Apocalypse, Livre De Symboles

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Date: 56-0617 | La durée est de: 1 hour and 38 minutes | La traduction: Shp
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1 ...?... And you just go on home from the platform. Good morning, friends. It was... Them fans are getting me. So we're happy to be here this morning just for a few moments to--to speak with you. And I don't think Brother Neville ever has any certain place in the Scriptures where he's going to have Sunday school, so we just, maybe just let the Holy Spirit, as we feel led to--to start wherever He desires, or what chapter we're to read from. I kind of like it that way; there's no regular routine about it then, nothing formal; we just receive it as from the Lord, and go right ahead.
And I've been pretty busy. We had a lovely meeting at Cadle Tabernacle. And the most lovely part of it, besides the healing, to my opinion, was the last night, the altar call, where the hundreds poured down the line there, and packed all the altar space out, and every aisle, and up and down the sides, and were people coming to the Lord Jesus Christ. And that's the main thing, after all, is see people being borned again, coming into the Presence of God.
And see the little group here, we don't have any denomination or no membership; we just have fellowship one with another. What comes in, we preach the Gospel to them.

4 I just wanted to recognize, this morning, two brethren in the back that I know very well, two dear friends of mine, Brother Sothmann from Canada, he and his friend. And they're from up in, I believe they're... The candy man, what is the place you live, brother? I can't... And then the brother next to you there. What? Iowa, that's right. Eating his candy, coming down the road. I should've knowed where he lived at, didn't I? So we're very grateful to have them in today, as our visiting friends with us. They're fixing. I think, to go on to Canada now, and then come on over to the next meeting which will be at, beginning this week, latter part of this week, and the twenty-third, at Minneapolis, the Christian Business Men.
Thursday night, I'll be in Chicago, at the Chicago Gospel Tab... Or I believe it's the Philadelphian Church now for Thursday, this coming Thursday night in Chicago,
This afternoon we was supposed to be at Junior Cash's, about two o'clock now, for (if everything works around right) the dedication of that tabernacle. And--and I think he said he had some mutes that... The word's got around about the mute being healed at Indianapolis, which was borned a mute, and was about twenty-eight years old, and never spoke or heard. And they're bringing some mutes in there this afternoon. If I can just get into it now to pray for them. And that's on one old is it old 3, old State Road 3, at just above Charlestown, if I can possibly get there.

8 I've got some mighty strenuous things I got to run to do right away. And so then tomorrow, down--got to go down in Kentucky on a trip. And it kind of keeps pretty busy. But after I get through these meetings now. I got a little time. I have a little vacation; I'll be back in about six weeks. I'm going to Canada and then over to the west coast. So be in prayer for me. I got lots of decisions to make right away, so real important decisions, so you pray for me. I'll be depending on you to pray for me.

9 Now, the services tonight, as our dear beloved pastor, Brother Neville, who has always been inspiration. And to come in of a morning, I thought I'd just come in, set down, listen to him speak. But he's one man that's got a lot of courtesy, that he just--he wants someone... He "prefers." I think that's Scripture, "preferring one another..." (You see?), he... I--I like that. And I'm sure we're all happy of Brother Neville, our pastor, being that type of person. What a man is, he is at his heart. See, that's... And he, expressing himself like that, shows what he is.

10 Now, I been kinda un... Well, frankly, I just been up about thirty-five minutes, so then I kinda in the middle here of what to start on. I got three places picked out here in the Scripture. Got one of them on I Peter, and the other one on the Book of Jude, and one on Revelations. Now, where we going to start at this time? May the Lord help us now, and bless us greatly and abundantly, as we look to Him.

11 And so I hope that fan doesn't cut too much draft from anyone. Does it? Or, I think that's mostly for the pulpit. Isn't it, Brother Cox, this here? Yeah, well, I'm sure glad. It--it does me a lot of harm, this with no covering on top of my head. May... The women supposed to have a covering up there, but not, I guess, the men are not. It come out, and the pores never closed up behind there, to where the hairs come out; and just the least draft, and I'm hoarse in a few minutes. So I have to kind of watch that. Old age just does something to you, doesn't it?

12 Well, oh, but let's try the Book of... I'm afraid I'll get too deep if I try to get into the Book of Jude here, because it's on the "gainsaying of Core" and--and "running after the error of Balaam, and perished in the gainsaying of Core," which probably take us a long time. I want to pray for the sick that's here this morning...

13 Let's turn over to Revelation and start there just for a verse or two, to get a little background and teach for a few minutes, till the kiddies come out. And we'll close and have prayer for the sick, right away. Now, the Book is the last Book of the Bible. And there's no one in here... This same Book said that no man in heaven, or in earth, or beneath the earth, was worthy or able to take the book, to open it, or to loose the seals, or anything. No man, archbishop, or whoever he may be, he's not worthy, and had no way of doing it. And then the Lamb came, that was slain before the foundation of the world, and took the Book out of the right hand of Him that set upon the throne, and, for He was worthy, and He opened It and loosed the seals.
So let's just ask Him if He'll loose It to us this morning, and open It, while we bow our heads just a moment.

15 Our heavenly Father, today we're grateful to Thee for the privilege of coming to Thee in the way of prayer, and for believing, and having a faith that Thou will honor whatever we ask. Because, not because it's we asking, but because we're obeying what You said, "Ask, you shall receive. You have not, because you ask not. You ask not, because you believe not." And, Father, we love to ask You, because we believe that we will receive that what we've asked for. And the first thing, Father, for my own sins and the sins of this congregation, this morning, I humbly ask forgiveness of all of the sins of disobedience, and sins of omission, and whatever it might be. We pray, God, that You'll cleanse our hearts and souls just now from all iniquity, all sin, trespasses. And let the Holy Spirit just renew in us a right kind of a heart and mind to serve You. Grant it, Father.
And we pray that You'll heal all the sick and afflicted, and by the Word, "Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing of the Word of God." And may the Holy Spirit now come in and--and take ahold of the Word, take It right out into those new, fresh, clean hearts out there, and plant It there with great faith that'll just move them higher, higher up the road, until they are in the Presence of the Lord Jesus and receive their healing, blessings that they're asking for. For that's what we come for, is to pray to Thee and to ask Thee, and to be cleansed and scoured out, and--and healed, and set back into service again, Lord, to serve You in every little corner that Thou has sent us to. We ask this in the Name of the Lord Jesus, God's Son. Amen.

16 The Book of Revelations was the sealing of the last testimony of the Lord Jesus. And it was given... The first chapter, we'll start at. I was thinking maybe we'd have start over in some of the other symbols. Now, the whole Book is written by symbols. There's hardly anything just direct with the Word, where you just place it right out and say... It's by symbols. And God has a way of doing that and a reason for doing it. God does nothing without He has a reason behind it. And would anybody (this is a class now), would anybody have a thought, the reason He did that? Here it is; so He could hide it from the eyes of the wise and prudent, and would reveal it to babes such as would learn. Isn't He kind, to do us that way?

17 Now, if the great scholars, and so forth, had all the--all the Gospel in the way they set it down, we'd just have to bow to that, then they'd go out here and make all kinds of traditions and things, and we'd have an awful time. And they'd get up with their speaking in their scholarly way, till, why, they'd be going over our heads, and we wouldn't even know nothing about it. But we're so thankful that our kind heavenly Father had mercy on the poor and the illiterate, as I am, myself, to promise me, and to you, that if we would just set down and ask, that He would reveal Hisself to us. Isn't that wonderful? All of our creeds and all of our emotions, and everything that we've got, all those are just added.

18 There's only one thing that any person has to do to know Christ, believe on the Lord Jesus with all our hearts, thou shall be saved. So now we have forms of baptisms, and we have different creeds, and different in the things that we do, and little things set up. But that's all manmade. Just where we taken this and had a little issue out of it, and over here and make a little issue, the Presbyterians, and the Evangelicals, and the Fundamentals, and so forth, and the Pentecostals, and the Holiness, and the Calvinists, and they all have a little theories that they pet them, and they make doctrines out of that, when really, the only thing is, believe on the Lord Jesus. "Search the Scriptures. They are They that testify of Me," said Jesus.

19 Now, how simple it is then, that no matter how--how illiterate (That's "uneducated.") any person might be, they can be just as saintly and godly as an archbishop. See? Isn't that wonderful? No matter how downcast you are, whether you're--whether you're a potentate or whether you'd be a streetwalker, God loves just the same, and died just as much for the prostitute as He did for the potentate. See? Yes. You go to thinking of those things, then it--it changes everything, doesn't it? It changes the whole mental attitude, changes your opinion towards God.

20 Sometimes you're being just leaning a little to the election sake. And that's the reason that I turned away this morning from Peter, because the last few times here I been hitting at election so hard, I thought maybe I'd get away from that just for a little bit, 'cause you'd think... I don't want to go to seeds on nothing. But the thing that I was thinking of here, someone says, "Brother Branham, if God, election, yes, and if he's called to election, well, then, my, I just do anything I wish to." Well, that shows you haven't been elected yet. Exactly.
Because you would love Him so much to think that--that He loved you so much when you were unlovable, and before you had anything to do with it. He chose you. How could you turn anything down like that? Why, it looks to me like that would just set, that would set e--e--election so much higher than--than law. It would, or it would set legalistic idea. Why, it would just go beyond anything; to think that, when I was unlovable, He loved me. To think, when I had nothing I could do about it, He picked me up and saved me by His grace. I surely should be grateful enough to serve Him and love Him. See? So that's the way we feel about Him when we count the blessings over.

22 And think, what if God said, "Now, just those who has a--a high school diploma, or at least two degrees of college, can ever be My disciple." Well, what would we poor, illiterate people do? Or "my," I'm talking to myself when I say "we"; I mean in "my," me and my family. See? What would we do? What would any of us do? What would the poor, little housewife do? What if He said, "Just the clergy's going to be saved, just the ministry, that's all, the rest of them just... He's just to set an example and make them people try to live halfway right"? What would you poor, little housewives do, and all of you? You'd be lost. What if He just said, "The white race was going to be saved, that's all; the dark race, the brown race, the yellow race, none of you has got anything to do into it, you're all lost"? Wouldn't that be terrible?

23 I am so glad He said, "Whosoever will, just let him come." Let no matter, young, old, little, black, white, brown, anything, just come, drink from the fountains of the Lord, freely: don't have to pay a thing for it, not a thing. And, remember, after the invitation's given, still you can't come until He calls you and elects you. That's right. "No man can." Here He says, "The fountain's free for everybody, and no man will come except My Father calls him first." And then when a [Brother Branham knocking on the pulpit--Ed.] knock comes, and said, "I'm inviting you to come, sup with Me. Children, come on," how could you turn that down? That would look to me like mental deficiency to--to turn an invitation down like that, after the kind, heavenly Father... Not just to have fellowship here, but to be saved forever, to live with Him in the bountiful of His--the boundaries of His mercy and in His glory; to swap this old carnal mind for a pure, holy, sanctified one; and to swap this old, frail body that's dwindling away; and swap it for a immortal one which will never fail; and receive a crown that'll never fade away; and swap death for Life; to swap hell for heaven; to swap gloom for happiness, oh, my, and bid ye "come." How could you turn it down? See, how could you turn it down? It's--it's terrible to think of the very thought of turning it down. Isn't it?

25 And, oh, my, I love to see God heal His children, certainly. Don't get me wrong. But one reason I been noticing, if you notice lately, I been trying everywhere I go, when I get an invitation, is press in to preach just a little bit. I've let down on my preaching, and it's putting too much on just the anointing and working on the--the eternal part of the supernatural, rather, that, when, to see visions. And they're wonderful, and I thank God for it; but yet the preaching of the Word is a million miles beyond that, when I see the lame walk, and the blind see.

26 The other night, when that lady who was setting there, had arthritis--arthritis, and dying in the seat where she was setting. And the Lord Jesus with His mercy showed a vision over her, called her out of that chair. Her doctor came to me in my room and said, "Reverend Branham, I want to ask you, what did you do?"
I said, "Nothing. It was her faith in the Lord Jesus, that did it."

28 How we all love that. And how we love it, to see the deaf and dumb, born deaf and dumb, to a world that's never spoke or heard, just set there like a stump, and then to hear that person stand up and talk and hear. That's wonderful. But, oh, nothing like to see a lost soul come, weeping their way down to the altar, saying, "God, be merciful to me, a sinner." The mute will die again; the paralytic will die; all the sick will get sick again and die. But that soul that's saved, is saved for eternity, forever, never to perish. "He that heareth My Words, believeth on Him that sent Me, hath Everlasting, Eternal Life, and shall never come into judgment." But's done already passed from death unto Life, because they believed on the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. Isn't that marvelous?
Oh, that ought just to set in a reaction of love that would just spread all over the world. That's what Jesus intended It to do, the Gospel to all the world. It should change the human heart till they can't sleep day and night, until people are being saved.

30 Look at Paul, "A prisoner," he said, "of the Lord Jesus," a Jew sent to the Gentiles. His people excommunicated him as quickly as he turned to the Gentiles. See? But he become a prisoner of the Lord Jesus.
Like it would be in Africa. The white man so degrades the--the colored man there, until if you're even caught associating, "Oh, my, how horrible..." See? calling them all kinds of names, don't even believe they got a soul, many of them. And to think that a white man then being called, a man like Paul, was called to the salvation of that man. Thank God it's not in America and many other countries, but I been in that. Maybe to the yellow man, "Go ye into all." And Paul said, "I'm a prisoner of the Lord Jesus," but he said, "I magnify my office in the Lord." How the love of God constrained him to go amongst the unclean Gentiles, who were considered dogs. But Paul said, "I magnify my office in the Lord, because He's given me the opportunity to go minister to the dogs," otherwise.

32 Jesus Himself regarded a Gentile woman, like we are, us people here... Syrophenician woman, and said, "It's not meet to take the children's bread and give it to the dogs."
She said, "That's true, Lord, but the dogs are willing to eat the scraps that falls from the master's table."
That got Him. Amen. That woke up the Holy Spirit, knowing that soon the Jews' eyes was to be blinded and He was to turn then to the Gentiles.

35 I want to give you a little secret. The Lord has blessed me greatly, and to Whom I give praise, for praying for the sick. And I have watched it through these years, and I have found it to be the absolute truth. I can never, never get my prayers through till actually I get right into the real fellowship with the person I'm praying for. You've got to get down and feel that person's condition.

36 Here not long ago, down in Mexico, poor, old Mexican man, black, hair gray, and his mustache gray, never had, a probably, a decent meal in his life, and there he come to the platform; Catholic, by faith; moving around with a little shawl over him, no shoes on, his feet wrinkled. He was asking for me. And when he knelt down before me. I picked him up by the hands. And he reached to find his beads, and old wore-out looking beads, he'd rubbed over them so much to say his prayers. And I said, "That's not necessary, dad. You don't have to do that. Just put that away, just for a minute." The interpreter telling him. Then he felt around to me. I said, "Just come here, dad. I want you to believe on the Lord Jesus." And he put his old hands up; he got ahold of my shoulders, and leaned his head across my shoulder. I looked down at them old wrinkled feet, dusty, dirty. I flipped off one of my shoes to see if it would fit him. I'd rather go bare-footed than to see him walk off like that. See, and my heart went to him; he was blind.

37 Now, there's when you really get into it. All of our culture will fail. All of our signs will fail. All of our gifts will fail. But love never faileth. That's what takes to hold the grip.
And I thought, "Poor, old fellow, about the age my daddy would be if he was living." And I thought, "Maybe he's got a child too somewhere." And he was mumbling off something, and the interpreter didn't give it to me. And I looked at the old fellow, I just couldn't... Not in my eyes, but in my heart. I could just like teardrops dropping. "Poor, old thing," I thought, "he's probably never had a good meal in his life; ragged." And I entered in with him, entered into his affliction. I thought, "Besides being poor, besides his condition and his affliction, all that, yet in a dark world, can't see: blind." I thought, "O God, what if that was my daddy standing there?" Then I got the feeling of--of Him. I said, "Heavenly Father, be merciful to this poor blind man." It wasn't praying from my head. It was Something in my heart praying for that. See, but, love...

39 And I heard him going, [Brother Branham imitates the man's native language--Ed.]. And there the Mexicans, by the tens of thousands was screaming. I wondered what it was. He was screaming, "I can see. I can see." Then he turned around and knelt down and started to rubbing my shoes, trying to pat me on the foot, and I raised him up. And he run up and down, the old fellow stooped over, hollering [Brother Branham imitates the man's native language--Ed.], "I can see. I can see."
What was it? Entering into the fellowship with him. Love, that's what does it, no strain, just pure, unadulterated love. That'll beat all the gifts of laying on of hands. That'll beat all the interpretations and speaking with tongues. That'll beat all the... I'd say it, the melodious voices of singing. That'll beat everything, if you'll just enter into the love of God with the person you're trying to win to the Lord Jesus.

41 "Oh," you say, "Brother Branham, I don't pray for the sick. I got a person..."
All right, if he's unsaved... Just don't make it up. The Holy Spirit knows better than that. Don't you be a hypocrite. You really mean it. And you get to studying about that poor lost friend of yours until you just simply can't stand it day and night, you just got to go to them in love. Watch what the Holy Spirit will do. He'll pull him right to you every time. "The love of God constrains us."

43 Say, I have never even got to the text, and here it's time for me to close, the kiddies coming out. Let's read one verse anyhow.
The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave to him,...
I love that. Don't you? The revelation... What is a revelation? It's something revealed. The Revelation of Jesus Christ, that's what this Bible is. This Bible is to reveal Jesus Christ. Genesis reveals Christ. Exodus reveals Christ. Oh, my. I get back in there, I go to getting religious right away, or feeling that way. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, all of them, everything, even in Naomi, Ruth, Job, all of them is a revelation of Jesus Christ, that in Him might dwell the...?... that covers all space and all time; and all that eternity holds is Jesus Christ. And all these little things here is just seeds to that great meeting day when the human race will be introduced in the resurrection to the Lord Jesus. The Revelation, God revealing...

45 The tree reveals Jesus Christ. The flower reveals Jesus Christ. The sanctified life reveals Jesus Christ. Sure. Say, "How could the flower reveal Jesus Christ?" It dies in the fall and rises in the spring. Amen. It serves its place on earth, and beautifies. It opens up its little heart like that, say--the passby says, "Oh, isn't that wonderful, what an odor, what an aroma to smell the flower."
And the bee comes by and says, "I'll take my part out." The sightseer comes by and takes his part out. And he toils day and night to keep radiant to give hisself out to somebody else.
No wonder Jesus said, "Consider the lilies of the field, how they toil, neither do they spin. And yet I say unto you, that Solomon in all of his glory was not arrayed like that."
Then the lily was revealing Christ. He was called "the Lily of the Valley, the Rose of Sharon." See it?

47 How Mr. Lily, pastor Lily, he's a wonderful school--a wonderful Bible teacher, Mr. Lily is; he gets down into the dark, the dark place; he pushed hisself up through the darkness of the earth. So what to do, to glorify himself? To glorify everything that comes in contact with him. And he has to toil day and night to keep his radiance of beauty, to keep the perfume a-flowing. He's pulled day and night from the earth to give out.
That's what a real Christian does. You pray and humble yourself, and keep before God day and night in order you might give yourself to somebody else. Not what you keep, it's what you give that counts. You must give yourself out to others. That's the way Jesus did. He gave Hisself to others.

49 And this Revelation of Him here, the last Revelation written...
The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to show unto the servants things which must shortly come to pass;...
This is the last Book; and He sent His angels to signify It.
... sent to signify it by his angels unto his servant John:
My, how we could day--deal there a week. Notice. It's a Revelation, this Book is, to the servants of God for the last time, "when the time is at hand," when this Book will be revealed. Now, on over in the Book, we find out that the Book was closed, and shut up, and sealed until the end time. Through the ages they've tried it. Remember, the Bible that was taken out of the hand of God setting on His throne. It was closed and sealed with seven seals on the back, and no man in the heavens and earth, nowhere, was worthy to take the Book, or to loose the seals, or even look thereon. But the Lamb come and opened It.
You remember Daniel? Daniel, at the end time, he saw a flash vision at the closing of his ministry; a vision seer...
And look here, "sent His angel," about sixty-some-odd years after Pentecost, here He's sending His Angel to signify things that must shortly come to pass."

54 Now, when was the Book of Revelations ever wrote? The first place, it was wrote before the foundation of the world. And, John, only by the Holy-Spirit-filled heart... Do you see?
Angelic beings associate together. Oh, I hope you get that, that just dropped right down, free. Look. And if you've got the Holy Spirit in you, then you're a candidate for association with the unseen world and the Supernatural. No wonder people can't believe in those things; they've never come in contact. They got nothing in here to believe with.
But when the Holy Spirit comes into the heart, quickly He becomes then a--a twofold being: one of the earth to die; and one of heaven to live. Amen. In his body he's still subject to death; but in his soul he's passed from death unto Life. In his body he has his earthly contact with his five senses; in his spirit he has a contact with God through the Holy Ghost. And the Angels of God visits them, and speaks with them, and they are messengers sent from God to reveal, and to bring messages from God to the individual. He's out to get the first things first. You can't put the cupola on before the foundation's laid. See? So we got to remember that, put first things first. "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness; all these other things will be added unto you."
... angel sent to signify these things...

56 Daniel, when he was closing his ministry, a great prophet, there was an Angel that followed him. And the Angel told Daniel, said, "You are beloved before God." And now, Daniel couldn't talk, perhaps, face to face with God, but God sent an Angel as an inter--intermediate between him and God, that He could talk between them, and bring... Angel, the very word "angel," means "a messenger."

57 If a boy was at the door, and knocked at the door latch, tell the ushers, "I have a telegram here for Mrs. So-and-so and Mr. So-and-so." He would be a messenger, a earthly angel.
Your pastor, when he stands here on the platform, ministering the Word of God, he is God's angel to the church, messenger to the church. Therefore, a pastor should never leave that Word, but stay straight with the Word, because He's feeding the shepherd's place, 'cause the--the word "pastor" means "shepherd." Look it up and find out if that ain't right. A pastor is a shepherd, and the Holy Ghost has made him overseer over a certain flock to feed them. What with? The Word of God. Amen. Oh, my, what a...

59 Watch all those names; they mean something, every name in the Bible. When you see one name in the Bible, it means something. Did you know Israel's wives, when they gave birth to the twelve patriarchs, each one of those mothers, when they were having the baby, and the baby was being born, and them groaning, the groans that they came out, and named those boys in the very groans that they give, signified the nature of the child, and the place they'd make their final resting place. Every groan (Amen.), under the power of the Holy Ghost...
That's the reason we should be groaning in the Spirit. Now, I don't mean a lot of put on, but I mean really in travail for the Church. Then the Holy Spirit... Then you can get some real speaking with tongues and interpretation. The Holy Spirit making utterance and tells through groans and prayer; be real truth too. It'll be something right now that you'll see take place.

61 Then Daniel (closing) at the last he seen an Angel come down, put one foot on the land and one on the sea, a rainbow over His head. He raised up His hands, and swore by Him that lives forever and ever, that time shall be no more, at the finishing of that time that he had told him. In other words, this dividing of time that we're living in now, from the time and coming of the Prince until this day. And said, "At that time the mystery of God should be finished."
And the world groaning, waiting today, people don't know the mystery of God. Why? They've not been taught the mystery of God. The only thing they been taught, "join church, put your name on the book, be a good fellow, treat your neighbor right." That's all right, but you must know the mystery of God. No man can reveal it to you but the One that had the Book. And the Bible said, "No man can call Jesus the Christ, only by the Holy Ghost." This grand, old Holy Ghost church is going to come out one of these days and shine like you've never seen.

63 And this great evangelical paper where archbishops and everything write in, a great Riley Mackay, one of the greatest in the whole world known... A great article in his paper this month, said, "If the Catholic or the Protestant church ever find God, it'll set at the feet Pentecost and learn it. Amen. God's not known by theology; He's known by the new birth, being borned again. The Pentecostal church has accepted, and believed, and don't care who thinks anything about it. They've accepted it. Now the Devil's put some counterfeits in there to throw some drainage over on the side. And the Evangelical church points to the drainage, and points over the top of the real, genuine, borned again Pentecostal Church with all the signs and wonders. They're there, but the Devil's got his counterfeits, which the Bible said he would have.

64 But remember, Daniel was told by the Angel. Daniel heard seven thunders; they uttered their voices. Daniel grabbed his pen and started to write, and the Angel said, "Don't you write it." Amen.
Are you ready? Let's get into it just for about the next five minutes. Will you? Listen.
"Don't you write it." John saw the same thing, and it had already be written outside of the Bible; and had seven seals on the back of the Book, that no man could open those seals, that was them voices. Here's the Bible written, which is a mystery Itself. But on the backside of the Bible, the revelations was shown to Daniel, say that there's seven voices to be uttered that no man could open, no man knowed what it was. But the Bible said, and told Daniel and also John, "That in the last days these seven voices would be known by the real true Church." You get it? Can you see where the false and counterfeit is trying their best to keep great men from places like that?

67 Just the day before yesterday afternoon, one of the greatest evangelical men in the whole world set in my room, crying, and received the baptism of the Holy Ghost; to make arrangements with Billy Graham to come to my house as soon as he comes to Louisville. I got his name and thing here to come over to seek and talk about the baptism of the Holy Ghost and Its power. Now, I'm not quoting this. Billy said, said in one place, a woman standing, crying, with a big goiter, he said. And something struck him, and he rushed forward to pray for her. He said, "What's happened to me?" Oh, my.

68 God, in this last days is going to draw true hearts from everywhere. No matter how much counterfeit and chaff the Devil has, God will rise His Church right out of it. It'll be a sealing for sure as I'm standing in this platform. And the hour is at hand. The cold and formal's weaning away. The Evangelical and the social gospel, and all these other things, are gone. The fantastic side is a going in such radical fanaticism till anybody blind could see it. But God is pulling His Church out.

69 Like the great water lily. The little, tiny seed born way down in the bottom of a miry, mucky, dirty, frog-scummy pond, and it winds its way up through the muck, through all the mud and all the scum, and becomes the finest thing that you ever looked into the face of, with a radiance like the sunshine.
So is the Church of the living God, that's been born down in the mud of fanaticism and chaos. But she's wound her way through the grime until she's on top of the thing, just waiting for her wings for the flight. "Many shall run to and fro; and the people that know their God shall do exploits in that day." God's revelations to His Church... Set still, little Flock, positionally stay where you are. As Sister Gertie and Sister Angie used to sing here, "Keep holding on." Don't worry. God is waiting, and trying, and pressing to get at the mystery of God revealed to His Church. That's what's a-holding back the coming of Christ now and the great Millennium, is this great supernatural power that really lays dormant in the Church.

71 Many a man standing in the pulpit this morning, preaching a social gospel, but down in his heart he really believes. And, brother, he has the power to preach It. What he wants to see is to put this power in its beauty. So thankful to see it coming to pass, so glad to see it being made manifest, the Revelation of Jesus Christ.
"Jesus," the Bible said, "He's the same yesterday, today, and forever." God, in His infinite mercy by His Word, not some mysterious something of something that's fanatically, but through the preaching of the Word He's manifesting Himself, the risen, living Lord Jesus; doing the very same things He done when He was here on earth. He's doing it again in His power and manifestation. "And if I be lifted up from the earth, I'll draw all men unto Me," hungry-hearted, great man.

73 The great council of meeting, not long ago, 1958... I was asked yesterday to represent the supernatural working of God before six hundred and something delegates from all the world, if God tarries until 1958, to be in Boston. Massachusetts. One of the ministers, a great man with the general gospel, David duPlessis, said, "Brother Branham, when all the delegates of the world is gathered together, and the Christian nations from everywhere is gathered together at this great world council," said, "just the speaking of the Word, and the power to reveal the Holy Spirit coming present," he said, "evangelicals from everywhere will sway in." And when they get a faith to live a real Gospel, it'll close the Gentile dispensation and issue in the Lord Jesus' second coming. God can't be just and let honest hearts lay out there and sizzle in hell for it. He's got to be just, and He's got to get it to them somehow. We're in the last day.

74 The Revelation of Jesus Christ,... God gave unto him, to show unto his servants things... must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified it by his angel...
Angel... How is He going to signify it? God gave the Revelation of Jesus Christ to a servant, prophet, on the isle of Patmos, signified by an angel Amen. I hope you see it. Isn't He wonderful?
Watch what John does. Just read another verse, and we'll close.
Who bore record of the Word of God,...
Wasn't off on some tantrum; he wasn't setting back there with a social Gospel. He stayed right with the Word. He bore record. How can the--he bear record unless the Word be made manifest of what he preaches, if the Word is a Seed? And the seed will produce. How can I say there's a corn field there unless the seed produces exactly corn? Is that right? God was bearing record through John, that he was preaching the Word of God.
... bore record... the word... a testimony of Jesus Christ, and of... things which he saw.
Blessed is he that readeth,...
How many wants a blessing? Then read It. Isn't that marvelous?

78 Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the Word and of the prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.
Oh, my, if we just could go into it right now... Look. When is the time at hand? When the Revelation of Jesus Christ has been revealed to the Body of Christ, and Christ has been revealed, not dead, but alive, living in His Church, doing the same things He did, the same ministry, the same Gospel, the same sign, the resurrected Christ, when He's revealed by His Angel into the Church, then the time is at hand. And never a time, since that day until this has the mystery of Jesus Christ ever been revealed until these last few years. Then the time is at hand.

79 Watch the world in its natural. The atomic, the hydrogen, the cobalt, all the bombs and things they got; the whole world is a-trembling; everything is shaking and trembling. All nature is groaning. You know that. I know that. The Pentagon knows that. Russia knows that. England knows that. The world knows it. The time is at hand. What's making nature quiver the way it is? Because the time is at hand.
This Church is in Its deliverance, is a perfect type of Israel in their deliverance, when Israel took its stand upon the pure, holy, unadulterated Word of God. It was going to stand and take its march. Moses led the children of Israel; with a little bread, kneaded bread on top of their head: Kosher; and they marched to the Red Sea. God's path led them right up to the Red Sea. Well, he said, "Now, how we going to get across?"

81 And somebody looked back, and said, "Look, coming yonder; the dust is a-blowing. There's thousands times thousand of Pharaoh's chariots right behind us." That mixed multitude that went with them, begin to quiver and shake, which followed, finally perished with the gainsaying of Core. No doubt but what the very nature of the hills shook, going to see one of the most bloody massacres that you ever seen. A poor, little, helpless bunch of people standing there by the side of the sea. Little children backing up against mama and holding her dress. Poor old dad leaning against their boy, crying, saying, "Son. I've lived my days, but I hate to see you going. Look, coming yonder." All nature, who dreads death, even the flowers and the trees, and everything else, is afraid of death. Nature quivered and groaned, and shook under their feet, when they seen that bloody massacre coming.

82 What was God doing? Oh, what a tie. They failed to realize, hanging right yonder stood a supernatural power, the Halo of God, a Pillar of Fire hanging there, that would stand between them and that enemy when it come time to stand.
Nature quivering, the sea begin to get nervous, the moon looking down and quivering, the birds flew from the scene, the animals run back. "Oh, what an endless murdering of millions of people's going to die in a few minutes." And they were all groaning.
But what was they doing? They were following the path of God. It--it seemed foolish; it seemed crazy, but they were walking in the Light (Amen.), oh, walking in the Light. You remember when we used to sing that song?
We'll walk in the Light, that beautiful Light,
Come where the dewdrops of mercy are bright;
Shine all around us by day and by night,
Jesus, the Light of the world.

85 He's raised from the dead. He's here before us. He's showed signs and wonders, infallibly; not some fanatic stuff, but the final sign and wonder, that He's with us and He's leading us on. And we're coming to a place.
And there hangs bombs; there hangs cobalt bombs. Oh, my. And a proclamation rising up now to stop all interdenominations and consolidate to a one, great, big Evangelical church of the Protestants, which will cooperate and join with Catholicism to combat Communism. It's the work of the Devil. Yes, sir. God never did associate saint and Satan's church together. God leads His Church, and He don't expect political leaders to lead them, not even church politics. Every man that's borned of the Spirit of God is free. Amen.

87 Here she is, right up here at the end now. The people's begin to look around, "Well, what can we do? What can we do? Oh, how foolish it is to say, "What can we do?" Just look to Him that's leading. Amen.
"What are we going to do?" Brother, you who are past thirty years old; sister, you who are gray-headed, and dad sitting by you; you who are sick and afflicted; you who can look at your hand. Every time you look at one another, you know one thing is certain; you're going to die. Every time you hear an ambulance go down the road, it speaks death's right ahead of you. Every time you pass by a graveyard and see a tomb, it says death is ahead of you. Every time you see a wrinkle come in your face, or a gray hair, or a stooped shoulder, it says death's ahead of you. Oh, but how happy the Christian can stand right at the brink of the dead sea.

89 Moses turned his face to God and he begin to pray. That Pillar of Fire came down, stood between them and the danger. Darkness to them; if you refuse Light, it'll turn to darkness every time. And it was darkness to them; but it was marching orders to these to go on. And when they got to the sea, the sea opened up. A great east wind coming from the very direction they was, going over top of the heads of Pharaoh, come down and scooted back the sea. And the sea got scared because God ordained a path through the thing. God was showing His love to His children. He likes to get you in a tight place sometimes, so He can just manifest Hisself.
As a shepherd once said, he broke the sheep's leg.
Said, "What did you do that for?"
Said, "So I could feed her, love her, and prove to her I love her." There you are. Said, "Then she'll follow me."

91 ... things which must shortly come to pass; and... has signified it by his hand...
John to the seven churches which are in Asia: Grace be unto you, and peace be multiplied,... (oh, my)... from Him which is,... which was, and which is to come;...
Jesus... What? Three things: "Which was, which is, which is to come: the same yesterday, today, and forever." A little later on in the Scriptures, the next chapter, He said... Now, the same chapter, He said, "I am he that was dead, and is alive again for evermore, and have the keys... (Not some church, Peter, or his cathedral, or Rome, or--or the Episcopalian, or the whatever it is, got a key; that's the key to fellowship.) But I have the keys of death and hell." Amen.

92 Oh, don't you love Him today? He has the key to your joy. He has the key to your happiness. He has the key of your deliverance from the grave, "I have the key of death and hell: hades. I can unlock the supernatural. I can unlock the natural. I've got the key of death and hell here in My hand." Oh, there is a fountain open. Come, take of the waters of Life freely.
There is a Fountain filled with Blood,
Drawn from Immanuel's vein,
When sinners plunged beneath the flood,
Lose all their guilty stain.

93 When you come back up from there, brother, you won't have to take a rabbi, priest, or a preacher's word. In your heart there's something that's mellowed you to a fellowship; there's something that's made all old things pass away, and things then become new. There's something that loves you there, and something that's in your heart. Paul said, "There's nothing present, nothing future, neither sickness, or peril, nothing could ever separate us from the love of God that's in Christ Jesus." No backbitings, no ups, no downs, no nothing else, nothing can ever separate us from the love of God that's in Christ Jesus. Sickness, sorrow, hunger, strife, differences in the church, difference of opinion, no matter what it is, nothing can ever separate you from the love of God.

94 Don't you want to plunge today while we pray? The sister, would you come here just a minute while we bow our heads in a word of prayer. Just before praying, I wonder if someone in the church, the little group here this morning, would say, "Brother Branham, remember me. I'm lifting my hand."
I'm sorry I had to chop the message up this morning the way I did. But just got a few minutes, 'cause I got to be in another place in a short time. And I... Another service coming off, and I got to go right away. And I want to pray for the sick before going.

96 But just while you're here, are you convinced? Have you really passed from death to Life? Is your name really been... I mean to say, really remembered? Is it on God's Book today? And, oh, are you at peace with God? And the world and all the old things passed away, and everything's become new? Is there a real, royal, rich, brotherly, godly something in your heart that you know that the world can't give? Are you loving sinners so well that when you talk to them you just become one of them? Paul said he'd give his life; he would be a castaway, if God would only save some of his sinner friends; in other words, his people, the Jews who were against him. Is that the kind of a religion you got this morning, friend? If it isn't, there's a Fountain; it's all filled with Blood, drawn from Immanuel's vein, by faith (the only way you can do it), there sinners plunge their souls right beneath that flood, it's the work of God. [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] What happens? Lose all your guilty stain. It's left behind you, like Pharaoh's army was left behind Israel.

97 Follow the instructions, not the emotions; the instructions. If Moses would've followed the emotions of the people, they'd have been running all over the mountains, screaming, and Pharaoh's army would've got them. But they followed instructions. God said, "Stand still now and see the glory of God." Just stand still. You don't have to get excited; stand still and see the glory of God. "For this day God will fight, and you'll stand still." They just walked across the sea. Then the--the uncircumcised, them impersonators trying to do so, drowned in the sea.

98 Father God, this little, bitty flock here this morning, but there's real men and women sitting here that's Your children, that believes You and loves You. I pray, God, for them. Maybe some of them have never accepted You yet, never really had the experience of all the old carnal things of the world dying out, they just lived on a church confession, they told people, and told others. Maybe they've been baptized or something in--in Christian article, but never really have ever been saved. They don't really know what it is. Maybe they just been mentally emotional, intellectually professed Christians, thinking that they're right by a sentiment, where, "There's a way that seemeth right unto a man," seems like it's right, and you got it, "but the end thereof is the ways of death."

99 God, let every man and woman, boy or girl, search their heart at this time; not them, but let the Holy Spirit search them. And they will make up in their heart, "Yes, I believe I been wrong. I really have never got to that place yet to where all those things has passed away. Now, and now, Father, I accept You just now to be my Help while You're knocking at my heart. You're still calling me, or You wouldn't be talking to me like this." And may they raise up their hands, not to me; but to You. And by doing so, say, "From this day henceforth, Lord, I'm taking myself up to the river of self-denial. I'm taking myself up to the river of death. There I'm plunging beneath, to lose every stain that's wrong with me: all my habits, and uncleanliness, and my thoughts, all my differences, my quarrels, and argues, and tempers, and--and all these things. I must plunge them right beneath the flood, that when I come up, I want to feel like the Gospel said that I should: clean, ready, with a pure heart, real love for my fellow man. No matter how cruel they are, I still love them. I want to enter into a fellowship with Thee till I will feel to my enemies like You do; I want to really know it, Lord." For, we can't play with it now; it's too late. We might be gone after today. We might be gone after five minutes from now; we'll never have another chance. And, God, let men and women think of this solemnly, setting in this little church today, for we ask it in Christ's Name.

100 And while your heads are bowed, I wonder if there'd be one raise your hand, and say, "God, remember me. I'm the one who wants that experience with You. I'm raising my hand." Now, if you haven't got that real positive assurance, just raise your hand. God bless you too. God bless you, lady. Now, everyone that's not positive, you got... God bless you, sir. God bless you, sister. Now, something... God bless you, my brother. God bless you, my sister. You're not real positive... See? See, whenever you go through, brother, nature, all that you are is changed.
"Oh, yes, I believe, Brother Branham."
But if it's just an intellectual affair, you're believing because you have a mind to believe, that's not what I'm talking about now. I mean, you're really have been saved, you've been sealed by God's eternal love, that you can love the people that's unlovely to you, and in such a place that you can stand before them, hold their hands, and not--not with fanatics, or fanaticism, rather, but with a real true heart, so he can feel it. He knows whether you're putting it on or not. Take ahold of his hand; say, "Dear beloved brother, I--I--I been in the wrong, I--I pray you'd forgive me. I--I love you." And with that kind of an attitude, can you really from your heart do that? Can you? Can you lay aside all the things of the world just to serve Him?
Does He become first place in your life? If so, bless you; and His blessings will be on you. If not, accept Him just now; and He will bless you, and His blessings be on you. Wouldn't you rather have Him smiling at you? I'd rather have Him to smile on me, and every person in the world hate me. Of course, I believe if He smiles on me and loves me, the people will love me too; all His children will. And He'll fix me in such a condition till I can love the unlovely, like He did, 'cause His Spirit would be in me.

102 Once more before we pray. If there's any that has not raised their hands, and wants to be remembered in this prayer, will you put up your hand. God bless you, brother. God bless you, brother. God bless you, brother. God bless you, brother. God bless you, sister. God bless you, brother. That's right. All right. God bless you, sonny boy. Now, He sees you. There's a record taken right this morning.
You mark my words, if you class me, and (which, by honor you say it, and by love) you class me to be God's seer, remember, this is on the Books of heaven. He's present. Wouldn't you like to live where you're conscious that the unseen world's right with you all the time? To realize, when you walk out here and get in your car, Angels take their positions to the side of you. When you walk up yonder to that man so unlovely to you, that the Holy Spirit's standing right above you and Angels all around you.
"Is that right, Brother Branham?"
The Bible said so: "The Angels of God are compassed--are camped about those." They don't go back to heaven; they camp there. They're sent on missions to watch you through life's journey. Oh, isn't that wonderful?

105 Now, heavenly Father, time will not permit us. We feel Your Spirit just moving through us. And we love You, because the Holy Spirit loves the Word. He gets in the Word, and He takes the Word and reveals It, opens It up. In otherwise, He reveals Jesus through His Word. For, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God. And the Word was made flesh, which is Christ." And now the Word turns right back around and reveals again, and makes manifest the risen Christ, not a historical one.
O God, may the Church see that this morning, that it's a revelation, the Word bringing it to Life, the Word Itself revealing the resurrected Lord Jesus. And He's in our midst, waiting for a time till we can all be coped together, and He can march us into the millennium, triumph as a victor in victory.

107 O God, bless those who raised their hands. They're desiring that lovely life of full consecrated, sanctified, filled with the Holy Spirit, dedicated to God, washed in the Blood. They long for it. They're waiting now. And may You, not by any other means, but may the Holy Spirit just come down. And when they go out of here, may they find out all those things that they once hung onto is gone; may it be left behind dead. May they go out this morning, humble, sweet, loving Christians with faith, believing. May they live so consecrated to Thee, at the end of their life they would come to Thee having this assurance, that they've passed from death unto Life, and they know Christ in the power of His resurrection. Because not if He's just a letter, or a word, or a cycle, or of time; but that He is a living, present tense, resurrected Jesus Christ living in their life. Grant it, Lord. We ask it in His Name and for His glory. Amen.

108 The dying thief rejoiced to see
That fountain in... (What about me?)... day. (Did you rejoice it?)
And there may I, though vile as he,
Wash all my sins away.
Wash all my sins... (When did He do it? Maybe just now.)
He washed... ("Yeah. I confessed Him. I told Him I longed for it." Then He washes it away.)... away;
And there may I, though vile as he,
Wash all my sin away.
Isn't He wonderful? Do you feel real clean in your soul, feel all condemnation... How many feels that, want you to raise your hand for a testimony to the person setting next to you, "All sins are gone; it's all under the Blood now. I feel real good about it. I believed on the Lord Jesus."
E'er... Ever since by faith I saw that stream (By how? By faith I saw that stream.)
Thy flowing wounds supply,
Redeeming love has been my theme,
And shall be till I die.
All right, all together.
E'er since by faith I saw that stream
Thy flowing wounds supply,
Redeeming... (not things)... has been my theme,
And shall be till I die.
And shall be till I die,
And shall be till I die;
Redeeming love has been my theme,
And shall be till I...
Slowly, if you will, sister.

109 What will be your theme? "Where there is tongues, they shall cease; where there is prophecy, it shall fail; where there is knowledge, it shall vanish. We know in part; we see in part; we prophesy in part. But when we see face to face, then we'll know as we are known. And that which is perfect has come, then that which is in part shall be done away with": perfect, redeeming, unadulterated love of the Holy Ghost into a human soul that's passed from death unto Life.
Oh, I feel real good. Don't you? How many would like to sing an old song with me? Would you like to do it? The one we used to sing years ago when there wasn't nothing but sawdust in the church... Everybody would come in, set down, no talking, everybody just quiet as they could be, setting, meditating. The pianist would come out. I'd be in the prayer room studying. It come out:
Down at the cross where my Saviour died,
Down there for cleansing from sin I cried;
There to my heart was the Blood applied;
Glory to His Name!

111 You remember them days? The Holy Spirit would come down in that meekness and love, convince sinners, and they'd come to the cross. Let's just sing it now, every one of us. How many knows it? Let's sing it now, just in the old fashion style now. All right.
... at the cross where my Saviour died,
Down where for cleansing from sin I cried;
There to my heart was the Blood applied;
Glory to His Name!
Glory to His most precious Name!
Glory to His precious Name!
There to my heart was the Blood applied;
Glory to His Name!
Wonder if you could just bow your head a minute.
I am so wondrously saved from sin, (Are you?)
Jesus so sweetly abides within,
There at the cross where He took me in; (Oh, my.)
Glory to...

112 Now, just bow your heads and pray.
Then glory to His...
Think of how good He's been to you, the many trials you've went through. When your little kiddie was sick, God healed it. When you were laying there in the hospital, ether waiting for you, what happened? Who brought you through? "I'm the Lord that heals thee." Remember what you said when you started in the room? Remember when you thought that night you had--was having a heart attack? O God. What do you do?
Glory to His precious Name!
Glory to His precious Name!
There at the cross where He took me in, (took you at your word)
Glory to His Name!

113 Now, let's hum it. Now, reach right over to the person setting close to you, take ahold of their hand, say, "God bless you, brother. God bless you, sister. I'm so glad I'm a Christian. Aren't you?" Shake hands with someone setting near you.
There at the cross where He took me in;
Glory to His Name!
I--I just love to feel this way. I love to worship God in quietness like this: something that's got some real meaning to it. Just to feel that Something's near. What happened? At the altar call when those sinners accepted Christ, the Angels raised up from their seats. See, that's what makes you feel this a-way. Do you believe that, Brother Hickerson?
Oh, glory... (This is worship, when the soul is worshipping God. The Word has gone forth. See?; the Holy Spirit is a-blessing and watering now.)... precious Name!
There to my heart was the Blood applied;
Glory to His Name!

115 Our heavenly Father, as the beautiful, sacred Presence of the Holy Spirit now standing here blessing His children, many times He's had to correct them, "For every son that cometh to God, must first be chastened and tried, receive child-training, reproofs," not no exceptions: every one. But when we endure the correction of our Father, then it yieldeth forth the present and pleasant fruits. I pray, God, that You'll just let each child know that, not go away, just kind of imagining, but let them know that this is Your blessings to them: the sincere milk of the Gospel pouring down in their soul milk and honey out of Canaan's land, new wine to stimulate them in faith, worshipping, hearts bowed before Thee, hands up, tears running down cheeks, quietly, reverently worshipping.

116 O God, I'm so happy. I just love You so, Lord. I want to express to You my feeling, if I can, just in thanksgiving, expressing the very adoration of my heart, that I adore Thee, Thou matchless One. I love Thee. Many times in great trials, see an airplane pitching in the air, falling, twisting around; and I look on the ground below me, it whirling around; just a little prayer, and it straightens out; knowing to be plunged to death in a minute. Standing out before witch doctors and devils, them challenging and walking forward, just a little prayer sets them standing paralyzed. How demons scream and come from your children, by prayer. Oh, Your love, Lord... If the little one is sick, come, say, "Daddy, will you pray for me?" See Him still, the fever, quieten the child, like a mother hushing it on her bosom. How we thank Thee.
Maybe trouble's coming in. We know, as we look ahead and see the great, stormy tides of death yonder, as David of old said, "I'll fear no evil. Thou art with me." We thank Thee. We adore Thee. Seeing the souls come to Thee, the crippled, and afflicted, and blind, and deaf, and dumb being healed, as a vindication of Your Presence...

117 Bless this little audience now as we wait. We thank You for every soul that come to You. And we pray that You'll bless them exceedingly, abundantly today. And may, from this day henceforth, all their trials and troubles will be over; may the war between them and God be settled right now, and they be reconciled to God through the Blood of His Son, knowing that He gave His Son to take war between God and man, to reconcile man back to God, who was at enmity once with God, but now has been brought nigh, and God has received them as His sons and daughters. Now they're not no more enemies and aliens, but they're beloved children.
We pray that You'll let them recognize that. Don't let the enemy take that from their heart. But let him--let them recognize that You knocked at their heart and they accepted You, raised their hands. That was it, Lord. And we pray that they'll recognize that and always love You and love their fellow man. For we ask it in Christ's Name. Amen.

118 Shine all around us by day and by night
Jesus, the Light of the world.
We'll walk in this Light,
It's a beautiful Light,
It comes where the dewdrops of mercy are bright;
Shine all around us by day and by night,
O Jesus, the Light of the world.
Come, ye saints of faith, proclaim,
Jesus, the Light of the world;
Then the bells of Heaven will ring,
Jesus, the Light of...
You love Him? Let's sing it now, softly.
We'll walk in this Light,
It's such a beautiful Light,
It comes where the dewdrops of mercy are bright;
Shine all around us by day and by night,
Jesus, the Light of the world.
I guess I'm just filled up from the revival Light. Oh, let's sing it again. Will you? Let's close our eyes and raise our hands. Canada, wherever you're from, this little group, there's people here from different parts of the nation. Let's sing it now and just close our eyes and lift up our hands.
We'll walk in this Light,
It's such a beautiful Light,
It comes where the dewdrops of mercy are bright;
Shine all around us by day and... (O God.)
Jesus, the Light of the world.
Chord it just a minute, sister.

119 In the Old Testament He was a Pillar of Fire that led the children of Israel; that was Christ, the Angel of the covenant. All that knows that, say, "Amen." [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
In the New Testament He manifested Hisself in flesh to take away sin, to bring us back to be sons and daughters of God.
One day down on the road, come a little, old sassy Jew, and he was going down to arrest those people who were crying, and praising God, and prophesying. And what met him? A beautiful Light. What Body's Jesus in now? A Light, the same Pillar of Fire that He was in the beginning. He met Saul of Tarsus, and the Light come so close to him into his eyes, till it blinded him, said, "Why persecutest thou Me?"
Said, "Who is It, Lord?"
Said, "I'm Jesus."

122 Today, here He is. He's with us; we've even got His picture with us. Is He lovely? "He's the same yesterday, today, and forever." Then we'll what?
We'll walk in the Light, (He manifests His Word. He's alive), beautiful Light,
Come where the dewdrops... (Now, let the sick come up around the altar now, that wants to be prayed for.)
Shine all around, us by day and by night,
Jesus, the Light of...
I want you to play, "The Great Physician."

123 Something come on my mind; I remember one time in a service. I was praying for the sick. And there was a lady that brought to the platform a little crippled girl. And the Holy Spirit was present. And they... Now, we'll be through just in the next ten minutes. And they brought a little crippled girl, and she was a--a little polio; they say it was called paralysis, infantile paralysis. And her little legs was drawed up, and she couldn't walk. Do you know where I was having this healing service? Strange as it seems, it was in a Dunkard meeting: Dunkard, not Pentecostal; Dunkard. Nobody knew I was there, none of the church; the Lord just led me there. They didn't know nothing about the baptism of the Spirit. Talk about a heaven on earth, the love settled down just like it did now. I couldn't hardly start the prayer line; I said, "All of you with prayer cards," beginning at a certain number, "stand to my right," just lined them up. About the second person was a lady packing a little crippled baby, a little girl. The Holy Spirit begin to speak about it. And the lady who sits at the piano, was playing:
The great Physician now is near,
The sympathizing Jesus,
He speaks the drooping hearts to cheer,
No other Name but Jesus!

124 And while she was running down on those ivory keys. I had a little bottle of oil in my pocket. I'd made up. It was olive oil that come from an olive tree. And I went out and prayed for the sick that night, and got in the Spirit and got to crying, the tears begin to run off my face. I had this oil, so I found out this oil was--the tears was spatting in this oil. I went and got three other elements, ailments, elements, and anointed into it. I took and anointed the little girl with that. I laid my hands upon her. I said, "Heavenly Father. You are the great Physician, and here You are in here now." And the little girl looked over to me, wiggled, jumped out of my arm, hit the floor, went running down across the floor. Her mother fainted; Dunkards. And the lady at the piano looked around, and she turned real white and just collapsed. And the piano continually played:
The great Physician now is near,
The sympathizing Jesus,
He speaks the drooping hearts to cheer,
No other Name but Jesus!

125 A little Dunkard girl setting out there. I noticed her catching her breath real hard. She'd never heard of Pentecost, beautiful little child, long white hair was blond, fixed up. You know how they dress, them little white hats on them. It just fell off her head; she raised her hand and begin singing. She didn't know what she was singing, she was so in the Spirit.
And the whole church with one accord, come, weeping to the altar and accepted the Lord Jesus. And the Holy Spirit baptized them, every one, in love. How they were weeping, and making right, and shaking each other's hand, taking place. That's Pentecost.
The same Jesus is here. Now, don't try to... See, you're trying to think, "Well," you got your mind on something way off there, and "maybe this, or I'll take a chance." You just might as well go back to your seat, 'less you settle in your mind, "This is it." When you get that, it's over then. Until that, it's still there.

128 Now, if you will, move right up as close as you can to the altar, and fill up the places. I'm going to ask Brother Neville to help me. Here's anointing oil. I want Brother Neville to anoint each one as I lay hands on them. Now, if you really believe it, this is it. Really believe with all your heart. Now, let's sing real softly, all of us together, as we sing now, "The Great Physician."
The great Physician now is near,
The sympathizing Jesus,
He speaks the drooping heart to cheer,
Oh, hear the voice of Jesus.
Sweetest note on seraph song,
Sweetest Name on mortal tongue,
Sweetest carol ever sung,
Jesus, blessed Jesus.
Now, your heads bowed.
Go on your way in peace to Heaven,
And bear the Name of Jesus.

129 Our heavenly Father, "The prayer of faith shall save the sick," saith the Word. "And Elijah was a man subject to like passions as we are." And, God, may we never, never be guilty of making the Gospel so complicated to people that they'd think it was man instead of God. Now, we're going to simply follow out the rules. And with these songs and hymns, we have entered into a blessed fellowship with one another. So we have a High Priest that's come with us. He's entered in with us, and He can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities. Many are standing at the altar this morning, needy. I'm sending forth Your beloved and honorable servant, my Brother Neville, an honorable man, a just; as Elijah, subject to like passions like Elijah, all of us. And I'm sending forth.

130 You said, "Let them anoint them in oil, pray over them," them, the Body, "the prayer of faith shall save the sick." And I'm praying with all my heart, Lord, for every individual here. You know their need. And I'm praying that you'll heal them. Now, James wrote that to the Church under inspiration of the Holy Spirit given to him by God, which was formed before the foundation of the world.
Jesus, in leaving, said, "They should also lay their hands on the sick, and they shall recover."
As I'm sending my brother to do the work that James commissioned by the Holy Ghost, to anoint, we're coming back also (by the commission of the Lord Jesus, and the Holy Ghost) to lay hands on them, and they shall recover.
Now, Lord, with all my heart, and there's many people this morning joining with me, with all my strength, and with all my might, I pray the prayer of faith for every person standing here, asking that they will not have any doubt in their mind, but they will return to their seat with a sure and perfect confidence that God's commission has been granted to them, and His Word is sure to be made manifest in their healing; I pray this blessing to them, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.

134 Now, everyone be... [Blank.spot.on.tape. The pianist plays, "There Is A Fountain" and "The Great Physician," while Brother Branham and Brother Neville pray for the sick--Ed.]
When I prayed for a little girl and prophesied over her, about a big thing sticking up on her head and over her face here, how it would go down and be made well, here's the little girl with every bit of it gone, over her face and everything else. The mother brings her for the glory of God, and to show that it's all dried up, nothing but just a scab. Sister, Jesus said one time, "Was not there nine healed?" One come and give glory. See? Thank God for it. Now, honey, the hair will grow back over that. Remember what Brother Branham said to you up there that night, and you'll be perfectly well and normal.

136 And we bow to give thanks to God. Now, Father, we thank You for Your healing. And we thank You for that loyal mother and lovely little girl who was willing to come and show that Jesus still lives and reigns. To see that big, ugly-looking thing like a cancer, puffed up all over head and side there, and You healed her and took it away. We thank You for it. And we pray now that You'll bless that loyal mother, whose heart is thrilled. When the little girl is a woman, may she still be testifying of Your praise.
Now, I continue to lay hands on the sick, as brother and I anoint. And may they receive the same kind of blessing that this little girl did. If they could only believe it in childlike faith, like the child did, it should be so. [Blank.spot.on.tape. Brother Branham and Brother Neville continue praying for the sick--Ed.]

138 Very fine, I'm so happy this morning, as we were in the time of worship and having this time of fellowship together, one with the other, while the Blood of the Lord Jesus cleanses us from all sin.
And now, to the strangers in our gates, we want to welcome you back. Come tonight to the evening service. If you're in the city and would like to drop back and be with us again tonight, I'd be very happy. The doors is always open. We have no denomination, no creed; Christ, no law but love, and no book but the Bible. And we want you; we invite you, and you're cordially invited.

140 And I also ask, as you go on your journey, when you leave our city and different parts of the country, to remember me in your prayer, as your fellow servant in Christ, and in the--and in the love and fellowship of the Holy Ghost. I got to leave pretty soon now to--to go into Canada and into California. Frankly, I'm moving to California. So then I--I want you to be in prayer for me, greatly, in prayer for me now is when I've got something I got to make a decision right away (See?), and it's very strenuous, and I--I--I pray that you'll--you'll take me upon your heart and remember me. Because I know that the prayer is what changes things. Prayer is what does things for us.

141 And now, today I--I'm sorry to keep you this late, and keep our dear brother, pastor here, away from his pulpit. I'm so sorry, but I just maybe don't know... I got to move right quick. And I didn't see any to be little interviews laid on the desk. But while the pastor's checking, a--a brother come all the way from England, he said, to see me just a few minutes. And I want to see the brother. I wished I had time to shake your hands and see you all, but I don't. Now, in order to get a--a little interview on these mornings when I'm here, you call my secretary, Brother Cox setting here, and he grants those things. That's the reason we have to--we have to make our time so we can allot for those things. But this brother, not knowing this, and coming from England. I'm supposed to be away from here in the next twelve minutes, so I--I, yeah, twelve o'clock, so I--I got to hurry and get away. And so you all excuse me. I'll go to the room with the brother for the interview for a few minutes. And I'll see you all again as soon as I get back. Pray for me.

142 Services now will be in--in Philadelphian Church, Thursday night, we'll be at Convention Hall, this next coming week. At Wednesday night (Thank you, sir.), we'll be at the--at the--the Full Gospel Christian Men's Fellowship Internationally. And I'm to speak the night of--the morning of the twenty-third, at Leemack Hotel in--in Minneapolis, Minnesota. And then to the Convention Hall, I think it is, the following, that night; that's on Saturday. And on--on Sunday I'm at Heart Harbor Tabernacle with Reverend Gordon Peterson, and that's a preaching service. And on Monday night, and Monday all day, is in the convention for five days.

143 Then I've got a THUS SAITH THE LORD to take to a woman way in northern Canada. And I'm going up there; wife is going along with me, and the kiddies, just for a little time. I'm coming back down to--to, through to see my friend, Ern Baxter. I got something to say to him in Vancouver. And immediately after that I go down into Washington to Mr. Rasmusson for one day there for a visit with him.
Then I go down to La Crescenta, California, to set some things in order, which my tent is already made and ready to go out on the field now. And so, well, I'll probably start on the west coast of California, going down through California and Arizona, this coming winter, the Lord willing; with exceptions of the time open between the meeting for a service to go into Africa again. David duPlessis and many of the men here from Africa, that want to set up the African Campaign, was with him in this meeting, going to meet up there. We're to get with Brother Arganbright and have prayer to see where the next meeting will be.

145 You love Him? [Congregation says "Amen."--Ed.] All right. Then you have to love me, if you love Him, because I'm in Him. And we love one another. The Lord bless you. Our dear Brother Neville. God bless you. Thanks for the time, Brother Neville.