La Colonne de Feu

Date: 53-0509 | La durée est de: 1 heure 36 minutes | La traduction: SHP
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E-1 Stand by your church. And so then--then Monday night be back with us again. Bring your pastors along and tell them to come down. We're going to teach a little bit out of the Book of Genesis or Exodus, one, the Lord willing for a couple of nights.
 Then Wednesday night we have a healing service again and then on Thursday night we begin at, down in Shreveport, Louisiana. And Sunday night we be at the, as far as I know now, at the Municipal Auditorium there at Shreveport. Then we go from there home, then up into Indiana to where we got a meeting there where forty-three Full Gospel churches in the district are sponsoring the meeting. And as far as I know, the next meeting then will be Johannesburg, South Africa. So I'm depending on you praying for me.

E-2 Many times, friends, when the storms is going hard and trials besetting on every hand, I would think back about Arkansas and down in here, and the Christians who raised their hand on that night when you sing that song to me when I was leaving, pledging that you'd pray for me while I was gone. I--I was believing you were praying. God never failed to answer your prayers, for He stood with me when the heat was on, the battles are going hard, all kinds of things we had to combat.
 Maybe you wouldn't understand just exactly. There's no need of trying to explain these things. They're inexplainable. God Himself is the only One Who knows. You might think that life is just a flower bed of ease. But if you only knew the battle and the trials and the things that accompanies this, you'd wonder.

E-3 You know most all prophets, poets are considered neurotics. You knew that. I believe it was Stephen Foster, brother, was considered one of the best... Well, he gave America some of it's best folk songs. How many ever heard Stephen Foster's songs? Sure many of you: The Old Folks at Home," "Suwannee River," and "Old Kentucky Home."
 Not long ago I was standing at the old Kentucky home. It's just a little piece from where I live now. And I was looking at his picture there, of how the seraphims was supposed to of touched him to give him inspiration. I thought, "Mr. Foster, you had it in the head, not in the heart." When he would... He would go out; he'd catch inspiration to write a song. And after he got through writing a song, he'd get on a drunk. And finally when he left the inspiration of writing a song, he called a servant and got a razor and committed suicide: Stephen Foster.

E-4 Not long ago I was standing by William Cowper's grave in London, England, considered a neurotic. He wrote that famous song that I've used all my life nearly in Communion song:
There is a fountain filled with blood,
Drawn from Emmanuel's veins,
When sinners plunged beneath the flood,
Lose all their guilty stains.
 And after he wrote that song, he went up into an inspiration, as always do, and when he come out of that inspiration, he tried to Seine river to drowned himself, commit suicide. He was considered a little bit off, a little upset.
 This famous song that they just sung: "O love of God, how rich and pure." You know where the last verse of that was found? Tacked on a wall of an insane institution. Did you know that? That's right. It was tacked on an insane institution, in the walls. People don't realize what it means.

E-5 Well, you say, "That's songwriters. How about prophets?" Jonah, when he went down on his road, and God give him inspiration and give him an oxygen supply to keep him alive three days and nights in the belly of a whale... And when he come out at Nineveh, after being kept alive for three days and nights, he preached with such force. He give his prophecy to a city the size of St. Louis, Missouri: repented. They even put sackcloth on their animals.
 And then after the inspiration left him, he set under a tree and prayed, a little gourd to be cut down, and prayed God to take his life. That right? See, he went up into inspiration. You don't understand, friend. And when he come down...

E-6 Someone made a mention. One time when I went out the building, I collapsed 'fore I got off the platform. You say, "Well, that's nonsense. The man ought to walk out..." Oh, if he only knew. If you only knew. You say, "Oh, Brother Branham, if God give me visions..." You don't know what you're asking about, friend. You don't understand.
 Daniel the prophet, he seen one vision and said he was troubled at his head for many days. You're in another world. You become a guinea pig. You're a sacrifice for mankind. It's kinda hard when they won't believe the Message, but it's been through the age. We've always had unbelievers. We have to com--combat that always.

E-7 Look at Elijah the prophet. Elijah was one of the major prophets. That man went up and stood on the mountain and commanded that fire come from heaven and burn up the sacrifice, and it did it. He called rain down out of the heaven, where it hadn't rained for three years and six months. Is that right?
 And then when the inspiration left him, he wandered in the wilderness for forty days, don't know where he was at. And God found him pulled back in a cave somewhere. Is that right? And run from a woman who threatened his life, after he killed four hundred priests hisself that day with a sword, chopped their heads off, Elijah the prophet. Is that right?
 He stood there before all the nations and dared them to defy God, and made fun of all them priests and prophets while... of Balaam when they was prophesying, cutting themselves and so forth. He said, "Call a little louder. Maybe he's pursuing."
 And when the inspiration was on him, he--he just defied everything that was ungodly. And then when the inspiration left him, run from the threat of one woman, and run out into the wilderness; and God fed him, and woke him up and fed him again. And the man was unconscious, as far as I know, wandering around the wilderness for forty days and nights, and God found him back in a cave. Is that right?
 So you see, you don't understand, friend. Men pray for things that they don't know what they're praying for. Besides gifts and callings are without repentance.

E-8 But I believe that we're living in the days just before the coming of the Lord. Now, if it's fanaticism to believe that, then I am a fanatic. But I... Friends, I know this, that I believe that God is fixing to do a real hurrying work.

E-9 The whole world, did you ever see the like of nervousness? Just to let me tell you, even, every night when I've been here, and I watch the audience. Now, each one, I want every man and woman to be sincere with me. Feeling the pressure when nervous people come to this platform, there's a least, right now in this building, eighty percent of what's setting here is nervous, afflicted with nervous trouble. That's exactly right.
 You be sincere with me. Every man and woman, boy or girl in here that has any nervous trouble raise your hands. Raise your hand. What'd I tell you? What's the matter? The Bible said, men's heart failing, more heart troubles, number one disease. Is that right? And fear, sights upon the earth, perplexed of time, distress between the nations; sea roaring, big tidal waves washing away parts of cities and breaking upon the shores, just before the coming.
 It is get... It's setting a stage for the greatest drama that was ever acted out in all ages, the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Could you imagine seeing a little lamb out in the field feeding; he becomes nervous. Why is he nervous? He can't see nothing, but back in behind the rushes yonder there's something that's moving. It's a lion, crouching, getting ready to spring on. That's what the nervousness is about.

E-10 The end is here. I don't know when; no one else does. Who says, "He does." He--he doesn't know. For Jesus said even Himself didn't know. But we know that when these things begin to come to pass, He said, "Lift up our head, redemption's drawing nigh."
 Now, we're at the end of the age, and I do not want to try to misrepresent anything. I've never been guilty of that. I've always tried to be honest and true and just as I... true as I could be, first with God. And if I'm true with God, I will be true with His children. And I realize, as I serve His people, I'm serving God. Jesus said, "Insomuch you done it to least of these My little ones, you've done it to Me."
 But I--I say tonight, friends, the reason that I'm... God has let me by His grace be numbered with you, is because of something He has sent to you. Now, I want you to receive it.

E-11 Now, I believe that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. And I believe that in the beginning God made man in His own image, and God is a Spirit. And God made man spirit-man. Then He made him in the dust of the earth. Now, I believe that man in the beginning, well, led the animals of the earth like the Holy Spirit ought to be leaving the--leading the Church today.
 There was no man to till the soul, so then He put him in five senses. Them five senses was not to contact God. That was see, taste, feel, smell, and hear. They were to contact his earthly home. But by his spirit he contacts God.
 Man lost his origin and he... back there, and fell from grace. And when he did, then God came down and was made in the image of man, to redeem man back to God. And God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself. And the God of the Old Testament, Jesus Christ of the New, and the Holy Spirit of this day is the same Jehovah God living down through the age. See?

E-12 Now, in the days that He led Israel through the wilderness... I want to read some Scripture. I want you to notice closely: God commissioning Moses to send him, now. Over in Exodus the 23rd chapter and the 20th verse. Listen closely now.
Behold, I send an Angel before thee, to keep thee in the way, and to bring thee into the place which I have prepared. (Watch who this Angel is.)
Beware of him, and obey his voice, and provoke him not; for he will not pardon your transgressions: for my name is in him.
But if thou will indeed obey his voice, and do all that I have speak; then I will be an enemy to thy enemies, and an adversary to thy adversaries.
For mine Angel shall go before thee.
 Let's see what the Angel looked like. In the 13th chapter of Exodus we read this in the 21st and 22nd verse:
And the Lord went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them by a pillar, a cloud in--in the way;... by night by a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by... night:
He took not away the pillar of the cloud by day, neither the pillar of fire by night, from before the people.

E-13 That's God's Word. Now, what was the Angel? Was the Angel of the covenant. And He led... And all the old things was a type of the new things to come. You believe that? Scripture says so, being a shadow, Hebrews.
 Now, as God led the Church in the natural in that day, He's leading the Church in the spiritual in this day. Do you believe it? They were the people of God until they were called out of Egypt, and then they become the church of God; for the word "church" means "called out." They were called out of Egypt, and we're called out of the world, a peculiar people to serve God.
 And the same Angel, if Jesus is the same, the same Angel, the Angel of the covenant was Jesus Christ; for the Bible said that Moses esteemed the riches of Christ greater than the treasures of Egypt. So he forsook Egypt, leaving all to follow and serve Christ. Christ is the Logos, of course, the One that went out of God in the beginning, which was the Pillar...

E-14 Would you like to hear what I think about how God become...? Would you take a little trip with me for a few minutes? Have I got time? Now, be reverent just a minute. Let me get this straightened out for you.
 Let's take a little trip in a little space now, a mental vision, and go back a hundred million years before there was even a star in the sky, by your mind. It was--it was God. He's always been God. And then, we're setting on--standing here watching creation come into existence. There's not a star; there's not nothing.
 And then let's notice. Out yonder I see now all that space, that all is God, without form, forever, for eternities, no beginning, no ending. It's all God. Before there was even air there was God. The very beginning of nature of creation was God.

E-15 And now, the Bible teaches us that the Logos went out of God, or I might say, all of the--the God becoming His first body form when the Logos went out of God. Let's look what It looked like. No one has seen the Father at any time, nowhere, never did and never will.
 But then the Logos that went out of Him become like a little halo of Light. Let's see it playing yonder, like a child before the doorstep of the father. And now, I can see Him as He moves over here, and He draws into His--His memory or His mind a picture of what the world should be. Now, there's not a star or nothing.
 I hear Him say, "Let there be." And an atom broke yonder. And when it did, the sun came into existence and begin to whirl. She burned for millions of years and millions and millions of years. After while, I see a clinker fly off of it. [Brother Branham makes a noise--Ed.] What is it? The first star that flew from the sun. He watches it fall for a few million years and He stops it. Then another one flies off and He lets it fall a few million years and stops it. What's He doing? Writing His first Bible, the Zodiac.

E-16 God's wrote three Bibles: one, the Zodiac, one in the pyramids, one on paper. Now, He's writing His first, the Zodiac. It starts off with a virgin, ends up with Leo the lion: Jesus' first coming and His second coming. If we had time to run down through it, you'd see it.
 But He writes that because He... Man is to look up. God is above. And then after He gets all of every... all the heavenly, the solar system written out, then I see Him move over here, and over a clinker was this world. It was nothing but a iceberg hanging out of it. He moves it over around the sun. And as he begins to revolve it around, He melts all the water, the ice on it. The icebergs come flying down through. Texas is formed, Louisiana and down through there, where it's scraped off, as chronologists tell us that the icebergs went on into the Gulf and so forth.

E-17 Now, the world's without form and void, and water was upon the deep. We're in Genesis 1 now. See? Then He made all the plant life. Then after while, He made man in His own image. And if He made man in His own image, He had to make Him something on a order of that supernatural Being. That's right.
 Then there was no man to till the soil, Genesis 2. Then He made man out of the dust of the earth, not in His image, but out of the dust of the earth. He might give him a hand like a monkey and a foot like a bear. I don't know what He give him. But he put him in five senses to contact his earthly home.

E-18 And then He made a--a wife for him. And man fell. I have my idea of what it was. You can have yours. But--but he fell, anyhow, from grace. And instead of--of Adam running up-and-down the garden hollering, "God, God, our Father, Father, where are you?" Adam was hiding and God was hollering, "Adam, Adam, where art thou?" That's still the same nature of man--hide, get away from God.
 And he tried to make hisself a covering out of fig leaves. Man today tries to make hisself a religion, always trying to do something to save hisself. You couldn't do one thing to save yourself. You're just as hopeless as you can be. That's right. God has to save you.
 Jesus said, "No man can come to Me except the Father draws him." And you can't be a daughter unless God has foreordained you to be so. "And when he comes, I will in no wise cast him out. I will give him Everlasting Life, raise him up at the last days."

E-19 The biggest trouble there is in the church today is a bunch of fear. People's always scared, and that's of the devil. Don't be scared. Be brave. You don't have nothing to be... There ain't nothing to be afraid about. We'll get into that this coming week, see, in there and we'll bring God on down and see what He was.
 So you can see when man marred hisself, he sinned. And then the only way it was, is for God to be manifested here on earth in a body of flesh to take away the sin out of that man and bring him back in fellowship with God, makes him a son of God again. It's the only way he can be.

E-20 Now, when He brought the children of Israel out of the wilderness, out into the wilderness, He led them by a Pillar of Fire. Is that right? The Bible said He did, and He went before them. That was the Anointing, the Holy Spirit, Christ, that went before the children of Israel.
 Well, if He's the same as He was then, He's the same Man, the same Person; He's everything that He was then, He--He is now. And as He led the Church then in the natural, He's leading the Church today in the spiritual. Is that right? Do you believe that we're in the wilderness? We are. Are we on a road to the promised land?
 Now, the... When they got over into Canaan, did not represent Heaven. They had wars in Canaan and so forth. It represented the Millennium. See? So we're going into that. And we're on our road now to the Millennium. I believe it. And I believe the same Jesus Christ that led back there, leads today. He's in a spiritual form. "I came from God; I go to God. A little while and the world seeth Me no more, yet ye shall see Me, for I will be with you even in you to the end of the world." Is that right? "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever." Now, then if He is, then He's going to make Hisself manifested and known.

E-21 Now, sometime ago, coming through here... Now, all of you know the story. Now, please, dear Christian friends, God, Who is my sovereign Judge, with this Bible over my heart, knowed I... may have to stand before Him in Judgment before morning. See. I only say this in a humble way that you might thoroughly understand, that we're... the Church, the people is not trying to deceive anybody. We know what the truth is and we're trying to get it to you. The only thing will rob you from it is the devil. See? That's all. Now, just to confirm your faith, I want to use this for proof, to show you that it's the truth.

E-22 Now, God leading His Church today... Now, on the road. Now, when I come out when I was a little bitty boy, my mother told me when I was about three minutes old... borned in a family which did not go to church, formally back behind that was Catholic. But they never went to church.
 That morning up there in the mountains when they opened up the cabin door, little old door... It wasn't a window; it was a little door you push out. It didn't have any glass in it, pushed it out. A Light, about so big around, come whirling in and went down on the bed where mother was holding me in her arms.

E-23 That's unadulterated; that's without unmerited grace; that was God. See? Nothing that you can do or nothing I can do. That's God's plan. It's got to be just what He said. See? He's determined. If you notice, gifts and callings is without repentance. You believe that?
 Here... Jesus Christ was the woman's seed from the Garden of Eden, that was promised. You believe that? It was. "Thy seed shall bruise the serpent..."
 Moses, he couldn't help because he was Moses. He was born Moses. Is that right? John the Baptist, seven hundred and twelve years before he was born, he was the voice of one crying in the wilderness by Isaiah the prophet. Is that right? Jeremiah, God told Jeremiah, said, "Before you was born, I knew you and sanctified you and ordained you a prophet over the nations, before you even come from your mother's womb. Who taking thought could add one cubit to His statue?" See? You have to go on back and say it's the sovereign grace of God.

E-24 Now, notice. Then when a little bitty fellow, then the Holy Spirit spoke and said, "Don't never smoke, chew, or drink, defile your body in any way. There's a work for you to do when you get older."
 And then, many times and down through life, I'd try to tell people with the sincerity of my heart and they would misunderstand it. They'd called it everything in the world.
 Well, one night up yonder in Green's Mill, Indiana, to a cave where I was at in a place, the Angel of the Lord appeared and said, "You're to go pray for sick people." And told me what would take place. He said, "Do not fear. I will be with you." I took off, and come through the country, and down through Jonesboro, telling what He said was and what would come to pass. And it's been that way and proved now plumb around the world.

E-25 And He... When I was--I was a young Baptist preacher baptizing my first converts, five hundred of them down on the river, my first revival... I had about three thousand attend at the revival. And my education was so poor, till my girlfriend read the Bible while I preached. That's right. It's not much better tonight. But God's not known by education. God's known by faith. God's not known by knowledge.
 There was two trees in the garden of Eden. One of them was the tree of knowledge, the other one the Tree of Life. Man left the Tree of Life to eat the Tree of Knowledge, and he's separating hisself from God. And ever since then, by knowledge, he's drove hisself away from God. God's not known by knowledge; He's known by faith. That's right.

E-26 Now, I want you to notice. Then, coming along, I was in Texas. And there was a man by the name of Mr. Best, Dr. Best. I was having a nice revival. About eight thousand people attended. And Dr. Best put a piece in the paper and said, "That religious fanatic, William Branham, imposing hisself as a man of God, ought to be run out of this city and I ought to be the guy to do it."
 Well, Brother Bosworth come to me, one of the managers, and said, "Looky here, Brother Branham." And he dared me and challenged me and everything, to debate the subject. Well, I wasn't going to fuss with him. I don't believe in fussing. God sent me to pray for the sick, to preach the Gospel. There's thousands that will believe it. Why spend it with one fanatic who don't believe it? That's right. Let him alone. They say they be blind leaders of the blind. Let them go on. See?

E-27 Some men was foreordained to that condemnation. The Bible said so--can't be saved, blinded from the beginning, born to be blind. We'll get that this next week. That didn't go very good, but I will prove to you by the Scriptures; it's the truth. And they'll absolutely be religious teachers, fundamental as they can be. That's exactly right. But never know no more about God than a Hottentot would know about a Egyptian knight.
 Now... But they know all the fundamentals, the key notes and everything, but know nothing about God: "Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof," Divine healing, and Power of the Holy Spirit, and everything. Church, you got something but you just don't know what to do with it. That's all. It's true.

E-28 Now, notice this. And then Brother... Second day he said, "It shows that... what kind of a something they're made out of, paid ad in the paper, showed what they're made out of. They're afraid to--to examine their Divine healing by the Light of the Word of God."
 So then, Mr. Bosworth come, said, "Brother Branham, for our prestige before the people you've got to take it up."
 I said, "Brother Bosworth, there's about eight thousand people there. There's about seven thousand of them to be prayed for." I said, "I got two more days to stay here in Houston. Why fool with that crank when we can go over here and be praying for the sick people?" I said, "I don't fool with it."
 He said, "Brother Branham, let me do it."
 And I thought, "Seventy-five years old." I thought of Caleb, when he said, "I'm eighty today, and I'm just as good a man as I was when Joshua put the sword in my hand." I--I admired the old man.
 I said, "Well, Brother Bosworth, I admire you, brother."
 He said, "That man hasn't got one leg to stand on or one Scripture." He said, "Let me prove it to him."
 And I said, "If you promise me that you won't fuss."
 He said, "I promise you, I won't fuss."
 I said, "All right."

E-29 So then he goes down. They wouldn't let the reporters stay in the Rice Hotel. They wouldn't let the reporters come to the door. So he went down and seen the reporters. He said, "Brother Branham won't fuss with them." I said... But he said, "I will--I will stand it."
 So then, of course, the "Houston Chronicle," great big headlines: "Ecclesiastical Fur Will Fly," you know. So that just set the debate. And that's where it comes to show to me that all you Pentecostal groups of people who fuss about your little doctrines and things, some of these days that'll be shook out of you. That's right. You're one big Church, brother. That's right. Your little points don't mean nothing in the sight of God. You're one big Church of God.

E-30 Notice. Then they didn't care whether they was riding a one humped camel, or two humped camel, or a three humped camel, or the fourth rain, fifth rain, latter rain, middle rain, or what rain it was. They were one thing. They believed in Divine healing, and they all run together in that big coliseum, about thirty-thousand packed out. They come in airplanes from everywhere and everything, drove in, and taken all night, at a time. What was it? The thing that their Lord had taught was at stake and they was ready to stand their grounds.
 There it was. It went on the associated press. And people flew in from way in the east and way in the west and everywhere. They packed that big coliseum out.

E-31 And that night my brother said, "Now, you're not going down."
 I said, "I know it. I don't want to go down there." So, Sire Ramsar was leading the singing. But when it come time to go, Something just told me to go down there anyhow. So I took my coat and pulled it up over my shoulders like this, over my head; went down, wife and I, and we went way up. I went up in balcony thirty, if you've ever been in the San Houston coliseum. I was way up like this. Nobody knowed I was up there but the two police that took me up, my wife and my--my brother. And we were sitting up there.

E-32 And Mr. Bosworth... and they had all the ministers lined up. And so, Mr. Ramsar was leading the singing. He said, "Well, next is the main event of the evening." He said, "I understand, I seen in the paper around here where that a certain fellow wanted to run William Branham out of the city." He said, "I think if you people of Houston will take more time running bootleggers out of the city you would man of God, your city would be better off." And there was a scream went all over the whole building; I knowed Mr. Best was gone. So, I just set there.
 Dr. Bosworth got to the platform. They made him get up first. He said, "Mr. Best, I have six hundred Bible questions setting here, wrote out on this piece of paper, that proves that Christ's present attitude towards the sick is just the same as it was in the beginning, when He was here on earth." Said, "If you can take any one of the six hundred and disprove it by the Word of God, I will walk off the platform." Six hundred.
 And said, "If you can give me one Scripture in the whole Bible that says that His--His--His attitude towards the sick isn't just the same today, then I will walk off the platform." That's pretty gallant. So he hand it over.

E-33 Mr. Best said, "I will take care of that when I get up there."
 And he said, "Well," he said, "just show me, just show me one Scripture." And--and so he wouldn't do it. He said, "Well, then Brother Best, I'm going to ask you one question." And here's what he asked him. He said, "Was the redemptive Names of Jehovah applied to Jesus? Yes or no. Answer that yes or no and I will walk off the platform." Mr. Best wouldn't answer him, 'cause he couldn't. "Was the redemptive Names of Jehovah applied to Jesus? Yes or no."
 If He was Jehovah--if He was Jehovah-jireh... If He wasn't Jehovah-jireh, then He's not God's provided sacrifice and He wasn't the Son of God. And if He was Jehovah-jireh, He's also Jehovah-rapha, the Healer, the same yesterday, today, and forever. That settled it. That'd settle it forever.

E-34 He just slobbered at the mouth, and got up and walked up and down the platform four or five times, and slapped a preacher in the mouth, start a little fuss. So when he did, he said, "Bring forth that Divine healer." Said, "Let me see him heal somebody."
 And Mr. Bosworth said, "Shame on you, Mr. Best."
 Said, "If Brother Branham preaching Divine healing makes him a Divine healer, if you preach salvation makes you a Divine saviour." Said, "You wouldn't want to be called a Divine saviour." Said, "And you're not." Said, "But he never a Divine healer because he preaches Divine healing." Said, "Christ is the Healer and Christ is the Saviour. We only point it by the Word, and that's what you and I are here tonight, to find out whether it's in the Word or not." Says, "Then I want you to show me that it's not in the Word."

E-35 He just thought we was a bunch of holy-rollers or fanatics, but he found out we're not lost in the fog. We know where we're going.
 So then, he walked up and down the floor. And Raymond Richey said... asked the moderator, "Can I have a word?" He said, "I happened to see about a dozen Baptist ministers setting there." He said, "And I know the president of--of the--of the conference of the--of the... not conference, but what... convention is setting here, called him by name." He said, "Is this the attitude of the Southern Baptist Convention towards Divine healing?" So they wouldn't answer them.
 So he said, "Did Mr. Best come here on his own or did this Southern Baptist Convention send him here?" Said, "I..." And the moderator told him to set down. He said, "Sir, you give me the floor, and I'm asking a question that hasn't been answered." So he held his ground. And he said, "Well..."

E-36 They said, "We didn't send him there." Mr. Best come on his own. He knowed better, thirty thousand people setting there. See? So he said, "No, they didn't." Mr. Best said he come on his own. All right. That was okay then.
 He said, "I just wanted to know." So he set down.
 So then, Mr. Best jumped up and said, "Let me see that Divine healer."
 Mr. Bosworth said, "Why, he isn't a Divine healer." Said, "His--his books are translated about seventeen different languages. Never has he said he was a Divine healer. He just prays for the sick. Christ is the Healer."
 He said, "Well, you got signs up, miracles every night."
 And Brother Bosworth said, "Sure. Because a miracle is something that cannot be figured out by human mind." And said, "In the supernatural realm," said, "he's got... has a gift that knows and foretells, and tells us things even weeks and months and so forth ahead." And said, "It never fails to be just that way." Said, "That is a miracle." Well, he couldn't say nothing about that.
 Said, "According to Mr. Webster... If you want to discuss about it, fuss with him.

E-37 So then he said, "Bring him forth and let me see him perform a miracle, and let me see it last a year." Said, "You're just worked up in your mind." Said, "Nothing but a bunch of holy-rollers like... that are around here," said, "Only thing that believes in Divine healing." Said, "True Baptists don't believe it."
 He said, "I beg your pardon. Brother Branham happens to have a membership card in his pocket right now. He belongs to the Missionary Baptist Church." (A Baptist church is sovereign. Whatever your congregation will stand for your preaching, that's all right with the con... with the convention.)
 So, he said... "Well," he said, "that's just a bunch of backsliders, and so forth, is the only ones that believe that." Said, "A bunch of holy-rollers." Said, "True Baptists don't believe it."

E-38 Mr. Bosworth said, "Just a moment." He said, "How many in this audience that's got membership in these Baptist churches and good fellowship with the church, good standing, that's been healed these last ten days since Brother Branham's been here, could stand and testify, and show you by your doctor, and everything, that you are well willing to go before a doctor to show that you're healed. How many in here has been healed in Brother Branham's meeting that's members of these churches, of these men that's setting here, stand to your feet." And three hundred stood up. Said, "What about that?"
 He said, "Anybody can testify of anything; that still don't make it wrong." He started off the platform. Said, "Bring me that Divine healer here and let me see him." Just kept saying that, just aw...
 He had just told that day; he said, "I'm going to take that old man and I'm going to skin him, and take his skin and rub salt in it and put it on my study door for a commemoration of Divine healing." Could you imagine a brother saying that about another one? Go to show where it comes from. See? A man saying that about skinning that brother. Well, that's all right.

E-39 Notice, he's just out of a cemetery or, well, sem... That's right. Seminary. All right. Anyhow, he knowed all the angles, knowed nothing about God. And then--then when he did that... He hired the Douglas Studios of Houston, Texas, which is a member of the American Bible, or the American Photographer Association, to come over and take six glossies of him while he skinned the old man, so he could put it in the... So, the man that was going to take the pictures was a critic, too. So he got out there and posed like this, with his finger sticking in Brother Bosworth's face, "And now get my picture like this." Brother Bosworth just stood there.
 He stuck his finger in his face, said... Then he posed again like this, you know, and put his finger in his face like that, how he was skinning him. Well, the photographer took his pictures and all. When he all... got down and everything like that, there stood the "Look," "Life,' and "Times," and the--the magazines and the reporters all standing there, around there.

E-40 So just then, when the meeting was fixing to end, he said, "Now, look." He said, "I know this." He said that Brother Branham is in the building. He said, "If he wants to come and dismiss the audience, all right. But I won't expose him if he doesn't."
 And my brother said, "Now, you set still." I said, "I'm sitting still, ain't I?" So I just sitting there.
 And he said, "Now, if he doesn't want to," said, "I know he's in the building, but if he wants to come..."
 And I was setting there. I thought, "Well, I'm setting still." And the police looked over to me, setting. I just set there and I heard something going whirr, whirr, whirr. [Brother Branham makes a blowing sound--Ed.] I--I knowed I couldn't set still. Something just said, "Stand up." It said again, "Stand up." I stood up.
 Howard said, "Set down."
 My wife said, "Don't Howard. Look." It changes my expression. Said, "Don't."

E-41 And the people looked up that way, begin screaming and crying. About three or four hundred ushers throwed their hands together to make a line, for the poor people that was trying to touch my clothes. Coming down along that banister, down through this way, walked up to the platform.
 I said, "I'm sorry that these things has to happen. And don't no one feel hard at Mr. Best." I said, "Truly he's got a right to his ideas the same as I have mine. That's why the boys are fighting in Korea." I said, "For the American freedom of speech." I said, "I don't believe he's sincere as he said he was, 'cause he told these people he felt sorry for them, and there sits some of their kind and these... The doctors has done all they can do for these people; they're going to die in a few days; and there they are, some of them setting here last week is back there well today. And now he's trying to rob them from the only hope that they have of ever being well, and then saying, he'd be sincere. I just can't believe that."

E-42 But I said, "However, I only testify of the truth. I am not a healer." And I said, "I tell the truth. And if I tell the truth, God will testify of the truth. He never will testify of a lie." I said, "God will always stand by the truth. And if I say... If I tell the truth, then God will..."
 And about that time something went whhhirrrr. [Brother Branham makes a blowing sound--Ed.] Here come the Angel of the Lord, coming down through the building, moving down. Silence went over the audience. The photographer wasn't supposed to take any pictures, but a regular...?... true to form he run out and shot the picture. I said, "The Lord has spoken. I will have no more to say." Walked out of the building, police take me on. I got in the car and went up.

E-43 Mr. Kipperman, studio, they went home, taking their pictures home, went down to the studio, the Douglas Studios. So they went down there to--to develop pictures. And this one of them was a Catholic, and he said, "You know, maybe I..." And the day... paper before, oh, my, he said I was a hypnotizer and everything, Mr. Ayers. And he said, "You know, I might be wrong." Said, "That boy's back parents were Catholic. That might be a Divine gift. If it is, that boy's headed for the Catholic church." He said... 'Course they believe all gifts come to the church, but, you know.
 So then he said, "Maybe I--I've misjudged the boy." And he went home and he... Mr. Kipperman went upstairs in the studio, and Mr. Ayers put the pictures in to be developed. He said, "Mr. Best will want these pictures tomorrow, so we'll just put them in the acid and get the proofs for him, for tomorrow." So he put them in there, and he set there and smoked a cigarette; he was thinking about it.

E-44 When he went... Mr. Kipperman come down, and when he went to take in the dark room to get the pictures out, the first one he took, Mr. Best, blank; second one, blank; third, blank; fourth, fifth, sixth, every one of them blank. Not a one of them with his poses with his finger in that saintly old man's face, Mr. Bosworth, not a one of them. And when he pulled the next one out, he had a heart attack. There was the Angel of the Lord on the picture. They called for me; and I couldn't come to him.
 Immediately at eleven o'clock they rushed it away to--to Washington D.C. for copyright, brought it back and sent to--to over to--to California for George J. Lacy. If anybody knows anything about photography, know George J. Lacy is the head of the FBI fingerprint and so forth, best there is in the world. He had it three days in the Shell Building. On the third day he said--said he'd show it to us, and he'd give his... what he thought it was. They went to the room; they done everything. They took the camera, the negative, and everything. He put it under all kind of lights.

E-45 He come out. He's kinda red-headed fellow, very hard-boiled. He walked out. Said, "Who's name's Branham?" There was just about as many setting as there is right in this middle aisle here. I was back towards the back. I said, "Mine."
 Said, "Stand up." I stood up. He said, "Mr. Branham," said, "you're going to pass out of this life like all mortals."
 I said, "I'm aware of that, sir, but I thank God that Jesus Christ has taken my place in death."
 He said, "Come forward." And I walked up. He said, "Rev. Branham, I've heard of your meetings and I said it was psychology, that the people imagined they saw that Light." Said, "I've said the same things." But said, "My mother was an old Christian woman." He said, "But let me tell you, Rev. Branham, that mechanical eye of that camera will not take psychology." He said, "It's a genuine supernatural Being, and the only time in all the world's history that a picture like that was ever taken." He said, "The old hypocrite can never say no more that there's no such a thing as scientific proof of the supernatural Being, for this has been took through every test there is." And said, "I submit it to you."

E-46 And he give it to me, and I give it over to the American Photographer Association, and they fixed it so it couldn't be sold for too much. He said, "Rev. Branham, before you leave..." Everybody was crying. He said, "Before you leave, someday when you pass away from this life," he said, "that picture will be on ten cent store shelves and things." He said, "Because it's the only thing that we've ever had our hands on that we could prove that was a actual supernatural Being." Said, "Around the Saviour, the saints, they painted lights." He said, "And they'd say that was psychology, the unbeliever." But said, "I believe it was there." Said, "This is not psychology. The mechanical eye of that camera didn't take it that way and I..." He said, "For... I'd say for the sacredness of the picture, I will write you a little statement and give my statement concerning it." And I submitted it to them and here's the picture.
 It's a milling Fire about so big around. Now you... I want you after the service is over, come up here and look at it. I wish... I have a bunch of them. If you'll just write to my office up home, I think they give about fifty cents apiece for them. They'll send it to you with his writing on it, whatever it is.

E-47 Now, it's not nothing in them... We don't... Nothing in the picture, 'cause if Jesus Christ thought enough of me to come down and have His picture taken beside of me for the first time in all the world's history, I love Him too much to commercialize His picture. You know that. That's right. See?
 Now, there it is. I just borrowed this one from Mr. Shebley and them, the Reverend here and--and I give it to him the other day, and I want you to see it. Look at It, It's a milling Fire. Now, what is that? A Pillar of Fire led the children of Israel. And the same Pillar of Fire was among those people is among this people now: Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. Is that right?

E-48 And when Christ was here on earth, He didn't claim to heal people. He knowed the secrets of their hearts and so forth. Is that right? And He's doing the same work right here at Jonesboro, Arkansas, right in this little group of people that He did back there. There it is, the same God of the Old Testament is the same God of the New Testament. Jesus Christ that led the children of Israel is leading the Pentecostal church. There it is, the proof of it, scientifically, and by signs and wonders.
 Oh, why do you fear anymore? Why do you wonder? Rise and be healed. Believe on the Lord. Don't be smothered down. Satan will keep blinders before you as long as he can. Don't set asleep, friends. The greatest thing in all the world is right here with us in this latter day. Here It is proved by signs and wonders; here It is proved by scientific. And if I die tonight, my testimony rings clear through the scientific world and through this Christian world tonight that I've told the truth by God's Word. That's right.

E-49 Thousands times thousands and tens of thousands, and yes, millions of saints have stood. That Angel come here on the platform last night and stood right here, and a woman in this audience seen Him come in before I even mentioned it. And He's not ten foot from this platform right now, the same Angel of God. That's true.
 Now, friends, look. Look where it's went to. Look where it's gone over the world, what it is. See, get all the fear and everything out of your mind. Just love the Lord with all your heart and serve Him and believe Him, and God will bring it to pass. How He leads. You believe those that are sons of God are led by Spirit of God? Do you believe that?

E-50 Just one little incident happened right here in your neighborhood... I'm going to tell this before I close. Look. One day I was coming from Dallas, Texas (I come pretty near of coming through Jonesboro), and a big storm forced the plane down, and I landed in--in over here at the Memphis, Tennessee. I was on my road home, so they put us up down there in that big, fine hotel, Peabody. That's right, Peabody. I... (Oh, I see who you are.) I--I didn't know who the lady was. All right, the Peabody Hotel. Now, I couldn't afford to stay in a hotel like that. They put me up there, the airline.
 And they told me they'd call me the next morning. And the next morning, early, I got up, and the sun was ready to come up. And I--I had wrote some letters, and I'd thought I'd run down at the post office real quick or find some place to mail it. And I got out of the hotel and started walking down the street. And I was walking down the street singing that little Pentecostal song you all sing: There are people almost everywhere, Whose hearts are all aflame, With the fire that fell on Pentecost, That cleansed and made them clean; It's burning now within my heart. Oh, glory to His Name! I'm glad that I can say I'm one of them.

E-51 You remember the little song? And so, I was going along humming that little song. I thought, "Now, I just about got it." I thought, "They were gathered in the upper room, All praying in His Name, They were baptized with the Holy Ghost, And power for service came; What He did for them that day, He will do for you the same, I'm so glad that I can say I'm one of them."
 I had my letters in my hand, and I was just a stepping down the street. I started across the street, and when I did, Something said, "Stop." I started... "Stop." It was Him. I thought, "Well...
[] And I walked and I walked. I was going to ask somebody where the post office was. And I just kept walking, walked right on by the hotel. I just--I just kept walking. I didn't know where I was going, just kept on walking, walking, walking, walking.

E-52 After while, I come plumb back out into a colored district. Why, the sun was way up. The plane was going to leave about eight o'clock. So I knowed I was late, and I kept looking at my watch. He just kept saying, "Walk on." I just kept walking, and I kept on till I come way down in some little place near the river or something another. There was a lot of colored shacks along there, where colored people lived in shacks, rather.
 And I was going along there. And there was a beautiful... It was early in spring. The--the sun was just shining down. The sweet smell of roses around the door, you know, was blooming up. And I was walking along there and I was singing, and humming in my heart going, [Brother Branham hums "Only Believe"--Ed.] "Only believe, all things are possible." I said, "Lord, my plane's going to leave. Only believe. Only believe, only believe..." And just walk on. And I thought, "All things are possible, only believe." I thought, "Where does He want me to go?" [Brother Branham hums the song] I'd been walking for, oh, fifteen, twenty minutes. And I just kept on walking. "Only believe...?..."

E-53 And I looked, and a little old gate down there, a little old place where a little old shanty like setting there. I seen an old typical Aunt Jemima leaning over the gate with a man's shirt tied around her head, leaning over the gate, the tears was running down her cheeks. I was as far as the end of the building there from her. I just quit singing, you know, till... I wasn't singing, I was humming. [Brother Branham hums "Only Believe."--Ed.] I just started walking on.
 She said, "Good morning, parson."
 I said, "How do you do, auntie?" I thought, "Parson?" I turned around. I said, "How did you know I was a parson?"
 She said, "I knowed who you was."
 I said, "I don't understand." I said, "Do you know me?"
 She said, "No, sir." She says, "But the... I was going to tell you my story."
 I said, "All right." And I stopped.
 And she said, "Did you ever read in the Bible about the Shunammite woman who received a child after she was old, and Elijah, the prophet, told her..."
 I--I said, "Yes, ma'am."
 She said, "I's was that kind of woman."

E-54 Said, "I promised the Lord if He'd give me a baby, and I would raise him to His glory." And said, "The Lord give me a baby." And said--said, "Parson," said, "I--I--I--I raised the baby." Said, "I've always been a Christian, and I've served the Lord all my..."
[] "God of heaven Who would bli... ground a plane for an ignorant wash woman down there, sovereign grace." Went walking on...
 I said, "What?"
 She said, "Parson, would you come into my house?" And look, there was an old piece of iron hanging on the gate that pulled it back. I walked into that little old whitewashed fence, into a door with no rug on the floor. A little sign upon the door said "God bless our home." I walked in there. I've walked into king's palaces, three of them. I've been in the richest homes there is in America, but I never was more welcome in any place than I was in that colored hut that morning. You never felt any more at home.

E-55 I walked in there and there was a great, big, burly-looking colored boy laying there about eighteen years old with the blankets in his hand going... [Brother Branham makes a moaning noise--Ed.] Said, "It's so dark. It's so dark." [Brother Branham moans again--Ed.] "So dark."
 I thought, "What's the matter?"
 "So dark."
 She said, "He's been saying that for several days." Said, "He's in a... unconscious." And says, "He's been talking about being out on a sea, and it's so dark he don't know where he's going." Said, "Parson, I don't want to see my baby dying like that." So she reached over and kissed him on his head, patted his cheek, said, "Mammy's baby."
 There you are, a mother's love. No matter what he had done, that's... still that mother's love reaches on out for her child. And if a mother's love would do that, what will the love of God do? See? She patted him.

E-56 And I said, "Auntie, could we have prayer?" And that old saint of God knelt down there, who'd made her living over a washboard. She prayed a prayer, brother, that would chill you through and through.
 She said, "Lord, don't let my baby die." She said, "I don't understand it, nothing about Your parson here." Said, "I's prayed; You told me... for him to come. Maybe he pray and then You'll save my baby." Said, "I don't want him to die like this, dear Lord. I thank You. I know You's here."
 And when she got through praying, I was standing there crying, listening at her. So I walked over and I put my hand on his feet, just as cold as it could be. Death was on the boy, if I ever seen death. And I stood back a little bit. I said, "Let's pray again, Auntie."

E-57 And I got down and I said, "Dear Lord, I don't know why You sent me down here, but You Who grounded that plane last night and sent me down... I went to the post office this morning and You sent me back down here. I stopped here. I don't know why. But, Lord, I ask You to be merciful now, if You sent me here to fulfill Your mission. I lay my hands upon his legs like this and ask You, dear God, if You'll spare his life, if You'll grant it."
 And I ask that, and when I did he was going [Brother Branham moans--Ed.] Said, "Mammy, mammy? Oh, mammy!"
 She said, "It's the first time he's called me." She raised up, begin to wipe her eye.
 Said, "Mammy, it's getting light in the room. It's getting light in the room." Five minutes from then the boy was setting on the side of a bed.

E-58 About two months or three months from then, a little later, I was coming through on a train making my way to Phoenix, Arizona. And I stopped, you know how the trains pull in. And I went up there in the little restaurant to get something to eat. I heard somebody hollering, "Parson Branham!" And I looked, and here he was; he was a red cap down there. He said, "You remember me?"
 I said, "No, sir."
 He said, "I was the boy that was dying down there that morning when the Lord sent you down, would answer my mammy's prayer." He said, "I... He never only healed me, but He saved me." He said, "I's full of the Holy Ghost now, parson." Hallelujah!

E-59 What is it? Same Holy Spirit, brother, sister. Thousands of those things... I wish I had time to go in and tell you what's happened around the country of the leading of the Holy Spirit: Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. That same Angel of God's right here in this building tonight. Do you believe it?
 Let's bow our heads, talk to Him just a moment.

E-60 Father, would take hours, yes, and weeks to tell what You've done in that manner in the last five or six years. Time is passing on though. Soon I got to come down to the river. Help me then, Lord. I don't want no trouble at the river. I want to be ready that morning when all those crowds are waiting there, boat to come across.
[]... "Me and My Word in you, you can ask what you will and it'll be given unto you." These are Your promises, Lord.
 And just stand here tonight before this audience of people. I thank Thee, O God I thank Thee, that Thou hast seen fit to take the low things of this world, poor men, unworthy, guilty sinners and wash them in the Blood of that Holy One. Set them out here as a purchase of Your Blood. Give us the Morning Star, the Pillar of Fire to lead us, though we be outcast, though we be called fanatics. "And all that live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution." We're happy tonight that we can be considered that way for the Kingdom of God's sake.

E-61 God, take all fear out of these sick people's hearts tonight. Let them know that Thou art here. You're only doing these things to prove that You're with them. The scientific world knows it tonight; the Church knows it tonight. Lord, it'd be a sin for us to doubt Your Word. Help us, Lord.
 Forgive our sin of unbelief, which is the original and only sin. God help us tonight to be faithful and believe. Heal every sick person. Save the lost tonight, Lord. Maybe there'll be some here that doesn't know Thee, alien from God, cut off without Christ, without God. I pray that You'll save them just now. May every backslider come back to God through Christ.

E-62 While we have our heads bowed, if God will hear my prayer, give visions. He stopped me then, in my prayer, and said for me to ask something. While you're praying, all Christians, is there a man or woman in here that doesn't know Christ yet and hasn't been borned again, would raise your hand up and say, "Brother Branham, pray for me. I want God to give me the experience of being borned again"? God bless you. God bless you, you, you, you. Anywhere... over in the wing? God bless you. God bless you. Back in the second wing, God bless you, you, you. Back in the back of the building, God bless you, you. I see your hands there, yes.
 Someone else say, "Brother Branham, I need Christ. I--I knew it." The Holy Spirit told me to do this. God bless you. God bless you, brother. I see your hand. Back over to my right, this right row, any back there say, "Brother Branham, pray for me." God bless you, lady. I see you. God bless you, sir. God bless you, lady. God bless you. I see you. And you back there, young lady, I see you. God bless you, sister. God bless you, sir. You sister, God bless you. God bless you and you, you, you.
 That's... The same Angel of God that I showed His picture right here, that's the One's talking to you now. See what He does? I pray that God will grant it to you now.

E-63 Now, heavenly Father, their hearts are hungry. May they accept Thee just now as their personal Saviour. May something be done just now. At the end of this service may they go into the room here and receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Grant it, Lord. We thank Thee for their hands raised up, their sincerity, and pray that You'll bless every one of them in Jesus Christ's Name we ask it. Amen. How wonderful.
 This is the way I like to feel the Spirit of God, when it's coming time for the evening service, mellow. I'm just old fashioned. I like the old weeping, down, broke down so God can mold you anew. I like that.

E-64 Poor old woman setting here crying, wiping the tears from her eyes. God bless you, lady. A little shawl over her shoulder, like a typical little old mother... Something about the little thing, too. Look up this way just a minute, lady. She's praying there. Would you mention it to her?
 Oh, your trouble's that place on your nose, isn't it? The place on your nose... I tell you what happened. You have a lot of trouble that you're worried about. Isn't that right? You were once healed of that. Is that right? Yes, sir. And you got amongst a bunch of unbelievers. Is that right? Caused you to go back and that thing come again. Yes, sir. [The woman speaks to Brother Branham--Ed.] You just have faith in God and it'll leave.
 Look. You have something you're bothered with, too, I noticed. You lay things down and forget what you do with it, kind of got a loss of memory. Isn't that right? If that's right, raise up your hand so the people... That's right. I see you lay things down and can't find them again. Isn't that right? That's right. I'm not reading your mind, but you couldn't hide your life now. See? Now, you just have faith in God. I will watch while we're praying for the sick, maybe the Lord will give me a word for you.
 He's here. The Angel of the Lord is right here now.

E-65 Where's Billy. What--what prayer cards did you give out, Billy? T-1 to 50. Let's take the first fifteen of them, stand them up right quick if you will.
 T, prayer cards-T. Is that...? Look over on... You'll see my picture and your name on one side. On the other side it's got a number and a letter--it's got T. 1, who's got T-1? Prayer card T-1? T-2, 3, 4, 5, 6, on up to about first fifteen of them if you can, or get ten of them. See what you get, first ten and see how...
[A brother gives an announcement--Ed.]

E-66 I wish this audience could see this. The whole room's becoming milky, just like milk. Oh, friends, I'm--I'm telling you the truth. God vindicates it with His Spirit. And this is the same Angel of God, the same Pillar of Fire Who stood upon the Lord Jesus Christ in His Person and knew the thoughts of the people and done the things. Here it is, the same Jesus Christ. Have faith tonight.
 Wonder if we could just stand a minute, slowly with your heads bowed, and sing "Only Believe" just for a change of posture, if you will.
Only believe, only believe, (Everybody reverent)
All things are possible, only believe;
Only believe, only believe,
All things are possible, only believe.

E-67 Now, let's bow our heads just a moment. Now, hum it with me while the boys are lining up the prayer line. [Brother Branham begins humming the song--Ed.] I want you to look this way. Raise up your hand. Now, sing it like this with me. "Now, I'm not going to pray any more, Lord, but now I believe."
Now, I believe (not I won't after while, I do now.)
Now, I believe,
All things are possible, now I believe;
Now, I believe, now, I believe,
All things are possible, now, I believe.
 Shall we be seated now just a moment. Something just happened in the church just then; I told Brother Reed. Now, be... Have faith now. Believe with all your heart now while I'm praying for the sick. I be God's servant, God will speak now that I've told the truth. If I tell the truth, God will speak it's the truth. If I don't tell the truth about Him, God will not speak for it; for God will only speak for truth. Have faith in God.

E-68 This here...? Just want to talk to you a minute, sir. I perceive that you are a Christian man, and, but yet, we're strangers to one another. I don't know you, as I know of. I never seen you, I don't know you. No, we're strangers. The... I want you... Your conscious that something's going on. See? You're aware that Something is near. Well, I... Here's what it is, sir.
 I want you to believe with all your heart. Now, see, that just--just happened to be that I was telling the truth. That's why He was there. He's with the Church everywhere, everywhere. But... Do you believe me to be His servant? I believe that's the truth. If I be His servant, if there's anything I could do to help you, brother, I--I'd do it. I'd just go right quick and do it, but I can't. You see, I'm just a man.
 But being His servant is just like that light. Now, if the lights would go off here, or you would come over tomorrow night and snap the lights on and they wouldn't come on, you wouldn't say there was no such a thing as electricity. You'd say the wires was crossed up somewhere, the reason you couldn't get light. Well now, maybe the same thing here. See? It may be that something's wrong that I can't get in contact with God for you. But if the light shines, God has to turn it on. See? I can't do it. I can't do it. But He has never failed me, and I don't believe He will fail me now.

E-69 Now, if--if God would reveal to me something about your life, before I pray for you, to let you know that He's standing here present... Here's His picture. In His Presence and you're conscious that Something's near you, a feeling of, like all reverence. Isn't that right? Now, if that's right, hold up your hands so the people can know that's the truth. Now--now, that is the only thing that can help you. See?
 If you're... You're suffering with something in a kidney trouble, isn't it? Kidney trouble? And you've been to a doctor. And oh, it's a bladder, too. And he told you that something another and he kind of shook his head. He's in doubt about something. Isn't that right? And it might be cancer, I believe. Isn't that right? You also have heart trouble. Is that right?
 This... It went from before me then. Was that the truth? If it was the truth what I said, raise up your hand. And do you believe He's standing here? He knows everything about you? Your sins are under the Blood so there's nothing against you? Do you have faith to believe now? Come here.
 Lord God, Creator of heavens and earth, Author of Everlasting Life, on this dying child of Yours, Lord, I lay my hands and ask a rebuke that this devil that's trying to take his life and send him to a premature grave will leave him. And may he get well, Lord. I bless him for his healing. In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ may it be so. Amen. God bless you, sir. Now, go rejoicing. Let us hear how you're getting along.

E-70 Now, just--just be reverent. Don't doubt. Have faith. All right. Now, do not think that I--I'm not aware of where I am, but it's just moving all through the building tonight. See? Oh, what a night. How people could be blessed right, if they would.

E-71 Come here just a minute. Do you believe? With all your heart? I don't know you...?... here. What's your name? Young. I'm glad to meet you, sister. But do you believe that you're standing in the Presence of His Being? Is that what you feel is not because your brother's standing here, is because He's standing here. Do you believe that?
 Now, I'm a stranger to you. I never saw you in my life. But if there's anything in your life, it'll have to come from God. Is that right? And if He reveals it to me, then if I be His prophet, He can tell me anything He desires to tell me. Is that right?
 You--you're really sicker than what you think you are. You have tumors that's in the female ovaries. You was examined for that and that's what he said. That true? It left me just then. I want... Something was taking place and I couldn't catch it just right. Somebody right there with a tumor too, you see. I mentioned that, it moved from one to the other one.

E-72 I want to talk to you again just a moment. You--you have a nervous condition also. That right? Stomach--stomach trouble, and your nervousness is causing your stomach. And you're a person that does a lot of worrying. Well, look. You get really nervous sometimes, don't you? Here sometime ago you were washing the dishes and almost dropped a dish. Remember that? And then you were praying by the side... When you heard that I was being here. You'd asked God if you could get in the line, you believed He'd get you healed. Is that right? You said that to Him by the side of the... Is that right? Now, do you believe that? No one in the world could hear that prayer but God alone. Is that true? Now, do you believe? My sister, I bless thee for thy healing. Believer in Christ, receive your healing. In the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, may you go from here and get well. Amen.
 Now, if you believe ... Now, your whole trouble has been, come on you recently, because it's getting the time of life that's causing you to be nervous and upset. Now, you leave from here. If God could reveal to me what your past life has been... I don't remember just now what it was. It's a vision. You see? And if He could tell you what you've been in your past life, won't He know what will be in your future life? If He could let me know that, won't He let me know what will be? If you can go from here tonight in a happy rejoicing spirit and thank God and just be happy and throw the thing away, you're going to get all right. God bless you. Go in the Name of Jesus...?...

E-73 How do you do? Are we strangers? [The sister speaks to Brother Branham--Ed.] Yes. Well, you've seen me since I've been here this time. You're the piano player, you say? The piano player. I see. And you... But I mean to be... I'm not a personal acquaintance of yours, know nothing about you. Do you believe me to be God's servant? The reason I asked that, He asked... told me to do it, to ask the people. Well now, to heal you, sister, I--I couldn't do it, for I'm just a man. But for your life, God knows that. 'Course, I see you're wearing glasses. Anyone would know that, just like if I'd say that man setting there is crippled, anybody would know that by looking at him. But a person that looks as healthy as you do and then something wrong with them, then that's the different. That's the unseen part.
 But you have astigmatism in your eye and your... cause you to have headaches and things all the time. Isn't that right? You have severe headaches all the time. And you're worried about this child, too. You come very near losing that child, didn't you? And the baby... The trouble of it is, it's what's... I'm not reading your mind, but that baby can't walk and it's getting past the age and it can't walk. Is that right? You believe me to be God's prophet? You believe if I'd ask God then to bless you, the curse will go away and blessings will come? Come forward.
 Almighty God, I lay hands upon the woman, upon the baby. Bless her and give her healing, Lord. May the baby and she be blessed...?... God bless them in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen...?...

E-74 Is this the patient? Is this the patient? How do you do, sister? [Brother Branham clears his throat--Ed.] Excuse me. I--I just want to talk to you. Do you--do you believe these things that you see done comes from God? You do. They can't come from man. Nowhere else but God. The Lord bless thee and reward you for your faith.
 Now, if I be God's prophet and Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever, that same Pillar of Fire that led the children through the wilderness came upon the Son of God and led Him and He claimed He could do nothing but what the Father showed Him, then He's the same One today. Is that right? If I know you not, and He be here and you and I talking, it'll be just like the woman at the well and the Master talking to her. He couldn't heal her, but He found how... where her trouble was. Is that right?
 Well, I claim that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, that He brought me into this world for a purpose, raised up to bless the people in a manner of the Divine gift which was ministered to me by an Angel. You believe that true? You believe that to be true.

E-75 There's something peculiar about your life. I--I can't strike it yet. It keeps moving; then gets dark and moves away from me. I just want to talk to... Yes, I see. Yes, ma'am. You have rectal trouble for one thing. Isn't that right? 'Cause it's very much so. Some sort of a kidney dis... ailment, something in the glands there. And then another thing, here's something that... I might as well say it. You have a habit that you're trying to lay down. Isn't that right? Smoking cigarettes. Is that right? That's right. God be merciful to you. Come here.
 Lord God, Creator of heavens and earth, Author of Everlasting Life, seeing that poor woman there, that vision, laying them things down and try to walk away from them, cry and go back and get them, I pray for mercy for this poor soul. Oh, thou unclean spirit that would bind this woman in the form of a tobacco habit, come out of her in the Name of Jesus Christ. Leave the woman. Now, my sister, you're free from it now. Don't smoke no more. Those other things will clear up. You're all right now. Go and the Lord bless you.

E-76 Praise the Lord from Whom all blessings come. How do you do, sir? I believe we are strangers, sir. We're strangers, yes, sir. Do you believe me to be God's prophet? I don't say that for... I--I'm only trying to--to help you, you see, brother. You understand? Have you read that little book you got in your pocket? Then you understand what's going on now, don't you? Wouldn't you like to eat again and have a good stomach and eat like you used to? Do you believe me to be God's prophet? Then go do what I tell you to do, eat anything you want to, you're...?...
 Come here. When I said that to that man, you quivered all over, didn't you? because you had the same thing. Just go on, eat your supper. Just...?... Have faith in God.

E-77 All right, come, lady. Have faith. The very God of heaven's in your presence. You're in His Presence, the very One that said to the woman, "Thy sins be forgiven thee."
 How do you do, lady? Are we strangers? When you was... five years ago when we was here, I--I saw you, went through a line or something. You was healed then. Between you and I comes a dark shadow. It shaking and jumping. There's only one thing that can mean that. That's a demon, and that's a demon of nervousness. Is that right? You think sometimes that you've lost your mind. Isn't that right? But he's a liar. You're not. You're just as sane as anybody else. But he's trying to get you down, lady. Don't you pay no attention to that.
 Do you believe me to be his servant? Looky. Let me tell you something. You've tried so long to even get one place, you thought if you... just like you put your foot you could start from there. Isn't that right? I'm not reading your mind, but you was praying about that. That's right. You said a many times in your thoughts in there, "If I could just get one place to start from." Is that... This is your starting place, right here...?... God's servant. Thou devil, in the Name of Jesus Christ, you're exposed. Come out of the woman. Leave her. Go rejoicing, sister. You're free now...?... May the Lord bless thee...?... that thing.

E-78 Come, lady. How do you do, lady? You were healed the same time she was. You had the same thing, nervousness. Isn't that right? You're healed. You can go on and God bless you. Have faith in God. Believe with all your heart.
 That Light keeps hanging in that corner there for some cause. Every time It leaves a patient, It goes to that corner. Just awhile ago It went over the audience, come back and stopped right there in that corner. And every time It leaves a patient here, seems to go right to that corner, but I can't see what it is. So be praying. I don't know. Now, be reverent. You have no right to disbelieve God anymore. You have no right.
 That woman setting in sorrow, isn't she? There's been something happen where that... You know her? Has there been something happen that's in the home or something, a death or something? Cheer up, lady. Be of a good courage. Jesus lives and reigns.

E-79 Have faith in God. Bring this baby...?... Who dares to say... All devils in hell is defeated. All spirits is subject now to me through Jesus Christ. The thing is under control now. What could happen?
 My little sister, do you love the Lord Jesus? Come here, honey. If Jesus of Nazareth was here, He'd put--put His hands upon you and bless you, and He'd know what was wrong with you, and you'd get well. Is that right? You believe Jesus will reveal to Brother Branham what's wrong with you? You look like a fine, sweet, healthy little girl, but you're not. You have asthma, don't you, honey? You have an awful time with it. You just cough and cough, and at nighttime mother has to get you up, sometime, to set up and cough. Isn't that right? I see mother working. But you're going to get well, aren't you?
 Come here. My hands are a poor substitute for His, honey, but this great Angel of God, Who's standing near now, will honor my prayer, do you believe that? 'Cause I ask for you as my own little girl. See? Now, you come here to Brother Branham. Dear heavenly Father, poor little thing. I pray that You'll take this curse away from her and may the little thing get well. I bless her in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you...?...

E-80 Who has rights to doubt God? No one what... Come here again, honey, sweetheart. Come here just a minute. Looky, just here, right here. No, go ahead. That's all right.
 There he is. She suffers the same thing. That right, sir? Lady, I never seen you in my life. Do you have a prayer card? You don't have a prayer card. [The woman speaks to Brother Branham--Ed.] Healed with a goiter here seven years ago.
 God be merciful. When I felt that little girl go by, I felt that asthma jerk again. I thought, "Where's that coming from? That's on that child. It jumped back on her again." It come back through there and I thought... I brought the child back, but the child's free. I come back and felt it, and there he was. He might hide from a doctor, but he can't hide from God. He's exposed. It's a horrible demon, especially he's hibernate in countries like this, that's low and swampy. Have faith in God. I was just watching to see what would take place.

E-81 You want to get over them hemorrhoids, setting there praying? You do? Well, stand up and accept your healing now, in the Name of the Lord Jesus. That's what you had. All right. God bless you. You can be seated now.
 Something wrong with your eyes, isn't there, sir? Your wife setting there has got varicose veins, too, hasn't she? Is that right? I thought He was hanging in that corner for something. Now, that's what you feel now, this feeling's from the Lord. Put your hand over on one another. May God bless you both.

E-82 Satan's exposed. All right. Come, lady. You want to get over her heart trouble? If you just walk on off and accept your healing, say, "Lord Jesus, I thank You." God bless her in Jesus Christ's Name.
 You want to get over yours, lady? Just walk off and accept it. Say, "God thank You for my healing and follow Him again. God bless you, sister.
 That's...?... nervous condition than anything else. You get upset...?... You think sometimes...?... just because you're all... When you lay down it's worse than ever. It's not reading your mind, but I just thought when you went by there to tell you. See? So you go on now; you're going to get all right. Just go on thanking God for...?...

E-83 Let's say, "Praise be to God." [Congregation says, "Praise be to God."--Ed.]
 Come...?... You might think that I was reading the person's mind. I never looked at this woman in the face. Lay your hand over on my shoulder, lady, the patient here. Do you believe me to be God's prophet? Do you believe God can show me out here over this audience what's wrong with you? If I will tell you in the Name of the Lord what's wrong with you, you'll believe it of course, won't you? It's just diabetes. Is that right? If it is raise up your hand. Now, go off and be made well in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Have faith. Believe Him with all your heart. Have faith in God.
 Do you believe, lady, setting there? Come here. Mother, strain, heart trouble... Is that right? Went through an awful life, had a lot of sorrows. Now go, believe the Lord now and be well in Jesus Christ's Name.
 Have faith in God. Do you believe with all your heart?

E-84 Would you like to get that goiter healed, lady? You believe that it can be made well? 'Course I can see that on your throat from here. That's right. Look to me and believe me as God's prophet. You was setting there praying that I call you. That right? Then if you might now know... Is that your husband setting next to you there? You look at me then, sir. What do you think about it? Do you believe I be God's prophet? You suffer with piles, don't you? Is that true? Then lay your hands on one another and accept Jesus Christ as your Healer.
 Have faith in God. Don't doubt. Believe.
 You keep looking at me, mister. You keep looking at me. You have stomach trouble, don't you? Yes. You have stomach trouble. Something wrong in your head, isn't it? Yes, sir. But the only thing it is, you just haven't been able to appr... You've been prayed for many times. Is that right? You've tried radio, laying your hands on radio. You've tried everything in the world, laid out fleeces. Is that right? Well then, why don't you stand up and accept your healing in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.
 Why don't you do the same, lady? Why don't you rise up from there and say, "Lord, I get well. If I lay here, I will die." Why don't you rise, believe now, and accept your healing, and be made well.

E-85 Anybody in here believe that you can be healed right now? Lay your hands over on one another and let me pray. Put your hand on her. Lady, that asthmatic can go to...?... in the throat. You're receiving your call. Be reverent.
 Now, if God will make demons hear, God can stand here and with one prayer make every devil in this building leave. Do you believe it? If--if Peter the apostle, approved of God, and his shadow passed over the people because they knowed that God was with him, who stood on a housetop and saw the visions, and so forth, and the people believed it, don't you believe that the same God is here with us tonight? Every scientific proof...

E-86 I can feel my strength withering away. Somebody's got their hand on my back. It's somebody, and I know that's just about the sign that I should be going. But if you'll believe with all your heart, the devil is exposed. There isn't a person in here now, not a spirit but what would be subject to this prayer. If I can only get you to believe it, and whatmore. We might bring you one by one, one by one, to this platform, one by one, one by one, and it'd be the same thing. You couldn't hide your life if you had to.
 But look, brother, it'll take your faith to heal you. Look up yonder to Calvary now and say, "Lord God, Creator of heavens and earth, I believe You right now." Have faith now while I pray for you.

E-87 Almighty God, Author of Life, Giver of every good gift, send Thy blessings upon Thy people. Thou demon, Satan, come out of the people. I adjure thee to leave this people in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Come out of the people.