La Porte De La Porte

Date: 57-1212 | La durée est de: 1 heure et 39 minutes | La traduction: Shp
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E-1 Let us just remain standing for a moment for a word of prayer, if you will. Let's bow our heads.
Our heavenly Father, we're grateful to Thee for the privilege that we have of coming to Thee in the way of prayer. Because we've been bid to come this a way, we have this assurance that God hears, because He promised through His Son that if we asked You anything in His Name, it would be granted.
We pray that You'll save the lost tonight, that's gathered out, comfort the heart of everyone who's come to hear it, with Thy message. And we pray that You'll heal all the sick that's in Divine Presence. And those across the nation who's requesting prayer, who is desired to be here, if they could. We pray that You'll get glory from our efforts. We ask in Jesus' Name. Amen.
You may be seated.

E-2 I am happy to be back again tonight into the service of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. And I am trusting tonight, that His--His Presence will bless us all. I was happy to see my good friend Brother Gardener here from down at the--in the--the state of New York. And we've had much fellowship together. And I can't pronounce that name just right, Binghampton, Bingham, Binghampton. We had a wonderful meeting down there some time ago, and we always remembered them wonderful times of fellowship that we had with those dear people there in New York.

E-3 The lights are a little poor []... read tonight from the 12th, or the 3rd chapter of the book of Revelations for a reading and pray that God will give us a context from this:
And unto the angel of the church of Laodicea write; These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God;
I know thy works... thou art neither cold nor hot: I would that thou wert cold or hot.
So then because thou art lukewarm... neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.
Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:
I counsel thee to buy of Me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that thy shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see.
As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.
Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear My voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.
I wish to take the subject for the evening, "The Door Of The Door." And may the Lord give us the contents of the text. It is such a striking text for this time to read. This was our Lord Jesus speaking to John on the Isle of Patmos, two thousand years ago, and described exactly the condition of the church in this day. How that it would be neither cold nor hot, just lukewarm. And God does not like His church to be lukewarm. He said, "Either be cold or be hot. And because that you're just lukewarm, I will spue thee from My mouth."

E-4 Now, that certainly fits the situation today, of the modern a--church today, and the Pentecostal church today: just a lukewarm condition, neither hot nor cold. It would be better if we would be either back in their old denominational state, status, or either be up in the realms of the blessings of God, than to sit in a lukewarm condition as we are now. The Lord would appreciate us much more if we would do it.

E-5 And how today, you notice in there, the condition of the church, that they were in this condition, and didn't know it. Could you imagine a man on the street that's naked, miserable, blind, wretched, and don't know it. That's the sad part. If he knew it, he would better himself. But if he doesn't know it, how can the poor fellow better hisself (See?), because he doesn't know it?
And Jesus likened the Pentecostal church in these last days, just like that. Thou art naked, miserable, blind, wretched, and don't know it. Now, when He was speaking directly to the remnant of each of those--those--those churches... And the Laodicean church age, is the last church age, we know that, and we're in it now, the Laodicean church age. And it's in the Laodicean condition.

E-6 Now, you notice, that He also give a invitation and said, "Be zealous, for those I love I chasten." And that is a little scourge, and correct, and--and whip, and He said, "Be zealous, and repent." Now, He's not speaking to sinners, He's speaking to the church. Be zealous of Him, and repent from our lukewarm condition that we're in today.
Now, we notice, He said, "I stand at the door and knock." What is a person knocking at the door for? He's trying to gain the entrance. He has something that He wants to speak to you about.

E-7 Down through the age many men has knocked at the door; great man has knocked at the doors of people. For instance, in the days of the great Caesar, what a--a privilege it would've been to one of his subjects, a poor peasant, for the great Caesar Augustus to come down and knock at his door. Think of what an honor that would be to a--to a peasant. When the Caesar, the great emperor of Rome, came to his door and knocked, trying to gain entrance to his home to speak with him for some reason.
How would it been a few years ago in Germany, when the great fuhrer of Germany, Adolf Hitler. What if he were to come to the door of one of his soldiers and would've knocked at the door? Wouldn't that not been an honor for the great Hitler in his days of his fame in Germany to come to the door of the modern, poor, German soldier, and knock on his door to have a council with him? What makes it so important is the importancy of the person at the door. That's what makes it so great.

E-8 Tonight, where in this city of Newark, there is not a good democrat in this city, but what would be honored if our President Dwight Eisenhower would come to his door and knock tonight. Though he different with him in politics, it would be an honor because of the importance of the President of the United States knocking at his door. Though he differed with him, it would be an important thing for him to do so.
Just recently, we had a visitor from England, the Queen, she visit Canada, and then came to the United States of America for a visit. And while she was visiting here, what if she would've come to your door and knocked? Just think what an honor that would be for any person here tonight, to have the Queen of England, though you're not her subject, yet because she is an important woman; and if she would've come to your door and would've knocked, you would've counted it a great honor. Because she's the Queen; she's an important person. And to pay a visit to people like common people like we are, what an honor it would've been because of her great importance.

E-9 But oh, there has never been a knock on the door like there is when Jesus Christ, God's Son, knocks at the human heart. If the Queen should knock at your heart, your door, of your home, you would open the door, say, "Come in. I am honored to have you. Take anything that's in my house. I'll give you anything that you desire as a souvenir. Or anything that I might do to show my respect of you coming to my home, I'd gladly do it."
The German soldier would've likewise, no doubt, fallen prostrate on his face and said, "Great fuhrer, enter into my house, and anything that I have in my possession is yours, because you are the fuhrer of Germany." Or you are the Queen of England... Or you are the President of the United States, one of the highest honored men in the nation... President Dwight Eisenhower, you would give him anything that he desired in your house. And if you would not open up your house completely, he would not feel welcome.

E-10 But Jesus can stand and knock, there's no one as important as the King of kings, to humble Himself to come to a low, degraded, sinful heart and knock at that heart to try to gain entrance into that heart. And we in return, turn Him away. Oh, you say, "But Brother Branham, I opened my heart to the Lord Jesus long ago. He came into my heart years ago." But I'm speaking now to the Church. But when He comes into your heart, is He welcome?
You know, in the heart there's many little doors, like there is in your house. If the President come to your house, and you said, "Now, Mr. President, you may set here at the door. But don't you go in that room or this room. I don't want you in there." He would not be welcome.
And if any man that I think enough of to open the door of my house to let him in, he's my guest, and he's welcome to anything there is in my house. If I come to your house and didn't feel that welcome, I would not feel like I was welcome at all.

E-11 But Jesus comes inside the door of the Christian's heart, but we've got little apartments in our heart that He cannot come in. Oh, you say, "I'm willing for Him to be my Saviour. I don't want to go to hell, but I want to be saved. Jesus, You can be my Saviour."
But He wants to be more than your Saviour, He wants to be your Lord. Lord is ownership, ruler. That's why the Church gets in its lukewarm condition. It accepts Christ as Saviour, but not as Lord. Christ wants to be the Lord of your being, to rule and to guide you. That's why He knocks at the heart, to come in for that purpose, is to be your spiritual Guide, and to be the ruler of your welfare.
But in our hearts we have many little apartments. I wish to speak now on some of these little apartments. One of them is a little closet over on one side that many people who call themselves Christian, yet they would not dare to let Jesus in that little compartment, because it's the apartment of selfishness. Now, you notice among so called Christians, you're right, selfish motives. "Oh, it's all right, if it's for me and my denomination, it's all right. But if my denomination has nothing to do with it, then I don't want anything to do with it." That's a little apartment of selfishness that all Christians ought to open the door and say, "Come in, Lord Jesus, and be Lord of my heart."

E-12 Then there is the little compartment in the heart called indifferent. Oh, what a condition that thing gets into. A little indifferent. You love to be just a little indifferent towards others. You want your own way. You'd be willing to let Jesus in, but you want to continue to live in the same place that you always lived. You don't want to get away from your old associates. You just won't give them up. You think they're nice people, and you just don't want to give them up. So you want to be a little different. That's another bad apartment in the heart.
Then there's another little door called jealousy. I don't know whether you yankees know anything about it or not, but down south you have a lot of that. Oh, just a little inferior to the other man. Just a little better than the other church. If the Joneses paint their steps red, you got to have yours red. Oh, what a horrible spirit to be in a Christian. Why don't you let Christ come in and make Him Lord over that little spirit room of selfishness and indifference. Let Him gain the entrance to your heart and to everything that's in your heart. Just surrender your whole being to Him. Let Him be God and ruler of your entire being.

E-13 There's another little apartment that I'd like to speak on. And that is the apartment in there that's called faith. So many people wants to accept Christ as their Saviour, but they say, "The days of miracles is past." So they don't want to believe that the days of miracles are now. Christ can't get into that heart. If Christ could gain entrance to the heart tonight, of every person here, there would not be a feeble person among us in ten minutes. The faith is in you, but you're afraid to open up the door and let Him be Lord of that faith. You try to sympathize with a part of the Bible, say, "Some of it is right, but the other is not inspired."
What causes that, is perhaps maybe, some person not knowing any different, taught you that. All of God's Word is inspired. And if we'll open up our heart, and open up our door in our little room of faith, Christ come in and be Lord, He will show great and mighty works and signs, if He could only gain entrance to that heart of faith.

E-14 "Oh," you say, "I believe it to be that all these things passed with the apostles." See, you keep the door closed. Christ will come into the midst of the people and do signs and wonders on people. And they let that little compartment stay shut. "Oh, it might be all right for her, but for me, my case is different." There is no difference with Christ. He's no respect of person, none at all. Cancer or a toothache, it matters not with Him, if He can be Lord over the matter. You just don't open up that heart to let Him in that faith door, so He can be Ruler.
Now, they cast down reason. When you let Christ into the compartment of your heart as faith, then reasons die out.

E-15 Just recently, we had a--they had a great meeting here of the famous Billy Graham. When Billy Graham was in Louisville, I was at his breakfast. A great servant of the Lord, and he held up the Bible at the breakfast, he said, "This is the Example." He said, "When Saint Paul went somewhere and had a convert," Said, "the next year he went back and had fifty out of that one." But said, "I go and have twenty thousand in a city, and in a years time there's scarcely twenty."
Oh, how I wanted to say something. I just longed to say it. "Billy, what's the matter? They have an intellectual conception of Christ and never open up the heart and let Him be Lord."

E-16 If a man... And don't think that just applies to Baptist; that's the Pentecostals, and the Full Gospel also. You accept Him as some sign, or some wonder, or some emotion, or some evidence. The evidence that Christ is in the heart, bears the fruit of the Spirit: faith, love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, patience, that's the fruit of the Spirit. But we have confused it with other things: Divine healing gift, speaking with tongues, or oil in the hands, or blood in the face, or some little sensation. We've confused the real Spirit of God with that, and accepted something bogus, instead of the Person Christ, in the heart.
You see what a condition the church, the Full Gospel church has got into? It's the Laodicean age to bring to pass the very Word that our blessed Saviour spoke there in the Bible: lukewarm, dance by the music, shout and clap hands. Oh, them things are all right, but if Christ isn't there, when the hand clapping's over, when the speaking with tongues are over, when the healing service is over, when the music stops, if that deep settled peace, them doors of faith standing wide open to let Him be Lord over the situation, it doesn't do us any good to play the music, or clap our hands, or speak in tongues, or have a healing service. That's right.

E-17 We let Him so far, "But now, Lord, You stay back there, You might have done that to the--to--to Brother So-and-so, or to Sister So-and-so, or to their child, but my case is different." It isn't different; you're the one that's making the difference by keeping Him out of your faith door. You see what I mean? He wants inside there, so He just push open the door and expose all your unbelief, and become Lord of the situation.
The doctor says, "You can't get well." You take his word.
Christ says, "By His stripes you were healed." See, you close the door on Him. "He was wounded for our transgressions; with His stripes we were healed." The Bible says that. But some times you let the doctor push the door in your face.
Not only the doctor won't do it so much, as the pastor will many times. "Oh, those things are fanaticism. If our church would have... If something like that, the Lord had given, it would be in our church." Oh, you and your church. I think it makes the Lord sick at His stomach.
He said, "He would spew them from His mouth." It's time that America woke up. The age of revival is about finished in this land. That is true.

E-18 The Lord Jesus in His... To fulfill His Word, He must keep His Word. I've often wondered, when they would see His Word manifested, what do they do about it? "Oh, well," some says, "It's a telepathy." The other says, "It's some wild imagination." Examine it by the Word. God's Word promised it. And heavens and earth shall pass away, but My Word shall never fail. Open up the door of faith.
Jesus when on the earth, He knew that that Scripture pertained to Him, when He said, "You destroy this body, I'll raise it up in three days."
The prophet had already said, "I will not suffer My Holy One to see corruption, neither will I leave His soul in hell." He knew that Scripture pertained to Him, for He was the Messiah, and He knew it. His unfailing faith put Him in position to know that He was the perfect born Son of God.
If your faith will put you in position to know that every Divine promise of God's Bible is for you. Just as sure as that pertained to Him, every promise pertains to you. You're healing, the salvation, your freedom from sin, and from selfishness, and from your indifference, and your little turtle shell that you pull yourself into... Christ wants to come in and be Lord and Ruler and to set you free from these things. But we won't do it. It's to fulfill the Scriptures that they would be lukewarm, and they are.

E-19 Now, notice, this is not personally to anyone, just as the Holy Spirit will point it to you. But notice, now, it's just the Word. The people today, they don't want to open up their heart to those things, they don't want to believe it. Oh, they try to apply somewhere else or to somebody else, knowing not, that it's to you.
You say, "Well, now, wait a minute, Brother Branham, I spoke in tongues ten years ago." That was very fine. But what is Christ to you today? Are you still seeing His marvelous powers? Does He still bring the same thrill, does something go through you when you see His mighty hand begin to move and sinners be converted. Does it bring you to all night prayer? Does it bring you to fasting? Does it send you to the altar quickly to work with someone, to instruct them how to come through to the Holy Spirit? Does it warm your heart to go into the neighborhood and seek out the lost? Do you speak to the milkman, to the meter-man, to the man on the street? Those things they going to accompany that experience that you received long ago. Something's happened. You pushed Him out the door. God wants the heart.

E-20 Then there is another door. Oh, there is many that we could speak of, but because of time. There's another one that I want to speak on just for a few moments, and that's the door of the eye. "Oh," you say, "I got good sight, Brother Branham." You may physically have very good eyes and spiritually completely blind. That's right.
Now, you don't see with your eyes anyhow. Jesus said unto Nicodemus, the great ruler, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a man be borned again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God."
The word "see" by the right translation, is "understand." You see something before you, you say, "I just can't see it." You mean you can't understand it.
Jesus said, "Come, and buy from Me, some eye salve, that I might put on your eyes, and your eyes might be opened, and you could see. For you're blind, and you're naked, and you're miserable and wretched, and poor."
The churches has got the biggest buildings they've ever had, the best polished scholars, I guess, that's walked into the pulpit, they have it now. But yet, the church is weaker as it ever was; it's growing weaker all the time.

E-21 Notice, "Buy of Me some eye salve, that I might put the eye salve on your eyes." When I was a little boy born down in the southern state of Kentucky. I don't guess many of you was ever down there. We were real poor. And we seen the little babies when they would get a--a wake up of a morning, and would have some kind, mama used to call it matter, in your eyes. And the little eyes would be stuck together. And mama would go out and get some coon grease out of the old kettle, where grandpa had been trapping coon, and rendering out the grease, and put it on our eyes and soften up those little matters that stuck our eyelids together. It become that way while we were asleep. And that's what's the matter with the Full Gospel Church tonight: asleep on the job. And it'll take more than coon grease to open your eyes, it'll take the oil of the Holy Spirit to open the eyes of the Church, that they might see again. Open your eyes...

E-22 It alarms me, as I cross through the nation, and especially in America, and see great signs that the Holy Spirit will do, and great wonders that He will perform, and the people set as though nothing had happened. They just don't see it. Oh, I'm praying for a revival in America. And I'm wondering sometimes if it won't--if I'm not praying in vain. I hope not.
Today I met with some men from your New England States, and if the Lord willing, the complete month of May is going to be a revival in here, if the Lord permits. We're coming here for a one solid month in May, for a month's revival. Want to try with all that's in me, if God will permit, to try to bring God's eye salve, that the people might be anointed and their eyes be opened.

E-23 Oh, California and them's had their meetings, but you people have been neglected, I feel, upon the east side here. They don't come, because there's not much money, and so forth, but we don't need money. What we need is God, and the door of our hearts open. And these New England States has been neglected, the little mountain countries and throughout here, there hasn't been a great display. They all seem to go to California, the preacher's graveyard, and there stay, Get indocumated out there with some of those fantastics, and away they go.
But, oh, I pray, God, shake this New England country again. And I'll say this in respect of the Gospel, and of the Lord Jesus: If this nation ever has a revival, it'll never have it upon intellectual theology. It'll take the real true, genuine, Holy Spirit power and manifestations to shake the people, until they'll long to see the glory of God. We need it so badly. And it's so badly needed here.

E-24 As I go through the cities of these great eastern countries and see, as everywhere, sin on every side... But God has eye salve, "Those that I love, I chasten and rebuke those; and be zealous and repent."
Now, I have wondered, when in the teaching, the Holy Spirit taking the Bible, Who wrote the Bible, Who gave the promises, that Jesus said, "The things that I do shall you also..." And then He will turn right back around, after explaining it Word by Word, page by page, Scripture by Scripture; and the Holy Spirit will turn right around and perform everything that He promised to do; and Full Gospel people will set as though nothing happened. We need to open our eyes and see the day and the hour that we are living in. What's the matter? You become common, it becomes a common thing to you.

E-25 Here some time ago, if you'd only notice, as I was going to say, crossing the country, seeing the goodness of God, how good He is to us, and how indifferent we treat Him. If I knocked at your door, and you didn't come out and let me in, but just peeped out the trellis, and looked, and said, "Oh, that's Preacher Branham, go on back out, I'll let him some other time." You'll have an awful time getting me back again.
And if I come to your door, or you come to mine, and I treated you that way, it would be likewise, but not our blessed Lord. He's so good. "I stand and knock, continuation. He that knocketh, not just pecking around, but knocketh, continually."

E-26 The great artist, I can't call his name now, who painted the famous picture of Jesus knocking at the door. I think he was a Greek. And when he met... Years of painting, studying... Every famous picture has to first go the hall of critics before it can go in the hall of fame. That is men who know how to criticize. And when one of the critics of the picture came to the painter, he said, "There is one thing you lack on your picture."
And he said, "What is it?
He said, "You have a door with no latch on it."
"Oh," the painter said, "the latch is on the inside."
Now, that's the way it is, you have the latch on the inside. And Christ cannot open your heart, being out of it, neither can He go in the closet when you've got yourself shut up in there. You've got the latch in your own power. But He's goodness to stand and knock...

E-27 Sometime ago, down in my southland, there was an old minister friend, and he was a wonderful old brother. And they had a colored brother there, a colored man, rather, and his name was Gabriel. And we all called him Gabe. He was a good old fellow, but we just couldn't keep him lined up with the church. He would just--wouldn't go to church. And we'd say, "Gabe, why don't you come on to church?"
"Oh, I's will someday."

E-28 And one day he and the minister went hunting. Now, old Gabe was a very poor shot; he couldn't hit nothing. But they went hunting that day, and they hunted all day long. And when they come in that evening, they were so loaded with game, till they--either could hardly walk. They had rabbits, and duck, and birds all over them, till where they couldn't hardly walk. And old Gabe was so loaded, till he was back behind the pastor, could hardly pack his gun. And while they were making the way down an old familiar pathway, old Gabe walked up and tapped him on the shoulder; and as the pastor looked around, there was tears in the old darky's eyes, and he said to him, "What's the matter, Gabe?"
He said, "Parson, Sunday morning, that's tomorrow, you're going to find me at the mourners bench, and I intend to take my place in the church until death sets me free."
The Pastor said, "I am so glad to hear that, Gabe. But's there's one thing I want to ask you Gabe: Why the sudden change? Why, you--you've changed all of a sudden."
He said, "Parson, you know I's a very poor shot. I can't hit nothing. But just look at the game that I have." Said, "I was just walking along here thinking: 'He surely must love me or He wouldn't have give it to me.'"

E-29 If you would only to a place that the Holy Spirit could open your eyes to God's goodness to you, it would bring repentance, if you could only get your eyes open. But it's become a common thing.
One time a man was going to the seashore for a little rest. And he wanted to smell the freshness of the saltwater; he wanted to hear the wild scream of the sea gulls. He wanted to watch the great waves, as the salty water burst up into great big waves and splash, to roll back to splash again. Oh, he was so thrilled to know that he would be down by the seashore. He longed to see and to enjoy the presence of the sea.

E-30 On his road down, he met an old salt (a salt is an old sailor), and he said, "Where are you going?"
He said, "Down to the seashore to enjoy the blessings of the roaring of the sea, to see the waves as they jump, and to hear the gulls."
He said, "They're just birds. That's just saltwater. I don't see anything to be thrilled about it." What was the matter? He had seen it so much, until it become so common to him, till he didn't notice it anymore.

E-31 And God's goodness to you people, has become so common till you don't enjoy it anymore like you used to. Oh, if God would open our eyes and give us a desire to do something for Him. Second night in revival, a hundred and fifty people in the audience.
Do you know, I wonder, what could happen if our eyes could see what our Lord did last night, to see what He will do any night. Each Christian soul should be so zealous and so full of fire of God, his eyes open to see the coming of the Lord; for these are signs and milepost of His soon appearing. And we see it. And the Gentile world is just about at the end. And we see those things, and we yawn, pat our mouth, and go to sleep, and, "Why did he preach so long?"
And the Lord comes down and performs things like He said He would.

E-32 When He stood and talk to the woman at the well of Samaria. And there she was standing there, and He said, "Go, get your husband and come here."
She said, "I have none."
Said, "That's right; you have five; and the one you have now is not your husband."
Look how quickly her eyes come open. She said, "Sir, I perceive that You are a prophet. Now, we know that when the Messiah cometh... (See that longing, waiting, looking?) We know, we Samaritans know, that when the Messiah cometh, He will tell us these things; He will do these signs. You must be His prophet."
Jesus Said, "I'm He that speaks to you."
Full of zeal, her eyes opened. She left the water pot at Jacob's well and into the city she went, alarming the message, "Come, see a Man Who told me the things that I have done, isn't that the very Messiah?"
But we--we say, "Well, well, it could be mental telepathy, I don't understand it all, so I guess it'll come out all right." Oh, my.

E-33 Look at the Jew, when Philip was so full of zeal, his eyes opened, that he was in the Presence of Messiah. He had to find his friend. And he walked thirty miles around the mountain, and he found him under a tree, praying. And he said, "Come, and see Who we found. We have found something." Oh, he wanted everyone to know, every friend he had and everything to know of it. "Come, see what I found, Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of Joseph. It's the Messiah that we've waited on." And this--he never got a very warm reception, but that didn't bother him a bit.
"Oh," he said, "Could there be any good thing come out of Nazareth?"
He said, "Now, you come and go with me and find out for yourself. You just come and see for yourself."

E-34 And when he got in the Presence of the Lord Jesus in the prayer line, or in the audience, wherever it was, his eyes were still closed, he was just coming on account of somebody invited him. Now, here was a Jew, let's see what he will say.
Jesus never healed his crippled leg, neither did He go to speaking with some language to him, that he knowed not. But He looked at him and said, "Behold, an Israelite in whom there's no guile."
Quickly, the oil went to soaking over the night...?... He begin to look and he said, "Rabbi, when did You know me? How do You know who I am?"
And He said, "Before Philip called you, when you were under the tree, I saw you."
Then his eyes flew all the way open, he said, "Thou art the Son of God, Thou art the King of Israel."

E-35 Well, there was people there who were asleep. There was Dr. PH.D. double L.D. Jones. There's a Rabbi Levinski, and all of those standing there, and the celebrity, and they said, "This is spiritualism; it is the devil; He's Beelzebub, the great fortuneteller."
Jesus turned and said to him, "Because I told you that, you believe it?"
"Yea, Lord."
"Then you'll see greater things than this, because your eyes are opened."
"But to you that's asleep, you great doctors of divinity that's asleep, you church members who are satisfied in the condition you're in, because you're asleep, I will forgive you for saying about Me. But there's coming a time when the Holy Ghost will do the same thing, you speak one word against It, it'll never be forgive you in this world or the world to come."

E-36 And we see it happen, and we set as though nothing taken place. "Though I stand at the heart and knock, if any man would hear My voice and open, I'll come in."
Will you let Him in? Open and make Him your Lord over your entire being. "Take my selfishness, Lord; be Lord there. Take my indifference; be Lord there. Take my jealousy; be Lord there. Take my pride; be Lord there. Take my faith; be Lord there. Take my eyes; be Lord there. Take my hands; be Lord there. Take my ears; be Lord there. Take my feet; be Lord there. Be the Lord of my being, of my soul, body, and spirit. Lead me and guide me, oh, Lord, and open my eyes that I might see." That be our prayer, while we wait on Him just a moment, with our heads bowed.

E-37 I'm wondering, in the Presence of His Being, my time is passed. But I just wonder, if there would be a person here, that would feel enough convicted, even though a church member, that Christ has been your Saviour, but not your Lord. Would you raise your hands to Him and say, "Lord, be merciful." God bless you, sir. God bless you, lady. Lord bless you, you, my brother, you sister, you brother, the Lord bless you.
You said, "Does that mean anything for me to raise my hand?" Oh, dear friends, you break all the laws of gravitation. God bless you sister. What does it do? Gravitation proves that your hands must hang down, but there's a spirit in you that's made a decision, that you're wrong. Something that stood by you convinced you you're wrong, so you defy the laws of gravitation, because a spirit in you. God bless you, brother, here.
The spirit in you says, "You are wrong, raise your hands to your Creator." And your hand slips up, subconsciously. God sees it, certainly, He does.

E-38 Is there one here who has never accepted Christ as your Saviour, but say, "This hour, Brother Branham, before I even see any manifestations of His Being... "? Just faith cometh by hearing, and the hearing of the Word. "I want Him to be my Saviour from this night on. I raise my hand to Him."
Is there a person here that's been a sinner, never has accepted Christ, and wants to be--Christ to save you tonight. You say, "I now accept Him upon the basis of His Word, that He's soon coming, and I want Him to be my Saviour. I'm going to let Him in my heart right now. And I want Him to take full possession of every door, and every secret, that's in my heart; may He come now and be Lord of all." I suppose in this little group there wouldn't be one. You're all Christians, to that I'm thankful.

E-39 Now, Christians, how many of you, with your head bowed now, you say, "I have been a little different, Brother Branham, and Lord, You know I've been different, but I need to be thoroughly; I want my eyes to be opened. Open mine eyes that I might see. Open my eyes, Lord." Would you raise your hand up, though you're a Christian and indifferent. The Lord bless.
Now, Father, Thou seest the hands of these Thy children. O Lord, I pray that You will make it possible that we could have the entire month of May in a great revival here, to take our time and teach in the afternoons and the evenings, and see Your great hand begin to move among these men and people.

E-40 O Lord, being the first to settle in this great country here, may they become the first to start the old fashion revival of the Bible days in the ending of this great nation; grant it, Lord. Bless these who raised their hands; may they become fully surrendered to Thy Presence now.
And Lord Jesus, come. Most all of them has been in the meeting, and they know what to expect the Lord to do. And I pray that You'll manifest Your great power tonight and open every eye, every ear, every understanding. Sanctify our bodies, our souls, our spirit with Thy Presence, for we ask it in Jesus' Name, Amen.

E-41 The Lord be gracious and good to you all. Now, don't be weary, when we think that's there's just a few people here. That has nothing to do with it. Christ has promised to meet where two or three were gathered together. I would put every effort with two people as I would if it was two million, would be just the same. How do I know what our Lord wants, only responsible for the Word.
Now, as we're going to pray for the sick. As it is my custom to pray for the sick and to try to preach, not just part of the Gospel, but the full Gospel, all of it. "He was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquity; the chastisement of our peace was upon Him; with His stripes we were healed." That's the full Gospel.

E-42 And if it laid within my power, I would be so happy tonight, if I had power to heal the sick people that's in this building. Mostly the people that come to my services, they hear the preaching and so forth, are sick people and needy. If I had the power to do it, I would do it, my loving friends. I certainly would do it. I have not the power to do it. And I say this with respect and reverence, I don't believe there's a man on earth has power to do it, not Divine healing. Because Divine healing was purchased at Calvary. It's your faith in a finished work. Christ healed you when He striped for you at Calvary. "He was (past tense) wounded for our transgressions. With His stripes we were (past tense) healed."

E-43 Now, you cannot pay for the thing twice, it's already purchased. If our Lord Jesus stood here tonight, on this platform, and a sick person would come to Him and say, "My Lord and Master, I recognize You to be my Lord and my Master; I am sick and needy, oh Master, will You heal me?"
What do you think He would say? It would have to be something on this manner, "Child, can you not take My Word that I have done that?" He could not say, "Yes, I will heal you." Because He has already done it, certainly He has.
When He was here on earth, the Lord Jesus, did He claim that He healed the people? Be careful. No, He said, "It's not Me that doeth the works; it's My Father that dwelleth in Me, He doeth the work." How many knows that? He doeth the works.
Now, if He does the work then, then what did Jesus say in Saint John 5:24, or let's see, no, in Saint John 5:19 it is. Jesus after He passed the pool of Bethesda, where the crippled and blind was laying... The Father had showed Him a vision, and He went down and looked through that crowd till He found a certain person that was laying on a little pallet. And the little pallet...

E-44 How many knows what a pallet is? That's good. I was raised on one. Just a quilt laying on the floor. There was a big bunch of children; we didn't have bedroom for all, so we--I slept most of the time, being the oldest in the family, on a little pallet.
And this man was laying on a little pallet. And Jesus come by and seen him, and knew that he'd been in this condition for many years. He said, "Take up your bed, go to your house." Walked away and left the rest of them. Why? Father hadn't showed Him nothing about them. Then he was questioned, the man with the bed on his shoulder, and then Jesus was questioned. And here's what He said, Saint John 5:19: "Verily, verily, I say unto you, the Son can do nothing in Himself; but what He sees the Father do; that doeth the Son likewise.
Now, that... It is the truth, or it is an error? If that's an error, then Jesus was false. Jesus never performed one miracle, without first, God showing Him in a vision what to do, or He told something wrong there. If He told something wrong, He wasn't the Son of God. "Verily, verily, I say unto you, the Son can do nothing in Himself; but what He sees the Father doing, that doeth the Son likewise." See?

E-45 Lazarus, the resurrection, all these things, the Father had showed Him.
Now, there was a little woman...?... coming through the audience, and she did not--the Father had not showed her--showed Him nothing concerning her. But she believed. So she went through the crowd, and she touched His garment, and went out and set down. And Jesus turned, and He said, "Now, who has touched Me?"
And Peter rebuked Him, said, "Lord, the whole crowd is touching You, and why say, 'Who touched Me?'"
Jesus said, "But I got weak (Strength, virtue, and anyone knows "virtue" means 'strength,'); virtue has gone from Me; I got weak."
Then He looked around over the audience until He found the little lady. And then she had a blood issue, and He told her that she was healed; her faith had made her well. And she felt in her heart that the blood issue stopped, and she was well. Oh, what a difference.

E-46 Now, you say, "Oh, if He was here tonight, I'd like to do that." But He is here. "Well, Brother Branham, is there a Scripture that tells us He will do the same thing?"
Yes, there is, thanks be to God. The Bible said, the New Testament, "He is our High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities," Hebrews: We can touch Him with the feeling of our infirmities.
"Then how would you know you touched Him?" He'd turn and say the same thing that He did then, if we touch Him. All right.
"Then how would I know it?"
Now, He--after He left the earth, He became the Vine, or He became the One through where the Spirit comes. "I am the Vine, ye are the branches." Now, the vine does not bear fruit; it only produces the life, and the branch bears fruit. So the Church is the branches, and if it's really connected in Christ, it'll bear the fruits of Christ.

E-47 The Bible says, Hebrews 13:8, "He's the same, yesterday, today, and forever." And if He did those things in the days gone by, He must do it today to be the same.
Oh, I trust that that's so plain, that even the children will understand it. I can't do it in human lips. But may the Holy Spirit come into your compartments tonight. Open up the doors of faith; open up your eyes that you can see; open up your hearing, your understanding; open up your entire being; you come, and say, "Now, Jesus, be Lord of my house. You are welcome in tonight, Lord. Here I am; take me. I'm sick; I'm miserable; I'm a doubter; I'm an unbeliever; I'm been so skeptic of all of it, come in and be my Lord."
Watch what takes place. Oh, the joy bells of heaven will ring anew. Your eyes will become open and see that's it's not some little ed--uneducated preacher, that can't even speak correct English. That has nothing to do with it; it's the Presence of the manifestation of His Being, according to His promise of His Word. God grant it.

E-48 Now, Father, the rest is in Your hand. I have said what I thought that You would have me say. And whatever is accomplished, Your Name shall be praised; grant it, Father. I commit this little group of people into Your hands. And with them I present myself as Your servant. Now, Lord, "Faith cometh by hearing, hearing by the Word." And I pray that tonight, that You will work wonders among us for the glory of God. In the Name of the Lord Jesus. Amen.
How many sick people's in our midst? Just look. How many's here without prayer cards, raise your hand? Well, I guess two-thirds, has not prayer cards. That don't have to have prayer cards. You just have to open the door. Now, just... Would you spare me another five minutes for something, that I--the Holy Spirit puts on my heart, that I believe would help you right now? Just bear me, just five minutes.

E-49 What is faith? I talked about the doors, now let's find out what it is. What is faith? Oh, it's been so misinterpreted. Many call faith emotion, oh, jumping and shouting. Now, remember, when I'm speaking of those things... I believe in shouting; I believe in praising the Lord. I believe there's a gift of speaking in tongues and interpretation. I believe in everything the Bible says, but we can't go to seed on one thing. See? Get the Giver, and the gift will take care of itself. See? But if you get the gift without the Giver... I could give you an apple off the tree and you'd still not have the apple tree. See, see? And this tree has nine different kinds of fruit on it.
So if this tree is the Church, and one--one gift differents from the other, by one gift we can't say we got it. All nine gifts has to be working in the Church. And the fruits of the Spirit is love, joy, faith, long-suffering, gentleness, patience, goodness, meekness, temperance; there's the fruits of the Spirit.

E-50 Now, if that's operating in your life, with the other, blessed be the Name of the Lord. But if some of it's there without the rest of it, be careful you're on dangerous ground. See? Satan can impersonate most anything that God does. But you can tell it's not mixed with love, or neither has it faith. The Word being preached, not profit them not being mixed with faith.
[] I'll ask first, you to give me bread and you said, "The purchase price is twenty-five cents. And you give me the twenty-five cents, I'm just as happy as if I had the bread. The bread's mine, because I've got the purchase power of a loaf of bread. I can be just as happy standing here with twenty-five cents if I was starving to death and a loaf of bread would save my life, and maybe I'd have to go six blocks before, and stop at every traffic light, and be stopped twenty times by police, and criticized by many critics, and I might be so hungry when I get there I will have cramps and all kinds of symptoms, but as long as I got the twenty-five cents, what makes the difference?

E-51 Faith, if it's in your heart and God has planted it there, and you believe it, there's nothing going to stand in your way. Every doctor could tell you contrary; every pastor could tell you something different; that wouldn't make one speck of difference; you've got it. And you're just as happy, when it drops in your heart, as you are when you possess what you're asking for. There you are.
Now, if our blessed Lord, will be so good to come here tonight, and will manifest Hisself in our presence, and show that He's here... Now, how is faith sent? You say, "Brother Branham, I got a sick child; my mother's sick. I'm sick myself, would you heal us?" I wish I could, but I can't.

E-52 But through a Divine gift it could show you that every promise in the Bible is true and it's yours. And when Christ is present, then reach up and say, "Lord Jesus, manifest Yourself to me just now and give me faith to believe it."
Then into your heart drops that purchasing power, "I have it." No scramble for the prayer line, just going down the street rejoicing, it's settled. It's the evidence of things you do not have, but you have the purchase power. And then, the Bible said that Moses endured, as seeing Him Who is invisible.

E-53 Abraham endured. When God spoke to him, he knew it. And he called those things which were not as though they were. How's he going to do it, seventy-five years old, his wife sixty-five, about twenty-five years past menopause? How is she going to have a baby? That wasn't even considered, neither the deadness of his body or her womb. "He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strong, giving praise to God."
And we claim to be His children. Now, do you see why we're lukewarm? You see why Christ... Does this fulfill His Word? If He will come here tonight and manifest Hisself, what's He doing? Knocking at the heart. "I know you're lukewarm; you're neither hot or cold. Oh, but I stand at the door and knock. If any man will hear My voice, I'll come in. I'll sup with him."
"You taught Your promise, Lord, if You'll heal me, I'll promise; I'll quit sinning. I'll quit doubting, if You'll just give me a promise that..." All of a sudden, something begins to move in your heart, He's supping with you then. Oh, I pray that He will.

E-54 Now, Billy, what prayer cards--you...?... All right, 50 to a 100, is that right, 50 to a 100? All right, where'd we start from last night, Brother Sharritt, 50. Let's start a little farther, somewhere tonight, in the U. Last night I believe it was 80. Tonight let's start at 75 tonight. Who has prayer card U-75? Now, there's a little bitty card. The way we do this, is just keep... []

E-55 I... Lakeport, it was at the fairground? And I lost a brother, you know, and so then I was late to the meeting. But tonight on the--the grounds, I tell you what happened. Now, this is all new to you people, but friends, if you ever hear of me preaching one thing, and before the services end, I want to tell you, and let the man here testify, and those who know, how infallible those visions are. They are perfect. Call the city; call the mayor of the city of Jeffersonville; or someone call the police station, go down around where it's happened for forty-eight years and find out if there's ever a failure anywhere. You can't. It's God. So let's open our hearts.

E-56 On the platform, along the meeting there, there was a Indian woman came. I always feel sorry for them, the Indian woman. And she was blind, I could see, her eyes were turned back. And I said, "The woman is blind." Then the Holy Spirit begin to speak, and It said, "You had a stroke in the brain that pulled the eyes backward, and nine years, no peace, day and night, but a constant suffering." Think of what that poor woman went through, nine years of suffering.
What taken place? After all those nine years, then the Holy Spirit said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, you are healed." And while she was standing there, her eyes come open, her eyes dropped back over in--right. And I seen her weeping.

E-57 Now, my mother, as you all know, my mother's a half Indian too. My mother's mother come from the Okl--or the Cherokee reservation. And so my mother looked just like her. And mama getting old kindy has a shaking of the palsy, when she just gets a little excited. And that poor old woman was shaking and looked just like mother. And now, I never noticed her eyes as yet, and so I said, "Can you see?"
And she said, "Yes, sir."
And when she went from the platform. They led... Some Indians led her in and she led them back out.

E-58 And while she was there, there was a man of the Lutheran Laymen League. Anybody ever heard of it? Sure. And they were--he had his wife setting over this way in the fairgrounds; she had been ill with a bleeding tumor for about four years. She eat nothing but liquids. And when the doctors could not build her blood up, 'cause she was eighty something years old. And they were going to give her blood transfusions into her, for the tumor was bleeding inside, and they were going to operate in about a week.
And this old Lutheran brother set there... And they over a little city called Ukiah. They were building a Lutheran church. And setting there, it thrilled him so much, he said, "Oh," in his heart now, not out loud. I had my back to him. And he said, "O Lord, if You will heal my wife tonight and let that man call her, I'll believe it." And said, "If You'll heal her, I will take the five hundred dollars for the operation and give it to that little Lutheran church that's being built."

E-59 And he no more than repeated the prayer in his heart, till the great Holy Spirit turned and told him who he was, and said, "You were praying that if God would heal your wife, that you'd donate the five hundred dollars for the operation to the Lutheran church." And he just fainted.
So he--he got up and he said, "Friends, that's the truth."
I said, "God doesn't want your money, but it's your faith, and she's healed for it's THUS SAITH THE LORD."
And the next morning at the Christian Businessmen's breakfast, when Brother Rose out there... He knew the family. And the lady had been to the doctor, and they couldn't even find one trace of tumor. And she was at the Christian Businessmen's breakfast that Saturday morning eating scrambled eggs and ham, enjoying herself at eighty something years old, because the goodness of the Lord Jesus.

E-60 Oh, that's just a little thing to what He does. He's great and full of mercy. Now, let us be reverent and pray. All right, how many we got lined up? About--well, we'll start right now, be all right. Let's pray now.
Most gracious Lord, right now, even this little audience, Your Word is to be manifested, or You're a false witness to give Your Word. And Lord, I realize that to take the position to represent You, Your Spirit, what a great thing that is. And I'm unworthy Lord, and we're all unworthy. But, Father, Thou does not look upon our unworthiness, but You honor Your Word. And I pray, from the sincerity of my heart, O great Jehovah, let it be known this night, that Thou art still God and You keep Your Word. Whether the groups are small or large, manifest Yourself. And then, may the people, the faith that they need, when You knock at the door, may that faith anchor deep. May all the doors of their heart be open, and may they rise in faith and accept their healing, and the things that You have provided for them.
Forgive me of my trespasses, Lord. Forgive us all our trespasses. And now, condition our hearts to receive Thee. And come, blessed Saviour, and heal every person in the building tonight. For we ask it in Jesus' Name, and for His sake. Amen.

E-61 Now, I would ask for the next few moments for your undivided attention. Be reverent. But if the Lord should speak to your heart that you have faith, and it's dropped into your heart, then receive it. Then say in your heart, "Thank You, Lord Jesus, it's settled."
Now, many of you will not be in the line, but that doesn't stop the healing. God can heal you anywhere in here if you'll just look to Him and believe.
Now, remember, I say before, I do not say that He will do it. I--I can't say that; I don't know. But all these years He's never failed me;, I don't believe He'd fail me tonight. So that's the face that I put in Him from the message that you know and has read in the book.

E-62 I might say this: These messages are on tape. Mr. Goad here, Mr. Mercier, has them on tape if you wish them. They're set back in these prayer lines to see what the Holy Spirit said to you, or whatmore, or the message tonight, it's on tape. All right, the Lord be blessed. I hope and trust that each of you will receive faith.
Now, I'm sure you realize my position, even though, in this little group here. Here's stands a woman, I... Is this the patient? Would you come here just a moment? Here's a lady, I suppose we're strangers to each other. We never met before? This is our first time meeting. Now, could you imagine, do you wish to come up and take the place? You're welcome. Uh-huh. All right.

E-63 Here's a lady. Now, what do I base it upon? Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. I'm basing it upon the Bible, on a promise that God give. Now, how... If God keeps His promise to this, then He will keep every promise that He made, not nineteen hundred years ago, but today also. He's the I AM, not the I was, the I AM, now.
Now, if this lady is sick, I don't know. It may be domestic; it may be financial, it may be... I don't know. But say that she is sick. I--I... If I could do one thing to help the woman to be well, and wouldn't do it, I would be an unfit person to represent Jesus Christ as a minister. I would be a brute. Even if I was a doctor and could perform a operation for her, if she needed it. And because she didn't have money, and wouldn't do it, I wouldn't be worthy to be a doctor. That's right. I'm not a doctor; I--I--I'm just the servant of the Lord, His lowest. And you were in... Some of these men setting here, with gray hair in their head, was preaching when I was a boy. So it's just something God has give to you, and He just sent me to represent Him in this manner.

E-64 As you know, I'm not much of a preacher, but my gift is visions. See? This is my field. Therefore, I feel just at home standing here as the minister would in his pulpit, or your Sunday School teacher would, in their lesson.
Now, lady, this is a picture, again like I was speaking, Jesus with the woman at the well. They were two strangers, and--and He was not in His home country; He was away from His home country, He was from down at Nazareth. And now, He was in another land. And there was a strange woman, and when He begin to speak to her, He told her--He talked to her till He found what the trouble was.

E-65 Now, remember, He was on His road to Jericho, that's right straight from Jerusalem to Jericho. But He had need to go by Samaria. The vision told Him to go to Samaria; that's all He knowed to do. He set there on the well, and when the woman come out, He felt something was going to take place. So He spoke to the woman, said, "Bring Me a drink." And He started the conversation. As soon as He found what her trouble was, He told her. And she recognized it to be the Son--to be the Messiah.
That was the sign of the Messiah in that day. The Samaritan recognized it, the Jew recognized it, Philip. As a Gentile, would you recognize it? Would you Gentiles recognize it the same as the Jew did then. The sign of the Messiah, not the sign of Brother Branham, the sign of Messiah...

E-66 Now, if He will reveal to me what you're here for, now you know whether it's truth or not, you'll know. See? And if it isn't truth, you have liberty to say the man's wrong. But if it is the truth, then you give witness to the power of God. See? That's right. And us never met, never seen each other, know not each other, just here we stand. Now, I believe God, that God will do it.
How many out there...? Does anybody know the woman? Anybody in the building know the woman? Yes, some people here knows her. All right, if the Lord will reveal to this woman, let her be judge, and say that it's the truth, how many of you'll say, "I believe that's the sign of the Messiah and His soon coming, I want to accept Him."? Yes, sir, See, there's nothing in dark corners; it's right here before all. I trust that He will.

E-67 Now, just to speak to you, till I find what your trouble is, or what He wants me to tell you, then God be honored. Now, I'm trusting that God will do it for this lady, to make her well, heal her, or give her what she's asking for.
The first thing, the woman is suffering; I see her walking through the house real nervously; you're extremely nervous. That's right. And that caused from a--a female disorder, which the doctor told you it was a fallen womb. That's right. And you've had an operation of a female disorder, THAT'S THUS SAITH THE SPIRIT; that's the truth.
Now, could I help the woman? No. Do you believe? Then it's over. Father in heaven, bless this dear person, may she go now and may that little purchase power, as I spoke awhile ago, of twenty-five cents, may she go with that in her heart now. "The Lord Jesus interpreted back to me, through human lips exactly my condition. I believe Him, and it's a settled thing." Amen. God grant it to you, sister.

E-68 Now, lady, I do not know you. I suppose this is our first time meeting? It is. There's people in the audience are praying, you see it... that's what does it. They caught the attention. Something happened in the auditorium. Now, I was just talking to the lady of something that's happened. Now, if the Lord Jesus will reveal to me what you're here for... As a man I--I could do nothing for you. If it was finances you wanted, I--I think I got I--I got about twenty dollars or thirty cents; I could let you have that. But I--I--I... If it was the domestic trouble I could only pray. If it's sickness, I can't heal. But all those things are yours freely by your faith in Christ.
Now, if the lady... Let you know whether He's concerned about you or not, if He will tell me why you're--what you're here for, would you believe me? May He grant it. I'm looking into the face of a woman that I've never seen in my life. But the woman has had an accident; she fell. And she tore her ligaments loose in her leg, and she can hardly walk. And the ligaments won't go back to their right place. That's exactly what it is, THUS SAITH THE LORD. That is true.

E-69 Now, would you believe if I pray for you? You believe that--whatever... I don't know what I said. You hear that voice? That wasn't me. How did I know what was wrong? But what I--what it was said was right. That was Him just using my voice. "What is it?" you say. It's the way I have just submitted myself to the Spirit. And He does the talking; it's just a gift that I just submit myself, and your own faith does it. That's exactly right; your faith does it.
Watch this, that you might know the glory of God. Here sets a woman, setting right back there, second from the end, right back there. She was praying when that taken place; she has sinus trouble. That's right. And if she'll believe God, God will make her well. Do you believe it, lady? With all your heart? That the Lord will make you well? If you'll believe it, you can have what you ask for...?...
The lady missed it, turned black over her, and it moved again. That's when you fail. Why isn't she alert? Why did you miss that? Here It goes to a heavy set woman, sitting on the end, to show the sovereignty of God, the woman back there, heavy set setting on the end is suffering with a lady's trouble, a female trouble. That's right. If that's right raise your hand? You had it, but you don't have it now; your faith has made you well. Amen.

E-70 What did she touch? She never touched me; she touched the High Priest. Now, you may go, sister, you'll get well. I guess she goes, which way? This way over... Doesn't matter, any way, just watch your step now.
Oh, the sovereignty of God. God is able of these stones to rise children to Abraham. When God makes a move, He will do it.
Now, here's a lady, who is totally stranger to me. I don't know the lady, never seen her in my life as I know of. We stand strangers. We were probably born miles apart, years apart, and here we meet. The Lord be the Judge. But if the Lord will tell me what you're here for, would--just like to them people, will you believe it, lady? Is there anybody here who knows the lady? Raise your hand. All right, she must be from here then; they know her. Then you know her condition. I don't. But if the Lord will reveal it, then let her be judge and you be judge.

E-71 How many knows what the woman's up here for? Raise your hands out there. Is anybody... Yes, all right, yeah, all right. Maybe some of her sisters or someone. May the Lord grant it, sister.
The lady is up here because she has--wants me to pray for a spiritual problem she has. That's right. And another thing, she has arthritis, that's THUS SAITH THE LORD. Raise your hand. How many knows that that's true? All right. There it is.
Now, you see, the more I would talk to the lady, more would be told. See? But reason... You see, I got quite a line here, I want to get as many through as I can. That's the reason I don't talk so much. And I'm just worn out; this is supposed to be my vacation. But because of Brother Hutchinson and Brother Boze called me, I left home to come here for this little time of fellowship.

E-72 She seems to be a lovely person, being about the size of my mother. Now, let's--let me talk to her again. Yes, you have a growth too, that you want me to pray for on your side. And here's another thing; I see a large church building, and some how I see Brother Hutchinson, and you're standing and somebody's praying, it was me. I prayed for you at Brother Hutchinson's church the last time I was here; it was a blood clot, laying on a cot and the Lord healed you, THUS SAITH THE LORD. Go, sister; it's over now.
Let's say, "Blessed by the Name of the Lord." Do you now believe? Do you feel that twenty-five cents down in here? Can you see it's His Presence, His goodness?

E-73 I don't know you, do I, young lady? No. I know nothing of the woman; I have never seen her in all my life; I don't know her. Well, what does this do? Why, Jesus, it happened to Him once and strength went out of Him, and I'm just a sinner saved by grace. Then why would I have strength to stand here, more than what He did? More takes place right now in this one meeting right here, than almost written in the Bible of what Jesus did, when He was here on earth.
Why? Why would He let me stand when His ownself got weak? He said, "More than this shall you do. These things that I do shall you do also, even more (more of them), greater shall you do, because I go to My Father, and He is My strength." It fulfills His Word. See, everything falls right to the Word, if it's God doing it.

E-74 Now, if the little lady... If God will describe to me, and tell me, what you're praying about, which you are a Christian... And if He will tell me what you're praying about, will you believe? It's not for yourself; it's for someone else: That's your brother, a mental patient. That's right. That handkerchief that you have in your hand, go put it on him. Thank Him and believe with all your heart. God give you your...?... The Lord heal the...?...
Are you believing? Having faith in God? Now, if thou canst believe... Now, those visions, 'course they make me weak. Perspiration on my hands, and...?... you can tell. See? It's a weakness. See? Just not this little meeting, night after night, year after year.

E-75 But sister, as far as I know we're strangers to each other. I--I don't know you; God does know you. Now, if we're strangers to each other, so the audience will see, raise up your hand, so...?... they'll know it, we're strangers to each other. Now, we're--we're Christians here, and here is God's Bible, and our hands are up. See? We are strangers to each other. Now, this ought to settle it, you in the line look this a way. You everywhere, watch and believe.
Now, if Christ promised these things, Christ must do these things. If He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, then He's same in power, is that right? He's the same in action, is that right? He's the same in motive; He's the same in objectives; He's the same in mercy; He's the same in attitude; He's the same.

E-76 Do you believe it lady, setting there, little lady here on the front seat? All right, you got a card in your hand, but you're not in the line. Do you believe me to be God's prophet, or servant? You believe it. If God will tell me what your trouble is, will you accept it and believe for your healing? You were looking so happy about it. Now, you just ask Him in your heart, to let me see.
Yes, ma'am, you want me to pray for a condition that's in your eyes and in your head. If that's right. raise up your hand? All right, you have it now. Just go on your row, and throw your card away, and you can go and receive what you ask for.
I challenge your faith out there to believe that. Do you all believe?...?... both of you young men.

E-77 A woman, just at the same time, she's suffering there, the colored lady, has something in her--her eyes too, she wants prayed for. And she also has something wrong with her chest. That's right. You believe me to be God's proph--or servant? You believe that? You believe that you have your healing now? Cora, you really believe that? Miss Cora Smith, that's your name, uh-huh, all right, then go, your faith has saved you. Amen.
Now, do you believe with all your heart? That thrilled the little lady setting here. Are you to be in the prayer line? Is that the patient? You're suffering awfully hard. You have arthritis; you have head trouble; you have hemorrhoids; you have a tumor in your stomach. That is right. Just turn around and go off the platform, go home, be well; Christ makes you well.
If thou canst believe, all things are possible, if thou canst believe. Are you believing, taking Him as your Healer, your Saviour?

E-78 Now, to this person that's standing here. Now, let's just be real reverent. I didn't mean to hear--I have to follow the Spirit (See?), It's a--you see a picture of It. How many's ever seen the picture of the Angel, that Light? I--don't you have It here? Some of them has. Gene, do you have them here? I don't know whether you have the pictures or not. Is it here?
This was by the FBI, fingerprint and document; here it is, the same Pillar of Fire that led the children of Israel. It's in Washington D.C. as the only supernatural Being was ever photographed. Germany, got it three times in Germany with their camera last year, coming down, giving the discernment and going back. And George J. Lacy, the head of the FBI fingerprint and document, examined this. There's his write-up on it. See? It's the... That same Angel is not two foot from where I'm standing right now. What is it? It's the Pillar of Fire that led the children of Israel.

E-79 How many knows that Jesus went to a Pillar of Fire when He left the earth? How many knows that? When He was here on earth, He said, "I come from God; I go to God." When He was... How many knows that it was Jesus, the Logos, the--the Angel of the Covenant, the Christ that led the children of Israel through the wilderness, He was the Pillar of Fire. He was the Rock. He... See? Then He went back to God.
And when Paul met Him on the road to Damascus, He was still that Pillar of Fire, that even put Paul's eyes out. And He said, "Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou Me?"
He said, "Who are You, Lord?"
He said, "I'm Jesus Whom you persecuted."
Who was it come into the prison and taken Peter out, that Light, that night? The Angel of the Lord just opened the doors and went out of the prison. And here It is down here nineteen hundred years later, the same yesterday, today, and forever. His works prove the same yesterday, today, and forever. His picture, His Light...
What do you say? "Why don't I see It, Brother Branham?" The people that was with Paul didn't see It. It's just so... If you just let--let God anoint your eyes, it would be open. Now, let's talk to the lady.

E-80 Lady, if the Lord Jesus will reveal what your trouble is, will you believe it? You believe it? Now, I don't know you, and I have never seen you. But God does know you. You are suffering with a bleeding condition, bleeding ulcer. That's true. I see blood as that Light moves over you, I see the blood dropping, the bleeding ulcer. Do you believe that Jesus will make you well?
Now, all you believe out there? Now, if I would say, if the Lord will tell me something else about the woman, just like He did a few minutes ago, how many in here will...?... and believe Him even here in the line here, will believe that the faith is anchored in your heart, and the whole bunch of you can be healed right this minute. Do you believe that, that the Lord will do it?

E-81 The Lord knows that I don't know the woman; she knows that I don't know her. But see, we could carry this on here, it's going on eleven o'clock, and we could just keep on going. See? But let this satisfy you. Oh, it's... I pray to God that you'll understand this is Christ knocking at your heart to come in, that you could talk to Him and tell Him what you could...
Look at the people out there in the audience now, without prayer cards, who wouldn't be up here? How that they...?... and the Lord walked right in and goes to supping; He goes to speaking, "You have this, that, or the other, whatever it is." You see?

E-82 Now, I don't know what He said that was her trouble; I don't remember it right now. Bleeding, that's right, bleeding ulcer. Now, let's just speak a few moments and see. You're--you're conscious that something is going on, a feeling around you, a real sweet, humble, meek feeling. Isn't that right? All between you and I is that Light moving. You do have something else on your heart to be prayed for. And that is your husband, a man. And he's suffering with something wrong in the legs. He was run over by an automobile, over the legs, and here he's a barber. That's exactly right. Now, it's over, go now thanking God for his healing.

E-83 Do you believe? Now how many of you, say it in your heart, "Right now, blessed Lord, I have the purchase power of my healing." Raise your hands. "I have the purchase power of my healing." Do you believe it? Here you that's to be prayed for, He knows your condition, do you have the purchase power of your healing? Then let us raise our hands up to Him, them that's able, like this. Now, real reverent, now you repeat this prayer after me.
Almighty God, Creator of heavens and earth, Author of Everlasting Life, Giver of every good gift, I now thank Thee for opening my understanding; I now believe, that in my heart, I am thoroughly convinced that Jesus Christ Thy Son is the same yesterday, today, and forever. I now accept Him as my Healer. I open my heart. I open the door of faith. I surrender all my faith to Thee. Be Lord of my faith. I receive You now.

E-84 Now, with your heads bowed, now that was your prayer. Now, just stay shut in with God, keep real quiet. Oh Brother Hutchinson, over this audience, that emerald greenish Light, oh, what a confession means over the audience. Surely, you can understand, I'm not a fanatic. I am your brother. The Lord Jesus is here in great power and His Presence is here to make you absolutely well. Now, just stay shut in and believe. Believe that seed is moving right down in your soul now, right down into your heart. And while you believe these things shut in with Him, I'm going to pray for you. And there's only one thing that would keep you from not receiving your healing: that's that little shadow of darkness, of just a little guessing, a little bit unbelief around you. I'm going to pray that God will remove that and one glorious burst of faith may every person be healed.

E-85 Lord Jesus, Thou Who hears confessions, and heard these people, what they said. You come; You've manifested Yourself. And here they are setting here with their hands in the air, their heads turned to the dirt from which You've taken them from. And they been sick in their bodies. Satan has blinded them. But tonight he's defeated.
Oh, Satan, you're just a bluff, and you're exposed. You were defeated at Calvary by our Lord Jesus. And we stand as Christians, victorious tonight, in His all sufficient suffering, His vicarious death, His glorious resurrection. And we adjure thee, by the living God, through Jesus Christ, that you leave these people every one of them; come out of them in the Name of Jesus Christ, go. And may each of these people be healed for the glory of God.