La Piscine De Bethesda

Autres traductions de ce sermon: La Piscine De Béthesda - MS
Date: 50-0811 | La durée est de: 59 minutes | La traduction: Shp
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E-1 We have no record of it after that. But it was a provided way made by an Angel Who came upon the pool of water to make a way for the sick and the needy. And how appropriate it is tonight to see the same Angel return in another manner upon man, troubling the waters.
And now, Father, we pray that these sick, and lame, and halt people are here tonight, that they will each be healed as they step into the waters of the Holy Spirit. Grant it, Father, that each one will be healed of whatsoever disease they have.
We're so thankful tonight that it's not limited to just one, but to whosoever will, let him come and drink the waters of Life freely. We thank Thee for this, our Father. Help us tonight as we are ministering to the sick.

E-2 Be Thou near us, and bless us, and protect us against the wiles of the enemy. And in this great day that were living, a great civilization fixing to be blasted from the earth. You said, "As it was in the days of Noah, so will it be," only this time instead of water it'll be fire. The world will be rocked by atomic power to be...?... O God, may men and women everywhere realize the seriousness of this visitation of God--a Gospel being preached like it was in the days of Noah: fanaticism to the world, but glorious and welcome to those who're willing to come in...
Now, we come into the Ark of safety, Christ. By one Spirit we're all baptized into one body, become members of that body which God raised up from the dead. And we... As He was raised up, being dead in His body, shall the judgments of God pass over to His Blood, and we shall come forth someday, made like unto His own glorious body.
Father, we're struggling, while we're trying to get the people to have faith in God, grant tonight that signs and wonders might be done before the people, that all here might glorify the Son of God. For we ask it in His Name and for His glory. Amen.

E-3 Tonight, I'd promised we could go right straight to the prayer line. We've got a...?... [] the reason that I read this just now.
I was questioned just a little bit before coming here tonight by someone. Said, "Brother Branham, why don't you heal all those people?" And I believe this person came immediately over here.
Well, I--I wished I could. But I--I can't heal no one. And the reason that I do not call everyone the way, sometimes...
I thought I would read this Scripture that you would understand that the Holy Spirit that was upon Jesus is on this church today, and moving in the same manner. As the robe of Elijah fell down on Elisha... "So these things that I do, greater shall you, for I go unto My Father." And the robe fell on the day of Pentecost that brought the glory back to the--to His people. But God lives in His church, and His Spirit moves upon His people.

E-4 We must first realize that we're living in a day of skeptic, generation of people who will not believe. Jesus said, "Though the dead be raised, they wouldn't believe." Them Words has to be fulfilled. Somebody...
Now, ninety percent that Satan promised he would have, has to be on the other side. We know that it has. No matter what would take place, they still would not believe it. They'll try to find some way to believe different. Even our Master was called Beelzebub, a spiritualist. And how much more will they call them that's of His household. We have to contend with that.
But, brother, that doesn't not shake my faith one bit. It only increases my faith in Him. For all that lived godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer first persecution. And the mystery to me was as plain as the Word was being taught, that men and women can't understand. Truly did Isaiah say, "You have ears but can't hear it, eyes but can't even see it."

E-5 When Jesus Christ came to the pool of Bethesda, in Him was feelings of compassion, for He was a Man of sorrow, acquainted with grief. And He loved the people. But when He came to that pool where approximately, I'd say, when the Bible said, "Great multitudes..." where there'd be none less than ten thousand. Saw one place referred that as fifty thousand. Now, let's say approximately a low number, ten thousand people laying there that was halt, blind, lame, withered, and all kinds of conditions like that. And here came Jesus the Son of God.
Well, He was--He was God on earth. He was God in the flesh: I Timothy 3:16, "Without controversy, great is the mystery of God, for God was manifested in flesh." The Bible said that God was in Christ reconciling Himself to the world. The only way that God could make Himself known, was to live in His Son, Christ Jesus, suffer death and temptation for all human race. And He had all the qualities of the Father was in Him.

E-6 And He walked by that pool and saw that great multitude of people bound by the devil: blind, halt, withered, twisted, laying there waiting maybe year after year, waiting for that Angel to come out of heaven and trouble the water. A troubled water is a water that's chopped. You people living near by this lake know about it: troubled water.
Some people would not believe that. They said it's just a wind that happens to hit a certain current, and blow it, and make it like that. If that's what they thought, that's what it was to them. But those who believed It was an Angel of God, It was an Angel of God for them, healing for those. So is it tonight.

E-7 But notice. When Jesus passed by there, He saw that great multitude. Doesn't it seem like for Him, with all the powers of God in Him... I believe that He could've healed every person there. Don't you believe that tonight? I believe He could've done it. But do you believe He was a true prophet sent from God? Was He the prophet that Moses said, "The Lord your God will rise up a prophet like unto me?" Was that the prophet? Then watch what He done.
Instead of speaking or saying anything to them, He healed one man, not a cripple, a man that had an infirmity for thirty and eight years. He healed him, and walked away, and left that great multitude of people lying there, of lame, blind, halt, and withered. Is that true?
When He was questioned on the subject, He said, "Verily, I say unto you, the Son can do nothing in Himself, but what He sees the Father doing." Is that right? Well, if the Son could do no more than what the Father showed Him, how much less could the servant do except the Father had showed him?

E-8 God knows, my dear brother and sister, that it would be my heart tonight... If I could, I'd stand right here, and I'd like to see this whole group for the glory of God, to see them go out of this building just rejoicing, not a afflicted person in the building. I would. Now, I'd do that if I--if I knowed that I had to lay in the dirt on my back afterwards from six months without moving to see this audience tonight healed, every one of you, I would gladly do it for the glory of God's sake, and for your sake, that's been sick so long, and knows you shall die, many of you, unless God...?...
But how could I do it? And as by man, without first God tell me what to do. If I would do anything outside of that, I'd be a hypocrite, and it would not be so. And therefore, it would never be.

E-9 If you notice at the platform, how close I have to examine. One word within myself would be wrong. It must be perfect, for it's God; and I have to let Him do it. And then you watch It, watch the expressions. I ask sometimes if He would show me certain things to do, I'll do it.
"But the Son can do nothing," said Jesus, "except those things that He sees the Father doing." Did you notice the resurrection of Lazarus? Look at the people died during the time of His reign. And only three of them we have record of was ever raised: Jairus' daughter, the widow's son, and Lazarus. His reign was three years and a half in Jerusalem, the anointed One of God.
But what did... When Lazarus His friend died, He said, "Lazarus sleepeth, and for your sake I'm glad I wasn't there. But now I go wake him." He knew what was going to take place; the Father had already showed Him. Look at Him at the grave when He prayed. He said, "Not for Thee, not... You hear Me always, but for these that stand by, I ask it." Is that right? The Father already showed Him what He was going to do, because His own Word said that He could not do nothing except the Father showed Him first. Is that right?
Then, friends, isn't... Brother that said that to me tonight, brother dear, I... Unless God shows me. I'll speak what He says. But when He doesn't speak, I'll keep silent there, 'cause I'm a minister, and I believe in God. And the things that I speak of is the truth, and God testifies of it. And I'm not here to...?... out before people; I'm here to serve God and to do what God says.

E-10 Jesus one time had a rag put around His eyes. And some of the same type of people smote Him on the face. "Now, if you're a prophet, tell us who smote you." He never opened His mouth or said a word. Wisdom is justified by her children. And that's right.
Be in prayer, be sincere, have faith and believe, and God will perform these things. But you must come reverent with spiritual faith in your heart, or God can't do nothing for you. The more humbler you get, and the less you know about the things of the world, the better off you are in the sight of God.
The greatest success I ever had was amongst people who hardly could read or write. But now, I'm not trying to support my ignorance or prejudices. But I'll say: The biggest hindrance that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has ever had, has been this modern day education. That's exactly right. Even in the ministry, they've explained everything out of the Bible; the Blood, the days of the miracles, the powers, it's all explained out.
And dear friends, don't you know that worldly wisdom is the thing that destroys the world? In the garden of Eden, there were two trees. One of them was the Tree of Life. When man eat from that tree, he'd lived forever. And the other was the tree of knowledge, which was the tree of death, which was the tree of sickness.

E-11 []...?... He's destroyed himself with his gunpowder... If it's electric lights, pull gasses out of the earth... wisdom, run to and fro, knowledge shall increase. And they've brought theirself a hydrogen bomb now. I don't know what going to do. Automobiles... Every time a man... God destroys nothing. Man destroys himself by worldly wisdom. The first conflict that ever come into the world was because that somebody was seeking after worldly wisdom in the stead of simple faith in God. Listen to this.
You say, "Doctor So-and-so doesn't believe it." That doesn't change God's Word a bit. Remember, you are not saved by wisdom; you are not saved by your education; you are saved by faith in Jesus Christ. Forget about your education. Be simple in your own doctrine.

E-12 Shall we bow our heads. Heavenly Father, our hearts are made happy to know that we have lived and seen the day when the enemy comes in like a flood. But You said, "I'll raise up a standard against it." And tonight, setting in this tent, the anointing of the Holy Spirit here, men and women, their hearts filled with Thy goodness, ready to sacrifice their life for faith in God... Now, Lord, I pray that You will come in power and will make Yourself known tonight among Your children.
And I ask You, Father, You... If that is as I have testified to the people tonight, that even Your beloved Son could do nothing, and say no words, or do anything except first the Father showed Him. He testified that to be true. And tonight, His Spirit, living on in the church, after nineteen hundred years, testifies the same things, all the way from the beginning of time.
We think about Balaam, the prophet who sold out, yet, standing up there on the mountain, said, "How can any prophet say any words unless God first put them in his mouth?" Truly, Father, all praise and glory for all the works goes to You, our Father.

E-13 And we come for You tonight in the omnipotent Name of Thy Son, Jesus, Who suffered at Calvary, and there shed His Blood freely, won the victory over all death, sin, sorrow, sicknesses, committing into the hands of the church forty days later--or fifty days later the power of the Holy Spirit that promised, "These things I do, greater shall you, for I go unto the Father."
And I'm thinking tonight of Elijah. Elisha could pick up Elijah's robe and walk down to the river Jordan, double it, and smite the Jordan, and screamed, "Where is the God of Elijah?" after that robe had fell upon him.
Father, tonight I wonder how it is that the church is afraid after the robe of the Holy Spirit is fell upon It, and scream out, "Where is the God that was on Jesus."
Oh, God, grant tonight, that men will wrap theirself in His righteousness and walk forward, challenging, standing as soldiers of the cross, men and women who love God, and willing to make the sacrifice for the Kingdom of God's sake. And may Your gift come down, Lord, tonight upon Your humble servant, and may it be a night of all nights. May signs and wonders be done that'll shut the mouth of the adversary. May it bring glory to the people of God. May the Holy Spirit take ahold in every heart. May their lives be filled, and may their bodies be healed; for we go forward now to challenge against the enemy in the Name of Jesus, the Son of God. Amen.

E-14 [A brother calls the prayer line--Ed.]
Every one be just reverent as possible now. We're going right straight into the service. And I want everybody... I'll be just as reverent before God as I know how to be. And we're starting early now so we can get a good long out tonight. And maybe after that group, we can pray for more. And if He keeps on, your faith keeps building...
We're coming into the building in a night or so, and not even call a card, bring everybody so that you'll be a... First thing that your faith could be built, to be brought up to a place where you can receive... The more faith you have, the quicker that we can get through the line...?...

E-15 But even now, what takes place here. He comes always when we ask for Him. Now, you people...
That's all right, mother. Your number's called, they'll come and get her back there, dear poor thing there...?... invisible things, here now...?... out here, wherever you are.
But be very reverent and pray. That's all I want you to do. And if you'll just not stir around for a...?... give me a chance to--to minister to the sick, I will appreciate. And I know these who are sick and afflicted will appreciate it.
What if that was your sister, wife, or mother, dad there? What if they were setting here tonight behind this cancer, and knows there's nothing could be done to them except for God would heal. Oh, my. Think of it. What if your mother was still in the...?... the doctors said, "There's no more I can do." If you thought there's a least bit of hope for them... What if someone was disturbing the meeting...?... Wouldn't you feel awful bad about it?
I believe, friends; I'm not a superstitious person. But I know there's a great Person...?... meeting. God will sure honor faith, honor your respect. There's much faith coming from the building now...?...
[There is much static on the recording, making it difficult to understand the words--Ed.]
Some of the ministers say I'm waiting till the prayer line is...?... wherever they're going to start at. And then...?...
Now, I...?... I think this. Let me illustrate just a moment. What if I was setting out there? What if it was me? I'd stand for...?... sick or afflicted. This is...?... If that was my mother, and...?... if I was blind. Oh, my. What would I do? I'd want...?... Who wants to be...?...
Now, I can have mercy as God permits me to have mercy. But friends, it isn't in myself as...?... it's all given to me to do whatever I wish to. That would be. It's not given to me I would ask...?... For already now, your...?... wonderful...?... It's already...?...

E-16 Person's sick...?... Doctor examined him. Now, that's the truth. There's already been a person healed...?... Now, that's the truth...?... There's two people healed now...?... You like to see that? The lady setting right here on...?... The man setting right there, holding a young...?... sister on your lap. And you sister...?... too...?...
They went down there together...?... I believe this...?... It's all over...?... Just have faith; don't doubt. Now, just have faith and believe God with all your heart. And if every one of you now...?... Let's bow our heads now for a word of prayer.
Our heavenly Father, we now, and from...?... where the right and wrong...?... we're a dying men...?... praising God. And we bow our heads to the dust where we were taken. Someday, we shall return. And we're now engaging in the conflict against spiritual powers, and Satan's taken people...?... find the home on the other side. But the battle is on, right against wrong, skepticism against the Word of God, faith against unbelief. O Father, may the Angels of God wave their white flag, the banners of the cross, and may the Holy Spirit rise tonight. May signs and wonders be done. We give You all things, believing them.
Now, knowing that Your power is here to heal, even now, I'm thanking You for it, Father. Today praying in the room, and You already promised that this would be here, and we see You already moving now. Grant it, Lord, that many things will be done in the Name of Thy Son, Jesus.

E-17 All right. May everybody be reverent. Have faith in God. Come forward...?... While I was in prayer this is just a number of things. I know this, friends. Now, be reverent. Mostly it's to contact the patients face to face; that's to contact the human soul. That's all. Sometimes out in there, you could stand on it. And I've said enough tonight. I'm going to pray. It's up to you...?... That's all I know.
All right, come forward, sister. Let's have your hand, just... []
You have several small things wrong with you. You're not sick; you're--you're tired. You asked for something that doesn't... You have arthritis crippling. I couldn't pick that up here 'cause that's acid in your blood. But I see it here coming...?... Do you believe me now, sister? There's not a medicine in the world for arthritis. And the way yours is going, it's a hopeless case...?... And now, you have not a chance, but you have the assurance. See? God will raise your...?... a sign to be wondered...?... []
Now, you're the patient. I'm not able to take that off of you, except you believe me. But I can tell you what's your trouble, and you'll know. I have not a way in the world I have knowing that outside of God. Isn't that right? Well, do you accept it as God, revealing Himself to you? If I pray for you, you believe Jesus is going to make you well? If... []

E-18 You're here, beyond any shadow of doubt. And You're here to make well these people. Lord, I've testified, done all that I know how to do. You spoke back, night after night, the truth. Christ is the Truth. We believe You, believe God, that He sent His Son made in the form of sinful flesh that's redeemed us. And we believe now we have the earnest of our salvation, a foretaste of what heaven will be by the Holy Spirit. And we believe that through Divine healings, we have the earnest of our redeemed bodies. Father, a crippled up woman, nervous, sick... But Thou art here to remove this curse. Have mercy, dear God, upon her.
Satan, in the Name of Jesus, the Son of God, leave the woman.
Now, look this way, sister. Will you obey me as God's prophet, as His servant? All right. I want you to raise your hands up in the air, just as hard as you can. That's right. Want you to raise your feet up-and-down, like this. You don't have any arthritis now. You're free from it, sister. You can go home just as normal as you ever was. Go off the platform walking swiftly.
Let's say, "Praise be to God."

E-19 All right. Howdy do, sister. It's your eyes. Yes, you've had an operation. Is that right? Been there for some time...?... your eyes patch turning green. Mother, you have some other things here what's wrong with you. God bless our lovely... You realize there's no way in the world for me to tell you what I told you, except by God, isn't that right? No way in the world... Now, that's the gift that He has given me. That's as...?... things. But to heal you, lays in God's power. I have no way of healing it, only just to pray for you. But here's what He told me: "If you'll be sincere and get the people to believe you, nothing shall stand before your prayers."
Have you heard me explain how that the--the life dies and then, it goes away? You believe that? That's Divine healing. America's...?... But you realize now that you're standing near somewhere around here is some Supernatural Being? That's right. And you accept it to be a gift sent from God? All right, bow your head. (The audience will bow their heads, also in prayer.)

E-20 Our heavenly Father, standing here, a blind spirit was in spirit of infirmity setting upon our sister, trying to darken the path, see her with a white cane after while, somebody's mother setting in a chair, blind. I don't believe it's Your will, Lord, that any should be that way. I believe that You died to redeem us from sickness and sin. Lord, I pray with all my heart, as sincere as I know how to do, that You'll now restore the sight in this woman's eyes for Your glory. I ask You to help me, God. If my faith be weak, strengthen my faith and help my unbelief, Lord. If hers be, do likewise, Father, that sight may be brought back for her eyes.
Satan, thou blinding spirit, in the Name of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, leave the woman.
Now, sister, it left you. Give me your glasses. She sees. Don't doubt. See all right? How many fingers do I have up? How many now? Now? One? Your glasses in your hand; your cataract's dead; and you're healed, sister. Now, go rejoicing. Now, in a few days, you're going... Now, by--by morning, in a day or so, you'll be seeing fine, just real good. That'll be strengthening up.
Then remember, after about seventy-two hours, you're going to almost go blind. When you do that, that's the swelling of that cataract. Then when you... After a few days, when that body begins to break, the life's gone from it, just keep on praising God. Keep on believing. See? If you doubt, it'll come right back then. But you go right on praising God and believing. Then in a few days, you'll notice it clearing up. It'll be over then, sister. God bless you. It's dead now.

E-21 All right, come right ahead, sister. Oh, I feel like... I'm not very emotional maybe, but I just feel real good. I feel like just saying, "Praise be to God."
All right, sister. Let's have your hand just a minute. Sister, are you going to believe with all your heart now? You must, 'cause it's cancer in your right...?... But you can't last much longer in the condition, that'll kill you. You've been told that too, haven't you? All right now, believe with all your heart.
Our heavenly Father, knowing that now Thou art here, the waters are troubled, the spirit is chopping through the...?... the body of Christ...?... Now, a dying woman standing here. We're so thankful that the Holy Spirit has brought her into the light...?... You are here tonight. With all my heart, Lord, I ask You to be merciful.
Thou demon of cancer, leave the woman in the Name of Jesus Christ. There it went. Amen. All right, you can go on your road rejoicing, for Christ Jesus, the Son of God, makes you well.
Let us say, "Praise be to God." All right, lady, go rejoicing now, and be happy. Praise His holy Name. All right now.

E-22 (You're in the...?...) How do you do, little girl? A sweet little thing. Come here, let's see. My, what a darling little girl. Now, my, how sweet. I have a little girl. I don't think that she's here just now, about your size. Can I set you up here to talk to me just a moment? Now, you look here, sweetheart.
Now, mother, I want you first to look this way...?... this child. There's something wrong with your baby, of course, or you wouldn't have it here. I don't know at this time. But... Yes, will you believe with all your heart if I'll be able to tell you the condition of the baby? A longing in your heart too, sister. You know what I'm speaking of? Now, your baby's got something wrong with it. I can't find out exactly what it is too: runningness, nose, in its ears. Isn't that right? Look this way, honey. This baby's been doctored by a doctor, a tall doctor like, thin like fellow. I believe he put--he give you something for the baby. And you brought it... You took the baby to a--a... No, you... He gave you something to give to the baby, and you put it in its nose and it started to its ears. Is that right? Yes, ma'am. Is that true? If I shall bless the baby in the Name of the Lord Jesus for it be well, and you will pay your vows to God...
Our heavenly Father, I hold this darling baby tonight to bless it in the Name of Jesus, the Son of God, that it'll live, be a normal baby; and this will go away. And may the mother receive her blessing, Lord, the desire of her heart tonight, through Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Amen...?... know you have, sister. Now, you take your baby. It's all right, going to be well and be a fine little lady. God bless you, my sister. You love Jesus? Let's say, "Praise God." [Congregation say, "Praise God."--Ed.]

E-23 How do you do, sister. Let's see your hand. Well, you have a greater faith than I expected. You had a goiter when you walked up here, but it's gone now. I believe that God healed you up here. God bless you. It's gone from you now. Go rejoicing, singing praises.
Let us say, "Praise be to God." Now, that's when faith ought to be. Now, friends, to you in here that might not understand, these people are not excited, perhaps, because Something to cause the excitement... It's their souls being blessed, to see the Presence of the Almighty.

E-24 All right, lady. You come forward to me. Well, there's two things that's wrong with you. One of the first is female trouble, and the other one she's extremely nervous. You've been nervous for some time. Your other trouble is glands. You didn't know that. Been that for some time. Yes, I see something else too. You have a trouble in your back also, don't you? Isn't that right?...?... in your spine. You believe the...?... now, with all your heart? If I shall ask Jesus to heal you, you...?... (Isn't that right?) your feelings and all about you. You didn't even know yourself about telling you...?... things and what it was. And you see exactly what it was. Now, that is your faith and the measure that it's in now, sister.
Only believe, and God will make you perfectly whole. Do you believe if I will ask God to bless you, He will hear my prayer? Remember what Mary said, or Martha said to the Master when her brother was dead? "My brother is dead." But said, "Even now, whatever You ask God, God will give it to You." See? You believe it that way? Bow your head and just keep your blessing.
Our heavenly Father, You said, "Whatever you bind on the earth shall be bound in heaven, what you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven." Lord, that's Your Word. "Whosoever sins you remit, to them they're remitted; whosoever sins you retain, to them they're retained." That's what You promised. And now, in obedience to Your Word, I lay my hands upon sister and bless her, and to loose her from this trouble.
In the Name of Jesus Christ, leave the woman. All right, sister. You're healed. Now, you move your back up-and-down this way too. That's fine. You're all right. Now, you're well. You may go on your... You feel good now? Fine, wonderful. Go, praising God.

E-25 Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody. God is a Spirit, an object of worship. The Bible said, "They that worship Him..."
Now, sister, look this a way just a moment, the lady was healed just now. How do you feel? Wonderful. That's fine. []
Whole group...?... Christ is the Truth...?... []... have mercy on me and help Thou my unbelief, right now, that you might be healed.
All right, lady, you can pass on too. The heart trouble that you had left you while you were standing there. God bless you, sister. God blessed you standing there.
Let's say, "Praises be to God." Her faith saved her.
God's just taken somebody right in here at the same time, had heart trouble, setting right along in here somewhere, that I felt it lift... There, God bless you, my brother. I knew it left from somewhere there. All right. Everybody have faith.

E-26 All right. Come on, sister. All right. Do you believe for your eyes with all your heart? In the Name of Jesus Christ, then remove your glasses and go off the platform believing with all your heart.
Let's say, "Praise be to God." Let's bow our heads and give God praise.
Our heavenly Father, thanking Thee in the Name of Thy Son, Jesus, for Thy mercy, Who can restore the sight, to make the lame to walk, the blind see, the deaf hear, can remove the cancers...?... growth. Oh, Thou art God Who made the heavens and earth out of the things that the--was not, and they now are like things that appear. Thank You, Father, for Your blessings and Your kindness. Keep us humble, worshipping Thee with all our hearts. In the Name of Jesus, the Son of God, we ask it. Amen.
All right. Everybody with faith, everybody believing now with all your heart.

E-27 Mother with the little boy laying there, I feel a vision of him is soon. Have you got a card? You have? Well, maybe you'll be called when you get in the line. I'm going to ask you something to act on faith. Won't you believe me, and throw your card down? You would? Where do you live at? All right. Tell you what you do. I'm going to stand here and ask God to heal that baby of that water. Now, look. Now, I'll tell you what I want you to do. I want you to lay your hand on the baby's head.
Our heavenly Father, by faith Thou has done these miracles, and I'm asking now that You heal the baby. In the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, may it leave it now. Amen.
God bless you, sister. Now, the baby... Now, you live close here, you say? Now, when you leave the service tonight, you take a string, tie it around that baby's head, like this, and cut it off. And you wait three nights, and then you tie that string around the head again, and cut off how much that head had shrink in that much time, and bring it and lay it on the platform here. Will you do it for a testimony?
How many will be looking for the string? All right. Now, that's just for you people out there. Now, watch what happens, and you shall know the glory of God.

E-28 All right. Where's the next patient? Just come, sister, down there. Oh, here. All right, bring her on.
Good evening, sister. There's two or three things wrong with you, sister. Now, listen close...?... Do you believe the doctors...?... And if you asked God...?... to give you a deliverance...?... arms, right hand...?... Isn't that right? Sometimes you feel like crying. I saw you've been crying. And I have a feeling you had something wrong in your back...?... your back pains...?... and also the fever...?... And then those things, and right where you're at, the room when you was praying... Are all those things...?... Now, isn't that the truth? Right where you were at? Just the time, and what you were praying for, and what you were doing, and what you were thinking, is that true? If that's true, raise up your hand so the audience can see it was the truth. Weeks ago, what you've done, what you was thinking of, and where you were at...
What's wrong with you now, four different things are...?... Is that right? For it's by the Spirit of God, which is on you now, can reveal the secrets of your heart. Do you accept it as being the same Spirit that Jesus said to Nathanael, "Before you... Philip called you, when you was under the tree, I seen you." And I seen you by the side of your bed, and what you were asking God. And no one in the world would know what you asked God except God alone and you. Is that right? And here I come, by that same Spirit, and reveal to you the prayer that you prayed weeks ago. Is that true? You believe the Spirit of God is here that knows all things?
Well, sister, I'll ask the prayer as form, but you're already healed. God has made you well already. You know that. You feel that right there while I was talking to you. Is that right? Now, so that the audience will know, when I begin to speak to you about your prayer, and the things that you said in that prayer, a real funny feeling come over, like a cold feeling. If that's right, raise your hand. That's when you were healed. Your spinal trouble is gone, all the rest of the troubles are gone. You're healed, sister. Your faith... Move yourself up-and-down like...?... All right. Now, raise up your hands, like this; say, "Thank You, Lord." Amen. Go off the platform rejoicing. Go on.

E-29 Let's say, "Praise the Lord." Now, dear beloved friends, the woman knows that nothing in the world could have helped her, no one would've knowed the prayer that she prayed before God about three weeks ago, where she was at, the way she, the position, the things that was in the room, and how that was seen right there, and the word by word what she said to the Lord. God hears prayers and He can reveal.
Now, not I, friends, but in this building tonight is the same Spirit of God that was upon Jesus Christ, that could tell Philip before he come here, "You were under the fig tree, praying." And here it is tonight, making more plainer than what He did to Philip, to fulfill the things. And said, "Greater than this will you do, for I go unto My Father." Is that right?
Christian friends, how could you doubt? How could you? Surely there couldn't be a doubt in the building. Just think, brother and sister, not... Don't look at me; it's... I--I could not do that. How would I know? I'm a poor mortal, with not even a grammar school education. And--and I--I... Oh, I--I don't know how to tell you. But He's here: God. Now, look; many of them in the days when He was here in Christ, many of them said... "Well, now," you say, "if I was back in that day, I'd believe." If you can't believe now, how could you believe then? Jesus never did call a prayer line and tell everybody--everybody the secrets of their hearts. He just spoke the Word once in a while to people like that. About three or four times in the Bible was all He ever done it. And He said, "Greater things than this will you do." Is that right? Sure. He's God.

E-30 All right, sister, look this a way. That somebody might think that I...?... Some of you say, "Well, I don't know," believing he's reading the people's mind. Do you believe that? Well, look here. I'm standing with my back to the lady. Now, sister, to you who's standing there, there's a baby. If you hear me, say, "Amen." I mean the lady here, the lady here, the patient. You hear me, say, "Amen." You hear me. I know nothing about you; you just come up here and set down. Is that right? If I can tell you what's the matter with you and what you want to be prayed for, will you believe me?
And remember when the Master stood there, and the Pharisees even around Him, He said, "Knowing their thoughts..." That's the reason I'm talking the way I am tonight. There's people here. I know your thoughts and know what you're thinking about.
All right, lady. That nervous trouble you had, has left you, and you're healed. Do you believe it? God bless you. You may go on your road rejoicing. Won't bother you no more.

E-31 Let's say, "Praise to God." There's not a thing in the building but what God knows just exactly what it is, and the thoughts of your mind is made known to Him, and He will make His secrets known to His servants. Is that right? Surely. All right. Everybody have faith, believe. Anything could happen where the Lord's people are gathered.
How much more time have we got? I... Fine. All right, we got a little bit of time left.
The brother, God bless you, my brother. I see that you're standing there suffering with many things, illnesses. Isn't that right? One thing, you have a bad heart. And another thing... Is that right? Say, brother, I see something now. You know that you're experiencing... Well now, looky here. What you have... You have a deep desire in your heart for something. Is that right? And that desire is something concerning a family affair. Is that right? Is that true? Well, God bless you, my brother. Go home, and may God give you one of the finest little boys that you can hardly to have in this world. God bless you, my brother, and give you...?...
Let us say, "Praises be to Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God," Who is here tonight and knows all things. There's nothing...?... [A brother makes a comment--Ed.]

E-32 All right. God knows... All right, sister. Your back trouble's over too. Go ahead. God cured you of that kidney trouble...?... female disorder...?... the power to serve God. And you wanted... All right. You're going to give Him your life now? You're... All right, it's all gone. God bless...?...
She had also other troubles. Sisters told her in here... And she wanted--she wanted to serve God. Ministers ought to talk to people of that type, and--and--and let them get right with God. Believe it. That's the main thing, it's to be right with God. Don't you believe that? All right, everybody be reverent now.

E-33 Just a moment. What do you think, sister, when I asked the blessing for your little boy's water head? You believe it'll be down at least an inch or two by that time? All right. And I want you to bring the little string up here and give it to...?... Say, "Here's how much it shrinks in that much time."
We'll make it a little quicker than that. You bring it back tomorrow night. All right. You bring it back tomorrow night, so that these men here who want to see it... It's going to shrink...?... now, tomorrow. Put it around its little head, and cut it off. Then while you do that, and you see that shrinking, that'll build your faith, and say, "Oh, my. It'll go on now. It'll be all right." God bless you, sister. All right.
All right, mother. Come walking this way now, and believe with all your heart. Do you believe? Will you accept me as God's prophet? Your heart trouble's left you then. You can move off the platform and be well. God bless you now. Go, believing the Lord...?... [Brother Branham speaks to the sister privately--Ed.] All right. Just a few things that she thought 'cause I didn't call that, maybe it might hinder. She had a... She was extremely nervous and had arthritis also. And I thought I was telling her that it's all over with, so she can just go on rejoicing...?...
Oh, my. Isn't He wonderful? Hallelujah. Glory to...?... Jesus, the Son of the living God. Oh, my, how it's looking over this tent now. How in the world... Looked like that everybody ought to be able to receive it. Have faith and... []

E-34 Sister? I just see it's still light around you where you accepted your healing. God bless you. You're just all right now, it's all over.
All right, sister. Your nervousness is gone also. So you can go on across the platform rejoicing...?...
Your healed also. God bless you, sir.
Let us say, "Praise be to God."
Believe Him out there, brother...?... Don't have no fear, but believe with all your heart, it'll leave. Jesus Christ knows your condition.
You setting there also that are trying your best, don't fear. God knows what you're trying...?... You'll be over that now in a few minutes. You believe it? You believe it with all your heart? God bless you. That's fine. Have faith; just believe with all your heart. It'll leave you sure as...

E-35 All right, come with...?... Oh, mother dear, don't fear; Jesus is here to heal you...?... Do you accept...?...
Our Father, bless just now. In the Name of Thy Son Jesus rebuke this demon away from our sister in the Name of Jesus Christ.
God bless you, sister. Go on your road rejoicing and happy...?...
Why can't every body here be healed? Listen. How many of you that's in a dying serious condition, that don't think you could get back to another meeting, come stand right along side, just a real serious condition, come stand right here at the altar, can't come back for a line. We're going to get somebody... Come here, brother preacher, just a minute. Come right along here by the side of me.
Oh, my. Why can't God will heal the whole...?...
All right, sister. Don't worry about that cancer you got. You just--just...?... Isn't that right? You got your cancer bothering you? But if you'll have faith, God will heal you. Is that right? Have faith, God will make you well.

E-36 I want all the ministers to gather up around here. My brothers, reach out there and hold your hands over this audience. Let all the audience be just as reverent as possible for a few minutes.
God bless you, brother. You believe with all your heart? You believe that I'll be able to tell you what's your troubles? Your sinus trouble has left you, brother. Believe God with all your heart. God bless you.
Everybody now, bow your head. All Christians...?... in prayer. Now, just a moment. I want to ask you something. How many in the building is sick? Let's see your hand. Now, listen real closely. While the anointing of the Holy... [] I want you to...?... everyone, while your hands up...?... one another and God heal you...?...