L'Heure Est Venue

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Date: 51-0415E | La durée est de: 1 heure | La traduction: Shp
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E-1 Recently she had sent one of those handkerchiefs to her sister for her little baby that had a clubbed foot. And she told the lady; she said, "You tie the handkerchief on its foot, and the Lord is going to heal it."
So she left the handkerchief on about two weeks, and it got so dirty. And she said, "You can wash it, and then put it back on."
So she did, and the handkerchief got--getting kind of old and worn. She said, "Well, there's no difference in the baby's foot." Said, "I guess I might as well take it off."
And she said, "Oh, don't you do that." Said, "If it comes to pieces, you tie it with strings, then tie it back on there." She said, "Because I know that it will get well." She'd seen so many things done in the meetings.

E-2 And the woman did that--or, she just had a few strings of that handkerchief tied on the baby's foot. And one morning, she went to get the baby, and the Lord had been there that night. And the baby's foot was straight.
And she brought the baby to the meeting to show, and brought the strings that was left on the handkerchief, and had the baby's picture before and where it was then, how the little baby's foot was clubbed in like that, a little baby about eight or ten months old, and there was the little baby's foot just as normal as any other baby.
Now, what if she just throwed the handkerchief away and say... Well, that's where we miss the blessings. We're afraid to wait on God just a little bit. See, see? You've heard that, "Only wait. Again I hear that whisper. Only wait. It won't be very long. Even now the Father's hand is pleading. Soon with Jesus we will sing the victory song." That's right. Just wait on God. Believe it, confess it, stay with it; and God will bring it to pass for you.

E-3 Which... I'd be happy to send, write to you, do anything that I--I could. And if you ever want me to have a personal letter, just write on it, "Personal," and my secretary won't even open it. He will wait till I get home, or send it to me where I am. If anything that I can do to help you, I'll be glad.
Now, if it's anything concerning the religious idea, I'd rather you'd ask your pastor, because I don't--I don't like to do that (See?), 'cause I'm out here praying for the sick. And you take your local pastor and something like that. If there's anything that I can help otherwise, I will be glad to do it.

E-4 Now, I believe I have covered everything that I know of, of thanking you dear people for all that you've done. And now, may God be with you.
And I want to read just some Scripture a little bit. And then we're going to start the prayer line, and we're going to expect our heavenly Father to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all that we could even...?... Aren't we? That's what we want Him to do tonight, is to do the great, the impossible things to do, to make all these sick people well.
And I want you to do this for me tonight. This is a strenuous time, great anticipations. And dear Christian friends, from all my heart, I--I tried just hard as I could in this meeting. I've watched...?... over these wheelchairs, night after night. There's only been two or three of them that's been healed. I've watched.
Usually I try to call somebody that's not on a wheelchair when I'm talking about their diseases, 'cause anyone could look at the person in a wheelchair and know what's wrong with them. That's not a mystery. But every time that I'm talk to the person a little bit, then watch them, I see what's their trouble. But then it wou--it wouldn't be right for me to say that they were healed. God wouldn't respect me if I--if I didn't tell the truth. You see? And they wouldn't be healed. When I see them healed, then I say it.

E-5 And I want all you people suffering here... There's people laying here on cots and stretchers, probably with arthritis, and all twisted up or bound up. And some of them laying here in chairs, and people leaning on canes, and crutches, all along here. I want you people to do this for me tonight: I want you to pay real close attention to what I'm going to say in a few minutes. And then I want you to accept my word and believe me. Will you do it? And just...
Don't think that your case is too hard. What is a hard case with our Lord?
When I... With my Bible here can testify of three people that I know has died and passed into eternity; some--one of them even pronounced dead by the doctor and gone on, their loved ones had done gathered; and it's alive tonight. See? It's alive.
And cases of... You take your cancer. You take your cancers when they're eaten up, the flesh is all gone away, and they've been eaten up. And here they are tonight.

E-6 A lady came in not long ago, her boy is an exterminator at Texarkana. I was down in, I believe it was at Dallas where we was having a meetings. And she came through the line, she had her handkerchief up like this. And she was trying to hold my coat. It was a... We was having what we used to have, the fast line. She was holding my coat. And she...
I thought she was weeping. I took a hold of her hand. And there, a big cancer begin hitting, hearing, it makes a funniest kind of "thrrrr, thrrrr" [Brother Branham illustrates.--Ed.] And I held her hand. I said, "Sister, do you know you got cancer?"
And she dropped her handkerchief down, and her nose was eaten off. And she said, "Yes, sir. I've been being treated at Memphis, Tennessee," said, "for a long time. My doctors give me up," a young lady about thirty-eight, forty years old, maybe just a little older.
And I said, "Well, that... Do you believe?"
And she said, "Reverend Branham..." She herself was a pastor. And she said, "I have... Ever since I've heard of your meetings," she said, "I've always said, 'If I could just attract you're attention to get you to know that I want you to ask God for me to be healed, I'd get well.'"
And I said, "Bless your heart, sister. God will surely reward you for that."

E-7 And one night, about two or three months after that, here come a young fellow running up through the building. He said, "Brother Branham..." Asked me if I knew this lady he had by his arm.
And I said, "No, I don't believe I do."
It was his young mother. And she wasn't only healed, she had her a nose. And so she said, "When it started, just...?... quit hurting that very night." And said that one morning when she got up and looked (she had a cloth over it) in the mirror... Why, her children was excited and everything. The flesh was growing back. And she didn't only have a healed nose, but another nose that growed out to where that one had been eaten.
And she went to testify to her doctor. Now, listen to this. She went to testify, said, "Don't you remember me?"
Said, "Yes, but what's happened?"
Said, "Well, I've changed doctors." And she...
He said, "Well, who's your doctoring with now?"
And said, "I'm doctoring with Doctor Jesus."
And said... You know what that doctor asked her now? Think of this. He said, "I don't believe I ever heard of Him. Where's His practice at?" Would you... "Where's He in practice at?"
She said, "In glory." That's--that is right.

E-8 Now, dear friends, those things are not made. I'll give you name and address. You can write and look at the woman yourself. And oh, thousands of cases.
Now, if only one case could be definitely proven to be healed, that would prove that God was a Healer. Is that right? How many in here's been healed by Divine healing, let's see your hands. Just look. Seeing that we're compassed about with such a great crowd of witnesses (See?), now let's believe Him with all of our heart tonight.
And then I want you tonight to do this: to accept Him as your Healer. If you're blind, crippled, or got heart trouble...

E-9 Now, the worse thing there is, the quickest thing, and one that kills more people than anything else is heart trouble. Number two is--is cancer. Number three is tubercular. And those are the three major enemies of the human race here in America.
Now, looky here. I see people here, old mothers leaning on their crutches. I see them setting in wheelchairs, and the poor little fellow setting here all drawed up. And I... Why, he wants to be up and be well. I look at an old dad setting out there drawed with arthritis. And he's weeping now, looking at me. He wants to be well.
But those people may live an ordinary lifetime just in their afflictions; they suffer much until arthritis gets at a certain stage, and then it's--it's painless. All the bones run together.

E-10 Now, but, friends, but they live maybe several years. But a man with a heart trouble or a cancer's got to have some help right now, or he's going to die right now. See?
And so now, I want tonight, being that you've seen so many things, I want these people on these stretchers, and wheelchairs, and on crutches, and supports; I want you... I'm going to pray God will give us a prayer line in a few minutes, and start praying for the sick and--and the afflicted. And if--if your prayer card is called (Amen.), when you come up here at the platform, I want you to believe with all your heart that you're going to get up from that chair, or cot, or stretcher, or whatever it is, and get off of this platform and walk off of here well. See?
Now, I will not... I cannot tell you whether you will or not, but I can only say what He tells me to say. And if you'll do what He says, then you'll be all right. If you... If I ask you to--to get up, you get up. I don't care how bad you're crippled, you get up. Just make your effort. Stop... Start and watch what happens. See? I've never seen it fail. And I won't tell you till He tells me.

E-11 Now, I asked you people the first night that I come here, that if these signs didn't take place down through the meetings, the speakers of the people's hearts, things that they'd forgotten for years, the diseases showed, and all like that, perfectly, everyone perfectly; then you say that... If I... If that didn't happen, then you could say I was a false prophet. But if it did happen, I said, "Give God glory." Is that what I said?
Now, I want to ask you, has it happened? If it has, be honest, raise your hands if it's happened, if you've seen them things take place. Thank you.
How many's here for your first time, let's see your hand? People's here for your first time? Just look at them here for their first time. Now, how many here will testify to those people that's here, by raising up your hands, that those things really happened. Let's see your hands. Now, you first time people, look. You'll see the discernment, tell the people what was wrong, tell them the things of their life.

E-12 Now, sometimes I have to hurry right through sometimes, just so It gets three or four or five things to the person that--that they know back. If you set down and talk, just as long as you're talking, that vision will keep moving. And then you... When It stops, then if you want... start again, just keep talking, It'll start again. I have no control of It.
And now, I'm testifying that myself, I--I'm the least among you. You heard my "Life Story" this afternoon, and you know that I--what I've had to come through. And I'm--I'm the least among you. But I am very thankful for the opportunity to represent my Master before His children. See? That's right. God bless you.
I want to read some of the Word now. And we'll go to the service just in a moment. I want to read from the 4th chapter of Saint Matthew, to begin with the 23rd verse.
And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues... preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people.
And his fame went throughout all Syria: and they brought unto him all the sick people that were taken with divers diseases and torments, and those which were possessed with devils, and those which were lunaticks, and those that had the palsy; and he healed them.
And there followed him a great multitude of people from Galilee... and from Jerusalem, and Judaea, and from beyond Jordan.
Now, just for a--a brief moment's talk, I'd like to take this for a text. In the 17th chapter of Saint John, the 1st verse.
Jesus... These words spoke Jesus, and lifted up his eyes unto heaven, and said, Father, the hour is come;...

E-13 Can we bow our heads. Our heavenly Father, solemnly, reverent, we bow our hearts to You just now to thank You for this great meeting that we're now coming near to the end, and ask of Thee to make this the climax, the great climax that many... Not only many, but that all the people who are setting present that's sick, or possessed with foul spirits, that they may be delivered tonight, and that You might receive glory.
Father, I thank Thee for the ministers, my brethren, that's sitting here with me tonight to lend their faith in this healing line as I pray for the sick. And I pray that Your Spirit, the Angel of God, Whose servant I am, may come tonight and vindicate His great Presence to be here and make it an outstanding time, that the people may never fear no more; but to know that the supernatural great God of Heaven is here among people, and is now working among His children, that they may... If they start to do anything wrong, that they will know that there's an all-seeing eye watching them; and if they would do something right, know that there's a heavenly Father watching them Who will in return give them a reward. For we reap as we sow.
Now, Lord, I pray Thee with my whole heart, soul, and mind that You will make this meeting a great blessing, and may the people understand these few words. And I pray that You'll circumcise the lips of Your servant and the hearts of Your people, that I may speak the right thing and they may hear and believe. For we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.

E-14 Now, let us all, for just a--of this next part of the service now, and the prayer line, let's just settle down, all around the outside. And I thank you young people for your fine behavior or--or at the tent.
And now, here's your mothers and dads. If they're not yours they're somebody's that love them just as well as you love yours. And they're wanting to get well. And I'm trying to do all that I can to help them to be well. And I'd appreciate anything that you all would do for my mother if she was sick or in need. And I know that you'll feel the same way towards me.

E-15 And now, everyone listen as close as you can, and--and believe with all your heart. Now, I'm not a speaker, and I don't aim to preach. That's right. But I just want to speak a few words so that your faith will not fail you now.
Now, we'll talk for a moment about gifts. The gifts of God has always been on the earth. Many times, God couldn't find anybody to put them on.
But listen closely. God never takes His Spirit from the earth. God will take His man from the earth, but never His Spirit. Did you know that? The Spirit that was upon Elijah came upon Elisha (Is that right?) in a double portion. Came on down in John the Baptist. Is that right? So God never takes His Spirit, He takes His man.
He taken His Son up to heaven, sent back His Spirit. And He promised that He would be with us to comfort us unto the end of the world.

E-16 Now, I want you to notice that it's the same Holy Spirit that was in the days of the apostles, are here--is here now (present tense), in this meeting working among the people. Now, it behooves us to realize this: that it isn't your brother, I. It is your Lord, Jesus, Who is here. And we're all representatives of His. Now, we know that's the truth. Do you believe that's true?
Now, that His Holy Spirit is here, and He's just as willing, and He can work through the people as the people will let Him work. Do you believe that?
Now, there was many things that Jesus Himself could not do because of unbelief. Is that right? Many things He could not do. We hate to think that, but He could not do it because of their unbelief.

E-17 Now, the right mental attitude... All you along here, do you understand what I mean when I say, "The right mental attitude?" That's... Your right mental attitude towards God's Divine promise will bring any promise to pass.
Now, maybe you don't believe that. You say, "Well, my faith is weak." I wouldn't confess it. See? Don't let the devil know that. Always say, "I've got good faith. I believe God with all my heart." See? Don't testify nothing of the devil.
And when you accept Him as your Healer, don't never act like you're sick or crippled any more. Believe that you're healed. Take Him at His Word. Then it's all over on God then and not on you. See? You... As long as you take God at His Word, then the Word will produce what It promised to do. Is that right? Now, have faith, believe Him with all your heart.

E-18 Now, Jesus here was speaking, He said, "Father, the time has come." Now, there's seasons for everything. Do you believe that? You sow in a certain season, and you reap in a certain season. And there's seasons when the time comes that's right for things to happen. Do you believe that?
The time came one time for God to destroy the world with water. And He sent a man by the name of Noah. And God got the world ready for judgment. And He taken... The time came for Noah to go into the ark.
Look. Noah could not go into the ark before God was ready for him to go. But when the season came for Noah to go into the ark, God shut the door behind Noah. Is that right? All the opportunities for anyone else to ever enter, it was gone, because that God had closed the door.
And there's coming a time when God's going to close the door for every one of you. Do you believe that? A man, certainly, can sin away his day of grace. Do you believe it?
If--if--if someone... Take hold of that here. Some of the ministers go out there and pray with them, if you will. Bring them out to the side there. Probably someone fainted; it's so hot in the building. And take them out there so they can pray with them, a couple of the ministers.

E-19 Now, look this a way, friends. This is the Word of God. If you're concerned about being healed, listen to what I'm saying. See? Listen to me.
Satan made that person sick, certainly, to attract your attention to get away from what I'm trying to tell you. That's his business. And I'm determined tonight, by the grace of God, to see God's great hand move in here no matter what takes place. And then--and I want you to listen to me, so watch this a way. Give me your attention.
And now, if you will just only believe and take God at His Word.

E-20 Now, notice. When the time came for Noah to go into the ark, the doors closed; but they would not close until that time came. It can--came time one time for the children of Israel to be delivered from--from the Egyptian bondage. And when the time of the promise drew nigh, there raised up a Pharaoh who did not know Joseph. Why? The season was there. They'd respected Israel till that time. But the season was there for no more respects that God could shower down His judgments upon the people. The time had come.
One time, the Hebrew children, when they were carried over in Babylon... Listen. The time came when they had to stand for what was right. The king made a--a proclamation. And he said that whosoever will not bow down to this image shall be throwed in the fiery furnace.
The time came for Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego to show their colors, their faith in God. So they turned their back to the image. They said, "Our God is able to deliver us from this fiery furnace. But nevertheless, we'll not bow down to any of their images." There it was. It was time, the season was there. So then the time came that when he was going to throw them into the fiery furnace, burn that religion out of them.

E-21 That's what the devil tries to do all the time--burn you up on something, make you sicker when you're prayed for, make you think you've lost your experience with God. He's a lying to you.
The time comes when you have to stand on God's Word. Stand alone. But when that time comes, stand there. There's got to be a time when you've got to separate yourself between your feelings and your faith. That's the time it is tonight.
The time comes that when these Hebrew children had to seal their testimony by a fiery furnace. I can see them that morning. Let's look immediately. I can see them that morning. There'd come a great time in Babylon. The king said, "Now, look. We've got some fanatics down here. And they're 'causing us a little trouble with their religion. So we'll just build a furnace fire over there, and heat it seven times hotter than it ever was het. And we'll burn that out of them."

E-22 Could you imagine burning the Holy Ghost out of a man? Can't be done. Notice. I can see the king set himself upon a throne. His...?... hour ti--time came. They bound these Hebrew children, put them in front of a stair and started walking up a platform that they were to fall into this great furnace. I can hear Shadrach say to Meshach, "Say, did you... sure you prayed through?"
Sometimes when Satan puts the heat on, we have to stop and check up. "Lord, do I truly believe You?"
I can hear Shadrach say, "Yes, it's all prayed up now."
The...?... said, "You want to take that back, boy?"
"Nope. We're willing to seal our testimony with our own life. We're ready now."
I can hear king Nebuchadnezzar say, "Now, if you'll bow down to the image, I'll take it back."
"No. We've took our way with the Lord's despised few. I'm going through with it." The time was for decisions, just a few minutes left.

E-23 Many of you are setting here tonight in that same condition: heart trouble, bound in these chairs, and on these crutches and things. Just a few minutes left in this meeting. Make your decisions. The time has come for you to do it. Either you've got to believe what I've said to be the truth, and what God has wrote in His Bible; or walk away in the same condition. But the time has come.
I can hear him say, "All right. Walk them on up." The heat begin to get a little bad.
Don't worry. If you accept Him tonight as your Healer, Satan will put the heat on you tomorrow. Don't you worry about that. Yes, sir.
They started walking a little farther, and I can hear him say, "Are you sure you're prayed up?"
"All right."
Got right up the steps to about one step. They begin to feel fainty, like they was going in. In a few minutes, I can see these guards with their spears ready to push them over into the fiery furnace that was het seven times hotter than it ever was het.

E-24 Notice. We're painting an awful dark picture down here. Let's turn our camera up this way once.
Oh, my. Always when there's anything going on down here, there's something going on up there also. There's always two sides to it, you know. When Satan's on the job, Jesus is also. Ever who you yield your faith to, that's the way it's going. Give it to Christ.
Let's look up this way. You know, I can see Him setting up there in His majesty. His priestly robes draped around Him, looking down.
I see coming to His right a great Angel. His name's Gabriel, great Archangel. He comes running up, pulls His sword. He said, "Master, have You looked down in Babylon? Your people's taking a stand for You down there. The hour has come for them to stand, and they're taking a stand. But that bunch of people there is going to push them into that fiery furnace. And let me go down there. I'll clean that thing up."
I believe He could've done it. Yes, sir. He said He will give His Angels charge over these. And I believe the Angels of God are encamped about those who fear Him.

E-25 I can hear Gabriel say, "I'll go down there, and I'll strike Babylon off the map if You'll let me go down there. Have You considered them?"
I can hear the Master say, "Yes, Gabriel. You're a wonderful Angel. You've obeyed Me, and set at My right-hand ever since the day that I created You. But I can't let You go. Just can't let You go."
Then I see coming this way comes another Angel. You know, God's got Angels in heaven at His command. I can see another one coming up, look at Him, He rushes up. He's called Wormwood. He falls down. He has controls of all the waters.
I can hear Him say, "Master, down in Babylon Your children has took a stand, and they're going to throw them in the fiery furnace this morning. They're almost there. And I've stood by Your side since You created me. I have the controls of the water. In the antediluvian destruction, I broke up the springs of the deep, I swept over the earth and destroyed the whole world with water. Let me go down there this morning. I'll wash her off the face of the earth." I believe He could've done it, don't you?
I can hear Him say, "Can't let You go. You've been a good Angel, but I can't let You go.

E-26 "Have You considered them?"
"Yes. All night long I've been watching them." Brother, His eye's on the sparrow, I know He watches me. He's watching you. He's seeing how much faith you got, how much you got, how much you got. He wants to see what kind of a stand that you'll take. That hour has come now. What are you going to do?
He said, "I've watched them all night long. I heard every prayer they prayed. You Angels has been good Angels, but I can't let You go, for I'm going Myself." Amen.
I can see Him rise from His seat; the priestly robes drop around Him. I can see Him say, "Come here, east wind, west wind, north, and south." Everything obeys Him. I can hear Him say, "Get over here," that big white thunderhead out yonder where it's at. I can see Him roll up to His throne, step over on there. Oh, my. Reach up and get a hold of a zig-zag lightening, pass by the Tree of Life and pick off a pine.
"What's the matter?"
"I'm going to Babylon this morning. My children has took a stand. I'm taking a stand too."

E-27 My, my. About that time Shadrach and a Meshach, and Abednego went down into the fiery furnace taking their faith--final stand for the Lord. And about the time they got into the fire, there was a fourth Person like the Son of God standing there fanning away the breezes down there.
Oh, my. His eye is on the sparrow. If He would come all the way from glory to Babylon for three children, how much more will He come to Phoenix tonight for all of those who are setting here bound. The hour has come. Father, the hour has come.
The hour has come for you. You're going to make your decision now.

E-28 The hour come for some more boys one time, about four of them setting at gate. The Syrians had besieged Jerusalem, or Samaria. And they didn't know what to do. And they were covered with leprosy; they couldn't go in. They were outside the gate. They said, "Why do we set here until we die?" Amen. "Why set we here until we die?"
In this city, they were boiling one another's children and eating them. You remember the case. The Syrians was camped all around, starving them to death. There was only two roads. They said, "If we go in the city, there's nothing to eat there. And if we set here, we'll surely die."
Many of you are setting in the same place tonight. You've went to the doctor. He's done all he could do for you. If you return, he can't do no more; he's done told you so. So why do you set there till you die?
They only had one opportunity. If they go down to the enemy's camp, if they spare them, they'd live. But if they killed them, they'd just going to die anyhow. They was going to die setting there. So they was willing to take the chance. We'd call it a starvation committee formed right away. They come to a quick decision.

E-29 You must have it the same way tonight, a quick decision, now. Choose you this day Who you'll serve. Take God at His Word. The Word's been preached; the signs has been done; the Holy Ghost is here; the time... The hour has come for a decision made amongst the people. What more can God do? Sent it down with signs and wonders, discernments, proved it scientifically, put it on a picture, sent it across the world. Thousands times thousands are witnessing. Others are being healed. What about you?
They arose in the middle of the night and started down towards, walking by faith towards the host of the Syrians. And God honored their faith. And He caused a great storm to come on the desert, a roar, run all the Syrians away. They went right on in. They got plenty to eat, got some wine, got happy. My, and they didn't only save their own life, but they saved the whole city.
There's a lot of sick people here with heart trouble, lot with tubercular, and lot was bound in chairs. Why, don't you tonight, why do you set there till you die? The hour has come for you to make a decision, now. God can't do no more about it, it's up to you. You've got to make the decision. "Why do we set here till we die?"

E-30 And look, you're not invited to go down, and you don't have to go down to an enemy's camp. You come to a Father's house where He's expecting you tonight. He wants you to come. He sent His Son; He died; He put the deposit in there for your healing. And the hour has come for you to make your decision, now. Amen. The hour has come.
There was a little woman setting one time with a blood issue for many years. The blood was flowing from her, and she couldn't get it stopped. She spent all of her living with the doctors, and they couldn't do no good. And she said within her heart, "If I could only see that Man, and touch to the border of His garment, I'll get well."

E-31 The hour finally arrived. They heard a noise down there, a boat just landed. Here come the little woman, my, trying to get through to Him. What was it? The hour was there; her opportunity was there. And here she comes, pressing right on through the crowd. Them old people saying, "Go back. They'll put you out of the temple." She pressed right on. She didn't stop for any of them.
Some of them said, "The days of miracles is past." That didn't stop her. She pressed on. The hour had come for her to touch. That was all. She'd go right between their feet, anyway she could get until she got her heart's desire. She touched the border of His garment. And immediately (Amen.) the blood issue stopped. The hour had come. Amen. The hour has come.
Wished we just had a little time on that, but I've got to stop now.

E-32 Look. The time has come now where you've got to make a decision. I put this challenge to anybody to accept God's Word, no matter what's wrong with you, if you'll make your heart right with God, and promise God that you'll serve Him, and then take Him at His Word. Don't pay no attention to the results you have then, just believe, and God will bring it to pass. "Whatsoever things you desire, when you pray believe you receive them and they shall be given to you." You shall have them if you believe you receive them. You see what I mean? The hour is here.
"Father," said Jesus, "the hour has come... or, the time has come." The time has come when the world's full of scoffers, like the Bible said it was: heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God, truce breakers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good. The time has come. The time has come when the signs should follow the believers. The time has come for the Church to move up or go back. You have to make your decision. Isn't that right? The time has come.

E-33 And the time's come now for this revival to--to come to a close. And dear Christian brother, sister, with all my heart's love for you, I don't know how our Lord Jesus could do anything else to bring your faith to where you should be healed. Is that right?
Remember, in the days of His ministry, He passed by hundreds and hundreds of people, twisted, blind, and everything, and walked right on by them, because they didn't have faith to be healed. He said... Walked right by the Pool of Bethesda where great multitudes was laying there, lame, halt, blind, and healed one man that had an infirmity for thirty-eight years, and passed the group on by. Is that right? Saint John 5.
And they questioned Him. He said, "Why, the Son can do nothing but what He sees the Father doing. And whatsoever things that the Father doeth, He showeth the Son. The Son can do what the Father has already done."
Now, what happens? The person believed. They believed. They accept it. And then God shows the vision to His Son, His Son reveals it.
And He said, "Now, these things that I do shall you also, and greater, for I go unto My Father." Is that right? Now, them same signs and wonders are here. We've just got to close, 'cause it's getting late. I'm sorry that I've been this long.

E-34 Now, look, dear friends, again tonight the hour is here now. The time is come for a decision. The time has come when I've got to call a number of people.
My little boy said, "I just filled both pockets full of cards, daddy, and just give them out everywhere."
All right. I want you all to--to be ready now to be healed. I believe with all my heart that God is going to help you.
What do you think about it, lady, for that baby. Do you believe that with all your heart? Do you believe, little boy, would you here. You do? What about you, lady, you believe with all your heart? And you there, do you believe? You do; I know you do. Do you believe with all your heart? You do? Down through that way, do you believe with all your heart?

E-35 Now, look. You do this: you do... This time... Paul said, "Be a follower of me as I follow Christ."
If the Spirit of God, Who came to me that night and said that I was born in this world to pray for sick people (See?), that I was to pray for sick people all over the world. (I'm making one of the... a tour that'll practically cover the world now.) And He told, that as I pray for sick people, don't... Didn't say nothing else about it.
The Bible said, "If they lay hands on the sick they shall recover." Jesus sent His Word, and He healed the sick in many ways.
Then when I questioned, told Him that they wouldn't believe me, He said, "You'll be given two signs as the prophet Moses was given two signs."
Now, that wasn't easy thing for me to say, because it was... I had to take that Angel at His Word. And I took Him at His Word. And He's confirming the same.

E-36 And as well as I love you people here, and wish that I seen and know you're near to us, and coming here that's been sick and laying out here in these... in sunny slopes, and around trying to get rid of tubercular and diseases, how I... My heart goes for you, how that I want to see you well.
Now, please believe this tonight, if Jesus Christ were here, if He'd stand right here and offer prayer for this entire crowd, and you would everyone believe it with one accord, God would heal every person in the building. He will do it.

E-37 Now, I'm going to ha--have--I'm going to have a prayer line, call up some people and pray for them. I don't know, I'm just going to do what the Lord tells me to do tonight. I don't know how to...?...
How many wants to be prayed for, let's see your hands? My, my. Many, many hundreds.
Now, look, dear friends, I--I'm... I wished I could just come down and take each one of you here at the platform, stand you up here. I realize that brings faith. Certainly it does. That brings faith. When you're told of your troubles and so forth, and sometimes things back in your life, and things that you've done. That does. But just as God has on these here that'd be on the platform, He has the same attitude towards you out there. Don't you believe that?
Now, everybody be reverent. How many's going to believe with all heart, and be praying out there that God will heal you? All right. I believe that He will now.

E-38 Let's bow our heads. The sister or brother, whoever is playing there, I want you to play "Abide With Me" just now, if you will. I just feel the Angel of the Lord is near now.
Our heavenly Father, we love Thee tonight, dear Jesus. We love Thee so much. Thou did first love us and gave Thyself for us. And now, tonight, here's the purchase of Your Blood here before me, many poor, sick, crippled up people. And I know, Lord, that if You don't help, there'll be many of them won't be here in a few days. They'll have to pass beyond the veil. Save them, Father, now I pray. If they be not Christians, save them, that You would take them home to glory.
And Father, I pray that somehow, that while I am ministering by Thy Spirit tonight to Your people, that they will see and believe with all their hearts; and may this be a great night. Father, I pray for these here that's--that's bound on these chairs, and crutches, and stretchers, and cots. And, Lord, them people that's really sick, You know every one of them. Give me favor before them, will You, Lord? that they might just say, "Well, I--I'm going to... I'm going to take his Word for it." Lord, I'm trying to tell them it's Your Word, not mine. Grant, Father, tonight, that great things may be accomplished for the glory of Thy Son, Christ Jesus. For we ask it in His Name. Amen.

E-39 All right. Billy Paul in? What? What you... How many'd you give out? Hundred? What's the letter? All right. I'll tell you what let's do, beginning with--with Z.
Z was the letter that they give out today. Each day we give out so many... Then all I don't get, Brother Hall and them gets them the next day and prays for them all. And then each night, we give out a--a new group of cards.
If you will, just continue play that while I'm praying for the sick, if you will, sister. I just love that piece, don't you? "Abide With Me." God grant that He will abide with us.

E-40 Now, I want all you people in here, out there, wherever you are, I want... Now, if your prayer card is, or, is called, I want you to--to line up. And if it isn't: until it's called, just hold your place and wait. Be reverent. And then, just keep praying. Just keep praying. And say, "God, I believe everything that's been said. I believe Your Word. I believe It with all my heart. And I believe Brother Branham's told me the truth, and I'm going to believe that I'm going to be healed and well, right now."
And now, to the--to the rest of you that's around, out through the outside, remember now, let me make this, 'cause this is really lawful that I do this. I'm not responsible for critics, 'cause these diseases go right from one to another. You know that...
How many knows that to be true? Been in other meetings and seen... They'll go right from one to another. So now, remember, cancer, or whatever it might be, or epileptic, or something, coming into the line, it's... If you don't be reverent, I--I will not be responsible. And you might bring the patient to the platform, but if it's an irreverent spirit, it--it certainly won't come out. That's right. 'Cause He said, "If you get the people to believe you," then I have the authority from my heavenly Father to ask and believe that He will do it. But if the person's been irreverent, I have no authority, no faith for it at all. See? It's those who have reverence. So let's...
What was that? Would you please pray for...?... now...

E-41 Will everybody be in prayer now? Let's just begin out there. Let's begin with the number-1, and start from number-1 and line up over here. Number-1 prayer card. Fine. Then Z-number-2, number-3, number-4, number-5, on down, number-6, number-7, number-8. How many can you put down there, Brother Sharritt? About ten or fifteen, line up down there somewhere.
All right, everybody reverent. Take ten first, so you won't get them all... everybody have to stand a long time, 'cause seldom we ever get over that. Yes. Yes, sir. Thank you, brother. All right...?... Billy, check all these along here. Some of them are hard hearing and things. Look along on these and see if--if any of these crippled people here's got them. If they have, then you pick them up ever where they're at. Z-1 to 10 or 15, somewhere along in there. Check all them.

E-42 I've been calling here two or three nights, and I've been wanting to see someone get up here, and I... Maybe that's selfish. Maybe I oughtn't to do that now, maybe God forgive... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]
Be really reverent, and be respecting with all your heart now. All right.
Now, some of the... If they got... Did I get too many up there? Okay. We... Sometimes we... It's--it's slow, and have to wait just a little bit.
And tonight, of course, it's going to be a little strange. My minister brothers setting here on the platform, and I'll be conscious of that; they're men of God.

E-43 But do you realize... Looky here, friends, from this side's coming spirits, from this side's coming spirits, here's coming spirits, and here's coming spirits. Mighty easy to get mixed up. Don't you think so? It is. We even have...
You notice, of a night time, I usually turn the patient around this a way to talk to them. You know what that is? Get my back to you all. See? That's true.
And I want you to... As you're standing here tonight, a praying. Down there in the prayer line, I want to ask every one of you if you believe with all your heart that God's going to make you well? Do you believe it? All your heart? All right.

E-44 Come ahead, brother. Come here, sir. Are... You believe with all your heart? Do you believe that Jesus Christ, the Son of God... that He died to make you a whole person? Do you believe that I am His servant?
All right...?... You got several things wrong with you. One thing, your eyes are going bad...?... What it is, is a hardening. The eyeballs are becoming hard. The--the nerve in the eye is becoming hard. That's what's doing that now. As I...?...
Now, do you believe if I will ask Him, my brother, that He will grant your request? Well, you believe that?
All right, let's bow our heads everywhere. Dear heavenly Father, the Author of Life and the Giver of every good gift, send Thy blessings upon the man and heal him. May he receive his blessings just now, go off the platform and be well, for we ask it in the Name of Thy Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.
All right, brother. Go home...?...
Let us say, "Praise be to God." Now, everyone reverent.

E-45 You brethren be in prayer, if you will. It makes it kind of... awfully hard. I'm not try... I'm so conscious, not... As you brothers believe, God know, you're believing. But you see, you're human beings. You got a spirit. And that spirit's moving every way like that. It's like...?...
All right, lady. You come now. I want you to look right this a way, sister. I want you to believe me with all your heart. It's kind of a little hard. I can't get the anointing just the way that It should be. You see? And I--I want you to--to--to believe me.
You know, many times our Master... Sometimes He took a man by the hand, and led him out of the crowd, and went outside the city, stood out there and talked to him. Remember that? See?
One time, there was a whole bunch of people in, and they were weeping and all tore up, confused. And a little girl had just died. The people were all confused about it. And Jesus put every one out of the house, and took the mother and father with just some of His campaign men--Peter, James, and John--walked in the room, took the little girl by the hand, called her life back. You remember that?

E-46 Well then, it was also practiced down by Saint Peter when Dorcas died. You remember that? The widows up there were all weeping, because that--that she'd been so kind to them. And Peter come in and seen them all tore up; he put them out of the house so he could find what God wanted to do. See?
Well now, here it is. Hundreds of people setting there, wanting to get in that line. See? He's got them...?... See? And it makes it hard.
And I'm just talking to you like the--the Master that talked to the woman at the well. Now, we're strangers, aren't we, sister. We don't know each other. We're strangers in life. If there's anything to be known of your life, it would have to come through the supernatural. Isn't that right?

E-47 I--I believe that you're a Christian. I believe you're a Christian woman, and you have been for some time. You're--you're awfully nervous for one thing. As your nervousness is--type of nervousness, a worry nervousness. Isn't that right? You're awful person to take other people's troubles too, aren't you? You cross some bridges before you get to them and call it. Isn't that right? Now see, that always happens before... Something's blocking you like there, because you made plans, and it never comes out that way. You get in your mind something that's going to happen, and it doesn't, it just takes that way. Isn't that right? And you're...
Now, it stopped on me just a moment. It's kind of hard. Now, everybody be in prayer, please.
Now, just look this a way, sister. I just want to talk to you (See?), just order to contact your spirit. I seen a vision coming up from a child, from a little girl. And I--I... It just... I have to speak it as it's coming (You see?), or I--I don't get it. Now, just keep praying.

E-48 You're conscious that something's here, isn't It? You're conscious. It's the Spirit of the Lord. You believe it? Yes, ma'am. I see it coming back again now. Oh, yes, you--you have something... It's in your... No, it--it's your stomach, isn't it, that--you have stomach trouble. Isn't that right? Yes, ma'am. I--I see it's the foods and stuff that you can't digest right. Isn't that right. It's something like...?... that's caused you to have like a spasm in the stomach, 'gurgitation, sour, and your teeth become sensitive, cause you to have persistent headaches and things. Isn't that right? That is right. Is that true, sister? That wasn't me talking now. That was Something else talking. That's the Angel of the Lord.
Do you believe me as His prophet? Would you obey me as His prophet? You go and eat anything you want to, your stomach trouble's going to be all right. You're healed now, sister. God bless you, sister, and may the Lord bless you.

E-49 I felt another stomach trouble or something right in here, moving somewhere, just the same time she was healed. Now, just a moment. Them spirits sympathize one with another. That's right in this a way. I can tell it. I can see the two was crossing up. Somewhere there was a--cross up. Now, everybody be real reverent. Just reverent till I can see it again.
Was that what it was, sister? God bless you, my sister...?... Aren't you one of these minister's wives. Didn't I meet you the other day? That's right. All right, you were believing for her. That was your faith, sister, that was pouring in. That's right. That's right.

E-50 All right, sister, you--you come forward here. Now, there's a minister's wife setting there. See, it's her faith, sister, brethren. You understand? It's your faith. You believe me. Just believe one time.
Look. A minister testified at the meeting the other day that God said, "I do a work, though it be done by a man, yet, you'll not believe."
See, I'm trying to say that it is not me. Your faith is what operates that. Without faith, there's nothing... You can't receive anything. The people who beat Him on the head with a stick and said, "Prophesy," there was no virtue at all for them. See? It's those who believe.

E-51 Now, you're the patient. Now, I want you to kind of come over this way just a little bit, if you will. I want you to stand right there, and I want you to clear... Just let--let yourself be quiet. I just want to contact you... It's just a little difficult. See? You don't understand what I mean. Now, you are... We're strangers, aren't we? I've never seen you, knowingly. I--I don't know nothing about you. And we've just met here at this time.
Now, the Holy Spirit is so timid, you know, very timid. And I must find favor with Him first.
Now, brethren, you that's setting here to my right, now can you under... can you understand... feel what I'm speaking of? Now, that's the Angel of the Lord is coming to me now.

E-52 Yes, your health hasn't been good for a long time, has it, sister? Of course, like the lady that just passed through, you're--you're nervous, extremely nervous. Your sight's not good. You're--you're near-sighted, aren't you, sister? Your sight, you don't see very good. You've been that way for some time, haven't you? And you... Now, I just... Just look this way.
You--you remember when the Master was talking to someone? And He had a personal contact. He sent all of His disciples away, and a lady came out to the well. Is that right? You remember that? Yes. And He said one Word to her, "Go, get your husband."
She said, "I have no husband." He told her she didn't. Isn't that right?
You're a Christian believer. And you've been seeking God for a deeper walk with God too. And I seen you praying. Yeah, there it is. You've got stomach trouble too, haven't you? That's right. Go home. God blessed you, and you're healed, my dear sister. God blesses you.
Let us say, "Praise the Lord." Everybody, real reverent. My, friends, you know the life that I take from a human.

E-53 All right, come ahead, sister. Howdy do, sister. Of course, I can see you're wearing glasses, which is... No doubt you have something wrong with your eyes. But I just want to talk to you just a little bit...?... Do you believe with all your heart? Yeah, I believe that, sister. Yes, sir. You're good conscientious person. I believe that. What would you think that is that you feel at this time? Do you believe that's the Spirit of God that...? You--you believe it? It's like a reverence, isn't it, sister?
You have complications, many things wrong with you. 'Course, this is your age. You've had an old trouble that's bothered you for a long time. You also have stomach trouble too.