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Date: 53-1203 | La durée est de: 1 heure et 36 minutes | La traduction: Shp
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E-1 Thank you very much, Brother Bosworth. It's indeed a pleasure for me come in service for our Lord Jesus tonight. We're thanking and praising Him for His goodness. And we trust that tonight will be...?... to all of, that God's blessings will be upon us and help us.
This extra necktie is kinda hard for me get used to that.
Over in the Book of Exodus in the 23rd chapter, we read these words beginning with the 20th verse. It's God speaking to Moses, His servant, commissioning him to go to Palestine.
Behold, I send an Angel before thee, to keep thee in the way, and to bring thee into the place which I have prepared.
Beware of him... obey his voice, provoke him not; for he will not pardon your transgressions: for my name is in him.
But if thou will indeed obey his voice, and do all that I speak; then I'll be an enemy to thy enemy... an adversary to thy adversary.
For my Angel shall go before thee, and bring thee unto--unto the Amorites... the Hittites... Perizzites... Canaanites... Hivites... Jebusites: and I will cut them off.
And thou shall not bow down to their gods, nor serve them, nor do ere to their works: but thou shall utterly overthrow them, and quite break down their images.
Shall we bow our heads just a moment.

E-2 Our heavenly Father, we thank Thee that Thou art still God and changes not. Thy great love for mankind has never changed. Thy great promises is everlasting unto everlasting.
And what You have promised back there, stand just as good today as it did the day You made the promise. Every Divine promise has an 'amen' behind it, and we're so happy for that, to know that all these prophecies and so forth, most all of them has a compound meaning.
And we pray that tonight, that somehow or other, that You'll get a hold of the hearts of the people here like never before. Grant it, Father. And may the--the needy see their desperate need of Jesus Christ just now. And may the sick see their need and see their cure through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Grant it, Lord.
And may the power of the holy Church that was ordained on the day of Pentecost by Almighty God Himself, Who sent the Holy Spirit upon the Church, may He come again tonight in great shaking power and give us the--the blessed Presence of Himself into this meeting. For we ask it in the Name of His beloved Child, Jesus Christ. Amen.

E-3 I think after wearing along quite a little while, I kinda wear you out, speaking so long at night. I love to testify and talk about our Lord Jesus. I was speaking to one of the--the ministers this morning, and he told me that some received the Holy Ghost last night. There's been several all along getting the baptism of the Holy Spirit. That's real. I just love that. That makes me think sometimes...
One minister said, "Brother Branham, do you mean that you're going to Florida with the cooperation," I believe, "two churches, or something like that?"
I said, "Certainly. I'd go with all one person if God said go, no matter where it's at. Just wherever the Lord leads."
Sometime ago when... Being beginning back there when there was no one out on the field at all...?... I... There was calls from everywhere which is still today. We were thinking the other day looking at the office, laying in the...?... there of four hundred major cities in America calling for meetings now and... But I was...

E-4 In them days, we, wife and I, had to go do own secretary work. And we lived in two little rooms, and we'd go down to the post office and take one of these wash baskets, every morning, get it full of mail. Well, we'd come back home and just start looking, and--and one of them I looked at, it was somebody way up in Kansas.
Said, "Brother Branham," said, "we will guarantee you a thousand dollars every night if you'll come, but our church alone produces eight hundred dollars every love offering." And said, "We can assure you a thousand dollars a night for as long as you want to stay here two or three weeks, if you'll come." Said, "Oh, what great faith they had and what all they could do and everything." Said, "That's just our church alone," said, "besides all the rest of the churches throughout the country here will cooperate."
The next letter I took a hold of was a poor old brother down here in Arkansas, at El Dorado, Arkansas. He said, "Brother Branham, I couldn't even give you a bed to lay down in. I couldn't bring you to a church." Said, "I preach under two pine trees." He said, "I--I live in three rooms. I got eleven children." He said, "And not even a church, but God has sent me here, and God knows I need your help bad."

E-5 And I said, "Looky here, wife, one to the other. It was plumb the con... Talk about contrast." I laid over to one side. I said, "Well..." Started to open up the mail. Something begin to dig down here. I said, "Where was that letter from El Dorado?" So we opened it up again. I read it again. Wired him word I was coming right down.
We went down there with... I had my first suit and seventeen dollars, mud all over my shoes. It was all right. I was at home there. So I went on down, and we started off. Had to pay my own hotel bill and everything. We had a two weeks meeting there and all the remunerations was put in, and out of it now sets a nice big tabernacle there, the glory of God in the church. It'd be a lot better to follow the leadings of the Spirit than it would be the leadings of your head sometimes. Don't you think so?

E-6 How that God does things wonderfully and sometimes we look around; we think, "Well, there's not many people," but how do I know that there's not a Finney setting here somewhere. See? I don't know. There might be somebody here that's just--that God has got His hand on, that something will take place will send that person out that'll win thousands of souls for Christ. How little did...
Was it Moody or... I forget just the one. I won't call his name to be sure. You... Some of you ministers will understand that old washwoman... She was washing, and she just kept on her heart that she--she wanted to do something for God. And--and so she rented an old livery stable and cleaned it out. And--and she hired some preacher to come over her washing and things that she... The only way she could get him to get there. And she went down and got a dollar's worth of tracts or something and standing on the corner and passing them out.

E-7 That was the day when you Methodists had as hard a time as we're having now or worse. And so people look at it, throw it down our street. Nobody wanted it. Directly, a little old boy come along with his daddy's suspenders on, hair hanging down his neck, pants all ragged, barefooted, said, "What you giving away, lady?"
Said, "Tract. Would you have one?" Give it to him.
Looked at it, said, "I can't read."
Said, "Well, they're going to have a meeting down here tonight." You know who come to the meeting that night? That woman and that little boy. The old faithful preacher, no matter who was there, he got there, and he preached just as hard as he could, and that the sermon God had on his heart and that night that little lad... I don't know whether it was Smith, Moody? I don't think it was Moody. It was one of them. Anyhow, he sent about a half a million souls to God in his ministry. He was converted right there that night.
That poor washwoman probably never knew till she got to heaven what she done that day. See? You never know what you're doing when you're doing something right.

E-8 Here's an old slogan I want you to remember it. "Do right; That's your duty to God. Think right: That's your duty to yourself. And you're bound to be right." That's right. See? You'll come out right if you'll do right. That's your duty to God. Think right; That's your duty for yourself, and you'll come out right. You just...
I told my boy here when he was fourteen years old. I said, "Stand, hold your hands out like this, son. You're coming to the adolescent age now, place where I'm away from home a lot. Now, I won't be able to direct you." And--and his mother's dead. I said, "And now I want you to hold your hands out." I said, "This is your right and left hand." I said, "As long as you're going this a way, we'll say that's wrong and this is right." I said, "You can't be going right and wrong at the same time. Now, as long as you're going that way, you're going wrong. You may think you're going right, may seem like you're going right, but you're going to come out wrong. And when you're going this a way, you may think you're going wrong, but you're going right, and you're bound to come out right." Isn't that the truth? It's just exactly truth.

E-9 I said, "Just remember. Now, anytime you ever get in trouble when daddy comes to you. I'm going like this with my arms spread out, say, 'Which side did you take, son?'" That's right. "You're a free moral agent now. You have to act for yourself. I've raised you up the best that I knowed how to this age now. You're going to get out with other boys in high school and college and around, and you're going to have everything before you. But remember always hold fast to the right. Keep to the right; you'll come out right."
Moses here, just for a few words, directing Israel, or rather it was God directing Moses for Israel... Just a comment, and I'll give a testimony and we'll pray.
And now, if the Lord willing, tomorrow night I want to take a text and speak from it, if I can tomorrow night, the Lord willing, or the next night one, 'cause this is six weeks constant in meetings, and every night in visions. And there's no need of trying to explain it. You just can't. See? There's just no way of doing it. And it--it gets me in such a place, I--I... Certainly, Weakens me down. I've lost about eight pounds, I think it was, when I weighed. And so I--I want to speak something tomorrow night, preach a little, or speak a little, or something. But we'll have the prayer for the sick just the same.

E-10 But now, I've been giving testimonies to kind of hold myself up a little bit. As soon as I leave this meeting Sunday night, then I go right straight to Chicago to the convention, a great healing campaigns. They're having a convention in Chicago, and then from Chicago I go two days up there, at a--for a healing service in some place. I don't know where it's at now, but it's some place in Chicago. And then I think I get a little bit of rest then before going overseas.
I'm going to depend on you all praying for me when I'm overseas. And I--I want you to remember, friends, and write this down that that's going to be one of the greatest meetings that the history of the world has had since Pentecost (See?) when we go into India.
Here it is written right here in the back flyleaf of my Bible: a vision and it cannot fail. See? It will be just that way. Just as soon as I get through just a moment. One night I want to give you the vision so you can write it down on a piece of paper and see if it comes to pass or not. And it's bound to come to pass.
Moses here... God told... The little thought that come in my mind while I was setting in the chair there waiting. I heard Brother Bosworth. Wished he would've continued on. I love to hear Brother Bosworth teach. He's--he's aged a little, but he don't think so, and I'm glad he doesn't.

E-11 Here some time ago I was... I believe it was when I was about... Been three or four years ago, I was thirty-seven, thirty something. I was sent down here at Miami, Brother Bosworth and I had walked out after we'd had our dinner in the hotel. I walked out to the seaside, and here I was in my thirties, my shoulders stooped over. I looked up at Brother Bosworth standing there like that around seventy, and he was talking about the sea and everything and the coming of the Lord, which his subject's always that.
I said, "Brother Bosworth, when were you your best?"
He said, "Oh, right now."
I said, "Yes, sir."

E-12 He said, "Brother Branham, you just fail to know that I'm just a kid living in an old house," he said. "Just a kid living in an old house," well, you know how he does that? He feeds hisself on this vitamin here. It's better than all the drugstores in the world's got. Try it; see what it'll do for you.
And I certainly admire him, and not because he's setting here, but he's just like a daddy to me. God took my daddy when I was a little fellow. Brother Bosworth has been a second daddy to me, and I sure love him with an undying Christian love. And I want to see him stay till Jesus comes if he can, and keep preaching this wonderful Word that he's doing.

E-13 And now, he isn't a great, big, out-speaking... but brother, I tell you, if you'll listen to what he says you'll get well, I'll tell you that. You'll sure do that. Many of the people ain't looking for a forceful speaker. They're looking to how they're going to get away from that cancer, or sickness, and whatever's wrong with them. That's what they're looking for. They're coming to find it.
Now, God told Moses. He said, "Now, I'm going to send My Angel before you to keep you in the way." Now, anyone knows that Angel was Jesus Christ which was the Pillar of Fire. It was Christ. His Name wasn't Jesus yet, until He was manifested in flesh, but the thing I want to...

E-14 Now, He said, "There's Palestine. I swore to Abraham four hundred and something years ago that I was going to give it to him." Now, I said, "It's yours. I give it to you, to his seed." Said, "I give it to you."
Now, it looks like... Now, here's where I want you to see. Now, isn't it strange? Now, He said, "It's yours, but it's just as full of Hittites, and--and Jebusites, and Canaanites, and all kinds of enemies in there. They're walled up heavy. Now, it's yours. Go take it. It's yours. Now, I give it to you, but you go get it."
Now, that's people today. If you'd only see when I tell you about Divine healing, you'd say, "Well, Brother Branham, look. I was prayed for last night. I can't move my hand anymore." That don't have one thing to do with it, not a thing. It's yours. Go get it. Sure, God give it to you. Now, the thing...
Them Israelites... Why, sure. God just didn't get up there and take His brush, and sweep them all out, said, "Now, come on in. Here you are; set down." Never did God do that. You show me your faith without your works, and I'll show you my faith by my works. See?
You've got to go do it. And you've got to fight for every inch of ground that you have. Every man in here that's born again of the Spirit of God, knows that you've had to fight for every inch of ground, toe the mark with Satan. Isn't that right? Friends, this is not a picnic. This is a battleground. See? We never come here to--to eat cookies and--and so forth. We're in a battle.

E-15 Could you imagine the United States Army training a man to set around, and eat cookies, and so forth? Why, he gives him a uniform, and his gun, and trains him to get out there and fight and defend the nation. And that's what we've got to do. We've got to defend our God-given rights. What God said, it's ours. Let's stand right toe to toe with Satan.
Say, "They're ours. We believe them, and you just might as well move back because you haven't got no--nothing at all... You haven't got..." Satan hasn't got one legal rights of anything. Everything he's got is defeated, and the only thing he is is a scarecrow. That's all. He cannot bother you. A man that's borned of the Spirit of God, there's nothing at all can harm him.

E-16 Now, Satan can push things over on you, and just keep shoving you out, and shoving you out. If I went to my house tomorrow night and I looked up there, and there moved into my house was a big bunch of people, and they were drunk and prostitutes and carrying on, why, I'd put them out. Well, how are you going to do it?" They say, "I'm a human. This house is made for humans. I can live here too."
I say, "I... This belongs to me. This is my legal possession. I've got an abstract deed here at the courthouse that shows this belongs to me, and you cannot stay here any longer. And I'd serve notice on them and they'd have to move. If they didn't, there's a law downtown that'll make them move. Is that right?

E-17 Well, anything that Satan's put upon you in the way of sickness, or whatever it is, you, every borned again person, has an abstract warrant--has a warrant from God. And the Holy Spirit is here to put any devil out. No matter if he is cancer, tumor, cataract, whatever he is, the Holy Spirit will put him out if you'll serve notice on him in the Name of Jesus Christ, 'cause he has no legal rights. "I'm the Lord that healeth all thy diseases." Is that right? "He was wounded for our transgressions. With His stripes we are healed." But you've got to go over and take it. See?
Now, Israel, they started out. God said, "That's your land. I give it to you right now. Now, I'm going to give you a witness to go before you. Here's going to be a Pillar of Fire. It's going to follow you. It'll lead you just exactly where you should go."

E-18 Well, that same Holy Spirit's leading the Church today. There's no way to... The only thing you say, "Well, now, God tells me in my heart that Jesus Christ healed me. I just... This is my possession. I take it. I go on. It's mine." Well, then you just go on. The Holy Spirit just keeps leading you. No matter how you're feeling, if you--if you go to your feeling, then you're certainly going to... If you get back to that, every time that you have a negative testimony, every time that you look at your symptoms, then you're fallen right then.
There's not a Christian in here, no matter how solid you are in faith, if right now that you, something happened to get a hold of you and tell you that you're not a Christian, and you start out testifying, "Well, I'm not a Christian no more," you dropped right then. You're no more a Christian anymore. As soon as you testify that you're not a Christian, then you've dropped from grace right then. You've fallen, because (see?) your--your own--your own speech tells what you are. You've got... It's a... Faith acts every time.

E-19 Now, watch it. God said, "I'll send my fear before you." Now, God said, "I'll make a way for you. I'll send my fear before you." And when you go, "I'll send my hornets before you." And now when he got over there, we found out there, they looked at them great walled cities, and them spies went out and come back and said, "Umm, we can never make it. Them cities are walled so high why... Why, they... "I sent out one out of ever tribe, I guess of the--of the twelve tribes."
Only two out of the twelve come back as Joshua and Caleb and said, "We can do it. We can take it."
Now, the others said, "We can't do it."

E-20 And right there at Kadesh-Barnea where they come, the judgment seat, there's where they failed, because they listened to the bigger per--percentage of these men who come back and said, "Why, we look like grasshoppers up side of them." See, they were looking at symptoms, when Joshua and Caleb was looking to what God said: "I give you the land." No matter how big the city is, how big the giants are, God's bigger than all, and God's the One that made the promise.
So they wanted to go over, and they--they said, "It's a beautiful land. It's a wonderful land." And now, they come back with some evidence. I'm glad that somebody crossed over brought some evidence back, aren't you? (Yes, sir.), that there's grapes over in that land over there. Yes, sir. And they come back and brought the evidence. And finally, when God had to get away from the church age, raise up another man called Joshua, and went over into Pal--or, into the promised land and they fought down ever Philistine.

E-21 Now, look. God said, "I'm not going to give it to you all at one time. If I give it to you at one time, if I do, then you'll... the whole land will swept bare, then the wild beasts will multiply against you, and will overcome you. I'm just going to give it to you little by little, as you're able to possess the land. I'm just going to drive them out and give it to you little by little."
That's the way God does tonight. Maybe today, you say, "Well, I--I do feel a little bit better. Well, praise God. We'll take some. We got Canaanites today. We'll take Amorites tomorrow then." See? And just as you're able to take it, God... You might break your neck if you got it all at once. You see? So God just gives it to you just as you're able to fight it out.
"Well," you say, "I couldn't move my hand only that much yesterday, but I can move it this much today. Praise the Lord. Tomorrow I'll move it that much." You see? Just little by little you shall have it.

E-22 Oh, I tell you: this is a mar--most marvelous thing that I've ever seen in my life is the greatest hours of my life is, when I get up against a wall that I can't get over it, under it, or around it. That's right. And then I trust God and He opens the way, and I go through the thing. God takes you through it. That's... Then when you come out on the other side, it's like Samson when he killed the lion. When he got out on the other side... When he killed the lion, and he got the sweetest honey he ever eat out of that old carcass of that lion. And sometimes if you'll overcome something by the grace of God, it'll be one of the sweetest things that you ever tasted in your life (Isn't that right?), if you know spiritually what I'm speaking of.
Now, he taken it... They give it little by little. And this great big room that we live in after we're baptized... You know, I think the Kingdom of God... Many of you people don't look around. How many Christians here say, "Amen?" Won't you look around the Kingdom of God and see what you got?

E-23 Could you imagine somebody going, buying a house, and saying, "Well, is that the house?" Look into the kitchen, and say, "Well, I'll buy it." No, no. Could you imagine somebody done had giving you the house, you walked up to kitchen and say, "Well," or back to the garage or somewhere say, "Well, it's pretty good house. Uh-huh." Walk away. No, sir. If somebody gives me a home or a house, I'm going to go into the garage, into the attic, into the basement. I'm going to look every bit of it over and see what I--what I own. Now, wouldn't you?
Well, that's the way God wants us to do. When you're baptized by the Holy Ghost, that's a good thing. When you become a Christian, good thing, but the thing of it is, you haven't looked around to see yet to see all the blessings you got in there. There's Divine healing in there. There's joy in there. There's peace in there. There's everything in there. There's power. There's everything in the...

E-24 You know what? The Kingdom of God is like a great big variety store. You walk into a variety store down in the arcade somewhere. You walk in. Here's something over here. Look it over. It's yours. Look over here. Here's something else. I just love this big variety store, don't you? And how do you get into it? By one Spirit we're all baptized into God's big variety store and subject to all of God's blessings. Amen.
By one Spirit we're all baptized into a variety store. And this is the variety store right here. And every blessing and every promise in here that was given to mankind is for every person that's baptized into this variety store. Just walk right up and possess yours. It's yours. Something up there high I have to get... Sometimes I have to climb high to get it. It's a little out of my reach, but I get a ladder and get to it. I want to see what--what's it all about. Don't you?
Sometime, I remember the first time I heard people talk about speaking in tongues. I thought, "Well, what's that?" I didn't know what it was. I thought, "Well, Lord, that's in Your variety store. I'm going to climb up to it and get me a ladder and find out what it's all about. I kept praying to God. Here it come on me. I see something else, some blessing, I say, "Well, thank the Lord. That brother's eat from there. I'm in this variety store too, so I'll just scoot my ladder over and climb up and get some of it myself."

E-25 And now, if you need healing, just climb up. God's got here in the variety store tonight. Don't you believe it? Just reach on up and get a hold of it. It's yours. God promised it to you, but you can't stand back here and say, "Yes, I believe it's right. Uh, huh. I--I believe if I went over there I could get it." Well, go get it. God said it's yours. Just move on out and get it. Amen. I like that.
Oh, and God promised everything--everything by faith, everything's yours. You own the whole world. There's nothing in the world... Do you know this--this--this world belongs to the--the Christians? They don't own it now, but it's... they're going to fall heir to it. You know who controls every nation in the world? The Devil. The Bible said he did. Jesus Christ admitted it. Satan took Jesus up, showed him every kingdom of the world. He said, "All these are mine," Satan did, said, "I'd do with them what I'll do... what I want to." And said, "I'll give them to you if You'll fall down and worship me." Jesus knew that He was going to fall heir to them anyhow. He said, "If My Kingdom was of this world, then I'd call my subjects and they'd fight, but My Kingdom is of above." See?
"But blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth." Someday Jesus Christ will come to the earth, and the dead that's dead in Him, shall rise and come forth with Him, and He is the King. We're now candidates and His--His subjects in His Kingdom, and we shall return to the earth someday and be immortal beings.

E-26 I can prove it by God's Word that every one of you gray-headed people setting here tonight, on the resurrection will return back to young boys and girls, just like you was about twenty-two years old. I can prove that by God's Word. Yes, sir, and you'll be young there forever. Not one hair that's fell from your head, not one thing that's gone from your body, but what God will restore in the resurrection. That's perfectly the truth. Oh, yes, you're made up out of a lot of petroleums, and lights, and so forth, but when they leave here, when your spirit leaves, don't worry. God knows where every bit of it's at and when you return back, where was you at the first place?
How'd you ever get here at the first place? God made you just what you are. Is that right? Nobody didn't come to smear the flesh onto you, build you up to where you are. You just by... You call by nature. God... You just grew to where you are. And that's the way God just bypasses all that and just speaks the Word like the water turning it to wine. Well, that would eventually been wine anyhow. It was His miracle. He would've... It'd eventually been wine, because it'd went up through the grape vines and out into the--and through the grapes and into the vat, and it'd been made wine, but He didn't wait for that. He just spoke it, and it was wine.

E-27 Now, in the resurrection my mother won't have to give me birth again, and your mother, and nine months then birth, and then grow up to the age; God will just bypass every bit of that sexual and everything and just speak and it'll be that way. He's God. Won't that be wonderful? My, no more sickness, no more death, no more sorrow, no more... Oh, my. What a wonderful thing that'll be. And to think that we know that's the absolute truth. And now, we've got to tell it to somebody. We've got to do all we can to get them into it.
Now, God is... The direct evidence of the Holy Spirit here visible each night... Now, I'm just a little early. I want to give you a testimony. And the direct evidence of the Holy Spirit here in the building each night, friends, it seems to me that most anything could happen. Now, I tell you; if you'll excuse me for saying this, I--you must come out of the--of the dreg that you're in.
Today, I was talking with two of the ministers here that's in the building, I suppose, tonight both of them. And they were telling me, one of them, about what had been happening each night when the anointing comes down. I have to pick it up on a tape recording to know what it was. Now, sometimes my boy after I get home, or something another, kind of get back to myself normally, he tells me, "Well, dad, there was a certain, certain thing happened tonight, and a certain, certain thing." And if them ministers telling me of what's been taking place, if one hundredth of that had been done in any African, Indian, or any foreign country, there would have been thousands times thousands of converts. There wouldn't have been a crippled or sick person left. Every one would have piled up their beds and went home rejoicing and happy. They've have had torches lit, running down through the jungles, screaming to the top of their voice that the power of God has returned. That's right.

E-28 But in America we build our great big ecclesiastical, concrete troughs, and when God sends the latter rains down on us, we just bypassed it: "The days of miracles is passed. There's no such a thing as them things." See? We strain it all off of the people. And we say... They see God working in His marvelous ways; they say, "Mental telepathy, something another." Now, that's not Methodists and Baptists, altogether; that's Pentecostals too. That's exactly. Yes, sir, and they're getting to be worse than the rest of them. That's right.
Pentecostals just as bad as the rest... And the worst I ever was treated on Divine healing was by a Pentecostal brother. He wouldn't even... I... We was in a place where a big armory was packed out, and there was just thousands, and he had a lot of seats. He said, "I wouldn't even let a man set on my chairs that believed in Divine healing." And he wouldn't let us have it. And that's full Gospel preacher. He--he wasn't a full Gospel preacher. He just pretended to be a full Gospel preacher. That's right. He couldn't be and do that, 'cause... He couldn't be. If you believe the Gospel, you believe it. That's just all there... And if you're born of God, you're a son of God; you believe that everything is possible, because you're part of God. And you'll have to believe the Bible.

E-29 Now, the way that I base, friends, on this as faith. I probably feel like that I might be an amateur in that, but where my faith is based is concerning a gift that was given me. It's by... Some people receive a revelation. Some people pick it up out of the Word. Some people takes it by inspiration. Mine is a--a vision. When I see those visions happen, there's nothing in the world that can change it. See? I have seen it so many...
Now, coming on my road down here when I first met Brother Bosworth... This that I wish to speak about for the next few minutes, happened in Florida. I was on... Fixing to come down to Florida to meet a little boy down here called "Little David," and he had a meeting out there. I'd met him in a place over in Oakland, California, and he had a little auditorium, and had about... He had about seven thousand, the--the auditorium seated, I believe. And he had about three thousand in it, and I had a auditorium that seated three thousand, had about seven thousand people. So he said, "Let's just swap auditoriums." And I wondered who "Little David" was. And there was a little bitty old boy standing around there about like that and I said... He kept talking to me, "Brother Branham."
And I said, "What's your name?"
He said, "My name's 'Little David.'" Why, I had my hand on his head, little bitty fellow.

E-30 Well, I thought it was... I've seen a lot of these old boys, you know, mama tell them about how Jesus born in a manager and so forth. So I thought that's what it was.
So after the meeting was over, one night I slipped over to hear this little boy. He held really late. They had a lot of preliminaries before the kid preached. Brother, that wasn't that kid. He throwed off his coat, and took a text, and handled it like a man. That boy was preacher.
Well, then the first thing you know, I begin to tell the brethren, I said, "Now, that's wonderful. Now, there's where you brothers, all you church daddies ought to get around that boy and..."
Well, one of them said, "Well now, he--he belongs to Jesus Name church, and he does this, and this, that."
And I said, "I don't care what he belongs to. God's got His hand on the boy. That's the main thing.

E-31 No matter what his brand is or about that. What does it make any difference what that is. As long as you argue and fuss over those kind of things, you're still carnal and never get nowhere with God." That's right. I said, "Forget that. Get around it. You'll have thousands and tens of thousands of little children."
But the next group they had to get them a Little David, and when I come down here in Florida, it was the worst I ever seen in my life. That had to put two pages in the--in the Miami paper down here to take care of the "Little Davids" that was in town. Every fellow was afraid that if their little group went over here, they'd lose some of them.
It put me in the mind of a meal ticket instead of trying to get somebody saved. That's exactly. I--I don't say that with any compliments. No, sir. With any... I--I mean I say that... Don't withdraw from any of that. It looked like they're afraid somebody's going to... Why, brother. What are we out to do? If I thought it would be a meal ticket, I'd get me a job and go to work somewhere. If I...

E-32 The thing of it is, is get people saved, help somebody. That's the Christian attitude. But every paper had it, and--and so... I remember on the road down the little boy had a tent setting out there somewhere way out on Flagler Street and it was a pathetic... Just a little handful of people setting there... Well, when they heard that I was coming down to begin the next day, brother, every church in the city had a Divine healer. I tell you they just had everything going... Just... Why, the very idea. Sinners see that and know better than that. They know there's something wrong, and there is something wrong.

E-33 When man has that attitude, he can't work free in the Spirit of God. You can't do it. Could you imagine a... It's love, brother. It's love, sister, that takes us to God. If you haven't got love, you haven't got God. God is love, and we got to have love one for another, no matter what the other man's mistakes is. We have to have that love and fellowship to try to help him and we... One alternative that we ought to have; that's the Kingdom of God. No matter if he goes to the Methodist, or Baptist, or Presbyterian, or wherever he goes, as long as he is headed to the Kingdom of God. That's the main thing, and it was certainly a pathetic sight. All right.
On the road down I had a vision of a... And I told it when I got out there. By the grace of God the big place packed out, the big tent out there when God begin to move in the place. And that's where I met my old father of the Gospel, Brother Bosworth, over here. And he never knew me, had heard of it. And then when he come and he seen that, he said, "Brother Branham, that's the thing right now."

E-34 So I... The vision was this. I was--went off in one of the visions setting at my home. I--I believe it was on a train coming down, though, where it was. And I seen a little boy (I want you to listen. You'll pick it up.), a little boy of about eight years old--a little, what we call crock hair cut, brown eyes. He'd been hit by an accident, in a car accident. He had on little short pants like little boys used to wear with little waist up here like, and buttons around, thing called pantywaist, or ever what it is around like little boys used to wear. I did, when I was a little boy. And so they was putting big buttons around like this. And he had a real heavy long stockings, and his little foot was run through his sock. And it was--it was a lot of rocks; big, rugged rocky looking land and some evergreen trees standing. And I seen that little boy raise from the dead.

E-35 And I come down, and there may be people setting right here tonight heard me speak it of it in the Miami meeting. I wonder before I give this statement if there's anybody at the Miami meeting, heard me tell that vision, and said it would come to pass? Raise your hand. Look there, all the way around everywhere. All right. In the Miami meeting... And I said, "Someday that will appear in the "Voice of Healing." For what God said has to come to pass. There's no way at all for it to fail. It's got to be just that way for God said so."
Well, and many of you remember that in the same meeting about a... I'd been there about a week, I guess, and there was a little boy got drowned in an irrigation ditch. His parents may be setting here now for all I know. But the father had heard that statement, and he'd seen the miraculous working of God, and he would not permit the undertaker or anyone to get that child. He thought that was the child I'd seen in the vision.

E-36 Mr. Huckstra, and many of them went out, and they taken me out there to see the little boy. When I seen the little fellow, he was real black headed. That wasn't him. Little bitty boy, pretty well dressed, a little fellow about five or six years old, and then it wasn't a country, no rocks. It was just a few, I think, eucalyptus trees or something, or trees standing there.
I said, "No, this isn't the boy. I'm sorry, but this isn't the lad." And I knelt down and had prayer for the consolation of the father, and so forth, so they could--undertaker could take the little fellow and bury him. I said, "It isn't the little boy, and the little boy's different."

E-37 Then I come to the meeting that night, explained it to the audience that I'd been back to see the little boy, but it was... They had him back out there behind the tent some way, back through a field like, and so it wasn't the little lad. He'd been in the water for quite awhile; and they'd pulled him out, but the father wouldn't let them take him.
Now, then I went on. I went from Miami on up, got my car and crossed the nation to the West Coast, everywhere along telling people to write it on the flyleaf of their Bible. I said, "That's the only thing He's told me yet that hasn't come to pass." I said, "It will come to pass."

E-38 On up through Canada, cross Canada over into Windsor, Ontario, come back down through the East Coast telling the people that this would happen... In every meeting I probably mentioned, telling them, "Write it on the flyleaf of your Bible." Hundreds and hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds of them wrote it on the flyleaf of their Bible.
Well, the year passed. Another year passed. Nothing happened. But it's got to happen anyhow. One night I went to Finland, and I'd got up to Kuopio. I do much fasting and praying. And I was up in the top of the tower, and the little Finns up there were very lovely and sweet people. And we were having many thousands of people in the meeting, so Laplanders, and all. And so we went up and show... They was showing me the tower, about thirty ministers, of where the--the Russians come in and bombed their little city there and so forth.

E-39 And so I come down to the bottom of the tower, and I just started crying. I didn't know why. I'd been fasting for a few days. And I begin to feel like I was hungry. Usually in a fast I never feel hungry. If you feel hungry, it's time to eat. That's right. Jesus afterwards was hungry. You see? But if you're hungry, it's time to eat. So then I begin to kind of get hungry. And Brother Lindsay said, "Will you come eat, Brother Branham?"
I said, "No. I don't feel like eating, but Brother Lindsay, there's something--something somewhere." And I walked over there, and I seen a fellow standing out there, and they was singing: "On Golgotha." And all their songs are in minor, and it was very beautiful. So I heard--seen that fellow standing over there looking at them. And I went over; it was a man from England, had been up there, a buyer, just as drunk as he could be, and he said, "What are they doing up there?"
I said, "You speak English."
He said, "I'm an Englishman."
And I said, "Why, they're singing a hymn."
And he said, "You know, it sounds pretty."
I said, "Aren't you a Christian?"
He said, "Nah, I don't believe in it."
And I said, "Well, you ought to be ashamed of yourself." I said, "A man that's lived as long as you have, and God has prospered you the way He has, and then you would make a remark like that." And about ten minutes later, I led him to Jesus Christ to accept Him as Saviour.

E-40 And they come down and we were knelt down there praying. We got up. They started taking some pictures. And their taxicabs there are horse driven, you know. So they... And as Brother Lindsay wanted me to get in the little place, and get my picture in this taxicab, said, "We're going to take you down in a car."
There's just a very few cars. A second-handed Ford over there, four or five years old, would sell for two thousand dollars; and gasoline's about, oh, about a dollar and a half a gallon, two dollars, something like that. And so you can imagine how it is, and them poor little Finns, they just haven't got no money.

E-41 So then, and I said, "There's something fixing to happen."
And Brother Lindsay said, "Well, what do you think it is, Brother Branham?"
I said, "I don't know. It's just... I can tell that the Spirit of God is near about something. There's something fixing to happen."
Well, he said, "Do you have any idea?"
I said, "No, I don't." And we got in the car and started down the hill. Well, I seen the commotion over there, and I didn't know what it was at the bottom of the hill. And what had happened there had been a 1935 Ford, American-made Ford V-8. And there was children was coming...
Now, the Finns all live in little cities, and they have their farms out, and they go out in the country and farm, and then come back into the city. Their children coming in from school... Cars are very rare, and this man was driving approximately sixty miles an hour. And he ran through this bunch of children, lost control.

E-42 Two little children started across the road, one about five years old and one about eight. And they started across the road and they got scared, and they started back; and driver lost control, and he swung his car to the right. That would be to the north, and he struck one little boy right flat like that.
The other little boy, the--the fender caught his chin, and just whirled him over, and threw him over against a tree, and crushed him against the tree. He just... That was it. So then the other little boy, he run right over him, mashed him under the car; and the car jumped the ditch. The little boy got wound up under the wheel, and it kicked his little body approximately twenty feet in the air. And he fell over in the grass.

E-43 Just a little old hard beaten cobblestone road, and when we got down there, that's what all the excitement was about. The one little boy had been picked up. The car went on down and wrecked and so the--the man had fainted and passed out. And they'd got him out too. And the little boy was against the bush. This other little boy was dead. He was laying dead about twenty minutes or thirty. And the--the other little boy, they'd done got somebody there to get him to the hospital, but they couldn't move this one. This little boy was breathing, so they could get him, but this boy was dead. The undertaker, of course, has to pronounce that, just like they do here, that had to come and get him away. The doctor wouldn't have nothing to do with that, because he was dead. And the undertaker had to give the orders to take him in.

E-44 But before they could do it, a law there is, that the parents had to have something to do with it. And they went out into the fields in the country to get the parents.
But we come by. We wondered what the commotion was about. Well, we stopped, and my interpreter got out, begin looking. So they said, "Oh, it's a little boy has been killed laying here."
And so Mrs. Isaacson, she was my interpreter, the private interpreter. So she--she come back and said, "Brother Branham, you ought to see that."
So Brother Lindsay got out. Many of you know Gordon Lindsay, I'm sure, the editor of the "Voice of Healing." And he got out and he come back just crying like a baby. Said, "Brother Branham, go look at him." Said, "I... It just reminds me of my little boy."

E-45 "Well, Brother Moore," I said, "I don't want to see him." So Brother Moore got out. I got a--had a boy over here too, you know, and I didn't... I'd been away from home for weeks and weeks. And Billy Paul was just about that age. And I--I didn't want to go see the little fellow.
So Brother Moore got out, and he said... He come back weeping and said, "Brother Branham, you ought to see him." Said, "I--I've never seen anything like it." Said, "Poor little fellow's just mashed to pieces."
And I said, "It's sure too bad."
Said, "Now, when the parents gets here they won't... We--we got to move him, and take him down into the--into the city. They want our car. 'Cause that's... Don't know where they'd get another car."
So I said, "All right. We can move him."
And they said, "Well..."

E-46 And I thought, "Well, I believe I will take a look at that child." And when I got out, and I looked at that little boy, oh, his little mouth was open, his little eyes set back like that; and I... They had a coat laying over his face. I thought, "Oh, my, umm. What that poor mother and daddy when they come and see that poor little thing laying there like that and out in the field working..."
And they, them poor Finns. They're the only one that's paid their debt to us, their--their--their war debt. You all know that you men and so forth and know that. And they're honest and real people. God-fearing people if there is any in the world lives in Finland. That... They're really God-fearing people. They trust God for everything they have. They have to. They're living right there on that battlegrounds. And so them little soldiers up there, some of them little old boys hadn't never even shaved yet, fifteen years old. They just kill them off as fast as... Them Russians, you know how it is out there, and they declare a war, and they--they kill them off. They did in this last war, and then the Germans and so forth got them.

E-47 So then when--when I got out and looked at that little fellow, I tell you, I thought my heart would break. I started to go away like that. Now, this sounds fiction, but it isn't, friends. When I started to move away from that little boy, somebody put their hand on my shoulder. And I said... I thought it was Brother Lindsay and I turned around. There wasn't nobody around me, and yet there was a hand laying on my shoulder. Well, I thought, "Well, that's strange. Well, whose hand is that?" There was nobody around me. And I thought, "Well, wonder what this is?" And I started to walk away, and I just... Looked like that hand was just like that pulling at me.
Well, I looked at Brother Moore, and he said, "What's the matter, Brother Branham?"
I said, "I don't know."
And he said, "Well, you look so white."
And I said, "I--I don't know."

E-48 So I looked down again at that little boy. I started walking towards him, and the hand went off of me. I said, "Wonder if they'd--if you'd get them to undo that little boy's face again."
So they said, "Yes. They want you to put him in the car now. They're going to take him--take him away." And there was people screaming and going on out there. And I looked down again. Now, in myself I was so excited, I would've missed it (You see?), but see the sovereignty of God. I looked down; I said, "I've seen that boy somewhere." I said, "Come here, Mrs. Isaacson." I said, "Ask those pastors if that little boy has been in a prayer line." I'd done forgot about the vision. See?
It said--they said, "No." None of them knew him.

E-49 I said, "Does anybody know him?" Nobody knew him. "Well," I said, "it's strange I've seen that little boy somewhere." I raised my head like this kind of... There's that lap rocks coming down through, and them evergreen trees. I looked back again. I said, "There he is. That's him." I said, "Brother Moore, Brother Lindsay, come close." I said, "Open up your Bible."
They said, "What's the matter?"
I said, "Turn to your flyleaf."
Said, "What's the matter?"
I said, "Do you remember in Miami, Florida, that night that little boy was..."
They said, "Yes." begin... Said, "Brown hair, little crock hair cut, brown eyes, laying on a road."

E-50 I said, "Look at them trees twisted yonder. See? See them--them rocks, I mean, and them trees?" I said, "See? Killed in an accident, side of the road, been dead about thirty minutes now. His little hands pulled down like that, his little legs," I said, "that's the boy."
They said, "Well, Brother Branham, that meets the description."
I said, "That's him."
Oh, my. No one in the world... You may think that I'm excited now, but I'm not. It just thrills me through to know that our Lord Jesus has risen from the dead. All these pagan religions are false. There's only one true, living God, and His Son is Christ Jesus. That's right. And He's risen from the dead and He has graced us with His Being. Amen. Oh, my. How many of these things has happened. This is not my statements alone, brother; the whole Finish government knows this. And there...
And there looking at that little fellow, I said, "That's him."
They said, "You mean he's going to live?"

E-51 I said, "If that boy isn't alive in the next few minutes, you pin a sign on my back as a false prophet." I said, "That's the boy, and he's going to live."
Said, "How can he live? Look at him mashed up."
I said, "You see if he doesn't live." I said, "Make every one be quiet now." They wanted to get him up. I said, "I know just how the Lord told me to kneel." I knelt to pray for this little lad. And I said, "Heavenly Father, over in the homelands of America, You showed me this little boy in Florida, about two and a half years ago. And You give me the vision, and all these things were just exactly the way You said they would be. And now, as Your servant, I act in Your place, that You said, 'Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out devils. As freely as you receive, freely give.' Then acting upon Your Word and upon Your spoken Word by a vision, I say to death that holds this child, 'You can't hold him any longer. Turn him loose in the Name of Jesus Christ.'"

E-52 The boy jumped to his feet like that and began screaming and running as hard as he could, and all them Finns standing there all the screaming and carrying on, you never heard in all your life. That little boy jumped up, didn't know what had happened, run around.
How it done, friends? Don't ask me. I can't tell you. To my opinion there wasn't a sound bone in the body of that boy. Now, the doctor never said who... his bones. Only thing he looked is his little foot was run through his stocking, little--big old heavy ribbed stocking like we used to get here. And his little legs was twisted up. His little hands was laying out like this. Blood all over his face, his little tongue was out, and mouth open. His eyes was run back like that and laying perfectly cold and dead.

E-53 And it happened to be that the chief man, which was the equivalent to the mayor of the city here, was there to see it. And he... I've got his statements at home which will appear in... What's this fellow's calling me from England all the time to come over there? What? Decoursey, Kenneth Decoursey, you've heard... Read the "Intelligence Digest," the "Intelligent Digest." He writes that. He goes around the world. He's called me long distance and everything. When I go over, he wants me to come by there, pray for the archbishop of--of England. And we're to see him, and he's writing it up this next week, in that Digest. It'll be interpreted in every language around the world (see?) to go around. And he's got the information right straight from Finland.
Now. Oh, how wonderful. Then that night I never will forget it. That other little baby was... Second night had passed and that poor little mother of that other little boy, I never heard such screams from her. They had to...

E-54 And going in at night they'd take two officers in front... That night when I went into the--to get to the Messuhalli, to pray for the people, they had twenty-five thousand inside. They had a mile--about thirty abreast standing nearly a mile, six or eight blocks like that, waiting to get in. And look, passing down through the streets...
Let me show you the--the thing that'll settle all wars. That went plumb over beyond the Iron Curtain and setting with Baron Von Blomberg and with... I try to think of this man that wrote the Indian Road. What's his name? Stanley Jones? Up here at St. Petersburg with a little Russ--or German boy that had been in the Russian camp... He said, "Brother Branham, the thing that puzzles me, that your meetings are no better known than what they are in America." Said, "They're better known behind the Iron Curtain than they are here. But that's wonderful thing that our Lord did." Said, "That swept all through Russia."

E-55 And he was a... He'd just been out about, oh, six or eight months and Von Blomberg got him out of the Russian camp where he escaped and got into free Germany, and the Baron had him out and had him here in Florida, a little German boy. His sisters was taken out and ravished. And they both went insane and died up there. And what a horrible thing they had. But he said, "They sure up in there..."
And then when I went in that night, going down along the road, Christian friends, there stood hundreds and hundreds of hard Russians. If you live forty miles from your birth--away from your birthplace forty miles in Russia, you have to have a visa. And when we went up there, we had to go along the side there where the control zone; And they taken us for about fifty miles through a homemade tunnel. And when we got in there, the... that little old train they had a--a machine guns, them Russians and they pulled these curtains down. And them Russians stand here with machine guns that we didn't look out of that window all the time we was passing by. And I asked a little Finnish soldier, said, "You Americans will find out pretty soon. Don't worry what they're doing behind there." All right.

E-56 So they claim they got an underground air--bomb shelters, and everything, and planes, that can whirl or send out missiles that'll bomb every nation and every--every city in the United States in five minutes time, with atomic bombs, and send them right out from that one place there.
So brother, we're living in a terrible age. We're living in time when men ought to get right with God, and seek God, 'cause the hour's coming when destruction is just as sure to strike as I'm standing in this pulpit. We are bound to get it. How can we escape it, friends, if we're neglecting God and treating God the way we are? How can we do it, when the folks going down through the city, and the city officials drinking whiskey to celebrate Christmas and things like that? How can you expect God to do anything different than to destroy places? Isn't that right? The whole nation's polluted everywhere. The whole world is polluted. That's right. Only one thing left, that's the coming of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the only hope in the world that we have. Flee to Him tonight.

E-57 Then going down through there, those big, rough-handed Russians who'd guarded on the road up... I don't know if it was the same group, but they was standing there and walking. I had to--had to walk for several city blocks to get to the place, and soldiers going along in front and back like that, and those Russians standing there, and the tears running down their cheeks like that when they passed by. They had that flat Russian salute when they passed by like that, and the tears running down. And as soon as they could, they'd throw their arms around them little Finnish soldiers, and cry, and praise God. Them was men, Russians filled with the baptism of the Holy Ghost.
Let me tell you something, brother, anything that'll make a Finn put his arm around a Russian and hug him, it'll settle wars forever. Amen. That's right. When you see them two nations there... They didn't pay any attention whether they was Russians, or whether they was Finns. They were hugging one another and praising God. If they had their say so, there'd be no more war.

E-58 Not long ago a little chaplain in this last war, I have to put this in. He said, "Brother Branham, I was walking a post like this," said, "I was out there." Said, "I was starving to death in Japan." Said, "I--I raised up my hands and I said, 'Oh, hallelujah.'" Said, "God, I got wife and babies at home, and it looks like I'm going to die right here in this prison camp." Said, "Oh, if I could only see them once more; but nevertheless, if You want me to come home from here, Your will be done, Lord." And said he noticed a little sentry walking the post like that, kept looking at him. Said, "He thought, 'That boy wants to talk to me.'"
He got over close to him; he looked around, said, "You Christian?"
He said, "Yes."

E-59 He said, "Me Christian too." Now, if he had his say so, he'd let that brother out. Brother, let me tell you. It doesn't take big four meetings and round conference. It takes the Blood of Jesus Christ to make man one. That's what it takes. Yes, sir. Why do you try to just scheme this. It's man devices. It'll never work, never will, never was intended to. It'll never work until all nations recognize Jesus Christ the Son of God. And the Christian Church has failed to recognize, to represent Jesus to the nations is what we're in the trouble tonight, exactly right.
Going in that night, it was the second night. That poor little mother had been laying at that hotel door. I'll never forget it, what a night. She'd lay there. She'd all the time constantly calling, "Come, heal my boy. Come, heal my boy."
Well, of course, Mrs. Isaacson, it's against the rules for me to make a--a--a call. And so I... Just a minute. I guess I've got enough time to get this little part in here if you'll suffer me. Will you do it? If you will, say, "Amen." Just to tell you how this little boy come out...

E-60 So we... I was going--going in that night and I... They just had... That poor little woman, they just had to drag over like that. And the managers and all of them tried to tell her, saying, "Sister, we're praying for your little boy."
"Oh, let him come down and heal my little boy." That was the other little boy that was crushed: never had come to, never washed his face or nothing, just so broke up laying there like that. And so they... I remember that night, next night, when we went in... That day the little woman, I told her, said, "Bring her up in the hall." So they brought her up in the hall, and I said, "Well, are you a Christian, the first thing?"

E-61 "No." Neither one of them was Christians. She said, "Why don't you go down..." Of course, now this was through an interpreter. She said, "I want you to go down an heal my little boy."
I said, "I never healed that little boy."
She said, "Why, you healed him."
I said, "No, no." I said, "Over in my homeland in America, two years and a half ago God gave me a vision of that little boy a being healed," and I said, "I just done what God told me to do."
And she said, "See vision for my little boy."
"Well, that's very nice, but I--I don't have no power to do that." Now, you can't do that. So I tried to let her know. I said, "The first thing are you a Christian?"
"No." She nor her husband neither one...
I said, "Now, I want to talk to you. Look. If--if that little boy dies... I don't know what's going to happen to him. The doctor says he's got to die. He's got concussions, blood in the brain, and you know how it is, and his back all like that as far as... They couldn't x-ray him or nothing, 'cause he just let him... Just waiting till he come to, and said, 'He's got to die.'"

E-62 I said, "If the little boy dies, the doctor's doing all he can do." I said, "If he dies, and then he will go to heaven, because Jesus Christ paid the penalty for his sins when He died at Calvary." The little fellow was too old to know what was right and wrong, has nothing to repent from." And I said, "Then he..." Repent of, rather... And I said, "He will--he will go to heaven. Then if you die, you'll not go to heaven and you'll never see that boy again."
I said, "But if he dies, and goes to heaven, and you become a Christian, then when you die you'll go to heaven, and you'll be with him for all the time, forever. And there won't be no more accidents up there." And I said, "In doing that you might find favor with God." I said, "Now, if you want a favor out of me, why, find favor with me. If I want a favor out of you, I'd find favor with you." I said, "Find favor with God. Become His servant and maybe God might--might heal your child. If He doesn't..."
They studied it over. They couldn't lose, 'cause see they might find favor with God, He'd heal the boy. If they didn't, why then, it would be all right. If they died, then they'd all go to heaven together.

E-63 So the little father and mother got down on their knees and put their arms around one another, the sweetest thing you ever seen. I think of it, yet and my heart fills up, how they was just crying. Mrs. Isaacson trying to interpret the prayer over one side of me. How they said, "We want to be with our little boy," you know, and so forth like that, poor little things, just a young couple and probably in the twenties yet. And so they got up, wiping their eyes, and said... And I had... I said, "Now, you believe if you die now, you'd go see...?"
"Yes," Jesus was their Saviour. They was going to serve Him all their life. And so the little mother, you know how a mother would be to her child. She said, "Now, go see vision."
I said, "That's a--that's very nice, sister, but I can't make God do that." And I said, "Now..."
She said, "Come, go down to the hospital and heal him now." She thought that settled it all, 'cause she become a Christian.

E-64 I said, "No, I can't do that." I said, "Now, I'd break the rules, and you wouldn't want me to do that." I said, "'Less God would lead me, well, I--I just don't make those, 'cause there's too many of them, then it causes back...?... on the ministers." I said, "I can't do that." I said, "But I'll go right in the room and start praying for him now," and I said, "like I have been praying, and if God shows me anything, I'll call you."
She said, "I'll wait see what God says."
I said, "Why, He may never even speak to me at all, sister. He may never--He may never say one word to me." And I said, "I may never see a vision of that child." And I said, "If He does, I'll call you."
She said, "Well, I'll wait."
I said, "No, He may never say nothing." So we had a hard time getting rid of her then. So we finally got her and her husband to go down home. Well, about fifteen minutes after they was gone, the phone rang. The interpreter went out.
Said, "Has Brother Branham seen vision yet?" She was... Poor little thing, I felt so... I'd be the same way if it was my child. Said, "Brother Branham seen vision yet?" About every ten minutes she'd call. "Seen vision yet...?..."

E-65 Well, I went to church that night and there down at the big Messuhalli in there with those people. Something happened going in. As I was going in some little soldiers marching in front and the back... Everybody had orders, you know, not to crowd in around, 'cause them soldiers was the militia. You see? So they... I got into the hall, went up like this. And I... Just as I got in they were singing in Finnish, "Only Believe," 'cause they knew I was there. And Brother Baxter had done gone on ahead on me. He'd brought me down, and had went on ahead of me and went in. So he started them singing, "Only Believe."
And these little soldiers was taking me up another way to bring me in, so I'd come to the platform, 'cause you couldn't get in this other way, people so jammed in there. So then as--as I started through the room... Now, this is something I want you to get. It's the sweetest thing I ever seen happen. They... The ladies rest room there...?... such as it was. We started in, and all at once the door opened, and a little girl on crutches stepped out. And she bowed her little head, and she looked up at me, and I knew that little girl wanted to come to me.

E-66 And she thought she'd done something wrong, 'cause they just strictly said, announced on the radio, on their--their microphones and everything, coming in not to even move into the line or check or anything, you know. They'd made it so awful strong. I didn't want them to do that. But I guess they had to get you in and out. So then... And that poor little thing thought she'd done wrong, and she ducked her little head down. I never forget the looks of that little child.
She was standing there. One leg was a little shorter than the other. And she had no use of this limb at all though. I believe it was the right limb. And she had a--a big shoe on, and she had a--a snap here in her toe of her shoe, and a piece of leather. And then over that shoe had braces that come up this a way, and then went around her little side. And this strap come up and went over her back and snapped into back here. And she had two crutches. And the way she could walk, she'd set those two crutches out, and this limb had no control at all, just hung loose (You see?) and those braces made it stiff. You see?

E-67 So she'd set her crutches out, and then she'd take her little shoulder, and raise her foot up like that, and shove it out like that (You see?) with her--with her shoulder like that. She'd set her crutches out, and then she'd go... And that'd throw that leg out, and that's how she walked.
And I seen her. She was about ten years old, something like that, her little ragged looking blond hair, and her little baby looking face, and her little skirts... She probably didn't have on any beneath skirt. She just was... And that skirt was all ragged and little rags hanging from it, poor. And I found out later she was a little war orphan. Her mother and father had been killed by the Germans during the time of the war, and they was just taking care of her wherever she lived. She lived in a tent.

E-68 And so she looked at me, and her little lips got to quivering. And she ducked her little head down like that, and I seen the tears fall down from her, which was kind of...?... And I said... I couldn't speak...?... No interpreter or nothing and they couldn't... And I--I--I didn't know what to do, and I was just standing there, and they was trying to push me on, and I motioned like that, not to do it, watching that child.
And they're very polite. When all of them get in the service in the afternoon, they been give me some of that old Finnish money, you know. And I'd get out there and buy candies or cookies or ever what it was, and I'd have a string of kids for a city block following me. And then they'd thank me, the word "Kiitos" is "thank you," "Kiitos." And they'd take their little skirts, them little girls, and pull their little skirts out, and say, "Kiitos." Like that, thanking you, you know when I'd give them these things. I just had kids from all over the country. I love them. I got two at home. I'd like to have them in my arms now. Just... I love the little old fellows.

E-69 And so--and so I--I'd seen that little thing. And she wanted to come to me. And I know she did. And I just stood still, and by the way, this was the same suit I had on. This suit come from Finland. And so I had on this suit. And so I was... Just stopped and she looked at me, and she put her little head down again. She thought she'd done something wrong when she stepped out there and me coming through. And I looked at her like that.
I said, "Do you want to come over here?" 'Course she couldn't understand what I was saying. And I motioned my finger to her like that. And she looked up at me, kind of a little bitty smile come across her face. And she looked at me again. I thought she was going to start... See what I was going to say. I just looked at her. I just stood still, and she put her little crutches out, and she took her little shoulder and throwed that leg out, and she kept coming on over.
I thought, "God bless that poor, little, crippled mortal." And here she come across, and she... I just never said a thing. Just stood with my hands like this. And she come right up to the side of me like that. She stopped, set her little crutches down, held her little head down like that for a few minutes, just about that high. She held her head down. She reached over and got a hold of, this same coat, and caught it up like that, kissed the pocket, dropped it back down. And she looked up at me, her little lips quivering, tears running down out of her little blue eyes. She pulled her little skirt out, said, "Kiitos. 'Thank you.'" Oh, my, my heart swelling, I looked at the little thing.

E-70 I happened to look, going, walking across that way in a vision, there she went without crutches. I said, "Now, if I can just make her understand." I said, "Sweetheart, honey, you are--you're--you're healed. Jesus has rewarded you of your little faith, honey. You're--you're healed. You're healed."
And 'course she was just crying, holding her little hands like this, just crying. And I said, "You're healed, sweetheart dear." And--and just then the door come opened. Here come two or three Finns...?... there, the soldiers pushed me on, and I got into the platform and had a meeting.
You can see the picture of it all there in one--in one of my books. And they had a... After that night when that Holy Spirit would move right over that audience and tell people (I couldn't even speak in their language.) and tell them where they done, what they done, what was wrong. They'd just raise up, and pile up their crutches, and everything, till they just had piles of them laying like that.

E-71 One morning early going down was a great big old cart full of them going like that, and all of them walking by the side singing in Finnish, "Only believe, all things are possible, only believe."
And there I noticed when I got in, my brother, Howard, and Brother Baxter come up, and I felt them patting me on the shoulder. That's--that's to let me know, that when you get off in that other world, you don't even know where you're at. So now, that's to let me know that it's time to leave. They watch me and they know when I got enough. And so it was time to leave. And I said, "Just--just call a few more, will you? Just--just call a few more."

E-72 Well, they got a little Finn there, and they had to giving out prayer cards. And so they called up a few more cards. And when they did, by God's great providence, I heard something rattle, and the next one on the platform was that little girl. Oh, my.
When she come to the platform, I never forget it. I said to the interpreter; I said, "Come here now. You just speak my words." I said, "Sweetheart, honey, you was the little girl that met me out there in the hall awhile ago." I said, "Jesus Christ rewarded you of your faith." Why, He would've done it if I'd have been a rotten hypocrite, He would've done it for that much faith in that child.
I said, "Now, He's healed you. Now, the thing you want to do," I said, "You just give God the praise." I said, "Now, you go over there and have them to take all these braces off of you." And I said, "Then when you... Just let your little hand set on you limbs, and just as far as your limb is short, you let your hand slip right over your limb as they take that shoe off. Come back and show Brother Branham."

E-73 Well, here she went, you know, hobbling over there. Some man took her to take the braces off. And then when we started again to get someone else, some woman come up. Just about that time I heard her screaming, and here she come with them braces in her hands and crutches, and down through that hall, up over a section, down as hard as she could go screaming to the top of her voice. There's her picture there in the book just as normal as she could be. See? The vision had already spoke it.
Going in that night (I'll hurry,)--going in that night, my brother when they taken me out, had give me two pieces of candy. Now, if there's some Canadians here, which I believe there is, don't... You forgive me for saying it.
One time in Canada we got hold of some candy and it tasted just like starch. The people didn't have the money to put the stuff in it, I guess, that ought to be. And Howard said to me, said, "Bill, you talk about candy and up there being starch," said, "taste some of this." He give me two little pieces of candy.

E-74 I said, "All right." And I went on in. I got upstairs. I had the Bible here. And I... The Sun never goes down there in the... They just have one day a year. You see? Twenty-four hours, or--or six months the sun's up and six months the sun's down. But it's long in May, or the first of May, and the sun... It was... You could read a newspaper out on the street. It wasn't... Didn't get dark at midnight. It was along midnight then, and I walked to the east side, and I looked this a way. And I seen all them thousands of people pouring down through that park, and they were crying with their hands up like that, soldiers and all.
I said, "O great Jehovah God, how marvelous You are, how adorable, my Master and my Lord." I said, "Someday You'll break them eastern skies yonder, and come, and I'll see you in glory. Thousands of those little Finns will come forth into Everlasting Life." I said, "How I adore You, my Master," and standing there with my Bible like that.

E-75 Just then I heard something go [Brother Branham illustrates--Ed.] And I looked and standing just about that far from me, there stood the... There He stood, big Man, dressed in white, Angel of the Lord, hair down to His shoulders. And He had set something down on... The tables are all old antique like marble, and He set something down. And I looked where He set it down, and it was a long vase about that long, that had two flowers. Now, I call them Easter flower. I believe they're called daffodil. I'm not... And I may be wrong on that. Got like a little horn on it like that, you know, they bloom up around Easter, some of them yellow and some of them are white. These were two white ones. And one of them that was laying that way was laying all the way down, and this other one was wilting, going down like that.
And I looked, and I said... 'Course I was frightened. I said, "I--I do not understand."
He said, "What was that your brother give you?"
And I said, "Sir, two pieces of candy laying right here."

E-76 He said, "Eat them." And I picked up one, put it in my mouth (And I hadn't tasted them yet.), tasted all right. And I swallowed it, and when I swallowed it, that Easter flower was laying that way, just exactly the way them boys fell was the way them...?... This Easter flower laying down went, "Pfttt," stood right up like that.
He said, "Eat the other one." And I put it in my mouth. And oh, my. It was the flattest, nastiest taste. And I took it out. And I said, "My..." And I took it out, I--I... Oh, and this flower went [Brother Branham illustrates--Ed.] He said, "Fail that and the other boy will go." I put it in my mouth real quick, and started chewing real nervously, and swallowed it. And when I swallowed it, this flower that was going down like this went, "Pfttt," stood right up beside of it. He said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, go call the woman and tell her that her boy will live."
Well, I left... As soon as He left, and I got to myself good, I was numb. And I started rubbing my face. I got to myself. I laid my Bible down. I run out in the hall and let out a great big scream.

E-77 Now, Mr. Baxter, Mr. Lindsay, all these men, you all know this. And they run out in the hall and let out a great big scream. I said, "Brother, come quickly." And they didn't... Doors flew open every way. They--they didn't know. Right out in the hall and downstairs come Mrs. Isaacson; she heard me in English, you know and they run out.
I said, "Mrs. Isaacson." I told them what had happened... the Angel of the Lord. I said, "Go, call that woman and tell her, 'THUS SAITH THE LORD, her baby will live.'" So she...

E-78 The phones over there's got just like a stick you put in your ear. And you have to turn a crank like this. They're not much like our phones here. So she cranked it up. And she called the--the home, and a baby sitter was there, taking care of the little bitty baby they had; and the mother and father had been called up to the hospital (which was just a private home like.), and they had been called up there, that the baby was dying--their baby was dying, the little boy.
So they called up to the home and when they got up there, they... She said, "The baby is dying."
So they called back to the hospital and the doctor said, "Just a moment." Or the nurse, rather that answered, said, "Just a moment." And so they went and got the woman and brought her to the phone, and she was screaming to the top of her voice, and she said, "Now, honey, now you--you keep real still. I got something to tell you." Said, "Brother Branham has just saw a vision. The Angel of the Lord stood in there and said to tell you, 'THUS SAITH THE LORD, the baby is going to live and not die.'"
She said, "How well do I know it. We're fixing to take him home right now. He just raised up just a few minutes ago, and they can't find nothing wrong with him. We're fixing to take him home right now."

E-79 Oh, brother, sister, God is still God, and He changes not. He's give us the land. He has give us the blessings; it's all ours if we can just believe Him. Won't you believe Him tonight? Won't you have faith in Him, and love Him, and--and believe Him with all your heart, that God is--is going to do these things for us? You will believe, won't you, every one of you? May the Lord bless you.

E-80 Let's bow our heads. Our heavenly Father, we thank Thee tonight. And O God, as my heart moves back across the scenes for the last few years, God, how... What--what can I do to get it to the people? Here's the place it's needed, right here, Lord, right here, the worst I've ever seen. I pray, God, that somehow, something before Divine judgment strikes the place, I pray that something will be done. I've been told that many of your servants has been in here. And You've got some faithful people in here, real people that's praying, and fasting, and holding on.
I believe it's the reason You're sparing it. God, they're faithful. But just think of the thousands tonight out here that's without God, without Christ. Have mercy. God, do something. Send the revival. Ministers faithfully working, people praying and fasting, little mothers doing without their food, and fathers, and little children even fasting and praying, O great God, I know that You... Men are free moral agents. You can only knock at their heart. They have to make the acceptance.

E-81 But now, Father, I pray that for those who are here, that You'll have mercy on these here that's sick tonight. Grant it. I know You're here. I know You're here. And I think, the very God that we're going to stand before someday to give an account of our life, is standing present now with us.
And Lord, You remember those over there. Sure, You remember that little boy in Finland. You remember his resurrection from the dead. You remember the other little boy, the little crippled girl, that poor little thing, as my heart goes back to think of it. The many, many thousands of others, how good You've been. How unworthy we are, but Your Word will be fulfilled.

E-82 Now, You've placed on my heart to come down here and help these, my brethren, who are struggling hard in this city, a beauty city, a great city. Your servants has come in and tried hard. And God, I--I feel that it's my duty to stand at the post, try hard too. I've done my best, Lord. It looks like I--I can't get anywhere. And I pray that You'll be merciful. Grant it, Lord.
And now, I ask You to bless this faithful little group that comes night after night, hovers around here in this little arena. God, be with them. Manifest Your love to them just now, Lord. Heal every one of them. Grant, that there won't be any sickness left among them. May Your Spirit move down now, lovely and sweet and heal everyone. Grant it, eternal God. Thou art our Saviour. And I pray that You'll heal everyone, for we ask it in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
[A message in tongues and an interpretation is given--Ed.]

E-83 Now, that, my Christian friends, is Bible order of Holy Spirit speaking in churches. The Scripture says, "If one speaks with tongues, let them all hold their peace the interpretation..." And God Himself through other voices has uttered these things. Now, this man's a Baptist. I don't know what the woman was that spoke, but (See?) it's for all. Now, all churches are coming to this (See?), every one.
You all heard Charles Fuller a few Sundays ago. How many's heard Fuller's broadcast? You all know that's right. They had the same thing in the Long Beach Auditorium: speaking in tongues, interpretation of tongues--Charles Fuller. See? And they have accepted healing also. See? So it's all coming to the... See, the churches coming together.
These apostolic gifts are being restored again to the Church. God is here. I was going to call a prayer line. I don't believe I'll do it. I want you to look this a way. I want you to look and believe. I want you to have faith in God, after He spoke in that way. He's here, that second gift of confirmation. His Presence is here.

E-84 And now, how many of you... Did you give out prayer cards? How many of you haven't got prayer cards? I want people that haven't got prayer cards, raise your hands. I want you to have faith. I want to believe. Look here. God is standing here. His Spirit is here. How many seen that picture of the Angel of the Lord back there? You've seen it, haven't you? Uh-huh.
Now, that's what's right here now. That's the Pillar of Fire. It seems strange that how the world will reject it. I want you to look this a way. I want you to believe with all your heart, that God Almighty, the powerful Jehovah God is present to make well. He will do it. He will do it if you'll just believe.
Now, look this way, and just be praying, and say, "Lord, I believe that--that Brother Branham has told us the Truth." You know that was truth what He just spoke there through the Spirit. Say, "I believe that's the truth." I want you to do it. I want you to believe it with all your heart. God will take care of the rest. You believe that, don't you? Now, just pray. Let's have a just quiet meeting. Let's be reverent. Just be praying.
I've never did this, but I just felt led to do it. Of course, I have to wait till I see Him, till He gives me some kind of a lead-a-way, tell me. I just pray that He will do it.

E-85 Father, Who I love and trust, let it be known this night, Lord, as I stand here. If I'm wrong, forgive me. I don't mean to be. I'm... Thou knowest I'm not trying to speak of myself. I'm speaking of You, Lord, and I know You're here. And will You grant this to these people, all doubt removed from their hearts. Let them know that even in its simplicity, yet It's You. You're here to do this. And I pray that You'll grant it through Jesus Thy Son. Magnify Yourself tonight, Father. Amen.
If Almighty God's here on this platform now, will just show me someone out there, or something's wrong, or something that can be done for someone, would you all accept your healing then from this platform from here. Would you accept your healing? If God... without calling anybody up here just right out in the audience He'd do it...? May His blessings be granted is my sincere prayer.
I see a little lady setting here. Do you have a prayer card, lady? with that little striped looking dress on? You, you don't have a prayer... You have a prayer card? You don't have a prayer card, do you, lady? You, yes, you, the lady with the little black hat, do--do you have a prayer card? You don't have a prayer card? Stand up just a minute. Look here just a minute. Just stand there and look here. You believe me to be His servant? We're perfectly strangers. You got--you got something wrong with an eyes, haven't you? Is that right? Then you've also got a--a sinus trouble. Isn't that right? Is that right? You accept your healing now? You accept your healing? All right. God bless you and be seated. Go home and get well. God be with you.

E-86 Do you love Him? Man setting there with that white shirt on, no collar or tie, you have a prayer card, sir? You don't. Stand up to your feet a minute. There's just... I'll get you in just a minute there...?... You're just seeking more faith. It's all you want. Isn't that right? Just want more faith, that's all. God bless you. Set down.
That your wife setting there? Nervous, heart trouble. You believe God will make you well, heal you, lady? You do? Stand up and accept your healing now. God bless you. Set down, or you can go home and be well. How could you doubt Him?
You want to be made well, lady? Got a gall bladder trouble, haven't you? Not only that, you got cancer too. Isn't that right? You want to be made well? Stand up and say, "I accept Jesus as my Healer." God bless you. May the Lord God grant it to you. Thank you, sister. Go home and get well. Don't fear now. Walk right down the road of faith.
Just pray everywhere. Believe with all your heart. God will grant it to you. Get over that... You think that blood pressure will leave you, sister? You believe it with all your heart? If you believe it...
Somebody in this section... It's over in here somewhere looking. Believe with all your heart.

E-87 I just have to watch to see where He's at. You see? Here It is, right here. Got sinus, haven't you, sister? Believe He will make you well? You do? God bless you. You may have what you asked for.
Also, have sinus setting there on the end too, have arthritis, blood pressure. You believe God will heal you and make you well? With all your heart? He'd do it; you can have it. God bless you.
Heart trouble: that lady setting next to you has got a kidney trouble too. Isn't that right, lady? Now, seems like you had a severe cough too, don't you? You're coughing. Isn't that right? You don't have that now. Jesus Christ makes you whole. God bless you.
Are you believing everywhere? Lady, I know what's wrong with you. I know what's wrong with the lady setting there in the wheelchair. I can't heal you. Arthritis caused that a long time ago. See? I'm watching. It's--it's hung over you for two or three nights here. If you'd just believe, you could get up and walk on away, just as easy, as it would be for these other people, but you just think you can't do it. You see? Don't believe that. Believe that God's going to make you well.

E-88 This lady, the same thing here...?... isn't it, lady. Sure. Just brought you in on that cot, but you can be made well. You can get up and push your cot, and go home, if you'll just believe God. He's standing right here and make you well. You believe that?
Oh, my, just how It's banking in now everywhere, just looks like a constant pull, moving from everywhere. Have faith. Oh, Christian friends, isn't this the same thing that Paul preaching? Said, "I perceive that you have faith to be healed. You have a certain thing. Stand up and be... Don't you know He's here? It's the Lord Jesus. All those people out in there. There He goes again right back to them.
Little lady with female trouble... God bless you, lady. You believe with all your heart. I'm afraid I'm not catching you. You're missing It. You see? I see It come to you, and you don't respond to the call. You see? As soon as you do, It moves from you. See? 'Cause that faith has to catch, and then you--you get in your mind, say... You're wondering if It's to somebody else. (You see?) And it's you. See? That's right.

E-89 Tell you what. Put your hands over on one another; let's have prayer.
I've told you the truth. I've done all that I know how to do. God has spoken. He's spoken in His Word. He's spoken through unknown languages. He's spoken visions and power by a prophetic utterance. The Holy Spirit's here seeking out like He does each time. But You told me said, "If you get the people to believe," He said, "you do this and they'll believe you." Just like Moses had made the stick to turn to a serpent and healed hisself of leprosy on his hand. I've told you the truth. God has testified it's the truth.

E-90 Dear Christian friends, I speak in the Name of the Jesus Christ that every one of you right here now can be made well. Lord Jesus I pray that You'll rebuke every demon and power. And may the Holy Ghost move over this audience just now and heal every person here. May the lame walk. May the blind see. May the deaf hear. May the power of God...?... May they laying on the stretcher rise up, go out of this building, pushing the stretcher. May they go from their wheelchairs, walk out of here, saying, "Why, God made me well."
And may it come to pass in this very hour, that everything in here may be healed. Now, Lord, You was with me over in Finland. You been with me all around the world. You was with me with that little girl that time. You was here showing the same kind of visions, the same things.
O God, may the Holy Ghost take...?... servant...?... and may there not be one sick person left. May this be the night of all nights. Grant it, Lord. May the Holy Ghost heal every person in here. May that faith right now rise up, stand up, and accept their healing.
Satan, I rebuke you in Jesus Christ's Name. Come out of the people...?... Let everybody that's in Divine Presence stand to your feet right now. That's it.