibration of tubercular on--on my hand, and now, every bit of it has left, every bit of it. Now, you can go and be... Now, you was looking at my hand; you noticed it that that... You're all right. When you go home, you're going to get well and start gaining weight right away. Eat plenty of good wholesome food and get sleep. You're broke down, so just--to build up. Let's praise the Lord, every one.

E-66 Believe it? You speak English? No. You speak English? Ask her if she will believe God will heal her. All right now, bow your heads everywhere, just...
 Our heavenly Father, Thou art here to make the sick to be well again. And here stands this poor little old Spanish mother, crippled up here with rheumatism. Father, I--I cannot talk to her. She does not hear my prayer, doesn't understand it. But I know You do, Father. You understand all languages, speak in all languages. And I pray, dear God, that somehow that You'll let her know in her in heart that I'm interceding with all my heart, Father, that You'll liberate her from this rheumatism today. Grant it, Father. And I feel that You're going to give us such a great meeting down in their country, down in Mexico. Now, may she walk out of the building whole today, Father. If it be Thy Divine will, grant it, dear God, for I beg it for You--of You for her, in the Name of Jesus Christ.
 Thou demon that crippled the woman up with rheumatism, leave her in the Name of Jesus Christ.
 Keep your head bowed. Seemingly the vibration left her hand. I don't know what it's done for her. Now, young lady, you--you talk to her, and you tell her that I said to raise up her--her right foot like this. Now, tell her to walk following me; don't doubt nothing. Tell her to walk right on following me. Now, walk. Now, you can raise your head. Walk right here.

E-67 Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody. She looked around; she just smiled like I knowed what she meant. Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody. My, isn't the Lord Jesus wonderful? Isn't He a wonderful Healer? Now, if you just bow your heads again, real lovely, for a few moments now, and...
 Yes, ma'am. Sissy, how did that... Did you injure it some way; it's turned into an ulcer. Uh-huh. You don't know how it come? That's... It's probably some... You see the vibrations coming? It's an ulcer. How long have you had it, sister? Thirteen years it's been running. Now, do you believe if I'll ask the Lord Jesus...
 Now, there's something there that's a doing that, keeping that corruption all the time coming from it. You see? Is it below your... Is it... Oh, in your ankle... Well now, how old are you? Twenty. Now, little lady, if I'll ask God with all my heart, do you believe that--that thing will just start and dry up, and get well now, and be well? Will you serve Him all your days? You'll love Jesus, and you'll serve Him? Will you do that? You will?

E-68 Now, just bow your head. A little Spanish lady standing here that's got an open sore for years. It's an ulcer, running from her foot.
 O Father, no doubt but what many doctors has took that foot into their hands and...?... They've went to their prescription pad and wrote out different things, Father, just to help this little lady. They've done all they know how to do, Father. She's done all she knows how to do. And now, she's come to me, and I'm doing all I know how to do. And now, Father, I know You know how to do it. You're the only One that can do it. And there's why we're talking to You, Lord, from the very depths of our heart. Father, I believe that the little lady will be a testimony for You; her little life might be given to You, that You could use her to testify and tell her people of how that that sore had been on her for years. Now, Father, I pray that You'll hear me, for the praise of Thy Son, Jesus.
 Thou, demon...?... the lady all these years, I come to meet... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] Name of Jesus Christ, I adjure thee... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]

E-69 Little lady, if you raise your head... Something's happened around my hand here. It's turned a different color, hasn't it? Now, what's happened; that's my sign. That's... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] Now, do you believe that with all your heart? Do you believe you're going to get well? Where you live at, sister? Miami, Arizona. Oh, I believe I have an invitation to come up to your country up there. Now look, if I get to come up there, you going... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]... testify about this and tell the people that... You will? Now, you notice, in a few days... What you been bathing in? Salts, Epson salts or stuff like that? No, nothing so far. Now, you're--you're... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] look that place on there, that ulcer, it's going to start drying up; you'll begin to notice it, around the... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] like anything that's putting something on it to heal it. You see? But it's God has done the healing. See? The life that was in there causing that--that germ, the infection in there, is gone now. See? It'll--it'll start... Now, if you believe it with all your heart... You see, it's your faith that's going to save you. (You see?) if you believe it? Well, God bless you. You'll get well then.

E-70 Doesn't matter... Got quite a few down there? Excuse me? Yes, I seen that.
 Now, mother, of course you understand, the days are very short for you, aren't they? There's not much more can be done. And you want to live. I want to live; we all want to live, mother. Don't cry now. Don't... Now, look. I've got a dear old mother at home today, if she's living. I trust she is. She's praying for me. I've got a wife and two little children praying for me, a church of people praying, and all over the nation. That's why I'm stay in the--way I am, sister. There's thousands and thousands praying for me everywhere. Now, Jesus hears their prayer.
 Now, you've got a cancer. You know it, don't you?...?... Now, if you'll just believe. The others are healed. Not everyone that I pray for is healed. No, many of them die, mother. Many of... But what--it'll determine what it's going to do right away. I'll... You'll either get well or die right away. Now, you want to be well, and I'm going to ask Christ to let you get well. And you believe it with all your heart, your days will be prolonged for many years... You believe that? You believe...?...

E-71 Our heavenly Father, as this poor old mother lays her hand on mine, and her hand all wrinkled up, I'm thinking, Father, of my own poor little wrinkled-handed mother, many miles away. No doubt but what this hand has washed a many a hard day in the tub; might've worked to keep soul and body together, raised the little children. When they would cry, there's no hands in the world could stroke back the tears and bring joy to their little cheeks, like this hand could. But now, Father, it's laying on mine. It needs a touch of another hand, the One that was scarred at Calvary, so freely... O Christ, help us to believe You, just take Your Word. And this big hideous demon of a cancer, blackened spirit; she's helpless, Father. The doctor's powerless. But Thou has power over him. I bring her to Thee, Father. Leading with my own unworthy hands, I lead her to You. Will You heal her, Lord? Now, give Thy servant's voice power, will You, Lord, that'll scare this cancer from her.
 Thou demon, I come to meet you as the anointed gift of God. And I meet you in the Name of Jesus Christ. You come out of the woman. I adjure thee to leave her in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, leave her.
 Now, mother, you've seen what's happened here. Now, go on your road rejoicing; doubt nothing. You'll get well now. Oh, my. Let's just give God praise. She said, "I knew all the time I would when I got to her." Bless her little heart.

E-72 Mercy, here's another cancer case. Say you come from Chicago, lady? I'm going to visit that lovely city one of these days. I'm supposed to be there in this May, the last part of February, there at the stadium. I'm not sure yet. Will you come to the platform and give a testimony at the stadium when I get there, wherever I'm at? You will? All right. Now, not a...?... I want you to testify that God has healed you, if He will do it now, you'll love Him and serve Him all your days?
 Now, just be real reverent. Here's a lady who's come many a hundreds of miles, yes, and the thousands of miles with a cancer. She's from Chicago.
 Now look, sister, you're watching my hand there, I guess so those spots, how they come and go all over my hand. Now watch, sister, when I'm praying. See them white spots going there? Watch...?... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] Felt like it's...?... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]

E-73 She's suffering with cancer. And Thou alone, Lord, can heal her. And she's come all the way from Chicago... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] Dear God, if You'll let... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]...?... And she's promised that she would...?... people. She would come up to the stadium if Thou should send Thy servant there, and will witness to the healing power. And You're the only One Who can take this demon from her body. Therefore, dear God, I come to You, asking with all my heart that You'll do it.
 Satan... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]... this cancer, the very life of it. I come to meet you... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] of the Son of God, Jesus Christ. I adjure thee to leave her. Come out of her in the Name of Jesus Christ the Son of God.
 Cleared on up there, didn't it? See how that was? It means, mother, that you're going to live yet, and will return to Chicago and give testimony for God.
 You may raise your head, audience. Everything left the lady there. God bless you, my sister. What's your name?...?... God bless you.
 Let's praise God. All the way from Chicago down to Phoenix, Arizona. All right.

E-74 Look, sister from Chicago. Now, you may have in a few days, a sick spell. But don't notice that. You see? You're going to get sick and upset to your stomach. Don't notice that. Don't never notice nothing; just have it in your mind now to believe. See, that's the reaction of the... Just, you from Chicago, just a moment, sister. Turn around. Sister Waldrop, would you stand up? There's a lady that died in my prayer line with heart, colon and liver, about eight months ago, or two years. Is that right, Sister Waldrop? I told you'd have a sick spell. You had it, didn't you, sister? So you see...?... there if you will.
 Now, you have two ladies there. One that wasn't prayed for with a cancer of the heart, and here a colon, liver, and here is a lady just now prayed for from Chicago. Isn't it wonderful to see sisters, who talk one to another? One is healed and well, the other one's just been touched by the hands of God. Let's say, "Praise God," for His healing...?... All right.

E-75 Yes, sir. I see you're... You have several things wrong. This burning in your chest, does it seem to be up around--up in this way? Oh, down at the...?... Oh, down in here. Yes. Now, I see a rheumatism... Have you...?... 'Course you have a cough too, don't you, cough quite a bit? Causes you to miss your sleep, everything, just cough and hacking in your throat...?... Now, there's only one way that I know that; that's through God, isn't it? That's the only way I'd know it. Now, you have faith and believe brother... [The brother speaks to Brother Branham--Ed.] Oh, thank you, brother. That's very kind of you, thinking that.
 Dear heavenly Father, as my brother comes now with this... Satan's crippled him and bound him, and he's suffered. O God, he's just in a prison house. And You alone, Lord, can bring him out of this prison. You're the only One Who can make him get well. And he said, "I believe that Jesus--with all my heart. And I believe Jesus sent you here." God, what a testimony that he loves You. I know that You'll hear his prayer. I know You hear mine, Father, and that You're going to let him get well.

E-76 Therefore, Satan, I come to meet thee in the Name of Jesus Christ. As God's anointed servant, I adjure thee, by Jesus that you leave the man and come out of him.
 Yes, sir. God has seen your tears. He has seen your faith. And you're touched by His power now; you can walk on; be well. God--God bless you, my dear brother. Walk right on down the steps. You don't have to worry no more.
 Now, friends, you can raise your head. (Get pretty used to it.) Let's praise the Lord. Then the thing... He said I'm praising. Glad I met you... Glad he met Jesus. We're thankful for that. Now, bow your head, everyone again, just for a few moments now.

E-77 You've been pretty sick, haven't you? All right. Ask her if she'll believe with all of her heart now, she'll get well of the...?... The way you mothers here that... are near to your hemorrhage... Dear Father, I realize that Satan has set a trap. And now, he's caught our sister for her to have one of these brain hemorrhages now and leave the world. And You're the only One Who can dissolve that blood clot. But Father, will You do it? Grant it, Father. Satan has done this, and it's his work. But Thou art here to liberate our sister.
 Satan, I adjure thee by Jesus Christ, the Son of God, leave the woman...?... brother... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]... in my heart. May the Lord God bless her. It stopped too. She's going to be all right.
 Yes. Do you speak English? No. Ask her now, and tell her so she'll have faith to know that I know what it is. Tell her her stomach [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] hurts. Just tell her. "Much," that means "much" and whole lot. See what it is? She's got a gastric ulcer in her stomach. Now--now you tell her that how I could tell that, was by a vibration of her hand, so she'll know in order to have faith. She believes, she said.

E-78 All right. Now, if you'll bow your head. (How much time have we got left? Oh, it's five o'clock. We have five minutes. And then... See, we promised to let the people out...?... Let's see here just a moment.)
 Dear Father, You Who knows our heart, and knows our God, this poor old mortal is standing here. She's suffering with this stomach trouble. And Father, I can't speak to her in her language, to let her know, Father, that this ulcer will have to dry up. It'll take a few days to do it, unless Thou does just go down and move it with Your hand and brush it away. You have the power to do this, Father, even make a new stomach. O Father, I know that's a miracle. But it'll be a miracle also, Father, secondarily, if You'll just let her get well. She wants to be well. The doctor has given her medicine, and she's tried. But seemingly, he can't. Catch the faith, Father, for the poor thing is nervous, that's causing this abdominal, called...?... I pray Thee, Father, to just give me that sign, and I'll tell her. And if she'll believe, she'll be well, won't she, Lord?

E-79 Satan, you come out of her. I adjure thee by Jesus Christ, that you leave her. Brother Joseph, she...
 Now, you explain to her; tell her now that it'll just take her a few days to get well. The vibrations leave her. She's all right. Now, you're going... You're going to be well. It'll take maybe--maybe anywhere from one to fifteen days, or something like that, for you to be well. Tell her, after while she'll just... If she--if she can just forget about it... Tell her, "Just forget about it and go on. She just..." Tell her like...?... Tell her to always serve Jesus. God bless her heart. All right.

E-80 You held your hand on the side...?... I don't see a vibration from it. Now, sir, there's only one thing that can help you then. There's a little lady that comes here not long ago, that her spine... it's... By taking a spine anesthetic, it done something, and her nerves from the waist down... And she taken it for childbirth. You see? And she was paralyzed all the way down, no feelings, couldn't walk or nothing. I prayed for her, and I guess it was somewhat about--about eight or ten days, and she was out on the street, walking, out of her wheelchair.
 Now, if that God can heal that woman...?... Do you believe you'll get well if I'd ask the Lord Jesus to let you to get well? This your wife...?... And you want to be happy together. I know it. I know how you feel about yours, brother. When my wife called me awhile ago... I know how... You want to be happy together, and I want you to be happy together. Will you always serve Christ all your life if you'll just--if He'll let him get well? Now, regardless of whether it happens now... Now, you're to believe it's going to be done anyhow, don't you? Yes, ma'am. All right.

E-81 Now, bow your heads, every one. We're going to pray for brother here who's paralyzed.
 Dear Father, I--I feel those vibrations from the man, but he's paralyzed, dear God. Something has happened, dear God, that his nerves has died in the lower part of his body. You're the only One Who can make life come into those nerves again, take this condition away from him. Will You hear my prayer. Seeing his lovely little wife standing near him, O God, how she must feel looking at him, him looking at her, and to see other young couples down the street. O God, have mercy. Let him recover from this, will You, God. You Who can make the deaf hear and the dumb speak, I pray that this will be the day that life will start back into those limbs again, this paralyze condition will leave him. I pray this blessing for him in the Name of the holy Son of God, Jesus Christ. Amen. [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]

E-82 ...?...that's from his body... You're have... You have an accident or something? Come on this month... Well, God bless your heart. Now, here. I want you to...?... I see how [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] Why, sure you can. Why, praise the Lord. He's walking at it now...?...
 Let's say, "Praise the Lord...?..."...?... Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody. Now, bow your head, everybody now. [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]

E-83 My brother, you're in an awful condition too, I see. Do you believe with all your heart now? Now, regardless... And you know that I have promised God not to ask Him for miracles--faith. I see you have a vibration too. Yes, sir. I feel that. Now, there's no way at all that I'd ever know that, is there? Not a way in the world, only by Almighty God. Is that right? Now, there it is. You've got this ulcer condition. You're nervous. You're very nervous. And you've got a broken back. Now, if I'll ask God... I can tell whether your ulcer stopped or not, but the other depends on our faith. But if I'll ask God, you'll believe anyhow, won't you? You will?
 Dear heavenly Father, my brother's standing here with a broken back, and knows that there's no other way in the world for him to ever be well, only by You. He's suffering with ulcers also. You're the One, Father, the Healer Divine. You're He, Who can do all things. And I believe the man has faith, God. I believe it. And I believe he understands the story, Lord, of the Angel of God, and the visitation and Your gift.
 Therefore, for this demon that's bound him, called ulcer, come out of the man. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I adjure thee to leave him. There goes your ulcer, sir.

E-84 Now, Father, please have mercy for the brother. And may he be seen in this city, or wherever he comes in a few days, walking on his feet with his crutches on his back, walking along, testifying to the people, saying, "Why, I was once with a broken back, and it healed up just in a little bit. And I'm well, because Jesus Christ made me well." Grant it, Lord. And may this man testify of it, I ask in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
 Sir, I really believe with all my heart you're...?... be well now. [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]
 "Now, I believe." He said, "I'll be healed, sir." It'll heal up, won't it, friends? Don't you believe it, everybody? Let's praise God for it now. All right. Bow your heads.
 How much more time we got, Brother? Five o'clock. How many is here now that can't come back, and maybe we could get them to at least pass through the line and be prayed for. Got about twenty or thirty here that say they can't come back.

E-85 And custodian of the auditorium, if you'll just--just--just bear with us just for a few minutes. I'll just have a prayer for these people and pass them through line. And I appreciate it very much for their time.
 Now, could you be reverent just a moment. I want to pray with each one anyhow. The loved ones, you here, you in the line here, that can't come back now for the next service... Well, will you--you go believe God if I'll just ask Him, you're going to get well, aren't you, young lady? You believe it. You believe it too, don't you, sister? You're going to get well, aren't you, if I ask God? Do you believe it? I guess she's... Oh, she's deaf. Oh, well, all right.
 My, Brother Kidson brings me word here that there's a bunch back in the audience there, said if I just pray from the platform, they'd be healed. [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] There's when God can move, isn't it? That's right. Now, all right. Bow your head, and I'll try to pray for just a few more. Give us about ten more minutes, and then we'll--then I'll pray for the entire audience then. That's lovely, friends. Christ will love you for that. Now, just a moment.

E-86 Father, I pray with all my heart that You'll heal this boy and will make him well. In Jesus Christ's Name I ask it, Father. Amen. God bless you, young man.
 Now, is this the young lady that's deaf here? Is she deaf and dumb...?... You're her sister? You're a niece? Was she born that way? She just went deaf and dumb. A paralysis made her deaf and dumb. Now, it can happen that we... Where you from, Phoenix? Oh, I see. Oh...?... there? Yes, ma'am. Well, last week, five from the meeting here went home speaking and hearing at a... Now, if you have faith, she's a... Now, of course, when she begins to talk or speak, it'll be like a little baby. You see? There's no vibrations from her; she's just paralyzed and things, paralyzed her nerves and vocal chords.
 Now, here's a young lady that's deaf and dumb. She's from Michigan. And she speaks... Ma--Mesa. Excuse me, I didn't get it right, from Mesa. She's going to...?... And now, if she's... (She's had what, what? polio?) Polio paralyzed her hearing and... Of course, that's on the same nerve, we know, the speech and hearing. Now, if I'll ask God, the lady's going to believe that--that the girl's going to get all right. Now, He can open her ears now. That, I don't know. I can't say. He can make her speak now. I couldn't say. If He does, it'll be like a baby. She couldn't talk plain. But if the... If I ask... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] All right, make signs with her and ask her if she believes.

E-87 Father, the lovely little girl stands here. Bless her heart. Demon come along and cut off her hearing and her speech. And I don't believe she wants to be healed for any evil thing. But this other person standing by her, Lord, with tears in her eyes (...?... to be near her), wants her to get well, Father, so she can come back out of her school, and maybe go to church and hear the message and sing the praises of God. O God, I'm thinking of those five little children up in Oregon last week--or, Idaho. How that You healed them, brought them out of the school. And the doctors pronounced them well and sent them home to their loved ones. How that that lovely... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]
 O Father, have mercy on her now. I pray that she'll recover from this immediately. And if it be Thy will, Father, when Thy servant sends out this rebuke, may Satan leave her now, and she be able to speak and hear right now. If not, Father, Thou knowest my heart. We believe that she will, for I ask him to leave her in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.

E-88 Now, keep your heads bowed, everybody. Every one, keep your head bowed everywhere. Let the Lord and I watch this. Hear me? (Just keep your heads bowed. Her hearing is coming to her.) Seemingly, she's heard that. I ask if see heard me, not to think she can...
 Every one, just a minute. This life's coming to it. If it's so... If God doesn't do it, it's perfectly all right. He will do it in time. This is healing and not miracles. Amen.
 Hear me? You say, "Amen." [The girl says, "Amen."--Ed.] All right, raise your head, honey. Hear me? Do you hear me? Amen. [Amen.] Let's give God praise, everybody.
 Now, sister, she's going to get an awful headache. The girl that's with her, she's going to have it... Oh, you're going to wait for her. She's going to have a headache, sister. And you tell her that she's... It'll make her head hurt, that she'll be all right. Don't worry nothing about it. God bless you. Says she hears me. Certainly she hears...?... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]...?...

E-89 Sir? Here's a--a minister who brought his niece, and she's deaf. Now, you know about last--last Sunday a week, I don't ask for miracles. Now, bow your head, everybody.
 Heavenly Father, as Thou art always near... And this lovely little lady comes up here to be healed. And I believe, Father, that Thou art here, and You hear the humility of our hearts. And may they bring the sick and the afflicted, the deaf, and the dumb, and the blind. And Thou alone, Lord, can heal. I pray that You'll restore the hearing to this girl's ears. Will You grant it, dear Father. May she begin right now to hear me and get well. Nevertheless, Father, I believe Your promise, that You said, "If you get the people to believe you, nothing shall stand before your prayer." I believe it'll leave her, Father. Whether it does now or not, I know not. That's in Your power, Father, not in mine. And my power comes from You. And I pray that You'll give me power over this deaf spirit to drive it away from her.
 Thou demon of deafness, come out of the woman in the Name of Jesus Christ.
 She hears...?... I believe that. Especially the left one.
 Hear me? Hear me? She's... Yes, that got it. (Just a moment now, she's...) Hear me? (All right. You may raise your heads.) If we just had time to wait here a little bit. She's got...?... Hear me? [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]...?... God bless you...?...
 Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody. All right, bow your head everywhere now.

E-90 Ever who's with her, just tell her... It just starts coming now. (Bow your head, we've got a...) We got to hurry; he told me, it's ten minutes after.
 Yes, ma'am. Now, sister dear, are you a minister's wife? Well, my wife knows how to sympathize with you, dear, since I'm gone, while I'm... You're... What it is, you've...?... of the stomach; you have stomach...?... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]
 Dear Father, and Thou Who knowest the heart of all people, and this is Your servant... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]... a young minister... O God, may their life be fruitful for You, Father, for we feel we haven't got many more days to work, and then [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] and we shall see Jesus. And Father, we... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] "Sirs, we would see Jesus." Oh, how we love Him. And I thank You for the young minister. And I pray, Father, that his life will be very fruitful. And his companion comes up now today before You... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] that You have sent for him, that his wife might be healed. And now, Father, hear the prayer of Your servant. And as they go back to the country, praying, speaking, may they take this testimony that Thou art the Healer also.
 Thou demon, leave this woman in the Name of Jesus Christ.

E-91 God bless you, young lady. Every vibration of it has gone. Now look, your stomach's raw. It's like that there's come a rash on your hand, and you'd put something on it and it--and it started to getting better, not well. After while, you'll even forget you ever had it. You'll be all right now. God bless you. What's your husband's name? Walter Beckman. Now, this is... God bless you, young lady. That's mighty fine. [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]
 ...?... Friend, setting up like this, she's wondering...?... head's hitting the back of a car... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]
 He said, "That's all right. When I get up there to see Brother Branham, when I go back, I'll...?... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] place in my arm." The little boy was instantly delivered, took off the brace, and walked down the floor with it on his back. Is that right...?... ministers? Let's say, "Praise the Lord." O God. God bless you.

E-92 See, God is real...?... Now, let's see. How many more? The brother says he's already... Guess they're going to have to close the doors. And if these people cannot come back, I'm just going to ask a prayer for every one of them. And let there be as many as there can through the line. (You will believe, will you, sister?) It's not that I... You understand how it is. I want to have a prayer with each one of you.
 Let's... First thing I want to say, that we thank God for deliverance for every one this afternoon, don't we? Now, we want to pray for every one in the line, and let them pass through so I can put my hands on them. The Bible says, "They'll lay hands on the sick and they shall recover," didn't It?

E-93 Our heavenly Father, Thou knowest that our time is up. And we know many times in...?... the multitudes, and went aside to rest. But, Father, this is the time that these ministers ought to be with their churches. And O God, may You send souls to be saved because of this afternoon. May their ministers be anointed tonight. May Brother Faulkner and Brother Outlaw, Brother Fuller, all the brothers here, Father, Your ministers in here, may they be so anointed tonight, that the power of God will be in their midst, and they'll speak like never before. May sinners weep their way to Calvary, and there be filled with the Spirit of God. O Father, may many, even tonight, be saved then.
 And these who are coming through the line now, Thou knowest. And may Your Spirit be so strong that when they pass by, and I take ahold of their hand, may the blessing of God rest upon each of them. May they leave this building this afternoon rejoicing and thanking You for their healing; for we realize that faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things you don't see, taste, feel, smell, or hear. God grant it. May they all be well. And we offer Thee thanks and praise for all that You have done, and all that You're going to do yet, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

E-94 Now, let's stand, everyone of us just for a moment. Now, while I'm passing these through, I want you all to sing that song with me. And brother, one of the song leaders, will you come here, song leader? Ever who's the song leader for this--this...?... here... Come here, Brother Hershel. I want you to sing, "Only Believe."
 I want you ministers to walk right out there where the prayer line is, and be praying for them as they come through the line. Will you do it now to everybody just stand just a few moments. We're going to pass about fifteen or twenty through here, just to shake their hand when they pass through. Singing softly, everybody... [Audience sings, "Only Believe"--Ed.]
[Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] Lay your hand up, sister. Oh, how she's serving...?... down in this in her left side. Look at her. Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody. [Audience sings, "Only Believe"--Ed.]

E-95 And if You were here in this city, we would all rush over to You, Father, if You here in this place. But You ascended on high and give gifts to men, according to the Bible. And they must all across the country here to bring the child. Father, have mercy on it. Give Thy servant Your sign before the people that the child shall be well.
 Satan, I come to meet thee in the Name of the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Come out of the girl. I adjure thee, leave her in Jesus Christ's Name.
 There, it stopped 'fore I raised my head. All right, mother, looky here. (Now, audience, here, I want you to look at my hand now at the same thing.)
 Now, little girlie, you're going to be well now, sweetheart. Now, mother...?... You take a string from the...?... your room, and put it around her little waist, like this, like that. Are you going to be here for a while, or you going back? Now, you take that string and put it around her, like this, then you'll know whether I told you true or not. You cut that string off, right even. And then by tomorrow night, or the next night, one, you take that same string and put it around the little girl like this, and cut off how much it's shrunk. And do that for at least two to three nights, then you'll know that I told you that's what is true. God bless you, sister.

E-96 Now, you believe, sister. [The sister talks to Brother Branham--Ed.] Yes. God bless you, sister. You're in a worthy cause, the Salvation Army. I certainly appreciate it. God bless you, sister.
 Father, here a Salvation Army woman stands here this afternoon. Oh, I pray that You'll heal her and make her strong. She's nervous and breaking down. After while Satan will have her setting in a...?... cell, if he had his way. But Your way is different. Your way is the way of health. May she walk in that path from now on, in the path of health.
 I rebuke you, spirit of nervousness, leave her in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
 God bless you, my sister. Go on your road rejoicing, testifying.

E-97 Dear Father, I pray that You will heal my brother. He comes all the way from Minnesota to be prayed for. And Thou art here to make him well. I pray that You'll grant it, Father.
 Satan, you have bound my brother with this asthmatic condition. Leave him in the Name of Jesus Christ.
 God bless you, my brother. I trust you return back rejoicing now. The vibration leaves my hand. And go and you'll be a well man. God bless you. All right...?...
 Father, I pray that You'll heal my sister in the Name of Thy Son Jesus Christ. Amen. God bless you, my dear sister.
 God, I pray... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] this brother of this lung trouble in the Name of Jesus Christ the Son of God. God bless you.
 It's just nervousness... Go believe... God, I pray that You will heal this dear man, Father. I pray that You'll restore to him the sight of his eyes this day. Hear my prayer. In Jesus Christ's Name, I ask it. Amen. God bless you, my dear brother.
 Oh, dear Jesus, I pray that You'll bless this dear woman who comes from New Mexico, that she could be made well. Father, may she return rejoicing, excitingly thrilled, and be well; for I rebuke this blind spirit. In the Name of Jesus Christ, leave the woman.