La Reine De Séba

Date: 58-0503 | La durée est de: 1 heure et 35 minutes | La traduction: Shp
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E-1 Stand just a moment now for prayer, as we bow our head.
Dear God, we are thankful to Thee for the privilege that we have of assembling together once again. And we would ask that Your blessings be upon us tonight, to save the unclean, and to heal those who are sick and afflicted, and to bless those who are blessable tonight. And may we have a great outpouring of Thy Spirit.

E-2 Bless the ministering brethren. Tomorrow being the Sabbath, and we're to go forth tomorrow to--to witness for You throughout the city, and we pray that You'll bless every pulpit in this city, and the adjoining cities, and around the world. And may the ministers be a new light to the people, and grant, Lord, that many great miracles will be wrought tomorrow through the Name of Thy Son, the Lord Jesus, in their pulpits, and in the ministry throughout the nations. Give us likewise tonight, Lord, something extra ordinary, that these dear people, who have come through the raining and mud, to come to hear the Gospel, may they go home light hearted, and rejoicing with a satisfied soul, that they have been in the Presence of the Lord Jesus.
Grant these things, Father, for we ask them in the Name of Thy Child. Amen. You may be seated.

E-3 Some have said today, that many called on the telephone, telling of their experience of healing last night in the audience. And some of them has been saying, that they was not even on the platform; they were just setting in the meeting and some time in the day, they recognized that the sickness that they had was gone. So I like that. Then we can't say then that, "So-and-so, certain ministers laid their hands on me, and..." See? God gets all the glory. And I just love that, when God gets the glory, because it's all to His glory that we intending for Him to receive, all for His glory.

E-4 Now, in the Bible tonight, we wish to take a little text just for a few minutes. And now, tomorrow night is the closing of our little campaign, just three nights to kinda get acquainted with you people. And then, it seems strange; just the time we get acquainted, then we say, "Well, see you some other time." It... Seemingly, it's been that way for the last twelve years around the world, just get acquainted and hurry.

E-5 If God is willing, and when I come back from overseas this time, I'm going to try to get me a tent or something, so you don't have to hurry out of a city, just set it up and stay there awhile. And I'm sure it will be better, because you'll... If people doesn't know just how to take a hold of Divine healing, there's more to it than just, walk up and say, "I believe," and walk away.
If a patient has a---something like a tumor, or something of that order, that patient will feel better right away, but within about seventy-two hours, they get sicker than they every was, 'cause that lump or whatever it is, the life that was in that lump is dead. And the lump's still there. So it begins to--to break up. And then, when it does, the heart pumps the blood, and the blood purifies the body, so it sets in a fever. And the patient seems to think, "Oh, I've lost my healing." Why, the--the faith that could take the life out of the tumor, unbelief will bring it back again. There they lose their--their healing. They just don't know the approach.

E-6 But remember, in dealing with--like a substance, a tumor, we're not dealing with that lump or the cancer. What is a cancer? It's a life, and it's not your life; it's another life. It's a multiplication of cells. And what caused it to be there? It's another life that's coming to yours to kill you. The Bible calls it a devil. We call it cancer today, which is a medical term, which comes from the word "crab." But the Bible calls it a devil, a killer.
Now, we're not dealing with that little house that it's growed in; it develops cells just like you did. Did you know you came from one little cell? That cell came from your father. The germ went into the egg, which was your mother, and out of there develop, cell begin to swell and cell on top of cell, until it made you what you are today.

E-7 And now, that life that you have in you now, through these cells, are good cells, cells of your life. But here comes a cancer, or tumor, or any other disease along, and it's a different cell, and a different germ. And what is it to do, it's not--if it's against your life, then it's death. So it is a demon, and we're not dealing with that robe that it lives in, that house; we're dealing with the life that's in that house.
Just like if I was dealing with you, if you were the cancer, and I'd be--try to just rub your body until it's no more, but just take the life out of it. It'll go back to the dust of the earth. That's what casting out demons is, is calling the life of that out. The substance is still there, the body.

E-8 But what happens to a little animal if it gets killed? What happens to a deer, you hunters up here, if you kill it today and throw it on the scales and weigh it? You tell your comrades that your deer weighed so much, but put it on the scales in the morning and see what it'll weigh, pounds lighter. Anything does, it shrinks for so long, until corruption begins to set in, then it swells, and gets heavier, and bigger than it was at the first place.
That same thing happens to a tumor or cancer. Then the patient begins to say, "Well, I've lost my healing." The best sign in the world, that you've got it... And that's why, many times running in, like little meetings like this, we don't get a chance to have those afternoon meetings of instructions and telling people how to hold to God. We just got to take a chance on the people having faith, regardless of how they feel, or what evidence of anything re-occurring; they still believe it. Stay right with it. That's the main thing.

E-9 Now, I want to read some of God's blessed Word, that's found tonight in the book of St. Matthew, before we--the 12th chapter, and the 42nd verse.
And the queen of the south shall rise up in the judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it: for she came from the utmost parts of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and behold, a greater than Solomon is here.
May the Lord bless His Word.

E-10 Jesus, in the previous chapter, had just been upbraiding the cities because of their unbelief. You know, unbelief is one of the most hideous things that can strike a person.
And there is only two faculties that can govern you; that's either faith or unbelief. You cannot be halfway between; there's no black-white birds, or drunk-sober men, sinner-saints. You're either a believer or not a believer. And the only sin that there is, is unbelief.
You might be ever so religious and never tell a lie. You might be such a church member, till all the neighborhood would say, "What a renowned person," and still be a sinner in the sight of God. You're not judged by that; it's by your faith. "He that believeth not is condemned already."

E-11 If--if righteousness is what pleases God, which it does, but all that God requires, the Pharisees were found blameless, but yet Jesus said, "Ye are of your father, the devil," because they did not believe, that horrible thing of unbelief.
And Jesus had done many works in the city, and said to them, "Oh, you, Capernaum, who are exalted into heaven, shall be brought down to hell. If the mighty works had been done in you, that--that's been done in you, had been done in Sodom and Gomorrah, it would've been standing until this day."
That great unbelief, self-styled, exalted into heaven, holier than thou, that attitude... And Jesus had done mighty works in Capernaum, and they had called him, Beelzebub, the prince of the devils, and He was upbraiding them because of it.

E-12 And I say this with respects: Friends and Christians, if God lets this nation get by... He just can't let him get by with this awful wave of sin that's sweeping our nation. If God would let us go on in the way we are, without judging, then He being just would have to raise Sodom and Gomorrah, and apologize for destroying them, with such a wave of sin of the same kind.

E-13 God is no respect of nations or people. He loves the sinner, but He hates sin. And we are doomed; just mark that you who I see are taking notes, that I said it. There is nothing left for America but judgment; that's all. So just get ready for it. But the Church will be gone before the judgment comes. God promised it.
We've just had a few weeks to stay on those things to build up to it. But listen, Jesus had said, "That if the works had been done in Sodom that had been done in these cities, they would've repented.
And then, we understand that God in all ages has had gifts and wonders that He's worked through, calling the--the people. In every age, practically, God has had a servant, or somewhere a person sometimes, that He could lay His hand on, or a people. He's never been without a witness, and He never will be without a witness, as long as there is an earth, to bear with Him.

E-14 And He'd been referring back to the day, He said in the previous meeting, like as in the days of Jonah, the prophet. And He was concerned, because they had called the Spirit that was in Him, Beelzebub. That means He was a--a demon power. And if you will notice, because He had discerned their thoughts and knowed what they were thinking. They never called Him Beelzebub to His face; they wasn't even gentlemen enough to do that. They thought in their heart, and Jesus said, "He perceived their thoughts." They thought He was Beelzebub, and they were all upset because He didn't agree with them in their theology. And then some came to Him, after all He had done, and said, "We would seek a sign from Thee."
And He said, "A weak and an adulternous generation will seek after a sign, and there will be no sign given this adulternous generation, except the sign of Jonah. For as Jonah was in the belly of the whale for three days and nights, the Son of man will lay in the heart of the earth for three days and nights."

E-15 Before we get to our text, or what I wish to say, I would like to examine that quotation from our Lord. They were seeking a sign, and He said that a--a weak and adulternous generation would seek for a sign. And I believe that our Lord was referring to this generation. All Scriptures has compound meaning; any student knows that, for instance in Matthew 3, when He said, "That it might be fulfilled out of Egypt, I've called My Son." If you'll run the reference to that, it was His son, Israel, but it also pertained to His Son, Jesus. Scriptures have compound meaning.
And Jesus said that a wicked and weak generation, adulternous, would seek for a sign. Now, I want you to listen close. He said they will receive a sign, and that sign will be the resurrection sign, the resurrection, for as Jonah was in the belly of the whale three days and three nights, the Son of man must be in the heart of the earth for three days and three nights.

E-16 And when God gave Jonah the commission, and he went down to--to Nineveh, he found a ship at leisure, so he couldn't get his ticket and his fare, maybe, down to Nineveh, so he just went to Tarshish. And they found out that he got in trouble.
I think that's what's the matter with the Christian church tonight; we're in trouble. We've took the wrong road. And God's not in trouble; it's the church that's in trouble. God wants us to be all one, wants us to have fellowship one with another, while the Blood of His Son, Jesus, cleanses us from all unrighteousness. But we draw little walls and say, "No, we will not cooperate in such a meeting. No, we can't do this, because our church is not in it." Oh, what a weak petty thing, like little juveniles.

E-17 And notice, then the ship begin to rock, and Jonah was in trouble. And they bound his feet and his hands, and threw him overboard, and God had a great big fish all prepared to swallow him. I've always had a deep sympathy for Jonah. He was in a terrible condition, yet he was a prophet of the Lord.
Now, anyone knows that a fish prowling through the water is hunting for its prey. And as soon as it has eaten, it goes to the bottom and rests itself, with its swimmers on the bottom of the water--of the pool. Feed your little goldfishes and watch takes place. He will go right down to the bottom of the pool, and there rest himself. And here was this fish, after he'd swallowed this prophet, down at the bottom of the sea, many fathoms deep.

E-18 And let's just notice tonight, you people in the wheelchairs, and you that's on crutches, and maybe feel like that you can't be well. We have never come into any situation like Jonah was in. The first place, he was backslid, and he had his hands tied and his feet tied, and he was in the whale's belly, way down in the bottom of the sea, and a storm on the sea. If he looked this a way, it was the whale's belly. If he looked backwards, it was the whale's belly. All around him was whale's belly.
You talk about a good case of symptoms, Jonah had it. I don't think that any of us could have that kind of symptom. But you know what he said? He knew God, and he said, "They are lying vanities; I won't even look them."
For he knew that when Solomon dedicated the temple of God, that he prayed and said, "Lord, if Thy people be in trouble anywhere, and look towards this holy place and pray, then hear from heaven." And he had confidence, under those symptoms, to have confidence in the prayer of Solomon and believed that God heard the prayer of Solomon.

E-19 And the whale kept him in his belly for three days and nights, and delivered him right in the right place. God just turned the whale around and taken him on a taxi ride across the country, till he got from Tarshish to Nineveh. And God kept him alive, because he said, "I will not look at my symptoms; I'll look to Thy holy temple."
And if God did that, under those symptoms and that circumstance, how much more will He, tonight, under this circumstance with our symptoms, if we'll not look to a temple made with hands of man, but to the temple of heaven, where Christ sets at the right hand of God, making intercessions upon our confession. How much more will He deliver us? I will not look at my symptoms; I will look at what Jesus said. Said, "By His stripes, I am healed," and I confess it, for God can do nothing for you until first you confess it. The Bible in Hebrews 3, said, "He is the High Priest of our confessions." Now, the King James has "profess." But "profess" and "confess" is the same thing.

E-20 He can do nothing till first you confess that He's did it, and accept it as your own personal property. You can't get saved by beating on the altar, or can't get saved by paying your tithe, or keeping some days, or abs--abstain from meats. You don't get saved by that. It's by faith are you saved, and that through the grace of God. You have to accept it first, and believe it as your own personal property, then you are saved. Same way by healing.
So tonight, let us look away from our symptoms, and remember that God still lives, and His promise is still true. And Jesus sets at the right hand of the Majesty in heaven to make intercessions as a High Priest, on anything that you confess that He's done for you, that was in the redemptive blessing. If that isn't simple, here a little baby boy or girl could understand. He sets as the High Priest to make intercessions upon anything that's right, that you ask Him.

E-21 And He said in Mark 11:24, "Whatsoever things you desire, when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you shall have them." Whatever it is, pray and believe that you receive it now (present tense), and it shall be given to you. You can have it, if you'll believe it when you ask for it, because quickly before the Father, He goes to work to make intercession upon your confession. That settles it. That's the reason the people are being healed just setting around in the meeting. It doesn't take a special evangelist to come through; it just takes your faith in the all sufficient Christ, and the omnipresent Christ, Who is everywhere, anywhere, that you'll call upon Him, He's there to meet the conditions, a very present help in the time of trouble.

E-22 Then Jesus referred to the day of Solomon. And God through the ages, when He gives gifts unto His people, if that gift is turned down, that nation becomes ruined, that generation perishes. But if it's been... If it is--is accepted, then that is the--the great life time for the people. And He was referring to the gift of God that came in the days of Solomon.
Now, God gave Solomon a gift, and we all know (you who read the Bible) that that was Israel's golden age, of Solomon. And as soon as they seen that gift working in Solomon, seeing that great power of discernment, the people all rallied around him. And no matter what he said, they did it, because they believed him, and they believed him to be God's servant, and God has to honor that. And no matter what God does, if you don't come with respect to His gift, you'll never receive nothing from it.

E-23 What if Martha and Mary... I believe it was Martha, when she run out to meet Jesus, it seemingly, she had a right to upbraid Him. He had left her, and her brother had died. And yet not come to her call, He just ignored it and went on. But when she went to see Him, seemingly, she could've said, "Why did You not come, when I called You?" If she'd said that, she'd have never got what she asked for. But she went with respect, and she said, "Lord, if Thou would have been here, my brother would not have died. But even now, whatever You ask God, God will give it to you." That's the way it must come. It must come, because that it's your respect. She was respecting it. She'd knowed that the Shunammite woman went to Elijah and got what she desired. And she knowed if God was in the prophet Elijah, surely, He was in His Son Jesus.

E-24 Sometime ago, there was woman who said to me, that belongs to a denominational church, who doesn't believe that--that Jesus was anymore than a prophet. Friend, He was more than a prophet. He was either God or the greatest deceiver this world's ever had. He was Divine. And this certain woman said to me, "Mr. Branham, you put too much bragging on Jesus being Divine."
I said, "He was Divine, and I cannot brag half enough on Him."
And she said, "If I'll prove to you by the Bible, that He was not Divine, will you accept it?"
I said, "Certainly, if the Bible said so. But I don't believe you can prove it by the Bible."
And she said, "In Saint John, the 11th chapter, the Bible said, 'When He went down to the grave of Lazarus, He wept.'" Said, "You see, He could not be no more than a human and then weep."
I said, "Sister, your argument is too thin. He was both God and man. And when He went to the grave of Lazarus, He wept like a man. But when He stood and pulled His little frame together, and said, 'Lazarus, come forth.' And a man that had been dead four days, stood on his feet and lived again. That was more than a man."

E-25 He was a man when He come down off the mountain, was hungry, looking for something to eat on that tree. It was a man when He was hungry, but it was more than a man when He taken five biscuits and two pieces of fish and fed five thousand. That was more than a man.
He was a man when virtue had gone from Him all day, and He laid on the back of a little ship, and the waves where ten thousand devils of the sea swore they'd drowned Him. And Him being asleep and got tired; He was a man. But when He put His foot on the brail of the boat, looked up and said, "Peace be still." and the winds and the waves obeyed Him, that was more than a man.
He was a man when cried at Calvary for mercy, but He proved that He was God when He broke the seals, and raised from the tomb, and declared Himself to be the Resurrection. He was God made manifest in the flesh, God in Him.

E-26 And that Martha, she had respected that and believed it. And in the days of His flesh on earth, many respected it, received His reward. But He was telling these people of other great people, who came on the earth, and how they respected it, and what they got, and those who turned it down, what they got.
And now, in the days of Solomon God had given him His gift, and all the churches rallied around him. The news must have swept throughout all the country. And I just wonder, in this last days when the Holy Spirit is coming down, and great revivals are hitting the nation like Billy Graham, and Jack Schuller, and Oral Roberts, and many of those great evangelists, and God doing great signs and wonders before the people, would it not be wonderful if all would put their hearts together and rally around that? Why, all the world would come to Christ in one year's time or less. But we just split up in division, and as long as there's shooting at each other, Satan just steps back and lets them unload their gun. So if we can get together, and put our hearts together, our efforts together, and our cares together, we'll get somewhere.

E-27 So they respected that great gift of Solomon, that God had given Solomon. And here he was in the temple doing things, and the people--all the passer-bys must have thought, "Oh, this is a great thing." And everybody (no one talking against it), everybody for it; they said, "Our Brother Solomon, God has give him a great gift, and oh, you should come and see it." to all the people who came by, and the news spread everywhere.
And way down into the south, in the land of Sheba, a little queen down there, a little pagan queen, everybody seemingly come by her place would say, "You should see the great things that's going on in Israel. Great, mighty wonders are being done by a gifted man from their God, one by the name of Solomon. Oh, his wisdom is unmatched. His discernment is perfect; never a case fails. He's just perfect on it."

E-28 You know, faith cometh by hearing, hearing the Word of God. And you know, the Bible said that, "We are the salt of the earth." And if the salt is still got it's savour in it, and contacts, it is a savour. But if the salt has lost it's strength, if our testimonies are so irregular, and one day we're up and the next day we're down, and this way we're believing, and the next day we're not, how can a sinner man find anything from the truth? See? We must take our stand for God, and ever remain until death sets us free.

E-29 And this little queen hearing this, she said, "Oh, I wonder if that really is true?" So finally, she made up in her mind that she'd go and see for herself. I like that; just don't take somebody else's word about it; come, find out for yourself, like Nathanael did last evening in our message.
So as the enthusiasm begin to draw her closer, the time come when she set that she was going.
Now, remember she had a lot of opposition against her. She was a pagan. And what do you think the bishop of her pagan church would say, if she told him that she was going up into another country to hear another preacher? What do you think taken place? Now, she had all of that to confront. Well, maybe the pope of her church, or some bishop, or something of these--of her temples, would say, "Now, just minute, queen, you will pollute our whole nation, if you go there."

E-30 But you know, there's something about it, that when God goes to speaking to a heart, there's nothing can stop it from finding out what's calling, when God goes to calling. And she would say to the priest, I suppose, "Sir, I'm just going up to find out for myself. Here we are here, worshipping an old bunch of dead creeds, that's been handed down to us, and we see nothing else but some theology and some writing on some tablets or something, but they tell me that their God is real and manifests Himself right out before the public." I like that kind of a God, not a God of history, a God that's present tense, a God that's the same yesterday, today, and forever. What He was yesterday, He is the same today in every way.
And she said, "I want to go find out."
"Well, if you go, we'll excommunicate you."
"Well, you just as well get ready, for I'm going anyhow." So she said, "Now, if I go, and I find out that it's true, then there's one thing I'm going to do: I'm going to support it with everything I got." So she ladened down some camels with gold, and myrrh, and frankincense, and costly things. But first, she kept her gifts until she was going to find out whether it was the truth or not, whether it was just a little fly-by-night, or a little--some kind of an emotion that raised up. She wanted to know whether it was the truth. If all these things she had heard by the word, if they were made manifest and proved to be right, then she was for it. That's a good sensible approach.

E-31 If the Word says so, or something promised, and that promise is kept, then there's nothing to say, but you must believe or be turned aside, unalienated.
Notice, and she ladened her camels, and got everything ready to go. And now, remember, she had a long journey before her. She just didn't have to come from across the city; she had to travel about three months over a burning desert. Measure the distance from Palestine down there. And she didn't have a air-conditioned Cadillac either or some great air-conditioned coach to come in. But she had to sit on the back of a camel, but if her heart, something in there was calling, she's on her road regardless of the circumstance.

E-32 And if God would speak to you, tonight, that He's present, and He's the God that heals you, there is no one can talk you out of it. And if He whispers to the sinner that you are saved, and I am your Saviour, there's not enough doctors of theology in the country to explain it away from you. You know it. Every believer has a sacred stand on the backside of the desert, where he can put his finger: "There I met God." If it's just theology, they can explain it away from you, but they can't when you've had that experience of meeting God and your life has changed.

E-33 So something had happened to her. The deep was calling to the deep. And if the deep calls to the deep, there's got to be a deep to respond to it. As David said, "At the mouth of Thy water spouts--the noise of Thy water spouts," rather...
If there's a deep in here calling, there's got to be a deep to respond to it. Before there was a fin on a fish's back, there had to be a water first for him to swim in to use that fin, or he wouldn't have had no fin. Before there was tree to grow in the earth, there had to be an earth first to grow in, or there'd been no tree.
Which was first, a sinner or a Saviour? Which was first, a sickness or a Healer? Blessed be His Holy Name. He was first! There was a Saviour to express Himself, and that's why He lets it happen to magnify Himself to His subjects, to let them know that He is.

E-34 Notice, here some time ago, I read a piece from the paper where the little boy eat the erasers off of a pencil at school. And the teacher sent word to his mama and told her about it. And one day, to the mother's surprise, the little lad was out on the back porch eating the pedal off of a bicycle. So she got alarmed, and she got the little lad and taken him down to the clinic. And the doctors give him an examination, and come to find out, that his little system needed sulfur. Now, sulfur is found in rubber. Now you see, before that there could be a crave for sulfur, there had to be a sulfur to respond to that crave, or he'd never had a crave.
And you are here tonight, because you believe there is a God that can heal. And before there is a creation, there has to be a Creator to create that creation. And the very reason that you're here, is a sign that there is a fountain open somewhere, or you'd never have the desire to come. Something is pulling. It's a Creator God trying to bring you to the Presence of His Being, so that you recognize it as His goodness and mercy to you.

E-35 And It was the same God Who spoke to the little queen to let her know in the sincerity of her heart, that He was God. And she had decided to go, regardless of the cost. And she knowed then she'd--she'd support it. That's the way; if it's right, support it. If it isn't, have nothing to do with it. So she ladened some camels. And another thing she had to confront, with all that wealth she had to cross the desert.
Now, just think, of three months on the desert, and some people in Hartford, won't come across the street to see the same. "Oh, it's too rainy." or, "My church is not cooperating." What will it be in the day of judgment, when that little queen stands with you? What will it be when Solomon stand, and when Jonah stands, and all Nineveh who repented at his preaching?

E-36 If you understand a little history, the god of Nineveh was a whale, and when the whale brought the prophet right up before the fishermen, and spit him out on the bank, a miracle. Lot of things are providential; it was God's will that Jonah went on down there like that. He had to show a miracle.
And that's what He's doing now, showing a miracle. The resurrection of His Son after nineteen hundred years, He remains the same, and the wicked and adulternous generation see it. What will they be in the day of the judgment, when those of Nineveh, who didn't know right and left hand, repented at the preaching of Jonah? How much greater is it now? And the little queen, she started off...

E-37 Now another thing, she had all that wealth, and the children of Ishmael work on the desert, and they were robbers. What a setup. Why, they'd take that great group of fleetfooted riders, with their spears, and ride on her little caravan there, and murder them, and have all that wealth to themself. She had that to confront.
Now, you don't have that to confront to come across the street, or around the city, or from some nearby place. You don't take any three months, through a hot burning desert, setting on the back of a camel. Now, in all sincerity, I wonder tonight, how many present, would take that same journey? Think of it.
But she did it, being a pagan, and hearing that there was a living God, Who had presented a gift to the earth. She come to see the gift of God working through a man. And she took off on her journey, leaving her friends, her priest, her everything behind, because God was tugging at her heart.
No wonder Jesus said, "No man can come to Me, except My Father draws him."

E-38 All of Hartford won't be saved. There'll be millions of church members, throughout the world, will just perish with the world. Now remember, that God has elected that some are going to be saved, and there's not enough power in hell to keep them from coming to Jesus. And God will manifest Himself just the same. He's manifest Himself... The whole world has a chance, but they won't receive it. Jesus said so: "Straight is the gate that leads to life, broad is the way to destruction, and many there be go in, and few there'll be, that'll be saved. As it was in the days of Noah, and in the days of Lot, so will it be in the coming of the Son of man." There's nothing that can break that. That's said, and it's God. And His--His Word's just as Eternal as He is.

E-39 Now, here she comes, and she didn't come now, say, "I'm going over and set ten minutes, and if I don't like the way that preacher Solomon preaches, I'm going to get up and get out. If he says anything contrary to our theology, I'm going to leave; I just won't stand and listen to it. (That would be the 1958 version of it.) I'll see if he says anything contrary to our creed." She didn't say that.
"I can't go but one night, because we've got to have a card party, and we've got to set up on this night to see... What is that television, "We love Sucy," or something like that? Could you imagine hungry-hearted people staying to watch such tommyrot as that, and Arthur Godfrey, and Elvis Presley, and call themselves Christians and listen to such nonsense as that? It shows what's in your heart.
The Bible said, "If you love the world, or the things of the world, the love of God's not even in you."

E-40 No, she come not to stay just an hour, or to one night service; she made her camp, and stayed there till she was convinced. I like that. She come to stay till it was over. She just brought her maidens, and all; she just pitched camp and stayed there. I can see her out in the courts, and they said, "When's the next meeting going to be?"
"It just ended tonight, queen."
"But Solomon... Well, is he a saint?"
"No. He's just a man."
"Is he holy?"
"No, there's a holy God dealing with him."
"Well, I'd like to see who he is."
"Just go over to the meeting in the morning. You'll see him."

E-41 And I can see the little queen get herself a seat and set down, and Solomon came out. And all the people around were talking, "Oh, it's a small thing; you should see our God working through our brother." Wouldn't that be wonderful to have church like that? Wouldn't that be wonderful to have even our nation working together in harmony, and knowing our God still lives, reigns just the same as He ever was, doing the same things? The nations from everywhere would flow in here. And that's the reason we've got communism. I feel sorry for them. It's because of the witness of the churches in Russia what made communism hatch out.

E-42 Setting right in this building tonight, I believe, Mrs. Isaacson, my Finnish interpreter, that was there in Finland when the vision came forth, and that little boy was raised from the dead, laying on the side of the road, which the vision was told two years before it happened. And that night when twenty-five thousand in the Messuhalli and then turn that twenty-five thousand out and let me speak to another twenty-five thousand. When I was going down the street, there stood Russian soldiers, and when I passed by a little Finnish soldier trying to protect me from the crowd and get to the Messuhalli they stood with their Russian salute with tears running down their cheek, and they said, "We will receive a God like that." Sure, a God of power, but their creeds is no more than our creed.
And I seen with my own eyes, Russian soldiers put their arms around Finnish soldiers and pat one another on the back, and kiss on the side of the neck, and call each other brother. And any power that will make a Russian and Finn hug one another will settle wars forever, that is the question. Christ is the answer. You'll never do it by passing tracts or teaching theology. It'll be the power of His resurrection, that'll prove to them that Christ still lives.

E-43 She came to watch. I can imagine just before the service began, the nervousness of the little queen. She begin to wonder, "Now, I don't care what happens; I'm going to stay for several days. I'm going to stay, till I find out whether it's real or not. I'll not draw my conception, maybe, the first time, then maybe something would happen this morning that I might not just understand, but I'll come back again. I'll stay till the service is over; I'll watch everything."
And when the cases was brought before Solomon, and the Spirit of God was there to discern that case, that little woman watched. She waited, and when she had been fully convinced, she stood up one morning, and she said, "All that I heard was the truth, and more than I heard was the truth. For I've seen more than what anybody every testified about." And Jesus said she'll rise in the day of the judgment and condemn this generation of priests and church going people. And she...

E-44 Jesus said that about her in that generation, how much more today will that queen rise in the generation that we're living in, and condemn this church-going bunch of people, who would laugh and call the Spirit of God a mental telepathy or something? Oh, how critical hours we're living in.
And now, I want you to remember, Jesus promised that the weak and adulternous generation would receive one sign, and that would be the sign of the resurrection. The Bible says that. And what is the resurrection? Jesus Christ, to declare Him to be the same yesterday, today, and forever, to do the same thing that He did, or to be called the same thing that He was, the Spirit of God being a unclean thing, which would condemn the generation of unbelievers, and save the generation that believed.

E-45 The ones who laughed at Noah's rain coming, the rain drowned the wicked world and saved Noah. The same Spirit today, that the world's calling fanatism, and some kind of a devil name that's been tacked onto the church, saying they're a bunch of illiterate, h-r, holy-rollers... I've sailed the seven seas and traveled every nation on the earth nearly, and I've never seen a holy-roller. There's no such a thing. It's a name that the devil's tacked onto the church of the living God, only a scarecrow.
Where do you put a scarecrow, on a sour apple tree? Let the birds have that. But the scarecrow is around the good tree, that's valuable. And God has a Tree that's valuable; that's His resurrected Son, Who stands in our midst tonight, in the power of the Holy Spirit to do and perform that which He did when He was here on earth. That's His Word, His promise.

E-46 What are we going to do, when we come? Will we stand and take our place as believers, if He will perform as He did? If He will show to us, as I said last evening, the same sign that He proved to them that He was Messiah, if He will do the same works, so that the world can say it's the devil or something like that to condemn them and save you... I wonder if we'd stand, take our position with Him?
Some time ago, across Central America, about fifty years ago, there was an evangelist (and I'm closing), and his name was Daniel Green. He dreamed one night that he died, and he went up to heaven. And when he got to the gate, the caretaker come out, and said, "Who art thou, that's approaching this gate?"
He said, "I'm Daniel Green." He said, "I was a great American evangelist. I've helped save thousands of souls."
Said, "Just a moment, sir." And he went in, looked in the book; he said, "I don't have your name, Mr. Green."
"Oh," he said, "surely you have my name."
Said, "No, it's not here."
He said, "Well, what can I do?"
He said, "You might appeal your case to the great white throne judgment, if you desire to. That's the only hope you have."
He said, "Well, if that's my only hope, I must take it."

E-47 And said, "He felt hisself moving, and he went through space for some time. After while it begin to get light, lighter, lighter. And the lighter it got, slower he begin to go. And finally, he come to a standstill. Was no certain place the Light was coming from, but It was just everywhere. And he heard a voice; he said, "Oh, what a place to stand in."
And he heard a voice saying, "Daniel Green, I hear that you've appealed your case to My judgment bar."
He said, "Yes, Lord. I have appealed my case to Your justice."
He said, "I will judge you then according to My laws." He said, "Daniel Green, did you ever tell a lie when you were on earth?"
He said, "If I thought I'd did anything, would have been a truthful man." But said, "In the Presence of that Light, I seen where I had said things that wasn't right." Said, "Yes, Lord, I--I did. I lied."
He said, "Then Daniel Green, did you ever steal?"
He said, "I thought I'd been honest, but in the Presence of that great Light, I seen a many little shady deal I pulled." And so will you or I.

E-48 It might be all right setting here in this school auditorium; it might be all right out there in your church, but in the Presence of that Light, there'll be things that you had forgot about a long time will come up before you. There'll be little times when you said, "That bunch of holy-rollers; I'll have nothing to do with them." You forgot it a long time ago, but it's still there, lives on.
"Oh, I believe it's nonsense; I believe it's a mental telepathy." It'll meet you at the judgment bar. Sure will. How you judge Him, you'll be judged there.

E-49 And then he said, "A voice came forth, and said, 'Daniel Green, was you perfect when you were in life?"
"Oh," he said, "no, Lord, I was a long ways from being perfect." Said, "I was expecting to hear a blast come forth, 'Depart from Me, you horrible sinner.'" And said, "Felt like that every bone in me was coming apart, and I was listening to hear that great blast, and to see myself sink into a devil's hell." He said, "I heard the sweetest voice I ever heard in my life." And said, "When I turned to look, I saw the sweetest face I ever saw." Said, "No mother's voice or face could ever look so sweet." And said, "He walked up close to me and put His arm around me, and He said, 'Father, that is true. Daniel Green was not perfect on earth, but there's one thing he did do: when he was on earth, he stood for Me, and now, here I'll stand for him.'"
Oh, God, let that be me tonight, in all of my mistakes, in all, let me stand for Him, for at that day I'll need Him to stand for me.

E-50 I wonder tonight, if you're dying, sinner friend, who would stand for you? Your pastor can't; your mother can't; or some saint can't. It takes Christ and Him alone. Let us think of it, while we bow our heads, just a moment for prayer.
You might have come to see a gift of God as the queen of Sheba did. I'd like to ask you a question while you're praying. Would you say, "Search me, Oh, God, and see now; I've never seen this happen, but I've just arrived at the courts. I know there's nothing in that little man, standing on the platform, but I've come by faith, expecting to see something happen. And I know that You will do it. And Lord, I want to accept You as my Saviour, and I want to stand for You, right now, that at that day, You'll stand for me."

E-51 How many that's in here, that'll just quickly... We can't call you up here, but would just raise up your hand and say by that, "God, be merciful to me." God bless you, lady. God bless you. Oh, my, thirty, forty hands, fifty, yes, more than that maybe. "God, be merciful to me. I now want to accept Christ as my personal Saviour. I want to make this all-sufficient stand for Him right now. I believe that I'm in His Presence, and I want to stand for Him, so that He will stand for me on that day."
Would there be some more that would raise your hand? Up in the balcony, raise your hands. Young folks, you're right at the crossroads of life. Listen, sister and brother, oh, this is your hour. God bless you, young man. That's a gallant thing. God bless you. God bless you over there. That's good.

E-52 You say, "Brother Branham, what does it do when I raise up my hand?" It changes you from death to life. If you mean it, I'm taking your word, and God will.
You know, according to science, you can't move your hand; gravitation's supposed to hold your hand down to your side. But when you defy gravitation, raise up your hand towards your Maker, it shows that there is a Spirit in you that's made a decision. And you've defied the laws of nature, you... God bless you, sir. You defied the laws of gravitation and you raised your hand towards the Creator, that you believe that make you--that made you and say, "I now accept You, Lord, as my Saviour." God put your name on the Book, the very minute you do it. You pass from death to Life.

E-53 Just look what's taking place in here, tonight. What has it been? Pray now. Maybe there would be another, or maybe more, that would like to, by raised hand, while everybody's with their heads bowed, praying, "God, I now raise my hand, not to the preacher, but to You, Lord. I'm convinced that You're the Son of God, and I want You to be my Saviour, and I raise my hand to stand for You, tonight." Put up your hand, will you, while we pray? Yes, God bless you, back there, sir. That's very fine. God bless you, little one. Maybe God has never--even you've never seen the Holy Spirit move in power, but you're just accepting It beforehand. Greater is he who has never seen and yet believe the resurrection. God bless you, sir, down here. Certainly.

E-54 Now, are You finished up? I'm just believe this, that God said, "No man can come to Me except My Father drawed him. And all that comes to Me, I'll give him Everlasting Life, and raise him up at the last day." Saint John 5:24 says, "He that heareth My Word (Now, "He" is a personal pronoun, not a church, group of people, a person.), He that heareth My Words and believeth on Him that sent Me, hath (present tense) Everlasting Life, and shall never come to the judgment; but's pass from death unto Life."
Then the black clouds of death that sailed from over fifty or seventy-five people, in here tonight, and the light clouds of light that has come to them... Let us pray:

E-55 O blessed God, my heart is thrilled to see the little congregation of people, merely a hand full, gathered out here tonight, and many of them, who just hearing the Word makes their stand. They even come in greater than the queen of Sheba; she waited to see the power of God working through Solomon. But these people has not waited; they believe the Word, and have made their confession of their wrong, and have accepted Jesus as their personal Saviour.

E-56 O God, it's a new day and a new life for them. Bless each one of them. They are Yours, Lord. []... drawed them through the preaching of the message. They're trophies of tonight's message, and of Thy grace. And now, Thou hast give them to Thy Son as a love gift. No man can pluck them from the hands. Someday, if I never did shake those hands, that raised tonight, I believe when life is all over, and the great table is set at the wedding supper, and the tears are running down our cheeks for joy, that the King shall come out and wipe all tears from our eyes, and say, "Children, don't cry no more; it's all over. Enter into the joy of the Lord, that's been prepared for you since the foundation of the world."

E-57 I believe I'll shake hands with them there. God, bless them; they're Yours. Give to them the best that You have in Your Kingdom, Lord, for them. Grant that they'll live long lives, and be healthy, and happy, and serve You all the days of their life. May they be lighthouses in the community where they live, and in the city, and their churches. Grant it, Father, they're Yours now. In the Name of Your Son, Jesus, I present them to You as the trophies of the message. Amen.

E-58 Oh, there's something about the Gospel that just scours you out. Do you feel that way about it? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] It's so simple, just so simple that it goes over the top of the heads of the people that are looking for something, some great something, but it's simple.
Now, we're going to call the prayer line and pray for the sick, and believe that God will heal the sick and the afflicted that's in the building tonight.
Now, I wish you would to just remain as quietly as you can now. And how many's in here, feels real good in your soul? Just raise your hands. Oh, that's just fine. God bless you, my dear friends.
Now, I want to ask you something. The Lord Jesus, when He was here on earth, and He promised in our message tonight, that this generation that we're now living, would see the sign of the resurrection. That would be the only sign that was given to the generation will be the sign of the resurrection. The Scripture teaches that Jesus remains the same yesterday, today, and forever, Hebrews 13:8.

E-59 How many's here for your first time, you wasn't here last night? Let's see your hands, all over the building tonight. Well, it's a good thing; the--the crowd that was here last night didn't come back. Two-thirds of them are newcomers.
Now, last night I was speaking on... I suppose Dr. Vayle has tonight, give you an explanation of how that Jesus claimed not to do any works Hisself, but it was through vision that He seen, that His Father showed Him what to do. Do you believe that? Saint John 5:19. Jesus said, "The Son can do nothing in Hisself, but what He sees the Father doing, that doeth the Son likewise."

E-60 If you'd notice, He passed through a--a place where there was a great multitude, maybe several thousand people. Historians tell us that they laid at this pool of Bethesda, and when the Angels troubled the water, they would stab one another trying to get in first to test their faith against the Angel. And remember, the first one got healed, all was strength of the Angel was gone for another season. They waited, maybe, for months. One man had been waiting for years. And Jesus passed through this same place, where a few days before a woman touched His garment, and He turned around; He said, "Who touched Me?"
And all of them denied it. And Jesus said, "But I've got weak; virtue went from Me." And He looked around over the audience, until He found the person that touched Him. He said--told her what her trouble was, that her faith had made her well.

E-61 Now, that was Jesus yesterday. The Bible said He's the same today and a High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities.
If that ain't the truth, then I--I would lay this Book down and leave here, 'cause if it isn't the truth, I don't want nothing to do with it. But I found this: that every Word is the truth. You can rest your soul... I may not have faith to make it all act right, but I believe it anyhow. I'll never stand... I might not have faith to walk like old Enoch did, take the little walk and go home in the afternoon, not have to die. I may not have that kind of faith; I may not have faith enough to shout down the walls of the city like Joshua did, but I'll never stand in somebody else's way that has that faith. I'll--I'll thank God for that faith. What faith I have, I love Him, and ask for more.

E-62 Now, if He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and the woman touched Him, and He did not know...?... He can't lie; He was God. So the woman touched Him, and He said, "Who touched Me?"
And Peter said, "Well, the whole multitude's touching You? That's what He's doing today.
But He said, "I perceive that virtue has gone from Me. (That's strength.) I got weak." And He looked around water was on the pool (the Angel rather) on the water, and said, "Well, I--I got weak." So He found the woman and told her.
Now, if He's the same, and the Bible said in the book of Hebrews, "He, now, is the High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities." How many Bible readers would say, "Amen", just now? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Well then, if He is the High Priest now, He's got to act like He did then, to be the same yesterday, today, and forever. Is that right? Nothing till the Father shows Him.

E-63 Now, He told the truth, therefore, He never performed one miracle until God showed Him by a vision what to do, according to His own Word, Saint John 5:19. Search the Scriptures. No prophet ever did anything at random; it's always God. No flesh can glory in the sight of God.
And Jesus did not call Himself a Divine Healer. No, He said, "It's not Me that doeth the works, it's My Father that dwelleth in Me. He showeth Me, or doeth the work. I just act out what He shows me to do."
And He was standing in multitudes of people, and people would come up to Him, and He'd know who they was, and what their names were, where they come from, what they had done in their life. How many knows that? Would you say, "Amen?" [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]

E-64 The woman at the well, He talked to her, and He told her where her sin was. And she run into the city, and said, "Come, see a Man, Who told me the things that I done? Isn't this the Messiah?"
That woman knowed more about God than half the preachers in the world today. That's right. Being a prostitute, she was better taught. She knowed more about it than all the religious trained Pharisees of their day.
They said, "This is the devil. Well, this man... That's the devil. He's a fortuneteller."
But what did the devil say about it? "We know Who You are, the Holy One of God."

E-65 How about up there when Je... When Paul and Silas was doing the works of God, and that little fortuneteller run out and said... Why, the preachers all said, "These men are awful men; they turn the world up-side-down." That was the religious men.
But this little old fortuneteller said, "They're a men of God, who tell us the way of Life." Who was right, the preachers or the devil? That's pretty flat, but that's the truth. Who was right when they hollered, "Away with such a man, away with such a man. He's nothing but a Beelzebub?"
And the devil said, "We know Who You are, the Holy One of God, why do You come to torment us before our time comes?"
Who knowed the most, Caiaphas or the Satan? Satan. See, they just get so Word bound, so church bound, till they can't accept the spiritual part of it. It goes over their head.

E-66 Look, when Philip went and found Nathanael and brought him--found him under a tree; he come to Jesus, and Jesus was going to manifest Himself before the Jewish race, and He said, "Behold, an Israelite, in whom there's no guile."
He said, "Rabbi, when did You know me?"
He said, "Before Philip called you, when you were under the tree, I saw you."
What did he say? "Thou art the Son of God. Thou art the King of Israel."
He said, "Because I told you that, you believe Me?"
What did the woman say? "This Man told me the things that I've done. Isn't this the very Messiah?" That was the sign of the Messiah.

E-67 Peter come, didn't know right or left hand hardly, couldn't write his name, a ignorant and unlearned man. He came up before the Lord Jesus, and Jesus looked at him, said, "Your name is Simon, and from henceforth you shall be called Peter, and your father's name's Jonas."
What do you think he thought? Certainly. That's Jesus yesterday. He manifested Himself, and declared Himself before the Jews and the Samaritans. There's only three races, Jews, Gentiles, and the Samaritans. The Samaritan's half Jew and Gentile. That's all. Ham, Shem, and Ja--Japheth's people. Now, He said, "Don't you go to the Gentiles," and neither did He go. But He waited for this age, and this is the end; the Gentile has been heathen. Now, we come through all this church age a reasoning the Bible, having schools, and theologians and so forth, and all.

E-68 Now it's come down to the end; they ought to realize it. Now, He's promised He would do it again. If He declared Himself and made Himself Christ to them people, and don't do the same at the end of the Gentile age, then He isn't the same yesterday, today, and forever. That's true.
Now, if it comes to healing, I could come, and line you people up here as you come by, and lay hands on every one of you. That might be all right. I have nothing against that. My dear brother, Oral Roberts, and many other ministers do that. Your pastor anoints with oil; that's exactly Scripture. That's their gift from God. This is another. But if you knew that the One Who wrote this Bible was standing present in the church, working in the church...

E-69 Now, remember, He said, "A little while and the world will see Me no more." Is that what He said? What is the world? The world order; "They will see Me no more, yet ye shall see Me." That's the elected, the church. "For I (personal pronoun), I will be with you, even in you to the end of the world." Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. "The works that I do, shall you do also." Do you believe that? "The works, the things that I do, so will you do also. I am the Vine; ye are the branches." The vine cannot bear fruit; it's only got the life to give to the branch, and the branch bears fruit. The Church of Christ is the--is the branch. Now, if you go to the branch and don't find the fruit of the Vine, then there's something wrong. It isn't in the Branch, Christ Jesus. But if it is in the Branch, Christ Jesus, it'll bear the fruits of Christ.

E-70 You know what? How many in here has got prayer cards, let's see your hand. How many doesn't have prayer cards, let's see your hand, wants to be prayed for? Raise your hands, them that hasn't got prayer cards, hasn't got prayer cards and wants to be prayed for, raise your hands up, all over the building, the balconies, wherever you are. Well, there's about twenty times--or not twenty times, there's many times more without prayer cards then there is with prayer cards.

E-71 I believe if you will bear with me just a moment, I'm going to put God to a showdown, just now, and see if He will do something for us. I'm going to take those who do not have prayer cards, and I just want you, out there in the audience--and I don't want you up here. I want you out there in the audience... I'm going to give you a Scripture. I'll take this Scripture. Last night we took another. Tonight, we'll take this Scripture; that He is now a High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities. How many believes that with all your heart? Well then, if He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and you touched Him tonight, like that woman did, would He not have to act in the same way to be the same? If you did that, He'd have to act, and if He's living in the church, then He will act just like He did back there.

E-72 Now, let us pray, just a moment, and each of you put on your heart, and say, "Lord God, I'm now drawing a little line, and from this hour..." The reason I'm doing this, because this whole group come to Christ just a few moments ago. This is something new. But the whole group came to Christ, and I'm going to believe that God is going to help this group of people tonight to see that Christ is out there with you, that He is the High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities. Upon that Scripture, you'll see it manifested.

E-73 Now, Lord, it's in Your hands. Now, we submit ourselves to Thee, all this group of believers, and Thy humble servant. I--I just submit myself to You, and this audience to You. These souls raised their hand and said they believe before they had even seen anything take place.
Lord, the Christ that we have been speaking of, and has give them the Word of His promise, that He would work in His church just as He did back there and would forever, let it be known that this is the end of Gentile age, and we are Your church, and You're working through us tonight. Give me faith, Lord; give them faith, and may Thy great Name be honored, for we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.

E-74 Now, let us just be real reverent, and no one going now, just be real reverent. Set still just a moment. And just--just like in your heart, you were saying, "Now, I know that the Scriptures are true, and I'm going to believe God tonight with all that's in me. I'm going to believe that God is going to speak to me tonight, and I'm going to touch His garment. And He, by my faith touching His garment... Lord, You use Brother Branham's voice to turn and tell me just like You did the woman at the well, just like that Christ did in--in His--His time here on earth, and I'll believe then that You're working through me, and through Brother Branham."
You just do that. See if He isn't the same. And if He is the same, and will prove that He is the same, will you all give Him praise and glory for His goodness? Now, just be reverent and pray.
I have no... And there's not a person before me, that I know. I do not see one. I believe this is the song leader, setting right here. Is that right? Are you the boy that leads, I met down in New York? And I believe that's Doctor Martin setting right there. Is that right? Well, the rest of our group is on the platform.

E-75 How many out there knows that I do not know you, or know nothing about you? Raise up your hands to God, so that you can just see. All right.
Now, let His Spirit... Now, if He is the same, His Spirit working in us, which is the branches, then the great Vine is here, in the Spirit Vine. Then He begins to move through the outlets of our heart. Well, what do we do? Just yield ourself. Just like I said last night, "This microphone is a perfect mute, unless something is speaking through it." So will I be here. What do I know about you? I've never seen you. But if I be a perfect mute, until the Holy Spirit does something for you, and then comes here and speaks the thing through me. That's a gift of God that He promised. It's never been since the last apostle until this time. Search the history, theologians, and historians. Why? Because this is the end of the Gentile age. It'll go by; they'll never recognize it, only the ones who are supposed to.

E-76 Did you know they never knowed Elijah; they never knowed John; he's done gone. Jesus said, "That's the Elijah that was to come. They didn't know Jesus, till He was dead, buried, and rose again. They didn't know Saint Patrick; they call him a Catholic, but he was about as much as I am. They didn't him till after he was dead. Saint Francis of Assisi, a walking preacher with a Bible under his arm, not till after he was dead. Joan of Arc, they said she was a witch and burned her to a stake. Hundred or two years later, found out she was a saint. And 'course, they done penance, dig up the dead bodies and throw them in the river. And today, it's no less. It... God sends it anyhow; goes right over the people. He calls that what He has chosen. It's God in all.

E-77 I'm just waiting; I am perfectly helpless. God may not do it, but let us believe that He will, 'cause I don't know, I--this is something new. May He grant it. I just have to watch. We haven't the pictures, I don't think they're with Gene. None of the... []... pictures is hanging in Washington, D.C. by the FBI, the only Supernatural Being that was ever photographed in all the world, the Pillar of Fire that led the children of Israel.
How many ever seen the picture? Let's see your hands, all over the building, that's never seen that picture? Some of you. We'll have it soon, but not now. We're completely out. It's not mine; it belongs to the American Photographers Association, the Douglas Studios in Houston. They took it...?... that Light when He stood right there 'fore thirty thousand people, and comes right into the meetings. Just believe with all your heart now.

E-78 What a solemn time. What could happen just now, the church in...?... Now, just a moment. Here stands... I see a woman; she's setting back in the audience; she's looking at me now. She's wearing glasses, and got a little feather on the side of her hat. Are you praying for something, sister? The lady, right here, setting next to the man with the white shirt on. Yes. One that just turned and looked at the man with the white shirt on. You, are you praying for something? You wanting God to do something for you? You are. Have... You don't have a prayer card, do you? No. It's the lady behind you, there that I happened to speak to her. I wished... See? It's right over that lady. Look like you could see that Light, the emerald colored Light hanging right there by the lady. That's the Holy Spirit in the form of a Light.
Now, wait, critics, don't you think that isn't the Holy Spirit. What was It called Paul on the road to Damascus?

E-79 If the Lord God will tell me what's your trouble there, would you believe me to be His servant, the lady I'm speaking to there? You will? Well, if you believe God will heal that rupture for you, and make you well? If you do, stand up on your feet. Now, that's the lady that... Yes, that's it, you. You don't have a prayer card, but you were praying, and you have a rupture, or you had one. What did you touch? I've never seen you, never knowed no know about it, but God knows you. He knows your trouble. If that's true, what your trouble was, raise your hand, if that's right. Now, go and be well.
Do you believe He lives? Certainly, He does. He never fails. I challenge any of you to pray.

E-80 Here's a little girl, setting here. Little girl's looking down. Do you believe, little lady, on the Lord Jesus? Do you? Little green dress on, setting there. Yes, that's her. Do you believe the Lord Jesus? Got trouble with your back, haven't you? That's right. You have a prayer card? You don't? Okay, you don't need one. Let me tell you; you're back trouble's gone. That's your daddy setting next to you there. You believe me to be God's prophet? You do? If God will tell me what your trouble, will you believe me as His servant? You have a kidney trouble. If that's right, raise up your hand. All right. You don't have it now.
That's your son, setting there smiling. That's right. You believe? You believe with all your heart? You have trouble with your neck, haven't you? A broken neck. You also had rheumatic fever, didn't you? You don't have it now. Now, do you believe the Lord Jesus? Just have faith and believe.

E-81 I do not know the people. Anybody that's been called, if I don't know you, raise your hands up, the people that has been called, the Holy Spirit's called. Raise up your hands, if I'm strangers to you, ever who was talked to, raise up your hand.
Now, have faith; don't doubt; believe God. If thou canst believe.
Here sets a lady with her head bowed now, gray-headed. Do you believe me to be God's servant, lady? Setting there praying. She's still in prayer. You, you have need of anything from God? You have a strange feeling around you now, a real sweet humble feeling. Is that right? Raise up your hand. All right. That's the Holy Spirit. I don't know you. If that's right, raise your hand way up high. Do you believe the Lord God will answer prayer for you? You got a burden on your heart. That's right. And that burden is for your son. He has cerebral palsy. That is true. Do you believe with all your heart? Then receive what you ask for. If thou canst believe.

E-82 Dr. Barton, was you talking to the woman something? Was she sick? All right, lady, look at me. All right. Look up here. If thou canst believe, all things are possible. She's in prayer for somebody else. Mary, that's her given name. She's praying for a daughter of hers, and that daughter has a mental break. That's what she's praying for. Happened to see you with your hands on her; you're her daughter too. That's right. Do you believe me to be God's servant? I don't know you, do I? If God will reveal to me what you're there for, or something to you, will you believe me as His servant? You suffer with arthritis. You do have. That's right. You're name is Mrs. Picket. That's right. You come from a place called West Hartford. That's right. Your house number is 167 North Main Street, Hartford, Connecticut. That's right. Believe now, and go home well. I challenge you.
This lady, setting next to you, is praying too there. When I said, "Arthritis," to you, she's setting there praying for her mother, who has arthritis. That's right, isn't it, lady? Raise up your hand, if that's right. All right. If you believe me, your mother will get well.

E-83 Can't you believe? Anywhere, just have faith, don't doubt. Somebody over in this section, believe God.
Here. Looky here; there's the Light. See It? There's the Holy Spirit. You say, "Do you see that, Brother Branham?" Only thing I can tell; I see the Light that's science put on paper and said, "Psychology, the camera won't take it." It's hanging over a man right there.
He's got some kind of a little reddish looking sweater on. He's praying for some loved one. And that loved one is a woman. And it's his sister, and she's in a mental institution. That's right. I'm a stranger to you, am I? I am. All right. You believe with all your heart? By the way, that's your wife setting there next to you. She's in trouble too. She has a tumor, and she also has gland trouble. Her name is Ruth Edward. That's true. And you're from Brookfield, Massachusetts, both of you. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD. Go home, you're well now. Amen.

E-84 If thou canst believe. If that isn't the Bible of Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever, I don't know the Scriptures or neither do you. How great Thou art.
Just be reverent now. Something's happened, but I didn't see where it was. Do you believe Him with all of your heart? Oh, He is so real, friends. How many, with all your heart, believe that our Lord Jesus...? Now, you know that had to come through a Supernatural Power. I have no way of doing it. It's God; it's your own faith; you're doing it. That's you doing it; you're believing it. I could not say a thing, unless you are touching His garment.

E-85 Here a few weeks ago, in Chicago, there was a colored lady setting out... This is on record, authentic, and she was praying for a loved one, down somewhere in Arkansas. And I said to her, "You've got a sclerosis of the liver, but you're praying for your sister, that's a maniac in an institution in Little Rock, Arkansas."
She said, "That's true, sir."
I said, "She's in a padded cell."
Said, "That's right."
"But," I said, "she's delivered, for she's just now come to herself."
And the next morning the ladies come in and let her out, give her a dismiss. And the following night she flew to--to--to Chicago, and had her dismissing card, and stood and testified, the following night. Certainly. That happens all the time. If thou canst believe. He's the same Jesus. Oh, how wonderful.

E-86 The lady setting here playing--or praying, her head's bowed. She's setting right before me; she's got some flowers on her hat. Miss Rush, you I'm speaking to, if you'll just raise up your head a minute. That's you. Do you believe me to be His prophet or His servant? Yes. You believe with all your heart? You believe the Lord God can give you the things you desire? Well, God bless you. You were praying then, for it. Certainly, you were. You're trouble's in your throat. You got trouble in your throat, in your bowels, and in your spine. That's right. Correctly. You're not from this city; you're from Newport, Rhode Island. That's exactly right. Now, go back home; you're well. Jesus Christ makes you well.
Do you all believe with all your hearts? Raise up your hands and say, "I now believe, as the queen of Sheba, as she seen the gift of God work in Solomon; it settles it with me." All right. The Lord bless you.

E-87 Now, I'm going to ask you to do something for every one of you to be healed. This going on, it makes me weak, you see it, look at the perspiration from my hands and all, and now the whole crowd's just becoming like this. You're believing. How can you... If God has give me favor in your sight, believe me now, as His servant. I've told you from the Word, and He's confirmed that I tell the truth. And if I tell the truth on one thing, I tell it now. You're every one already healed, and been healed for nineteen hundred years. The Presence of Christ confirms the Word, and your every one healed. Do you believe it? If you do, the Bible said, "These signs shall follow them that believe. They shall lay their hands on the sick, and they shall recover." Lay your hands on one another and let's pray. I don't care what your trouble is; let's believe God.

E-88 Heavenly Father, we bring to You this audience, and we snatch them right out of the hand of the devil. Satan, you are--you are defeated, and the Holy Ghost has exposed you, and declared that in this generation, of the wickedness of this nation, yet there is people, who's gathered here tonight, who believed on the Lord God. And they have seen His Presence, knowing that It could not be a man do that, that it is--it's a vindicated this Bible and the resurrection.
O Lord God, I pray that You'll send the shower of the Holy Spirit and power over this audience, that'll shake every one of them to their senses to realize that the great Holy Ghost is here and has made them well. Grant it, Lord.
Satan, I defeat you through Blood of the Lord Jesus, and His stripes carried His sufferings at Calvary. You are defeated, Satan, come out in the Name of the Lord God and the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

E-89 All of you that believes that you're healed by the power of God, stand up on your feet and give God praise. Don't be afraid. If you accept it, stand up.
Give us a chord, "I Will Praise Him,"...?... Oh, isn't that wonderful? What about in the wheelchair? Are you afraid? Don't be scared. All right..?...
[Congregation sings, "I Will Praise Him."--Ed.] That's right...?... Every...?... Give...
Now, get out all that starchy feeling, break yourself loose, and raise your hands to the great Creator, Who stands present to judge us, and sing it with all that's in you. Sing it. [Congregation sings, "I Will Praise Him."--Ed.]...?... and give Him praise...?... Praise...