Jésus-Christ est le même hier, aujourd'hui, et éternellement

Date: 53-0215 | La durée est de: 48 minutes | La traduction: Shp
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E-1 Thank you, Brother Baxter. Good evening, friends. I'm very happy to be here tonight to minister in the Name of our Lord Jesus. We are a little sorry to be late on our first night. The old English proverb that a--a bad start makes a good ending, we hope that'll be so in this case.
 And now, I have come here to pray for the sick, the needy of this city, and its surroundings. I come to do this in the Name of our Lord Jesus. I do not come to do it within my own strength, or my own name, or my own talent, for I have none. I only come in His Name as His servant to minister to the people. And I trust that our stay with you here, will be a blessing to you and will be a blessing to us. And I will be praying for you while you pray for me, that we'll be together God's workers in His vineyard.
 This is my first time to be in this part of the country, and in this part of Florida. I've always had a desire to come to Tallahassee.

E-2 Today on the street, while the manager and I and my wife were having just a little lunch, and we come out, and they... A little girl met me, and she was waving at me through the window. She said, "Don't you know me, Brother Branham?"
 Said, "I don't believe I do, honey." That pair of pretty little blue eyes looking at me, 'bout six, seven years old... And when she revealed who she was, it was a little girl from your surrounding city here somewhere. And she had had her eye with a accident and cut the sight out of it. And the doctor told her there was no hopes at all, there could ever be any hopes for her ever to see out of that eye again expected. Friends, the faithful father said, "Oh, yes, there is." And he wrapped her in a blanket and rushed to Jeffersonville. I was just leaving my church that evening, and he came in late, probably this time of the night, drove all the way through without making any stops, only to get gasoline. And he... I was in the yard and prayed for it, the little girl. And today she couldn't tell me just exactly which eye it was. It was just so perfect, both of them, that the Lord had healed.

E-3 She gave me a little present. It was a little envelope. In talking to the child, I never thought much about it. I stuck it in my pocket. When I got home, it was a Valentine. I thought, "How sweet." A little girl, and loveliest little verse, and I... If she's in the audience tonight, I certainly thank you, sweetheart, and that means a whole lot to me to know. And it's about something about friends. And I'm so happy to know that Jesus gave her her sight after the optical nerve had been severed free. But it has grown back together, and God the great Healer, made her well. I believe He rewarded that father of his faith and the little child of its faith. And I trust that when the services is over, there'll be many testimonies like that to glorify our Lord Jesus.

E-4 Now, Christian friend, newspapers, and articles, and magazines and so forth, has oft referred to me many times as a Divine healer. Well, that--that's wrong. I'm not a Divine healer. I'm your brother, coworker with these ministers here in the Kingdom of God; I only pray for the sick. I do not heal anyone.
 And there's no one else to my humble way of seeing the Scriptures, that could heal you. Your healing is already purchased at Calvary when Jesus died, just as your salvation was. And see, you wasn't saved last year or ten years ago, you were saved nineteen hundred years ago, and you accepted it last year or ten years ago. See? And you were healed nineteen hundred years ago. And the only thing that any of us can do, is to point you to what Jesus has done for you. See?

E-5 A minister, your pastor, could read it here in the Scripture. If you'd believe it, that's all it takes. Main thing is, your personal faith is His merits of salvation for your soul or healing for your body. The prophet said, "He was wounded for our transgression; with His stripes we were healed."
 And now, "Faith cometh by hearing, hearing of the Word of God." First you have to hear. And where it comes from, the resource it comes from, then you base your faith upon that, and that--according to your faith, then it's done for you.
 And now, that has been the order of the church for many, many years. Nineteen hundred years, this blessful thing has been taught in all Christian churches: praying for the sick. The early apostolic church prayed for the sick. All down through the age and to the dark age, they prayed for the sick. In the reformation, Luther, they prayed for the sick. In the days of Wesley, they prayed for the sick. Calvin, Knox, Moody, Sankey, all along, we've prayed for the sick.

E-6 It is to my humble belief, that we're living near the end time. Or may I make it a little more personal than that, saying: we're living in the end time. And if... I believe it's time for restoration of the church that was promised that God would send in the last day. And I believe that this is the day that when the Word has been preached so much, and the day's getting so dark and so evil, till according to God's Word, He was to restore all that the caterpillar had eaten, the palmerworm had eaten, will be restored back again. And this is the day of the restoration of the spiritual gifts given into the church.
 Now, along in that, we're bound to find false things. Satan is--is a shrewd person, and he works day and night in the children of disobedience. He can impersonate, but a true Spirit of God will always give honor and praise to the Lord Jesus Christ.
 And now, in this, ye are... I've been commissioned to pray for the sick. You've seen in magazines, and articles, around the world. Through there has started a revival on Divine healing, all around everywhere. We're thankful for that. And I pray that it'll just continue, and God be blessed until Jesus comes.

E-7 Now, I want to read the Scripture out of the Bible. I think no service is complete without reading His Word. My words is a man's word; they'll fail. But God's Word will never fail. So then in Saint John the 4th--the 4th chapter, we begin with the 14th verse. Let's read what the Person of Jesus was here. He's speaking now. He has an audience with a woman, a sinful woman, at the well. And they're talking about a discourse of water.
But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give unto him shall never thirst; but the waters that I... give unto him shall be in him... wells of water springing up into everlasting life.
The woman said unto Him, Sir, give me this water that I thirst not neither come hither to draw.
Jesus said unto her, Go, call thy husband, and come hither.
The woman answered and said unto him, I have no husband. Jesus said unto her, Thou has well said I have no husband:
For thou who--For thou has had five husbands; and he whom thou hast now is not thy husband;... thou saidst well.
The woman said unto him, Sir, I perceive that thou art a prophet.
 In Hebrew 13:8, it's written,
Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, to day, and forever.

E-8 Jesus said, "A little while and the world seeth Me no more. But ye shall see Me." And "ye" is His church, you. The unbeliever never sees Him. It's the believer that sees Him. "A little while and the world seeth Me no more. Yet ye shall see Me, for I'll be with you, even in you to end of the world." Is that right? Then He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. And if we see what He done yesterday, today He will do the same, and will be forever. Is that right?
 Now, He knew... He did not claim to be a healer. Do you know that? Jesus never claimed to heal anyone. He said, "It's not Me. It's My Father that dwelleth in Me, He doeth the work." See, He didn't claim to be a Divine healer.

E-9 And in Saint John 5:19, when He passed by a pool of Bethesda, and there laid a great multitude of crippled, impotent folks, and He went through that crowd of people, and healed a man over there which was laying on a pallet, that we would call it today a little pallet laying on the floor, maybe something like the lady is laying there on the lady's lap. He--He--He healed them--or healed him.
 Now, the strange thing was, that He passed those people who were lame, halt, blind, and withered, and went right over to where this man was on the pallet, and healed him, and then went on. And look at the question. When He said He knew, Jesus knew he was laying there and knew that he had been a long time in this state, 'cause he'd had this disease, maybe kidney trouble, or diabetes, TB. It was a retired disease because he'd had it for thirty-eight years. And anything that's seriously, cancer or something, would a killed him right away. So that it was--it was something that was--been lingered for years. And when He went over and healed him, why, He went away and left all that multitude of people that was lame, and blind, and halt, and withered.

E-10 Could you imagine today something like that? Just as He did then, they'd say, "Why didn't He heal that one? Let Him heal this one, we'll believe it." See? "Come off the cross; we believe you." Put a rag around His face and hit Him on the head, said, "Now, if you're a prophet, tell us who hit you; we'll believe you." But He never opened His mouth. He didn't clown for the people; He done the will of God. That's what we're doing.
 Then He was questioned, the 19th verse and the 20th verse, 19th and 20th of the 5th chapter. Read the whole chapter when you go home. He said, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, the Son can do nothing in Himself but what He sees the Father doing, for what things soever the Father does, He shows the Son. And He will show you greater than the healing of this diabetic (ever what he was), that ye may marvel." Is that right? Huh? He said, "He did nothing in Hisself, but what the Father shows Me. The Father worketh and I worketh hitherto." See? In other words, He never taken no glory for Himself. He said, "I only do what the Father shows Me to do. He shows Me what to do and I do nothing at all until first He shows Me. But what He shows me, that I do."

E-11 Now, if He's the same yesterday, today, and forever, His manifestation is the same. Shall we pray. Our heavenly Father, we have gathered here tonight in the Name of Thy beloved Son, Jesus, for no other purpose but to glorify Thee. Now, I ask that Your mercy be extended to all of us. We thank Thee for Him Who was so lovely to come to the earth and to remember we poor alienated Gentiles: cutoff, without hope, without mercy in the world, dead in sin and trespasses, without God, without Christ, going to a sinner's grave, a devil's hell. And Christ came and took our place, taken upon Him the form of a man and was wounded for our transgressions and bruised for our iniquity. The chastisement of His peace was up--of our peace was upon Him, and with His stripes we were healed.
 He commissioned the people to go into all the world and to preach this Gospel of freedom, deliverance. The Gentiles who set in darkness, a great light spring. How we thank Thee, that the Gospel is still moving on. And we know that His declaration of Words is sent into all the world. And He said as soon as it was preached to all the world, then the end would be. And it's still being preached, showing that it has not gone to the end of the world yet. We thank Thee for the privilege of representing that lovely One.

E-12 O God, I pray tonight, especially in the beginning of this meeting. Bless those men who let us have this school auditorium tonight, 'cause the tent was tore up. Bless this school, Lord. May it prosper. We thank Thee for men who has a open heart towards the Gospel. Thank Thee for the ministers who are closing up their churches tonight and send their audience out. For all these things, Father, we're thankful. Now, reward them. Grant it, Lord.
 And now, tonight as I stand here speaking, saying that You're the same lovely Jesus, working in Your church today, and may this church tonight, receive as it was, the disciples who came from Emmaus. There was something that You done there at Emmaus, just broke that bread, and after walking with them all day, they didn't recognize You. But right at the end of the day, You broke some bread, and the way You done it they recognized it was You.

E-13 Now, Lord, may there's a many sick Christians setting here tonight, but we pray that You'll do something tonight for us here, just like You did when You walked on earth in a body of flesh, Emmanuel. May You do something in that manner tonight, Lord, that'll cause the people to recognize that You're here. Now, Father, I submit myself unto You. And I commit the church, commit them to You, that You'll circumcise my lips, my heart for Your service. And circumcise the ears and eyes of the people that they might be able to have the scales dropped away, that they might see and hear. And when we all leave tonight to go to our separate homes, may we say as they did coming from Emmaus, "Did not our hearts burn within us because He walked with us tonight, talked to us." He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. For we ask it in His Name and for His glory. Amen.

E-14 You attend? Well, bless his heart. It's our customs in the meeting, to try to do everything that we can for the needy. And I trust that God will bless you all tonight in these feeble efforts that we put forth, as we're going to try to pray for the sick and the needy.
 Now, we'll bring the people to the platform just as we can line them up and bring them one by one. As I've told you before, I will not be able to heal anyone, because I have nothing to heal with. But maybe your faith will raise up into a place that where you can accept what Jesus has done for you already. See? Now, every healing that will take place, and no doubt that much of it will, but every healing that'll take place during this meeting, if God permits, has already been done in the sight of God. The only thing He could do, is just do something to cause you, say something, or something the Holy Spirit might to do cause you to look up and accept what Jesus has done for you. The Lord bless you.

E-15 Now Billy, what was the... H? We give out prayer cards, every day afresh. Brother Baxter's probably went through that and explained it all to you. Be sure to attend the afternoon service for instruction. Receive your prayer card. You cannot have a prayer card, exchange it, and give it over to somebody who hasn't been at the meeting, and be legal. See? They won't let you get... You have to come hear the instructions, hear the Gospel, and then believe on the Lord Jesus to come into the line. See?
 So now, let's begin our prayer line, and line up down this way and bring them to this part here. Let about the first 15, from 1-15 line up first. That'll be just about, actually, I imagine, as we can stand. That's H, is it, son? H-1 to 15. Who has prayer card H-1? Look, it's got your name and address on one side. And the other side's got a--a number and a letter: H-1.

E-16 Now, turn your prayer cards over. And look at somebody near (You see?), they may be deaf and can't hear, and they won't know what number or where we're calling. H-1 to 15, let that number stand first, and then a little later maybe we can get some more. All right, just we can now. Who has prayer card H-1,2,3,4,5,6,7? Just line up in your numbers down there. And the ushers and my son will take care, you, lining you up. And now, if they're not all there, then if you can't count fifteen, Brother Baxter, then let me know. There may be somebody deaf, or--or something, or in their chair, or something, cannot be moved. If they're not, when your number's called, you just raise your hand and someone will help them as we get in it.

E-17 All right. Now, "Only Believe," if you will, little lady, if you will. Let's all reverent now... Now be real reverent and let's think of this wonderful old song, "Only Believe," now, will you, while we sing slowly now. All right.
Only believe...
 Now, while they're singing, let's have a mental vision of Jesus coming down off the mountain one morning. Here comes a man with a boy with epilepsy and very serious. The disciples could do nothing about it. He comes to Jesus, said, "Help, Lord."
 He said, "I can if ye believe."
 Find out what lady's prayer card number is there. What's her number? 14, all right, just leave her set right along this way, brother, and then I can--I can get her right. Just let her set this away. That's right. So I can look at her. All right.

E-18 Now, I will ask you this, brother, sister. I do not keep you for long, 'cause this is visions, and I--I--it don't take many visions to just wear you down. I'm talking to you now so I won't to later on.
 How many remembers the prophet Daniel who saw one vision, was troubled in his head for many days? You remember that? See? Now, when the Holy Spirit is dealing with people here on the platform, then you--you take it for yourself. Now, be perfectly reverent. Don't move around, just be reverent.
 Now, Billy, I want to move this, if that's all right? Sometimes when vision's going on I can't tell how loud I'm talking, and you'll watch me, Brother Baxter. And that's the reason I set the mike out.

E-19 Now, everyone believing with all your heart now, so that we can pray now? Now, there's a man standing here before me. 'Course I've never seen the man. I guess this is our first time meeting, is it, sir? And what's your name? That's fine. I'm in your presence, sir; I'm glad to meet you. I'm going get that. I'm afraid that won't work, get over here and gets some transposition. All right.
 Now, we being strangers, never seen each other in life, well then, you've come here, no doubt, for help. If you--if you have, I trust that God give it to you. Now, if there was anything was in me, my brother, that could help you, I would be glad to say, "All right, I'll do it." Something about the doctor, and medicine, or--or knowed what was wrong with you, well, 'course I'd--I'd be glad to do it. I love people, but there's nothing that's in me can help. See? Only I represent Someone that Who has all the help that you could ever, ever get any help, it would have to come from Him. And I just stand as His representative.

E-20 You heard Mr. Baxter, I guess, tonight, tell about an Angel visiting me sometime ago and speaking with me about these things. Well, that's--that's the truth, sir. And He told me that I was to pray for sick people. That was my mission in life was to pray for the sick. Now, I questioned it and said, "I'm--I'm uneducated, so the people..." But since a little child, I was called for that work. You believe that?
 Now, if our Lord Jesus, when He talked to the woman at the well, He just didn't talk her a little while. And then after He talked to her, He said, "Go, get Me a drink"
 And she said, "I..." talked about the well. Now, what He--He was trying to contact her spirit. Now, you're the first patient here at the platform tonight, so that's what I have to be to contact your spirit. You see? See, we're both men standing here, got to one day meet God. See? But you're--you're also a supernatural being; you're--inside of you is a spirit that'll live somewhere forever, why, here too. Well, if you've got a disease, Satan's did that. And He sent me to pray so these two spirits will come together. And then if His Spirit can... It'll depend on which one you give in to (You see?) of these two... If you believe what you're told, it'll be right, you will get well. If you do not believe it, 'course there's nothing it can do. See? This is just for a vindication.

E-21 But me being stranger to you and talking to you, and then if the Holy Spirit would reveal to me just like He did to that--to Jesus there, as He looked at the woman, exactly where her trouble was, she was living with--illegally. See? Why, He told her where her trouble was and it was cleared up, it was all right. Now, if He's the same Jesus, yesterday, today, and forever, He will know right where your trouble is. He could reveal it to me. Do you believe that? Well, I'm happy to think that you know that. Your trouble is--is asthmatic. Is that right? Being as I heard you cough just now (See?), that isn't the reason I know it was asthmatic. Of a morning, you're really, really in bad condition. And now, throw that aside. I want to talk to you again, after I found your trouble. You're nervous, which that's caused from a prostate condition. Isn't that right? Getting up and so forth at nighttime. Is that right? And you--you have a habit: smoking cigarettes. That's right?
 And say, by the way, you're not a Christian in the beginning and filled with God's Spirit. You need that; you need Jesus Christ as your Saviour. Is that right? Those things true? If they are, will you raise your hand. Me not knowing you... I don't know you yet, but what you hear me talking, that wasn't me, sir. That was the Angel of the Lord, and there It is. Is that the truth? Well then, if that is the truth, come here. Are you ready to accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour now...?... Ask Him right now to forgive you of every sin you got and let you live the rest of your life as a Christian. You do that?

E-22 Bow your head. Almighty God, Author of Life, Giver of every good gift, be merciful to this poor sinner man, Lord. He stands here lost, alienated from God, cutoff. Here he stands tonight in Your Presence, Lord, realizing that something's going on, knowing that the very God of heaven Who'll carry his soul out of this world some of these days, he will have to stand in His Presence. And tonight, Lord, he accepts Your Son, Jesus Christ, as his personal Saviour. Sick, miserable, wretched, lost, what a condition. God, be merciful now. Forgive him of every sin and may this be a night that he will never forget, standing here at the platform before these people and confessing You as his Saviour. And I pray that You'll drive this sickness from his body. And may he live a good long life serving You well. I grant it, in Jesus Christ's Name, I ask it. Amen.
 You accept Him now as your Saviour. You are a Christian now. Now, go and sin no more. God will heal you. God bless you.

E-23 Let's say, "Thanks be to God." Come, lady. How do you do, little lady? You have your prayer card? Oh. You have this prayer card, then I thought maybe you give it to the ushers. Do you--do you believe? With all your heart. And you... What do you think if our Lord Jesus was standing here with this suit on? He wouldn't be able to do no more for you than maybe to reveal your life, 'cause He couldn't heal you. He's already done it. See? He'd just have to do something to get you to accept what He'd already done. Is that true? Only thing He could do, for He can't heal you twice. He only heal you once. And His stripes healed you years ago when He died.
 You're aware that something's going on. You're wondering what it is. Now, that won't hurt you. That's the Angel of the Lord. Are you well known here? Do you believe that... You're realize that something's going on, don't you? It's--it's the Angel of the Lord, His Presence. Yes. You're suffering. You just been examined; you have a tumor on...?... You're also worried about someone. It's a little girl, a little child. Is that right? Is that right, if it is, raise up your hand. All right. If I'll, by the Holy Spirit will tell you what's wrong with that child, will you believe that God will heal her. Has kidney trouble. Is that right? Now, do you believe that God, the Father has sent His Son Christ Jesus, and He sent me as His prophet? If I shall ask God, will you be healed? Will your baby get well? Come here.

E-24 Shall we bow our heads. Lord God, as this poor little trembling mother here, realizing that Satan has started now to leave that baby without a mother. O Almighty God, be merciful to this girl. I pray that You'll heal her, and may her little baby, Lord, may it get well, Lord. I send her to her child. God, grant that both mother and child will be made well for Your glory. I ask this blessing in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Amen. God bless you, lady.
 Now, look. When you go to your child, lay your hand on your child, say, "Lord, I thank You for healing me and my baby," and go believing. As you have believed, that's the way it'll be to you. God bless you.

E-25 Have faith in God. Don't doubt. Believe. How do you do, sister? Do you believe with all your heart? If our Lord Jesus was here in Person (He is.), but if you could see Him as you see me, He said, "A little while and the world seeth Me no more, yet you'll see Me. I'll be with you, even in you to the end of the world." Do you believe that? Do you believe that I am His representative? If you believe that, then that tumor will leave. You believe it? You have tumor, gland, female trouble, womb. Is that true?
 Now, come here. Heavenly Father, I pray for our sister tonight, that Your mercies will be to her, Your glory will be upon her, and Your healing strength through her faith, will cause this hideous demon called tumor to leave her. Lord God, as Your servant, I ask for mercy for this believer. Satan, in the Name of Jesus, the Son of God, leave the woman. Come out from her.
 God bless you, sister. Now, have faith, go believing now. And if you believe with all your heart it'll go from you. God bless you.

E-26 How do you do, miss? You live in this city? You're out of town. I'm just asking these questions to contact to you. You see, that's just this...?... And we are strangers. I don't know you. But there's Someone here Who does know you. He knowed you when you were born. He knowed you before you were born. Every mouthful of food you ever taken, or water, He gave it to you. He gave me mine. He knows you. Recognizing you to be a Christian, and in a serious condition. You must have help from God or you'll be a corpse very shortly. Your soul will go to meet Him, which that part you have prepared for as a Christian believer. But you're suffering with cancer. And that cancer is all through your body. It's in your side; it's in the colon. Is that right? You believe that it'll--that God will heal you?

E-27 Now, now, just a moment, sister. Let me correct something in there. Now, He can, He has. "And I now accept it." Look, just a moment. See? Your faith's got to move out of that. You see? See, see? That's it. See? I'm--I'm trying to help you, sister, knowing that you're--you must die (See?) and leave this world right away, if--if there isn't something done. Now, it's already done. I'm trying to move your faith up (See, see?), trying to let you come up into a state where you can be healed, 'cause you realize your condition. You must have help. See?
 And when you put, "He can"... Just like if you'd come to me and say, "Brother Branham, I--I know you could loan me five dollars. I'm in a great need. I'm starving and have no supper, and you could give me five dollars... You're worth it, you--you could give me five dollars if you'd just do it." That wouldn't make me feel good. It's not His ability in question. We do not question His ability. It's just what He has done and His willingness to help you. And look what He's done. He sent the preaching the Gospel, He sent His Spirit. And it... Isn't that right? That's right.

E-28 Here for instance, that your life hasn't been a flower bed of ease anyhow. It's been a lot of sorrow, lot of trouble. You was praying the other day about this very same thing. Said, if it come, you got a place to get to come in here, that you believed God would heal you. Is that true? That--that's your prayer, is that right? All right now. Lord Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on this dying woman, Father. And as Your representative, standing here in Your Presence, I ask for her healing. Now, You said, "They shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover." Lord, doctors has done all they know how to do, but he's hiding from the doctors. But he can't hide from You. You are God. You've exposed him right here at the platform. And in the Name of Jesus Christ, Satan, leave the woman, come out of her. May she be well and serve God, in Jesus' Name. Amen. God bless you, sister. Go, happy, rejoicing now. Be thanking God. All right.

E-29 How do you do? You believe? All your heart? Oh, my. You must believe. There's a dark shadow comes near you, means death, cancer. Is that right? Haven't much longer to stay unless God will help you. Is your faith up there now? You believe right now? Now, look. Just that what you feel right now, if you'll accept that to be God's Spirit, you shall have what you've ask for. Will you do it?
 Lord Jesus, confirm Your Word as I lay hands on this woman and ask for her healing in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Amen. Cursed be the cancer that binds this woman's body. And as God's church and His believing children and representing the Lord Jesus. Satan, you know all about this. Testifying of a Divine gift, ministered by an Angel in a few moments after birth, I say, in the Name of Jesus Christ, leave the woman. Amen. God bless you. Now, go rejoicing; go, happy. Be happy.

E-30 How do you do, sister, you or the baby? Uh-huh. Why, it's a sweet little thing. My, looks like it's quite young to have something. Now, I want... 'Course the baby can't talk. I want you to look at me. I want to talk to you just a moment. What do you think about Jesus Christ? Yes, the only One that you could say that. Do you believe that these things that are now being taken place in the world today through the great hour of darkness... Do you believe it's His a vindication of His Being here on earth, that He is--He--His Spirit is with us? See? He takes His man, but never His Spirit. See? He taken Elijah. Elisha took his place. And eight hundred years later, John the Baptist come right out of the wilderness with the Spirit of Elijah on him. See? See what I mean? Satan, he takes his man, but never his spirit; it comes right down into the religious persecutors and so forth. And is that true?
 Your baby has asthma. Is that right? Is that true? If I shall lay hands on the baby as God's servant while all these Christians are praying, and if I'm telling the truth, God's testifying of the truth. I've seen the baby; it has an awful condition. You believe the baby will get well? All right. I seen you holding your baby when he's having those choking spells.

E-31 Almighty God, they brought to You infants, that You might put Your hands upon them and bless them. Mothers brought their children. If You were here in Tallahassee in a body of flesh tonight, walking around as You was in days gone by, I believe the mother's faith would bring the baby right to You. And You'd lay Your wonderful, holy hands upon the child. It would get well. You'd stand as You have, tell the mother what the condition of the baby was, and searching down through her life, seeing that she was a believer, her sins confessed and under the Blood. Then I pray Thee, God, to be merciful to her child.
 And realizing that my hands are just poor representative of Yours, but I pray Thee, God, to be merciful. And as I lay hands upon the baby, according to the last Words that You said when You left the earth, "These signs shall follow them that believe. If they lay hands of the sick," He said, "they shall recover." Now, in obedience to that commandment, to this innocent baby who cannot have faith, I lay hands upon her. And, Satan, to this condition, asthmatic, causing this poor little thing to cough and hold its breath and choke, Satan, a horriblist demon, someday in a endless hell, you'll be punished for the evil you do. Now, hear me now, as I represent our Lord, and His death at Calvary, that you leave this baby. Come out now so the baby can live and be well. I adjure thee in Jesus the Son of God Whose Blood was shed at Calvary's tree, and spoiled all powers and holds that you ever had. You have no legal right to hold this baby any longer. Come out, in Jesus Christ's Name.
 Now, mother, take your baby. Don't worry, only believe...?...

E-32 Are you believing out there? Don't move too much. See? It interrupts when a vision's going on here, and you do something out there, move a little (See?), well then that's interrupts here. You see? It makes it--it makes it hard here. See, His Spirit is moving, and I want you to rejoice. I want you to be glad, happy. But first, I want you to--to receive God, believe Him. And then after you're healed, then be happy. See what I mean?
 Do you believe that, lady, that's laying on that pillow? Do you believe me to be His servant, His prophet. You don't have to have any card, gets in the line. The only thing you have to do, is just believe. Now, I couldn't heal you, but you couldn't hide your life from me. See? If God will reveal to me here, what your trouble is, will you accept your healing? Will you obey me as His prophet? You would? You will? Honest, I don't know you; I've never seen you; but you're suffering with rheumatic fever. Is that right? If it is, raise your hand. All right. Now do you believe? Then go home and be well in the Name of the Lord Jesus...?...

E-33 Do you believe? You'd like to get over that kidney trouble, sir, setting there? If you would, you can have it. You can get over it if you'll just believe it. Have faith in God. That's right.
 You want to get over your heart trouble, sir? Want to go home and be well? You believe that you will get over it now? Had that for quite awhile, is that right? If that's right, raise your hand. All right. Do you believe that you're healed now by the stripes of Jesus Christ? Go, and the peace of God be upon you now.
 Do you believe everywhere around? Do you believe out in the audience there. All of you believe all over the audience at one accord? Our heavenly Father, could just keep moving through the audience. But if everyone of you wants to be well right now, you can be well. Do you believe that's the truth? How many believes it's truth, raise your hand? Well, why not all of you be made well, all of you at one time?
 Will you do this for me? Do you believe me now? Do you believe that the Angel of the Lord sent me to pray for you? All right. How many sick people's in here, raise your hand, all over the building raise your hand. Now, everyone look at your neighbor setting next to you that's sick, that's got his hands up. Now, lay your hands on one another. Lay your hands over on one another. That's right. Now, that's right. All right. Yeah, lay your hands on the lady with the arthritis.

E-34 Lay your hands on the baby. Some Christian believer, come, lay your hands on the young man setting there that's crippled, will you? All right. Now, let's everyone bow our heads reverently, real reverent. I want you to think this in your mind now, real reverent. I want you to repeat this prayer. You pray it. I'll repeat it; you pray it; I'll just transfer the words that it takes to defeat Satan, right to your lips. And then you believe your confession. Now, you that's sick repeat this with me.
 Almighty God, Creator of heavens and earth, Author of Everlasting Life, Giver of all good gifts, I, Your servant confess my sins. And I believe that through the merits of Thy Son Jesus, I am forgiven of my sins. I am sick in body. I need Your help. Give me faith just now to believe Your Word and to believe these things which I have seen tonight that reproduces Your life again: as it was yesterday, and so is it today. And now, Lord, upon this confession I accept my healing, and I believe from this night, henceforth, I shall be well. I commit myself to You in the Name of Jesus Christ.

E-35 Now, let everyone set real quiet. Keep your heads bowed. Keep in prayer. Now, the Holy Spirit is near you. The Angel of the Lord Who knows all things, is over the audience at this time. He's like a--a cloud that hangs over you. It's beginning to believe. "Now, Lord, I receive my healing. I believe that You're healing me now because that You promised it. Upon Your promise, I believe it."
 Now, I'm going to ask God to give me strength to make that doubting evil spirit that would make you doubt or be confused, and take that superstition away from you, that you might see the God of glory; I'm going to ask it to leave you, right now. And as it--as it leaves you, you accept your healing. See? You've accepted it now; believe it. And I'm going to pray now. This is my part. You made your confession; it's on your lips. He's got to make good what you've confessed now. See, you've accepted Him. It's like you're Saviour, you accept Him as your Healer; now believe it. I want to pray and break that spirit of doubt over the building, so from night henceforth, we can have a real old fashion meeting.

E-36 Heavenly Father, I come to Thee for these dear people that's now suffering all over this building. And as it was from the road of Emmaus, we seen when You walked here on earth, You knowed where there was a fish that had a coin in his mouth. You sent the apostle to get the coin from the fish's mouth. You knowed where there was two mules tied that never a man had sit on. O God, You knew where the woman was that had the five husbands. And when Philip came and found Nathanael, You told him that You knew where he was before he came to the meeting. He was under a fig tree. And You said that what You did then, we should do also. And we believe You, and Lord, it is that day.
 And Thou has now brought back the blessings of the former church into the latter church in a marvelous and blessed way. And we thank Thee, dear God, for these wonderful things. And as your children are setting here tonight with their hands on each other, knowing that beyond one shadow of doubt that the Holy...