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E-1 Only believe,
All things are possible, only believe.
Only believe, only believe,
All things are possible, only believe.
Now, remain standing just a moment for prayer. Father, we thank Thee tonight from the depths of our heart for this wonderful gathering together in Christ Jesus here in Chicago. We pray that You'll bless our efforts that we put forth to try to represent Thee to these people. Seeing this cold, blizzardy night outside and people has come from a long ways, and gathered in here tonight to be healed... Reading their letters through the daytime and hearing their pitiful cry for help stirs our hearts, Father. I'm sure You see them when they write the letters, You see them when they arrive, the feeling it makes me have and the answer back, everything that we can to try to help. Bless our efforts tonight, Father. May Thy Spirit be here, and may It approve of all that we do. For we ask His Divine guidance upon everything in Jesus' Name. Amen. Can be seated and the Lord bless you.

E-2 I am doubly happy tonight to be here at the auditorium. I see we got some letters here. Some of you give them to Billy Paul, and he always gives them to me. And then we appreciate it. And then some here... Before I start tonight, I noticed when I'm making dismissing prayer sometime that they lay these letters up for me to lay hands on them. I want to pray for them individually before we give them out to you. Anything that we can do to help you, what we're here for. It's to try to help you, to love our Lord Jesus with all your heart.
I was just looking down at the recording artist down here, a whole pit full of them tonight, taking these recordings. Well, that's mighty fine.
We--we are... We'd like to just stay a long, long, long time if we could in Chicago. 'Course this... We're kind of a little handicap this time. We have to go back to the church. The audi... This auditorium was pre-rented. And we're kind of having it a little rough, but we...

E-3 Brother Joseph and I was talking about it today. And he's making arrangements for another meeting right away as soon as we can get back from where we're starting now. We're go to Hot Springs, Little Rock, and to--from there to Shreveport, Lubbock, Texas, Phoenix, Arizona, Los Angeles, Tacoma, Washington. And then from there to Calgary, Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Dawson Creek, and then perhaps to the--to the conference in overseas. If we can get back in that time...
'Course I guess everyone knows there's to be a little fellow born at our house pretty soon and has to take place in the month of March, or May, rather. And we are... I want to be around home at that time.
Now, soon as that's over, God willing, I--I just got to go back overseas. I... Just something in my heart, I just can't stay away from it. Everyday I try to console myself to say, "Look here, Billy Branham, you got to stay home. (See?) You--you got..." But just something down in me says, "No." And--and I--I can't help it.
I just want to show you something, friends, if you'll understand. Chicago... We'll just take Chicago, just like this is all over the United States, right here. And it is one of the best places. I have nothing against anywhere. They're all lovely. Everywhere I go people love me, and that big welcome you had awhile ago. I just... Makes me feel down in my heart, my, I just wish I could just set down with you and stay forever; but I can't. It's... We... I'm not a boy, and there's a lot of work to be done, and I can't do it all, but I got to do my part. See what I mean?

E-4 And I'm going to say this, and I... If I'm wrong, God forgive me. For I'm saying it with all my heart. America, nation, nationally speaking isn't ready for a revival. They may have done passed that day. See?
I was just noticing Brother Joseph this morning trying to talk to me, say, "Well, Brother Branham, when you come back we'll..." See? He may have said it. I don't say this because this little Swedish brother of mine setting on the platform. No, sir. But I love him. Many of you know what I've been through to hold our fellowship, not because of he and I, but the outside world. But Joseph Boze is my buddy, my brother in Christ. He's got to do something worse than what he's ever done to change my opinion about him. I love him. And so I--I appreciate him. And by him...
He just comes down and sets down at the house, and drive all the way down there, or fly on a plane, or something another. And I... "Brother Branham..." The little kiddies would get in the room, get listening at him talk that broken English, you know. And we... "We need you in Chicago. The people up there love you. Now, when are you going to come and get us another meeting?" You see? He just stays right with it. And you--you can't turn him down. You just can't...

E-5 You might just say, "All right, Brother Joseph. Go ahead. I--I'll be there." Because he just--he just stays right with it till you have to come almost. And so... But I--I really like him.
And we were setting this morning, talking. I said, "Brother Joseph..."
He said, "But, Brother Branham, realize..." Said, "Just think. Last night twenty souls being saved at least," said, "that's not through evangelistic now." Said, "Anything would be more than that. Twenty people come to Christ."
I said... Why, he said, "Brother Branham, if people has a revival and one comes in a nighttime, look how they brag about it, and here twenty deep convicted conversions come boohooing and crying (See?) after they seen the working of the Lord."
I said, "Yes, Brother Joseph, God knows how I appreciate that. But see, right here where they been at one night to services, and just swap that service right around and lay it down in South Africa, lay it over in India, lay it down in islands, or down in South America, you know how many souls would've come? Around five thousand, maybe twenty thousand, thirty thousand." See? It's the same thing, just the same thing.

E-6 Well, many of those places has never heard of Christ. A lot of these brethren that go in with these campaigns, they go to people who have some kind of conception of Christ, like maybe Catholics, or Lutherans, or so forth, and they teach. But mine, I preach out where they never hear of Christ. See? They got to have some kind of conception of God. Well, the phenomenal... See?
The gift don't make any difference whether they never heard of Christ, whether they know nothing about the Bible. It knows just the same (You see?), 'cause it's God and that just... It makes the people... The--the phenomenal side, they say, "My, my, what's he talking about? How'd he know who I was, and what I... what's wrong with me, and where I come from, and who--who's my people and all these things? Well, where'd that come from?" You see? Then they see.

E-7 Now, the brethren that just preaches the Gospel, which is the initial, and wonderful way of doing it, now they can pick up these others (You see?), like that. But I love to come home and shake everybody's hand, spiritually speaking. And 'cause I'd like to shake everybody's hands naturally if I possibly could.
But then in the meeting and wonderful spirit... But I want to ask you something. The preaching that's took place in America in the past ten years would be enough to convert the whole world over and over for... You know that. Just look at the evangelists that's swept across the nation. Look at Billy Graham, and--and Jack Schuller and--and Jackie Birch, and oh, all those others, and Oral Roberts, and of the many of the great evangelists that has just crossed back and forth and through the nation, and combed back and combed back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.

E-8 And when they call on me, just look like the crust has set, the Christians come. Now, and then you'll pull one from here or there. You see? But it just looks like it just kind of a place where you can't break through the people somehow.
They'll come for the first two or three nights. It's wonderful. They see the phenomena of God. They hear a evangelist, a good preacher like Oral Roberts, Billy Graham, or some of those brothers who can really preach. They rejoice after a few nights, but it's all over. And the phenomenal of the working, the Lord working, it looked right. It's wonderful. And then they, well, it soon wears out in a day or two. You see?

E-9 See, it just looks like the... There's just something over our beloved nation. I think our civilization is climbed to a place... God seined back and forth and back and getting the Christians together like that. But I believe if the revival strikes, it'll strike in the heathen land. I believe it with all my heart. See? They don't know nothing about it. They don't know any of their indocuments and the theology that's now.
People teaches this, that. And one said, "Now, let me look." See, what makes that is a skeptic. He will put it in the paper. I'm not against you people. You're my brothers and sisters. But the outside world, Chicago pick up the paper. "Strange things, phenomenals, these things taking place like that. Awwwww..."
"Why, that Dr. Jones said that was nothing but psychology." See? "Well, our pastor said it was the Devil. I'll have nothing to do with it." Others, they haven't even got time to look that far: "Some religious quack..." See? And go on like that... That's the attitude.

E-10 But you show that same thing in one of those foreign papers, the whole nation turns to see what it's all about. See? There you are. That's the difference. See, they haven't been come and doctored up like we all are and things. Well, I call you here tonight the elect. That's right. You're lovely and wonderful. And you've helped me.
And do you realize that that trip to India where those thousands, times thousands and thousands received the Gospel, at one time received Jesus Christ, people who were pagans and heathens. Do you realize that you financed a big part of that meeting, you people setting here tonight? You did. I come back, have meetings and do... Just if I can get a hold of enough to get back over there to give to them poor little starving people, hungry, and nothing to eat, and laying on the streets, and--and such a condition as that and just begging.
And yet one thing, they see one outstanding thing of the Lord's mercy, they get up out of their wheelchairs and walk away, and throw down crutches. And you just go around over the floor and pick up the things where they...?... laying like that--like that. They--they just piled up in big piles, and things like that, and take them out, stretchers and things. They don't need them anymore. Just something strikes them and they believe it, and they just go right on. See?

E-11 And that's the reason, Christian friends, that I'm going around trying to see my friends and--and... Not to pick up money, that isn't it. It's to visit my friends. Now, perhaps, tonight if I really was desperately in need, I could go to two or three men setting right here in this audience and they'd send me over to India. But that ain't--that ain't the way I want to get it. See? I want to get the nickel from this one, a dime from that one, and fifty cents from the other. See, like that? And then the whole group would have something to do with it, and--and I have a little rest from the foreign fields, come back and go off again. You get what I mean? See?
And I love you and I... There's no secrets. There's nothing at all before me or anything that anybody wants it. But it's all above board. I tell the people everything that I have, every penny of money I get, everywhere it all goes to. And there's my records from Uncle Sam. There's my bank, and--and there's my family, my home. Clothes I get, people give them to me, so there you are. I don't need money as long as people does give to me. I'd rather have prayers than all the money. So that means that all the money belongs to me, if I got that--some friends. You see? And the friends of Christ is my friend. And I am a friend to the friends of Christ. And so that's the way I get along in life.

E-12 Wonderful, wouldn't swap it for ten billion dollars. I'd rather have it, oh, my. Yes, sir. That's better. And my expenses runs totally... I send out thousands of letters a week and there has to be prayer cloths bought and buy--buy stamps. Money runs hundreds of dollars a week, and we send them to foreign fields and all over the world, and everything. Five in the office working all the time, and you realize what that is? While I'm not out on the field. There you are. It's backing up and backing up.
The bank, they tell me said, "That's all right, Reverend Branham, if you're overdrawed. Just let it go. You'll take care of it." That's my life...?... So that's... So it makes things fine. Then I just live by faith, that's all, just by faith.

E-13 And it's the greatest thing I ever knew in my life is living by the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, knowing He loves me and blesses me. And taking up money? If I ever took one hundredth of the money that's been offered me, not what I ask for, I never... But the money that has been offered me, I'd be a multi-millionaire. You know what? That gets you in trouble. I'd rather just take day by day, day by day, just live for the Lord. What I have need of tomorrow, He will provide tomorrow. That's right.
And then I... See, if you can get... Then you go to trusting in your riches. Then you go to, if you got education, you trust in it. If you got a lot of theology, you trust in that. I don't have theology, education, personality, money, or nothing. I just love the Lord and trust in Him for everything. That's all I have. See? I... That's the way I want to live. That's my choice is living that way.
Now, God bless you. And well, you're such a lovely people here in Chicago. And now seeing that maybe we'd have to have just a few nights out, our auditorium here. We... Someone has spoke for it ahead of us. And that's just... That's what they deserve. They... We don't want to compromise with it.

E-14 But now, we want to, the next few nights if we can, instead of preaching I just want to give a few little exclamations of the Word, and then run the prayer line just as long as I can stand on my feet. See? Because I'm getting lots of letters. The people that's here is saying, "We--we can't stay much longer, Brother Branham."
Now, we have no way of knowing about who's going to get prayed for in the night. How do I know how many out there's going to be healed tonight, when I don't know a living soul as far as I know of? Can't see one person in the audience that I knowingly have ever seen before. I know some of these boys setting here. See? There's some of them from, well, from my church and down in Jeffersonville that I am--am friends, personal friends. And... But I don't know no one out there.
Now, how do I know where that Angel of the Lord's going to hang tonight and show a vision over somebody that I know nothing about? Why, that... Billy Paul, I... He's coming down this afternoon, tonight, rather to give out some cards, and I suppose he did. He probably give out about a hundred cards. They're out there. Only thing he can do is just mix them up together and give them to you. And he--he don't know where the--the prayer cards, or numbers are going to be called from. I don't either. I don't know whether to even call any or not. See?

E-15 And--and don't make any difference whether you have a prayer card or not. Only thing I'm trying to do is just get you to believe the Lord Jesus Christ, and He will heal you. You don't have to have a prayer card. If you notice, there's more healed out in the audience than there is comes to the platform. But I... But it does limit my strength.
Now, the other day, I understand that someone who knew me real well, that said as far as me getting weak, and that weakening me, was just a fake. Well, God forgive the man who said it. See? Because he didn't know what he was talking about. That's all. He doesn't know. And it is not, my dear beloved friends.

E-16 Physically speaking, I thank God for good health, very strong. And I'm a hunter and live in the mountains and woods, and by the grace of God pretty fair at it. And so then I've rode horses and things all my life and been pretty well hard-worked all my life. And as far as physically speaking, all right. But just... I could stand here and preach to you all night, still preach. But let one of those visions happen, and you can almost get ready to pack me out of the platform. See? And that's just... It weakens me. Why? I don't know. But the Scripture says that it will do it, and it does do it. That's all I know.

E-17 So good Lord bless you now. I'm going to read two places in the Scriptures here just for a little thought or talk, perhaps not over fifteen minutes, then call a prayer line, so we won't keep you up too late at night. Now, one of them is about... Both places will be pertaining to the redemptive names of Jehovah. And one of them is found in Genesis 22: 7th verse.
And Isaac spake unto Abraham his father, and said, My father: and he said, Here am I, my son... Here am I. And he said, Behold the fire and the wood: but where is the lamb for the burnt offering?
And Abraham said, My son, God will provide... a lamb for the burnt offering: so they went both... together.
And in the 14th verse we read:
And Abraham called the name of the place Jehovah-jireh:... that is to say to this day, In the mount of the Lord it shall be seen.
And then over in the Psalms, the 64th Psalm, the 1st verse. It said:
God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in time of trouble.

E-18 Now, from here we want to--to make our quotation. And now, I have written out on the envelope here that I carried: "The Seven Compound Names of Jehovah." In other words, it was what Jehovah is, is made up in these seven redemptive names of His.
Now, God... His attitude towards the people from Eden, back to Eden is wrapped in these seven redemptive names. The first one being Jehovah-jireh, which means, "the Lord will provide a sacrifice." The second one is Jehovah-rapha, "the Lord, the Healer." Manasseh, "our Banner." Shalom, "our Peace." Rohi, "is Shepherd, our righteousness." And Sham, "the Lord is present."
Now, the Lord Shammah, S-h-a-m-m-a-h, Shammah is the one I'm going to speak on from--from Psalms 64. And Jehovah-jireh is the first one, and this is the last one. Jehovah-jireh is "the Lord will provide a sacrifice." Jehovah-shammah is "Jehovah is present." Now, may the Lord add His blessing to these as we speak for just a few moments.

E-19 Now, Jehovah-jireh, when God appeared to Abraham, He... First named that He appeared to him in, was found there in Genesis 22 where He appeared to him in the name of Jehovah-jireh.
Now, Abraham received the promise from God, as to be the heir to Him, would come a son. And through the seed, his Seed, would be heir to the world. And through Abraham's son, which was Isaac, through Isaac come Jesus and Jesus brought in--issued in the Gentile, and which forgive all nations, the white man, the brown man, the yellow man, the black man, all people back, redeemed back showing that this was the last age. This is all. There won't be any more ages after this. This will be the last age that God will deal with people as mortals.

E-20 And if they had a revival in the time before the antediluvian destruction, before the coming of Christ, they had a great stir, well, what about the fulfilling of all of it, what will take place? Look at the days of the apostles...?... from the Gentile age was being issued in. Look what a revival they had. How from all over every nation they come, and miraculous things taken place. Look at the days of Noah. Now, this is the end time, right in the very shadows of the coming of the Lord Jesus.
Some good news to announce here. Leo, did you all bring up that film? Did you? I've got a film that reconverted me almost. And that will be shown here Sunday afternoon, is that right? [Brother says, "We haven't decided that yet, Brother Branham."--Ed.] Yet, they'll tell you when it's going to be showed. I want you to be sure to see it. And it's one of my own films. A man gave it to me, Brother Arganbright, the--one of the representatives of the Christian Business Men. And he gave me the film because I loved it so well. And I haven't got a projector to show it with. So I want to see it again myself. It's concerning the Jews, returning to Palestine, two scholars speaking on a plane, and you'll certainly enjoy the picture, and to look at them.

E-21 And every prophecy, everything that I know of that I can see in the Scripture has been fulfilled, already waiting for the coming of the Lord. And as I said last night, I believe that the coming of the Lord Jesus, second coming, is past due, already past due. And like it was in the days of Noah, the long-suffering, God waited not willing any should perish. And He's just waiting, waiting now with His long-suffering that His coming already past due, waiting to get the Church in order so the second coming can take place. What about that friend?
What kind of people ought we to be? To realize that this day may be the last day that we'll ever be mortal. Tomorrow we may be immortal. This is the only day we may ever have in our life, the last meeting we'll ever set together, and work for the Kingdom of God. How ought this meeting to be conducted tonight then? With the very highest of reverence, that with all of our hearts, we're leaning to the Lord Jesus to give us every soul that's here that isn't converted, to help do something that'll cause the unbeliever and the lukewarm to look on and receive the Lord Jesus Christ.

E-22 It'd be a selfish thing. If a man's heart isn't out to save his brother, there's something wrong with his heart. No matter what condition, if his brother hates him, if his brother's against him, if his brother's tried everything he can to tear him down, yet that man's heart pulls for his brother. He can't help it. There's something in there that just calls out, "Oh, my brother, you're wrong. But I--I want you to be saved." And therefore you try with everything that's in you to get your brother to believe with all of his heart and come into the Kingdom of God.
And now, that's the kind of a meeting we want to have every time. I've preached to--to hundreds of thousands. And I've preached to just four or five people. But I wouldn't be any more sincere with five hundred thousand than I would be with five people, because one soul is valued to God as ten thousand worlds.

E-23 Now, before redemption could ever come, there had to come the Lord Jesus. And before the Lord Jesus come, God way back here... That just--that just makes the Bible so perfect to me. God back here, even before the Lord Jesus come, for four thousand years; and everything He done down through the Bible typed it up to Calvary.
Just think of that, that everything in the Old Testament pointed straight to Calvary. All the plans of redemption, all the names, all the symbols, all the worship, all of the tabernacle, all of the wood, all of the everything in the tabernacle, everything spoke of Christ. Wherever you go, whatever you do... God was back there in those Hebrew prophets and so forth, speaking and speaking to that time of perfection that when Jesus would come to perfect the believer. Just think of what that means, friends.

E-24 Could you ever stop just a moment? I--I wish God would open our eyes tonight. See? We are--we are really... Friend, I--I would desire, if I knowed I could live longer, and live at my regular time out, I would like to come under the anointing of God and never leave it till He takes me home. See?
To see how that worked and--and of things that have... What a different world it is. What a different inspiration. When you get under there, you find things that you--you just... It don't seem right. No wonder it makes your heart... Now, when you're up there, you just... You could move mountains. Or when you're down here, you feel all right. It's coming between the two is what makes it. There's where... You're just like dropping off the earth.

E-25 And you're coming from a supernatural realm down to a natural, mortal man again. Well, you're a mortal all the time, but your soul has been so anointed with something. It's lifted you way up above the thing. Here you're in a dimension that the world knows nothing about. There's no need of trying to explain it.
And we... I'll say tonight, as we are setting here now, we are simply blinded to the things of God. I'd imagine if our eyes could come open tonight, and look around over this audience here, and would see stationed around here and Angels of God standing, looking down on this audience at this time, maybe flying back and forth through the audience here, Cherubims from the throne of God standing near, maybe standing all around on the platform here, Angelic Beings hanging here.

E-26 Oh, you say, "Preacher, you're getting all off the line." No, I'm not. Watch Them go to work in a few minutes and you'll find out whether They are or not. See? You... They verify it by the evidence that They're here.
You say, "Well, if They was here, we could see Them." Oh, no. You could be totally blind to them.
Elijah, down there when he was at Dothan, he prayed God to open Gehazi, or his servant's eyes. (I don't remember now whether that was Gehazi or not. I've called it two or three times, and checked it up. I'm... We look at it in the Scripture. I don't know whether it was Gehazi or not.) But when he asked God to open his eyes that he might see, all around him was Angels. The mountains was on fire and Angels of fire and chariots of fire. See? They was right around him.

E-27 And notice. Now, Elijah went out there and smote those Syrians blind. What kind of blind was it? They wasn't blind, just natural blind, physical blind. They were spiritual blind. For he walked out and told them, said, "Are you looking for Elijah?"
They said, "Yes, we're looking for him."
He said, "Come here and I'll show you where he's at." And Elijah leading them, and brought them right down, ambush of the--of the--of Palestine armies, there and they just run out and caught them right in a trap, like that. And they were blind. They didn't know that was Elijah, and Elijah himself leading them.
Don't you believe that we are--could be spiritual blind tonight to the things that's around us? Look at those to Emmaus. Their hearts was full of love. Sure they loved the Lord Jesus. They were going along the road saying, "Oh, if we would've only... Oh, if I... If we could've just seen Him once more. There He is, He's dead. We hoped in Him. Here it is Sunday morning and they tell us all these fairy tales." And going along the road, and out stepped the very Lord Jesus.
Said, "Why are you troubled?"

E-28 Said, "Are You a stranger?" See there? Blind? Said, "Are You just but a stranger?" Had walked with Him, eat with Him, and slept with Him for three years and six months, and walking by His side and didn't know it. They walked along there, said, "Are You just a stranger here?" Why, said, "Don't You we hoped that Jesus of Nazareth would come had come and...?... He would be the deliverer of Israel and all these things."
And Jesus said, "Fools and slow at heart, to know what the prophet said?" And He went back in the Scriptures. And it looked like after hearing Him teach to them for three years and six months, they would've recognized His teaching. But they didn't.
And He walked out there and so He act like He'd just go on when they went into the hotel to stay all night. They stopped in the little hotel, and the... They... He was going to the dining room to eat, so they said, "Well," He made like He'd go on." He said, "Won't you come in with us?"

E-29 And He said, "Well... Well, perhaps so," and walked in. And the waiter come around and give them their menu, and they looked it over. And they ordered their stuff for--for their supper. And when they set it out on the table, Jesus said, "Well, I guess this has gone on far enough, so..." He just picked up the bread, and blessed it, and prayed, and He opened their eyes.
And they looked and said, "Why, it's been Him all the time!" And He vanished right out of their sight. See what I mean? Oh, I would just like for that to soak way down deep to where you'd really realize. See?
Now, you see Him nightly, working, moving. Why, He's here. Certainly He is. All the evidence's prove it. The Scripture said He would do these things. And here He is doing, right here on the earth today, has been through the ages, moving right down among us, doing things, that we wondered about.

E-30 Did you notice... Did you ever see something just come right out of an accident, almost got killed? You go, "Whew, my, how was that?" That was the hand of the Lord. See? He... God's through here and there.
Here sometime ago a woman said to me, she said... She'd just been healed of a place. She had TB first, and--and then she didn't... She was raised in a church that didn't believe in baptizing. And she said, "I think that my sprinkling is all right." Or pouring, whichever they did for her. And said, "I think that would be all right."
I said, "That's up to you." And I said, "But I'm believing in immersing, baptizing."
And he said... She said, "Well, I don't think..." And she said, "I just think the world of Brother Billy," said, "but I don't think that idea of having to go up in that pool of water and be baptized; I don't think that ought to be done." Said, "After I've already been sprinkled,." or whatever it was. Said, "Don't think it has to be done."

E-31 So that was all right with me if she felt all right about it. I can only tell her what I see in the Scripture. And she went down and got sick again. A big lump got on her shoulder here, and she had a fever of a hundred and four. She just got her--her bathrobe on and come on over while I was preaching. Said, "Brother Branham, right now if you please." Say... I baptized her right then.
She was over the river about a month after that. There was an old woman setting on the street, and she held out her hand. She said, "Kind lady, would you get me a--a dime for something to eat?" Poor old thing setting there shaking, her face all drawed in.
Well, she looked in her pocketbook and she only had a dime. That's what it cost to cross the river. So she didn't know how she'd get back 'less she walked the bridge. And the ten cents on the bus, and her, and her little daughters were walking along. She walked on down the street, and the Holy Spirit said to her, said, "Why didn't you give her that dime? I gave everything I had for you." See?

E-32 She said, "Yes, Lord." Right back she went and said, "Madam, forgive me." She said, "I'm a Christian." Said, "The Lord told me." Said, "God bless you, honey." And she gave her the dime, walked on down the street. Said, "I know. I can walk the bridge, only a mile. So I'll just walk it across. That's all right." And started to get down where the bus station was.
The little girl said, "Looky there, mother." There laid the dime on the street. See? So that's--that's the Lord. Don't you believe that? See?
Now, when He appeared to Abraham in the form... He said, "Now, Abraham, I give you this little boy, Isaac," just a sweet little chap of about sixteen years old. "Don't tell his mother, but I want you to... I'm going to make you a great blessing out of this boy. I'm going to bless all nations. I've promised you this for twenty-five years now. And you've waited till Isaac's born. Now, I tell you what I want you to do with Isaac. I want you to take him up there and kill him. Now, go to--on back in the mountains to a place where I'll show you and then you kill him back there."

E-33 Well now, Abraham didn't question God. He knowed that God promised that through that boy He would bless all the nations. And if God was going to bless them, whether he was dead or alive, He'd do it. That's all. And it had to come through there, so God was able to keep His promise.
So he got up the next morning, got a couple of servants and saddled a little mule. And him, and the boy, and the servants, they went on back. And way back, three day's journey. Think how far that was back, way back in the wilderness. And then they looked up and saw a mountain way away from there. So they went to this mountain, and he told the servants, "Now, you watch the little mule here for my boy and I, are going up this mountain, and we're going to worship. And the boy and I will return. The boy and I will return." He was going up to kill him. How's he going to? He didn't know, but God had promised. Somehow... See?
God lets His servant sometimes get right down to the last step, and then God comes on the scene. Don't you just love it like that, just to see that crucial moment?
Like the... In the Hebrew children and the fiery furnace, the last step of the road, and there appeared One like unto the Son of God. Is that right?

E-34 The woman with the blood issue had spent all of her money, all she had, and constantly the doctors could do her no good. She'd probably mortgaged her place, or sold it, and sold the horses, and the... everything. She had nothing left. She'd spent all of her money to the doctors, and the doctors had tried, but couldn't do her no good. And at that crucial moment, then Jesus come along. Just like Him, isn't it?
There was little Jairus; he believed in his heart secretly. And he'd sent for the doctor, and the doctor done all he could do. And--and just then his little girl had died, and they'd laid her out. Every... the darkest time he ever seen, then Jesus come along, just in that crucial moment.
Mary and Martha, after leaving the church and Lazarus, and they had believed on Jesus and Jesus walked away and left them in the crisis when the boy was sick. And then the boy got sick, and Jesus left. That was horrible. They'd sent for Him; He wouldn't come. He went farther. And they sent for Him again; He still didn't come, and that was still worse. And then after all hopes was gone then Lazarus died, buried in the grave four days, already decaying. And the darkest hour, all hopes gone, everything else, then Jesus came along just at that time. See?

E-35 Here his disciples going to Emmaus, all hopes gone. Their Master was dead and everything, walking along the road discouraged, going on back home, walking back to their fish nets, and wherever they were going. Then Jesus come along. See? Just like that. That's the way God does it.
Now, way back, and now they just had maybe... take probably forty-five minutes, or to a hour, to walk up this hill. Now, Jesus had to come somewhere right quick, 'cause He had the knife on His side. Isaac had the wood on his back. He was packing the fire in his hands, and he was going up the hill to kill his own son, because God told him to, and told him He'd bless all nations through that son. Making the promise...

E-36 First he had to wait twenty-five years to get the son, and now turn around and kill him. See, making the promise double. God had to give Abraham the trial. We'll never know the trial that Abraham stood till we meet him in glory.
And then at the top of the hill, then he got up there and laid the altar of the rocks out. And--and he said, "Father," said, "here is the..." Little Isaac said, "Here is the--the fire and here's the wood." Said, "But where's the sacrifice?" See?
Why, he said, "Son, God will provide for Himself a sacrifice." See? And then he said, "God will provide the sacrifice." So he tied little Isaac's hands, throwed him upon the altar, pulled out the knife. And I'd imagine that old daddy with his only son, loved him...?... did. Over a hundred years old now, and his hand laying across the--his hair as he pulled his little hair back to ditch into his bosom this big knife, the very heart of his being, a sign that God was in Abraham. Did you notice that?

E-37 Look at David when he was dethroned by his own people. He went up over the Mount of Olives, looking back and crying because he was rejected. His own that he loved Absalom had run him off the throne. And there his own trusted man was throwing rocks at him. And he walked up the hill, and looked back over Jerusalem, and cried because he was rejected.
Eight hundred years later, the Son of David, Christ Jesus, rejected in the city of Jerusalem by the ones that He loved, wept over Jerusalem. It was Christ in David.
All the old things in the Old Testament, we could just take hours of showing how it all drifted back to Jesus Christ, everything to Him. And in Him lays the fullness of redemption. In Him lays every redemptive name of Jehovah, lays right in Him. All salvation rests right in Him. All deliverance rests right in Him. All peace, all satisfaction...

E-38 You can never be satisfied with the world's goods. You can never be satisfied belonging to a church. You'll never be satisfied until you've found satisfaction in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Only way you can ever be satisfied. Now, He come to bring perfection.
Now, when he said... And look at Abraham just a moment longer. And as he started to throw the big knife into his son's heart to kill him, because God... The Angel of the Lord spoke from above and He said, "Abraham, hold your hand." And he looked around and there was a little ram caught by his horns in the vines on that hill. Where'd that ram come from?

E-39 Now, the first thing, he was three day's journey from civilization, about a hundred miles. Then next thing is way up on top of the mountain where there's no streams to give it water or food, upon top the hill. And here impossibly for a ram to be up there, first thing it's too far back out of civilization. The next thing is on top of the mountain.
And Abraham got the ram, untied his son, and tied the ram, and offered the ram as a sacrifice. And notice, it wasn't a vision. Blood poured from the ram. What was it? God in a type spoke Christ into existence, and the ram took his life, and he went out of existence, just at the same time: Jehovah-jireh, the Lord will provide Himself a sacrifice. No matter when God's took at His word, God is there to meet His Word: Jehovah-jireh.
Just one more little thing.

E-40 Now, the Lord is our refuge and strength, a very present help in the time of trouble. And in the redemptive names, S-h-a-m-m-a-h, Shammah, "the Lord is present." Now, Jehovah-jireh, will provide. Jehovah, the Provider, is present. You get what I mean? If He is the Lord's provided sacrifice, then He's got to be the Lord God present in the time of help, need. See what I mean?
Now, if He is here tonight to save everybody from sin, He's got to be present tonight to fulfill the rest of these redemptive names. He's Jehovah-jireh, and Jehovah-rapha, Jehovah our... He's Jehovah our provided Sacrifice, our Healer, our Banner, our Peace, our Shepherd, our Righteousness, and His Presence. He's got to be all that right now. And the last thing...

E-41 At the last one of His redemptive names that He appeared to Abraham, He said, "I--I'm Jehovah-rapha, the provided One to provide a sacrifice, provide the way." Whatever it is, God will provide it. "And I am Jehovah that healeth thee. I am thy Righteousness. I am thy Peace. I am thy Shield. I am thy Banner. And I'm ever present to perform it." Amen. You see what I mean? Ever present to perform it. "I the Lord have spoke it. I the Lord have planted it. I'll water it day and night 'less some should pluck it from My hand."
Just a little story, personal. For if I stay here much longer I'd be preaching then, maybe the prayer line wouldn't be what it should be. Notice just a moment. This Scripture meant a lot to me one time, many times. But this one particular time I want to call your attention to it.
It was the year that I was married, after I'd lost my first wife and I'd been single then for about five years. I married the lovely young woman that I have now, my wife.

E-42 And we were poor, and I married her just at the time when I'd have enough money to take my vacation of about twenty dollars, to go up to the mountains, a hunting trip. So that was our vacation and our honeymoon together. So she married a person that likes to hunt. I like the mountains. I like the outdoors.
By the way, some lady sent me some artificial fishing bait that her husband made. If you're here sister, I want to thank you for it. I'll certainly use it, God helping me.
Now, I love the outdoors because it's alone; then I'm drinking in to give out when I come in. Now, we went up in the Adirondack's. And I was supposed to hunt up there that year with the ranger. So I love to--to bear hunt because it's such--takes lots of skill to do it. And I...

E-43 What makes it, my grandfather was, to me, was the best hunter that ever lived in the south lands. And he--he trapped and hunted all of his life, smart, school teacher, and part Indian. And he--he loved the mountains so he couldn't stay away from it. Well, that's just what... I think the whole thing poured out to me. And I--I like it. And I love the mountains, feel at home. And a--a fellow can get to a place where you feel self-sufficient on things like that.
So then, up in the Adirondack's, the ranger wasn't there, wouldn't be up for two or three days. And there wasn't... hadn't been much storms to run the animals down. So I went up there and we just built a little lean-to and hiked my wife up the mountains. We drove out of the city. We was about twenty-five miles up on top of Hurricane Mountain where the year or two before there I'd got three bear one year.

E-44 And then I was way up there with this woman, girl, twenty-two years old and I was thirty. And so we was up there. And Billy Paul, then was about six years old I guess, about his first year in school. Well, the little fellow was very small for his age and so she was taking care of him. And the ranger wasn't there.
It looked like kind of looked like it might come a storm, so I said, "Honey, before the ranger comes, and we're going to hunt bear. I'm going to slip down along some of these old choppings. A few years ago they chopped out some timber in here." And I said, "I'll--I'll go over here and I'll get us a deer and come back and we'll have some fresh venison."
And she said, "Well, don't be gone too long." Said, "I'll have your dinner ready."
And I said, "All right." And that night it'd been awful cold. We just had to put Billy right between us and hold him like that to keep from freezing. She'd never been in the woods before, and didn't know much about it, and she liked to froze sure enough, sleeping on pine needles.

E-45 So we went out the next day, and I took my little old rifle and walked down this way. Well, I thought I was too good of woodsman to ever get lost. So I--I'd been in the woods all my life. And, "Now you couldn't turn me around," I said. So I went down this way to the little choppings, turned back, seen a lot of deer tracks. They looked like they was all sharped toed and so forth being does. So I went on up over the mountain up this way.
I heard something moving in the bushes. I listened close. And I heard it had four feet moving, but it wasn't a hoof. It was a padded foot. I thought, "Wonder what that could be?" It was pretty dark, right in a bunch of evergreens. And I happened to look. And a--a lion crossed the path like that. And he was too quick. I didn't get a shot at him. I thought, "Well, I'll just slip on up this way and come down along the other side. And I'll be in below Hurricane Mountain all the time." And I said, "Then I can always look back to the tower, 'cause looked like it might come a storm pretty soon."

E-46 So I--I went on, and on, and on, this way. I thought I kept whiffing a--a bear somewhere, and I kept smelling for him. And I thought, "He's near here somewhere. He's probably staying ahead of me." So I kept walking on like that and watching the ground. And a person that ever hunted just don't walk through the woods with a gun on your shoulder. You watch the disturbance of the leaves and oh, there's lots of things to watch.
And so, and watching along close, not paying no attention to where I was going. I come up on a hill, turned down this way to the left. I thought, "Well, I'm just going right down a little ravine here," a lot of jagged places like that.

E-47 And I got down and slipping along real easy. I thought, "That bear's not far from here." And I found a big old cave. I slipped up over this cave to keep from coming right up to it, see if the bear was sleeping. So I come around this way, and there was an old empty cave. There was nothing in it. I thought, "Well, he's been there."
So I slipped back down the hill and went around again, come back. I seen some bushes across the canyon move. I watched it of course, 'cause a lot of time bears, ant eat. They love ants because it's sweet. They throw their paws on it and pick them up on it, then lick their claw.
So I watched close. There was a great big deer come out. And I thought, "Well, my. I'm a long way from home, but that's just the one I want." So I'd shoot the deer. I went around. I thought, "Well, now, I tell you what I'll do. I'll slip right back." I said, "Looky here. It's after one o'clock. Why," said, "she'll--she'll be waiting for me."

E-48 So I struck up the canyon, just a little water rippling like this. And I took right up the canyon just as hard as I could go. I happened to look up. And I said, "Say, I'm going to have to hurry. That storm's getting in here close." And it gets down, foggy, and then you can't see nothing.
And I started walking, walking, walking. I said, "Now, let's see, I turned off along here somewhere." Kept looking and looking... First thing you know, I walked, and walked, and walked. And I thought, "Say, that's a long ways, but I never have seen where I come out."
The first thing I know, I thought... Just drop... perspiring. And I--I took my old red handkerchief out, and wiped my perspiration off, and looked around. There hung my deer. I said, "What did I do? I didn't turn around and come back." Well, I said, "I missed my place." So I started off again. And I walked, and walked, and walked, and walked, and walked, watching on my right-hand side, 'cause I knew I turned from the right-hand side. I turned left and I'd have to turn back right.

E-49 But then the storm was down in the bushes then. So then I walked, and walked, and walked again. And the first thing you know, I got real tired. I thought, "Well, I'm watching close. I'll surely know just where I come off where that little knoll 'cause the mountains sided off like this in a saddle." And I crossed over that saddle and then down and up.
Of course, couldn't see the mountains then ahead, away from us 'cause it was too--too foggy, or I could've climbed upon a high place and looked around. But it was fog and I couldn't get into it, and it fixing--spitting snow and stuff. So I went a little farther around like this, and I happened to stop and look. And I was back to my deer again.

E-50 Now, the Indians calls that the death march, or the death walk, rather. You're on a knoll, or a flat place, and you're walking in a circle, no compass, no nothing. I never took a compass in the woods. I--I just thought I was too good. I--I couldn't get lost. You see? God had to learn me some sense, so put some brains in my head to let me know that I wasn't self-sufficient. I wasn't as good as I thought I was.
And I kept walking around. I come back to this deer. I did that three times. And I knew I was lost. Well, I... Then I got shaky. It was down about four-thirty in the afternoon, nearly five o'clock, plumb getting dusky, almost dark. I thought, "Mercy, now what will I do? My wife's all worried. She'll die as sure as the world, her and that baby both in these mountains tonight."
Now, if it would been myself, I--I'd have tried to find that bear again or got me a place somewhere and hibernated up for a day or two, till that storm was over. See?

E-51 Now, I want to use a little illustration here. For myself, I'd have went to that cave, or under some rocks somewhere and got me a fire and some wood down. And never tried to find it, 'cause it was foggy. But I couldn't do that then. It was an emergency.
And I knew that my wife, never in the woods in her life until the night before that, she wouldn't know how to bit more how to make a fire than--than nothing. And that little boy, they'd die as sure as the world, 'cause it'd probably go way in below zero that night. And they would be scared to death. And they'd might try to prowl through the wilderness somewhere, or go frantic hunting for me, or something, or screaming. And--and it's hard tell what would take place. And I know if something would let out a yelp up there, they both would faint, sure enough. And I knowed there was a lion right in that section there.

E-52 So I said, "Oh, my," then began to get real frantic. I got shaky and nervous. And I said, "Wait a minute, William Branham. What's the matter with you? Have you gone crazy?" And usually, that's just exactly what happens. You get frantic and you... They find you laying somewhere over a ditch, or where you shot yourself, or something like that, the hazards of the woods. And I said, "Here, you're too good a woodsman. You ain't lost. What's the matter with you?"
And I set down on a rock. I thought, "Now, you think you're lost, don't you? But you're not." And I said, "Why, that fog don't mean nothing to me. Why, sure, I can go right on, certainly." I said, "Now, let's see. The wind's coming right in my face. If it's coming in my face then I've got to turn back this way, 'cause the wind was in my face when I come up and I'll be going right for that." I thought... I started right on up. I said, "Sure, I'm all right," trying to bluff myself (See?), make myself believe that I wasn't lost, but I was lost. And brother that's the awfullest feeling that anyone ever had. If you're lost tonight, I sympathize with you. Being lost, not knowing where I was going, and an emergency on...
And if there ever was a time that there's an emergency on, brother, you better seek refuge while you can. If you're lost, you better hunt for the beacon Light tonight.

E-53 There, I kept on walking. I come to some low place where it was sobby. I said, "Now, surely I couldn't..." You couldn't see no piece, just the winds a blowing through the trees. And what I done, I got way down in the Giants and I didn't know it, that section there called the Giant's, Virgin Forest. And I didn't know that.
And I said, "Oh, if I could only see Hurricane Mountain, I would know which way to go." I thought, "Well, and that storm coming down, it's hard telling in these mountains how that wind can twist and shift and come any way now." So I couldn't depend on the wind, and I knowed that.
And I'd set down on a rock again; I'd say, "Now, you're not lost. You know where you're at. Why, stand still. You know where you're at." But all the hunting and woods ability I had was gone. I'm telling you; I was actually, completely lost. But I was trying to make myself pluck up to it, 'cause I didn't want to get frantic, you know, 'cause I knew my wife and baby would die that night in the woods if I didn't get to them. That's all. And I was miles away from them, and it was getting dark, that storm blowing.

E-54 So I walked on a little piece farther, and something said, "Now, Billy, get next to yourself. Get next to yourself. You know you're lost."
I said, "No, not me. I'm not lost. I'm going just exactly right." I'd hit up against a hill, and I thought, "No, I'm not right." I'd go back this way and I thought, "I never did see this before. Where'd this come from?" I'd feel myself shaking. I... perspiration running off of me.
I said, "Now, there's no need in fooling yourself. You're lost. And there's only one thing to do: that's admit you're lost." Well, I thought, "I am lost." Now, what if... If it wasn't for my wife and baby, I'd go over here in one of these cliffs and find me a place like I'd have to sometime, and stay there till tomorrow or the next day or whenever the storms down. Then I'll climb up to a high place, and look around and see where I'm at, and go on out. But you couldn't do it then. The fog was a moving.

E-55 Well, I started walking. I said, "Well, I've got to take some way. I don't know east, north, west, or south. There's no signs, snow against the trees. You couldn't tell the sides of the bark, or anything, and the moss on the trees another thing. It was flat, anyhow and moss was on both sides in the flat.
So then, I thought, "My, now what can I do?" So I started walking on. I said, "Now, I tell you what I'm going to do. I'm going to go right this way. I know this is the way I come. I've got to make one solid streak because I--I'm walking in a circle." So I started walking along saying, "Yes, sir. I believe. I believe that I am... I--I'm going just exactly right." And I--I... And I was saying that from my lips, but my heart was telling me, "No."
So I kept hearing Something whispering in my ear, "The Lord is our refuge and strength, a very present help in the time of trouble." I thought, "Now, I'm getting frantic," started walking on. Something said, "The Lord is our refuge and help, a very present help in the time of trouble." I just kept on walking on. It got louder. "The Lord is our refuge and strength, and a very present help in a time of trouble." I kept moving on and dragging my gun along. And I was so tired at then, you know. "The Lord is our refuge and strength." That was Jehovah-shammah a talking to me.

E-56 And I--I was moving on. I thought, "Oh, God, I'm lost. I'm lost, Lord. I--I've no compass; I've nothing." But I said, "I still have You, Lord." I kept talking out loud. I thought, "Wait a minute now. You're going to get out of your head. You're going to get frantic. You're thinking about you're wife dying tonight and that baby." I said, "Lord, I'm not worthy to live, but don't let them die."
And I heard that again saying, "The Lord is our strength and refuge, a very present help in the time of trouble." I set my rifle down against the tree, pulled off my hat, laid it down, knelt down on top of my hat. I looked up and I said, "God, I'm lost. I'm--I--I--I'm lost, Father. And You're my Compass. And I... For myself, for being big-headed like I was, and thought I knowed all about it, I--I'm not worthy to live. I should be lost. I should have to stay out here for days and eat porcupines to live, but think of my poor, dear, wife. She's innocent. And my baby will die tonight over there in the... the only child we have. And if I ever... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] And spare their life. [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] Their pretty near wild at this hour. Here it is almost dark, and I'm lost, Father, totally lost. Won't You help me?" See?

E-57 The natural thing to do if you're sick, just like the natural thing I would've done. The natural thing I would've done been get into a cave, and build me a fire and wait for morning, or till the storm is over. The natural thing you do when you're sick is go to the doctor and see what he can do for you.
But I couldn't go into a cave; there was an emergency on. And you can't go to the doctor 'cause he's done said you're going to die. There's nothing can be done for you. There's an emergency on. Then what is He? Jehovah-jireh, Jehovah-shammah. The Lord will provide a sacrifice and God is in our presence. He's the Present One. And in the need of help, He's here. Lord is our refuge and strength, a very present help.
Or we might turn it this way: very present, always present to help in time of trouble. We might make it like, "The Lord is our refuge and strength, always present to help in the time of trouble." And there we was. There you are tonight, the same thing. Some of you is very sick and the doctors has given you up.

E-58 Now, if the doctor... You can't go in the cave, emergency's on, then that's God that's speaking to you tonight, saying, "I'm your strength and the very present help now in the time of trouble."
I knelt down and prayed. I got up. I thought, "Well, now, I've prayed. I've asked You, God; that's all I can do. You promised me if I asked, I shall receive. You've promised it, and it's for a worthy cause, not for me, but for someone else. And I--and I..."

E-59 Just like you say tonight, "Lord, maybe I haven't lived as close as I should, but if You'll heal me tonight I'll live for You the rest of my days. If I can't do no more than pass tracts, if I can't do no more than testify, I'll do everything I can if You'll only make me well."
He's our refuge and strength and a very present help when trouble is on. So I got up. That's all I could do. I said, "Now, Lord, I'm starting this way. I believe I went... come this way. This is the best of my knowledge: my knowledge. I come this way. And I'm going straight through this way, believing that the Voice that was speaking in my ear, which is gone now, saying, "The Lord is our strength and refuge, very present help in the time of trouble." I believe that it was You, God."

E-60 "And looking through these pines as the winds are tearing and whistling them through there, I believe beyond that somewhere there's an Angel of God followed me through this forest." And there was. He was with me, yet He never manifested Hisself. That's years ago, about fifteen years ago.
And I was going along through there walking like this. And I felt somebody go [Brother Branham illustrates.--Ed.] on my shoulder. I turned to look who it was, and just then the fog cleared away. I followed through that bushes, I seen I was going straight into Canada, the way I was going, my knowledge. And here was Hurricane Mountain right up here, it was on my other side. See, I was passing right by it.
I pointed myself directly like this. I raised up my hands, and I said, "O great God, You're so close to me till You laid Your hand on my shoulder. You're my strength and help, a very present help in the time of trouble."

E-61 I set my face. I said, "It's getting dark. I must keep my course. I mustn't vary no matter what gets in my way. If I ever miss that..."
Now, that summer I'd helped the ranger put up a telephone wire to go to the tower back down to where the lean-to was made. And from there we hunted. I thought, "If I can ever get to that telephone wire, I can find my way down then. But I'm set towards Hurricane Mountain. I can't twist around here 'cause there's too many hills and ravines. In this fog I'd never find it. I've got to go straight to that tower."

E-62 So I started walking with my hands up praising God. It got dark. I couldn't see any longer, and the winds blowing, and twisting. And I was going up over hills and down through rough places. No matter which way He leads, keep towards Calvary. Keep looking. It may get rough. You may slip and fall, but keep going towards Calvary. Just keep moving.
And I got up. And I thought, "It ought to be about the height of dark now." I put up my hands like this. I knowed the wire was just about this high. I thought, "Oh, if I could only feel that wire. If I can feel that wire, is my only hope right now. I can't..." My arms would get so tired I couldn't hardly walk. I'd put this one up and rest this one walking through those bushes and around these trees and that snow in you're neck and everything. I was moving like this.

E-63 And I said, "God, all that's on this earth laying dear to me is at the end of that wire if I can only find the wire." And I was holding my hand like this. And I had put this one down, never move a step, move back be sure I didn't... Oh, that's the way we want to go to Calvary. Don't lose an inch. I kept my hand up, moving like this. I said, "God, surely You'll help me find it. I'm coming straight as I know right across this hill. This is the way You pointed me."
That's the way you say to the Word tonight, "You said You was a Healer. I got my hands up. I'm coming straight. That's the only thing I know to do. It's up to You to take me to healing. It's only You to lead me to the sacrifice."

E-64 And here I had my hands up; it was late. I was moving along. I was beginning to get just a little faint in heart. I think, "Oh, have I crossed over it?" I went in a few low places. I thought, "Oh, I'm not going down the other side of the mountain, surely." And I kept my hand up like this, moving along through them bushes, and not a ray of light nowhere, and the storm ripping, and blowing, and twisting, it real cold, ice freezing and everything. There was snow and rain mixed together or fog.
And I was moving like this and hitting my hand. First thing you know, I caught something. I felt it. It was the wire. Oh, what a feeling. I had... I knowed when I held on to that wire... I thought, "I'll go right down this hill moving slowly. And I'm moving slowly. I'll never take my hand off that wire, for at the end of this wire lays what I'm asking for, where my wife and baby's laying at the end of this telephone wire. I'll not let my hand loose from it. I'll follow it right on through till I..." And I did it, and arrived there to find there was a little fire built down there and everything all right.

E-65 Brother, tonight Jesus Christ is a very present help in the time of trouble. If you're sick, and the doctors can do no more for you, raise up your hand. Look up to God until you touch that little live electric wire yonder, that says, "It's finished." No matter how many unbelievers, and doubters, and churches and everything else you have to bypass, hold on to it, for it's the One that leads you to you're deliverance.
God bless you. Keep your hands up. Keep moving tonight. Hold your hands till you catch the wire. Hold your hands of faith up till you feel something touch you that says, "It's finished." Then follow that. Follow that. "It's finished." You've got His Word, said He will lead you to victory. You... By faith you can be healed. Anybody that believes can be healed. Hold your hands up till you feel the faith of God pouring in you. Then follow that.
The Lord is our strength and refuge, a very present help in the time of trouble. Shall we pray.

E-66 Father, there is an emergency on tonight to the people. And You're the Lord our strength and a very present help in the time of trouble. O God, may hands of faith lift up tonight, spiritually speaking. Not just the natural arms, physical, just a few inches long, but, Father, may that arm of faith go up that'll go beyond this old sin-cursed world, that line of faith that'll reach beyond the moon and stars, until it touches His garment up yonder. [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]...?... And may there come a Voice from heaven saying, "I'm the Lord that healeth thee to confirm My Word. I am Jehovah-shammah, a very present help in the time of trouble. I'm here to help you."
God, grant tonight that we are not self-sufficient. We can't bluff our way through and say, "Oh, I'll just get better by and by." No, Lord. You're our refuge. We take to You. It's You we trust and You we believe.

E-67 Now, will You come, Lord. Throw out a little life line here tonight by doing something another that would be so different to the people that maybe had never been in the meeting before. Do something like You did at Emmaus. Do something a little different from what the ordinary healing meeting is, or the ordinary service, so that they can see that the Lord Jesus Who raised from the dead is here with us tonight to grant unto us the desire of our hearts, according to His riches that He's died to purchase this for. We ask it in His Name. Amen.
I was... little longer than I expected to be talking to you. I just get to talking, and I just can't get away from it. Now, do you believe He's here? Sure He's here. Now, what can He do tonight? Here's His Word. Here's His people. His Presence, I feel It here. Now, there's only one thing to do, only thing that He can do now is get you to believe it. Is that right? Now, He's done His part. It's your time to believe.

E-68 Now, we're going to call a prayer line here to pray for some people. Shouldn't have to do it, but it's customarily that we do it in our services. Now, there's nothing as I--that I could do towards healing. There's nothing that any person on the earth could do towards it, not a thing.
A doctor might set the bone; he might cut a growth away. He can't heal it. The only thing he can do is cut the growth away. Who's going to do the healing now? See? He might set your arm, but who's going to do the healing? Takes God. Psalms 103:3 said, "I'm the Lord that healeth all of thy diseases." All healing comes from God. No healing comes from no other resource but God. No man can heal, never did, never will. Healing comes from God alone. God is Life.
Now, I want to ask you something. You say, "Never did come from anyone. Jesus never healed anybody?" That's what He said. Said, "I can do nothing in Myself." Said, "The Son does nothing; but what He sees the Father doing, that doeth the Son likewise." Saint John 5:19. Is that Scripture?

E-69 Jesus said, "The Son does nothing, can do nothing in Himself, just what He sees the Father do." What did Jesus do then? He was possessed with power to see visions. He could see what was taking place. He told the woman at the well where her trouble was. He told Philip where he, or Nathanael, rather, where he was at before he come to the meeting.
He said... Told them different things about power of vision. The woman touched His garment and run out into the audience and standing out there, you know. And Jesus turned around and said, "Who touched Me?" What did He say there? "I perceive that I have gotten weak." Is that right? "Virtue (which is strength) has gone from Me."
Said, "Well, everybody's touching You."

E-70 Said, "Yes, but I got weak." Saying it in the English interpretation. "I got weak. Something happened. Virtue's gone from Me." And He looked around, perhaps saw a vision. I don't know. That's what He said He did. Looked around, He seen a vision over the little woman. When He--them eyes, went pierced that woman, she knowed she...[Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]
Not just through the apostles' age, or through Saint Francis' age, through Wesley's age. "I'll be with you to the end of the world. Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and for..." I believe it, friend.
Now, for the newcomers, if our heavenly Father Who I have tried to speak about tonight of what He was, wrapped in His redemptive names, if He will come tonight in the form of His Son, the Lord Jesus, and do what He said He would do, come here to the platform and take over a humble people, not only me, those out in the audience, those humble people who'll set and say, "Yes, my Lord, I believe with all my heart."

E-71 Then the same Holy Spirit that was upon our Lord Jesus when He told us we'd be baptized we he told us we'd be baptized with the same baptism He was, or same Holy Spirit, will come upon His poor, unworthy servants, and will turn around... Nothing that I know about and say out in the audience, "To you who's got so-and-so, and to you that's got so-and-so, you will be... You're--you--you did this, and you did that, and--and--and you--you're--you... If you'll straighten this up, if you'll do that or so forth. Or if the people come on the platform say, "Now, will you accept it?" And say, "I believe it to be the Lord Jesus Christ raised from the dead." Would you do it? If you would raise your hand. Say, "I will believe if the Lord Jesus Christ." Thank you, thank you. May the Lord bless you now.
Billy, what cards did you give? B? Let's see, we'd call... When we had prayer line two nights ago, I believe we called from the first of them then, didn't we? All right. Let's take... What about the last of them then? Let's begin with prayer card, say... What do we usually get, around twenty? Fifteen to twenty? Well let's call fifteen of them then. Say 85, 90, 95... Let's call from 85. Let's see if there's...?...

E-72 Who has B-85? Would you raise your hand? B-85, raise your... 85. Who has 86? All right. 87? All right. 88? B-88? Would you raise your hand, ever who has B-88? Ever who has prayer card B-88, would you raise your hand? Thank you. Is this it right here, lady? 88, 89? Who has B prayer card 89? Would you raise your hand wherever you are? 89? Thank you. 90? B prayer... Prayer card 90, have you... Is it in the building? 90? All right, then 91? Who had 91? All right. 92, 93, on up to 100. Just come right on now and take your places.
We'll see how many that looks like and then maybe we... If we can get that through in time, if I'm just not worn at that time, the brethren will let me stay for some more... Depends on what our Lord Jesus does.
Now, how many out there does not have a prayer card, but you want to be healed? Raise your hand. God be with you, help you, and bless you is my prayer. Now, if you do not have prayer cards... Now, while they're lining them up, I want to pray for these here in this box. Thank you, Brother Billy. Shall we bow our heads just a moment.

E-73 Kind and loving Father, in this box is handkerchiefs going to the needy, the sick, and the afflicted. Mothers, fathers are waiting for them, brothers, sisters, little baby sick and needy, blind, afflicted, crippled. Oh, how they have longed to have these handkerchiefs returned to them. And we're so thankful, Father, that we have found grace in their eyes through You that they believe if we'd ask You, they'd get help. We're not worthy of that, Father. I'm not. I pray, God, that You'll not look at my unworthiness, but will look at those poor, sick people that we're trying so hard to bring Your Son, Jesus, to them.
When these handkerchiefs are placed upon their bodies of the sick, Father, in Jesus' Name, Thy Son, may the sickness depart. Grant it, Lord. May they be liberated from these things and be made completely free.
Now, You watched the people when they wrote the letter. You're looking at them now. And You'll see them when they're returned. Now, may the Angel of God Whose Presence is here now, stand with every one of them. And when they're laid upon them sick people, may they recover quickly. For we ask it in Jesus' Name and for the glory of God. Amen.

E-74 I would ask you, if you would, be just as reverent as you possibly can. I trust that you do realize what this is all about. Would you just think now? Here I am standing here just a man. God knows. And here's a line of people, fifteen or twenty, ever what lined up there. I think it was fifteen, maybe one or two of them missing. But there they are and perhaps a few more. Here sets at least sixteen hundred people, I guess, close to it, setting here before me. And there was at least a thousand hands of them went up that they were needy. And here I have spoke about Jesus Christ tonight that He's the same yesterday, today, and forever.

E-75 Now, imagine standing here. In a audience of this size, you're bound to have critics setting around. You're bound to have people that's a little suspiciously. You feel it. You can feel it. When the Spirit goes to settling, you can feel it. See? But I'm so thankful it's sure way low ebb. Faith is predominating, has been in every meeting we've been in here. See? That's right.
I wouldn't say there is a critic setting present. It may be someone just suspicious to say, "Well, now I--I'm just wondering." See? If that person only knew what effect that had and what an influence it had, well then, he'd say, "No, I believe. I believe, Lord. Lord, help Thou my unbelief."

E-76 Now, what if our Lord Jesus was standing here on the platform tonight, and He was standing right where I'm standing, now what could He do? Now, let's not--let's not look at it from the--from our own thoughts. Let's look at it in the Bible form.
Now, the first thing He said, "I can do nothing, but except My Father shows Me." And what did He... What was He? He was Jehovah's provided Sacrifice. Is that right? Do you believe He was Jehovah-jireh? He was God's provided Sacrifice.
Then when He died, He died to... He was wounded for our transgressions (Is that right?), bruised for our iniquities, chastisement of our peace upon Him, with His stripes what happened? We will be? We were; already, we were healed. Will we be saved? We already were saved. See? You never got saved just two years ago, or ten years ago, or twenty years ago. You got saved nineteen hundred years ago. You just accepted it two years ago or three years ago. Your healing's already complete. You just have to accept it. That's the reason He said, "If thou canst believe."

E-77 Now, here's a lady standing here. Is this the patient? This lady here, I never seen her in my life. Put yourself up here now as a Christian to face this woman. Put yourself up here as a Christian to face the audience. Then you better feel secure that the Angel of God is standing near. That's right.
Now, what if in that line stands critics? That may be where oppression is, oppressions I feeling. What if it is? Then perhaps the... They'll be struck right here at the platform with a disease that they pretending to have. See? What if some critic setting out there, and a disease is cast away here and it goes out into the audience? That critic will have the disease. See? How many knows that's true, and how many has seen it so many hundreds of times in my meetings? See? Sure.

E-78 Many of them is in the insane institution, and laying afflicted, and everything. How about that guy yonder that come in to hypnotize me that night? He's still paralyzed. Uh-huh. That's been nearly four years ago, and he's still laying paralyzed. Hypnotizer, go around these army camps and hypnotize people and things, make them bark like dogs and so forth. But can't play with God. No, sir.
Just be reverent and be in prayer now. Just... Now, the Lord bless. All right. Now, in the Name of Jesus Christ the Son of God, for the glory of God the Father and for the representation of His Son, Jesus, I now take every spirit in here under my control for God's glory.

E-79 How do you do, lady? Now, you just come up here if you will, lady. We're first tonight to be talking to and it was--it was making it pretty rough the first person. it... so it... That way, why, sometimes it takes me a little bit of time before I--It starts to anoint me. I'm just a man. You--you're aware of that. I'm just a man. But He is the Lord.
Now, if He was standing here and you had something that you needed, or desired... Now, if it's anything that belongs into the atonement... And what belongs in the atonement? Anything you have need of. See? For He fulfilled everything that we lost in--in Adam. He fulfilled it in His vicarious suffering at Calvary. There's where He paid the full price. Now, everything... He said, "Whatsoever things you desire, when you pray believe you receive it and you shall have it."

E-80 Now, if He was here and was talking to you, the only thing that He could do now tonight, if you'd say, well maybe you say, "I have need; I'm about to lose my home, and I'm got to have some money to--for my home."
Well, He'd tell you, "Do you believe it?"
Then He'd tell you, "If you believe it, you'll get it."
And if you say, "Well, I have been so mistreated, and my enemies are--are overwhelming me," or something like that.
He'd say, "Forgive them, and they'll come to you." See?
But what if it was a disease, or maybe something wrong in your life, some immoral act or something? He'd know it. But it's for... If it was for healing, He could tell you what was wrong with you, but He couldn't heal you because He's already did that. You understand that? That's right. Well then, if He's--if He's here, and I believe He is, then He will surely answer in the same manner, won't He? You believe that, Christians? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]

E-81 I, just don't be in any hurry (See?), just be reverent. The woman is really sick, for there's a dark shadow hangs between me and her. You're ready for an operation, aren't you? That's for tumors. It's under your arm, serious. Only God can help you. That is the truth, isn't it? Do you believe now that He's here to help you? Let's bow our head.
Father God, in the Name of Your Son, the Lord Jesus, I lay my hands here, where a knife is to rip. If it failed to find the little place, the last of it, Satan would come right back like a roaring lion. But you know, right where it's at, it's exposed right here at the platform. Almighty, grateful God, spare the life of this woman, will You please, Father? And she knows that she's standing here in the Presence of Something that knows her. It's You, God. Hear the prayer of Your servant. It has been said in the Bible, "The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." Just look at the men and women in here praying for her at this time. O God, please in Jesus' Name spare her life and let her live. And we will praise Thee for it, in Jesus' Name. Amen. God bless you, sister. Go happy on your road.

E-82 How do you do, lady? Now, it's a little different. The lady there was to be first just in a few moments when she realized that it was where she was standing, she could tell the effects it had on her. You can realize it now (See?), that it's not your brother. I'm just a man. I have never seen you in my life, and perhaps you've never seen me. We're just strangers to each other. Isn't that right? If God will help me and will tell me what you're here for, that you're suffering or whatever it is... If He will just reveal that to me, will you accept Him as your Healer? That's all I could do with a Divine gift.
Will the rest of you out there say, "I'll..." This woman, this is our first meeting time, is it, lady? That's true, isn't it? That is true. We know nothing of each other, no contact, no nothing. We're just total strangers. And here we are meeting.

E-83 Now, look, friends, can't you--you understand what this--what I mean? Now, there's something has to be here, some way I have to have of knowing about this woman. If anything is said, I can't do it; I'm just a man. There she looks like a healthy woman. It may not even be her health, for all I know. But then again it may be; I don't know. But if the Holy Spirit will come and just say to her... Now, as far as heal her, if it's sickness, I couldn't do it. I have no power to do it. No one else does. It'll have to come from God.
Now, you believe that this is His Word, don't you? You believe that He raised from the dead, don't you? You believe that He said, "The things I did, so will you." He said, "I do nothing till the Father shows Me." And the very things that He did would be stand here tonight, as far as, if it's sickness, to heal her, He couldn't. He's already. The only thing He could do would be just some way to get her to believe it. Is that right? How many knows that to be true? Just some way to get her accept what He has done for her...

E-84 Well then, if it would be for this woman, wouldn't it be for the rest of you out there also, just the same? That's all He wants you do, is believe. That's all I'm trying to get you to do, is believe. Preacher wants you to believe because He's preaching the Word. I, by this Divine gift which was given sovereignly by God at my birth... All my life it's been that way, perfect every time. So don't you see, it's God trying to get you to believe. I hope you see it, my lovely children.
Now, between me and the woman I see her moving in a kitchen or something. It's at a table. She can't eat. She's got stomach trouble. That is right. Now, isn't that right, what He said? Now, if He's here, and us stranger, and know all--knows what was your trouble, isn't that enough to make you believe? Is that enough to make you all to believe? But now see, now if I talk to the woman longer, He'd tell me probably something about her young life, or something like that. Let's see?
Would you all... Not to... If God will... See, it's... Now, I couldn't say He would. But if He would, would it just doubly encourage you? If would just raise your hand, say, "It'd just double encourage me." All right. Now, may God grant it; I can't say He will.

E-85 I just want to talk to you. What was it was wrong with you? What did He... A stomach trouble. Yes, sir, a stomach trouble. Well then, if He heals your stomach of the disease in your stomach, He is wonderful, isn't He? He's--He's lovely. And do you love Him? Why, He's just wonderful, isn't He, the lovely Lord Jesus? And we're looking to Him now.
When the woman at the well stood and talked to Jesus, He carried the course... He said, "Bring Me a drink."
And she said, "Well, it's not customary Jewish and..."
What are you descent? Spanish? Mexican? I thought so.

E-86 And He said... That's something like this then, isn't it, about the same way? And yes, lady, you got a brother that's sick. And he's got some kind of spells, or some... Oh, it's heart attack. He holds his heart, and he falls. I see him. I thought it was epilepsy, but it's heart spells; he falls with the attacks of his heart. You was talking to him. And you're persuading him--you're persuading him to be baptized, to become a full Christian. That is the truth.
Father God, to the poor little weeping woman standing here, knowing that the Lord Jesus Who we speak of is present now, our Refuge, our Strength, a present Help in a time of trouble. God, be merciful and grant to her the desire of her heart. And whatever those things was, Lord, that's not correct, correct them, Father. As Your humble servant, and Your Spirit that's on me now with anointing, I lay these hands upon her and ask the Father God through Jesus Christ to grant to her the desire of her heart. Amen.
Now, sister, you just have to receive what you asked for, don't you? You feel you caught a hold of the line now? Just follow it home. Amen. God bless you.

E-87 Have faith. Jesus said, "Have faith in God."
I see something moving up and down like this, over in here, just keeps moving. It's a tall something. There's somebody mashing something. Oh, it's a--it's a doctor. And he's examining a woman. And she... It's--it's this colored lady setting right down here. She's suffering with low blood pressure, setting right down there at... God bless you. Now, you can go home, be well. Follow that line that you just then struck; it'll take you to deliverance. Amen. Amen.
You believe now? The Lord Jesus, Son of God, His Presence is here. The woman there... See, only thing you have to have, just believe. See, not me, I never seen the woman in my life. I don't know nothing about her. God knows that. But her faith contacted the Spirit. See? And what did It do? Just same as the woman had the blood issue: Turned around in the audience and said, "Thy faith has saved thee." See? That's it. God bless you. Just have faith.

E-88 The Lord bless you, lady. Lord be merciful unto you, is my sincere prayer. We are strangers to each other, I suppose. We are. And do you believe that the Lord Jesus is just the way I represented Him there in the Bible, that He raised from the dead and the lovely Son of God? You believe it with your heart? If the Lord Jesus will reveal to me what is your trouble, then will you accept Him as the Healer of the trouble, if it is that? Will you do it? You will. God bless you, mother. Which you are a mother, see you are. Now, your life could not be hid. See? I have contact with your spirit and your life.
And you're here for me to pray for you, with a high blood pressure. You had high blood pressure. And you got something, and I see him looking at your knees. It's the--it's a water from under the knee caps is out. That's right, isn't it? Now, if He can reveal that, He can heal you, can't He? Sure. Yes, ma'am. Certainly He can. Isn't He lovely to help this poor woman? What's He trying to do? Make her believe, raise up her faith. Be real reverent, everyone, please.

E-89 Perhaps we'd talk just a moment, mother. It... You want me talk to you a minute? All right, I'll talk to you. All right, now, I want to ask you something then. If you believe me to be His servant... Now, you believe that God can speak to me and tell me what you're--what---what--what you want, what--what your other desire is. I see what it is right now. Yes, sir. It's for a--a son or a grandson. It's a grandson. And the boy's real jittery. He's all upset. He--he's a--he's been in the war. He was in Korea. And he got wounded. And he's come home. And he don't have any job, and he's all upset. That's the truth. Go home; he's going to get his work, and you're healed. God bless you.
Believe on the Lord Jesus. Only have faith; you shall get what you ask for. If you don't have faith, you can't have nothing. For with faith... Without faith it's impossible to please God.

E-90 Now, the lady's a stranger to me. Is that right, lady? We're... Please be as reverent as you can. We'll close in a few minutes. I don't want to bore you with long meetings, but I'm trying to take my time on these people to see if it'll build faith in the audience. Don't move around; please don't. See? Spirit is setting, coming from one place, one place, like this. Then here It's switching and moving, and it just upsets you. You see? It--it--it just makes me weaken that much quicker. Now, just a moment now.

E-91 Now, to you, sister. We be strangers to each other. We don't know one another, never seen each other in life. But do you believe the Lord Jesus is here to help you? You're here for somebody else. Uh-huh. And they don't live here. They're from Duluth. And then you have... You--you're... This person has got arthritis, and can't get up. And there's something about a soldier. He--he was a soldier; that's what it was. And he--he got hurt on a horse, hurt himself. Well, that handkerchief that's in your hand, while the Holy Spirit is on you, take that and lay it on him. God bless you in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
You believe all things are possible? There was something about a soldier a few minutes ago. And there's a soldier there, and I thought it was... That's still repeating back, and that's the reason I--I watched to see where it was at. But it was--but it was different.
Lady setting there looking at me, right there, you have arthritis, don't you, lady? Lady setting there, little round thing around her hat, on the end of the row there. You want the Jesus to heal you of that? You believe He will, with all your heart? The lady setting next to you has arthritis too. And you're bothered with something or another that spits up in your mouth. Oh, it's gall. You ha... Isn't that right? Sure, that's right. Put your arms, or hands on one another there. You all lay your hands on each other.
Lord Jesus, Thou seest these things, and I pray that You'll heal her and make her completely whole, both of them, Father, for Your glory in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.

E-92 That lady setting right back there praying, I see the Light standing over you. You're bothered with a bladder trouble, lady. You believe... Setting right, with that little brown looking dress on, looking at me right here, that's it. You have a bladder trouble, didn't you? I said, "Didn't you?" You don't now.
Way back behind you, another lady with a brown coat on, has a stomach trouble. She wants to be healed too. You believe, lady? Setting right on back behind the gentleman there looking at me, right straight back here... Yes, with your hand up, little green sweater like on. No, over here, sister, right here. No. Stand up, lady, you right here with the... Setting on the end of the row there. That's right, with your hand up, there's where the Light's a standing, right there. Stand up and accept it right now while you have the chance to accept it. That's right. God bless you. Had ulcerated stomach, it's all gone now. Your faith healed you.

E-93 God grant It'll come closer. Seem like when you're far back... Little lady, setting right down here where I was pointing right across. I thought it was over her. I see it's over her again. But I see something... It's the lady with her hand up. You that put your hand up, stand up. Got that bright red looking hat on. Yes. I thought it was the little lady setting in front of you, but it's you. Oh, it's gall bladder trouble; that's what it is. Yes, I see it now where he's examined for gall bladder, under the rib here where them pains are. That's right. Go ahead home now; Jesus Christ bless you, my sister.
Do you believe? "If thou canst believe, all things are possible." Have faith. Little lady, setting right down in here with--suffering with female trouble, just have faith in God, lady. It's all you have to do. God will grant your healing. That's right, you, yes. Stand up on your feet. Now, you can go home and be well. God bless you.

E-94 This lady here was suffering with female trouble too. That's where them demons was pulling back and forth. You have female trouble. That's right. See, that spirit was moving back and forth. There was somebody out there just then was healed with stomach trouble because you had stomach trouble too. That's right. You have an infection the--they said in the female glands, the doctor told you: infection. That's right. See them demons pulling to one another, how you can recognize them.
Now, here's the thing you need worse than all; you need Jesus as your Saviour because you're not a Christian; you're an unbeliever. Not an unbeliever, but you're--you're not a Christian. Will you now accept Him, knowing that you're standing in His Presence? You now accept Him as Saviour? Come here.
God, as this wondering child coming home tonight, this affliction laid here to bring her to the foot of the cross, and now, Lord, forgive her of every sin; heal her of the diseases of her body that she might be made well. May this blessing come on her, Father, and all sins remitted now, all habits gone. And may she be made completely whole as I bless her in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
Your sin forgiven you now, go rejoicing and being happy.
Believe with all your heart? Now, be reverent, please.

E-95 Sister, look here just a minute. You believe with all your heart? Well, your nervousness is gone now. You can go home. You feel quiet now, don't you? You're healed. Jesus has made you well.
Mother, would you like to get over that old diabetes so you can really live right again and feel good? You believe Jesus is going to heal you? If I lay my hands on you and ask, will--will you get it? 'Course you see this eczema, or breaking out, but that... The main thing, hidden thing, is the diabetes.
Lord Jesus, grant the request of our sister in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
Have faith now. Go, believing with all your heart and you shall get what you ask for.

E-96 Come, brother. You believe me? The cross that you have hanging on you, the crucifix of the Lord Jesus hangs exactly where your trouble is: your stomach. Now, go eat what you want to.
Lady's trouble of weakness, and you have diabetes also. You believe Jesus makes you well? God bless you. Then go and may the Lord Jesus bless you...?...
Your trouble's in your throat. The asthmatic condition causes you to cough. Can't lay down, have to set up like this. You believe He healed you?
Almighty God, grant the blessings to this girl in Jesus' Name. Amen.
You believe the kidney trouble and things left you when you setting there? God bless you...?... Believe it with all your heart.
Think you can quit taking insulin, and think the Lord has made you well? Go on your road rejoicing.

E-97 Heart trouble, nothing's hard for God, is it? He just heal all kinds of diseases. God bless you. Just go on your road rejoicing, being happy.
And you had the same thing. So just keep moving; God's made you well.
And He will make every person well in this building right now if you'll believe it. Will you believe it? Stand to your feet just a minute. "God is our Refuge and Strength, a very present Help in the time of trouble." The crises is on; the battle is on. Raise up your hands and touch the lifeline now and move home with it. In Jesus Christ's Name may you receive it.