La Rédemption Dans Sa Totalité, Dans La Joie

Date: 54-0330 | La durée est de: 1 heure et 16 minutes | La traduction: Shp
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1 I'm happy tonight, again, to greet you in the Name of our lovely Lord Jesus, the resurrected Son of God. And His Presence was already here when I come in, so we expecting to see the exceedingly, abundantly, above all that we could even do or think tonight, that God will pour out upon us of His blessings and magnify Jesus Christ in our midst.
I had been speaking the last two nights... Sunday night I think we had a healing service, and Monday night I was preaching. And give out... Started a subject, Sunday morning in the Tabernacle. And I thought, while we were waiting around for a crowd to kinda get picked up a little bit, I would kind of give vent to my feelings. I'm...
One of these days, if God willing, and will help me, I'd just like to have several campaigns where you--you don't just go in and preach nor teach the Scripture, and make altar calls, and get down at the altar and pray for the people, and like we old fashion Baptists used to do. [Someone says, "Amen."--Ed.] Only two Baptists I heard say, "Amen." So where you all at tonight?
Someone said, "Brother Branham, was you a Baptist?"
Said, "Yeah," I said.

4 I was preaching here at Arkansas, one time. A fellow, old fellow, got healed. He was... they had... He was a Nazarene. He had his crutches on his back, the next day, going around through the city with a--a sign on it, "God taken me off of this last night." And he was very badly crippled. It was in Little Rock. And he'd been that way for several years. And everyone knew him, 'cause he went around, had his hat laying down, and selling pencils out of the hat. And everyone knew him, so it just started, just done a great thing in the city.
And a couple nights after that, I was preaching, and--and he raised up. He said, "Just a minute, Brother Branham, do you mind if I ask you something?"
I said, "No, sir."
And he said, "Well," he said, "when--when I heard you preaching, I knew you was a Nazarene." He said, "Then I seen all the Pentecostal people around here, and somebody told me you were Pentecostal." He said, "I heard you say, awhile ago, you was a Baptist." He said, "I don't get this."
I said, "Well, that's easy. I'm a Pentecostal, Nazarene, Baptist." That's right. That's right. We're just... believe.

8 Oh, friends, I don't belong to any denomination of church, and yet I belong to every one of them. When I started out on this, I said, "Christ is my head. This Bible is my textbook. And the world is my church." So that's--that's what I want to be till I die.

9 Now, in a night or two, we'll try to start a healing service again, when we get... 'Course, seeing these cots and stretchers laying around here, I like to see something. I'm so anxious for something to happen here in Louisville, Kentucky, because this is my home state.
I've never had a good, what you call a good meeting, in Kentucky. And I don't mean that with any slam. I--I've had plenty bad ones, plenty places. But, I mean, right here in my own home, it's so hard. I... just so hard to break it. I don't know why. But I guess it's because Jesus said, "In your own country," that how it'd be, that's probably the--the way it is. But we never get to see too many outstanding miracles.
I had a service here, about a year or two ago in Jeffersonville, but it happened to be the woman was from up here in Kentucky somewhere. She had turned to chalk, like, from her limbs down; from her hip down to her limps, rather. And she--she hadn't walked for seventeen years. Many of you was there that night remember the case. And she got right up and walked out of the Tabernacle, normally.

12 Now, I'd like for something to get started here in Louisville, where I could see an old fashion revival sweep through this lovely big city here.
It's a city of like all other cities; it's as wicked as all get out. You know that's the truth. I'm not hurting Kentucky, 'cause, I'm a Kentuckian too. All right. But it's--it's truth. It's wicked. This is the home of all whiskeys and distilleries, and wicked devices, and everything like, it happens right around Louisville, Kentucky, here, so this is the seat of Satan.
But we can break it to pieces with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, if we'll all get together. That's right. We got to unite our powers together and push.

15 Sometime ago, a very famous evangelist in the country was, said, talking about the services here. He said, "Well, here's what it is." He said, "When I go into a city, everything throughout the country has to sponsor my meetings or I won't go." That's right. Well, just think. I think there's perhaps sixty or seventy big Baptist churches right in Louisville. See? How about the Methodist? And it's a Methodist town, Asbury being up here. What would that man have if he come to this city, just of Methodists and Baptists, let alone the Presbyterian and all?
Now, how many full-Gospel churches is there here in the city? Two or three little missions down along here somewhere, just small churches here and there, and they're at war with one another.

17 So when you come in, you have to stand on the strength of your ministry. That's right. And even the... Everybody is like a politics moving in. It's on the strength of your ministry to draw from whatever the Lord will send. I like it that way. Brother, if Jesus Christ ain't my stay here, and my dependence, then I have nothing else to depend on. That's right. He... On Christ the solid Rock, I stand; all other grounds is sinking sands to me. I'd rather preach to five people that I know God had sent to hear the Message, than to preach to ten thousand that was politically pulled into it. That's right.
I'd rather see a little old old fashion conversation, get down to the altar and cry and boohoo through, than to see a ten thousand stand, just say, "Well, I'll try It." Try It? He's not a Christ to try. He's One to accept. Live or die, sink or drown, take Him anyhow. That's right.

19 If I pray, prayed for ten thousand people tonight, and they all died in the morning, tomorrow night I'd be back here praying for the sick, believing God's Word was right. That's right.
If I was dying, and five thousand people died a hundred years ago, and had been in eternity that long, rose back and come to the earth, and said, "Brother Branham, don't you trust It. He's not right. Don't trust It. We--we trusted Him, went; we failed."
I'd still say, "Let me die in Jesus Christ." That's right. I believe it. And that's my whole heart, everything's set right in that. And I believe it with all my heart, and I depend on Him.
And I love His people. I love you fellow citizens of the Kingdom of God. And I want to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you and bear the burden.

23 Now, tonight; I give out last night I was going to speak a little while tonight, the Lord willing. Don't want to keep you too long, tire you, 'cause we're expecting...
I've got kind of like a fleece before the Lord for this meeting. And I'm expecting God to do something that'll start the meeting a rolling right here in the city. You pray; do your part; then when the judgment comes, we can all stand and say we did our part.
In the 20th chapter of Exodus, and beginning with the 7th verse, I wish to speak just a few moments, if God will permit, on a very, well, I'd say, not an outstanding subject, but a--a good subject. Last Sunday, at the Sunday school at the Tabernacle in Jeffersonville, we started on, "Redemption by the Blood."

26 And here's what I'm trying to do, if you want to know why I'm doing this here. Many of you say you never seen me preaching in a healing campaign, but it's for a purpose. I think, if I could get souls broke down and come to the altar, then I'd find favor with God for Louisville (That's right.) when the people really get down before God and pray.
And then, there's many of you, friends, that's praying, fasting, and afraid to take a hold of what you're praying for. That's right. See? Well, it won't do you no good to fast and pray, 'less you got some works to go with it. All your faith in the world, won't do you a bit of good, 'less you step right out there, and toe-to-toe with it, and take it. That's all. You've got to go forward. You just got to step right out and do it anyhow. When you ask for anything, go get it. God said it's yours, so don't take nothing less. Get what you asked for. You do that and find out how it comes out. Yeah. Don't--don't back up and say, "Well, I'll take second."

28 I'll take first. God promised me first; that's what I want. And for these twenty-three years I've served Him, He's give me that place. And I... And as long as I believe Him and love Him, and He loves me, it'll be just that way, because He's obligated to His Word. "Whatsoever things you desire, when you pray, believe you receive it, you shall have it." That's what He said. Is that right? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] That's good. All right.
I like to hear you say, "Amen." You know, Sister Hoover, "amen" means "so be it," to me, you know. And I--I go to speaking, I don't hear nobody say "amen," I--I get all puzzled.

30 Here sometime ago I was preaching in a little church, and--and I was just... Oh, I haven't got very many pulpit manners, according to the, I guess, the theology of the day, so I guess I got a little unruly. And I think I jumped up on the plat--on the pulpit, like that, and grabbed the microphone in my hand, and sit there, and my feet swinging off, preaching just as hard as I could. I come to myself; I didn't know what I was doing. In few minutes I got lost again, and I found myself down in the middle of the aisle, rolling up my trouser leg. I don't know why, but I was really... I'd liked to stayed there awhile. That's one thing I'd like to say. It was somewhere that I sure was enjoying myself. I just lived off of it for several days afterward.
There was a man come to me, and he said, "Say," he said, "how can you preach, and all them people saying, 'Amen'?"
I said, "That's what makes me preach." Yeah.

32 I used to have an old dog. I coon hunted. I guess I got plenty of Kentucky friends here that likes to coon hunt. So... And he would tree anything there was, and go get it, besides a skunk; and he just wouldn't have nothing to do with that. Now, he'd--he'd run him under a brush pile. And the only thing I had to do; I didn't want to get under there after him; I was sure. So the only thing I'd do, is just raise up the brush, and pat him and holler, "Sic him, boy! Sic him!" He'd go get the skunk.
Now, the worst skunk I know of is the devil. And if you want to do a little patting, just holler "amen" once in a while. And I--I... We'll get him treed, after while, and go get him.

34 You know, old Buddy Robinson, many of you has heard of him. Haven't you, the Nazarene church? He said, "Lord," said "give me a backbone like a saw log. Give me lots of knowledge in the gable end of my soul. And let me fight the devil as long as I got one tooth, and then gum him till I die." I think that's a good... And that's just what he did. That's just what he did; way, nearly a hundred years old, and still preaching the Gospel.
I hear them old veterans preaching like that. The other day, I happened to turn on the radio, and an old brother, by the name of Mordecai F. Hamm, around a hundred years old, still preaching the Gospel. I said, "God, bless him, and may he have stars in his crown when he gets there." Brother Hamm, I just barely know him. One of these days I want to meet him before he crosses over, the land. And so he can shake hands with a lot of folks over there. I know he will have plenty to shake hands with when he gets there, though, because he's been an old veteran.
The Lord bless you now. And now, before we enter into this Word, let's ask the Author to come down and reveal It to us.

37 Our kind heavenly Father, we approach Thee tonight, in that lovely, magnificent Name of Thy Son Jesus, confessing our sins, that we are not worthy to speak His holy Name. For in... All the family of heaven is named "Jesus." All the family on earth is named "Jesus." And in that Name every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall confess to It, whether they be sinners or saints. Then when we speak in His Name, how we should be quivering in our hearts with reverence, as we speak. So we ask in His Name, reverently, that You will come to us tonight, Lord.
We're here in the midst of a great city, with all kinds of devices that Satan has got the people so bound up in their businesses, in his gambling, in prostitution, whiskey, and cigarettes. And O God, and many ministers in the pulpit just let it pass by as if it was just one of the common things.
But, God, give us the voice of warning, that we'll preach the Gospel straight and true, lay the axe to the root of the tree, and let the chips fall wherever it will be. But help us, Lord, to pronounce judgment upon such things and preach the Gospel of Thy dear Son, Jesus.

40 God, grant something to take place that'll shake this city for the Kingdom of God. That, even the churches, that's just going along on the corners with a few members, O God, may them churches fill up and pack out with good, old fashion, saintly people, borned again. Grant it, Lord. And may we receive a revival, an old fashion, God-sent revival that'll just shake from one side of the city to the other, getting rid of all the meanness. O God, don't give us a protractive meeting. Give us a revival that'll close up bootleg joints, and that'll get things right, and make people come when the church bell rings, and flock to the altar, and pray before the pastor's message, and be ready. God, grant it.
Now, tonight there may be sick here, Father. And while we're speaking on the sick, or for the sick also, may the Holy Spirit heal every sick person in the building. Save every sinner. Call back home every backslider from his wayward way.
And now, may the Holy Spirit be the One that has guided me to this subject tonight. And may He take the things of God and just use His servant here as an instrument, and may God receive glory. For we ask it in His Name. Amen.

43 In the 7th verse of the 20th chapter of--of Numbers, we read this.
And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying,
Take the rod, and gather thou the assembly together, thou, and Aaron thy brother,... speak ye to the rock before their eyes; and it shall bring forth his water,...
I want you to notice that, "his" water.
It shall bring forth his water, and thou shall bring forth to them water out of the rock: so thou shall give the congregation and their beasts drink.
And Moses took the rod from before the LORD, as he commanded him.
And Moses and Aaron gathered the congregation together before the rock, and he said unto them. Hear..., ye rebels; must we fetch you water out of the rock?
And Moses lifted up his hand, and with his rod he smote the rock twice: and the waters came out abundantly, and the congregation drank, and their beasts also.
May the Lord take these few Words now, as we go back to our subject from last night and bring it up to this, God willing.

46 And now, I want all the sick that's in here tonight... Now, Billy never give out any prayer cards today, 'cause I told him not to. I said, "Just go over, Billy, and tell Brother Cobbles. And just let me..."
I'm trying something for the glory of God, just asking God to help us, to give us souls into the Kingdom; and that believers that'll strengthen their faith, and move up, even without anything else, will just move right up and say, "God, I believe You, on the Word." That's it. There's the initial, and first, and best way. That's right. Take God at His Word. Then if you can't do that, then, 'course, God sends other things in, such as gifts and signs to--to confirm His Word, to confirm It to every believer.
Now, Sunday, we had, "Redemption by the Blood."

48 We're taking Israel now, in their journey coming out of Egypt, type of the world, on their way to Palestine, the promised land. I think it's a beautiful thing. I just love it. Pretty near every week, I set down and read through that book of Exodus, if I can, or as much of it as I can. I love it, because it's a perfect type of the church today, the condition, and how God is moving. Moved then, what He did in the natural then, He's doing in the spiritual now. See it?
Now, there He led Israel natural, where they seen, looked, moved them out of a certain land into another natural land.
Now, we're moved by the Holy Spirit, in going now into the promised land. You believe we're on a road to a promised land? "In My Father's house is many mansions. If it wasn't so, I would've told you. I'll go and prepare a place for you." Is that right? Now, we have a promised land that we're going to, and each day marks a milestone; another day, another milestone.

51 And there's a big dark shadow setting yonder before us, called death. And every time our heart beats, we move one step closer to that. One of these days, it's going to take its last beat, and we're going in. I want to be at my time, make my lot; as I hope every one of you is, tonight. When I know that it's laying just before me, and I have to meet it, I don't want to be a coward. I want to wrap myself in the robe of His righteousness, walking into it, knowing this, that I am sure that I know Him in the power of His resurrection (That's right.), that when He calls from among the dead, I'll be called out with them that's a living. God is a God of the living.

52 Now, as they journeyed in this land, we found out that God made a--made a plan for them. He brought redemption by the blood. Then we find out, He brings redemption again, by power.
We found night before last that He had the blood applied, which was a very beautiful type of the believer; that when he has accepted the death of Christ in his stead, then he becomes a child of God. He starts on his journey.
Now, the next thing that he has to have... after he is saved spiritually...
Now, the death of the innocent lamb provided life for the guilty believer. Isn't that a perfect type now, the death of the Innocent, providing Life for the guilty. And the death of the innocent Christ provides Life for we the guilty.
Now, first, then after God gave them life through the blood and proved it, that death passed over them, He started them in their journey. We're going to catch up with them after while.

57 Now notice, then the next thing God did, as soon as they were become believers and children, and accepted God, the enemy of physical death took after them. And he had them cornered, right up with the desert on one side, the Red Sea on another, mountains on another side, Pharaoh's army coming, pursuing, millions of soldiers coming in the march to overcome them.
Now, God had made manifest that He'd give them life through the death of the lamb; now He is going to show them physical redemption. Hallelujah. See, both for salvation and healing (See?), for the natural man and the spiritual man.
The death Angel passed over, proving that God had made a way of escape through the offering of the blood, and they accepted it. Now He's going to make a way of escape from a physical death.
Like the believer, as soon as he gets saved, maybe a cancer has eaten him up, or some disease. God has redemption also through power. The same as He has redemption for the soul, He has redemption for the body. It was a...

61 They were saved, and they were circumcised. They were under the blood, but yet, Pharaoh was going... The enemy was going to destroy them, kill them all right there in the wilderness. Then God showed His power of redemption for their body. You get it? You know what I'm speaking of? Redemption by the power. And then, when the enemy was right nearly on them, the great supernatural Pillar of Fire raised up from over Israel, come over here and stood between them and death.
Let it soak for a few minutes. Can you see what I'm speaking of?
Now, to every believer, born-again child of God, when death comes stealing to the door prematurely, the Angel of God stands between you and the sickness. Now, if you want to run right on to it, that's your business; but you don't have to. See? He's standing between you and death.

64 Twenty-three years ago in the Jewish Hospital, Dr. Morris Fletcher give me three hours; one of your best surgeons here in the city, give me three hours to live. I'm living tonight. Hallelujah. Why? By unmerited grace, the Angel of God stood between me and death to protect me, and I accepted It. And in gratitude, by God's grace, I want a half a million souls to Him, tonight.
Oh, how God knows how to do things, if we'll just follow. Don't try to lead God. Let God lead you. See? We are the ones to be led. I think that's why God likened us unto sheep.
Did you ever see a sheep lost? Why, he's the most helpless critter in the world. He can't find his way nowhere. He just stand and bleats till the wolf eats him, or he dies there. He can't find his way back.
And that's the way, that when a man is lost, he's totally helpless. There's nothing you can do about it. God, through grace, has to lead you to Christ. Jesus said, "No man can come to Me except the Father draws him. And all that he draws, and comes, I'll give him Everlasting Life." What a promise.

68 Oh, I wish I could get every person in here, that would sink way down under the fifth rib on the left side, till it hits the core of the heart. You'd see people just get up, with all kinds of diseases hanging onto them, walk out of this building, rejoicing, refusing to have it. Cripples would walk just as normal as they could be. They'd refuse to know anything else. See?
You're scared. You're afraid to make the start. You're waiting for God to come down and pull you out. God doesn't do it that way. You're the one has to make the step. He gives the promise, and says, "Come on," then you follow.

70 Now, notice the children of Israel then. God came and stood between them and the danger: power of redemption--redemption by power, rather. Redemption by blood, redemption by power...
Last night we left them just crawling up on the banks on the other side of the Red Sea. All the enemies, their chariot wheels had been taken off. Their horses got spooked right out in the middle of the river, and they were turning every way, going this way, and the wheels mired down in the mud and fell off, and a bunch of men frantically running, the enemy. And Israel climbed out upon the bank to see God stretch forth His hand and destroy all the enemy.
A beautiful type, the believer under the Blood; been healed then by the go-between, the power of God sparing his life, prolonging it for a time... They'd every one been killed right there; he'd have massacred them right there in the wilderness, if God hadn't stood between them. I'd have been dead a long time ago, if God hadn't stood between me and death. Every believer in here would've been dead, a long time ago, if God hadn't stood between you and death: every one of you. So God in His sovereign grace and mercy stands between the believer and death. Hallelujah.

73 Here it is. Then what's the next thing for the believer? The next thing is the baptism of the Holy Spirit then. Moses led the children of Israel right down to the Red Sea, was baptized in the Red Sea: the sea, water, representing Spirit. When he smote the Rock, water came out. And it was a type of Christ in John 3:16. "God so loved the world, He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but would have Everlasting Life." Notice, a perishing people in the wilderness was saved by a smitten Rock. And a perishing people is saved today (perishing in sin, perishing in iniquity), because the smitten Son of God taken their place: water, the Spirit rolling out!
Watch, I want you to see it now, as they went through the Red Sea, was a type of receiving the Holy Spirit. After the believer has been redeemed from death, unto Life the power of God has healed his body, now he's a candidate for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Now, he's got a journey, yonder, ahead of him; but before he can meet that journey, he's got to have something to pack him through. Amen. Perfect type of Pentecost...

75 Notice, as they crawled out of the bank... Every believer, when you come in and are saved, accept the Blood of Jesus, you still try to hang onto this and hang onto that, and you can't give this up and you can't give that up. After while, God may do good things for you; but you can't give up your cigarettes, you have to take a sociable drink with the fellows now and then. But what you need to do is pass through the Red Sea.
When they come out on the other side... Here it is. I want you to see it. As they come out on the other side, crawled up on the bank and looked back, and seen all those old taskmasters who had beaten them, killed some of them... Just like cancer, and cigarettes, and tobaccos, and whiskey, and everything else drives the kids insane, sends them to the asylum, into hospitals, and a bunch of neurotics and everything else produced in the world... When they looked back and saw all those things struggling, helpless, and dying in the sea, brother, you talk about a meeting; they had one.

77 Moses... Oh, I'm going to let this sink deep. I hope it goes way down. Moses, greatest prophet ever lived, outside of Jesus Christ. Never was a man that God ever spoke to, like He did Moses, outside of Christ. He said, "If there be one who's spiritual, or prophet, among you, I'll show him visions and make myself known to him. But not My servant Moses; I speak lip to ear with him." That's right.
Moses, this dignified man, as soon as he come through that experience, he seen all those taskmasters dead, he knowed all them things was gone forever then. All those things that had drove them, and beat them, and whipped them around was finished. He raised his hands and sang in the Spirit. Oh, my.
Never been typed, and won't be until we get to Glory up yonder. When the completion was made there, he sang in the Spirit. And when we're redeemed in the body... That was a type of the Holy Spirit coming at Pentecost, when we passed through the sea. It was a type of Pentecost. And Moses, in the ante--in the type back there, when he passed through that, he sang in the Spirit. It come on the day of Pentecost. And when the body is perfect, redeemed... Now our soul is perfect redeemed (Right.), cannot perish, got Everlasting Life." What the Bible says.

81 Oh, I feel good. Notice. why? Because I know it's THUS SAITH THE LORD. Just anchor my soul there, and walk on, and say, "Satan, just hiss all you want to, to me. Don't bother me, 'cause I know whom I have believed, and I'm persuaded He's able to keep that which I've committed to Him against the day." Amen.
What we need tonight's a good, old fashion, Billy Sunday, broke-down, hallelujah revival, is what we need around Louisville here. That's right, need a good, old fashion, God-sent Pentecostal revival. Yes, sir.

83 Notice, then when our bodies are redeemed... Which we got Divine healing now as a shadow.
As that was a shadow there of Pentecost, look what they done in the shadow time of salvation. Look how they walked there before God, "Quenched the... edge and so... of fire, and escape the edge of the sword," all these things they did, "come out of the fiery furnaces; away from the lions' den, and everything," by the shadow (Hallelujah.), by the shadow of Pentecost.
Now we have perfect redemption through the Blood of Christ. They couldn't have perfect redemption then, 'cause it was under the blood of bulls and goats, and it will not take away sin; it only covered sin. But when Jesus' Blood was shed, the most holy, righteous Blood, sins wasn't covered no more; they were divorced and done with, and the believer goes in the Presence of his Maker. Hallelujah.

86 If they did that, then the shadow there of Moses singing in the Spirit, then over in Revelation, those who's got perfect redemption of the body, stood on the sea of glass and sung the song of Moses again, over in the Book of Revelation.
Talk about a--a Holy Ghost meeting, they had it when they got up on that bank. Listen, sister. The little dignified Miriam, the prophetess, the sister of Moses, a prophetess, she got so excited till she grabbed up a tambourine, and run down the bank, beating this tambourine, and dancing in the Spirit. Not only that, but all the daughters of Israel followed her, dancing in the Spirit. If that ain't the Holy Ghost falling, I never seen one. Of course, then all them ritualistic, dignified nations could've looked through their binoculars and seen that, they'd said, "Fanaticism." Right. But it was God. That's right.
The dignified things look down today upon what God has blessed. Right.

89 Reminds me of a story. A fellow had a great big, fine farm. He built great big, fine barns, just as dignified and classic as it could be, but he was too lazy to farm. All right. There was another farmer lived close to him; he didn't have very much of a barn, but he really was a farmer, and he'd put plenty of good food in that barn that year. And two little calves was born, one in one barn and one in the other. When springtime come, they turned the little calves out of the stall.
That little calf from over here had been fed real good, my, when that wind begin to hit him, oh, my, he kicked up his heels and away he went just as hard as he could go, a snorting, and a jumping, and a bucking, and a going on.
And then the other farmer turned his out, over there. He had--he had nothing to eat but weeds: too lazy to farm, too lazy to feed him.
Puts in mind of some of these pastors (Right, right.), too lazy, and too trifle. And just dignified barns is all you got. Put some Food in there for the calf. Right. Right. The baptism of the Holy Ghost, preached with power, it'll scorch them. That's right. But that's what they need, is some good old fashion scorching; what the church needs, what the members need. Notice.

93 And this little old calf had been...?... Poor, little fellow come out of the stall so thin, he couldn't hardly walk. And he peeped down through the crack and looked across. He seen that other calf just a snorting. He was all fat and round. He felt good. He'd been eating all winter. And that little, starved calf looked over, said, "Such fanaticism." My. Sure, he was too skinny to think anything else.
But I tell you, when that one that all fattened up all winter, brother, he knowed where he was at. He was having a good time when that warm wind begin to blow on him.
And any man that's born of the Spirit of God, they'll call him a fanatic or anything else. But when that warm, spring, Holy Ghost wind begin to come like It did on the day of Pentecost, something's going to take place. Right. The warm winds begin to blow; brother, you're all fattened up with the Gospel, all round and feeling good. Kick up your heels and have a good time.

98 That's the way Miriam and them did. Looked back down and saw all them old things that they once done, was all dead and gone. They'd done seen God accepted the blood; done seen His power in Divine healing, standing between them; come through the Red Sea, and was baptized with the Spirit; walked on the other side, just having a good time. They didn't care what the--all the organizations thought about it. Amen.
What a perfect type it is today of the believer who'll dare to step out.
God promised that He'd supply their every need. He promised He'd supply our every need. He never told them, "I'll make a way of healing; I'll make a way of this; I'll make a way of that." He said, "I'll be with you." Hallelujah.
That's what He said to us. "I'll be with you, even in you, to the end of the world." That's all I have to say. You don't have to argue this, that, or the other. If He's here, that satisfies me; Divine healing's here; power is here. Everything He was there, He is now, "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever." So you can take your theology and drown with it. Brother, I believe Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever; said, "I'll be with you, even in you, to the end of the world." Yes.

102 And there they came out, and He was with them. Now, he said... Oh, they had a little basket of bread on their head; it was all eat up and gone. Didn't have any. They went to bed, a little hungry that night. But the next morning when they got up, there was bread laying all over the ground.
That's the way God does things: lets you come right down to the last minute, and then show you what He can do about it. That's right. He loves to do that. He loves to--He loves to surprise His people.
You men like to do your wife like that. Wait till her birthday, just keep her under suspicions, 'cause you love her.
That's the reason God lets us come to the end of the road sometime, because He loves us and wants to prove His supernaturalness of His power. 'Cause He loves us, that's the reason He does it. Yes. He just lets us get right down to the place where we're just about ready to make the last step, then He steps in the scene.
He let the Hebrew children walk right in the fiery furnace, but there was a fourth Man standing there with a fan, keeping it off of them. See? He's always there. He never leaves. He's always near. "The Angel of the Lord encamp about those who fear Him."

107 There, that night... They picked up that bread the next morning. I can see those Israelites that had just passed through the Red Sea, had just been redeemed by the blood, seen the healing power of God, or the miraculous power standing between God--and between Israel and Egypt, and had drown the enemies behind that...
Like the old cancer's gone forever, the blindness was gone, the deafness was gone, the diabetes was gone, everything's done drowned back yonder in the Blood of Jesus Christ. How do you feel? My.
Walk down the street, and some old critic say, "Now, wait a minute. Are you sure of that?"
"Don't talk to me." Amen. Oh, my.
I can see them out there, just a gathering up and gathering up, and eating, and having a glorious time. Just like an old fashion, Holy Ghost meeting. Here will come the Spirit of God moving over; some little saint will reach up, get it in the heart like that, and holler, "Praise the Lord," just an old fashion meeting like that. Yes, sir. They were just catching it from one side to the other, having a good time.

111 "Now, that bread never did cease. It went all the way through the journey, for them. That's right, and was a perfect type of Pentecost...?... That was in the natural. That bread never did cease. It stayed the same bread, until they entered the promised land. Is that right? [The congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] You Bible readers know it. And then when we...
The church was inaugurated at the day of Pentecost, when the believers was up there... "And there came out a sound like a rushing mighty wind, filled the house where they were setting." The same Holy Spirit that fell then, falls now, and will go plumb on from that time to the end of time. It'll go right on through. It's our bread. They were fed with natural bread; we are fed with spiritual bread.

113 Jesus said, "I am the bread of Life that come from God out of heaven."
They said, "Our fathers eat manna in the wilderness for a space of forty years."
He said, "They're every one dead." Yes, sir.
"But...?... he that eats My flesh and drinks My Blood, has everlasting Life, and I'll raise him up in the last days. I am the bread of Life that come from God out of heaven. If a man eats this bread, he shall never die." There you are. They had the natural; we got the spiritual. Oh, I wouldn't exchange it for nothing. Wonderful!

116 "Oh," you say, "Brother Branham, we all know you're a fanatic." Well, I do too. I'm a fool for Christ. Whose fool are you? You may be the devil's fool. All right. So I'd rather be a fool for Christ, wouldn't you? All right.

117 Notice, here's another thing about that manna. When they begin to taste it, they said, "It tastes like honey." Yes, it was sweet. I can just see them old saints a smacking their lips and eating away. It was good.
Did you ever taste This? This is good too. Said, "Taste and see, the Lord is good. It tastes like honey in the rock." I've often made this remark, many times. That, when David of old, who spoke that in his Psalm, said, "It tastes like honey in the rock."
David, being a shepherd, he had a little scrip bag, they carried on their side, and they always pack honey in it. The old shepherds do yet, in the--in the Palestine. And when their--their sick sheep gets a going on, then, the first thing you know, he reached down to get a piece of this honey, and he takes it and rubs it on the rock, a limestone rock. And the sheep likes that honey, so he goes to licking that honey off the rock. And there's something about limestone that heals the sick sheep.
And I tell you, we got a whole scrip bag full of honey here tonight, and we're going to put it on the Rock, Christ Jesus. And the sick sheep go to licking, you're sure to get well. That's right, just lick, lick, lick. And while licking the honey, why, you're sure to get some of the limestone. That's just as sure as anything. Now, we're not going to put it on the church. We're going to put it on Christ where it belongs. That's right. 'Cause, healing belongs in Christ (Amen.), like all of the redemption blessing. Notice.

121 And another thing. When that begin to fall, Aaron was commanded to go out and get several omer-fulls of it.
Now, if they tried to keep some over for the second day, it spoiled. And that's a whole lot among the Holy Ghost people tonight. You're trying to think, "Well, twenty years ago, we had a good message. We had a--we had a good time." What you got tonight? That's the thing. They...
It fell every night. It never failed one time, only on--on the Sabbath. That's right. And now, God has sent it down new every night; every day, every hour it come.

124 Notice, them omer-fulls was kept up. He said, "Now, look. When you come into the land, and your children begin to inquire about this..." Said, "Every priest now that comes into the priesthood, after he'd had the permission to come to the holy place, and so forth, and ordained a priest, then he had a right to go in and take a mouthful of the original manna that fell at the beginning." The very first that fell, they picked it up and put it in an omer, and kept it, and it was just reserved for the priesthood.
Now, you say, "Brother Branham, what type does that have today?"
Why, we are the priesthood. "Ye are a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people, making spiritual sacrifices unto God, the fruits of your lips giving thanks to His Name." Amen. There it is. Now, then on the day of Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit was falling, our manna...

127 Now, every priest back there under the Old Testament, when they come in to be a priest, they knew they was going to get a mouthful of the original manna, not some made up, some man-made that looked like it. But he was going to get some of the original.
Well, on the day of Pentecost, when our Manna begin to fall, the Holy Ghost came like a rushing mighty wind. Here was a bunch of little, dignified people, a hundred and twenty in an upper room: doors shut, windows down, setting back there waiting for the promise. Yeah, they'd been with Jesus, sure. They knowed His power and all that, but they were waiting for the promise.
That's what we want tonight. To be... If this group of people could get in one accord like they was on that night, the same thing would repeat tonight right here in this building in Louisville, Kentucky, that repeated on the day of Pentecost. That's right. Oh, of course, they'd had the same kind of critics here in Louisville they had there.

130 But they were all in one place, one accord, and suddenly "There came a minister up, and he had a letter, and they signed their names and had the right hand of fellowship, and entered into the church fellowship." That might be today, but that wasn't then. That's the way the Protestant does it. The Catholic walks up to the altar and takes his first communion, licks out his tongue, takes the wafer; and the priest drinks the wine. Then he becomes that.
But, brother, "On the day of Pentecost, they were in one accord, in one place, then suddenly there came a sound from heaven (man had nothing to do with It.) like a rushing mighty wind. It filled all the house where they were setting." The power of God struck upon them. Out into the street they went acting like a bunch of maniacs; like they did down there when they come through the Red Sea. That right? They screamed. They carried on. They staggered. They stammered with their lips.
They, oh, such a carry on, you... till the people, the dignified church, stood back and said, "These people are drunk on new wine."
Hallelujah. Going to call me a holy-roller, anyhow, so you might as well get started now. All right.

134 Look. They were full of new Wine, that's right, the Wine that come from God out of heaven. Did you ever see a drunk man? He's just in love with everybody. You see? He don't care. That's the way a man is when he gets drunk on the Spirit. The Bible said, "Be not drunk on strong drink, with excess, but to be drunk on the Spirit." The Spirit of God makes you so drunk, you forget all your enemies and everything. Everybody's in love with you. You don't care about who's standing around you. You're the biggest man in the country right then.
I don't care if your neighbor sitting next to you, went to some dignified church; just let the Holy Ghost get on you one time, see what takes place. Get right, real good, souse drunk, you'll see what takes place. You'll say, "Sister, I got It. You want It, too." That's right. Yes, sir, something will take place.

136 There they was, all drunk on new Wine. And, listen, some of you sisters here, did you know the blessed virgin Mary was in that? Now, she had to go up there. The mother of Jesus Christ had to go up there and be included in that bunch of people, so drunk on the Spirit till she staggered like she was drunk on whiskey or something.
And you think you'll get to heaven by slipping over to the church and putting your song book under your arm, and walking over every Sunday morning, and the bell tolls, and set and listen at some of the... and walk back? You'll never do it.
You'll have to come that route, 'cause that's the only route God ever laid down, and ever has. And you'll walk it, or won't be there. I'm not your judge, but I'm preaching the Gospel. That's exactly the truth. The blessed virgin was right there, acted just as idiotic as the rest of them did, just as drunk as the rest of them. These men and women, every one of them, was full of new Wine. If God ever changed that program, put your finger on the Scripture for me; it isn't there. No, sir. It was plumb on to the end of the age, that way, plumb on to the end of the Bible, and it will be the same thing when Jesus comes.
Look! While they were drunk on that new Wine... Look. We'll see if God put an omer-full up for you all. All right.

140 Here was all of them standing out there, and a little old cowardly preacher by the name of Peter, the "little rock," had been so scared of his position till he denied Jesus, and run out and prayed through, and he had to be gathered with them. Stood up on a soap box or something, said, "Why, you men of Judaea, you that dwell in Jerusalem..." That was Doctors, D.D.'s Oh, said, "You men that... and men of Israel, and dwellers in Jerusalem, and so forth, let this be known unto you. These are not drunk, as you suppose, seeing it's the third hour of the day. But this is that..."
If this ain't That, I want to keep this till That comes. That's one thing.
He said, "This is that which was spoken of by the prophet Joel, 'It shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I'll pour out my Spirit upon all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy; and upon my handsmaids and maidservants will I pour out of my Spirit, and they shall prophesy; and I'll show signs in the heavens above, and in the earth; and pillars of fire, and smoke, and vapor; and it shall come to pass, before the great and terrible day of the Lord shall come, whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved."'

143 That bunch of self-styled, long-robed, hypocritical priests, said, "What can we do to be saved?"
Peter said, "Repent, every one of you, and be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins, and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost." How long is it? "For the promise is unto you, and to your children, and to them that's far off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call."
Then every man that repents and is baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ, and God gives him the baptism of the Holy Ghost, doesn't get something looks like the first Manna, but he don't only get a mouthful of the first Manna, but he gets a heart-full of the same Holy Spirit.

146 You might, could cut that down a little. I know I'm a little loud on that, but I just can't help it. Notice, look. I'm not yelling at you. I may be rebounding from it. But oh, if you felt like I did, you'd be loud too.

147 Notice, oh, a heart-full of the original Manna that fell at the beginning, the same Holy Spirit fell then is falling now. And where would It go to? "To you, to your children, them that's far off," Louisville, Kentucky, "and as many as the Lord our God shall call, will receive the very same thing that we've got here."
That's what He said. God blessed it. He preached it. Holy Ghost brought It; I got It; that settles It. Amen. That--that's just good enough for me. I took Him at His Word; He did it. If you want It, you can have It too. That's right.

149 So get out of your--the dead condition, and wake up, and just shake you like that and wake you up. And first thing, you look around and everything will look different to you. That fellow that you wouldn't speak to, you'll hurry to get to him and speak to him; yes, sir, just got to speak to him, that's all. Oh, all those things, take them old tire tools back, and all the... them things that you took out of the hotel that time. That old towel you wrapped around that silverware you took off the table; you'll hurry back to get to take it back. You sure will. Yes, sir. It'll make you a new creature in Christ Jesus. Now, look at Mary.
Oh, my. We have to hurry. We're getting right along.

150 Here they go through the wilderness now, after the old fashion meeting. Now, they're on their journey. Isn't it strange that they was led right straight to the wilderness of sin, right up to the wilderness, right up into the--the fountain of bitter water? Could you imagine God taking His children, right after they got saved and filled with the Holy Ghost, to fountains of bitter water? Sure. He'd like to express His love to them again. That's right. They got up there.
You know, when you get the Holy Ghost, you attend a lot of obstacles. "Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but God delivereth him out of them all." God brings you right up, facing with it, so He can show you His power and His goodness.

152 Like I heard the story of the shepherd in Jerusalem, who had broke his sheep's leg. They said, "Why, you cruel shepherd, why did you break the sheep's leg?"
Said, "Well, she didn't act like she loved me. So I thought I'd just break her leg, so I'd have to give her some special attention, and then she'd love me from then on."
Sometimes God has to lay you on your back with a sickness, that the doctor says you're going to die. God could give you a little special treatment, so you'll love Him a little more. That's right.
Some through the waters, some through the flood,
Some through deep trials, but all through the Blood;
Jesus leads His Church.

155 Now, when they were there, and the waters were bitter and they couldn't drink, God provided a way. A little old tree swinging there on the bank, Moses just cut it down and throwed it in the water, changed the whole thing to good, sweet water.
Now, when you come up against one of your bitter waters, or something another like that, there's a tree tonight, spiritually speaking, hanging over Golgotha or the world tonight, that'll sweeten any bitter waters that you may be led by. That's right. That Calvary will sweeten any experience. Many times we get into hard places, and wonder how. But I shut my eyes sometime, and think, "Yonder on Golgotha, where my Redeemer bled and died for my life..." then my trial seemed so little. I just throw aside and walk on. It makes it sweet. It sweetens every experience I ever had. He always sweetens it, when I come to my waters of Marah.

157 Now, we're about to catch them now over here in the wilderness, after all those great signs and wonders. The revival had quietened down. And the first thing you know, when the revival quietened down, why, they forgot all about the miracles.
Isn't that just about like people today? They forget what God did last year. What God did at the meeting out here at the high school, you forget all about it. See? What God did, we just forget it.

159 Now, notice, and because they begin to argue with one another, "Well, I'm really, after all, I'm a Methodist. Our church is the biggest." "I'm a Baptist, and I'll tell you right now, we believe in eternal security, and we got it. You all ain't got the doctrine, after all." That's when you get in trouble, and your water supply gets cut off. That's right. That's right.
That's when the desert, he lives out in the desert, begin to murmur, murmur and complaining. "Well, I'll tell you. I'll tell you, when that old pastor was here, that old preacher that preached that old-time religion like that, I--I don't know whether he was right or not. I'll tell you; he--he made my mother so mad one night, she went home. And I'll tell you; she was stirred up like." She ought to have been. That's right. "Oh, I don't know whether I want to hear any more of that or not." And there's when your water supply is cut off. That's right. That's when you get in the desert.

161 They begin to murmur. They said, "Our--our souls loatheth this light bread." After they'd left the garlics and onions of Egypt, and was eating Angels' food, and still complaining, isn't that like the church? Now, I'm coming down to holiness people now, you all; yeah, all of you. Eating Angels' food, and then said, "I wish we was back in Egypt to get some more garlic."
"Clayton McMichen and his Wildcats is going to be at the bar tonight. If I hadn't joined that old church, I could go down." You might as well go on. Where your treasures is, there your heart is also. You never got nothing when you started. That's right. That's right. "Oh, I'd like to do this, or do that." There you are, always a complaint.

163 They left the muddy waters of Egypt to drink the pure waters from the Rock of Ages, and was complaining about it. They left the place where the great, boasting physicians of Egypt, great boasters and all, to be with the Great Physician. They left the place where they said that, "The days of miracles was past," to be with the people who had signs and wonders following them, and still complaining. Oh, my. Yes, sir. Down there, of course, the Egyptians, they were cold Gentiles, indifferent. They didn't believe in no such a thing as miracles.
Then they was out here where they had a Pillar of Fire around them. We got it tonight. They was out there where they had joy in the camp, shouting, miracles being performed, and everything, and then complaining about it. That's the reason the water dried up; that's the reason they didn't have nothing to eat or drink, because they were murmuring.
And that's what's the matter with the churches around Louisville, tonight: murmuring, complaining. Mercy. Get back in the harness. Yes, sir.
Say, "Who is this guy, Moses? Why did we listen, listen to this holy-roller preacher anyhow? What are we doing out here?" And their water supply dried up.

167 I think of Moses, that great man. He was taught in all the--the wisdom of the Egyptians. Let's look at him just for a few minutes. Let's take Moses just for a minute. Look at that fellow. He was...
The Egyptians, they was far beyond us today, when it comes to our medical science. They were far beyond us. Many things they could do that we couldn't.
And Moses had all the remedies. And when he was out there, I think, Moses had about two million people with him. He had little children. He had old men, old women. He had cripples, and blind. Babies were born, thousands of them, in a week's time. And Moses, Dr. Moses, was out there in the wilderness with all these people. I'd like to look into his medicine chest, wouldn't you? I'd like to see what Dr. Moses had in the medicine chest. Let's us just take a little peep over in the medicine chest and see what he had.

170 "Moses, why, what'd you have in there, Moses?" Why, we find out that when all that forty-years journey, over two more million babies was born. That's right. "What did you use, Moses? What did you use for all those hurts and aches and cancers, and blindness, and deafness, and dumbness? Why, they tell me, that when you come out of the wilderness, there wasn't a feeble one among them." Say, wouldn't some of these doctors like to look into that, that medicine cabinet?
"And another thing, Moses, what did you sprinkle on those people, till even their clothes didn't wear out? Their shoes never wore out, walking on those rocks." If you ever been there, you know what the desert looks like; they wear out a pair of shoes in three days. And they never even wore one speck of the leather off of them in forty years. "Moses, what was in your medicine chest?"

172 Let's look into it. I see him, "Got one prescription, 'I'm the Lord that healeth thee.'" That settles it. Amen.
Said, "Oh, Moses, my father has been over here, he's just fell and broke his leg. What have you got for him?"
"Let me look and see. 'If thou will obey My voice, do all I command, I'll put none of these diseases upon you, as the Egyptians, for I am the Lord that healeth thee.' Tell him that." He got well. Amen. That's right.
"Oh, he's seriously sick. My baby has got the colic, or the pneumonia, so bad, Dr. Moses, what can I do?"
"Let me see what I got. 'I'm the Lord that healeth thee.'" That settles it. Amen. Away they went (That's right.), going on, rejoicing. That's all he needed, "I'm the Lord that healeth thee."

176 Out of six hundred and something, definite promises of Divine healing in the New Testament alone, and yet we question God tonight. What will the judgment mean for us? Right.

177 "I'm the Lord that healeth thee." Yes, sir. That's what Moses had, Dr. Moses had in his sphere, in his...?... at his medicine chest, was this: "I'm the Lord that healeth thee." So he healed all the diseases, and kept them perfectly, and brought them right on through the wilderness into the promised land. Oh, my.
They left all those big, boasting physicians, to be with this Great Physician. They'd left that bunch of people that was cold, formal, and indifferent, saying, "There was no such a thing as miracles." And right here, a Pillar of Fire was hanging over them. People were being healed. Everything was... Anything they had need of, was just furnished right to them, and yet they were complaining when they got out of the water. But then in the sovereign grace of God, in all of that...

179 Like you are here in Louisville tonight, in the midst of all this crying out, "The days of miracles is past..." The Medical Association is trying to stop Divine healing across the country. You'll never stop it. You might as well stop now. You can no more stop it than you can stop the sun. That's right.
Here a few years ago, when I first started in Jeffersonville was preaching Divine healing. It hadn't been known practically, for years. It was a hard thing. But, brother, tonight there's millions of them everywhere, crying out. Try to stop it? You couldn't. "I the Lord hath planted it, I'll water it, day and night, unless some should pluck it from my hand."

181 Here not long ago, I was looking at some little sparrows on the Statue of Liberty. They was just laying there. The little fellows was laying all around, under the light. And I said, "What did that?" to the guide.
He said, "They beat their brains out last night, in that storm. They got into the light, and the light would've took them to safety, but they was trying to put the light out. And they beat their brains out, trying to put the light out."
I said, "Glory to God." I guess he thought I was crazy. I said, "That puts me in the mind of some of these people trying to beat out Divine healing and the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ." You'll beat your brains out; you'll never. Just accept it, and fly to safety in it. That's right. Amen.

184 "Speak to the rock, Moses," God told Moses, "and it'll bring forth its waters, bring forth His waters."
Here not long ago, I was looking at a picture in a certain museum of this rock being smitten. And it looked like a little bitty stream pouring out, about the size of a knit needle. I thought, "How ridiculous these artist can get." Why, brother, I could drink that thing dry if I was right thirsty. Yes, sir.
Do you know what Moses had to drink from that Rock? He had over two million people, besides all the animals. It taken about forty thousand gallons a minute to--to drink... them. Hallelujah.

187 That puts me in mind of somebody in their religion. You just got enough religion to go to Sunday school on Sunday morning, just spat a little bit and moisten you up a little.
I like to set at the Fountain where the gushes come out (Hallelujah.), enough to take me through eternity. Hallelujah. I'm glad I moved out of that old moist place, over to the spout where she's just a pouring all the time. Yes, sir.
People has just got enough religion to make them miserable. "Well, I can't set over about ten minutes. My goodness, how long-winded is that preacher?" How deep is your salvation? That's right.
Go up of a Sunday morning, and say, "Well, I'll go up and hear what they got to say." And get one little spat and go back, and that's about all you got.

191 Brother, I'm telling you; when Moses smote that Rock, it watered the whole wilderness. Amen. Yes, sir. The only thing, everything they had need for, they just fell right down and drank, drank, drank till they were just filled up. Still, more water was a coming, about forty thousand gallon a minute. Figure it up, how many people, a million people, two million people could drink in a minute's time: thirsty people, besides the camels, and the animals, and things they had. And the Bible said, "It come forth in abundance." She just roared out through the wilderness.

192 That's the way Jesus Christ give the Holy Ghost, not just a little bit, to say, "Well, I believe I'll go and join the church." Oh, my. "Oh, I can't stand that noise. It gives me the shivers." If you ever die, you'd freeze to death if you got to heaven, 'cause, brother, you're going to hear some noise when you get there. The Bible said they're shouting hallelujah, day and night, all day, 'cause there's no night. That's right. You'll certainly die when you get to heaven, the second day after. Yes, sir. Well, you just... What you did, you just went and got moist, a little.
Won't you sit down by the gush, and let her pour down till it washes you out into the (Hallelujah.)--into the midst until you lose yourself and don't know where you're at.
[]it is... That's the way you want to get it.

194 I used to tell my uncle and my daddy, "Oh, I can see swim." In this little pond up here on Utica Pike.
One day, dad went back and sit on a culvert, said, "I want to see you swim." The little pond was about that deep. I was standing on a soap box. I stripped off my belongings, and got on my nose like this, and sprang up-and-down on the soap box and hit, the mud flew both ways, and I begin to splash the mud.
I said, "How am I doing, dad?"
Said, "Get out of there." Swimming? Mud crawling, all the time.
We got a lot of mud-crawling church members too. That's right. That's right, mud-crawlers. Yes, sir.
One day, my uncle got me out in the boat and I was popping off about swimming, over here in the Ohio River, about twenty foot of water. He just took the oar and knocked me off in the water, said, "Now, what about it?" Amen. Hallelujah. I had to swim or drown then. Oh, my.

199 Might as well get used to it now. Get you out in the gusher, where God opens up the rock there in the wilderness and just poured it out. "Speak to the Rock," He said, "and it'll bring forth its water."
Maybe, my friend tonight, maybe you're perishing. You should speak to the Rock. That's right.
Maybe you've went everywhere. Maybe you've went to church, and joined the Methodist, and joined the Baptist; and they got mad at you, and went to Presbyterian; and back to the Pentecostals, over to the Nazarene, down at Pilgrim Holiness, and you still don't...?... understanding.
Why, don't you just speak to the Rock tonight. Just... Are you on speaking terms with Him. Yeah. He said, "Speak to the Rock, and it'll bring forth its waters." It'll bring forth His water, if you just... Don't have to hit Him anymore. Just speak to Him. Just on friendly terms speak to Him.
Maybe you've been to the doctor. Maybe you've done everything that you know how to do to try to get well. Maybe you've just done everything that's in your power nearly, and you can't get well. Every doctor you've went through every office you knowed how, and the doctor said, "You just... There's nothing can be done for you." Why don't you speak to the Rock tonight? He will... He's got waters of Life there for you, giving you Life more abundantly.

204 One time there was a woman in the Bible, by the name of Hagar. I'm thinking of her. And I'm fixing to close--the time. There was a woman by the name of Hagar, and she had a little baby. She was turned out in the wilderness, with one little cruse of water. She fed the little thing all day long. But the water give out, along about middle of the day, and the little baby was screaming and crying. His little lips was parched and his tongue was swelling. A poor fearing mother, what could she done? She had seined every little place she could to find some water, but no water could be found. She couldn't stand to see the baby die; so she laid it under a bush, and went off about a bow-shot.
And she knelt down and spake to the Rock. When she spake to the Rock, an Angel spake back and said, "Hagar, what's that gushing out over there?"
There was a whole well full of water, that's still running today. After almost four thousand years, it's still running today. The fountain which Hagar... there that, it's still running today. She spake to the Rock, and the Rock brought the waters.

207 There was some Hebrew children went in the fiery furnace one day, and they spake to the Rock. And the Rock was with them.
There was a woman come out from Samaria, one time. She was discouraged. She was sinful and had a lot of things hanging on her life, perhaps. And she was discouraged. She went to Jacob's well for relief, and she'd go back. She'd go to Jacob's well, and go back. And one day she set the water pot down, and was standing there, discouraged. And there stood the Rock standing by her. She spake to that Rock. He gave her a great gusher in her soul. She run into the city. She never come to draw anymore. She had Life. She said, "Come, see a Man that told me everything I ever done. Isn't this the Christ?" She spake to the Rock, and the Rock brought forth Its water.
There was a little woman who had wasted all of her money on doctors, quacks, who had taken all of her money. Couldn't stop the blood issue. She'd probably mortgaged her farm, and maybe sold it. And she was sitting, knitting one day, and she heard Something coming down the road. She spake to the Rock. The Rock turned around and said, "Who touched Me?" It was over when she spake to the Rock, He gave her a gusher of Life, that stopped the blood issue. It stanched, quickly.

210 There was an old, blind beggar standing by the side of the wall, one day, shivering in the cold. Everything he had was gone. And here he was, and miserable, and people passing by. He heard Something coming; said, "What is it?" And he spake to the Rock.
All those church members around him tried to stop him, said, There's no need. You can't get it. Stay away. Hold your peace."
But he cried the louder, "Thou Son of David, have mercy on me. Have mercy on me." And he spake to the Rock, and the Rock give him a gusher, and his eyes come open.
That same Rock that was in the wilderness is here today. It makes the people rejoice.

214 One day, all Jerusalem was standing out to see a Divine healer, a holy-roller, entering into the town; with a few people standing there, screaming to the top of their voice, "Hosanna, hosanna, to Him that cometh in the Name of the Lord."
That self-styled church members was out there with their long robes on, with their D.D.'s behind them; said, "Let them hold their peace. My, they make chills run up on my back, or so forth. Make them hold their peace."
He said, "If they hold their peace, the rocks will immediately cry out." Why was it? The very Rock that was hewed out of the mountain without hands, was coming, rolling into Jerusalem. The little rocks was drinking from It. "Speak to the rock, and It'll bring forth Its water."

217 If you need salvation tonight, speak to the Rock; It'll bring forth Its water. If you're a backslider tonight, speak to the Rock; It'll bring forth Its water. If you're here tonight, and without Christ, you've tried every church there is in town to find salvation, speak to the Rock; It'll bring forth Its water. You believe it? If you're a backslider, gone away from God, you think there's not a chance for you, just speak to the Rock, and It'll bring forth Its water.
You believe that, with all your heart? You believe that God would grant it? With all your heart, you believe it? Hallelujah. He's here tonight.
If you're sick, and you've tried everything in the world, you've tried to get in the prayer line, and you can't get in the prayer line; you've had prayer cards, and turned down; You've went to one meeting; you went to another meeting; you been anointed by the pastor; you've come through this prayer line. You've been everywhere else, and you can't get healed, why don't you speak to the Rock now? He will bring forth His water. That's right. Why don't you give Him a try once? Get on speaking terms with Him, right now, while He's in the building. His Presence is right here now to heal every one of you. I believe it. I know it with all my heart. I believe on. There's some things that I do not know, but there's some things that I do know. And I know that Jesus Christ the Son of the living God is right here.

221 While I'm even trying to make an altar call right now, in my heart, the visions are breaking all over the building right--right now. Oh, that's right. The powers of God is right here. That's right. I feel Him moving right here. It's begin to break me from one dimension to another, right now; 'cause there's sick people here, and their prayers is what's a doing it; to confirm the Word of God, saying He's right here to be spoke to tonight, the same Rock that stood and perceived their thoughts. He knowed where the woman was that was having the blood issue, and so forth. He's here now. If you'll speak to Him, He will bring forth His waters. Do you believe that with all your heart?
What do you think, lady, with the... right there in the center. Now, you don't have no prayer card, do you, the lady with the white thing around her neck, sitting right there? You have diabetes, don't you? You don't have a prayer card, do you? You don't need any prayer card. Do you believe that? Can you speak to the Rock? You want to speak to Him for your diabetes, right now? Stand up on your feet then. That right? Just say, "I accept Jesus Christ now as my Healer," and God will take you home and make you well. Speak to the Rock. God bless you. All right. Go, and be made well.

223 What do you think about it, setting next to her, lady? You have varicose veins in your legs, don't you? That's right. Stand up on your feet. Isn't that your husband setting next to you there? That right? You have diabetes too, don't you? Is that right? Put your hand over on your wife. All right. You both are from Illinois. Isn't that right? Now, you return back to Illinois, speaking to the Rock, and it'll leave you and never come back again. Hallelujah.
I know one thing, that the Rock is here, the Rock of Ages that was smitten in the wilderness. That's right.
What do you think about it, little lady there with them flowers on your hat, setting there with arthritis, trying to get over it? You that turned and looked the other way, do you believe with all your heart that God's going to heal you? Stand up on your feet then, and stomp your feet up-and-down, and say, "The arthritis is gone," and it's so. Speak to the Rock, and He will bring forth...?...
I tell you, Jesus Christ the same, yesterday, today, and forever. He's here to make manifest anything that...

227 What do you think about it, lady sitting there, said, "Praise the Lord," with that female trouble, with a little, green-looking jacket on, sitting there? Do you believe that God healed you then? Stand up just a minute, setting right there. You believe with all your heart? You got a female trouble. It's an abscess. You got a duct, some kind of a drainage comes from it. Isn't that right? If that's right, raise your hand. What's making me say that? It's the Rock speaking to you. Speak back to Him, and be made well. Hallelujah.
Oh, how He wants to bring His manifestations of His power. And I see the Angel of God, the very same Pillar of Fire that followed the children in the wilderness, moving through this building now.

229 I'm trying to locate a woman. She's praying. Where is she, here? Here He stands. Yes, it's a little woman standing right there, the second one setting in. No, she... It's about a man, standing. It's a drunkard husband that you're praying for. Isn't that right, lady? If it is, stand up on your feet right there. Haven't you got a drunkard husband you were praying for? If that's right, raise up your hand. Speak to the Rock, and God will bring him out of--of the thing.

230 God will do anything in here, if you want Him to do it. Do you believe it? Are you on speaking terms with Him? If you are, stand to your feet right now and speak to the Rock, and the Rock will bring forth His waters. Will you stand?
Who wants Him for salvation? Raise your hand, say, "I want Him to come in my heart." God bless you. God bless you. God bless you. God bless you, and you, and you, and you. Oh, my. Yes, sir.
That cancer left you there, my brother. It's gone. You can go home and be well now. Hallelujah. That's true.
All that wants to be healed, raise your hand, say, "Lord, I'm speaking to You. I'm speaking to You." That's right.
There He goes. Mister, your sinus left you there. You are free. Go home in Jesus Christ's Name; you're healed.

235 Anybody in here that wants to find Him now, raise up your hands and say, "Thank You, Lord, for healing me. I'm speaking to You in the Name of Jesus Christ, that You heal me."
O God, of mercy, send Your power tonight with the anointing of the Holy Ghost, while He's in this building now just sweep over this audience. And may the Holy Ghost perform every miracle. May there not be a sick or a crippled person left in the building tonight. May You heal every one, in Jesus Christ's Name.