La Séparation D’avec L’Incrédulité

Date: 55-0228 | La durée est de: 1 heure et 41 minutes | La traduction: Shp
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E-1 Thank you, Brother Jack. And good evening, friends, happy to be here again tonight in the service of the Lord. Just a little lame tonight, myself, I... Yesterday was quite a big day for me, and then kindy after having three hard preaching services, and then the service last night after leaving the Indian Reservation too, made it kindy hard on me a little bit, and I kindy felt awful bad today. So I'm really tired tonight. If it was just this meeting here, it would be different. My life is one...?... after the other everywhere, so get a little tired.
Oh, it's just good to be here tonight in the service of God, and to pray for the sick again tonight. We're hoping that through this meeting now, that we'll have a great closing of the services, for the next two nights coming.

E-2 Then we go to California to the--to the Angelus Temple for five nights. Saturday morning we got to be in the Christian Businessmen Internationally, with a broadcast, and a breakfast at Clifton's, and then we go from there to the Angelus Temple for Sunday, to begin running through Wednesday. And then, on Thursday we began at the... I believe we...?... in there on Thursday and begin out at the Stock Exhibit for the Christian Businessmen, where we was at last year, for five nights or more. It lays between, however, it goes, how...
Every one knows, I suppose, we're to have a little one borned at our house pretty soon, and I don't know just how long I can stay on this next call in there. So then, we are hoping that the Lord will speak with us, and bless us in these meetings.

E-3 Then I go to--down to Macon, Georgia. And I think then up into the north from there, back over to Colorado, I believe it is for the Christian Businessmen Internationally, their convention that they are having in Denver. And then, perhaps, from there to Durban, South Africa, and up into Tanganyika, and Kenya, on into India, and perhaps maybe, many other countries before we get back again.
We appreciate your kindness, and your loyalty of being with us here, and helping us.
Last night, the place so packed out and everything, standing around the walls, made me feel sorry for the people, but through the daytime, I get little notes and things... Wished I could read all your letters, of the people talking about how they was healed, and so forth, and diseases and so forth left them. I'm so happy to hear about that. That's what we're here for, is to try to do the service of the Lord. Could not do it without your help, no matter what it would be.

E-4 If the Lord Jesus, Himself, was standing right here, as human form, why, He could not do one thing, until first you believed He could do it. When He was here the other time, He said, "There was many mighty works He could not do, because of unbelief."
And to the gift of God, the little, oh, the little gift that the Lord has given me, I appreciate the compliments the brothers said, and so forth, but it's just a little thing that the Lord has given us, and we're thankful. It's not for me; it's for you. I just being the administrator of it.

E-5 Many people says, "Oh, I wish that would be to me." You just don't know what you're wishing for, my brother. If you had to know what went with it, why then, you wouldn't--you'd be wishing the other way. I wish that the Lord would just make me a speaker, a real good speaker, so I could win the people to God. That's what I want to be. I'd go out of the meetings, happy and strong, and go out, eat a good supper, go to bed, get up the next morning, go downtown, shake hands with everybody, come into the meeting, walk up-and-down the aisles shaking hands with everybody, oh, how I'd love to do that. That would be one of the highest of my ambitions. But it isn't that way; I can't do that. You can't meet people. You can't even say... Some people misunderstand. They think you're an isolationist. I'm not; I love people, but you can't be a servant of God and a servant of man at the same time. See? So you have to stay away in prayer, and watching.

E-6 Right at the place where I'm staying, visions pour in there and tell the people things and what takes place, sometimes reveals things. I remember here, I believe it was the last time I was in this auditorium. I was setting over here in the hotel (The--the man may be setting here right now.), and the Holy Spirit taken me up, He said, "Now, don't you start a line today, until you see four men dressed in a dark suit, will be bringing a man on a stretcher, hemorrhaging to death, dying." And said, "He will be brought right straight to the platform, and there he will be healed." And I remember I stood here and stalled for nearly twenty minutes; I wouldn't say nothing, in just in a few... Some of the ministers knowed it, 'cause I told them.
I said, "There's got to be someone coming, believing, hemorrhaging. His face is real red." And so he--they brought him in back at the back, packed him down over the audience in the stretcher, brought him up here. The Lord healed him, he went off.

E-7 I believe Brother Sharritt told me the other day, I forget what his name is, but he's a concrete man, or finisher, or something or other. I wonder if the man's in the building tonight? And... Anybody know him, here? Anyone? You know him, do you? What's his name? I can't... Sheldon? Shelton--Mr. Shelton.
Then I know He said in the prayer line: "When you come down along the prayer line, there'll be many things, but you'll hit a little boy wearing a sports coat, one eye stretched out like that. As soon as he's healed then get away from the platform." Remember what happened? A little boy with a sports coat on, come down and was healed. See? Things like that happen, and you... Now, if you're out talking to people, when that anointing's on you, you go talking to them, then here comes the vision to them. See? When you come from the platform, you're wore out, so you just can't minister to them. All right.

E-8 Now, we tried tonight, being Monday, just be kindy a off night; we'll try to speak just a little bit from the Word, just a simple little text here of some sort, the Lord willing, and then go right on, have the service, whatever the Lord will lead. Whether He calls the people up to the platform, if we have to call a few, or whether He simply starts into the audience, or whichever way He leads it.
And now, I was just thinking, these pictures... How many have them pictures? Do you have them in your home? Well, that's fine.
I was speaking to a... Someone told me last night or sent word out by somebody today, that... Today's been a haze to me. But there was a--one of the ladies was weeping or something last night here, seen It when It come down on the platform. Well now, if you have never seen It, here's a greater vindication of it being the truth, just to look at the picture of It.
And it's not my picture, brother, sister, His picture, isn't mine. And He's with the church, not just with me; He's with all of the--every Christian, everywhere. He knows It's Christ, same Pillar of Fire led the children of Israel. I believe with all my heart, He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. When He was there, He led them.

E-9 Look, how many ever read the Old Testament, let's see your hands? Why, that's fine. Why, anyone knows that the Angel of the Lord that went before the--the children of Israel was the Angel of the Covenant, which was Christ. Do you know that? Do you believe that? Sure it was. All right. He was in a Pillar of Fire. Is that right? Well, that's what He was that day; that's what He was--what they called yesterday. When the Scripture was written called today... when He was today... Now, that's the way He went in the form of a Pillar of Fire. Now, we see that in the meeting, night after night, and we see it on the picture. Scientific world knows it. So that means He really was the same yesterday, and then today, when He was here on earth, we'll see what He was. He went around, and how He saw visions, and told the people, and healed the lame, and crippled, witnessed Himself that He didn't do one thing till the Father showed Him first by vision what to do. Is that right?
Here He is coming back, the very same thing, for it be forever, the same Lord Jesus: What He did in the days of Moses, what He did in the days of His flesh here on earth, and what He does today, He's the same yesterday, today, and will be forever, the same Lord Jesus.

E-10 Now, in the book of 2nd Kings, I'll read for just a--a portion of Scripture here, found in the 14th and the 15th verses of 2nd Kings.
And being tired tonight, I'm just going to talk for just a few moments. This what makes it... I've never before made my own altar call and done any preaching. The managers usually do it, and then I come right in and run a prayer line. But since, Brother Baxter has left, why, Brother Jack Moore and I have agreed that... He wanted me to try to talk a little bit, said... But my, I'm a very poor preacher. And so when... And he says, "Oh, if the people... They don't care whether you say 'his' or 'hain't,' 'fetch,' or 'carry,' or 'tote.' Just say something and they'll believe you." So I--I appreciate that; makes me feel real good to know that. You know, and as a theologian, I--I--I don't know very much about the Book at all, but what I do know, I really know. And one thing, I know the Author of It; that's the best part that--to know Him Who's wrote it. In the 14th verse we read this:
And Elisha said, As the Lord of hosts liveth, before whom I stand, surely, if it was not that I respected the presence of Jehoshaphat the king of Judah, I would not look towards thee, nor see thee.
But now bring me a minstrel. And it came to pass, while the minstrel played, that the hand of the LORD came upon him.

E-11 Now, shall we bow our heads, while we talk to the Author of the Book.
Our beloved Father, tonight we approach Thee in the all-sufficient Name of Jesus Christ, the beloved Son of God. For this we know, that He will hear us, for we are promised by Him, "that whatever you ask the Father in My Name, that I'll do." And we know that He would not hear us in our name, or perhaps He would--He hasn't promised to hear in our name, but He has promised to hear in His Name. So we come presenting Him; and realizing as long as it's presenting Him, it's just the same as if He was standing doing the talking Himself. We get what we ask for, for we come with that type of faith.
We pray that You'll shower Your blessings upon the Word tonight, and may every one in Divine Presence be blessed with great outpouring of the blessings of God. And may every soul go away from here tonight, happy, rejoicing. And if there be strangers in our gates, who never has been with us before, when they go home tonight, may they be able to say like those who came from Emmaus that day, "Did not our hearts burn within us?" because of His Presence.

E-12 Do something tonight, a little different from what the ordinary meeting is, that the people might know that You have raised from the dead. Make it a sure sign to the people by the Holy Spirit, like You did to those at Emmaus, that You were raised from the dead that Easter morning and You're alive forevermore.
And we thank Thee for this, after You're nineteen hundred years, You're not one day older. You went out of time into eternity and will be the same lovely Lord Jesus forever, and ever, and ever.
Now, will You bless us tonight in the Word. Help me, Lord, being tired and worn. Bless the audience; they've come faithfully all of these nights, and packed in here. We pray that You'll give them a special blessing tonight. Heal all the sick and afflicted. Make every person to see the Lord Jesus tonight, and look and live, and be made well. Save the lost and the needy. For we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.

E-13 I was talking... to think of the word, "saved." Every one says, "Oh, I believe you can be saved."
Well, saved is... You can either be saved physically or spiritually. The same word used in, "Thy faith has saved thee." is the same word used, "The prayer of faith shall save the sick." And when you're lost, "saved" is translated every time for both physical and spiritual, "Sozo," which mean you're saved physically or spiritually by believing on the Lord Jesus Christ.

E-14 Our text tonight takes us back to a--a little thing to our minds, not to mix with unbelievers. The Scripture says, "Don't yoke yourself up among unbelievers. Do not be unequally yoked together." Many places of the Scripture teaches us that we should separate ourselves. The first thing that God required Abraham to do when He called him, was to separate himself from his people, his kindred, and then He'd bless him.
Now, it doesn't mean you have to leave home; it means just separate yourself from your worldly associates. You know, today, the people are looking, the pastors and so forth... When the churches call their pastor, they want a great big six footer, wide shoulders, dark wavy hair, attractive. That's what they want. That's right. And they want somebody who'll mix, and go out, and tell a few jokes, and make a few wisecracks, and so forth. But the Bible wants a separator. God calls separators. That's right.
The Holy Spirit separates us from the things of the world, from the cares of this world, and our whole affections set on Christ Jesus. Whether we live or die, we serve Him and love Him, and go forward, doing all that we can to magnify Him unto the people.

E-15 Now, in the day when just at the midnight of Israel's history... If you notice, King Solomon, in the day of Solomon, Israel was at it's brightest turning. Then the king of Ahab, time of king Ahab, it was at its darkest. Just at the dark time of Israel, where Ahab married a little old, idol worshiper, and brought idolatry into--into Jewish religion, so did the Holy Ghost church marrying into the world and bringing idolatry in the dark ages: very beautiful type on both churches.
And Ahab was a borderline believer, just a fellow that believed enough to make him miserable. Did you ever see people like that? Well, they have conception that they would like to go to church, and do right; they feel like it'd make them a better social person in their social lives. And maybe for the sake of their children, they think they ought to, maybe, belong to church. If that isn't the most miserable person I know of. I tell you; that the best of cut loose all shore lines and launch out into the deep, or don't go at all. Just simply stay home, or either go all the way for Christ. God wants somebody who'll really go all the way, give all you got, soul, body, and spirit to the service of the Lord.

E-16 Now, this borderline believer, as I called him a few moments ago, oh, he kindy had a mental conception of his theology, that he thought, "Well, there is a God, but maybe Baalim is god too, and the others is so forth." And his wife kindy got him mixed up in that.
You know, boys, I'm telling you tonight, and you young ladies, be careful who you marry; you'll have a broken home the first thing you know. And it's not good to--sinners and Christians to marry together. Don't be unequally yoked together, 'cause that's what got Ahab. She was pretty little thing, yes, paint all over her face, eyes like a lizard, but she was a... The thing of it was, that...
Did you know what? That's the truth. That's the... Ahab just fell for her, because she was, perhaps, pretty, because he couldn't have fell for her for character, 'cause she was a murderer; she was everything else. That's right. And Ahab fell for her because she was pretty. And then, he got hisself infatuated with her, and then she just ruled him with her finger.

E-17 You know, the wisest man in the Bible outside of Christ died a heathen idolater because of a bunch of pretty women? Solomon. Pulled him away from God. All right.
Don't yoke yourself up unequally. And I've seen many people come to the platform, and be healed, and walk away, and mix up with unbelievers, and their sickness come right back to them again.

E-18 A fellow by the name of Dr. Church, a Methodist; I never met him. He wrote a book, and he said, "Here's the reason I don't believe in William Branham." He said, "I met a man here sometime ago, that come from one of his meetings, that had prostate trouble." And said, "He went over there, and William Branham told him, and prayed for him, and said, 'THUS SAITH THE LORD, you're healed.'" And said, "I met the man a year later, and I ask him, 'What about that?' He said, 'Well, Mr. Church,' he said, 'I was healed for about six or eight months, and you know the thing come back on me again.' So that showed that William Branham is false." And the same man, over a camp meeting every year, get that bunch of Nazarenes and Pilgrim Holiness up there, that backslid during the year and claim that they were saved at the altar. That's right. Brother, healing is just as long as faith holds out and so is salvation. You can be saved tonight and lost next week. And you can be healed tonight and crippled again tomorrow, sick again tomorrow. The doctor can go over here, and put a patient in the hospital, put him under a oxygen tent, and give him penicillin for pneumonia, and day after tomorrow pronounce him sound and well, and next Wednesday he could die of pneumonia. Is that right? That wasn't a sign he wasn't healed, certainly not.
The Bible said, "When the unclean spirit's gone out of a man, he walks in dry places, seeking rest...?... And the first thing you know, he goes and gets seven other devils, and comes back, enters in by force." If the good man of the house isn't standing there to war him out, he will come in and be worse than he was the first place. So if you accept your salvation, put the barriers of the Blood of Jesus Christ before the door. They can't step in that.

E-19 And then when you're healed, accept your healing, put the Blood of Jesus always before you. That's not your feelings; it's not your theology. The only thing it is, is your faith set in Jesus Christ upon the finished work at Calvary, knowing this, that you, yourself, has died with your sacrifice as we taught yesterday. That's the reason of the blood of the lamb could not bring the faith to the man, that killed the nature of his sin, because the animal life out of the blood could not return back to the man. But in a case of Jesus Christ, when He died, and the Blood around His cell, which He was a virgin born Son of God. And the Holy Spirit was wrapped in that virgin's cell, and when it was broke, when we come through that Blood, and accept Him as our Sacrifice, the Spirit that was in the Blood there, which is the Holy Ghost, comes back to the man, and brings Him into the Kingdom of God. And he's a new creature in Christ Jesus. That's the reason he could believe in healing; he can believe in anything God says, because he's a part of God. He becomes a son of God, or a daughter of God.

E-20 Now, Ahab had went off after this lovely, young lady, and was backslid, tore all the altars of God down, and build up her. And she had enough temper for about ten women. And they had to please her, and pat her, and baby her around. So he had to kill the prophets and everything else. But God had some that wouldn't bow the knee to Baalim.
God's always had Hisself a remnant; He's had Hisself... Never got any time but what He had one man at least He could put His hands on as a witness.

E-21 And then, after the evil things that he did, and Elijah told him how the dogs would lick his blood and so forth... Now, after he died, then Jehoram, his son reigned in his place, just about as much wickedness, borderline as his father was: same nature. He never departed from the sins of the nation.
And then Moab, half-brother, as it was, over there out of Lot's children, then he rebelled. Now, he was a sheep master in the days of Ahab, and get...?... down the sheep and the wool over to him to kindy make a peace offering. Israel was pretty strong in the days of Ahab. But then, she'd weakened down through that reign of Ahab, and when Jehoram took his place, then Moab rebelled against Israel.

E-22 Now, Jehoram said, "I'll go up and see the king of Edom, see if he will go with me, and then I'll also go over and get Jehoshaphat."
Now, Jehoshaphat, there's a split in the--Israel in them days, Jews--Judah, and--and Israel. And Jehoram reigned over Israel, and Jehoshaphat reigned over Judah. And Jehoshaphat was a righteous man, a good man, God fearing man. But when Jehoram came up to him, and begin to, probably, talk about him, listed his country's...?... had a dinner or two together, or whatever they done, then under that spell of showing what great things they had as a nation, he fell a victim to hooking hisself up with a unbeliever.

E-23 How true it is today, that sometimes somebody will come around, that's a little bit high up in the world, maybe with a little more education than your pastor's got, telling you the days of miracles is past, and that's just--not to believe in it and so forth, like that. You think, "Well, he's a scholar; he's got scholarships from here and there. He ought know what he's talking about." Be careful; you're on dangerous ground. That's right. When you once accept Jesus in the fullness, then you stay with Him the same way till you die. That's right. If you accept Him as your Healer, regardless of what takes place, stay with it anyhow.
Sometimes is just when the darkest time comes along in your life, God's giving you a little trial to see if you really do believe it, when He really makes the thing known to you, perfectly.

E-24 Now, when Jehoshaphat come down and made an alliance with Jehoram, that he would go to battle with him, the believer hooking up with the unbeliever, or the lukewarm, just because there's a few more of the Israelites than there was in Judah, they were a little richer people than there was up in Judah...
How the riches of this world has blinded the people's eyes. How today, that's what's the matter with our nation. Why, you take in the heathen lands, let one thing happen in a meeting of a half a million people, that happens night after night here at the platform, and every, practically every unbeliever in there will weep his way to Calvary right then. Cripples will get up; blind will receive their sight, just simple. But our nation here... Not you people, people that comes to these kind of meetings are not the haughty and the--the rich, they're usually poor common people. But that's the one the Bible said heard Him gladly.

E-25 But you take the people of a whole in America, oh, my, they're well fed, and...?... They don't have to worry about anything. They got all the money they want, and thousands and millions of dollars, making yearly, and fine cars, big summer homes, and places, and everything. They don't have to worry. What's religion to them? Just a place to set around, someplace to say, "Well, I belong to the church." And they'll find the highest and most practical church that they can go to. And did you know, that's the very side of Satan? I hope we don't get rough about it, but remember, in heaven what made Lucifer jealous? He goes over in the north and puts him up a better kingdom; he wanted a bigger kingdom, more brighter, better, prettier.
The devil always works in beauty. Sure he does. That's the reason Cain offered what he did for his offering. But there was no beauty in Abel bringing his lamb, but Abel had a spiritual revelation from God, that that's what God would be pleased with. And as we have said, only through spiritual revelation, can you ever know God. You'll never know Him by knowledge.

E-26 In the garden of Eden there were two trees: One was the Tree of Life; the other one the tree of knowledge. Man left the Tree of Life to eat the tree of knowledge. And the first bite he took, he separated his fellowship from God. Every time he takes a bite off it, he destroys himself. He bit off gun powder; look what that did. Bit off automobiles; kills more than all the wars. He got hisself a hydrogen bomb now; wonder what he's going to do with that? See? He destroys himself. God don't destroy anything. Man, through knowledge, destroys himself.
He goes to the seminary; he learns all about everything. Then he comes back; he knows more than anybody else about it. He comes back, and he explains all the Blood out of the Bible. "This part's inspired; that part's not inspired." Just what he wants to believe is inspired. When he does, by that he separates hisself and his congregation from the blessings of God. Amen.

E-27 Here not long ago... I don't tell this for a joke; pulpit's no place for a joke, but for a point. A little woman had a son; she sent him away to... He had a call to be a ministry--in the ministry. So she sent him away to school.
The old mother, while he's gone, taken pneumonia and almost died. Sent for the son to stand by, 'cause they might call her. The doctor give her up.
A little old lady went to a mission down there; she heard about it. The Lord led her up there, and come to, and said, "Say, sister," said, "our pastor prays for the sick, won't you let him come up and pray for you?"
She said, "Why, yes dear, I'd be glad." So he come up, and laid hands on her, and prayed for her, read Mark 16. Put his hands upon her, prayed for her; the old woman was well the next morning. So she sent back, told her son that she was all right, wouldn't have to come home.
So then, about a year later he come home on a visit. He said, "Mother, I want to ask you to you?" said, "What happened?" Said, "You know, you sent for me to stand by; you wanted me to come home; you were dying with pneumonia. And the next morning here come a--a letter, or telegram, that I didn't have to come, that you were well." Said, "What kind of medicine did the doctor give you, that changed it all at once?"
She said, "Well, son, I want to tell you." She said, "There's some people down here in the town, down in the low part...?... down there in the slums, that's got a little mission." And said, "A lady come up here and told me her pastor prayed for the sick." Said, "Honey, he come up here and read to me out of the Bible, that there's people that's supposed to lay hands on the people when they were sick. And you know, the Lord healed me."
He said, "Oh, mother." Said, "Such as that, why," said, "those people are illiterate." Said, "They don't know no better. Why," said, "He was reading Mark 16?"
Said, "Yes."
"Why," said, "we learned in the seminary that Mark 16, from the 9th verse on is not inspired." Said, "Those people are illiterate; they just don't know no better. They don't know the Word like we learned in the seminary."
The little mother said, "Well, glory to God."
He said, "Mother, what did... You're acting like them." Said, "What's the matter with you?"
Said, "I was just thinking: If God can heal me with uninspired Word, what could He do with that really is inspired?" So--so those basis... So that's about of the way it is. We...

E-28 Take you out there and put the embalming fluid in you and take all of the God that's ever in you out, and learn your theology. Why, you can't know God by knowledge. It's impossible. You've got... By grace saved and that through faith. Just believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. That's the way you know Him, not by all of your shrewd words; that takes you away from God. More you know, more you study and try to find out about it, the less you know. Quit studying and figuring it out; just let loose and believe.
I used to preach over in the Baptist church a little sermon; I called it, "Let Loose And Let God." That's right. Just let loose and let God; as long as you got yourself into it, there ain't no way. You know who the biggest enemy I got's William Branham. He's always in God's way. If I can just get him out of the way, then God can go to work. That's your worst enemy is yourself. Just get yourself out of the way, and then God can go to work.
Now, be careful of your associates when you get out there, and get among the people, and this one begins to tell you this, and this one, that. Then you get yourself all mixed up; you don't know what you do believe.

E-29 A few weeks ago, or it's, say, a few months ago, rather, when I come back from Africa, I had ameba. And they was going to put me in a pest house when I come over, because they said I had ameba. You know the story of it. There's a doctor taken me in, and said, "I want you to drink some..." It was Barium Meal, what it was."
And oh, he was out of sorts that morning; I thought, "God, what did You sent me in here for?"
And he was drinking that Barium Meal.
Said, "Catch your breath."
And I said, "Yes."
And he pushed in like this, and he pushed around, like he was pretty near putting his hands through me. And he said--he said, "Lay down on the table." He said, "They tell me you're a missionary?"
I said, "Well," I said, "I'm an evangelistic missionary now."
He said, "Well," said, "the doctor's told me that you was a preacher."
And I said, "That's right."
"Do you know, I studied that stuff once."
And I said, "You did?" I said, "What went wrong?"
He said, "I found out it wasn't right."
I said, "You did?" I said, "Well, I've been twenty-three years, and I--I never found that out yet." I said, "I just found out it's better to me all the time."
"Well," he said, "here's what it is reverend." he said, "You know," he says, "I--I studied four years at Presbyterian seminary." And he said, "I got a hold of some books." He said, "you know, all the Mohammedans, they've got virgins births, and they got all kind of resurrections." He said, "I come to find out the whole thing was nonsense. You can't make it out."
And I said, "Doctor, you're trying to compare the ridiculous with the sublime." I said, "There's not no comparison at all. They claim they have, but they have no witness of it."
He said, "Neither have we."
I said, "Oh, yes we do."
He said, "There cannot be one thing produced to prove that there is a supernatural Being."
I said, Will you accept it, if it'll be proved to you?"
And he said, "Well, how could you prove it?"
I said, "I can prove it, scientifically, that there is a supernatural Being." That's right.
And he said, "I don't believe." He said, "I studied it," said, "all these different things."
I thought, "Lord, give me wisdom, 'cause I'm speaking to a smart man and me a hillbilly." So I knowed that I had to have God's help, so...
He said, "Well," said, "I just don't believe there's such a thing."
I said, "Well, I want to ask you something, doctor?" And I--I begin to talk to him; I said, "The thing of it is, you try to figure everything out." I said, "I appreciate science." I said, "You looked right up through my stomach, awhile ago, with the light that's in my body. The little cord of a thing you put in up there, and my light meter just showed through there, and you went all through my stomach to tell me that I didn't have any symptoms of these things or any them parasites any more." I said, "Well, I appreciate that, and that's good." But I said, "Here's what it is. Science doesn't know God." I said, "You climb up this tree so far... And the tree of knowledge only goes so far, and then it's all the higher you can get." I said, "Climb up on the tree of knowledge just as far as you can, and step off on the tree of faith and go on believing on up like that."
He said, "Well, I wish I could do that."
I said, "You can, if you'll believe."
And he said, "Well..."
I said, "Did you ever read of the Lord Jesus in the Bible, of how that the things that He did, and so forth?"
He said, "Oh, yes."
And about that time, the Lord gave me a vision of something that he did. I said, "What about?"
He said, "How did you know that?"
There you are. Isn't it strange, that people, the very things that will bring joy and perfect satisfaction to the unbeliever's heart, they want to class it something else?

E-30 Saved by faith, that's what we believe it... And faith is not... You're not saved with faith; by faith you're saved. The thing hurts us is, the thing that you ask for. 'Cause it echoes in your heart, or sets in your heart, and you know you believe it, and you know you got it, before you even get it. See? Faith is the substance. And if people just... What it is, a--a people trying to believe to be saved. That's intellectual faith. The Word will produce intellectual faith, but God has to produce the results.
Now, if your faith is in your mind, that's not too good. Put you faith down here. Let your mind will reasons it on, and say, "Well, now, let's see. It said this; the doctor said this, and mother said this, and dad said this; the pastor said this." Now, that's what intellectual faith. "Oh, I believe the Bible. Yes sir, I think it's right, but you know they..." See, you're trying to reason. That's intellectual faith. But when your faith comes from out of the intellectual realm, and the Holy Spirit puts it in the soul and the heart, you won't even think about these things. You won't try to see nothing. Only thing you know, that it's going to happen, regardless of who's says it's not. That's it. It's in the heart; God puts it in there. There it is. When God puts it in there, all the devils out of torment will never move it.
If you were laying dying, grasping, gasping your breath, the death rattle's in your throat, fifty doctors standing around saying, "He's going out to God in the next five minutes. He's a leaving now." and down in your heart, you believe Jesus Christ had healed you, that wouldn't bother you a bit. Just as sure as there's a God in heaven, you'd come out of it. Yes, sir. 'Cause God's duty bound; He's got to keep His Word. And you'll never know what is Christ or what is the Word, until first the Holy Spirit has personally revealed it to you in your heart. Then you know that Jesus is Lord, when your heart says so. Not when your knowledge says so, when your heart says so, that's when you know it.

E-31 Now, Ahab didn't have these qualities, neither did Jehoram. They were just intellectual believers. "Oh, yes, I read back where Moses led the children of Israel. Oh, I--I believe that was my ancient people." That's the way it's looking. Compare that with today.
"Oh, we believe that God is a great God. Yes, we read back where He was with the people back, oh, two thousand years ago." That's intellectual. That's something that God did. That's like a man freezing to death, and paint him a big fire on the wall, and say, "Look what a beautiful fire that was. See this picture here? Well, we had a great fire to come. Look how everybody was getting warm."
Everybody was getting warm then, but what about you? You can't get warm by painted fire. You got to have the fire itself. You've got to have the same thing that they had. And what the church needs, today, is a good old fashion, A.D. '33, pentecostal warming up by the Holy Ghost and fire, bring back faith to the church again, the faith that was once delivered to the saints.

E-32 Now, Ahab in his lukewarm condition, died in that estate. And now, here come Jehoram around just like him, but the bad part is Jehoshaphat, a righteous man, on fire for God, gave...?... and joined up with this lukewarm man. There's where the trouble come. A lukewarm believer is worse than an infidel. That's right. God hurry in the day when every man will either be a Christian or a sinner, and stay the same.
Notice, but Jehoshaphat, a righteous man, come down under the spell of emotional, going on the walls drunk, and beating Israel with all these things, "Sure, we'll go over, being on common grounds." And I want you to notice all in the big rush, they left off with enough food to last them seven days, a compass for seven days. And the thing of it was, they went off without even having a prayer meeting or consulting God. That's the bad way to go to battle, isn't it?

E-33 It's a bad way for you to come to church at night, expecting to get healed, without having a good long season of prayer before you leave home. Say, "Lord, I--I want you tonight, to do something for me. When I get down there tonight, may the Holy Spirit just sink every word in my heart, and faith will anchor there, and I can raise right up in the meeting, and get my healing, and walk away perfectly whole." Then you'll go getting healed. But if you eat a great big supper, fuss around the house awhile, argue all the way down, why then, when you come down here, you'll probably go back the same way you come in. That's right.
That may be a little bit hard. It's just like... I was a little old boy, we used to have pretty hard time a living. Which it isn't too easy now, but--but it was awful then. We lived in a little old cabin, and mama used to broil meat skins for the--for to make the grease to make bread out of. I don't know whether you had to do that or not, put them in the pan, you know, the meat rinds. You get them at the store, a whole big package of them for a quarter. And they'd put them in there and render it out, then she'd pour that into cornmeal, and we had corn pones and--and--and black-eyed peas. I don't whether you all know what they are or not. Black-eyed peas and just corn pone, that's a real good southern dish, and sorghum molasses and hominy grits for breakfast. So then...

E-34 And every Saturday night, when--she had a old fashion way. They had a big old cedar tub, and teakettle on the stove, or hanging over the fireplace. And they pour this water in, and all of us little Branhams had to come up and get a bath, all in the same water, same tub. And so it went right on through. And me being the oldest, I was the last. Of course she--she bathed the little ones first, pour a little more water in, warm it up. Why, I imagine a lot of you done the same thing. That's right. That's right. That's right.
We're--we're just... Because we can wear a little better clothes, and a better automobile, we're still just eighty-four cents worth of chemicals. That's all. You'd have to weigh a hundred and fifty pounds to be that. Ha.

E-35 Did you know a man's worth only eighty-four cents in chemicals? Just enough chemicals about him, a little bit of calcium, and--and just enough whitewash to sprinkle a hen's nest, and you know, just a--just a few chemicals, and then you walk around like you're worth a hundred million dollars. And what are you anyhow? That's what any of us is. After while we're going to lay out there in the graveyard and rot away. But that soul, brother, that's in there tonight in the front of God is worth ten million worlds. That's right. You'll take care of the eighty-four cents, but you'll just let anything come in that soul. Let's be sensible, brother, let's really serve the Lord.
And mother, I remember she used to, every Saturday night, we didn't have enough vitamins and things (You see?), so we have to take Castor oil. I took so much of that stuff, till I can't hardly look at the bottle today. I used to hold my nose, and I'd say, "Oh, mama, please don't do it. It makes me so sick."
She said, "Now, look here son, if it doesn't make you right good and sick, it doesn't do you any good." So maybe, that's the way it is with preaching the Gospel. If we don't get right rough with it once in a while, it don't do you any good. Gets you stirred up. Amen. You hear it? That's what we need, a roughing up.

E-36 You just get to an old rut all the time. Let's break out into the deep, play out, don't be shore bound. Everybody's tied up with a certain thing; they're all right. But you tied yourself around something: "This is what we Methodists believe. This is what we Baptists believe. Here's what we Pentecost believe." But here's what the Bible says. Amen. That's what... I believe, what He says. I still could belong to the Methodist, or Baptist, or wherever it was, but I want to believe what the Bible says, because the Holy Spirit in you will make you believe it. If it ever comes in, It believes it Itself. For you yourself are reckoned dead. Amen. Your life is hid through God, in Christ, sealed by the Holy Ghost. Then you say the devil got you. He couldn't get you. You got him. It's just vice versa.

E-37 Now, Ahab goes over there now--I mean, Jehoram goes over, and makes his alliance, and out they go for seven day's journey out in the wilderness. They hadn't halfway got there yet. So the first thing you know, they was out of water. The water supply was cut off, because of lack of prayer.
Don't you think that's a whole lot around Phoenix, and everywhere else today, across the nation, the Holy Spirit type--the water's a type of the Holy Spirit, the smitten rock. "God so loved the world, He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish."
As the water went to a perishing people, to keep them from dying out of the smitten rock, so does the Holy Spirit go to a perishing people. You believe it?

E-38 You know, I seen a picture here not long ago in a big museum of that rock giving its water. If it wasn't... It was as bad as what I've told you the other night about Adam and Eve. Why, there was a little bitty old drip falling down, a little bitty thing about the size of my finger. If I'd be right thirsty, I could drink that thing dry myself. But look, they watered two million people, beside camels, cattle, and things. Brother, it come forth in a gusher. The Holy Ghost just don't sprinkle a little bit; It baptizes altogether. Lose all conscious of everything, when the Holy Spirit baptizes. Brother, you could swim in it. Amen.

E-39 Now, as a little boy, I used to tell my daddy I could swim. I was in a little pond; he took me back there, a little culvert. I passed by here sometime ago, a little old--about that deep, you know, and he wanted to see me swim. I got up there in the sassafras bushes, and took off my clothes, come down and jumped up on a little box, and held my nose (I was about seven years old.) hit that mud, and just splash every way, till I come, mud, just crawling up-and-down through it, my little old stomach dragging in the mud. He set there; I seen that discouraged look on his face. When I looked up, he said, "Get out of there, and get you a bath, and go home." See? I... That's just about the way it ought to be said to some of these mud crawling Christians too. That's right. That's exactly. They're crawling along in the mud.

E-40 One day my uncle got me out on the back of a boat in about thirty foot of water. I kept popping off about I could swim. He took the oar and knocked me off in the water. I had to prove it then.
Sometimes God just lets you get a good case of diseases, some sort like that, somewhere, a disease that the doctor says he could do no more for you, to keep you from mud crawling, till he tries to go to swimming. Amen. Let something happen sometime in your family, something come up, so you really have to swim, get out in the gusher.

E-41 The water supply had dried up; They had no water for them or their camels, and their--their horses and so forth. Oh, they was all disturbed and said, "Oh, God brought us out here with these three kings to get killed out here. They'll sure get us." Then was a horrible time to think so, but it's a good thing that there was righteous man among them, anyhow. There's one man kindy had a little of God about him. He knowed where to go to in the time of trouble--Jehoshaphat. He said, "Isn't there a prophet somewhere, that we can consult the Lord and see what's gone wrong?"
One of the fellows come up, said, "Yeah, there's Elijah down there, Elisha." Said, "He poured water on Elijah's hands." In other words, his associates had been right. Ha.

E-42 You know you're kinda judged by your associates. Birds of a feather flock together. Did you ever hear that? That's the truth. That's an old proverb, but it's the truth. You never did see any buzzards and doves having any fellowship with one another. Their diet's different. And just as sure as you get God in you heart, you're diet will be different too. You'll come out from the things.
You know why the dove can't eat with the buzzard? The dove is a different make-up; he doesn't have any gall. He can't digest them things. And that's the way it is. The old crow set out there. The old crow though, he can set on a dead carcass, eat half the day, go out eat wheat the other half of the day. But the dove can...?... and eat wheat, but you can't eat the dead carcass.

E-43 So you see, you can have somebody pretending to be Christian, when he's not, pretending he's a believer, when he's not: fly up back out the next day and go down to the barroom, and set half a day, fuss with his wife all day long, drag on an old pipe like a big cat, or something or another, then call hisself a Christian: yeah, go down to church, and shout, and carry on like the rest of them. That's the truth. That's pretty scorching, but, brother, it's the truth. Amen.
Well, I'll leave that for these pastors to preach. I better get off on that. We're on Divine healing.

E-44 Anyhow notice, when he got over there then he found out, he said "There's Elijah; he sets his company straight (Elisha), 'cause he just associated with the prophet, a real prophet. And we understand, he had the double portion. You know what that's the type of? That's a type of the Holy Ghost church associating with Jesus. You believe it?
Elisha looked. He said, "Now, to... When he knew he was going to be taken up, translated, he told Elisha, said, "Now, you wait here, for I'm going to another place."
And Elisha said, "As the Lord liveth, and your soul never dies, I'll not leave you." Going to stick with him. So he's tried him out. Sometimes God gives you trials (Did you ever know that?), give you some child training. Oh, get you all fixed up sometimes like that, just to see what you'll do about it. See?

E-45 So he said, "As the Lord liveth, and your soul never dies, I'll not leave you." He walked up to the school of prophets. He got up there where all these preachers was. And then he said, "You stay here now; I'm going to join you."
Said, "As the Lord liveth, and your soul never dies, I'll not going to leave you."
So he get down to Jordan; they crossed the Jordan together on dry land. Elijah turned around and said, "Elisha, what do you want?"
Said, "I want a double portion of that Spirit." That's a good thing.
He said, "Now, you've asked a very hard thing, but nevertheless, if you see me when you go--when I go, you'll receive it."
Now, could you imagine Elisha to ever get his eyes off of him? He kept his eyes right on him. No matter if he passed anybody, say, "Hey, we've got a better organization than yours." He didn't pay any attention to that; he kept his eyes on Jesus, just kept moving right straight on. "Hey, I'll tell you, you're going to be a fanatic if you follow that old line of doctrine you're in." But just kept his eyes on Jesus, just kept moving right on. And why? He wanted a double portion. And so, look, when Jesus was taken up as a type, the same thing taken place.

E-46 Now, Elijah when he--Elijah went away, he threw back his garment, and Elisha picked it up, and put it on himself, and he had a double portion of the Spirit that was upon Elisha--Elijah.
Now, when Jesus was getting ready to go, a woman said, "Let my son set on one right hand, and on the left of the Kingdom."
He said, "Can you drink the cup that I drink?"
Said, "Yes."
Said, "Can you be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized with?"
She said, "Yes."
He said, "You can, but the right and left hand is not for Me to give." So He said, "These things that I do, little while and the world will seeth Me no more, yet you'll see Me. For I'll be with you, even in you, to the end of the world. The things that I do, shall you also, and greater (double portion) that this shall you do, for--because I go to the Father." Is that right? Correctly.

E-47 Now, and when Elisha come back with this garment, they knew he had a double portion. So they went out to consult this prophet. Now, you know, this is going to hurt a little bit of you people, this Arminian doctrine. And I'm not too strict a Calvinist, myself. But you know, it come down at the place, and you know what? That preacher, of course, he wouldn't get angry, but he--he got his righteous indignation stirred up. He seen that hypocrite out there, and that righteous man with him, and looked at him and he kindy blew up. He said, "If it wasn't that I respected the presence of Jehoshaphat, I wouldn't even look at you."
My, he got out of humor. Well, there's only one thing to do when a man gets in that condition, the same thing Elisha did. Said, "Now, go get a minstrel and start playing." And when they went to play the music, they got in the spirit.
Shame on you people that don't believe in music. That's what brings the Spirit of the Lord sometimes. God doesn't change. If He liked it then, He likes it now. Well, you say, "I...?... there is." If you can't be Elisha, be one of the instruments, or be one of the minstrels' strings then. There's something, you calling for the Lord, 'cause it altogether brought the Spirit of God. That right? The presence of the prophet and the playing of the minstrels...

E-48 And they begin to play some good old hymn upon these string musics, and beat the tambourine, and they all got into the spirit. And you know what? Here's another thing. Him setting there all stewed up about it, this, that, or the other, the Spirit of God couldn't deal with him. You've got to get away from that type of condition. "I'm a Methodist. I'm a Baptist. Dr. Jones don't believe in this. My pastor said, 'It's nonsense; don't go down there. Don't listen to this.'" As long... You'll never see nothing. You've got to get in the Spirit. Amen.

E-49 So what did... Elisha got in the Spirit, then God begin to show him some things. And if you want to really get to see some things, get in the Spirit.
And the first thing you know, when he got into the Spirit, well then, all of a sudden he raised up and said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, I want you to go out there and dig this whole valley full of ditches (a desert parched just about like between here and South Mountain). I want you to dig it all full of ditches, for THUS SAITH THE LORD, you're not going to see any winds, or thunders, or hear anything, but these ditches will be filled full of water in the morning. THUS SAITH THE LORD."

E-50 Now, the duty was--was... That looked ridiculous to the carnal mind. "Well, Elisha, surely, if you want us to get some water, you'd tell us to drill around here somewhere, your pump some where."
But he said, "Go out there, the driest place there is, and start digging some ditches." See? Ain't no water yet, ain't going be able to throw sand out. But you're making ready for water. Amen. Faith is the substance of things hoped for. 'Cause the Word of God said it, believe it anyhow. No matter what takes place, what your mind tries to say, if God said it, let the mind that was in the One that said it be in you. Amen. Get ready.

E-51 I can see little John Doe, a little old soldier go out there and kindy hurt his prestige you know, got his shovel out, and he hit down like that, and he hit a big old cobblestone. My, hit down a farther, he hit an old teakettle, an old coffee pot, everything had been laying out there in the desert. Throw them out. That's the only thing that... Everywhere them old doubters, and this old teakettle raise up and say, "Well now, Dr. Jones said that that was mental telepathy. There's nothing to it." Throw it out; make room for some water. That's right.
Here's an old cobblestone, saying, "The days of miracles is past." What are you looking at it like that? Throw it out. Let water take its place. Amen. Let faith take the place of unbelief, of unbelief and superstition. Throw it out. For deeper you dig the more water you'll get. You got to dig that deep; that's all the water you get. God wanted it that deep. That's how much water you get. So let's start digging right now...?... Lay aside every weight and the sin that so easily besets you. Take...?... and unbelief, that little thing that said, "Well, it couldn't be done. My, the doctor says this, or..." The doctor may be right, as far as he knows, but God says different: "If thou canst believe, all things are possible." Throw the thing out of the way then, give a chance for the Holy Ghost to make a way right in this building tonight. No matter what you done; though you sin like scarlet, they'll be white like snow. Make a way for it; dig the ditches.

E-52 And the next morning, the--God moved in and filled all the ditches, and they each one got water. And the other alien army was pursued, and run down, and they took a--rocks in their hands, and went over to their enemies and stopped up all their wells. Wasn't that a wonderful victory? Not only won all the victory, but stopped up their wells (Amen.), that old stagnated ponds they was drinking anyhow.
What we need tonight, is the people that'll dig down and get a little salvation in their soul, get the victory in there, get healed, saved, filled with the Holy Ghost, and stop the mouths of some of these old critics saying the days of miracles is passed. Throw the stone of faith into it, like that, and stop the thing up. Amen. That's what we need tonight, is a revival like that. Don't you believe it? You can, if you believe. Amen. Shall we pray.

E-53 Heavenly Father, we love You because Thou has first loved us and give us of Thy blessings. We love Thee, because Thou has promised, that whosoever will may come and drink from the waters of Life freely, the waters of Life, Eternal Life. We hear our Master say, "He that heareth My Words, and believeth on Him that sent Me, has Everlasting Life (Done took the waters of Life freely, because he believed.), and shall never come into condemnation but has passed from death to Life." Oh, how we love that, Father, and we love to pour it over us.
When Satan gets a raging around, we quote the Scripture to him; Jesus said so: "Resist the devil and he will flee from you."
We thank Thee for all things. Bless these ones that's here, tonight, maybe, Father, that doesn't know You, not knowing, maybe, before they get home the old car will wrecked up against the side of the street, some drunk come through and... Maybe their heart will stop beating tonight, doctor run up to the door, and run in, put his stethoscope to the heart, say, "Well, sorry to tell you, but it's over. He's going." Feel the chilly, death comes slipping up the sleeve, then they'll wonder, "Oh, when I was setting in church, when the Holy Spirit was knocking at my heart, why didn't I say, 'Yes.'"
'Cause I have a promise, if I'd only believe it, they'll have Everlasting Life. God that's got to come to every one of us, someday, some way, we've got to meet You. Death lays in the door; we don't know when it'll come, but be prepared, Father. And may everyone in here, be prepared for it.

E-54 While we have our heads bowed, if the organist will play, "Abide With Me," I wonder... I know, friends, this is usually you're--you hear a evangelist preach, and make some sort of a call, or tells something about mother that's gone on to heaven. I don't want you to come because mother's there; I want you to come because the Holy Spirit's telling you to come.
Come upon the basis of the shed Blood of Jesus Christ, a consecrated way that He consecrated through the veil, that is to say His flesh, and you believe it. There's only one thing you have to do to receive it, is just say in the depths of your heart, "Lord, I now accept it. I see these people that's so happy. They go along. I wish I could be like that," you say. You can. "What do I have to do, Brother Branham?" Just lift your heart to God, say, "Lord, I now accept Jesus as my personal Saviour." mean it from your heart, and you won't have to move from your seat. God's right there to do it. If He's at your heart, talking to your heart, He's closer than anything else; He's right in the door of your heart.

E-55 While we have our heads bowed, I wonder if there's one in here tonight, that's an alien, not right with God, would raise your hand to God now, not to me, just so God can see you hand, say, "Lord, I accept it." God bless you, sister. God bless you, you, you. God bless you, sister, and you. God bless you, lady, you, you, sir. Back over to the right, anybody back over there, say... God bless you, you, you. God bless you. Oh, that's wonderful. Oh, I tell you, friends, it's wonderful, old fashion conviction.
Over to my left here, someone raise your hand, say... God bless you, lady, I see you. God bless you. God bless you, Indian boy. Back there, yes, I see you. God bless you. Yes. Way back, yes.
Up to the left in the balcony, someone up in there. God bless you, little lady. God bless you, honey, the little boy there. Someone else? God bless you, honey, I see you. God bless you, sir. God bless you, lady. I see you. Yes sir, God sees you too.
The balcony to the right, raise your hand, saying, "God remember me." God bless you, brother, upon raising your hand. God bless you. God bless you, you. Upon doing that, I say, from the depths of my heart, if you believe me... God bless you, my brother back there, the Spanish brother. If you believe me... God bless you, the lady setting here in a wheelchair, accepting Christ as personal Saviour. Here's the Word of God.

E-56 "Brother Branham, what do I have to do?" Just accept it. Believe it. Jesus said, "No man can come to Me, except My Father draws him." That's God telling you to raise your hand. "And all that will come, I will in no wise cast out. I'll give them Everlasting Life." Now, here's His own Word, "He that believeth on Me, He that heareth My Words, and believeth on Him that sent Me, has Everlasting Life and shall never come into condemnation, but's already passed from death to Life." Because what? He believed on the only begotten Son of God.

E-57 Now, if you're just... If there's something gnawing at your heart, that's God. [Brother Branham knocks three times on the pulpit--Ed.] That's Him saying, "Raise your hand." He's talking to you: "That's Me here." Now, I want you raise your hand. It ain't so much whether I see it or not; that doesn't make any difference. God sees it.
And you remember this: I've got to stand by every one of you in the judgment seat of Christ. I have to meet you there, and I'll be responsible for you. If you'll believe with all your heart, right now, that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that He died in your place to redeem you back to God, and accept it fully from your heart, and raise your hand to God, that you did the same, by the authority of Almighty God's Word, and the Holy Ghost as He's here at the platform now, you have Everlasting Life the minute you do it.
God bless you, lady. God bless you, way back there. God bless you, sir. That's wonderful, just everywhere, new ones raising their hands. You, young lady. You, young lady, another. Yes, God bless you and you. Yeah, lovely little lady, that's right, sister, just at the turning points of life there, just a little lady. God bless you; that's the way. Take the right road.

E-58 God gives you Everlasting Life, the minute you raise your hand and accept it. He promised He would. He can't lie. He's God. Everlasting life... God be with you now. Is everyone sure now? Is the Holy Spirit... Still believe? Is there one that hasn't raised their hand, would just raise their hand, say, "Just now, I accept it." God bless you, laddy. God bless you, sir. God bless you, little boy. Yes. That's it. God bless you, lady. That's wonderful. God bless you, lady, mother, yes. That's the new ones, oh, everywhere. The Holy Spirit's still dealing.
Now, you just remember as you're... Everybody praying. Sometime between now and the day that you leave this earth, if you're conscious the hour you're leaving, you'll remember at this meeting, you put up your hand. That's right. God promised He'd do it, and He will.

E-59 Some fifty or sixty people, or better, has put up their hands, maybe a hundred tonight, wanting salvation in their soul. All right. Now, let's pray for these people that's had their hands up, while the organ and piano is still playing, "Abide With Me." Let's take our minds back now, after... []... after the earth has been blowed up, just atomic ash is laying all over, God pulls it back into it's right cycle, great palm trees come up over the earth, springs of fresh water bubbling up, the big birds going through tree to tree, the lion laying down with the lamb... Some glorious morning, Jesus will come. From that land beyond this veil of sorrow we live, when these mortal wheels, that's turning in us now, stop, our soul takes its flight, we'll come again in the resurrection, and you'll see the lovely One, and right, tonight, some near a hundred people, right here in the audience, now, that would not have went, will go now.

E-60 Father, we're grateful for this. We thank Thee for it was Your Spirit. Man, in his own spirit, cannot accept You, because he's an alien. His nature's altogether different. They heard the Word, and they believe. And now, Father, I pray that You'll give each one Everlasting Life, and fill them now up with the Holy Spirit. And when this service is over, may every one gather here in the room, kneel down before their Maker, give thanks to Him for saving their soul. And may every one that enters the room there, be filled with the Holy Spirit. Grant it, Lord.
And now, will You come on the scene and heal the sick. To these new converts, perhaps, their first time ever being in the meeting, let them know that You've raised the dead, Lord, that the same Spirit that spoke to them tonight, to raise their hand, accept You, is the same Spirit that'll be healing the sick, if You shall come and do so. So, Father, come. Speak to us now. For we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen...?...

E-61 Oh, you don't know how that makes me feel, just feels like the Holy Spirit in me, just weeping out with joy. You... How many of you raised up you hands, that feels different now? Let's see you raise your hand again, if you feel different? Everywhere, all over the building, everywhere, raise your hands, that-- that raised your hands, that felt different. My, just look. Isn't that marvelous? Why? Something happened. The Holy Spirit came to your heart, forgive your sins. Jesus came in.
Now, that little Seed that come in there, will start growing, growing, growing, and you'll become a real seasoned-out saint of God, an old veteran pretty soon.

E-62 Now, I want to ask you something now, before we start the prayer line. Now, for the first timers, you here probably never seen one of the meetings before, so that you'll be sure to know it beyond a shadow of doubt. I do not claim to be a healer. I cannot heal nobody, and I don't believe there's anyone in the world today that can heal anybody. I don't believe there's a doctor that can heal anybody. Friend, they--they don't claim to. And really, I have never met a minister in my life, that claimed to heal the sick. They don't do that. We only point you to the Person that's already healed you. See?
Now, you people that's raised your hand, you wasn't save just a few minutes ago. You were save nineteen hundred years ago, but you accepted it just a few minutes ago. Now, the same thing, you were healed when He died for you, and now, you have to accept it. Now, the first and initial way, is by preaching the Word. "Faith cometh by hearing, hearing of the Word."
Now, besides that, God has set in the church, gifts, determined that all must have a chance. "He's not willing that any should perish, but all might have Eternal Life."

E-63 So now, let's see what Jesus did in His day. Now, the brethren, on the field, to you newcomers, most of them they come out, and anoint the sick with oil, pray for them, lay hands on them. That's exactly the way God said do it. That's exactly. That's gifts of healing. They have great overpowering faith; they take this situation over by faith, and get rough with the enemy. They do that to build their own faith up, and away it goes. They lay hands on the sick, some of them; some of them anoint the sick, and pray for them. That's exactly what the Scripture said do.

E-64 Now, now, that's their ministry, the way they do it. Now, to me, gifts and callings of this type is not by laying on of hands. You're born with these gifts. See? You come in the world with them. Now, just as natural for me to see a vision as it is for you to take a drink of water when you're thirsty. See? Nothing I have to do with it. You own faith does it. See?
Now, It'll come to the platform, this same Angel, if It does, It never failed yet. I trust that It will. Then it's your faith that operates It. See, when the Angel of God, the Holy Ghost, God Himself, was with Jesus Christ, the woman touched His garment. He didn't see no vision about that. And yet, He said, "I do nothing, except the Father shows Me."

E-65 But the woman touched His garment, that said... as He got weak. He said, "Who touched Me? I got weak. Virtue went out." And He looked around, and He found her. He said, "Thy faith has saved thee."
Now, the woman herself operated the gift of God, through the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Is that right? But now, God, when He showed Him a gift, why it was diff--showed Him a--a vision. Jesus said, when He passed by the crippled and afflicted people, He said, didn't heal any of them but one man on a pallet. Saint John 5, they asked Him about it, questioned Him, He said, "Well, verily, verily, I say unto to you, the Son can do nothing in Himself, but what He sees the Father doing, that doeth the Son, likewise. The Father worketh; I worketh hitherto, but I do nothing, except the Father shows Me."

E-66 Now, that doesn't mean you get healed. That means that you're own faith accepts it. You can accept it just the same on believing the Word, right now. But God in His mercy, not willing that you should go on sick, but has done all kinds of gifts into the church to build your faith, to let you see that He is present.
Now, when He was here on earth, He had a power about Him, that He perceived their thoughts. Is that right? The woman come to Him at the well; He said, "Bring Me a drink." You know how the story goes.
And she said, "Not customary for the Jews to talk to the Samaritans," and so forth.
And He went and found her spirit. He told her what her trouble was, said, "Go get your husband."
She said, "Don't have none."
Said, "That's right, you got five."
Now, watch what she said to the Newcomer; she said, "I perceive that You are a prophet." She said, "I know when Messiah cometh, He will do these things. He will show us things like that. But how did You know that was my trouble? Messiah, that'll be the sign of Messiah. But who are You?"
He said, "I'm He that speaks to you."
She ran into the city, left her water pots, said, "Come, see a Man that told me," She was all excited, of course, said, "everything I ever done." He just told her that one thing, but God could've showed Him everything. Do you believe that?

E-67 So now, if Jesus has risen from the dead, He is not dead, He is risen from the dead. He said, "The things that I do, shall you do also. More than this shall you do, for I go to My Father." Is that right? "A little while and the world sees Me no more (That's the unbeliever.), yet ye shall see Me, for I (personal pronoun), I will be with you, even in you (Till how long? The apostle's age?), to the end of the world. Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever." May the Lord bless.
[Brother Branham speaks with someone--Ed.] What cards was...?... ? All right.

E-68 Now, just say Brother Roberts' ministry, Brother you know, Jaggars, and many of them, it's--it's contact--contact, laying hands on, contact. God didn't send me for that. He sent me by a Divine gift to magnify or to prove to the audience that Jesus Christ is in the midst of the people, and then they look to Calvary and live. That's the difference. See? It's not laying hands on them; it's looking and believing.
My ministry is a ministry of faith, believe it. Theirs is laying on hands, casting out evil spirits. That's good. That's the Scripture. That's one type of ministry. They get three or four hundred a night. I might get to three or four if I can. That's the difference. See? But if one, if--if He absolutely proved that Jesus raised from the dead, and is here in our midst tonight, every one of you ought to accept it, when the Scripture says that it's for whosoever will, let him come. Is that right?

E-69 Now, boy said they give out some prayer cards, "Q's." We can't stand all of you up; we know that. So let's just stand up a few of them over here to the side to pray for. Now, the little cards--the little card's got my picture on it in the back; it's got a number. And it's a--a letter called, "Q," and... Did you say 1 to a 100? Let's... Who has Q-1? Now, let's see, have prayer card number 1. Do you have it, lady? Come over here. Two, who has 2? All right, sir, over here. Three, Q-3, would you raise your hands, right quick. If you can't, tell somebody setting next to you. Look at your neighbor's cards. Three, would you raise your hand? Three. Four, who has number 4, would you raise your hand? Four? All right. Five, prayer card 5, would you raise your hand? It might be somebody that's deaf. What say? A way back? All right. Five. Six? Six? All right. Seven? All right. The Indian man there with it? Seven? Eight? Nine? Ten? Eleven? Twelve? Thirteen? Fourteen? Fifteen? Now, we could stand up...?... all the rest of you. But the thing of it is, that you'd done stand too long.

E-70 Now, while they're lining the prayer line, just for a few minutes, I want to ask you this. How many in here does not have a prayer card, and yet, you solemnly believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and you believe that He died to heal you from sickness, and you'll raise your hand so I can see? God bless you. God bless you.
I'll do this by the merits of the Lord Jesus, by the witness of His Holy Spirit, if you'll look this a way, and believe with all your heart while the service is going on, and take all of the skeptic out of your mind, and say, "I... It's hard for me to believe, but I truly believe that Jesus is risen from the dead, and this is His Spirit moving here." and accept the Spirit of God, here to be the Spirit of God, and watch and see if He don't turn around and--and tell you that you're healed, or whatever it is that--that you have need of.

E-71 Now, I'm going to ask you not to move around, while we're praying for these people.
Here's some handkerchiefs. Will you bow your head with me?
Our heavenly Father, as these handkerchiefs goes out here, parts of the world, for the needy, let Thy mercy be upon them, Father. Grant that each one that these handkerchiefs, aprons, and little stockings, and everything that's in here, scarfs, ties, they're going to be placed on those who are needy. Father, I just join with their prayer also, in saying, "Lord Jesus, be merciful and grant their request." For we ask it in His Name. Amen.

E-72 Two missing. Number 2 missing. Prayer cards number 2, Q number 2? Look around; somebody look at these people here, maybe... If you can't get up, or if you're deaf, or something, look at your neighbor. Maybe, somebody's deaf and can't even raise up. Maybe can't speak english or something. Prayer card Q, number 2? Would you... Well, I--I called, if they don't come, why... Okay. Ted, did they find it? Its... Why, it... Oh, all right. It's all right. All right.

E-73 Now, I want everyone do me a favor, please? I know it's hard, young folks. I'm--was young many years ago myself so... It's kindy hard, I know, to set still, but try tonight for the Lord Jesus, and for Brother Branham's sake, for these who's in the prayer line. Then... You see, each one of you is a spirit. And then, it'll only be... See? You're just... When I get contact with that spirit, maybe, you're mother setting up here. Maybe you're mother setting up in here, or up in here, your daddy, and they want to be healed. Maybe, it's your friend, and maybe the Holy Spirit moving in, and you rustling, bustling around, throws It off from them like that. I can't explain it. You just... I just ask you to believe it. See? It's just a contact with every spirit. And you're watching every minute to see what the Lord Jesus will do. All right.

E-74 Now, Almighty God, come now, won't You Father, these next few minutes? I'm tired tonight, worn out, but the Word, You give it forth, Lord, the best that I knew how for the little sermonette, teaching people to separate themselves from unbelief...
And now, Father, will You come, now, having sending all those lovely people to Thy throne, and they accepted Thee as personal Saviour. Will You just come now, that their faith might be confirmed, with great signs and wonders of the resurrected Lord Jesus? Lord, we've telled the people that You're not dead, that You're alive, and You're here. And now, will You just come tonight, and take over this poor, unworthy, tired body. But God it's all I got to offer You. And I believe You, and make every person in here, their bodies become subjects to the Holy Spirit that their faith might speak. And the Holy Ghost might come to Thy servant and do something that would call them all to believe. Grant it, our heavenly Father, for we ask it in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

E-75 Now, for the glory of God, I take every spirit in here under my control, in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Now... Just be reverent now, as you can be. Just as the Holy Ghost moves in, friend, this very Angel that's on this picture, is right here now, and there's a epileptic in here somewhere, a screaming out. See? Now, that's the kind that I saw. I--I want you to keep your children near you, if you will, 'cause it'll go from one to another. I don't know where it's at, but it's in here. So have faith now, believe. Set still, and no matter what happens, set still. Just do what He says do. Now, I won't be able to talk to you, this already taking me, the anointing on me now. So I--I will see you tomorrow night, and a--be God's little children. Be reverent. Go to the prayer room as soon as the service is over and the man takes me out. So may God be with you, now, and bless you.

E-76 Now, this is the lady that's here to be prayed for. All right. Do you--do you believe with all your heart, lady? I... Sure. Now, you being my first person to pray for tonight, was a... I just want to talk to you a minute, just to talk to you a little bit. And then in order to do that, just to get in contact with your human spirit. Now, I know immediately, you standing there this close, you are a Christian, a believer, because your spirit's welcome. But now, if the Lord Jesus, He--He was standing here with this suit on... Now, as far as--if you're wanting healing, I don't know. You know that. I don't have a bit more idea what you're here for, than nothing in the world. But if you're wanting healing, He couldn't heal you now, because He's already did that. But now, He might do something, or say something to you that would make your own faith accept it, wouldn't it? That's right.

E-77 So now, this is again, tonight, like the woman at the well, and our Master: a man and a woman. We were probably born miles apart, years apart, never seen one another but--in life, and here we just come here and meet one another tonight. That's just somebody give you a prayer card, and you just happened to be one to come here on the platform. Oh, you saw me a--a year ago. Well, I--I--I don't know nothing about you though, do I? No. Nothing about you, right? All right. Now, the audience of this woman here, said she saw me a year ago. Now, where, I don't know. Probably was at my other meeting or something, when I was here. It's probably she was setting out there and saw me a year ago or something, when I was here. And was that when it was, was here a year ago? I--that's what it was.
But now, if the Hol... if Jesus has risen from the dead. Now, He knows this woman. I don't. He knows what she's here for. I don't. But if He will reveal to this woman what she's here for, and it be the truth... If He can tell what was in her life, why, if He knows what was in her life, and she know whether that's truth or not, then He can certainly tell what will be in her life, and it'll be truth too, won't it? If He knows what was, you'd be a witness of that. But if--if He does, we'll be thankful. And how many here will say, "That settles it for me. I'll believe with all my heart"? God bless you.

E-78 Now, sister, just to talk with you, just a moment. As I've said, "Us being strangers." I see you've got my book there. I hope you get some enjoyment out of reading it. You did? Sent to get it? Well, well, that's fine.
Now, I'm just talking to you like our Lord said to the woman at the well. See? "Bring me a drink." He was just trying to get a conversation. See?
You--you've got a human spirit, so have I. We're both Christians. Now, there's... If there's something wrong, or something you're needing, or something you're wanting, your spirit knows that. So does the Holy Spirit know it. And then if God has given me a gift, then two spirits will work together. You see? Then He will speak through me what you want, and tell you whether you get it or not, or whatever it is, and then, that, of course, it'll be your faith that'll do it. I couldn't do it. It's your faith that'll have to accept it. Now, if He will do that, then you'll know. And me knowing nothing about you, you'll have to know it comes from some power, won't you? That's right. So you'll accept it to be the power of the Lord Jesus.

E-79 Now, the lady is perfectly conscious that something is taking place, that she is in the Presence of Somebody besides a man. Between the lady and I, comes this Light. And I... She's got something wrong with her throat. It's a--a trouble in your throat and in your nose, is your trouble. And you're wanting to be prayed for. That's truth. If that is truth, raise your hand. Now, being a stranger to the woman, there It is. Whatever He said is the truth. Now, the more you talk to her, of course, more It would say. Now, that's just said... Whatever It said to her.
Now, I want to talk to her again, just to see if the Holy Spirit would say something else. I do not know, but just something... If I'm not mistaken, It told you, you're disease or what it was. But now, I just see It move again, if I can... Now, you just believe me as being God's servant. I'm just trying to... Yeah, I know you do, 'cause you have a wonderful spirit.

E-80 Yes, I... You are... That was my meeting. You was in my meeting, and was healed. And it was of your throat that you were healed of and your nose. And now, it's got into your lungs, and that was caused from some sort of a burn, an acid burn. And you have been on a trip, and you were in a country where there was a lots of--of that, there was something going on in a... It's spraying. A airplane was passing over, spraying stuff. That's was in Texas, near Houston, and you got it in your lungs, and it, and it's come back on you. That is true. God bless you.
Your--your name is something like Rush or something like, Rush, that's right. Ought to be something A. Rush, and you live at 110 North 11th Avenue. That is true. You're going home well, sister. Your faith has made you whole.
Have faith. Only believe; all things are possible. Be reverent, real reverent.

E-81 Lady, you, setting here with your hand up in the air, praying. You believe Him? You want to get over that head trouble, don't you? You believe that God will make you well? You do? All right. Put you hand over on the other lady there with her hand up. She's got high blood pressure. They put... trouble with high blood pressure. The lord Jesus makes you whole now. Go. Your faith has done it. God bless you.
You're the patient, are you, lady? You believe that the truth, that Jesus raised from the dead? You're conscious that something's taking place? That's the Angel of the Lord. You're suffering with a--a growth. It's an evil thing. That's a... It's building, getting bigger. It's a developing of cells. I see them pressing the... It's--it's in--in the stomach. The growth is in the stomach. You believe that He Who now sees all things, and knows all things, will take it from you? Come forward for your blessing. Lord Jesus, I bless this woman and take the curse from her, before the Throne of God, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

E-82 Now, just believe, have faith. Don't doubt. Believe with all your heart. I look...
Lady, do you believe with all your heart? Do you believe that God sent me as His servant?
Such a wonderful faith in the audience now. My, oh, my. Oh, what could happen.
A lady... Look at me, just a minute. You have cancer. That cancer is on the leg, left leg, down below the knee. That's right. You believe Jesus is going to heal you, has healed you now? God bless you. He who speaks these words...?... Lord in His Name. Have faith. Believe with all your heart, God will make you well.

E-83 Seems like I've seen you somewhere, lady. Don't know. But however, you're in here for something. Not too much wrong with you; you have a growth on your wrist. You got it hid, but it don't have to be. Then you're interested in someone else, which is your mother. She has high blood pressure, doesn't she? Your husband has... He's sick too. He has arthritis and stomach trouble. Isn't that right? You believe you're going to receive what you asked for? Then you shall have it, sister, if you go believing on the Lord Jesus Christ. God bless thee.
Only believe. Have faith in God. Jesus said, "If thou canst believe, all things are possible."

E-84 There a epileptic setting right there. That's you, brother; you're faith has touched Him now.
Man, setting next to you, praying there with that hernia, he wants to get healed too. Isn't that right, sir?
This little lady, setting down here, has a hernia too, setting right in behind him. That's a little Mexican woman. Yeah.
You want to be healed all of you? Stand up on your feet then, sir. Almighty God, in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, I condemn that enemy, that they be made well. Amen. Don't doubt. Just have faith.

E-85 Are you the patient, lady? All right. You believe with all your heart? You, lady, look. You're conscious that something's going on. It's kindy got you just a bit upset, because you're just in His Presence. But you're suffering with a nervous condition, sinus trouble. Then you have something that you're not wanting me to say, just now, a domestic trouble. That's right. You live here in Phoenix, don't you? Your house number is 3046 Garfield. That's right. You're going to find things different now. God bless you.
Howdy do, lady. You believe with all your heart? Seems a little strange to you where you're standing now. I'm not reading your mind. You're just in His Presence. You're in a dying stage. You're trouble's in your throat. You got cancer in your throat. And the reason it's making you feel a little strange, where you standing, is being by prodigy, for you're Catholic to begin with. That's right. You believe on the Lord Jesus now, that He will spare your life and you'll serve Him the rest of your days? Come forward.
Almighty God, Who raised up Jesus from the dead, spare the life of this, Thy child, as I condemn the cancer. And in the Name of Jesus Christ, may it leave her. Amen.

E-86 You believe? You understand English? If the Lord will tell me just what's wrong with you, you accept your healing? The diabetes that's in your body, from... You believe that Jesus Christ take the diabetes out of you? Come here. Father God, I pray that You'll heal her. May she go to Calvary now, for a blood transfusion to be made whole, through Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you.

E-87 God grant you your request, my dear brother.
Come, lady. You want to get rid of that arthritis? Walk up there to the platform and say, "Jesus," and just stomp your feet down. All right. Believe with all your heart. That's right.

E-88 Yes. Come. You believe Him? You got asthma to start with. Throws into your stomach, the symptoms of it give you stomach trouble. That's right. You want to get over it? Accept Jesus as your Healer. God, I condemn this demon that's tormenting, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. Have faith.

E-89 You want to get over that female trouble, lady? All right. Raise your hands. It'll stop draining this night. if you believe with--in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
All right. Come, lady.
Little gray-headed mother, setting there with colitis, setting on... Colon trouble, setting on the end there, praying. You believe Jesus is going to make you well, get clear of it? All right. Then you can... Yes. You believe that Jesus healed you? If you do, you can have it. Amen.
Just setting right down below you here, also the same thing: colon trouble. Believe with all your heart, you shall have it up soon. God bless you. You can have it also. Your faith healed you. Amen.

E-90 You want to go eat a hamburger? Believe Jesus Christ will take that stomach trouble away from you? Look, lady, you're having spells, like nervousness. It's just the time of life you're living, all upset, everything's wrong. Nothing really wrong. You got a peptic ulcer, cause your stomach to sour and things; go on eat your supper. Jesus Christ makes you well.
You believe God healed you of that asthma? All right. Then you can just go right on rejoicing, saying, "Praise be to God."
All right, come. What's the trouble, God, how heart trouble, anything, He just heals it anyhow. Don't you believe it? Then go and be healed in Jesus Christ's Name.

E-91 All right. Come, lady. Oh, my. That's...?... You believe with all your heart? Jesus Christ healed you, stomach trouble and everything. Go on, and eat your supper. You're...
You believe? Strange that I said, "Stomach trouble," wasn't it? You had the same thing. Besides that, you got sinus trouble. Then you want me to pray for your daughter who's possessed of evil spirits. Isn't that right? God bless you. Go and get what you asked for.
You believe Him with all of your heart? We won't have to have anymore come in the prayer line, if you'll believe, if you'll do what I tell you to do now. Just stand to your feet. And in the Name of Jesus Christ, I cast every devil from the presence of the people. Almighty God, break forth upon this audience now...?...